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  1. Machspeed

    Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

    Hey fellas, thanks again! That's a clean body, Jet.
  2. As I will also be lowering my engine and going with an aftermarket transmission, I have a feeling that I will be dealing with this too. Bob, anyway we could pull exerts from this and put it in the "How To" section?
  3. Machspeed

    Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

    Thanks fellas, really appreciate ya! Ridge, I chose this base platform that you designed because I felt it would be the most stable, especially when loaded on a trailer. Can you advise on this comment you made above, it's not clear to me: " if you use a hydraulic jack i would make a mounting bracket to the old tye down bracket holes in the rear frame. I know you know this car better than I do, so what are the old tye down bracket holes you speak of? BTW, was in Harbor Freight yesterday looking at their hydraulic rams. Did not see the above ram. Is that a complete assembly or is the air assist separate? Thanks!
  4. Machspeed

    Meet QUEENIE.... 69 Gulfstream Aqua Build

    It's been some time now since I posted anything on my build, this mainly due to the literal rebuild of a home I was renting to some very trashy and unscrupulous renters. Can't believe people sometimes, but this outfit left owing me three months rent, trashed my property, and left all the crap that they didn't want. Not a thing I could do about it either. The property was so bad, I had to gut it. Took me 14 months to finish it and about $25K. It's on the market now and I'm out of the land lord business. Anyway, want to get this car out for paint no later than this Summer. Past couple of Saturdays, I've been building a rotisserie with plans I've taken from our good friend Ridge Runner. Still uncertain as to how I want to do the rotating assembly, this mainly due to the fact that I've never operated one and I lack some understanding of center of balance and best way to get the car on and off the thing. Also want to be able to sell it when I'm done with it. Ridge, if you see this, know that I will be PM'ing you. Anyway, this done so far:
  5. Machspeed

    Sub-frame connectors

    I installed Tinman's subframe connectors on mine. I chose them because they are very rigid and don't have the "add on" look to them. Really like them!
  6. Machspeed

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Thank you, friends. Really appreciate your responses to my query!!!
  7. Machspeed

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Sven!!!
  8. I'm considering replacing the taillight panel on my 69 Mach 1. I've searched the web, and our forums here, but find very little. Can anyone provide? I changed out the whole radiator support assembly and both inner fenders on this car, so I'm confident I can do this. I just want some pictures or even a video as to were it is spot welded. Also, I see NPD has a Taillight Panel, "New Tooling, thicker metal. Can anyone comment? It's comparatively a little pricy. https://www.npdlink.com/product/panel-taillight-improved-repro-thicker-metal-new-tooling/147051/485
  9. Machspeed

    Sanco Industries?

    That's incredibly sad news. I've spoken with Forest several times via email and phone. I also met him at the Mid-American Mustang Shelby meet in Tulsa a few years ago. My dealings with him have always been great and his products were always fantastic. Again, what horrific and incredibly sad news.
  10. Machspeed

    Gauge cluster

    Thanks you, Mach 1 Driver! I was hoping Dakota Digital would retro their gauges a little for us. I had thought to email them myself but never got around to it. Glad you did!
  11. Machspeed

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    That's a dang shame those pictures are gone, Buckeye. Your build was fascinating and very educational.
  12. Very informative, thank you, Doug! I never noted any issue with my car in this regard, thus the query. Thanks again!
  13. If I may ask, am I missing something here? I fully disassembled my 69 Mach 1 and don't recall any kind of vent apparatus. Never recall any issues either. Why this?
  14. Machspeed

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Congratulations, MAC! The car looks awesome!!! I missed your build posted here and really wished I could see the initial pictures you posted up. Photobucket has really wrecked havoc on many of the build threads here. If you find time and still have the photos, it would be nice to see the thread fixed. Love seeing the transformation process. Sorry to see you were hosed in the purchase too. We don't live in a world where a man's word is golden anymore. Very sad! Regards, John
  15. Machspeed

    Hood Hinge

    Mach, do you know if those hinges are the same as the Dynacorn hinges offered by CJ Pony Parts? https://www.cjponyparts.com/dynacorn-hood-hinge-premium-quality-passenger-side-1967-1970/p/HDH14R/ Thanks, John