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  1. I read she passed away at age 97. Here's a scene from her TV show (She's not in it but I like the car)
  2. I forgot about NAPA's Echlin parts. Used them for years.
  3. Scott Drake makes this reproduction that's probably as good as any. Since we all know reproductions are a crap-shoot in this hobby, I keep a spare handy in case of failure. I've got an older repop on my car that's held up well for several years (knock on simulated wood grain) I don't know if anyone makes a male version, someone else will chime in I'm sure.
  4. It's been a while since I've looked at mine but there is a lot of adjustment available in the convertible top frame but I don't know about the cylinder. Was your top and weatherstripping recently replaced? It takes a while for the weatherstripping on top of the windshield to settle. As long as your latches are holding the top snug and reasonably aligned without being unscrewed to the point of falling out, you're probably ok.
  5. Can you imagine a car today being delivered to the Houston DSO (or anywhere else for that matter) without A/C? I can remember those days - just one more thing to make me feel old :)
  6. If used parts can't be found, buying the '68 part and modifying seems to be the way to go.
  7. I had not heard that. We still get to pay the new 10c per gallon fuel tax, though. I'll probably still run the 1969 plate on the front of the 1969 Mustang. :)
  8. Crap, I know better than to post while intoxicated....I'm gonna miss you guys!
  9. I've got a C2 instrument cluster that I rescued from a junkyard back in the early '70's. It's been in my shop ever since and it's time to find a good home for it. I'm pretty sure I took it out of a '67 small block but my memory is sketchy. I know some of you trade a lot more parts than I do, so should I just throw it up on eBay or is there a better way? I know Corvette guys are "different" so I want to do it right. Is there a better way than eBay? I don't think I want to sign up on Corvette forums just to list a single part for sale. Thanks!
  10. I tried reaching out to him on your behalf but his e-mail address bounced. Sorry.
  11. Hover over or click on the users name and select MESSAGE to send them private message.
  12. I have that option on my car but of course I can't find any pictures ... I seem to recall that the 1895 bulb goes in a can that attaches to the switch. The can has a small hole in the side that directs the light down into the switch instead of lighting up the whole area behind the lower dash. The effect is that the key slot and the outline of the cylinder are illuminated with the headlight switch. I suspect that part is nearly impossible to find but could be fabricated pretty easily. I'll try to find some time to pull the switch and get some pics in the next few days. Happy birthday!
  13. No, that ain't right. I hope your home and the important stuff escaped too much damage. Stay safe.
  14. +1 on the Torino mirrors if you want remote passenger control. There's a few threads about those out there. That won't solve the vibration problem, though - I get it too at certain times, when my speed and RPMs align just right - the mirrors are a blur. Not sure what can be done for that. You could look at modern mirrors but I think the unique profile of our doors can be a problem when it comes to transplanting just any mirror. Have you thought about just calling the guy in the Chevy on your cell phone and asking him what's back there?
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