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  1. EastYorkStang

    Winter Storage

    Water wetter does the same thing.
  2. EastYorkStang

    Winter Storage

    Thanks for the insight. That’s what I did. Two jugs of coolant later I’m good to -37c. Which is what it should be mid January.
  3. EastYorkStang

    Winter Storage

    Have to store my SporstsRoof outside this winter. Normally I run straight water with a quart of Water Wetter. Checked it today it's not going be ok for winter. Got to thinking instead of draining and refilling with antifreeze what if I just drain it completely of all existing liquid ? Leave it sealed but empty.
  4. EastYorkStang

    New lower control arms with defective ball joints!

    I'm rebuilding the front end of my '65 El Camino with all Moog parts. What are their two lines known as ?
  5. The hurst shifter on my T5 is too close to the dash on the 1,3,5 position. I'm thinking about cutting it and rewelding it so it sits better. Never welded one before so want know if it's feasible. Prefer to modify this one rather then just buying another.
  6. EastYorkStang

    Rear Seat Delete

    Looks cool. Can't find it on their web page.
  7. EastYorkStang

    Rattling windows that go down too far

    After taking the drivers side apart I’ve found that the bump stops are two different heights. Drivers side is easily double the pass side. The bracket in the picture/ video is only in the ‘69s.
  8. EastYorkStang

    Rattling windows that go down too far

    What glue on brackets are you talking about ? My glass hits the rubber directly.
  9. My passenger side window goes down just below the weatherstripping and gets jammed underneath. Have to remove the top door panel to fix it every time. Just looked and made sure the rubber bumper that stops it when it reaches the bottom is there. It is. Any other suggestions ? What can be done to stop my windows from rattling as well ?
  10. EastYorkStang

    Rad covers

    Yes, that's what I meant. Is it strictly for looks or are they functional ? I've also seen them moulded out of plastic
  11. EastYorkStang

    Rad covers

    Has anyone used Rad covers ? These are panels that fill in the gap between the grill and rad support. Supposedly they keep the air from flowing around the rad instead of through it.
  12. EastYorkStang

    Fuel filler neck mod

    Look on Mustangs to Fear website. Seen it there, but for the earlier years.
  13. EastYorkStang

    T5 shifters

    There's nothing there when I clicked the link. I know it's an older post. Do you still sell it ?
  14. EastYorkStang

    C-4 transmission

    Is it grinding while starting or after ? Could the starter be in question ?
  15. EastYorkStang

    1970 FB Electronic Spark Control

    Any pictures of it ?