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  1. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Thought I’d give an update on the progress. Been a little slow due work and family but back into it during my 6 weeks of Christmas holidays.....and yes I’m bragging. the balancer said while there was some minor balancing needed he didn’t think it would cause noticeable vibration so hoping the rebuild will happen to jag a fix. I spoke to my transmission guy and the torque converter overhaul shop and they were confident that it wouldn’t be the TC. They showed me how to flush it and there was no metal so looks like it’s not that. Have retained the Crane cam, fitted overhauled 2V 58cc heads and Edelbrock Performer manifold. Decided do go rebore to .020. New pistons, rings, bearing, lifters, valve springs and some other bibs and bobs. Compression is 10.1:1. Hoping to see some improvement off the mark With the changes . Started assembly but now sitting on a plane to Cairns for a week hunting snakes with my young bloke so a weeks delay on finishing. If I still have a vibration it looks like the transmission which is on its way out but fingers crossed I have jagged it withe the engine build.
  2. Great video. Had to share it on my Facebook page as well.
  3. bigmal

    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Great job and RHD. Where are you located?
  4. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Thanks for that. Don't need any parts at the moment but just like to know what I have.
  5. bigmal

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey yesterday if that counts.
  6. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    And the next question... As I was given no history with the car it makes it difficult to work out what it has. Could I get some help with the dizzy such as: Is it an original dizzy modified? What type of unit is it and where would I get parts? Are they any good? Does it take a standard dizzy cap and rotor? Thank.
  7. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Thanks guys. Another question. how does this oil slinger fit? I should have paid more attention when pulling it apart. I will give an update of the rebuild on another blog shortly. Ended doing more than I originally wanted.
  8. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Another question. Getting ready to assemble the engine and noticed the crankshaft sprocket can go on three ways. I'm pretty sure it was with the '0' over the keyway but not positive. Any advice? Also what are the other options for? Thanks.
  9. bigmal

    Happy 50th

    Happy birthday 1DMN-412. Carful of that wax.
  10. bigmal

    Show off your home brew tools!

    When I first read the title I though you guys were posting pictures of home brew kits. I got real excited......but this is good too!
  11. It hadn’t occurred to me that the bezel is on the other side. I think changing that would require a new shifter.......Nah
  12. Hi mate, I didn’t change the side the indicator is on. It hadn’t occurred to me that it may change sides.
  13. Some of the little things I didn't think of with the conversion that I am tidying up while the engine is out. The button is on the wrong side of the T Bar and really annoying for me as I'm missing a finger on my left hand. Was quite fiddly to drill the new holes but gave me the chance to tidy it up while in pieces.