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  1. I used a dome light from a 68 Mustang, but I had to add a cross brace when the headlining was out.
  2. The opening for the trunk lid is usually too tight on these, this is your chance to fix it.
  3. The shaker scoop was an option on H code cars.
  4. If you still have the original rear end you can use that to make a fixture that will align the mounts and also give you the correct pinion angle.
  5. Let it die man, it's beyond salvation.
  6. I have a fold down rear seat so I put the speakers in the rear side pods, just behind the front seats.
  7. Looks fantastic, is that metallic or solid?.
  8. Don't bother wasting 11 minutes of your life watching this, it's never gonna happen.
  9. I hope you love masking because you are going to be doing a mountain of it to protect each part through all the painting stages. It's fun right? This is my latest one.
  10. 1.432", on a small block, I would imagine a big block might be larger.
  11. Grabber Green?, looks fantastic you have done a great job on that car.
  12. Are you going to start a build thread for it, you could put it in the Garage section.
  13. JET 445


    I can't believe how little steel you guys use, a typical slab here would look more like this.
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