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  1. FiTech Go EFI question

    I don't have the details of the sizes and I don't think they list them in the description on there site (this is for the clutch)
  2. FiTech Go EFI question

    Most of stuff we are. A great company like MDL has figured out in there 69-70 hydraulic kit they changed the bore size of the master because reports of not enough throw. I have the early kit (about 3yrs old) and it's struggle to get enough throw, I have enough but had to maximize every adjustment
  3. FiTech Go EFI question

    They all have a vacuum port on the regulator, it's only maybe in the past year there know saying to hook it up to a vacuum source
  4. FiTech Go EFI question

    Fitech revised the design, they were using a check ball and it was getting jammed and not venting. I think it was a poor design by only letting gas or vapor out. But creating vacuum if it needed to draw air in the CC If you look down the vent and see a bronze filter it's the update On the redesigned harness and connector your right about the red and orange wires were larger terminals in a separate plug with larger gauge wire
  5. FiTech Go EFI question

    I keep checking for the melted connector and can't find any signs at all. My terminal's are fine and it is 2 yrs so past warranty
  6. FiTech Go EFI question

    Have been down the road of "leave well enough alone" and question myself why I didn't
  7. FiTech Go EFI question

    My CC has been trouble free that I started to worry I might problems. So this summer I took it apart to check for problems others have reported. Looked for excessive assembly grease, debris, sock folded or too close to the bottom and loose fuel hose clamps on the pump. I found nothing wrong. put it back together and made sure I had towing coverage on my ins. Still running stock configuration, but I do have the revised vent with no check ball just the bronze screen
  8. FiTech Go EFI question

    It's thicker than you think, used some teflon tape and taper of npt seals fine. Never seen any stains or leaks in 2 years. The problem is you can't have anything protrude it won't fit the opening. You could build a bead of weld to drill and tap. You mite have file the rear panel opening
  9. FiTech Go EFI question

    Drilled and tapped neck 1/8 npt x 1/4 barbed fitting
  10. FiTech Go EFI question

    I'm glad I had a little influence on you and maybe saved a vintage Mustang becoming a fireball. You'll sleep better
  11. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    http://www.moderntiredealer.com/news/394893/coker-group-purchases-wheel-vintiques So in 2011 Coker buys Wheel Vintique and in 2014 opens a facility to manufacture and distribute wheels and tires. Maybe there is a separate manufacturing facility at that building that produces Wheel Vintique wheels
  12. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    In that link there a banner for Wheel Vintique, I guess there just advertising for them. Maybe there just renting space in Cokers building PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA SINCE 1986. MADE IN AMERICA Since 1986, Wheel Vintiques has been manufacturing steel wheels for restored classics, muscle cars and hot rods. All manufacturing processes are handled in house, at our facility in City of Industry, California. TRUE O.E. FITMENT Wheel Vintiques manufactures wheels for many applications, and offers authentic O.E. fitment for high quality restorations. Precise sizing and single bolt patterns make our O.E. wheels the best on the market. CUSTOM SIZING Along with direct O.E. fitment, Wheel Vintiques offers custom sizing in many of our wheels. Larger diameters and wider overall widths are available, and custom backspacing is available on most wheels.
  13. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    Well it seems that Wheel Vintique, Specialty wheel and Coker tire in City of Industry CA all have the same address 14955 Don Julian Rd City of Industry, Ca 91746 https://www.cokertire.com/blog/grand-opening-coker-tire-city-of-industry-california/
  14. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    There all made in the same factory just put in different boxes since Coker bought Specialty, and Wheel Vintique. At one time they were made by separate factories and had different qualities.
  15. Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    I still have my original column untouched and waited till I found a column on CL for $75 to start the project. Figured if It didn't work out could always go back my original back..options..options