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  1. Looking forward to seeing it finished. You're going great !
  2. Are you going to put a vacuum flapper on the shaker ?
  3. No, was stating I was the third poster of the new month.
  4. What about adding heating/cooling to your existing seats ? When I redid my '65 El Camino I added heated pads to the bench I already had.
  5. Those blocks are hard to get. Been looking for my Zephyr for a while. Great find !
  6. Look into earlier model Mustang seat pans. An acquittance is your size who put earlier pans in his. Fits comfortably.
  7. What would work on a Versailles rear axle ?
  8. What does the tire rest on ? Foot squared, looks to be 7 high?
  9. The steering box has no fluid in it. Pump and ram do. Put in a flaming river unit eons ago. Then took the pump and ram off. With headers the bracket that relocates the ram would always scrape the pavement, speed bumps, driveway humps. Had others that were contemplating a rack & pinion drive my car. They changed their mind and called Flaming River.
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