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  1. Hi mate, sorry but I may have confused people. I only want to do the 1" drop but with the plate welded in I can't do it. I'm happy to remove the plate and add the conventional shock tower reinforcing plate but just want to make sure it doesn't already have the drop. I hope the pictures are clear enough to see the issue. Thanks, Mal
  2. I thought I'd stick my head under and have a look before I started the drop and have found that the previous owner has welded a bodgy reinforcing plate right where I would need to drill the holes. I just wanted to consult those who know way better than me, if there is a possibilty that the drop has laready ben done. I can't see any evidence of it but would hate to have a 2" drop. The plate will have to come off and I wil add the proper reinforcing and do some tidying up while there.
  3. Hi mate, these are really good articles. Thanks for that. It appears most people just do thye strait 1" drop. The DazeCars article describes the 'increased Caster' drop as well. Has anyone done this with their 69 and if so, what is the feedback? With the RRS rack it feels like it does not centre as quickly as it would normally. It still centres but just not great, so thinking of the increased caster with the drop.
  4. Not sure if these are much help, but all I have
  5. Thanks everyone. As always really helpful
  6. Hi, I have cvonverted to right hand drive using an Australian made steering rack by RRS. Very easy to install but loss of turning circle and I'm not crazy about the feel. I can't put my finger on why but its not the greatest. I have some clunks in the front end that I can't identify so why I pull everything out was thinking of some upgrades. When I did the conversion I replace all of the front suspension so it's really anoying to be doing things twice but I don't like clunks.
  7. Hi guys, I know its been asked plenty of time but I'm considering the Shelby drop for my 69 and have the following questions; I have seen some templates with negative camber. Is this something fo r69s or only earlier models? What is the actual drop measured from the fender to the ground? How noticeable is the change to driving and in what way? Are spacers/shims needed under the ball joints? if so, recommendations? I have 1" lowered springs at the moment. Is it okay to keepo these? Also considering roller spring perches at the same time. Thoughts? Thanks, Mal.
  8. As said above using the GPS. Plenty of cheap Speedo Apps for your phone that work vey well. As a rule of thumb I found each tooth equates to about 5% change.
  9. I haven't got enough room for the motors, let alone boats
  10. They'd restore real nice. These are some of mine
  11. Sorry, I should say it in American.....Headers
  12. It's been an odd Summer down here in Oz. Very wet so I haven't done a lot of driving in the Mustang. Have some extractors for my Birthday next month That I'm looking forward to fitting. I doubt they will fit without modification due to the Right Hand Drive steering rack but that's part of the fun. The down time has given me an opportunity for a couple of my other passions, restoring antique outboards and catching snakes. A very productive few months
  13. Why would China be interested in a measly $3.7M to develop a virus for the US? Makes no sense. Personally I believe the virus was manufactured by the Chinese. When a dozen people in Woohan got the flew they immediately identified it as COVID 19 and locked down the city. Very quick to identify and a very quick reaction. Not sure the outcome was what they predicted with the world turning against them.
  14. That's looking great. Now the fun stuff
  15. No COVID here in Australia. All clear now!
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