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  1. Yep, exactly what I was thinking. I have 1/4" plate; do you think a single plate on each frame rail will be secure enough? Had thought to go with plate on both sides but then I would need spacers as my square tubing is 2" and the frame is .350" thinner. Thank you, Maynard!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I will tell you from first hand experience, you cannot go wrong with Open Tracker Racing. Their products and service are incredible. They have been very good to me.
  3. aslanefe, thanks for that tip. I actually thought to do that before cutting out the panel but nixed it in case I didn't like the factory setting. I may regret Yes, they were spot welded in and then brazed on the ends. Destroyed the ends trying to get it all undone, thus the need for rebuilding the ends and my original question. Thanks!
  4. I've been mounting my car on my rotisserie using the rear bumper area and now after reworking the tail panel wish to attach it to the frame. In that, I need to fabricate some new brackets. For those of you whom have mounted your cars on a rotisserie in this fashion, I would really welcome some pictures of the brackets and see how they are attached? Thanks!
  5. Buckeye, did you use the same paint color on the undercarriage for the Falcon as you did on the Mustang? I've looked at both undercarriages on those two projects and it is really hard to tell. Photos don't really capture the true color of things. The undercarriage on my Mach was a gray, wondering if I might get that mix formula from you on your Mach? Thanks!
  6. No Ridge, not going to shift the tail panel but will add metal to the body panel to bring it all the way across and meet up evenly with the tail panel. Thanks fellas!
  7. I'm replacing the tail light panel on my Mach. Before I pulled it, I took lots of measurements and photos, as it is the OEM panel. Something I noted and found interesting was the top area of the panel were it first meets up with the body. Note the uneven spacing between the left and right sides. Hopefully my pictures will explain what I'm trying to say. Wondering if this is typical? I have to do a repair in this area and thinking about just fitting it up all the way across.
  8. My car is Metuchen built and it had the drain plugs. When I pulled mine, they were obstructed with trash and dirt such that water could not drain, thus causing some of the rust issues I had in this area. I suspect your car had them or someone removed them, but it may be a blessing in regards to the integrity of the panel.
  9. My friend, you do incredible work!!! You're an inspiration and hope you will continue to post all your projects!
  10. Hopefully this helps you. Measurements were taken with a set of vernier calipers. The square is .335"; circular hole is .870"; distance between them, edged to edge is .355".
  11. Gentlemen, thank you for the input here! jmlay, I will get you dimensions either tonight or tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for the response, very helpful! It's been a while since I removed the plug but it seems like it was very secure in the panel, as if it was secured in both the square and the round hole. I can't seem to find a picture of the back side of an OEM plug to confirm its fit. Would you have a picture of the back side of the correct plug? Thanks too for the input on where the bottom of the "patch panel" floor should go, that was important to me as well. Yeah, that "patch panel" is a piece of garbage and I have modified it a bit to shape it more like it is supposed to be. Still not fully content with it and will be working on it more. Is there a better option available today? I bought this several years back. Thanks again!
  13. Hey friends, been some time since I've been here. Life and such caused me to shelve the car for awhile but I'm back now and working on it. I'm doing some work on the lower rear qtrs of my car and seek information on how the drain plugs go in. I know where they go, just not sure how they fit up. As many pictures as I took in the disassembly, I seemed to have missed this. Looking at pictures of the plugs that I've found seem to show just one side. BTW, this is a real pain in the arse repair. It's one thing to do the outer skin patch but trying to fit up the inner fender patch with all its compound angles is a real challenge. I'm almost there though. Thanks
  14. Yep, and they know all about inciting riots too! They think they disgraced President Trump today but ultimately, all they did was disgrace themselves and this country. And those ten republicans that sided with the criminal dems, they won't be forgotten.
  15. Congrats Rich, don't know how I missed this thread!
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