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  1. best rear bumper

    I agree with Barnett, I bought a repro front bumper and it is 1/2" wider on each side, I had to remake the little bracket on the end because the originals would not reach to the new bumper. The rear repro bumper was a good fit, I don't know who made them.
  2. Brake problems

    Do those rotors come in a left hand and right hand pair?, to me that rotor looks like it is on the wrong side of the car, but I have been wrong plenty of times before, lol.
  3. Summer (of 69) Project

    Fair enough, just keep on to him to get it done in a reasonable time, you don't want this to go on for months or years.
  4. 1970 Convertible Restoration

    Just a comment on your plan to use a pressure actuated brake light switch, to make the brake lights come on you will have to apply enough pressure to activate the brakes, but if you are like me and you are travelling slowly and you see someone closing rapidly from behind I like to rest my foot on the brake pedal just enough to activate the brake lights and let them know I am going slowly, you can't do this with a pressure activated switch.
  5. Summer (of 69) Project

    OK here's the truth, the car should have been stripped to bare metal in one go and then epoxy primed to seal it from moisture. After this you should work on one panel at a time, do the bondo and then more epoxy on the same day, again to protect it from moisture. After you get all the panels repaired, prime the whole car then block it until straight and paint the car. This guy looks like a shonky back yard operator that has no clue what he is doing, I would get the car back immediately and take it to a real painter who knows what he is doing. Sorry for the brutal assessment but you will not get the result you are hoping for from this guy.
  6. power brake booster recommendation

    You can buy rebuilt Midland boosters from West Coast Classic Cougars.
  7. To Dye or Not

    I dyed all my interior, my advice would be to dye the rest of the interior to match the seats, you don't want to dye the seats. I took a sample of my seat vinyl to a paint store and they eye matched a vinyl dye to match it. Every man and his dog has a black interior, I say stick with the red !!!
  8. Why not just use the red one, you can't see the repair when it's on the car.
  9. Don't use cheap tension straps

    I towed my completed car to the engineer 2 weeks ago, tied it on with 4 of these 2000kg ratchet straps and it never moved even when I had to swerve to miss a suicidal maniac on the highway. By the way my car weighed in at 1440kg with a 302 engine.
  10. Don't use cheap tension straps

    I don't get it, even with no straps the car should not roll off in park ?
  11. Meet Virginia

    That is extremely poor service from Electric Life, I would be looking for an alternative...
  12. Diff Identification

    I say keep it, you can get parts for anything if you hunt around a bit, it's not like you will have to rebuild it again any time soon. Rebuild it now and you will probably never need to touch it again.
  13. Trunk Letters

    I had to drill the holes out just a tiny bit to let the letters slide in , perhaps the repro letters are slightly larger than the originals plus if the car has been painted you could have paint in the holes.
  14. Value of a 1970 Toploader?

    David Kee has completely new toploaders with an aluminum case for about $2300.