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  1. Machspeed

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    That's a dang shame those pictures are gone, Buckeye. Your build was fascinating and very educational.
  2. Very informative, thank you, Doug! I never noted any issue with my car in this regard, thus the query. Thanks again!
  3. If I may ask, am I missing something here? I fully disassembled my 69 Mach 1 and don't recall any kind of vent apparatus. Never recall any issues either. Why this?
  4. Machspeed

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Congratulations, MAC! The car looks awesome!!! I missed your build posted here and really wished I could see the initial pictures you posted up. Photobucket has really wrecked havoc on many of the build threads here. If you find time and still have the photos, it would be nice to see the thread fixed. Love seeing the transformation process. Sorry to see you were hosed in the purchase too. We don't live in a world where a man's word is golden anymore. Very sad! Regards, John
  5. Machspeed

    Hood Hinge

    Mach, do you know if those hinges are the same as the Dynacorn hinges offered by CJ Pony Parts? https://www.cjponyparts.com/dynacorn-hood-hinge-premium-quality-passenger-side-1967-1970/p/HDH14R/ Thanks, John
  6. Machspeed

    69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    Good catch, Shep! Can you post a link to that old Mustang Monthly article? Before my car goes off to the media blaster, I'll be taking a lot of pic and measurements.
  7. Awesome article in March edition of Hemmings Muscle Machines on 69 Mach 1 stripe application. Great publication at a more than reasonable price too!!!
  8. Machspeed

    Getting Ya Stripes On

    Mark , you apply those stripes yourself? Do you have a build thread here? I long to look at my car in the completed status. Good for you, buddy!!!
  9. Machspeed

    Getting Ya Stripes On

    Beautiful! Nice color too!!! You like the quality of the stripes?
  10. Machspeed

    Car Hauler

    Okay, so this isn't exactly Mustang related but I need one for hauling my stang and I'm sick of begging and borrowing. I need a car hauler to haul my car to the media blaster then to paint and beyond. My car will be, for the most part, a trailer queen. Want a simple flat car hauler with a bulldog hitch. Looking at 18 ft, as I will want to put it in my shop, possibly with the car on the trailer when it is completed. Don't like my stuff sitting outside. Can't decide on whether to go with an all steel deck or wooden. Seems both have their advantages and disadvantages. Thoughts on this? Also, any other advise on add on's for a trailer purchase would be appreciated. Looking at a clean used trailer but also considering new, not to exceed $2,500. Appreciate your thoughts and comments. John
  11. Machspeed

    Struggle Town

    I thought I had this all figured out for you, Shep. I was thinking that the thickness of the above and below stripes was the same and thus they were printed wrong. Sadly, they are not. The top stripe is right at .250", while the lower is .300". I have Ford Factory stripes. Mine barely wrap behind the front fender. I know you can't change the orientation of the Mach 1 decals, but can you change the orientation of the door decals? I will be needing decals for my build and thus I am very interested in how this all works out. Let me know if you need additional measurements, such as how far up the front fender the first decal (mach1) goes, negating that taper issue? I pulled one of my front fenders out and took my measurements off of it with a set of vernier calipers. The doors would be more difficult but I could probably get to them.
  12. Machspeed

    Suggested Tire Sizes for Magnum 500 Wheels

    That's beautiful, bigmal.....gorgeous! Nothing beats the lines of a 69! Do you know what the back spacing is on your wheels? Also, are you going to keep with the 245's on the 8" wheels you acquire? BTW, I'm wondering if we have had conversation before regarding diecast cars. Do you own a diecast car business? I have spoken with a gentleman, many times, I think from Sydney, whom owns several Mustangs.....Grabber Orange 70, Teal colored 68 Fastback GT, and he also had or was in the process of acquiring a 69. I lost his email and lost touch of him a year or so ago. Wondering if you are him, or may know him? Thank you!!!
  13. Machspeed

    Suggested Tire Sizes for Magnum 500 Wheels

    Barnett, I'm trying to put the widest tires (TA Radials) on the above mentioned Wheels without rub and yet still maintain a classy look. Really don't want the balloon look or tires rubbing those fender wells. My car will be lower an inch all the way around. I think you said 225's would fit without issue on the front. How would 255's fit in the rear on my described Magnum 500 wheels? I see a lot of guys going with 245. Thanks! John
  14. Machspeed

    Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    I'm going with Specialty wheels and reading that Coker owned both Wheel Vintques and Specialty, I had concerns. I emailed Coker and this was their response: " Specialty Wheel is the producer of our rims, yes. When you purchase from us, you will receive American Made Specialty Wheels. They are not made in China or any other country. Wheel Vintiques is another company that we are associated with, but not relevant for the purposes of your purchase from Coker Tire."
  15. Machspeed

    Magnum 500 Wheel Shopping

    Larry, what's up with the 69 steering wheel in your car?