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  1. Call Shaun at Street or Track Or John or Sherri at Opentracker racing products They are both great assets to our hobby and will steer you straight.
  2. I'm not Rich and I didn't sleep at a Holiday End Express last night. But I'd assume from here might be a good guess. https://usaratchet.com/USA-R5027FSH.html
  3. Thanks. Do you have a contact you can get them from? Or was it thru eBay or something like it?
  4. Welcome to 69stang.com, you've done a log of cool work on your car so far. I've seen your thread on the MTF forums.
  5. What year late model mustang? I believe 94-04 most are using a 1" hubcentric spacer. 05-14 is 1.25"
  6. Should just have to remove the rim if it has a center cap to see the end of the axle. If it has a hubcap or rim w/o a center cap then you need to remove the hubcap and just look at it.
  7. Tons of top notch work. It's going to be a really nice Bronco. Thanks for taking us along on the journey.
  8. Looks like a nice car to begin with, will be following along as you progress on it.
  9. 9" is a 9" doesn't matter what it came out of 31 spline is fine and a stronger setup. What does matter is if you are now running a 28 spline or 31 spline axle. If 28 you will have to source or buy new 31 spline axles. http://www.metropartsmarket.com/rearend/measure.html
  10. With your setup do you have it controlling the timing? I'm looking to install a Sniper on my 351C w/MSD distributor/6AL combo but want it to control the timing eventually. Any tips/advice about the install.
  11. While it looks nice I'm not digging that it doesn't flip up when using the lights. I think he'll end up regretting it and having problems from Johnny Lawman if he drives it much at night.
  12. That's not going to be a slouch with a coyote in it.
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