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  1. is 30K actually reasonable for this ? Haven't bought on in years ?
  2. Converted mine to manual steering when I put in the 351W/T5 still loving it. That was at least 8 years ago
  3. How much wider is a 1971 ? Would the spring perches be wider as well ?
  4. Was that the only car there ..... ?
  5. Just curious what value the block would hold ? Saying this as a person who has lugged the original block from my '70 through three house moves so far. Still sitting in the same refuse container I put it in almost 28 years ago.
  6. If you can go with a newer 5.0 block. Make it look like the original one. Much better starting point. Does not have to be a Mustang unit just a roller block.
  7. Does anyone have that Lincoln rear end in their car ? What tire combo are you using ? Its narrower then the '70 unit.
  8. Never happened to me but my car is all factory original. Did have the bracket come loose on the pedal after a while. Put some lock tight on the bolts holding the bracket. Hasn't come loose since.
  9. Thanks. Thinking doing this to my '65 El Camino
  10. Used Dyna Mat in my '65 El Camino when I redid the interior. Very, Very, quiet now !
  11. Why not use Dyna mat or something similar ?
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