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  1. The Bitch is Back!

    That's awesome, Bob. I get nervous driving two towns over, going cross-country must have been amazing. Did you go alone?
  2. what amp fuse goes where

    From the Shop Manual, Volume 3
  3. Driving a classic car

  4. Rear bumper

    Perhaps you've got 1965/66 or 1967/68 brackets? https://www.npdlink.com/store/?p=catalog&mode=newsearch&search_str=17a750&parent=1&year=0
  5. 69 mach 408w build

    Thanks! Great add-on!
  6. '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    It's a great looking car, I had a good friend back in the day that owned a Boss 302 in that color. Brings back memories. You don't see many Grabber Blue Mavericks any more, either :)
  7. Went to car show - - great fun - happy

    Well, we could delete if you really want us to but I think it's a great Garage Forum post and would like to keep it around.
  8. 69 Clock

    Well of course, it's a Rally Clock, after all. You set the green hand to your scheduled arrival time and, using the map, compass and straightedge in your lap, coach the driver into hitting the next checkpoint precisely on time. :)
  9. Thanks for accepting me.

    Welcome to the site, James. Feel free to discuss anything you want. When you say "safe daily driver", are you looking to repair and restore the stock setup as it came from the factory when it was new, or upgrade to stuff like modern disc disc brakes, etc. We've got both camps well represented here.
  10. Is this raceway still going

    Drove my 'vert from Connecticut to Englishtown NJ twice back in the 70's. In those days for a couple bucks extra you could park in the pits and wander around among the racers. Good memories. Took some super-8 movies with my parents camera but never got them developed. I wish I had that film today. Don Nicholson, Wayne Gapp/Jack Roush, Bob Glidden...
  11. Is this raceway still going

    It appears it is still open: http://www.mirdrag.com/ Maryland International Raceway
  12. If you could ONLY CHOOSE ONE?

    As I posted in another thread, the Shop Manuals show you how to repair the car; the Osborne manuals show you how to assemble the car. Since restoring a car is a combination of repair and assembly, I've found both useful. That being said, the Interior Manual is probably the least useful of the bunch, since the shop manual does a pretty good job of explaining how the interior goes together. Since '69 and '70 interiors are nearly identical, most of the '70 manual applies to '69. Since no prints survive from '69, the '70 manual is all we've got. I guess I'm kind of OCD, so I got them all. You may not want them all - I've found the Osborne Body and Engine books the most valuable.
  13. Preferred reassembly Manuals for 70 Coupe

    +1 on the Osborne. The shop manuals tell you how to repair the car. The assembly manuals tell you how to assemble the car.
  14. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    Looks about right - hit it with the crappiest hammer in North America and use your carburetor to catch whatever falls off. Kidding aside, I'm with 1969_Mach1, lay the glass on a towel horizontally on the work bench and tap sideways. I'd probably try some chemical, heat, and/or razor knife experiments, too. Good luck, let us know what works.
  15. Wood carving at its best