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  1. NPD claims their torsion rods fit both coupe and convertible. Yes, there are structural differences between a coupe and convertible but it seems unlikely Ford would use different parts here. The deck lids are identical so it stands to reason the hinge assemblies would be, too. You might give them a call and inquire, NPD is pretty knowledgeable and helpful.
  2. Welcome to the site. Pretty unusual to find a one-owner car these days. I like the old school Ansen mags. I also run them on my vert.
  3. Niche market magazines are going the way of the dodo bird. Everything's on the internet now.
  4. I think Midlife is on to something. I googled the "13796-A" number printed on your wire and found several references to dome lights, such as this one CODF-13796A Dome/Courtesy light Fits vehicles... 60-62 Galaxie 63-64 Galaxie except body #57, 63, 76 60-65 Ranchero 62-65 Fairlane 60-65 Falcon 60-65 Comet
  5. Yeah, in 1970 the ignition switch moved to the steering column, so the light option went away.
  6. I'm reasonably sure the underhood light is not part of the convenience group, nor was it a factory installed part on our Mustangs. The convenience group included a trunk light, map light, and illuminated ignition switch. I have read, and believe it to be true, that underhood lights could be purchased through Ford Parts and Service departments and installed by a dealer or an individual at home. Some of the more upscale Fords probably had them, so they were easy to source.
  7. $1.89 this morning.
  8. Gasoline is down to about $2.10 a gallon where I live. I run Shell 93 octane in the 'vert and always keep the tank full over the winter - I think I paid over $50 to fill it up last fall. I need to check what it's selling for today. What's it going for in your neighborhood?
  9. Other than the tractor, they all look too far gone. Unfortunate fate of a lot of projects. The owner never gets around to it.
  10. Badgers??? We ain't got no badgers ... We don't need no stinking badgers!!!
  11. It's not likely but you never know. Your best hope is probably the Boss 429 registry. Somebody over there may have a Marti report with Null Ford on it. These cars, if they survived, have changed owners many times over the years, and the original owners probably don't read forums like this, and they're getting up in years. What do the newspaper images mean? I didn't see anything Boss 429 on them, although the all-you-can-eat fish dinner for $1.19 sounds good :)
  12. yep, seriously bent. Welcome to the site. Make yourself at home
  13. RPM speaks the truth. They are higher. My only question is why get in a convertible when the top is up? :)
  14. I've got a box of old magazines that I haven't looked at in years, so they've gotta go. Late 1980's thru the early 2000's. Mustang Monthly, Mustang, Muscle Machines, etc. Before I send them to the landfill, I thought I'd offer them up here. If your car was featured or you have a favorite issue, let me know.
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