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  1. New fastback

    Looks like a perfect blank canvas to build whatever you want, but I see it has a few Mach 1 features, might be a good idea to get a Marti report and see exactly what you have got.
  2. I always thought these ford tractor hood louvers would be cool to put in a car hood.
  3. Rack and Pinion Opinions

    This is the Flaming River rack I mentioned, it is an interesting setup, looks quite sturdy but is also quite spendy at around $2500 with no column.
  4. Rack and Pinion Opinions

    I agree, none of the racks are perfect, it's a matter of choosing the best of a bad lot.
  5. Rack and Pinion Opinions

    I think both the Randalls and Unisteer are poorly engineered, have a look at the spindly centerlink and the way it is mounted with two bolts very close together, then think about the load transmitted through it from a set of wide sticky tires, that centerlink has got to flex like crazy. I have a RRS rack which is also a compromise but it has a support for the centerlink because they found on their early racks that the centerlink would flop up and down. Flaming river have just released a new rack which looks pretty good, might be worth a look.
  6. If it is a good deal just buy it, I would not pass on it just because of a few paint chips.
  7. Long Tube Headers?

    I have long tubes, I hate them, they really mess up your ground clearance. I would recommend tri-y's or shorties.
  8. 69 Fastback project

    So now you are making custom door handles, I would of thought making a custom chassis was enough. Suddenly I feel very lazy.
  9. Backup lights with a T5 on my '70

    Thats easy, you will find a switch on the trans, run two wires to the connector that your original trans was hooked to.
  10. Made a custom offset shaker base and used a metal mid plate and scoop giving me a full metal shaker. I had some paint mixed to match the color of the original air cleaner, it looks much better than using spray cans.
  11. Proper headlight installation

    Don't be surprised if the trim rings break, they oxidise on the spot welds and just fall apart when you put pressure on them. New ones are cheap and easy to get.
  12. How much does a 69 weigh

    Just take it to a public weigh bridge and get it weighed, then you will have the correct weight. This is what I have to do in NSW to get my engineers certificate.
  13. Just undo your radiator cap enough to let the pressure out, this will stop it leaking until you get a chance to fix it properly.
  14. Tires and wheel photos

    This is not my car. The only problem with 15 inch is that you can't get an authentic looking trim ring.