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  1. JET 445

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Mal you need to listen to Barnett on this one, those heads are most likely Aussie 302 cleveland and they have very small chambers, around 57cc and will probably not work with flat top pistons, I've tried it and they pinged like crazy, had to enlarge them a bit to lower the comp. Much easier to just start with the correct pistons to match your heads.
  2. JET 445

    1970 Fastback

    Or you could just move the sensor port in the radiator......
  3. JET 445

    Drive shaft 101

    Thanks Ridge, that's a great video.
  4. JET 445

    2011 interior in a 69?

    People have done it before but I don't know why you would want to, those interiors are so plain and boring.
  5. JET 445

    Reversing Sensors

    Just stop when you hear a bang, and then drive forward an inch !!!
  6. JET 445

    Radiator Level Question

    I put a recovery cap on mine with an overflow tank, never have to worry about it again.
  7. JET 445

    Bought another Classic Car

    It's better than ok, it's freakin awesome.
  8. JET 445

    Summer (of 69) Project

    Looks great, has come a long way from when you first got it, well done.
  9. JET 445

    All Drive all the time

    I had a friend do the same thing, cut off his thumb and first finger in a saw, after it healed up they took his big toe and put it on his hand to use as a thumb !!!
  10. JET 445

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    Definitely repaint in the Black Jade, that cherry red will make it look like a cheap ricer wannabe and will kill it's value, but it's your choice.
  11. JET 445

    Good quality grill moldings?

    + 1 on the Corvex mouldings being crap, their hood mouldings are s**t too!!!.
  12. JET 445

    Rear window bottom corners

    I think Ridge may be correct, the clips might have come off, also you may have slightly distorted the mouldings when you removed them and if you have a new rubber seal they can be too thick, either way you will need to remove the mouldings and see what the problem is.
  13. JET 445

    Heater Hose Routing

    I made clamps and mounted the hose using the intake manifold bolts, of course mine is right hand drive but you get the idea.
  14. JET 445

    Brakes extremely sensitive

    Have you got the correct pedal?, power brake pedal is different to manual brake pedal and mounts in a different hole.
  15. JET 445

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    I see that exhaust system as being a real problem, it's just to close to everything, have you considered getting it rebent to gain more clearance and ceramic coating would reduce the amount of radiated heat.