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  1. Sounds like it'll do the job.
  2. Nice is he going to send you pictures of it when he gets it all back together?
  3. Welcome to 69stang.com, I agree with RPM. I hope you post about it here also, I don't participate in any of the social media platforms.
  4. Definitely a good looking car.
  5. @Rich Ackermannsounds good, check with him and see. @RogerCI can inquire when I talk to them.
  6. @Rich Ackermann@RogerC I serious about seeing if they will give us a discount if we buy three setups at once. Let me know if your in. I'll call and talk with them to see what they would do, just need the specifics of what setup your looking at.
  7. A location in your profile helps people help you. Call Mike's Mustangs. 301-283-ohh three four four or 848-three ohh two seven, tell him Ted sent you. He may have what you are looking for.
  8. So if we call direct and order three kits wonder if we could get a better price.
  9. I agree with Danno's comment about running a wire directly from the alternator to battery. I would also suggest that you install a inline circuit breaker or mega fuse.
  10. Pretty sure it's the way I'm leaning, March performance is the only other ones I know of and they seem to be even pricier. Wonder if they'd give a better price if we bought two at the same time.
  11. @Rich Ackermann https://www.cvfracing.com/black-ford-351c-serpentine-system-ac-power-steering-alternator/ Or https://www.cvfracing.com/black-serpentine-system-for-351c-351m-400-ac-power-steering-alternator-all-inclusive/
  12. @Vicfreg any particular reason you chose that setup over the Wraptor setup?
  13. Congrats always nice to be recognized.
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