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  1. 69RavenConv

    Need help: wonky brakes

    I'm guessing they started squeaking?
  2. 69RavenConv

    My website's new banner art

    Nice. Are you the artist?
  3. 69RavenConv

    Reversing Sensors

    I've often thought the rear license plate frame would be a good spot. One could route the wiring in parallel with the license plate lamp. Frames around the license could be modified ad nauseum without affecting the integrity of any of the car's real sheet metal.
  4. 69RavenConv

    69 Hood Lip molding clips

    Yes, those are good fasteners - better than the generic stuff commonly available. The other part of the problem is the repop moldings suck. People say the new (?) Dennis Carpenter parts fit better but I have no first hand knowledge. I was lucky enough to find a Ford service replacement molding and used the Auveco fasteners and it went together well.
  5. 69RavenConv

    Bought another Classic Car

    What he said ^^^^^
  6. 69RavenConv

    Shelby's Little Red found

    Very cool! Here's a link to the story https://shelbyprototypecoupes.com/
  7. 69RavenConv

    Boss 302 clone

    It looks too rough for the asking price. While I could live with a well-executed stroker in a Boss 302 clone, I'd still want to see all the other Boss 302 goodies - 4-speed, disc brakes, suspension upgrades, and heck, why not a drag pack? Oh yeah, and a real '69 Boss 302 would not have a hood scoop.
  8. 69RavenConv

    Looking for Shift Knob - Hurst

    Is new OK? https://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/hurst-shifters/part-type/transmission-shift-knobs?SortBy=Default&SortOrder=Ascending&tw=hurst&sw=Hurst Shifters Transmission Shift Knobs
  9. 69RavenConv

    Odd Parking Light Behavior

    Can you tell which filament is on? Blinker or parking light? Both?
  10. Guys, we pride ourselves on keeping a polite and respectful site. Differences of opinion are normal and to be expected but please don't make it personal. If you want to continue discussing A/C options, I'm all for it. If it degenerates into more bickering I'll lock the thread and we'll all move on. We're all here to learn from each other.
  11. 69RavenConv

    Hello ALL!!!

    Your Dad drove a Boss 429 in NYC? That's all I need to know!
  12. 69RavenConv

    Looking for rear brake hose bracket

    I have not seen that part but I have done business with Jack at Dead Nuts On. He's a good resource and a straight up guy. I'll vouch for his quality. He owns the second nicest raven black convertible I know. :) Ok, his is nicer. Much nicer.
  13. 69RavenConv

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    Oh, I disagree. Red grabs the eye to be sure, but black jade reminds me of British Racing Green. Sort of stealthy yet strong. But the choice is yours, paint it a color that speaks to you.
  14. 69RavenConv

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    Tough call. There aren't a lot of '69 Mustangs still wearing their original paint and that 50-year-old patina has a certain charm. OTOH, it's hard to argue against the incredible mirror-finish of a fresh, modern two-stage paint job. If it was me (and it isn't), while I kinda like the cherry red, I'd probably keep the black jade.
  15. 69RavenConv

    Hello ALL!!!

    Nice work and welcome to the forum! You obviously have a plan and know what you're doing. I'm glad you retired the hood that came with the car :)