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  1. I wish it was me, but that photo is from @Vicfreg. He did that in his car.
  2. @Vicfreg Do you have any pictures of where the Vintage Air system comes through the firewall? Debating on purchasing this system for my car. Thanks.
  3. The heart of the beast looks awesome.
  4. I'll give @bueninga second that's the route I'm hoping to take
  5. Sold please delete.
  6. Spintech subframe connectors, brand new. Asking 200 plus shipping.
  7. Nice, Thanks for the write-up. I just ordered my Sniper and Aeromotive tank. Currently running a MSD pro billet distributor and a 6 series box. Looking forward to hearing more of your impressions of the setup after you get some more seat time with it.
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