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  1. Good clutch to use?.

    for your sake, good answer and good post edit.
  2. Good clutch to use?.

    i don't get the comment about not finding a diaphragm clutch on a funny car. i don't see how that has anything to do with a street or even a street/strip application.
  3. Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    if you have 1.5 to 2" of compression left in the shocks, then that should be more then enough (to the point the axle should hit the bumpstops before the shocks become the limit. I believe I had original type replacements springs that were around 138 lbs/in. I didn't think they were stiff at all. Personally I think the shock has a bigger impact on ride quality than the springs do (I had ran Koni Classics, Calvert (heard they are rebranded rancho's) and alston double adjustables on the same spring...
  4. Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    what length rancho shocks? or more important, at ride height, how much shock travel is available? are the shocks bottoming out? or is the suspension bottoming out?
  5. Dogs and Mustangs

    thanks fellows. still seems so surreal. didn't intend to create a downer though. sorry.
  6. Dogs and Mustangs

    i had to (somewhat unexpected), put Mr. Nash down a week ago sunday morning. he was 13 and still looked young. very sad.
  7. 69 mach 408w build

    have all the brake lines and fuel lines/brackets finished up. only need a few more parts for the engine before i can lug it to the machine shop. likely later this year. cylinder head/manifold cam were finished up over Christmas.
  8. How much to chrome a bumper in your area?

    I paid about 550 each excluding shipping ( shop in PA). The aftermarket ones I've seen for our cars look hideous. Maybe that's changed recently.
  9. Fitting TKO600 in 70 Mach

    I would think to fit a chi you probably want to drop the motor and keep the engine at a very goodangle. Or it will be tough to fit an air cleaner due to the angle. Unless your putting a big scoop on the car.
  10. Fitting TKO600 in 70 Mach

    i went full size case. i had to do a few small tunnel mods, used engine drop mounts and made my own crossmember to keep the trans tail as high as possible. i'm assuming you aren't running a shaker?
  11. Long Tube Headers?

    mach1 driver. keep in mind, behind where that collector flange is, the transmission crossmember and associated floor support is there. that will limit how far up into the car the tubes can tuck. the factory crossmember setups had sort of a v-shape in an area close to the transmission that allows the exhaust to tuck up tighter. However a difficulty can be that it's closer to the transmission and the FPA's want to exit close to those floor supports on the sides (plus the FPAs don't angle much at all to point them towards the driveshaft area).
  12. Stinky gas smell

    I had noticed the fuel in the bowls wasn't visible when looking into the glass sites after a period of time. I had assumed it was evaporating out. Likely at a much higher rate after driving due to heat soak, then tapering from there. Fuel smell wasn't something that I used to pay much attention to because it wasn't noticable after an evening or so. And that smell is probably more just the carbon monoxide from pulling into the garage.
  13. Stinky gas smell

    an EFI fuel tank can get warm/hot (assuming a return system). I'm still running a carb but do have an electric pump. I shut the pump off when i'm getting close to home to try and reduce the amount of fuel left to sit and evaporate out of the bowls.
  14. Long Tube Headers?

    i guess we will all have our own understanding/theories of operation, which is fine. i'm not understanding what the nascar comments are suppose to mean though. in any event, please click on the following link with caution. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/nascar-headers
  15. Long Tube Headers?

    i think its the opposite with regards to length. this is simply because a longer primary tube length helps to isolate the neighboring cylinders from the pressure wave induced in a neighboring cylinder. for example a cylinder is just at the end of it's exhaust cycle and it approaches the overlap period (cylinder pressure should be almost nothing). there will have been a cylinder prior to this that just cracked open it's exhaust valve and induced a high pressure pulse into the exhaust system. the cylinder during overlap will be very sensitive to any pressure in the exhaust. the longer tube helps isolate the cylinder better. header primary lengths generally reduce in length as the rpm requirement increases because of the resistance of the pipe/unit length. tri-y's help with space constraints compared to having all tubes merge at one point but can still act the same by taking advantage of keeping the increased separation by merging cylinders that aren't consecutive. the book "Scientific Design of Exhaust & Intake Systems" is a nice easy read.