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  1. Thanks for the kind words Vic, a lot of people don't realize it but most of Australia is a barren wasteland with just a narrow green belt around the perimeter, combine this with possibly the worst drought we have ever had and blazing summer heat and you have a recipe for disaster. Large parts of the country have had no significant rain for 6-8 years with none forecast any time soon so the fires will continue for a while yet. It may look like the whole place is on fire but it's not quite that bad, but with 1,000 houses burnt so far it is very serious.
  2. Get another one, even the inside curve near the tail light looks wrong.
  3. Ok Ridge here's your next challenge, make a shaker base for twin carbs !!
  4. Your gonna have some fun getting two carbs to fit under a shaker.
  5. Bit hard to do, if possible you need to keep the upper mount above your shoulder so you don't compress your spine in an accident, and yes I know a lot of people mount them lower but it is not ideal.
  6. My bad, I need to pay more attention !. Keep the photos coming, looking forward to seeing a finished hood.
  7. I'm loving this topic it's fascinating to see how these moulds are made, it sure is a lot of work. After you finish the moulds are you going to assemble the two halves and have yourself a full metal hood ?.
  8. Power brakes use a different pedal and it mounts in the hole at the very top of the support.
  9. What you have done is almost the same as the front suspension from RRS.
  10. And if that is a repro bumper you might have to make your own brackets because the original bracket may be too short. Some repro bumpers are wider than the original.
  11. Might be expensive but it looks like they have done a very nice job.
  12. Great pics, looks like it's in a movie.
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