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  1. your sensor of the fan activity should be located at the exit of the radiator/entrance to the engine (lower hose). basically, if the radiator (without fans) is able to adequately cool the fluid before it enters the engine, then there is no point in turning on the fans or have them turned up. locating that sensor in the intake manifold will basically have you running the fans more necessary. which of course won't hurt beyond consuming a little more energy/power at certain times.
  2. thank you. i really like the 63 hardtop body. i thought the roof looked peculiar when i first saw the pictures (same exact roof as mine) and noticed that the description indicates heavy mods. what a lot of work. very neat description of what they did. always love black too.
  3. i would say this will be the last post.... interior is finished. i had to make my own carpet. so that involved sectioning areas around the tunnel and sewing it back up. i probably have around 250 miles on it as of now. i'm blown away, but it's actually easier to drive than the mustang....i was certain it would have been the other way around.... video was the second startup. was cold outside that day....
  4. i did not use the same paint color. they do seem pretty close though. i think i started with an off the shelf color for the mustang. I know I added metallic to that. I may have darkened the color (or maybe i changed the tone of the other gray parts). the gray on the falcon is also off the shelf and not modified though. it's a solid color used for many cars like jeeps and mopars. one name for it is destroyer gray.
  5. thanks for the comments. it is still moving along...
  6. thank you. see below link to the connector. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aww-500666
  7. thank you. i'm sure the falcon will get driven more in the first year, but the Mustang will always be the special one to me for many reasons. hoping my dad will be able to come down and drive the falcon with me in the mustang. I believe the falcon probably means more to him for his reasons....
  8. thanks rpm. that's a very generous statement.
  9. Thanks. It's solid. I wouldn't spray a metallic or pearl like this...
  10. undercarriage and trunk are now painted.
  11. looks great. i hate masking. I'm also not to worried about overspray in the cabin area (except trunk and dash). i spent several house masking when prepping to paint the cage, just to prevent having to sand overspray from the other surfaces when it's time to final sand those (and prevent dirt from getting blown out from goofy places like the roof area). I spent most of the evening tuesday night masking the cage to prevent it from getting any oversprays....
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