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  1. Don't care for it either, Rich. I'd just go with a color that matches the honeycomb panel. Paint looks great, buddy! I'm jealous....lol!!!
  2. Thanks Rich. Keep posting on your build, I'm enjoying it.
  3. Yeah, my car is already primed with SPI epoxy primer and with the exception of the basecoat, everything else will be SPI. Just curious if you thought about using the black SPI epoxy for your engine bay. I do like the sheen of your Eastwood product, looks OEM. Wondering what the SPI epoxy looks like.
  4. You like that Eastwood Classic Black for your engine bay? I have read many have sprayed their engine bay with SPI epoxy black, as it is impervious to brake fluid. I am considering it for my engine bay.
  5. Gorgeous! Curious, did you get the cost of that paint job worked out? As I recall they doubled the amount of hours they quoted you on it.
  6. We'd be a better country if we'd go back to making jail and prison a place one does not want to be. Bring back the chain gangs!
  7. aslanefe, that is just incredible work....paint, upholstery....awesome!!!
  8. Never seen a junction box cover plate used for such purposes....LOL! That's ingenious, Vic! Nice work. Hey, when the time comes, I'm gonna be bugging you about the electrical. Mike, as always, incredible the work you do! It's good to see you posting now with some regularity. Enrolled in an Advanced Autobody course at the local Vo Tech the other day. Hope to paint my Mach later this year. I saw the disc used to flatten a hood on one of those TV build episodes and marveled in it. Thanks for posting that link, Mach 1 Driver!
  9. Looks great, Rick. Tinnman Subframe connectors look real familiar. You going to spray that Lizard Skin on the inside floor pans or underneath?
  10. That's a pretty cool calendar! Something to be proud of. Does it have a page showing all those cars? If so, put it up! Love watching your builds, Rich. One can learn a lot from pictures. John
  11. This is why I will paint my own car! You may recall posting on my build thread in regards to a misunderstanding I had with a painter as to the cost of my project. I feel for you, friend.
  12. Thank you for the insight. Yes, think you are correct. I said screw it and just ordered a set off CJ. I'll compare them to my OEM units and see how they differ. At least I'll have the hardware.
  13. Thanks gentlemen, appreciate your help and comments. It does not appear that I can purchase the clips for this molding. Thanks to RPM, I have all the middle clips, just not the front. But, according to my Osborn Assembly Manual, there is a different clip used for the rear??? From this, it almost appears that no screw would pass through the back of the molding, which is screwy to me, as everyone states the molding is pre drilled to be screwed in at the back.....see photo. Note, E is front, F is rear. Is there a different type clip back there or what? Thanks!!!
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