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  1. Finding these settings blocks may be difficult, I've had them for over 20 years.
  2. I knew we couldn't keep it a secret for long :)
  3. The stroked 390 did 505 on the dyno :)
  4. I have a case of them LOL. if you need some let me know, I'll send them out for free.
  5. All the newer windshields are a little bit thinner, but it's not a problem at all. I use rubber setting blocks to keep the windshield at the proper height.
  6. Starting to put the frame together.
  7. The owners picked up their car :)
  8. Front seats are going in. Installed so LED sill plates.
  9. I'm building Mall Crawlers with the automatics :) This one is going the same gorgeous blue I did on my 65 fastback.
  10. Doing a 6R80 in this one :)
  11. The photographer liked the grille also .
  12. Got the column and the Coyote pedal in.
  13. Mocking up our new billet dash.
  14. Just a few shots from this evening.
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