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  1. Craig from New Zealand

    After 3 days of labor with the spoiler with the brake light, we decided to ditch it because of the cost. This is the standard rear spoiler. We are done with painting for now until we get the hood.
  2. Craig from New Zealand

  3. Fastback interior sail panels

    You would be surprised how difficult it is to make parts to fit 50 year old cars. Every car can vary a lot :)
  4. Craig from New Zealand

  5. 69-70 coupe headliner

    No, we don't cut them out because some customers prefer not to put the light back in, or go with a smaller and flat LED.
  6. Craig from New Zealand

    Can't wait to see what the engine looks like, the polished EFI Webber'scost over 10,000 alone.
  7. 69-70 coupe headliner

    Headliners are on order with our manufacturer :) pricing should be in the neighborhood of the 69-70 fastback.
  8. Craig from New Zealand

    Body color.
  9. 69 Mach Glue in Door Glass

    The 3M is still a rock hard Epoxy that has no give. It's really no different than their old mixing cups that would never hold up, that's why we use urethane.
  10. Craig from New Zealand

  11. Craig from New Zealand

    You are correct :)
  12. Craig from New Zealand

  13. Craig from New Zealand

    We moved the seat risers back as far as we could and still be able to get the nuts on. The color is a special one from PPG, I'll have to look it up.
  14. Craig from New Zealand

    The engine bay will be the same as the body. After we test fit the hood the engine compartment gets painted next.