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  1. mustangstofear

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    Try silicone brake fluid next time, that;s all we use. It won't eat the paint.
  2. mustangstofear

    Anyone used this radiator?

    http://shop.mustangstofear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_33_149&products_id=433 If you give me your width and height of the bolt holes if the fan shroud, I'll see if they match.
  3. mustangstofear

    Anyone used this radiator?

    We could sell you our radiator minus the fans .
  4. mustangstofear

    Seat riser repositioning?

    If you look at the last picture you can see we move the anchor forward 6 inches.
  5. mustangstofear

    Seat riser repositioning?

    We hide the retractor in the qtr panel. We have plates made that we just weld in . The 69-70 qtr trim is a little tough, this is why I said we will probably go with a retractable 4 point using our roll bar.
  6. mustangstofear

    Tow Hook/Straps

    Best thing to do is just go around the lower control arms with your straps.
  7. mustangstofear

    Seat riser repositioning?

    Why would you want to move the one on the sill ? We move the anchor in the tunnel 6 inches forward, because the hard buckle would be to far back to reach.
  8. mustangstofear

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    I think on the 69 we're working on we might go with a retractable 4 point set up from Python using our roll bar.
  9. mustangstofear

    Tow Hook/Straps

    The hooks are known for ripping holes in the framerails.
  10. mustangstofear

    Tow Hook/Straps

    We make the rear tie down brackets. For the front we have our tiedown/Jack pad that we use on all our builds.
  11. mustangstofear

    Columbia Good Guys show

    Columbus LOL.
  12. mustangstofear

    Columbia Good Guys show

    Excellent show.
  13. mustangstofear

    Good quality grill moldings?

    We don't have to much trouble with the ones from Dynacorn, but we use the one from Carpenter for the hood.
  14. mustangstofear

    Columbia Good Guys show

    We will be at the show on Saturday if anyone needs us to bring something. We're coming as a vendor this year.
  15. mustangstofear

    Seat riser repositioning?

    It's best to do a mock up with the old seat and everything else installed, then you can make adjustments with the seat. The seats we designed are lower and sit back and additional inch, it might not seem like a lot , but it does help.