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  1. bigmal

    Car gender?

    Does this mean we need to get a divorce for one on the side or just be discrete?
  2. I know it is a dumb question, but what's a Z-bar?
  3. bigmal

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    Good to know. thanks again
  4. bigmal

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    Just ordered one. Thanks.
  5. bigmal

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    I was going to start a thread asking how to repair the chrome around my gauges. Thanks for the idea of the silver leaf paint pen. I’ll look for one now.
  6. bigmal

    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    Wally, you need a maid. The reflection on the boot of the Dodge.......nice!
  7. bigmal

    Hello ALL!!!

    Great project. I’ll definitely be following this. Thanks
  8. bigmal

    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    I think the bolts are metric!
  9. bigmal

    What speedo gear do I need?

    Thanks mate, where are you in the US? I get there from time to time with work
  10. bigmal

    What speedo gear do I need?

    I didn't bother with the calculations. Each tooth on the gear makes about 5% difference to the reading. Look at what you currently have and get one with 4 more teeth. I would use a Speedo app to get an accurate reading as well. There are some very good ones out there.
  11. bigmal

    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    RPM, there's some handy equipment there. I could have used a folder a few times. And a guillotine as well.
  12. bigmal

    Rear Frame Rail

    Time to learn how to weld! Nothing like a good project like this to gain some valuable skills. If you have someone who will help and mentor you it is a rewarding job although you do need to be mechanically minded. Also look ate the torque boxes. It's likely they will need attention/replacement. Would be well worth having an experienced person going over your car to identify the extent of the rust before you start. It will help you identify if you really want to start or as Barnett said, get a car that isn't rusty. Once you start it will be harder to sell than if you sell as is. For me, I liked the challenge and would stick with it.
  13. bigmal

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    That is perfect. Only problem for me is I just put my speakers in that panel. Bugger.
  14. bigmal

    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    Thanks for that. Left to right - British Anzani, Johnson 3, Evinrude 7.5, Mercury 10, Evinrude 6, Mercury 11, Mercury 6 and a couple more in the shed.
  15. bigmal

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    What article???