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  1. #12 looks to be the manafold half of a 351C shaker bracket.
  2. Your car looks and sounds great, congrats on the journey so far. Hope you get her over the finish line and start enjoying the ride.
  3. Wow when you finish the Falcon you're going to have two awesome looking cars. You'll have a hard decision on which one you want to take out for a ride.
  4. Any spacer between the Sniper and intake? Size if so? Thanks.
  5. You have good reason to be pleased it looks great.
  6. That is looking great congrats on the milestone. A couple of questions, 1. The upper radiator inlet going into the block isn't a stock style one. Do you know where/what it came off of? 2. More details pictures on the bracket you made for mounting the coil? Thanks.
  7. Congrats and best of luck on a smooth move.
  8. Look at Quick Performance. https://www.quickperformance.com/Axles_c_56.html
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