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    We have successfully removed the first quarter panel. After a good sandblasting session, the old rusty metal is coming back to life.
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    decided to make a frame jig

    I really LOVE my new chop saw, it is nothing like that abrasive blade junk. cuts through steel like it were Balsa wood ( also cuts wood ) the only downside is the chunk shavings it shoots out really hurt!
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    Mustang Golden 50th Birthdays

    Mine is the 2nd June next year. My wife gets annoyed that I remember the mustang's birthday and not hers. They get like that.
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    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    I attended Good Guys this weekend, albeit only on Sunday because I got rained out on Saturday. It was a good time even with so few cars compared to Saturdays. At least the lines and crowds were down. Even did a few parade laps on the track. When I got back to my car I actually ended up getting the 'Mighty Mustang' award for the show. I guess the judges troll around the cars looking for candidates. No big award or anything but I got a plaque and did a drive by in front of the little stage. Fun twist.
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    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    Pic of the parade laps. I've driven this track in true high-speed events a few times but never been on it with the Mustang. It was still fun for me but my friend, who was in the car with me, had never put a foot on any kind of track was over the moon. Watching him was more fun than the drive itself . Funny thing was I offered to let him drive and he declined saying he'd never been in a race before! LOL!
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    Rattling windows that go down too far

    Shep is referring to a common upgrade that many people do - put short pieces of pipe around the bottom of the tubular tracks.When the window goes down, the metal brackets hit the pipes and travel stops. The pipe meets the brackets, not the glass, which doesn't stress the glue joint. The factory design (seen in the picture above, directly above and below the PLAY icon) has a metal piece glued to the bottom of the glass which hits the rubber bumper bolted to the curved piece welded to the door. The flaw of this design is that torque on the window crank stresses the glue joint, working to separate it.
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    Rattling windows that go down too far

    Yes i made up some stops made from pvc pipe and put a slice down the side. Placed them over the steel vertical guides so the windows stopped just before the weatherstripping. this also helps to eliminate the glue on brackets being forced off the glass. Works a treat.
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Busy summer has impacted my wrench time, but slowly finishing up my final wiring tie-ins and plumbing in the engine compartment. Installed my radiator overflow, front radiator support and radiator, electric fans, oil temperature sensor, started on my oil cooler lines. Some temporary wire ties in the pictures, just need to do the final alignment before I lock the locations in.
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    Stalls while driving

    You might be able to simply transfer the key tumbler from the old ignition switch to the new one, keeping your key the same.
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Denatured alcohol cleaned my wires without removing the stripes.
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    When I had my flex plate issues, I asked the machine shop and they said they could balance a new flex plate to my old one which was balanced to my rotating assembly. Good luck brother.
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    JamieK's 1969 fastback restomod

    i think you need more room in your garage so i would be happy to help you out by taking that old convertible corvette off your hands.
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    JamieK's 1969 fastback restomod

    Hard to beat a good looking 69 fastback :)
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    69-70 Hood catch

    Does anyone know if these are being reproduced ? If not we will start.
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    Let's play... Mystery Part!

    This is a mustang part. It clips to the gage cluster to take up the gap between the colum and the gage cluster. If you need a picture installed let me know.
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    decided to make a frame jig

    he did a hell of a job on it, everything slides and put it where its needed.. just have to ad-lib the sizes of those tubes.
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    @Flash69 I purchased the Hood lip molding through NPDlink, they have a warehouse in CA so they had it stock. I actually gave them a call to confirm this was a Daniel Carpenter Part I was getting. They have the other lip moldings, but they are not Ford Tooling and are asian repops, so the metal is quite thin and can cause bending issues if you are not careful. If anything I'd advise restoring your originals ones (If you have it) or finding a set a used ones from ebay or craigslist.
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    Now What?!

    if it wont come off with wd40 and you did not glue it in, you have a problem with the molding which is probably why you could not get the weatherstrip in it all the way in the first place. you can slice it long ways with a razor then pull out the side that has the lip on it then use a screwdriver to pry it out of the other side.
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    Ridge Runner

    Now What?!

    The cable had a plastic clamp down around the inside bottom of the door that kept it out of the glass ,a good zip tie would probably do the trick ,you should be able to see the tab with a hole in it the plastic bracket bolted to
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    heads questions

    Heck after reading your refi post, i would just consider just buying the eddy e street heads then and the 373 gears are still a little low for a mild engine unless you simy want to roast the bejesus out of your tires often from a dead stop
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    Issue with power to Aircond clutch

    yes it definitely is.
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    tranny swap

    Tranny swap... means something totally different these days!
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    Ridge Runner

    Car gender?

    I know in Italian a meet ball is a she " mama mea ,shesa spicy a meata balla "
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    1970 Grabber Green Project

    Doing quite well, and I hope you are. Thanks for the inquiry. As the reality of "nothing last forever" sets in, this site has lost a lot of valuable information with the deletion of thousands of pictures. I am not alone in this issue, and I am greatly saddened by the hundreds of hours of time lost documenting these wonderful builds. I would love to continue documenting my progress here but I am not up for the tons of hours to upload my pictures just to loose them again. A picture is worth a thousand words which should be shared with others. I may look into some type of secure hosting site, but for now, I'm going to continue building but unfortunately will not adding to this thread. I will continue to be a part of the 69stang community, and look forward to a good resolution to this issue, Thanks to all who contributed to this thread, and I hope to revive it one day. Mike