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  1. I watch all this and I am so glad I live in Australia, life is still good here but we are rapidly heading in the same direction as your country. I am thankful that I have lived through the good times and will hopefully be gone before it really turns to shit. I would not like to be a young person growing up now.
  2. Loctite make a teflon paste, 567 Pipe sealant.
  3. You may also need to replace the rubber seal on the flap, they are usually as hard as a brick and will make operating the flap difficult.
  4. Of course he did, well spotted.
  5. How the hell did you lift that car high enough to get it on that rotisserie ?. The underseal seems to have done it's job, the floor looks very nice.
  6. Just cut the end off the hard line, fit the correct nut to suit your rubber hose and then re- flare the hard line.
  7. That is beautiful, but I'm not on board with the notch...
  8. I have read so many of these stories of how crap Borgeson boxes are, surely there must be a Ford power steer box from a sedan or truck that has the same dimensions as a mustang ?
  9. You could make a spacer to go between the hinge and the door to move it back.
  10. I got mine a few years ago on ebay, can't remember who the seller was. I think rechroming the originals would be better for a concours or special car.
  11. I bought some repro's, had to put them over my knee and carefully bend them to the right shape but they ended up fitting quite nicely. It was a bit scary bending them because I thought they might break.
  12. The RRS rack is based on the same type of rack.
  13. Why don't you be the first to put a Godzilla pushrod engine in a Mustang, that would be awesome.
  14. I did my cowl panel the same way you are doing yours.
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