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  1. We took the car out today for first test drive! My son was so excited especially when I stopped at the corner and told him it was his turn! Could not wipe the smile off his face! IMG_7445.MOV IMG_7446.MOV
  2. Has anyone had an issue with brake pedal not wanting to return when pressed hard to stop? I have power brakes with disc brakes on front and drums on back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rick
  3. She She is designated to get in the hard to reach areas like trunk cause Mike and I are tooooooo biiiiigggg!
  4. Mike standing with his mom beside his Mustang. Getting close to the finish line!
  5. Do you have the rivet type studs or just the screw in kind?
  6. Do you recommend the screw in studs or is there a rivet type stud replacement? Thanks Rick
  7. I used them for my son’s car. They worked fine. I also moved the seatbelt attachment points on the tunnel and rockers back 3 inches. I moved the seat risers back 3/4”. He is 6’6” and now fits in the car. It was a big help.
  8. Where do you buy screw in studs?
  9. The light colored clip is original. The dark clip is a screw on type. What other options do I have other than a screw on clip at this point? The car is already painted. On a side note I installed your 1 pc headliner and it looks great! Thanks in advance, Rick
  10. Thanks for the input guys!
  11. I need to install window trim clips for the front windshield and rear window trim. I’m not 100% sure of orientation. Also I only have original pins on the A pillars of the front window. So here are my questions: 1. Do I have the original clip in the picture installed correctly? 2. Is the new screw clip (shown beside original) positioned correctly? Do you position it all the way down on the inner ledge? 3. How many clips across roof edge on front window and rough locations? 4. How many clips up quarter panels edges and across roof edge on rear rear and rough locations? Thanks in advance for your help, Rick
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