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  1. Built my engine around 1995. Still has the same wires from then. Only driven it about 1,000 miles. Should they be replaced ?
  2. Why not block or cancel people that haven't been here for a few years ?
  3. Why not just buy a regular jug of Prestone and top it yourself with distilled water ? Cheaper that way
  4. Still nothing. But was this ordeal cause to drive everyone away ?
  5. I used the Hedman 351 swap headers. Think 88660. Power steering requires the steering ram relocation bracket.
  6. Time to kiss this website goodnight ? It was fun ......
  7. Be careful. Do you research before buying parts. Those distributers tend be higher then stock. Might have air cleaner clearance problems.
  8. If you need a mod on the east coast I can help
  9. Have a MSD 6200 from when my car was an automatic. Now that it has a manual thinking of upgrading to a Ultra 6Al (6423) Does any one know if the power output is greater ? Looking for a Rev limiter mostly. Other thoughts ?
  10. Anyone using these units ? Have them on my '70. When new they sequenced with a special flasher that came with them. But now they stopped working altogether. After installing a OEM style flasher unit they work fine but don't sequence.
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