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  1. 69RavenConv

    Ignition key light bulb

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  2. 69RavenConv

    Ignition key light bulb

    I have that option on my car but of course I can't find any pictures ... I seem to recall that the 1895 bulb goes in a can that attaches to the switch. The can has a small hole in the side that directs the light down into the switch instead of lighting up the whole area behind the lower dash. The effect is that the key slot and the outline of the cylinder are illuminated with the headlight switch. I suspect that part is nearly impossible to find but could be fabricated pretty easily. I'll try to find some time to pull the switch and get some pics in the next few days. Happy birthday!
  3. 69RavenConv

    Flooding in Strathmore

    No, that ain't right. I hope your home and the important stuff escaped too much damage. Stay safe.
  4. 69RavenConv

    Remote Mirror for 69 Mustang

    +1 on the Torino mirrors if you want remote passenger control. There's a few threads about those out there. That won't solve the vibration problem, though - I get it too at certain times, when my speed and RPMs align just right - the mirrors are a blur. Not sure what can be done for that. You could look at modern mirrors but I think the unique profile of our doors can be a problem when it comes to transplanting just any mirror. Have you thought about just calling the guy in the Chevy on your cell phone and asking him what's back there?
  5. 69RavenConv

    69 mach 408w build

    The badges are great! Nice touch.
  6. 69RavenConv

    S*it happens! :(

    Crap, my stomach hurts. What was the malfunction?
  7. 69RavenConv

    Yeah I’m still alive. Current project 68 f100

    Good to hear from you - nice truck! I would love to find a old pickup project but the salt-monster eats all of them where I live.
  8. 69RavenConv

    50th birthday thread

    Smoky burnouts wouldn't have anything to do with it, would they?
  9. 69RavenConv

    Home Shop Air System upgrades - help

    That's an old That's an old home brewing trick - I would have never thought of it for air. We use them to rapidly cool the wort (unfermented beer) after boiling it. Called wort chillers...
  10. 69RavenConv

    2nd Boss 302 Gathering - France - 8 Sept 2018

    Awesome. My good friend had a Grabber Yellow 1970 Boss 302 back in the day. He let me drive it around the beach in Connecticut (slowly). Probably the first and last time I'll get to drive an original Boss. Really cool cars. Driving a 1971 Boss 351 is on my bucket list.
  11. 69RavenConv

    1969 convertible header install.

    I forget - is your car a Z-bar?
  12. 69RavenConv

    Should I recore my original radiator?

    It sounds like your engine is mostly stock like mine. I went with this one, it 's a drop in replacement and looks stock. Works fine with my 300hp 302. Of course, radiators are like motor oil, people get passionate about them :) Decide what you want, what you need, and how much you want to spend.
  13. 69RavenConv

    Should I recore my original radiator?

    It really comes down to what you want. If I could recore an original for the same price as replacing it, I would. But originality is important to me, and "things are only original once" - when you scrap a C9ZEJ1 it's gone forever. (I will admit that due to cost, I replaced mine with a stock look-alike but kept the original for possible repair later.) Other folks couldn't care less, and would rather have the peace of mind of a new, and probably better, modern radiator. Neither way is right or wrong, it's what makes sense to you.
  14. 69RavenConv

    My Hagerty Premiums went up 20% this year...

    I just looked and my rates didn't change from last year so you're probably right, they're compensating for the flood damage in your area. I don't know anything about American Collector's.
  15. 69RavenConv

    Rear drum lockout system?

    It might work. I wonder how the rear circuit would respond if there is nowhere for brake fluid to flow? It could prevent pedal movement? And remember to switch it back on. A dumba$$ like me would forget and drive around with disabled brakes for weeks at a time.