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  1. New fastback

    Yep, otherwise known as an Emminger report. Cool stuff. You can still get them from Kevin Marti. I highly recommend it for those of you who haven't got one.
  2. New fastback

    Chances are it's a plain vanilla sportsroof but it never hurts to find out. The 302-3spd, Meadowlark paint, and standard interior all point to that. The scoop and hood pins were probably special ordered or more likely added by a PO. I once had a woodgrain Mach I dash and console in my vert that I salvaged from a junkyard.
  3. Removing the shock tower braces

    Yeah, here's a link to the info you cited (you may have to register to view it) http://concoursmustang.com/speegle/Articles/69/Article-69-70BatchIllustrated 1B.pdf My original braces (June Dearborn build) sure look black to me as well. Slop grey could be a range of shades but almost always much darker than the pic you posted; sort of faded black to a battleship grey color. I painted my export brace satin black to match the braces I replaced. Other "slop grey" parts on my car were much more grey and I used NPD's rattle can which was a great match for my parts (YMMV.) Since Jeff Speegle has forgotten more about Mustangs than I will ever know, I'm not going to argue he's wrong. I will just say that most braces I've seen are almost black. So maybe that particular "slop" gray" tended to be a much blacker shade of gray than, say, the hood latch.
  4. New fastback

    I don't think Ford offered the 302-2V in the GT. Still a good idea to find out what it is before making any plans, IMHO.
  5. I agree with Brian, I think they would look better on a plain hood without the scoop. BWDIK? I've also read that the reason Chebby didn't make the louvers functional on the '63 Corvette was because they discovered that the same air got sucked into your cowl vents and you ended up with a cabin full of hot stinky, engine compartment air instead of the nice fresh air you wanted. Don't know if that's true or not but they dropped the louvers altogether in 1964, so...
  6. Motor art work

    Nice work. The collective talent of you guys on these forums never ceases to amaze me.
  7. Could Not Resist, too Funny

    You gotta name the truck "Elizabeth" now, dontcha?
  8. New fastback

    That would be a sweet tribute project....
  9. correct label locations

    You are right, the instructions today are much more precise and enforced. In 1969 -- not so much. The guys at concoursmustang are really good at this stuff if you really want to know where the decals may have been on your car when it was manufactured..
  10. correct label locations

    Well, the long answer is that it varies depending upon where your car was built and when it was built. But generally speaking... NO '69's got a "CAUTION FAN" decal at the factory. They may have been added by a dealership if they were serviced later on - due to a Ford service bulletin. They are generally considered incorrect on a '69. Tire inflation sticker goes on the drivers door, above the latch. Note that there are A. B, C and D versions based upon when your car was built. Jacking instructions go on the underside of the trunk lid. Location varies wildly depending on when and where your car was built. Service info goes in the engine compartment and varies widely based upon - you guessed it - when and where it was built. Most Dearborn cars are on the driver's shock tower. San Jose cars may be on the drivers side inner fender well. My June '69 Dearborn car fell into a time period where they were putting them on the passenger side shock tower. Post if you've got any more decal questions, this kind of stuff fascinates me...
  11. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Sorry to hear about Sadie. I've had 2 German Shepherd mutts and they're terrific dogs. But you still got a Harley knucklehead now - that's funny :)
  12. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Great photos! Lots of happy there!
  13. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Hey, thank you Bob - but that's the downside of being a dog lover, they just don't stick around long enough.
  14. If I remember right (and I can't guarantee it. LOL), there's 4 sheet metal screws - maybe #6 or #8's - that attach each corner of the rubber boot to the transmission tunnel (If you've replaced your tunnel you may have to drill the holes for the screws). The chrome trim then goes over the boot and is held in place by the last fold in the rubber.
  15. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    I lost my big girl yesterday - she was eleven, not bad for a such a big dog but way too soon for me. She went peacefully at home - very sudden, very unexpected. I sure will miss her. Give those Mustang watch dogs a little extra attention this holiday season, because time sure flies!