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  1. I will put it in and get it working.
  2. Thanks guys. That is great info.
  3. Anyone know of the hole in pic below the key switch is some type of factory option or a homemade special by previous owner?
  4. That’s why we do it is for the memories and of course cool mustangs!
  5. We did the majority of the work on a rotisserie. I moved it to the body cart because the ends of the car are not accessible and I sent it to the paint shop on the cart as well. I use the lift mostly later when I want to work on car from underneath and not on rotisserie. I also am too old to roll around on the floor and weld upside down!
  6. I’ve been told that apple did not fall far from the tree!
  7. Alcupuco Blue. Hope to have done early July.
  8. They are available in aftermarket but don’t fit well. However I have found a pair already and no longer need them. Thanks anyway.
  9. Big day tomorrow! Mike and I are taking the car to the paint shop!
  10. Need original with tab not broken and in good shape
  11. Appreciate the compliment! Is definitely a lot of work!
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