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  1. If you're really compulsive, you can even wipe the faceplate silkscreen and replace it with the correct font for 1969. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1969-1970-FORD-MUSTANG-OR-SHELBY-AM-FM-AM-FM-STEREO-RADIO-FACE-DECAL-NEW/362772392129?hash=item5476eb68c1:g:UUQAAOxy43FRZNY~
  2. Jack's stuff is top notch, you won't be disappointed. I put that same well liner & divider in my car. The only problem I have with him is his raven black vert is 1000x nicer than mine which pi$$e$ me off (just kidding).
  3. The factory original was a kind of fiber board. It was attached to the bottom of well liner (not the trunk floor) and rested against the trunk lid spring on top. I'm guessing the one in your pic should be the same. That is, it sits between the well liner and the trunk springs but you'll have to decide where and how to attach it. Check out Jack's re-pop at Dead Nuts On for some pic's.
  4. 69RavenConv

    SNOW !!

    So.....doing donuts in the Shelby? :)
  5. Ten coolest cars with NACA scoops (their words, not mine :) Be sure to read the comments, to check out the ones they missed. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/09/20/coolest-cars-with-naca-ducts
  6. Cruise (or "Speed Control" as Ford called it) was available on '67 - '69 Mustangs, then dropped between 1970 and 1978, then re-introduced on the ' 79 Fox body Mustang.
  7. Looks like the part in the link is for a Fox body - is a 69 different? . If you know the size you need, I've had some luck finding them at a Fastenal or Tractor Supply store, or even Lowe's sometimes..
  8. Any of the Ford factory AM/FM radios from 1969 up through the mid-1980's will fit out cars. As mentioned above, they can be modified with an input jack if wanted.
  9. Deadstang reported the same problem here . Maybe you can share notes -I probably wouldn't rely on it, as 69Stang.com is running pretty lean these days.
  10. Welcome back, stranger! Yes, you've been gone a while ... I think you're out of luck with the images, unless Ben can work some magic for you.
  11. Clever. I could have used one of those.
  12. I read somewhere that racers used to like wingtips. Something about the leather soles I think. Back before there was a special shoe for everything.
  13. Very pretty. The car is nice, too :)
  14. Mine's not motorized so I have no first hand knowledge but most of the Mustang and convertible top sites sell replacement seals, hoses, o-rings, etc. Here's a link to NPD : https://www.npdlink.com/1965-1973-mustang/body-exterior/convertible-parts/power-top#filter=*
  15. Love that video ... and the fact that racers used to wear wingtips.
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