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    69 mach 408w build

    I have all parts now for engine that I will get except for pistons, pushrods, headgaskets and rod/main bearings. Plan to take it to shop in November for machining. ….and in process of getting out scaring, pitting, etc from the undercarriage....
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    You could paint my 69 ,say gulfstream aqua ...just to see if you like the color ,if you liked it then you could paint yours and you would know what you were going to get
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    Installed a 2m radiator and insulated garage doors recently. Need to get the concrete floor sealed.
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Finally got the engine in, and bolted to the trans. Headers clear everything, no other interferences, everything lines up I’m happy Thanks to Mike ( Latoracing) for the justable motor mounts they worked out really great
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    Got mine from Amazon, Krylon K09902A00 Leafing Pens, Silver.33 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-K09902A00-Leafing-Silver-33-Ounce/dp/B00448INW6/
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    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    Today, the engine is back in, had to squeeze it in because of that MMR deep sump oil pan.
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    Hello ALL!!!

    Hey everyone! My name is Peter Sessler. I am a recent owner of a 1969 Mustang Fastback. I got the car on ebay in January and it has TONS of issues! But that's OK! I looked for one for about 9 months before I found one i could afford. I am going to have to tear everything apart anyway. A little backround on me..... Ive been a part of car forums for almost 20 years. My dad is an automotive writer. He has written over 90 books on cars. He had two 1969 Boss 429 Mustangs a 70 Mach 1 and also a 67 GT350 Convertible growing up. My dad has been on his "last legs" for the better part of a decade so this car is going to be our final project together. My plan is to build this car into a Boss 429 clone. From the outside it will appear as a stock Boss 429- but will have modern running gear. Interior will be as stock looking as possible as well. Using a 460 block and a pair of Jon Kasse heads. Stroke the motor to 600 cubes and have stack injection. I have been collecting parts for the project and also enjoying the car for what it is. I really refer to it as my gray turd. Car needs a new floor pan- cowl dumps water onto your feet, a bunch of patch work on the rear quarters among a lot of other areas. Basically the previous owner rattle canned the car and threw it together to sell it. Saying it was poorly "thrown together' is an understatement. Since I got the car I have completely re-wired it with a AAW harness. The car had almost ZERO wires in it. The dash was full of sand and dirt. I rebuilt the C4 myself which was a great experience. I have since acquired a 9" rear and a TR6060 that I plan on using- the 460 is on the stand- and I have the Boss 429 hood scoop. Within a couple of months I am going to buy the Mustangs to Fear long subframe with their IFS, a watts 4 link rear and big brakes. The car has non power drum brakes, but it does have power steering and factory A/C (that isn't there). Its a pretty basic car. I am going to do as much work myself as I can. I have never done body work before so that will be a new challenge. I am able to weld and do some light metal fab. I am a member of Vintage Mustang forums and also the Mustang Club of America. My wife has a 2005 Mustang GT in legend Lime with a 5-speed, long tube headers- and she absolutely loves the car. I have a 2013 Dodge Viper at 600whp so I am accustomed to a car having power, handling, and being able to stop. That's what I want my Boss 429 clone to be like. There is no reason it cant. Anyway, here are some pics of my gray turd! Before it was thrown together: As it sits now: C4 rebuild: Rewire: Car hasn't had lights in who knows how many decades. I really like wiring. It is astonishing me how it DESTROYS time! The frame has massive rust holes and the floor pan is literally cut up and screwed together. I am surprised that I don't fall through the floor. It does start right up and that's something though. I recently installed a 1 wire alternator and an electronic ignition. Everything leaks and the front wheel bearings are scary sounding but its still so nostalgic driving the car. Looking forward to reading your posts and contributing where i can! I have a ton more pics on my build thread on VMF, but i somehow found my way here so I figured id join a club dedicated to the most beautiful Mustang ever made.
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    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    Those bolts must be SAE, as they appear to be a GM Product: they are rusted to hell.
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    I opened the door ,looked inside ,and closed it again ,my car did not finish its self ...
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    There's something you don't see often, a US flag displayed other than at an embassy in another country. And correctly at that. Looks like you have the same mustang clock as I have over my desk in my man-corner (house too small for a man cave). Nice place.
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    Grandpa's Mustang

    Great progress.
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    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    What about Indian fire? :-)
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    Tough call. There aren't a lot of '69 Mustangs still wearing their original paint and that 50-year-old patina has a certain charm. OTOH, it's hard to argue against the incredible mirror-finish of a fresh, modern two-stage paint job. If it was me (and it isn't), while I kinda like the cherry red, I'd probably keep the black jade.
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    What speedo gear do I need?

