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  1. Hi jjstang, I did mine with a rotary paint tripping wheel as sand blasting wasn't an option. I was told afterwards that original sound deadener has a high asbestos content so make sure you take appropriate precautions.
  2. Does it seam a little sus to anyone else that 5 people get the flu and the Corona is immediately identified and that it came from eating bats, then a city of 11 million people are immediately quarantined. A big reaction for an unknown flu with symptoms not much different from every other flu. How much money is there to be made from rushing a vaccine to the market without the normal clinical trials knowing that every country in the world will buy as much as you can provide. Just saying. Not to mention the devastation to the rest of the worlds economies. Who would benefit from that. Just saying. With companies failing over this, they are a cheap purchase for the Chinese. Looks all a little to much of a coincidence to me.
  3. Hi mate, no, just the garage. The back wall joins the downstairs living room. I have been working on the misses to nock it to give me more display room. So far I'm not winning that one. I need to keep working on it. Still not likely.
  4. Hi Mate, I'm in NSW and that's one of our things. Some say the blinker needs to be amber as well, but my engineer and the RTA said that's not the case. Was no biggy to change as I was rewiring a lot of the car anyway.
  5. I went for the CJPP LEDs. In Australia you can't have the brake lights blinking so I did a little mod. I also added a brake light under the spoiler. Walking past the rear you can't se it until you crouch down. Not for everyone but I want to lessen the chances of a rear ender.
  6. What did you use for the chrome edging?
  7. Very sad mate. my girl’s 11 (Bimbo) and starting to show her age. Won’t be a happy household when she goes. we recently lost our bearded dragon and everyone was upset. And that was a lizard.
  8. Thanks Shep, if I go down the thermo fan path again I will definitely try them. Currently chasing a miss which is keeping me occupied. Ordered a new dizzy, coil and leads. Sick of fiddling so replacing everything. I'm not clear, but do you still have an issue with the aircond?
  9. I tried the Derale controller. I had two fail immediately. No problem getting a refund from the suppliers in Australia, but I won't try a third one.
  10. Hi Shep, I recently had problems with my compressor (Sandon 134) squealing. As I hadn't used it over winter I assumed it had failed so ordered a new one from CJPP. When it arrived I rang my aircond guy to arrange gassing after install. He asked a bunch of questions and then advised that the compressor is probably OK but the system is over pressurising. What I had done: I had jus installed a twin thermo fan setup. The fan controller I used failed strait away so I just used the temp switch to turn on/off but did not have it set up to come on with the aircond. Before the fans were on the system was over pressurising and stalling the compressor. When I wired it to come on with the compressor the aircond was back to normal. I have since removed the thermo fans and gone back to my original flex fan setup as the fans were not as efficient and the temp gauge was reading higher than before although not boiling. I have the same radiator condenser setup as you with a similar gap and had considered making a seal between the condenser and radiator but now I have gone back to the flex fan it is working fine. If I go down the thermo fan path again I will look at a seal. Possibly black foam or similar. Now I have a new Sandon 134 compressor as a spare. An expensive spare!
  11. This sounds like they have installed the converter incorrectly on the flex plate. As the vibration only occurred after they did the work it would be them. If the vibration is still there now the converter is in the correct position it could be an issue with the converter but I understand that this is not likely. When they said they ran the engine with a dummy bellhousing and no torque converter were you present? I would start doubting what they are telling you unless it is demonstrated in your presence. I’m suspecting it is related to the flex plate. Possibly the wrong counterweight 28/50 or a previously balanced engine that included the flex plate and the new one is not matched. Ive been chasing a balance issue for two years. I’m about to start experimenting with small Tyre balance weights in various positions on the flex plate and see if I can improve it by trial and error. If I find the correct weight/location I will use a small bolt in that location. Could be something to consider if all else fails.
  12. Very sad indeed. It will be interesting to find out the cause. A very experienced crew. There has been a lot of press on this accident and a lot of focus on the fact that they are here to help us. It has not gone unappreciated.
  13. Colour - color Gaol - jail Customise - Customize And plenty more
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