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  1. Holy smokes, that's some pressure...LOL! Can't help but to ask, what is the deal with this car and them getting married? Nice work, Rich!
  2. Aside from the color (love it), really like the stripe color and layout too.....awesome!!! Looks reminiscent of the the old TASCA BOSS 429. Don't chip that paint in the assembly...lol!
  3. I would suspect it would last at least as long as the paint and with the cost of re-chroming today, I'd go for it. I'm telling you, it looked like real chrome. Sorry, did not ask on the process.
  4. I'm curious, what was it that you did not like? BTW, this particular car that I looked at and sported these painted bumpers, was a custom that looked like it could have come out of your shop. The stuff done to that car was phenomenal. I think he said the car was done somewhere in Texas. Real leather interior with custom fold down rear seat. Dash and console were very unique, as were the under hood work....very clean. I told him to check out Craig's build.
  5. I was at the Mid American Mustang Shelby meet two weeks ago and talked to a gentleman whom had his bumpers painted with a new process that mimics chrome. I gotta tell ya, they were quite impressive. I'm very picky and yet I would put those bumpers on my car.
  6. Along similar lines, I need to take apart my driver's side mirror for paint. What is the best way to take this thing apart? I'm okay with breaking the mirror (glass) to access the individual cable prongs, if need be. The the remote end looks like a real pain.
  7. No doubt that young man is your son there, pops! Nice progress on the car. Looking forward to seeing it come together.
  8. That has got to be a typo error.....$5K???
  9. I know it leaves you a bit empty, hurts a little too, I'm sure. Lots of memories and it was associated with someone very close to you. That's part of the reason that I could never sell my Mach. Bittersweet, Ridge.
  10. Yeah, I know Rich, but you are a high end shop that does this kind of work for a living. I would expect that from a shop like yours. You do cars for people that have a lot of disposable income. The gentleman that I'm wanting to utilize has a regular job and this is more or less side money for him. I've seen a couple of his projects and I know he knows how to lay paint, but he does not have your knowledge base. He is particular about his work though and takes pride in it, thus my desire to utilize him. But, he was getting my car in bare metal form, would not have to do any metal work, as I would address all that. No panel alignment. Basically, he was to primer, block it, and paint it. He did not give me a price but it was above $10k.
  11. So, got the car back last week from my painter. My plan was to have him shoot it in epoxy primer, for which then I would check panel alignment, mock up the engine and such, and then return it to him for paint. I paid him for the epoxy application and in the discussion brought up the total cost of the remaining paint work. His response was not what I expected. I asked him a couple years ago what it would cost me to rotisserie paint my car. I never get myself into anything without knowing some approximate cost and I was certain that he gave me a number. When I repeated that number back to him, he said there is no way I would do this car for that. And, he told me he never quoted me a price, so there was some obvious miscommunication. To delve further into the discussion would elude to me calling him a liar and I didn't want to go there. While he never gave me a number, he spoke of an area that is far more than what I had planned. The discussion ended cordially and I told him I would have to re-think some things, but it has really left me depressed. I've spent the last week weighing my options and I know I will not release the amount of funds he eluded to, nor will I pay that amount to anyone else.....above $10k. And, I'm not saying it's ridiculous, as I have a very good idea as to the amount of work that goes into just making a car straight. That aside, I've never painted a car and I am incredibly picky about things. I want a show car finish. I've not said anything to him yet, but my thought now is to prep the body completely for paint......fix, sand, primer, block, seal, and hopefully he'll basecoat/clearcoat it for me. I know some painters wouldn't touch that, and I can understand why. I might consider the basecoat/clearcoat process myself but the color is metallic and I really don't want to mess with converting my shop into a booth to paint in, even if it is PVC and plastic construction. So, the car is back home in my shop and I don't even know where to begin. Right now, I don't even have the inclination or desire to clean up and organize my shop. Last couple of days, I've been on the autobody forums and YouTube studying paint prep and much of it is also conflicting.....sheez! I guess I'm kinda whoa'ing out a bit here. I'd welcome your suggestions, especially those of you whom painted your own cars. Thanks!
  12. Hey friends, my car is at the painters now acquiring a couple coats of epoxy. Next week, I expect to bring her home and mock up the assembly and evaluate panel fit prior to taking it back to painter for paint. Mock up includes a stroked 351 Windsor with Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake, shaker scoop, and TKO 600 trans. I have special motor mounts and expect to modify the air cleaner to accommodate the shaker. My concern is more in relation to the Transmission install than anything. I purchased my TKO 600 from Modern Driveline a couple of years ago and should have all the parts for the conversion but some things are a little foggy now in that conversion. The car was originally a 351 Windsor with FMX trans and power front disc brakes. I wish to keep my power brakes but I'm wondering what kind of issues I will run into in that area as it is pretty tight and I'm concerned about interference problems. I have a set of JBA shorty headers going on it too. If anyone has done this conversion, or something remotely close, I would really appreciate your insight? Pictures would be nice too! Thanks you!!!
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