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  1. Have you checked out the offerings from: http://www.streetortrack.com/Brake-Packages-c-1557.html
  2. Thoughts and prayers for you and your wife during this time.
  3. Nice, congrats it's definitely a good looking car.
  4. I find it neat to read some of the days gone by advertising.
  5. Thanks Buening (Jay?). That is something to consider with the Mustang Steve brackets. Only thing I'd have to get shortened on mine is the housing if I only do 1/2" on each side to bring it back to stock width within 1/16" on each side or basically 1/8" narrower than stock. Axles would remain the same.
  6. Sounds healthy. When you get a chance could you get a couple of pictures from different angles and standing on a ladder looking at the hood closed. I'm assuming you did the 69 Mach 1 blackout hood treatment on it? Flat or?
  7. Man I've always admired your car it's so darn clean, has a great stance, it just flat out looks mean and is a beautiful example.
  8. Hello Phil I'm working on a 70 but 69/70 are basically the same suspension wise. Here's a link to the suspension I'm using: http://www.streetortrack.com/Street-or-Track-Rear-Bilstein-3-Link-Coilover-System-pr-24572.html
  9. Nice looks like it's got quite a few MTF parts on it. Did your shop do it?
  10. I'm ditching the leaf springs and installing a SorT coilover 3-link that is patiently waiting in the garage.
  11. Thanks. Right now I'm running a leaf spring setup, 5- leaf mid-eyes. I'm installing the SorT coilover 3-link setup. I am running a 7/16" spacer that has to be used with the Vintage Venom brake setup. I'd like to get the rear a tad lower and would feel comfortable with a little more wiggle room. This is why I'm wanting to do the MTF mimitubs and thinking about narrowing the rear. If that gives me the ability to run a wider tire than that's a bonus. I've even thought about doing a slight Trans-am flare on the rear if needed.
  12. Definitely nice to be able to get started back on your project. I'm basically doing the same now.
  13. Those parts look really good finished that way.
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