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  1. I recently used a product called Acoustishield from Quiet Ride Solutions on my nephews 73 Mach 1. It was a little pricey but is a custom kit for your specific car. It comes with precut labeled dynamat strips to be placed throughout the car to reduce vibration and noise. A precut heat shield insulation is then placed over that with extremely tacky spray glue. Finally, a seam tape is used to cover all remaining seams. I was very impressed with ease of installations, instructions and quality of product. Might want to take a look. Wish I knew about it when I did my boys 69 Mach 1s. Will definitely use on future cars. You can buy just a particular area package or the entire car. After just doing the floor pan and tunnel area his car went from being difficult to hear each other inside to being able to carry on a comfortable conversation with a 351 Cleveland rumbling. Here’s a couple of pics during our floor pan install. Cheers!
  2. Yes it is amazing! Created a lifetime of memories.
  3. Right. My kids laugh at me when I told them we used punch cards to run computer programs!
  4. Very nice! Probably going to try one of these in the future. Thanks for the info.
  5. I am also an engineer so that is not an issue. Just trying to understand how they are tying it in. I assume you have to cut the existing connector from the harness? Thanks Rick
  6. Have you determined what wiring needs to be done. Can you add tach to a non tach car by just running extra wire? Does it connect somehow to the existing harness connector for instrument cluster? Thanks Rick
  7. I have seen these also but has anyone tried them already?
  8. Does anyone have experience using precision gages in instrument clusters in lieu of the older technology. In particular the oil pressure and temperature gages would be nice to have numerical readings. Both my sons 69 Mach 1 have oil pressure, temp, alternator, fuel gage, and speedometer. I’m also interested in doing a conversion for my 68 Fastback. I’ve seen some listings for replacement gages across the board but was not sure about quality. I would prefer not to add other gages hanging from dash or some other place in the interior. Maybe someone can share their thoughts or ideas? Thanks Rick
  9. No we did not go. But want too next year.
  10. Took a picture today of both son’s cars against the Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop in our back yard. Thought they turned out well!
  11. I quit and ran my own company for almost 20 years. We specialized in robotics and industrial automation (hence the call sign Robotman). Sold the company and retired in 2014. Been working on cars with my teenage boys since.
  12. It is gold and black. The black is reflective in the light. TJs is a small shop but very effective in getting what you need.
  13. My first professional job was for B&W Nuclear Technologies who later was purchased by Framatome in 1995. I left in 1997. Small world.
  14. Where in Virginia? We live in Forest right outside of Lynchburg.
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