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  1. bigmal

    Bandwidth issue

    These Russian Hackers won't help.
  2. Try running with the gas cap open/off. This will eliminate fuel tank venting as the cause.
  3. As someone who was chasing a vibration for almost 7 years I learnt that for me it was multiple sources. Makes if very hard to troubleshoot. I changed lots of things, sometimes more than once, and found each of the following made and improvement. Full engine balance Rebuilt tail shaft (3 times). Each timer it was out of true. Bent axles Rear Drums badly corroded. (I know this is odd, but it made a difference) Pinion Angles. For me 0deg difference did not work. Had to be 2 deg down at the front of the diff. I experimented with 1, 2, 3 and 4 deg shims until I got the best results. I have to be very careful bolting on the Magnum 500s to ensure I tighten the nuts in sequence, a little at a time or I will get a vibration. The holes appear worn. Will be replacing. While I still have a very minor vibration, it is almost completely gone.
  4. Many thanks for this. I will give it a go
  5. Hi all, I am sure this has been discussed before. My ammeter movers only very slightly and would probably need a vernier to measure it. Is there any mod so it indicates more substantially? I have been looking at the Voltmeter conversions by Rocketman's Classic Cougar Innovations which look good, but for the 69 it is still labelled Amps. If converted to a Voltmeter I would prefer it to say Volts. Is anyone aware of a Voltmeter conversion that refaces the gauge to Volts? Thanks, Mal
  6. bigmal

    Bandwidth issue

    Thanks God you're back! I just emailed Midlife to see if he had heard anything. The Aussie forums are too negative. This is so much better
  7. bigmal

    Bandwidth issue

    Could you send me the PayPal details and what a typical donation is. I'd like to contribute. Thanks,
  8. bigmal

    Bandwidth issue

    Made me panic again. I was afraid it may not come back.
  9. Thanks mate. This makes sense. I had an issue with the crappy reproduction needing to be pulled in around 1/2" in the middle so it had quite a bit of load and bent the back of the strips. With the pieces I made it pulled the strip in and holds it flat. Probably should have massaged the strip so it's the correct shape, but I was afraid of kinking it.
  10. Hi all, I recently bought a replacement chrome strip for the front of my bonnet and being after-market rubbish it needed to be pulled in a fair bit at the center. As soon as I pulled it in with the lugs supplied, they pulled straight out of the soft metal. I thought I'd share the brackets I made which made life a lot easier and holds it in place nice and tight. I had to use a little bit of silastic to hold them while positioning. If they were 1/16" wider that wouldn't be necessary.
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