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  1. Sounds great. Makes me want to get mine out of the garage. Just have to put the seats and interior back in my ‘65 El Camino.
  2. Looks nice. Always loved that year over the 70s
  3. Curious why you chose the shorties ? What tire size are the new ones ?
  4. I’ve used them on my 440 1969 Road Runner. Never had a problem.
  5. I second that suggestion. Along with a search on here. Lots of information to be had. Helped me in my conversion.
  6. I’ve always liked Gulfstream Aqua.
  7. Thought if they were not specific then it would be easier to find.
  8. I got mine from RockAuto. Standard is fine for me
  9. Yes, that’s true. My eyes saw radiator
  10. I'd pick the 17765. First and second are closer together not allowing much of a bog when shifting. Better Overdrive ratio as well.
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