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  1. Thanks Bob, I was wondering if this was a common problem on our cars. I have both the OEM valance and a Dynacorn one. The OEM fits marginally better. I have spent literally eight hours so far just jacking with this valance and it don't matter what I do, it won't fit fully flush. Brian, I thought about that too. I just hate it when crap doesn't go like I want it to, thus the crazy amount of time I've spent on it thus far....ARGHHHH
  2. Spent half the day spinning my wheels trying to get the front valance to fit up correctly. For some reason, I can't get the passenger side of the valance panel to fit up flush with the front fender. The driver's side is good. If I remove the bolt that is attached to the headlight bucket tab, I can get it to fit a little better but then I can't get the bolt in the head light bucket tab. My fenders are OEM as is the headlight buckets. The valance is Dynacorn. Thinking the Dynacorn part was the issue, I pulled out the OEM valance and it too had issues on the same side and only fit marginally better. The doors, fenders, cowl and hood are all aligned. I jacked around with the headlight bucket but that did nothing. As I sit here typing this, I'm wondering now if I need to adjust that front right fender, twisting it slightly. Thoughts and comments please? BTW, in the pictures, things are only loosely bolted in.
  3. Very nice, Poose! Who did all the paint and body work?
  4. That should do it for this!!! Thanks fellas, appreciate ya. You know, I have the 1969 Car Shop manuals and also have the Osborn Assembly Manuals. Even with these, I find stuff challenging. The front valance panel illustrations are few and limiting. Is there anything better? Can anyone comment on the attached? Is it merely just more of what I already have? Thanks!
  5. Those are great, Brian. Thank you! Any chance I could get a picture of the grill support and it's attachment points? Thanks, so much!
  6. Hey friends, I'm mocking up panels on my car and struggling with the front splash shield or valance panel. I took lots of pictures when I took the car apart but that shield seemed intuitive at the time and I subsequently skipped the picture taking. Any chance I could get one of ya's to shoot some pictures of it's attachment points for me? I've been all over the web and apparently I'm not the only one questioning this. Nothing in this in my Ford assembly manual nor is it in the Jim Osorn manuals that I have.....arghh. Thanks!
  7. My trunk lid is OEM as is the spoiler, both original to the car. Unfortunately, my car is an early 69 build and does not have the oval cutout. I do have a bracket but it is not like that and does not protect the deck from what has transpired in the pictures above. If I recall correctly, the owner that bought the car new had the dealership install all the spoilers and window louvers. Anyway, bought an aftermarket lid tonight that has the correct cut out for that bracket. Keeping my fingers crossed that the aftermarket lid is a good one.
  8. Thank you, gentlemen! Think I found what I'm looking for.
  9. So is the dynacorn unit this from NPD? https://www.npdlink.com/product/trunk-lid/168163?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3DTrunk%2Blid%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D1969&year=1969
  10. Wondering if I can get some comments on a couple of trunk lids offered by NPD. Item # 40110-3A is cheaper at $205. They offer another lid, #40110-3B, at $373 but it is out of stock. The latter more expensive one is supposedly thicker metal and quoted as better fit. Thoughts and comments on one or both of these is appreciated. John
  11. Bob, tell me about your aftermarket lid? Brand and fit? I'm considering a repop trunk lid. In fact, gonna post on this.
  12. Well, apparently there is a difference in deck lids. Late 69 and 70's have an oval cut out. My early 69 does not have this cut out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSb_3pD-MSY
  13. Probably a stupid question but, wondering if trunk lids differed between those that received spoilers and those that didn't. I ask because I have an OEM trunk lid and OEM rear spoiler. The trunk lid is deformed at the mounts with no underlying support. You have the outer skin and the inner skin separated by about 1/4". Even with the correct brackets, this seems like a rather cheesy setup and now one that I have to figure out a fix for.
  14. Glad to see the site back up! Seriously need to do something about this. To my knowledge, this is the only 69/70 Mustang website and there is a wealth of knowledge here. Would really hate to see it go by the wayside. What do we need to do to resolve this once and for all?
  15. Braces are front and rear only, large area in the middle with no bracing. I saw somewhere where a fella made a brace but don't recall where. I also talked to a local guy about adding a brace so, I'd very much welcome your photos and info on this brace, so please post on it. Thanks for the well wishes too, appreciate that!
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