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  1. i did not use the same paint color. they do seem pretty close though. i think i started with an off the shelf color for the mustang. I know I added metallic to that. I may have darkened the color (or maybe i changed the tone of the other gray parts). the gray on the falcon is also off the shelf and not modified though. it's a solid color used for many cars like jeeps and mopars. one name for it is destroyer gray.
  2. thanks for the comments. it is still moving along...
  3. thank you. see below link to the connector. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aww-500666
  4. thank you. i'm sure the falcon will get driven more in the first year, but the Mustang will always be the special one to me for many reasons. hoping my dad will be able to come down and drive the falcon with me in the mustang. I believe the falcon probably means more to him for his reasons....
  5. thanks rpm. that's a very generous statement.
  6. Thanks. It's solid. I wouldn't spray a metallic or pearl like this...
  7. undercarriage and trunk are now painted.
  8. looks great. i hate masking. I'm also not to worried about overspray in the cabin area (except trunk and dash). i spent several house masking when prepping to paint the cage, just to prevent having to sand overspray from the other surfaces when it's time to final sand those (and prevent dirt from getting blown out from goofy places like the roof area). I spent most of the evening tuesday night masking the cage to prevent it from getting any oversprays....
  9. all the panels and the body have now received their final application of primer (including undersides). so, the topcoat process starts with the gloss black urethane on the rollcage (easiest to mask). undercarriage is up next.
  10. the hood was from Crites and it needed work to make it fit (even though many people say they fit great and you can actually see the same problems when they post pictures....). the rear package tray was simply a new, replacement for a falcon which i then cut the speaker holes and holes/slots for the rollbar. one side has the pattern in it. the opposite side was smooth (many people seem to use the opposite side instead, but i think pattern looks a lot better and probably doesn't lead to reflections in the window). i think the material is maybe referred to as fiberboard? i gave it a very light sand (not wanting to take away the pattern), then applied paint. it had a very rough feel after paint (i think it was the fibrous material wanting to stand up, similar to what wood will do). then gave it a very light scuff with 600 to knock off that gritty feel and then two more coats. it now feels like it wouldn't leave material behind if i took a microfiber towel on it.
  11. i'll pass! wouldn't want to take away from the pleasure you could have! pushing on those dents, sanding for what seemed like hours.....
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