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  1. We called WCCC and they only had piece's. Randy isn't up and running yet.
  2. We started to run the wiring and found all they gave us was the original. Made some calls and no one makes a new one for tge Cougars. AAW said they could make us one but it wouldn't have any of the factory ends on it.
  3. We haven't heard of any problems on our website. The hood is 750.00 and is on our website .
  4. Hello, where abouts are you located? The address on your website says Indiana but for some reason I thought you were located in Minnesota.


    This is a pipe dream as of now but later on down the road I'd like to "spruce up" my late brothers 70 Fastback. I live in Illinois and can't really think of anyone that does quite the quality of work you folks do at the speed you do it.

  5. It looks like it's in good shape.
  6. You're not the first. Light springs, prop rod or billet hinges.
  7. The owner stopped in yesterday and was happy with the color.
  8. Nice piece of equipment to have, but we haven't turned a rotor in 20 years because the costs of new one's have come down so much.
  9. Now would that be man's law or God's law. I follow God's law :)
  10. You forget to mention how they love killing full term babies, but will use any means to save an illegal giving birth. When good men do nothing, Evil will prevail:(
  11. You are correct in everything you said. Now in Sacramento you can't even work on your own car in your garage. This is why we need term limits for these politicians.
  12. We have a lot of good customers in California, but you couldn't pay me to live there with all the Gays.
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