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  1. In total agreement with this! Pull yours, put it away, and build off a newer and better set up.
  2. Man, that stinks! Sorry Ridge.......
  3. Yeah, that's just about how my luck goes too! Given a 50/50 chance at anything, I might get lucky 2 out of 10 times....arghhhh! Meh....just as well. I need to learn to work these complex type of patch panels. Thanks Ed. Thanks for the input friends.
  4. If it's not too much trouble, I'd be interested in that piece, Ed. Can you cut it out? How much? PM me if need be. Thanks, John
  5. Hey friends, I've got to do a rust repair job on my driver's side door and either need to fabricate a patch or weld in a good piece. See picture below. From what I can tell, nobody stamps this piece out. If they do, I sure can't find it. Before I go seriously taxing my limited metal work skills, wondering if any of you have a scrap door that this piece can be cut out of? Along similar lines, after the door is repaired, and without cutting it open, how can I best treat the door to limit future issues like this? Lastly, pictured is the inside of one of my doors. It has a coating on the door skin that is about an 1/16" that is flaking off and exposing the underlying metal in some areas. In some areas it's cracked. I thought it might scrap right out but it does not. It's a very hard substance and I'm certain it was put on when the car was built. I see this as potential for some serious rust problems in the future if I do not address it. Thoughts and advise much appreciated.
  6. I totally agree! In fact, I personally think it's the best looking body style ever produced by any of the big three.
  7. WOW! That's a major life change! Good for you, Mike!!! I don't know how you were working at of that single car garage, so the new shop will be great. I think eventually you'll find it too small though....LOL! Can never build them big enough! And while I didn't include it in my initial post above as a side track project, I had a piece of rental property that a renter literally destroyed. Took me 14 mo working by myself to fix that house up in order to put it on the market for sale. I literally replaced everything in that house such that I would live in it. Almost didn't want to sell it when I was done but no way I was getting back into the rental business. People trashed my home and left owing me three months rent. I can't believe people sometimes. Never again!
  8. Yes, if you look in my above posted pictures, you'll see it on the rear qtr. There are three per endcap, I left that particular one off, as my endcap was protruding outward and away from the panel. Seemed to fit better without it. I have some adjusting to do.
  9. Hey friends, regarding the qtr panel upper end caps, is there a rubber seal that goes in the joint of these like the one in the head light buckets? Also, in fit up tonight I noticed how poorly these align. These are original to the car and I don't recall them being this way. I know Ford didn't put a lot of effort in body gaps and such but I can't leave it this way. Seems I read or say a video sometime back on using fishing line and body filler to clean up the look. I've looked and am not finding it. Anybody familiar with this?
  10. My gosh, the Falcon is beautiful too! You don't do anything half-A, man. You still have the Mach?
  11. Hey Mike, thought by now you'd be done with your car. Seems you were making fast progress on it when I last saw it. Did you have a sidetrack project too...LOL!
  12. Thanks fellas! Hey Bob! She's still on the rotisserie where it's been for a couple years now! Actually welded in a patch panel in the rear qtr yesterday.
  13. Been some time since I posted, but good to see some of the old gang still here. A few years back.... time slips me, pulled the Mach out of storage where it had been since the late 80's. Built a rotisserie for it using Ridge Runner's plans (Thanks Ridge) and stripped the car down for resto. Had it media blasted and primed it with epoxy and it has not been touched since. Got sidetracked on a couple other projects. Sidetrack project #1 was my 86 F150, which I bought brand new and had thought to sell for a new truck. Started working on it to prep it for sale but the more I worked on it, the more I realized I could not sell it. What started out as a few mechanical repairs, led to a near full blown restoration including engine bay, interior, and exterior paint and body stuff. Great learning experience with the paint and body work, as I had no experience in this. Anyway, that process took a couple of years and I've now turned my truck into a trophy truck. Sidetrack project #2 was my daily driver, a 2014 Ford Focus ST which I also bought brand new. Thought to trade it off but with the crazy market, the fact that it was paid off and, that I really liked it, decided to keep it too! Wife was glad, as she didn't want to incur another car payment. Told the wife if I was going to keep it, I was going to add a few go fast goodies on it.... "so open up those purse strings woman!" Go fast goodies were all bolt on and included a Garrett ATP 2867Gen2 turbo, upgraded intercooler, 3" downpipe, Cobb Accessport, tuning....blah, blah, blah. I gotta say, in all the years I've been wrenching, I've never seen such incredible HP gains with mere bolt on's! Keep in mind, I'm old school and knew nothing about Turbo charging technology prior to this project. This little rascal rips and boy is it fun!!! I'm running about 350HP to the wheels and at no sacrifice to fuel mileage. With that behind me, it's time to get back on the Mach and I'll be hell bent now on having a running car in 2023!!! Looking forward to getting back in the game and more active on the forum! Merry Christmas, friends!
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