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  1. 1969 Door Tag

    Thanks! Relatively new here, ey? Already contributing too. Good to have you here.
  2. 1969 Door Tag

    Thanks, but it's going out to be media blasted. Was thinking about removing it before it goes off for the process. I suppose I could tape it up real good and speak to the people on this.
  3. 1969 Door Tag

    Was thinking about this the other day! What about the VIN tag on the dash?
  4. My Brothers 69 Mach

    Almost spit my drink out reading that......lol! Nice work, man!
  5. Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

    Got up extra early yesterday, 5:30 am, with a host of things I wanted to get accomplished on the car. I've got to get this car ready for the rotisserie. First on the agenda was to fix the rear floor pans, as they were cracked out from where my exhaust was hung. My car was originally a single exhaust car, but I had the Midas Touch performed on it all those years ago and they attached the exhaust to the seat belt mount and a bracket that secures the rear brake line. The cracks you see are the result of their work. Both sides had cracks. I drilled out the ends of the cracks and welded the cracks secure. I did not know this but duel exhaust equipped cars received reinforcement back here. I found the reinforcement pans at Classic Tube and welded them in. I also purchased the correct dual exhaust hangers through them as well. These guys sell more than just brake and fuel lines. After addressing the rear pan, I proceeded to weld in the "B" patches for the added shock tower support. I did this a little bit different in that I trimmed down the outer frame support flush, as I do not like the water retention there. This area is sealed now. To finish up, I removed the entire rear end. I was dreading this as I just knew the removal of the rear leafs would be rough. The bolts that secure them rust inside the bushing and often have to be cut out. Lucky me, mine pushed right out with my impact gun. I had forgotten how heavy that 3rd member is. About busted my hand in the roll over maneuver to set it down gently. All in all a good day. Finished up at 2:00 with no blood or tears and just a little sweat. Hopefully, I can get the rotisserie built next week and shortly thereafter off to the media blaster.
  6. Anyone know this bozo?

    That topic starter is a hoot....we all seem to want to read about the trash on people....LOL! It is intriguing how life seems to take us down certain paths. Wonderful read! Congrats!!!
  7. 1970 Convertible Restoration

    The best looking convertible that I've ever seen, was a 69 Mustang convertible done up Mach 1 style. The guy did some body work to the rear trunk area to give it that fastback rear look. Car had a shaker, blacked out hood, front spoiler, hood pins, etc. It was very professionally done and it was gorgeous! Look forward to seeing your project come together.
  8. What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    And jeez Mike, I don't know how you do it! I've got a 24'x26' shop with an upstairs and I'm crying because it ain't big enough. I'm just a big ole cry baby!!!
  9. What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Congrats Casey! I gotta little love for the Mopars too and that 70 Challenger next to you is gorgeous as well!
  10. It is Time

    That's awesome! At least you still have the hair....lol! Your story is very much like mine and I've really enjoyed reading through it. Don't ever sell it! Currently doing a full resto on mine, which is going at a snails pace.
  11. New complete car wiring harness.

    Mike, I have been researching this as well. My car will have several changes to include different gauges, electric fans, electric fuel pump, and electric steering. My brother just completed the resto of his Boss 302 which has many of the components that I will have. He chose the AAW route and was very pleased with it. I've been all over the web looking at this and I think the consensus among people is that the AAW system is the best bang for the buck.
  12. My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    I would bet on it!
  13. Door issues

    Gulfstream Aqua, my favorite....lol!!!
  14. Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

    Last month was slow and little time to work on Queenie. Family reunion, Mid-American Mustang/Shelby meet, and honey do stuff, which of course, is the biggest priority. There is much truth to the saying, "happy wife, happy life". Did have some fun at the Mustang/Shelby meet, as my brother brought his recently restored 70 Boss 302 up. The car had not been on a track since the restoration so he took it out to both the speedway and the drags to see how it would do. The car is an original Boss 302 that is, contour people, don't look...... resto modded tastefully. Under the hood is a 600 HP Boss 302 that flat out screams. While it has plenty of power, he doesn't have enough rubber under it to keep it on the track, especially at the drags. At the drags he couldn't get out of first and second gear and when he hit third, the rear came out from under it and he almost slammed the wall. Scared the crap out of me just watching. After that pass, he promptly loaded it up on the trailer. That single pass run was 14.20 at 115 MPH. Next year, good rubber. He did manage to win a 1st place in his class at the car show. The car is eye candy to the max. Anyway, I did manage to remove the entire front end which, I might add, was quite the chore. With the exception of the driver's side spindle, everything up front was what Ford put on her back in 69. Breaking those upper and lower control arms from the spindle proved to be the most difficult part but was ultimately resolved with about $10 worth of parts from my local hardware store. This gleaned from Dazed Cars website whom I think credits Mustang Steve for it. With this little tool, I was able to remove both the UCA and the LCA, with the UCA giving me the most grief. That and some PBA blaster, I might add. Great stuff! After much wrenching and banging, nothing like the sound of that pop when it breaks loose. With that done and the front end components removed, I am attending to the "B" patch modification which I will follow up with by drilling the support for the Arning drop. I'm going to do this a little different though, as I don't like the lip of the frame rail sticking up causing a water trap. Since this picture I have shaved that area of the frame down so it sits almost flush with the bottom of the B patch. Waiting on some rust encapsulator so hopefully by next week this ill be welded in.
  15. My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    If this turns out anything like the Candy Apple Red Mach, and I have no reason to doubt that, those will be two beauties sitting side by side. You pulled off an incredible restoration with that CA Mach. Looking forward to the transformation of this one.