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  1. Machspeed

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Arning 1" UCA drop. Hole size now 1/2" and still need to drill the 17/32 hole. Seems I read there is a 69Stang community drill bit out there somewhere. Anybody? Those Harbor Freight step drills are a best buy purchase, @ $14. Compare to $45 tool store purchase. The unit pictured below was used entirely in the build of my rotisserie and body cart. Still cuts nicely!!!
  2. Yes, I have a set that I purchased off ebay a few years ago. In fact, I posted about them here and a few members also purchased them. They were very reasonable in price and appear to be high quality stainless. I think they are 2-2 1/4. Regardless, they will require an adapter for my exhaust.
  3. Machspeed

    Hood Hinge Mounting Nuts

    Thanks fellas.
  4. Those look really good! Was hoping they would also produce a 70 version but unless I missed them, don't see them.b Thanks for sharing
  5. This is rather trivial, but I'm really anal about things. Last night I was going to repair one of the hood hinge mounting nuts on my 69 Mach. It had broken out of the rear apron causing some issues with the hood hinge. I got to looking at the orientation of the nuts and comparing those on the driver's side with those on the passenger side and the nut that requires repair appears skewed. Based off how it fit in, I would have sworn it was correctly positioned but now I'm thinking it may not be correct. Was hoping someone could provide a picture of the driver's side rear apron to confirm my suspicions? Pictured below is the driver side and passenger side hinge mounting nuts. The top nut on the driver side is the one I'm needing to fix. Thanks
  6. Machspeed

    Craig from New Zealand

    That's slick. Tail panel needs the black or something. Compared to the rest of the car, very plain. Looks like it has wheels on it now, how bout a side shot?
  7. Machspeed

    69 Fastback medallions

    Yep, those will need to be replaced. Are the pins still in the B pillar?
  8. Machspeed

    69 Fastback medallions

    If they are both on backwards, you need only to swap them in the correct orientation but to the other side. Somebody likely flipped them intentionally, possibly jacking with you or the previous owner. Ridge is right, place a block of wood at the bottom of the medallion and hit upwards.
  9. Machspeed

    Craig from New Zealand

    That's just beautiful! Tastefully done too. Hood is awesome. With the headlight buckets blacked out, think I'd black out the tail panel too.
  10. Machspeed

    Craig from New Zealand

    Checked it out, very informative. Thank you! Man, I'd sweep the floors, take out the trash, and clean the bathrooms in that shop just to learn and be a part. Need some help...LOL!?!
  11. Machspeed

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Terry, thanks for the input buddy. Here's the impact driver I used. It's a heavy duty sucker with the correct bit and it removed two of the striker plate screws! On those two, I got lucky. It would not budge the other two. In fact, I was afraid I wasn't going to get them with the removal of the screw head and the EZ Out. Thought I was going to have to tap drill the suckers and re-tap. There is a process of galvanic corrosion going on in there between the metal of the screw and the threaded plate. I could see it with the removal of the screws.
  12. Machspeed

    Craig from New Zealand

    Rich, thanks again for the windshield tutorial....awesome!!! Now, how bout one for the rear glass? Doesn't look like the rear glass is in yet, be a good time to make another quality MTF tutorial....lol! Seriously, I've read in various postings where people had to do some serious trimming to the gasket. It was very ill fitting and the trim would not sit down correctly. Can I ask what specific gasket you use and if it has been your experience to routinely trim said gasket? Thanks, John
  13. Machspeed

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Yep, I had an impact driver on them and kept them soaked in penetration oil and it wouldn't touch them. Best way would be with heat, but again, concerned about a fire. EZ out worked out fine though.
  14. Machspeed

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Yeah, I entertained that idea but was concerned about all the penetrating oil and stuff I had previously applied. Did not want to risk a fire. Thanks, Rich
  15. Machspeed

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Did a couple of things I've been dreading and putting off. I had to drill out the screws for the door striker plates. Been soaking those suckers with PB Blaster for a month and still could not get them out. In fact, stripped the screw heads out trying to remove them. Drilled off the heads and removed the remaining studs with an EZ Out. Worse than that was the removal of a bolt in the dash assembly. A few months back when I was removing one of the dash brackets, I rounded the head on one of the bolts. To get the assembly off, I used a high speed grinder and cut the bolt head off, leaving the remaining stud. Apparently, someone back in 69 was having an off day with his impact gun, as this bolt was practically in sideways. I had to cut the whole nut assembly out of the dash and with the nut removed and in my vice, I still could not remove that stud. Tomorrow will weld up the dash with the new nut.