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  1. Some great work there. Keep the progress photos coming
  2. bigmal


    Being from Australia it's not my place to chime in on American politics but I am finding these comments very interesting and polarising. We don't seem to get this level of emotion over here. Mind you , I avoid arguments over politics, religion and gun laws. No views will be changed, but friendships can be lost. And I do have strong views on all three. Also, we only get to see what the media wants us to see.
  3. bigmal

    Smoke and Fire

    I think a lot of people mistake climate change as part of the earths natural cycle and climate change that we have contributed to in a measurable way. The real questionS should be whether we can do anything to change it and how long it would take. I’m not seeing anything we could do would have an affect in the short term. I think it’s very disappointing that if anyone offers a view that is not supported by the media then they are shouted down. Even scientists.
  4. I have mine under the spoiler so it doesn’t stand out unless directly behind
  5. Hi Bob, I also added a backup camera a couple of years ago. Mine uses a replacement internal mirror. Very helpful
  6. Hi all, I know this won't be for a lot of people as it really isn't conventional but I've had too many close calls going from my other cars to this one and waiting for the beeps. I have been looking for options available off the shelf and there was nothing available the would suit the steep angle of the rear valance and I didn't want them hanging off the bumper. I'm really happy with how they turned out and they really aren't that obvious if you're not looking for them. You may also notice the brake light grated into the spoiler. Another move away from convension.
  7. Hi Mate, it does have a slight vibration in neutral, but greater when in drive. One of the difficulties is that it's not a big vibration. But still annoying. I did have misfire issues but they are sorted.
  8. Not sure. I know it's tight though. Could be cheaper than the $80 shims
  9. Its a really difficult one as I have identified so many sources and each time I think that's it, it's only a slight improvement. Has been both engine and driveline. So far the trouble shooting has been Run engine with belts removed - no change Replace harmonic balancer - not change. New rear wheels and tires - Unknown if changed as done early on. Replaced tailshaft - no change Rebuilt engine and balance - unfortunately when installing I damaged the flex plate and replace it with a new one without re-balance (and I've kicked myself ever since) New Torque converter - unknown New Coil, leads and plugs - Removed slight miss Another new tailshaft - significant improvement but still a vibration Currently the vibration in neutral is only slight and at around 2500rpm. In drive the vibration is greater and at similar RPM. The only options I can think of at the moment are - 1. Check rear wheel balance/buckle, 2. add pinion shim to reduce from 3 degrees, and 3. rebalance crank/flex plate. While the vibration is only slight, and significantly better than before it still bugs me. I'm starting t wonder if I'm asking too much from an old car.
  10. Thanks for that. I swapped the wheels and the wobble changed sides. I will take it to the tire shop during the week and see what they say.
  11. While waiting on the shims I was running it on the stands again. As you do. And I noticed the right rear wheel appears to wobble slightly more than the left. Tires and wheels are new and I am wondering if my vibration issue may be a bent axle. I don't know what's normal and what's excessive. Could I get your thoughts on this. Also, I bought a digital protractor yesterday and the drive line angles difference is 3 degrees. So the 4 degree shims I have ordered are too big. I will order some 3 degree shims shortly IMG-6781.MOV IMG-6782.MOV
  12. Very nice. And what a nice area to live. Beautiful on both accounts
  13. Very nice work. I particularly like the chrome hinges on the rear louver. Did you have them chromed or buy them that way?
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