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  1. More weatherstrip area repair around door frames. 2 layer repair at each location. Very time consuming. Almost done with them.
  2. Welded in the passenger side firewall floor extension today. Time to move on to driver’s side.
  3. Did a 2 layer repair on door area drip tray trim. Typical rust close to A-pillar. Turned out pretty well.
  4. Wife helped me paint the front clip and engine bay with rust inhibitor. Turned out nice.
  5. Repaired and cleaned up torque box area on passenger side. Had rust in support rail in a few places. Will seam seal and put top back on next. Moving on to driver side.
  6. Thanks for the compliments. Black with gold Mach1 stripes. Should look even better!
  7. We took Mikes car to the painter today for final striping and detail. Getting close to the end! What a journey!
  8. Wow! My youngest sons 69 had a cereal bowl screwed on the back of the headlight bucket as a splash shield and a table leg in the drivers door holding up the front of the window!
  9. People who do this kind of work should have the tools taken away!
  10. It’s amazing the bad work you find in these cars when repairing them. Was removing the floor pans and patches had been done to the 4 floor pans. I think they used 50 tubes of RTV. They cut partially thru cross member with cutting wheel when removing old pan. Did not bother to even fix it. What a mess. I finally got the entire floor pan removed.
  11. Removed the upper cowl. Had to patch lower cowl in a few places. Have to get a new top hat for the drivers side.
  12. Got the last aprons installed. Moving onto the cowl.
  13. Thanks appreciate the offer. No it is actually a 289 car that came with a 302. The 302 block I have is a April 69 vintage and appears to be in perfect shape. Rick
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