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  1. It's not too late, you have not painted it yet....
  2. Just get an old belt, wrap it around the pulleys, cut it to the correct length and then go buy one the same length.
  3. What about a 6 cylinder Falcon starter, I know they work on Clevos and you can get them for almost nothing.
  4. Wow, I love that engine, I'm guessing you have not fired it up yet, I would think seriously about getting it running before you fit it to the car, check it for leaks, oil pressure etc. Those things are a tight fit and you only want to fit it once, maybe consider getting it tuned on a dyno too, much easier than doing it in the car.
  5. I have ACC carpet, it looks really nice when it is installed and fitted well but if you hold it up to the sunlight you can see straight through it !!
  6. Are you kidding me ?, that looks amazing!!!.
  7. Check your driveline angles, if you need to modify anything it's best to find out now.
  8. Yes they slide up, and they run forward.
  9. Hey Cantedvalve, I notice you are not using a drop down to mount your seatbelts to the roof, will they be too high where they go over your shoulder and rub on your neck ?.
  10. It does need to be cleaned after sanding, you will be surprised at how much dirt will come off it, some people just blow it down and prime it but I would not be happy painting over all that crap.
  11. I would not use the screw adjusters they will only get in the way when you are painting, just copy the height off Ridges photos and you won't need any adjustment. I would also think twice about having two bars at the bottom, if you are clumsy like me you will probably fall over them especially when you have a welding helmet on.
  12. You're too high, come down to the bottom of the tail lights and a similar height on the front. The car will rotate easily when you have it right.
  13. Only patch as much as you have to, as the other guys said they are not stamped that well but with a bit of work you can make them look good.
  14. Ridge, that is a lot of welds- and every one looks perfect!.
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