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  1. Indeed, nice picture! Nice shop too. Can I ask how big it is? When I built my home, I also built my shop. I thought 24x26 would be big enough, but I'm tripping allover stuff.
  2. Wow, bankruptcy. Wonder what happened to those guys. When I was living in Texas back in the late 70's and 80's, that was the place to go for Mustang parts.
  3. Yes, very much looking forward to this. Check out the gauges for the 67-68 stangs....sweet! https://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=1217/category_id=706/mode=prod/prd1217.htm
  4. Ertl made the 1/18th scale 69 Mach 1 in Candy Apple Red, though I think it is a limited edition piece. It's a shame Highway 61 did not do a 69 or 70 Mach 1, as their model of the 69 and 70 Boss 302's far surpasses the Ertl model. Highway 61 products are on par with the smaller 1/24th scale mint cars.
  5. Look on ebay, easy find. These are not FM or DM quality though.
  6. You won't find one either. Neither DM or FM produced a 69 Mach 1. There is a 1:18th scale version done by Ertl but it is a low end replica and the roof line is off.
  7. Beautiful! Do you know what he painted the blackout are of the hood with?
  8. Great thread, fellas! Not there yet but will be going with the vintage air set up, AAW, and the Dakota Digital gauges. Looking forward to seeing progress photos of your setups. Regarding Dakota Digital, I swear I read sometime back that they were going to produce gauges faces that are more vintage and closer to the look of our OEM gauges. Has anyone heard anything on this? I see nothing on their website.
  9. Was wondering what happened to you. Life things often prompt delays in things like this....good to see you back at it. The car looks great!
  10. That is exactly why I will likely paint my own car. I'm thinking that people today, many, just don't give a rip and that saying, "you get what you pay for" doesn't always hold water. Been there a few times and it leaves for a real nasty experience. And you're right, you pay him off and he will be done with you.
  11. Holy smokes, that's some pressure...LOL! Can't help but to ask, what is the deal with this car and them getting married? Nice work, Rich!
  12. Aside from the color (love it), really like the stripe color and layout too.....awesome!!! Looks reminiscent of the the old TASCA BOSS 429. Don't chip that paint in the assembly...lol!
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