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  1. Fender Installation - Lower Bracket??

    The nut just slides in the hole and the flange on it keeps it from falling in.
  2. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    If you plan on using butyl, then go with 5/16 square not round .
  3. 69-70 coupe headliner

    No, just call 888 877 9021, or mustangstofear@gmail.com
  4. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    I always in the 69-70 use urethane, but you have to know what you're doing or it will be a mess. I use Essex 418-HV and apply to the glass with a guide on the tip. Next I used a couple of setting blocks at the top on the pinchweld to make sure the glass stays at the proper height. Then go ahead and install the moldings to make sure you have the correct gap.
  5. 69-70 coupe headliner

    The A-pillars are supposed to be done this week :) For anyone ready to order just give us your address and zip code. These have to be shipped truck freight.
  6. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    That would be correct. I spray glass cleaner on the tape then pound it on.
  7. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    The seats that we sell are based off the 94-98 GT. Their no taller than the original. We made sure of that because we knew of the problem with TMI year's ago.
  8. Increasing Seat Height

    Normally everyone tries to lower their seats for more headroom, especially if they still have the factory steering wheel and column. Is it that much lower that its causing a problem?
  9. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    LOL, always use the black setting tape, looks much nicer than the cork.
  10. 1969 tanks inc. tank filler neck

    If you're installing a 22 gal. Tank and had a 20 gal. to start with, then yes you will need to modify the filler tube. That's what we tell our customers when they purchase our tanks.
  11. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    Spray the channel with any brand of release agent and let it set, they will practically fall off.
  12. Increasing Seat Height

    Are you using the 69-70 seat tracks ?
  13. 69-70 coupe headliner

    Headliners and the sailpanels are in stock. Just waiting to see if our manufacturer can use the OEM A-pillars that we sent them.
  14. What direct fit Aluminum Radiator is there

  15. 69-70 coupe headliner

    Tell me about it LOL. Send us your address and we will send a call tag, much appreciated.