    I live on the east coast in Jackson New Jersey...……….
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    Mustang Video - No Where To Run

    The best and most authentic video. Now we know why the factory paint jobs were not the best....
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    What speedo gear do I need?

    Hey Mate, I lived in Sydney (Wohlarra) in 1970 - 71, working for Philips, loved your beautiful country and did a 2 month safari trip before leaving. Thanks for your answer.
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    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    I built my 950 sq ft shop back in 2002-04 mostly by myself. I had help laying the concrete, some framing, sheetrock and roofing. I lost all the build picks before I knew about saving them. The layout was restricted by my current house, fence line and pool. My major mistake was not going up. I kept the walls at 8' to match mine and the neighbors homes. What was I thinking? I am thinking of vaulting the ceiling of the main area to allow a lift. I did buy a portable swamp cooler last year for the shop. It sure helps on the warm days, on the days over 100, not so much. No heating, as our winters aren't really winters to other folks. This fold down table gives me much needed work surface, and when down allows cars to be moved in and out. Another area I screwed up was not running air, water and electrical to the outer area of the roll up door. This pic is something like what I'm thinking of doing to the ceiling. And everybody should have a poster of The King of Cool in their shop.
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    just curious but I guess you tried different gauges.
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    You should be able to remove it without causing a problem. On a 68 GT I had back in the 80's I had it off a couple times & it went back on without any problem.
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    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    The only thing I've done for my shop is abuse it. I haven't cleaned it since I removed the crank from the 69.
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    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    To add to the mix, I chose the Scott Drake belts due to the similarity with the factory deluxe belt buckles. However, I really did not like the idea of having the exposed retractor reel on the floor behind the seat. I ended up fabricating a bracket for the rear bulkhead inside the fiberglass rear quarter trim panels. From there I had to cut a slot in the rear armrest area for the belt to pass into the interior. I finished off the slot with a trim piece off of a Corvette. Looks like a factory stock installation to the casual observer and no retractor on the floor.
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Picked up my car from the shop after doing the manual 5 speed conversion...man.. I love this car... shift soo smooth. Thanks, Modern driveline.
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    I love that the young guy is learning all these skills. I can see a father/son Mustang restoration business in the future...... nice work!
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    Mike, I have an 8.8 installed in my 1968, which is about 2" wider than the 1966. I used a Ford Explorer rear end as well. Some lessons learned: The explorer rear sits under the springs, so the spring perches need to be ground off and new ones installed underneath the axle housing The explorer rear has a lot of attachment points/brackets for the rear sway bar, etc that will just be in the way, so grind those off too The explorer rear has a modern rear universal joint attachment, that uses metric 12 point bolts to attach the rear of the driveshaft. Your new driveshaft will have to mate up to this, so keep that in mind. The emergency brakes on the explorer rear are a problem for early year mustangs to deal with. For the rear disc brake version that I got, they have those small drum brake shoes inside the rear disc that are used for the parking brake. The 1965-1968 "pull handle" parking brakes do not have enough travel, or physical leverage to set the modern parking brake. I retrofitted a Lokar set up that took me a long time to get to work and it still does not work right. Consider using later model Mustang style rear discs on that rear, that have the integral parking brake feature The offset center did not pose a problem for me, there was plenty of room in the rear transmission tunnel You will need new U-bolts and shock mounting plates, as the 8.8 axle tubes are much bigger than the 8" or 9" rears. I used off-road Ford Ranger u-bolts, and I believe my shock plates came from Scott Morris. Drain the rear and inspect it. If all is ok, then don't forget to add the Ford Friction Modifier. This will prevent the gear housing "chatter" that you can get with the modern clutch based traction lock differentials. Good Luck, please post some pics...
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    Mike and I were able to get the car on the rotisserie today. He thought that was pretty cool!!!