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  1. Welcome back, any progress is good progress.
  2. Glad to hear that your job is going back to normal for now.
  3. Wish the jockey lot was what it used to be. Not really sure where the area you live in now is.
  4. My Aunt lives in Toccoa, her husband, my Uncle was a known Dirt Track racer in the area. His Son at onetime was racing in the Bushman class for NASCAR. Came through Clemson on our way there ever year and Westminster was the name I was trying to think of last night.
  5. Nothing pertinent to add. Small world it is sometimes. My Mom's family is from Oconee County, been to Seneca many times, Walhalla and West Union. Anderson jockey lot ain't what it used to be 25 years ago, neither is Pickens Flea market. Also went to the Mustang shows in Ashville at the Biltmore Estate years ago.
  6. Thanks Mid, I was using Chrome switched to Duck duck go and now it works.
  7. Thanks. I was wondering if the one you were saying might be available was a AOD or 4R.
  8. Awe man Bob that bites, sorry to hear but I know how doing that to your toe can really hurt. I would've given an emoji to your post but they haven't worked for me in about 6 months.
  9. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year's and that this forum has a more stable year. :)
  10. It's coming along nicely. Did you cut the two relief cuts and stretch the quarters?
  11. The first one is RPMs car I believe.
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