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  1. the chrome is good on my reverse light assembly but the bulb sockets are rusted really bad. do they make a bulb assembly by itself or do I have to buy the whole thing? Also my car didn't come with a dome light. I would like to add one so is there a factory bracket that may be under the headliner to attach the light to? I couldn't feel one under the headliner. TIA....Rich
  2. I may have a brand new pump if you're interested....Rich
  3. So I'm almost done with my rewire and I'm wondering what to do next. The under carriage is done, re-wire is almost complete (with dakota digtial gauges) and no interior. I have all the pieces but I'm waiting to install until its painted. The last guy that worked on the car used under coating spray on the engine bay (without my approval) so I need to remove that and repaint. Should I order a crate engine and repaint the engine bay (chassis black) first or do all the body work and paint the car first? I'm worried about scratching the car so that's why I'm leaning toward repainting the engine bay then installing the engine first. Just wondering what experiences and opinions you guys have. Also, if anyone knows of a good engine builder in Colorado please let me know. TIA......Rich
  4. its hard to tell but its dual fans
  5. Here are some pics. I don't have the top radiator hold down bolted to the radiator support and there is about 3/4" before it even touches it. You can see that the mounting area for the shroud touches the radiator fins already. That is where I'm thinking about cutting it. I could then move the radiator in quite a bit.
  6. talked to CVF and they said that pump/pulley combo is only available for the V belt system. I got a hold of MTF and they mentioned they've had this issue before. The shroud mounting tabs also interfere with the radiator and them rub on the fins. Their solution was to cut off the mounting tabs and some of the radiator support to add extra clearance. I'm going to cut the metal back to where it is rounded and that should give me enough room. This is a 6 cylinder sportsroof that is being heavily modified so I'm okay with that. thanks everyone for the help. posted my solution in case anyone else runs into this..........Rich
  7. its the power steering pulley that its close too (drivers side). I looked at sliding the radiator over but its still pretty close. I'm waiting to hear back from them
  8. okay, so I bought the CVF serpentine pulley system and the mustangs to fear radiator with electric fans. I didn't have the pulley system installed before the fan came in so I didn't have time to measure. Well the measurement from the pulleys to the radiator support (fan shroud mounting location) is 6 1/2" and the fans/radiator depth is 6 3/8". I'm wondering if I can fix this with motor mounts or if anyone else has a radiator/fan setup that will work? Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated...........I know...... I should have measured before I bought both items....TIA...Rich
  9. Hey Vic. Check these out before you put holes in the console. They are expensive but pretty cool. Billet Aluminum Slide Out Beverage Holders | Santanainteriors.com
  10. I was having issues with PS pump that came with my Unisteer rack and pinion on my original v-belt system. I could not get the pulley to line up. I'm going to use the CVF Racing pulley kit and will probably also use their Saginaw PS pump so everything lines up. Do you know what the PSI its rated for? If its a low flow than I believe CVF makes a regulator to drop the pressure if need be. Can you post a picture of your pump and I'll see if my Unisteer is the same one?
  11. Has anyone used MP Products kick panels and rear panels to mount speakers? I'm trying to figure out where I can mount speakers and if there are any custom ideas that you guys have. I have a fold down so I may use the MTF trap door for subs. Thanks in advance.........Rich
  12. CVF Racing has some new ones that are adjustable.
  13. the pipes are stainless. I didn't want them wrapped but he did it anyways. lol I'll just have to keep an eye on them
  14. exhaust is done. thought I would add pictures in case anyone else had the same question
  15. thanks for all the help guys. I'm going to change the PS pulley and see if I can get it to line up. Once I get all the wiring done I will see how the V-belt system works with the alternator. If it slips than I guess I will change to a serpentine system. here a picture of it lined up with the spacers.
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