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  1. We have two perfect 67 Fastback's we got our measurements off of. I new there was a problem when we bolted our hood on and it was wider than the cowl :(
  2. Would you believe the aftermarket cowl is a full 1/4 inch narrower than the OEM . Had to slice it open a bring it out.
  3. Along the front of the door hinges.
  4. We looked at it at SEMA. AOC should be happy, it will cut down on the Cow farts :)
  5. I can find out Monday on the price. I'm doing a complete roof skin on a Bronco and will be using 3M 8115 to bond it on, then I'll use this seam sealer.
  6. This is what we used from Finishmaster, it's their Smart Line. When you have 10 builds going on at time, plus now developing and Building Broncos, I just don't have the time :(
  7. First you have to shorten their mounting brackets, there to tall and won't let the valance lay flat. Next we trimmed the left side of the valance to get the same angle as the qtr panel.
  8. Tried out a two part self leveling Epoxy seam sealer, worked fantastic. Dries in fifteen minutes
  9. Everything is in Epoxy primer. The rear valance as usual fit on the right, but was a mile off on the left.
  10. I'm having 2 of these rotisserie's made. These will bs used so we can spray our bedliner inside and under the bed, plus it's also designed to hold the frames.
  11. Now if was a Rick, it would have been real LOL.
  12. SEMA 2019 was the year for the Bronco. We plan on making several parts for the Bronco, maybe not over 400 like we do for the Mustang though:)
  13. We have a resistance welder which works excellent, but it doesn't exactly replicate the factory spot welds. You can made factory spot welds with a punch made with the same diameter.
  14. If the bottom of the qtr is fine, then just do a small patch and butt weld it. We don't have to much trouble making some of the aftermarket parts fit. I certainly wouldn't be worried about a date code on a qtr panel even if you could find one. Factory spot welds are easy to replicate. I would replace the tailpanel .
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