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  1. mustangstofear

    My Coyote Swap

    We changed the looks of our tank for cosmetics reason only. We removed the lower sump that was welded on, and did a few other mods to add capacity. I don't remember personally talking with you. If your still having problems with our tank, we would swap it out with our new one for Free.
  2. mustangstofear

    My Coyote Swap

    Yes we have changed our gas tanks last year. But we've never had a complaint in 8 years on our old style.
  3. mustangstofear

    2011 interior in a 69?

    We have a customer on our MTF forum that's installing a 69 shell on a complete 2012 Shelby platform. He's doing a ton of custom body modifications.
  4. mustangstofear

    69 front valance same as 1970?

    I never could figure why Ford did that.
  5. mustangstofear

    69-70 Hood catch

    Excellent info, now if only someone around here could do that:)
  6. mustangstofear

    Craig from New Zealand

    We had to modify the factory door harnesses in order to make room for the extra wires needed.
  7. mustangstofear

    Craig from New Zealand

  8. mustangstofear

    69 build new magazine article

    Latest 1969 article for one of our builds. He brought it to us with suspension in it. We did all the body work and painting plus put most of it together. http://www.mustangandfords.com/features/0119-woodward-dream-cruiser-1969-mustang-sportsroof/
  9. mustangstofear

    Engine, Driveshaft and 3rd Member Angles

    That's a reasonable price and should be a nice upgrade.
  10. Regarding your hood hinges, how much travel remains compared to stock hinges? I purchased and am returning Ring Brothers as my hood lifted half way with their set up.

  11. mustangstofear

    Craig from New Zealand

    Thanks, we will be installing our Watts link soon, which welds to our full subframe.
  12. mustangstofear

    69-70 Hood catch

    Your eyes must be getting as bad as mine LOL https://shop.mustangstofear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_31_521&products_id=559&zenid=qgvti7id8a9lq28vce5iopj5q6
  13. mustangstofear

    Funny, but not really...

    Probably will need to take the hood off .
  14. mustangstofear

    69-70 Hood catch

    Both ends are welded on . The 65 -68 are made in a press and just flattened out . That takes a huge press to do that
  15. mustangstofear

    69-70 Hood catch

    These are on our website now. If our manufacturer would have given us a quote on the cost before running them, we probably wouldn't have made them. They are hand made and tig welded, plus made in the good ol' USA. We are actually selling them at cost. I'm sure sooner or later Scott Drake will make them for half the cost. https://shop.mustangstofear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_31_521&products_id=559&zenid=qgvti7id8a9lq28vce5iopj5q6