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  1. Tooling costs are through the roof, even overseas. Was looking at new Qtrs for the Bronco, cost could be 150,000 - 200,000 :(
  2. I have to many new products I'm working on :)
  3. I would guess their all made overseas.
  4. We've used that exact same setup without any problems at all, of course we do our own alignments:)
  5. After looking at the repair job on the original harness from West Coast Cougar, we decided to go with our usual AAW. The original harness was very brittle.
  6. Looks like Mustang Depot is shut down. I heard the 80 year old guy that makes Tony Branda's fiberglass has stopped since Tony passed away.
  7. If we were doing this we would start with a complete floor front to back. We install them in one piece, it's a lot faster. Check with us on the best pricing out there.
  8. What about Mustangs Unlimited and Mustang Depot in Vegas ?
  9. Let's never forget " somebody did something "
  10. Now that looks a lot better. I do hope he removed the headlight buckets.
  11. I think we decided to just order a new Mustang harness from AAW. West Coast will buy the harness we sent out to them.
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