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  1. They will look great with the dark paint, I'm glad they did not go with those awful black wheels.
  2. The best point is something that will not move up and down when you go over a bump, so the tires are the best point along with the diff housing and the front lower control arms. You don't want to tie it to the body because the straps will come loose when the suspension compresses on a bump.
  3. You probably just need a tiny adjustment of the hinges, due to the length of the door a small adjustment at the hinge equates to quite a large movement at the rear of the door.
  4. Those repro handles are crap, the internal parts are for an earlier model and don't fit, get some original Ford handles and get them rechromed.
  5. 69's used both metal and fibreglass, my car had one of each from the factory. I believe all 70's are metal.
  6. Well you have two main choices, bolt in or weld in, it just depends whether you are willing to cut your car up or not. I don't like cutting up classic cars but it's your car so you can do whatever you want with it.
  7. Yep, I had exactly the same problem, and the push knobs are all wobbly and loose. I would get the originals rechromed if I did it again.
  8. The guy on the assembly line used to do them in 5 minutes, but I guess he had a bit of practice.
  9. That's pretty cool but it still does not solve the problem of the mirrors being too small and you can't see anything in them. I wish somebody would make a larger mirror in the same style as the original mirror.
  10. I fitted one from a 68 mustang, I had to add a cross brace to mount it to.
  11. JET 445

    Best bumpers?

    Mine are from Scott Drake, rear is excellent fit but front is much wider than the original bumper.
  12. It's not too late, you have not painted it yet....
  13. Just get an old belt, wrap it around the pulleys, cut it to the correct length and then go buy one the same length.
  14. What about a 6 cylinder Falcon starter, I know they work on Clevos and you can get them for almost nothing.
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