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  1. Thanks Gary, for those that haven't seen his products they are top notch.
  2. Progress is always good no matter how slowly it goes. It's definitely more progress than I've got done.
  3. Shop looks nice, bet you'll be pleased with the extra space compared to before.
  4. What do these run a set? Possibly interested.
  5. Found this on a search Size/Thread: 3/8"-24 X 1-1/4" Zinc Plated for Corrosion Resistance Fits Rear Only on 1999-2004 Models https://www.americanmuscle.com/brake-bleeder-screw-7904.html
  6. That's good to hear, looks like you've got a couple projects on your hands.
  7. Congrats on your new project, good find. Looking forward to following along as you progress.
  8. Not sure about location but the 70 holes are larger.
  9. You'd be better off in the long run with the electric pump in the tank. I.E. Aeromotive Stealth II tank. Other companies offer retrofit kits for existing tanks. I just think this is a cleaner solution.
  10. Another option is Shaun's (Street or Track) spindles with his front coilovers. https://streetortrack.com/suspension/front-suspension/spindles/billet-big-spindles From his webpage: We are extremely proud to be able to offer our customers our Billet Big Spindle (patent pending). Offering a 2" drop, verifiable geometry improvements as well as a significant reduction in bump steer over the factory spindle. 3 years of engineering, CAD design and testing have produced a spindle that fits inside a 17" wheel and allows the wheel to clear the upper ball joint and steering arm. This means you can fit up to 2" of rim and tire further inboard. No flares required to fit up to a 10.5" rim and a 315 tire up front with only rolled fender lips. CNC machined, Tig welded, heat treated & powder coated right here in the USA, this spindle is a major upgrade to the original Mustang spindles. Think about it. The original cars were designed for bias ply tires that didn't grip very well. Now, we are using modern radial tires with lots more grip. The early spindles are prone to breaking under harsh driving conditions with sticky tires. If you are serious about road racing, open tracking, building a corner carving restomod or pro-touring street machine, you should upgrade your early spindles. Tire size possibilities - measured on cars with SOT coilover and rolled fender lips: 1965-66 Mustang 1967-68 Mustang 1969-73 Mustang 17x9.5" with 6.25" backspacing & 275/40/17 tires 18x9.5" with 6.25" backspacing & 275/35/18 tires 17x10" with 6.30" backspacing & 295/40/17 tires 18x10" with 6.30" backspacing & 295/35/18 tires 17x10.5" with 6.80" backspacing & 315/35/17 tires 18x10.5" with 6.80" backspacing & 315/30/18 tires
  11. Don't know if this will help you.
  12. So i contacted my friend and he said he has a set but doesn't do international shipping. Do you have a US shipping address that they can be shipped to, then they handle the shipping to you?
  13. Where are you located? I'll check with someone I know that may have a set.
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