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  1. We can do these in natural finish also.
  2. This customer isn't using them, but we have adjustable turn buckles that look really nice. I'm using this exact setup on my 65 fastback. Everything on my build is what we sell. My fender flares are steel not fiberglass. Also just made black anodized billet bezels with or without ribs, your choice. You also have a choice of our billet gas cap to recess in with our adapter or just bolt it on like the factory.
  3. It's under the 65-66 section. Currently that's the only year we make. I've been kicking around making a new design for the 69-70
  4. Thought I would share some pictures a customer from California sent me this morning. He has the 5 new pieces we developed for the front end. They are the 68 Shelby hood, one piece upper nose, tight fitting bumper, one piece lower valance with 2010 -2014 lights, and our carbon fiber wind splitter. He also has our rear bumper and end caps.
  5. That would be my wife, Michele :)
  6. 31 now dead here in Indiana and 1200 infected.
  7. Mr Crane was suppose to pick his car up today, but canceled because of bad weather coming our way.
  8. We could do that when things settle down a bit.
  9. We spent a lot of time with these door panels from MP Products making them fit. :(
  10. All body panels hung one last time for the final block, then it's ready for paint.
  11. Instead of using the buckets Branda sells we came up with our own design. Now we can use the regular LED lights that we normally use.
  12. The top grille in black is an original a d the bottom one is ours. The next pictures is the outboard lights, the top one is with the original smaller grid pattern, and the bottom one is with the larger pattern like the inboard. We can make them either way.
  13. We just had a guy that we went to Church with die yesterday. They still live here in Rochester, but stay in Ft Meyers in the winter, that's where he died. He was 67 and in good health.
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