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  1. BuckeyeDemon

    Tow Hook/Straps

    I just use axle straps around the rear axle housing and around the lower control arms. they don't scratch anything or bend up the frame rails.
  2. a 195 degree thermostat starts to open at 195 and takes a lot more temperature to open up fully. consider changing to a 180 degree first.
  3. BuckeyeDemon

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    at this point, forums are pretty much dying or already dead. probably don't even need to have different sections anymore...
  4. BuckeyeDemon

    Media Blasting

    I generally don't media blast surface panels, but I have several times, especially the underside. it takes me what seems like FOREVER, simply due to being conservative by holding the gun pretty far back. it takes forever, because the beam isn't focused when holding it that far back, and getting that rust pit clean comes down to probability of hitting it with the media. but it doesn't warp. on easy to access places, I just work the rust pits with acid and a wire brush or really sharp piece of tungsten.
  5. BuckeyeDemon

    69 mach 408w build

    Black diamond abrasive media collected on a tarp. I recycle it a few times, so I don't have a black beach in my driveway. It lightens up with use.
  6. BuckeyeDemon

    69 mach 408w build

    strange. the old photobucket images are now shown, but the newer postimage photos aren't. did Microsoft edge make a change or did photobucket change something? ...anyways, a couple pics of the current stage of the falcon.
  7. BuckeyeDemon

    Valve Cover Gaskets

    i don't know the part number, but i use a rubber felpro. to fit within the small lip of the cobra valve covers, i have to trim a little off some of the edges in the corners. i use a little high tack sealant to hold it in position.
  8. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    some pics i could find. photobucket killed it.... i also modified the midplate (removed some of the ribs on the sides (can't see under the seal) and modified the front scoop mount (you can't see that either). that was a 351w, victor jr (i have spaced it back up to original), 1/2 drop mounts and a TKO 600. basically it was a 428 base, stretched it and installed a drop base that was further modified. i also duplicated this on the other forum for reference....
  9. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    I will dig up the photos and relink. Give me a few days. Thanks.
  10. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    I personally couldn't come to any conclusion with that I test (i'm an engineer so i take very little at face value without fully understanding things). I see no mention on the edelbrock site about the RPM air gap being larger on the SBC (unlike where for the 351W ford they do). So basically they could be testing the same manifold (excluding victor). In addition, the single plane manifolds (e.g. Victor) have a lot of taper in the runner with the exit purposely small so they fit a variety of cylinder heads. That means when you port match, it's possible to pick up a lot of flow pretty easily. In that test (unless I missed it), it's unknown if the manifolds could have been holding it back a little bit from their potential due to manifold restrictions. If the discussion is purely about having the air gap portion (i'm not talking about runner/plenum design but the heating/cooling effect of the air gap), then i think it's silly myself for a street car (yea it can look cool, which i'm fine with). Removing the water jackets/heat crossover and adding gaps to allow air flow only result in delayed heating. For a street car, that means the manifold slowly heats up over time changing fuel atomization characteristics and the tune requirements. For a drag car that only runs a few minutes, that heat soak is much easier to control. I really didn't see anything in that video trying to control that part of a test either.
  11. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    per edelbrock site (note: the 7181 is the 351w performer RPM): http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive/mc/manifolds/ford/rpm-air-gap-289.shtml FORD 351 WINDSOR V8 RPM AIR-GAP 351W (1500-6500 RPM) Designed for street and high performance 351-400+ c.i.d. 351W Ford V8's, the RPM Air-Gap incorporates the same race-winning design that's been used on our Victor Series competition intakes for decades. The Air-Gap design features an open air space that separates the runners from the hot engine oil resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power. Larger cross sectional area and a taller carb flange than #7181 for compatibility with large displacement, stroker 351W based engines.
  12. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    find the article and verify if it was or was not a 8.2 deck (e.g. 302) based manifold. 351w are different.
  13. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    the air gap on a 351w supposedly has larger runners compared to the standard rpm (unlike the 302 version).
  14. BuckeyeDemon

    Will my RPM Air-Gap Fit under the hood?

    can you weld?
  15. BuckeyeDemon

    Good clutch to use?.

    for your sake, good answer and good post edit.