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  1. Door panels and console, radio, carb & air cleaner, backup light lenses.
  2. Looks like a fun project. Welcome to the site!
  3. Correct. Depending on the size of the pipes you're running, there are several tips listed on eBay right now.
  4. I bought a pair from an outfit in Michigan. The welds were pretty rough but can't be seen when installed. They were nowhere near $463. I will see if I can find the name, assuming they are still making them. [edit] I couldn't find my old post but I found another one. It's Great Lakes Customs in Mt. Clemons, MI. Looks like they are still around, maybe give them a call.
  5. That's going to be a problem for Bob after he gets it installed :)
  6. Just confirmed NPD sells both. The engineering inefficiencies in these 50-year-old cars always amazes me. I can't imagine maintaining 2 part numbers for a glove box door instead of designing stuff that, you know, fits both builds. :)
  7. Yes, it is. Very cool vehicle. I have a 5.0L in my garage just waiting for a vintage truck. :)
  8. I found this pic of my OEM brackets. Looks like they may have been black originally. I think I shot them with some black epoxy primer before installing.
  9. I just commented on your post in the "what did you do" thread. Am I correct that 65D decodes to deluxe interior with bench seat? Don't think I've ever seen that. You'll have to post some pictures.
  10. I remember spending the better part of 3 days stripping the dealer installed undercoating from my fuel tank, only to discover the tank had pinholes in it from rust and I had to replace it anyway. The joys of old automobiles.
  11. Sometimes a cleaning, lubrication, and/or filing the points can bring them back for a while. There's always the quartz conversion route, too, like RPM mentioned. Otherwise, at least it's right twice a day.
  12. Our cars were designed for 14" and 15" rims and in my opinion it's hard to make modern rims look "right" on our cars. The wheel wells and rocker height aren't "right" for bigger wheels. Len69Coupe and Rich Ackerman pulled it off really well.
  13. That's a Grandé and a quick internet search shows that they came with woodgrain in the back. This might be one of those things that's unique to that model. I know the deluxe convertibles and sportsroof's didn't get it. Maybe somebody with a coupe that's got a deluxe interior will chime in.
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