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    '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    Happy fall everyone!
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    Proper headlight installation

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    My girl (Bimbo) is getting on. Not looking forward to that day.
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    Automotive passion

    I thought I would share a clip that was on one of my Aussie Facebook pages. Pretty cool.
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    ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Loafer? Hey, I resemble that. They are slippers, Craftsmen slippers. A Christmas gift last year from my first ex wife. And they frequent the shop often thank you.
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    Black Saturday Sale at Tractor Supply

    I decided to quit rebuilding my 1985 Sears 24 gal 5hp 220v compressor and buy another. After searching online I decided to buy an Ingersoll Rand 60 gal 5hp 220v unit. Pay for it, they load one which is covered with a big plastic bag from the back off the store with a forklift and I'm gone. Two of my old codger neighbors are admiring the compressor after I unload it and they mention the size of it. I say it's only a 60 gal then show them the info tag still on the compressor. Wtfresno? Looked up the specs, that dude is $350 more than I paid. Merry Christmas to me.
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    Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    11/20/2017 CCC UPDATE They say the 3rd times a charm. Well I agree. Very happy with my newly designed center console. One thing I could not do was incorporate some cup holders into the existing frame work, so Mich'l, my beautiful wife and I brainstormed a bit and she came up with the cup holder design you see in the photos. Great idea!! No more cold water bottles between the legs on long cruses. The cup holder fits snug enough yet can be put away during car shows. The 4 way stretch vinyl was easy to work with and the adhesive the real deal. She's already for next weekends AmeriCarna Live Car Show in North Carolina. Last car show for the year for me.
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    ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    3M part #8509.
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    Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    Wow, nice woodworking...... But....you gotta love the console and the contact cement on the dining room table, next to the salad dressing.... You rock! So does your family. It is amazing what they get used to with having a car guy in the house... After the carburetor re-build on the kitchen table, I thought I was in trouble. The real trouble started with the low mileage wire wheel hubcaps in the dishwasher..... oops.... Or the dirty red shop cloths in the washing machine, or.....
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    I'm having fun... that's what is most important. that and driving it when it is done!
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    Drip moldings removal.

    A huge thumbs up. Tried out Ridge's tool this weekend. It's fantastic!! Works great. Thanks
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    Automotive passion

    You can see the emotion his dad had with the car, so many memories. Great resto on the falcon.
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    Bob & Sue

    Premium Door Panels vs OEM

    Took some pics of my door panels before finishing the drivers side thought I'd show the difference between buying Quality Premium Panels vs OEM grade. The difference in thickness makes it a bit more difficult to mount a couple items the door handle opening needs to have the backing cut down almost to the vinyl to get them to slide in & the remote mirror hole is a pain to get cut to a thickness the nut will hold in the correct spot. These are Premium Grade purchased from Cal-Mustang.
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    Time for an update. Have got the heater, lower dash, and American Autowire electrical harness in the car. It took me days to get an overview of the electrical harness, lots of planning and pondering there. I've always heard that wiering a car is such a massive job, and I think I know what they mean. Started off with the heater. 1/2" Dynaliner behind it on the firewall. Fusebox is in next. The clutch pedal is out at the moment to fix a minor problem with the locking clip engagement. Basically a washer inside it is too wide. The wires to the lights, horns, fans, etc will be routed outside the engine bay. Wire harness laid up on the lower dash. Now the next job is to rout everything where it needs to go, and then start doing connections. Also, the splash shields had to be modified to clear the Boss 429-style brace I added. My friend Roger did that, while me and my brother worked on the harness.
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    The weather was pretty good here on Sunday, so pretty much finished up my trunk woodworking for now, and got my power center installed. Lots of trial and error fitting up required, as well as a good jigsaw. First pic shows the top piece. It is shaped kinda like a "U" with wings, as all of this mess needs to allow access to install the tail lights and bumper brackets. Next few pics show various angles of the final fit up. I also installed the Marine hatch, a really nice piece. Adjacent to it are some LED lights. There will be another 2 in the tail light panel area. These will be hooked to my AAW wiring harness rear dome light wiring (not used in convertibles), so anytime you open the doors, the trunk lights will go on. Last set of pics show my power center finally installed, and the #0 remote starter cable and the #4 main power feed that I am running up front. I will remove the tail light panel section pieces and keep them aside until after the car is painted.
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    Turn Signal Switch Recommendation

    My advice whenever you get a new turn signal switch, is to put a piece of black electrical tape on the back side covering the rivets. The rivets can touch the steering column under certain circumstances and that shorts out the whole TS switch. It's good insurance and costs nothing.
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    Have you checked the drivetrain angle? That's the tranny drop, the rear end rise, and the driveshaft angle. Unless those angles are within a narrow tolerance, you can get all sorts of vibrations that won't go away.
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    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    You can check if the valve inside the block has moved by check with a meter on ohms, one lead to the block(ground) and the other to the contact, should be open circuit if central.
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    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    The squirt of brake fluid shooting up in your master cylinder is normal, it is the front brake piston displacing fluid until fully travels past the brake fluid inlet port from the reservoir, it is only then when the piston has passed the inlet port that the trapped fluid begins the apply the brakes.
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    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Its air in the line (s) somewhere. Rebleed them is my recommendation.
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    Pike's Peak fun

    OK, it's not a '69, it's a '65. A twin-turbo, 1400 HP, AWD '65 driven by Ken Block. I used to think it was cool to light up one tire on my small block Mustang. Kind of amazing watching an AWD car smoke all four tires...
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    Its Alive! IMG_1263.MOV
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    Raven R code

    Aquarius is on the way!

