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  1. I used a dome light from a 68 Mustang, but I had to add a cross brace when the headlining was out.
  2. The opening for the trunk lid is usually too tight on these, this is your chance to fix it.
  3. The shaker scoop was an option on H code cars.
  4. If you still have the original rear end you can use that to make a fixture that will align the mounts and also give you the correct pinion angle.
  5. Let it die man, it's beyond salvation.
  6. I have a fold down rear seat so I put the speakers in the rear side pods, just behind the front seats.
  7. Looks fantastic, is that metallic or solid?.
  8. Don't bother wasting 11 minutes of your life watching this, it's never gonna happen.
  9. I hope you love masking because you are going to be doing a mountain of it to protect each part through all the painting stages. It's fun right? This is my latest one.
  10. 1.432", on a small block, I would imagine a big block might be larger.
  11. Grabber Green?, looks fantastic you have done a great job on that car.
  12. Are you going to start a build thread for it, you could put it in the Garage section.
  13. JET 445


    I can't believe how little steel you guys use, a typical slab here would look more like this.
  14. JET 445


    I love those old red pole barns that you guys have and I am amazed that they last 200 years, down here the termites are ferocious and would eat it faster than you could put it up.
  15. JET 445


    Wow, can't believe they made that building using timber, here in Australia nobody would even consider using timber for such a large building. Timber here is incredibly expensive so almost all industrial buildings are steel.
  16. i just mix up all the base coat samples that I have bought trying to choose a color, it won't be seen so you can use anything you want. Of course from the rear seat back into the trunk you would want to use the same color as the outside.
  17. On my car I had to remove the wavy metal strip that holds the door seal in place and just glue the seal in place, and this is on a mint original body, never been rusty or damaged and yes my doors are perfectly aligned. It seems they are very tight in this area and you just have to do a few mods on some cars.
  18. No, it's not nearly as bad here in Australia, we still have a functioning political system where anyone with merit and integrity can rise through the ranks and become Prime Minister. The USA will never have a great President because only sponsored billionairs can become leader, leaving all the talented ethical politicians with no hope of becoming president. It is quite scary watching the US self implode, China must be laughing themselves silly just waiting for their chance to ride roughshod over every country in the world with nobody to stop them. Until you guys can break away from the present system of government I don't see things getting any better, but it would probably take another civil war to do it.
  19. I watch all this and I am so glad I live in Australia, life is still good here but we are rapidly heading in the same direction as your country. I am thankful that I have lived through the good times and will hopefully be gone before it really turns to shit. I would not like to be a young person growing up now.
  20. Loctite make a teflon paste, 567 Pipe sealant.
  21. You may also need to replace the rubber seal on the flap, they are usually as hard as a brick and will make operating the flap difficult.
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