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  1. Need original with tab not broken and in good shape
  2. Appreciate the compliment! Is definitely a lot of work!
  3. That’s what I have 2 boys who build cars for!
  4. Yes it is. I will do the same. Did it on my others sons car as well.
  5. Mike and I had a big day this past weekend. We finally got the car off the rotisserie and all painted with rust inhibitor. Just have a little lower quarter work to finish that could not be done on rotisserie.
  6. I bought them. They are Tinman subframe connectors.
  7. We are putting rust inhibitor on bottom and floor pan. Will start seam sealing next before taking off of rotisserie.
  8. It’s called the panoramic full view option!
  9. We finished removing and welding a new roof skin to replace the one with 50 drilled holes and bondo stalagtites hanging from the ceiling. Mike was excited initially as he had a temporary sunroof!
  10. I am feeling lucky! Thanks guys that is a tremendous help. Will let you know how it goes.
  11. Getting ready to replace the roof skin on my sons 69 Fastback. Wanted to draw upon the wealth of knowledge on the forum and ask if there is advice or things to watch out for from lessons learned by other members when installing a new roof skin. Thanks again for your help. Rick
  12. Been a while since I posted an update. Mike and I have got the entire back of the car welded together, the floor pan fitted, and subframe connectors installed. Also, moved the seatbelt connection points back 3” to allow the seats to move back for big guys like us!
  13. Actually would not be very difficult. Not sure if it would be frowned upon if you started modeling original Ford parts. However probably would be more accurate than the re-pop crap that is sold for good money that’s for sure!
  14. Thanks for the props. But it is second nature to me as I have designed robotics and industrial automation for most of my career. I usually do drawings on CAD. But I resisted and did the notebook sketch.
  15. No problem. Good luck. Eager to see finished product.
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