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  1. Yes they slide up, and they run forward.
  2. Hey Cantedvalve, I notice you are not using a drop down to mount your seatbelts to the roof, will they be too high where they go over your shoulder and rub on your neck ?.
  3. It does need to be cleaned after sanding, you will be surprised at how much dirt will come off it, some people just blow it down and prime it but I would not be happy painting over all that crap.
  4. I would not use the screw adjusters they will only get in the way when you are painting, just copy the height off Ridges photos and you won't need any adjustment. I would also think twice about having two bars at the bottom, if you are clumsy like me you will probably fall over them especially when you have a welding helmet on.
  5. You're too high, come down to the bottom of the tail lights and a similar height on the front. The car will rotate easily when you have it right.
  6. Only patch as much as you have to, as the other guys said they are not stamped that well but with a bit of work you can make them look good.
  7. Ridge, that is a lot of welds- and every one looks perfect!.
  8. That is tragic, was such a beautiful car, I can't imagine how devastated you must feel.
  9. Very nice AC install, is that pretty much all custom made for this car?.
  10. I use Firefox and it remembers all my passwords and logs me in automatically or if I choose the private setting, 2 clicks and I'm in.
  11. Here ya go Machspeed, this is how the brackets mount.
  12. This is my home made one, the rear brackets also mount on the chassis rail in the spring mount, balance was perfect and was very easy to rotate.
  13. I think it was Ridge posted an excellent video about this recently, but I can't find it now.
  14. As Mac said, using the rubber gasket is the key to avoiding chips.
  15. Yes, I have a solid state regulator they are magic, instead of the voltage constantly cycling up and down, up and down it just remains steady, highly recommended.
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