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  1. Very nice! Great paint too!!! Did you paint it? If so, why waterbase?
  2. You've come a long way, Kris. Looks great! Have you painted a car before?
  3. I heard some knuckle head lib commentator the other day say that this duo was the "dream team".....OMGOSH!!! The sum total IQ of the two isn't 100. Old Joe has lost whatever mental faculties he ever had and Kamalalalala changes her tune daily, such that she doesn't know what she stands for.
  4. That is flat out beautiful! And you want to work on Broncos.....All I can do is just shake my head....lol! Awesome Rich, John
  5. Awesome! Looks like you're down to the final touches.
  6. Looks great, Rich! I guess they're still getting married....LOL!
  7. Machspeed


    Yep! I'll add to that with the transgenders! We have men whom have made the transformation to woman and are competing in sports and of course winning. Yep, that opened up a whole can of worms. And then, we have our government working to redefine sex. I guess anything goes and it's just about whatever you want to call yourself these days. Crazy!
  8. Great pics, Jay. Beautiful coupe too!!!
  9. Was wondering when you'd be posting that little project up again. That is beautiful!!! BTW, I sent you a PM. Please let me know that you got it?
  10. Machspeed


    Yep! This COVID thing is all about that too! If the left wing can't control it, they will destroy it. Watch out for the voting fraud in this upcoming presidential election as well. It will be rampant. And, if Trump wins, we will likely see rioting as well.
  11. Rich, you're really getting after that Bronco. I see some nice stuff coming from you for future Bronco lovers too. You got at least two Mustangs in there, what's going on with them?
  12. Machspeed


    Note that the majority of this is happening in lib governed cities. Seattle is getting theirs now. They just sit back and let it all happen. Don't want to hurt any of those peaceful protesters while they burn our cities you know. Interesting that these same libs want our guns too. They don't want the law and they don't want us having guns. I guess we're suppose to trust that those limp wrist-ed wimps are going to protect the people. I don't think so!
  13. Machspeed


    When she announced him, she disrespected him there too. I thought is was great when he turned his back to her and did not shake her hand. I detest the woman.
  14. Machspeed


    I gotta tell ya, I'd be in line right behind you to give her the jap slapp'in that she needs. Did you see her shred Trumps speech at the at the State of the Union? I cannot believe Pence did not see her do that. Had I been sitting next to her and seen that, a moment in history would have been made.
  15. Machspeed


    I can't believe the stupidly in this "defund the police" mantra. You know what you get when you do that? Mogadishu!
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