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  1. Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Just like Christmas
  2. Just curious what are the benifits of the battery in the boot? Is it weight distribution or other reasons?
  3. I used to work with an old Polish guy. He didn't like cats and there was always a cat hanging around the hanger. I remember one day he through a ball pein hammer and hit it in the side. He laughed his guts out. The next moring when we got to work there was a big sloppy shit in the middle of his tool box. Now that was funny!
  4. Thanks Raven. That's perfect.
  5. Hi guys, as part of my RHD conversion I had to disassemble steering column to shorten it and modify the lower bearing. I took plenty of photos but maybe not enough. I am not sure I have got the assembly of the blinker unit right. I have issues with the hazard and blinkers working against each other. Would anyone have an exploded view of this part of the column or some detailed pictures of assembling one?
  6. A REAL Schematic

    Consider it done. Starting with Jack and ending with Daniels. Maybe more than one.
  7. A REAL Schematic

    Thanks guys. I feel a lot better now
  8. A REAL Schematic

    I know this is getting off topic but I have a question re the fuel sender wire that runs to the instument panel. I replace the wire from the point under the door latch forward as it was damaged. I am now getting a little nervous that this may be a resister wire. Is that corect or is it a conventional wire?
  9. Aquarius is on the way!

    When I was 17 I was painting my car and it was a bit damp in the garage. I sprayed the doors in the lounge room. Mum wasn't impressed. Luckily I was using acrylic and not enamel. If I tried that now I would be going through another divorce.
  10. The cabling at the front is for the lights/blinkers etc. Until I fit the guards I won't know where I need to secure them. I am not sure I have the routing right at this stage. On the cowl that is not wiring. I have moved the wiper motor to the outer end of the cowl to facilitate the changes for the aircond unit and the RHD wipers. Rather than weld the cowl in place i wanted it removeable so have used bolts.
  11. I gave up on the instrument circuit board. Still unable to get the oil, temp and fuel gauges to work. Spoke to Midlife and he is sending me his hard wired replacement. Once I get this i will get back to it. I did sort the alternator problem. Was checking continuity of the field wire and found it broken at the regulator cannon plug. Was not expecting ot to be that easy. Yesterday I backed it out to give the garage a good clean out. Sick of working in filth. Felt good to have it move under it's own steam.
  12. Maybe I'm the only one on the planet...

    I've got a mate who has a thing for ugly chicks. Reckons they're grateful. Maybe it's that way with unloved coupes.
  13. Wheel backspacing

    I have 7x 15 Magnum 500s with 225/60 on the front and 245/60 on th erear. The rears look a little balloony so I will be going to 8/15 on the rear. I can use one of the old wheels for the spar although a little bulky.
  14. Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Progressing very nicely. Not long now. Love that Charger. I had an Austarlain 73 Chrysler by Chryler Hard Top. Sold it for about $2,000 twenty years ago. Soo wish I hadn't. Had similar lines to your Dodge