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  1. Welcome to the 69stang forum. Nice pair of stangs you've got, my two favorites.
  2. Nice congrats, it's always nice to reach a goal on the project.
  3. Looks nice, it's really clean.
  4. Very nice, I'm sure he's going to be pleased with it.
  5. That's looking great Rich. What size tires are you running on there?
  6. Both cars look fantastic.
  7. Car looks great Rich. Awe man it's always something, shame a company won't stand behind their product. Hopefully a solution can be found soon.
  8. Seems to be a once a year issue, but glad to see it back.
  9. Nah he's leaving them that long for the old school flaming tailpipes. Don't want to damage the paint.
  10. I slide a box end wrench over it. 7/16" if I remember correctly, wiggling it around a little it'll come out.
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