    Getting close to first startup!
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    what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Heck the 428 runs on smiles per gallon
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    Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Great photos! Lots of happy there!
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    I lost my big girl yesterday - she was eleven, not bad for a such a big dog but way too soon for me. She went peacefully at home - very sudden, very unexpected. I sure will miss her. Give those Mustang watch dogs a little extra attention this holiday season, because time sure flies!
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    Is this raceway still going

    Hey cavboy. Thank you for your service, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I owe you for that brother. If you need parts, want to see some racing, or need a cold beer, always welcome down here in Charlotte. My cousin still has his '56 T Bird. Met him in Carlisle, Pa for the Ford show last summer, brought my '68, had a blast. Regards, Vic
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    Awesome, Mal. Loved it!!
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    Here is the dash this morning. I think it looks awesome. Now I need to decide whether I want/need the gauge bezel to be metallic as well...
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    Installing more of the Fat Mat sound deadening material.
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    Dual subwoofers... split RCA pre-outs?

    Yeah... can't go wrong with the dulcet tones of Ford horsepower!
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    69 Mach for sale

    Thermostat port is sticking straight up, Cleveland.
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    69 Mach for sale

    "1969 Mustang Mach I Fastback with original 351 Cleveland " Huh?
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    69 Fastback project

    Hey, Paul Harvey, we need the rest of the story. So you made the door handles and mechanisms from scratch?
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    Is this raceway still going

    Here is the Englishtown Decal. It is still on the window of my '68, will send a pic along of the original, shortly.
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    Small emblem or Mustang script

    My Aussie Mustang pins showed up.
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Yesterday & today I started laying down the Fat Mat sound deadening material.
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    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    My situation sounds exactly the same . I had to rebuild the back end of the car as it must have been hit in the rear end and done such a dodgy fix. Sad part was I paid to get the car looked over before purchasing and all they said was the quarter panel was changed. Pretty rewarding doing the work yourself and you know it’s done to a much higher standard.
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    This has been a lot of fun following along on. Your car is beautiful. Congrats
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    Just a Great Group of Guys

    Just try and "Make My Day!"
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    Just a Great Group of Guys

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    Small emblem or Mustang script

    OMG. If I pay shipping, will you keep them?
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    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Could the problem also be the master cylinder? What if the pressure on the rear brake side is leaking around the rear brake piston in the master? You would get the initial stopping force, but as fluid leaks past the compressing cylinder, the pressure goes down. Maybe that pressure leaking fluid from the rear brakes reservoir into the front brakes reservoir is what caused the squirt of fluid out of the front brakes?
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    '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    Was able to take a day off and spend a long weekend in the shop. While the outside of the car is done, a lot of items under the hood needed to be finalized. Replaced grill - broke a tab installing the last one Repainted core support / front of engine Installed temp sender with direct line to Shelby /console gauge pod instead of in-dash gauge Installed AC condensor Repainted hood latch from cast to black so you don't see it through the grill Relocated coil to PS intake manifold, ran new tachometer and Pertronix wires Attempted install of Sanden compressor.... I ran into troubles with the Vintage Air Sanden conversion bracket. It could have been my error, but the compressor sits too far forward or too far back depending on how I mount it. I compared it to two other brackets on our other cars, and it was slightly different. I ordered a new bracket that should be in this week. I'm hoping to have the car 'done' before the end of the year, and then work on detailing it in the Spring in time to take it to some shows. Thanks to all on here for their advice and encouragement over the past few years.
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    Nice car Mal.! You have done so well.
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    Voltage Regulator

    For a while I had a late model 3G alternator on my Mach 1. Always charged at 14.6 to 14.8 volts. I have an Optima battery so I didn't notice any gassing from the battery. However, my temp, oil pressure, and fuel gauge always read a little on the high side. I switched back to an original type alternator and external voltage regulator and the charging voltage dropped down to 13.8V. The gauges all dropped down to where they would normally read. I simply went to my local NAPA store for a voltage regulator when switching back to an original style alternator. It's electronic as well. Doesn't look original but seems to work fine.
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    Bloody Hackers

    He's now banned. A few spammers who registered last December have been trickling in the last few days, usually leaving a message on a users status page. Report any you see and the moderators will whack them. It probably goes without saying but don't click on any links they may post.
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    Same here: Koni Classics. They've been on the car for 10 years or so and I love the feel! G
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    what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Thats for a gallon. Currently we pay anywhere from a low of $1.45 to a high of $1.60 per litre for 91. 98 is around $1.70 per litre. I'm out in the country so my wife does a 50 mile round trip to work each day and I'm doing about 30 miles per day as well. Gets expensive just going to work let alone doing any "fun" driving!!!!!
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    what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Fuel mileage, 428 CJ, DOES NOT COMPUTE........ HA HA! It's like people asking me what fuel mileage my 1991 M931 A2 5 ton 6X6 gets too. I tell them it runs on destroyed hopes and dreams, with a sprinkle of crushed Prius.