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  1. A REAL Schematic

    really nice job.
  2. 69 mach 408w build

    thank you. tig is so nice, with the ability to control the amount of material added, fusing, no spatter, etc. i've come to the point where i just avoid using the mig 90% of the time.
  3. 69 mach 408w build

    i'm assuming you're referring to the cage, it was built by Jim Unger located in Dayton Ohio. He was very cooperative during that effort.
  4. 69 mach 408w build

    donor roof is on the car now.
  5. 69 mach 408w build

    thank you. the dash is similar, but the dash trim on a 65 futura (when chromed and detailed properly) looks much nicer as compared to a 65 mustang.
  6. 351C(408) 4100 intake.Lets make one?

    Just post a link to the thread at the forum you are posting on. Hopefully you are able to follow through with your plan. To many cool projects hibernate...
  7. 69 mach 408w build

  8. Steel Wheels - Center Hole to big?

    research to find out if that particular rim is hub centric or lug centric. if it's lug centric it shouldn't need any adapter rings and just make sure they balance it by the lugs (which I've found is very difficult to convince a lot of tire shops to do it that way....).
  9. ~ 1969 shaker scoop paint

    http://mustangsandmore.com/pages/Boss_and_Mach_Info.html " The ribs on a shaker scoop are painted argent. Some folks paint the shaker semi-gloss black then sand the ribs clean, but that's not accepted by MCA judging if that's a concern. " https://www.428cobrajet.org/forum/index.php?topic=4839.0 http://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php?topic=938.0 http://www.boss302.com/smf/index.php?topic=55230.0
  10. ~ 1969 shaker scoop paint

    the fins were painted.
  11. I used ATI PN#: 917511AK. it had the 3-bolt pattern pulley, 3" offset, 2pm timing marks (A) and was 0 balance. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ati-917511ak
  12. ~ 1969 Door Headaches

    i recall using part of the original hardware with a new set of handles due to something similar.
  13. Bolts bolts and some more bolts

    it seems there are a few flavors/differences in water pumps/timing covers, etc resulting in some fasteners not working out. if a few fasteners don't work, then you can always measure and purchase something different (length, thread size, etc) from ARP.
  14. Vic Jr intake with MACH1 hood

    i don't know how the automatics fit in these cars, but if you change your engine angle (e.g. drop the tailshaft to allow a larger trans to clear a tunnel), then that can create additional issues because it can cause the front side of the air cleaner to point even higher towards the sky. the vic jr does not have any built in angle to compensate for the factory engine angle. so it causes the front side to point higher as well. there are other games that can be played to fit an air cleaner if needed (angle mill carb flange, modify air cleaner base for a little added angle, drop engine mounts, etc). all likely have associated issues as well...
  15. Vic Jr intake with MACH1 hood

    you can fit a small oval air cleaner if you cut the hood. or you can run a drop base 14" air cleaner and not have to cut the hood (i'm guessing you don't have a choke).