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  1. EastYorkStang

    2019 Stampede

    Annual All Ford show today at Canadian Ford HQ
  2. Heard about resistance wires both for the tach and ignition. What happens if I don't do anything about them ? have a tach but I did put a duraspark/mad 6a box on my 351W.
  3. EastYorkStang

    Horns blow fuses

    Wow, yes it's a factory A/C car. I'll clean it up and reinstall it.
  4. EastYorkStang

    Horns blow fuses

    Replaced the fuse. Disconnected the horns. Fuse still good. Took the first horn and cleaned the mounting pad of rust. Connected it, fuse still good. Cleaned the second one of rust on it's mounting surface, still good. There was a metal piece that the drivers side horn mounted to that was in between the horn and the rad support that I removed it as well. No idea what it did. Thanks for your help.
  5. EastYorkStang

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Just finished installing a hi flow water pump. Along with replacing all the rubber hoses.
  6. EastYorkStang

    Horns blow fuses

    On my 70 every time I blow the horn a fuse blows. Curious what to look for ? How do I determine a bad horn. Probably need to rethink grounding issues ?
  7. EastYorkStang

    69 Mach 1 or 69 GT

    We àre waiting.
  8. EastYorkStang


    Where do want the wheel to sit in the wheel well ? Hardtop or Sportsroof ?
  9. EastYorkStang

    69 Mach 1 or 69 GT

    Hard to say without pics and more details.
  10. EastYorkStang

    351w stroker intake for Shaker use

    What intake did you wind up going with?
  11. EastYorkStang

    Power vent instalation

    I used a Tomato juice can. Even left the label markings on it. If you look closely you'll laugh.
  12. EastYorkStang

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Just finished routing the battery cable that runs from the trunk under the dash, through the firewall. Bolted to the solenoid.
  13. EastYorkStang

    Running a battery cable from the rear

    Ran the cable up through the A-pillar. Out under the dash into the firewall. Through the wheel well into the hole left from my old vacuum canister. Bolting the dash back together now. Thanks for for all the help !!!
  14. EastYorkStang

    Running a battery cable from the rear

    It runs vertical between the round vent and where the cable comes out of.
  15. EastYorkStang

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Nice project. Where you run your battery cables through the pass. side A-pillar will this interfere with the dash installation? I ran my power cable throught the channel in the rocker up to the A-pillar but I'm encountering a wall just inside it that's preventing me from going further.