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  1. Craig from New Zealand

    The underside plug is done. Picking it up on Monday and taking it to our manufacturer so a mold can be made off of it.
  2. Full repaint steps - Need advice

    I've always painted ever Mustang apart, and never a problem with a color match. DuPont is just as good as PPG, just a matter of choice. We normally do 3 coats of clear, wet the next day with 600, then 3 more coats. If we're not doing any stripes at all we can get by with just 4 coats of clear.
  3. Craig from New Zealand

    Underside just needs blocked, then it's ready to be shipped out and a mold can be made .
  4. Craig from New Zealand

    Here's an update
  5. Craig from New Zealand

  6. Crossmember Recommendation for TKO600

    Here's what we make http://shop.mustangstofear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_17_373&products_id=429 Nice thing about ours, is you don't use the factory mounting holes. This makes it easier to move the brace anywhere along the framerails and drill new holes.
  7. Craig from New Zealand

    10,000 in just the polished EFI We keep the candy hidden :)
  8. Craig from New Zealand

    10,000 in just the polished EFI
  9. Craig from New Zealand

  10. Fitting TKO600 in 70 Mach

    Go with the low profile and you should be OK.
  11. Interior sale

    We are having a Christmas sale until the end of December.
  12. Craig from New Zealand

    Working on the underside mold :)
  13. Craig from New Zealand

  14. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    That's correct.
  15. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    We went with a grain that matches the rest of the factory interior. This is why you need to use convertible sun visors to match the grain. Keep in mind a factory headliner for a coupe or fastback only matches their sun visors. We wanted our headliner to match the rest of the vinyl in the car