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  1. When I did the right hand drive conversion I had to change the location of the wipers. I had just bought a TIG and as I was learning so warped the panel. I tried hammering it out and even with bog I wasn't happy so I decided to get a new panel and have another go. This time with the old faithful TIG. As I have no idea what sort of paint or coating was used on the bonnet I can't match it so will need to repaint that as well. I'm pretty happy this time round.
  2. Hi, I am in the middle of a freshen of my panel. I can't see how to get the clock mechanism out of the housing without damaging it. Can you help. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for that. I did try this but didn't want to risk damaging the knob. The shaft has corrosion where it screws into the knob so it's stuck firm. I'll give it another go tonight
  4. Hi, I need to remove the lense from my clock so I can give it a polish. Could I have some guidance on how the knobs come off. thanks
  5. Very nice, but are you sure those pictures are in the UK. That's blue sky.
  6. I agree with Mike. They're not expensive. Just replace them and have peace of mind.
  7. A few months back I had done a few jobs on my 69 and when I started it there was a strange ticking/popping noise from my PSP. Steering worked fine but it was reasonably loud so I had to fix it. I bought a second hand PSP and fitted it and the noise was the same. Really frustrating and what are the odds both PSPs had the same fault. They didn't. Turned out, that with all the jobs I had done, one was to fit an electric fuel pump near the tank. I bypassed the mechanical fuel pump and because it was behind the PSP I was leaving removing it to a later day. The noise was the popping of the fuel pump as I hadn't capped the fittings, which sits right behind the PSP. Even worse, the PSP I fitted leaked oil so I had to change it back. Smack up the back of the head was well deserved.
  8. Probably not new, but it appeals to me.
  9. I have a GPS tracker which has remote disable functions. I had already fitted an electric fuel shutoff because I believed fuel was draining out of the carby when parked without starting for a few weeks. I also have an electric fuel pump at the fuel tank. Incidentally, it's still a prick to start if left for more than two weeks. If the car is towed, turned on or battery disconnected I get a text and email. I open the app and it shows the cars location and if moving. I can then click 'Disable'. Options include Immediately or <10mph (to avoid an accident). I have the disable connected to my fuel shutoff. The car will run for until the carby is out of fuel but the pump can still be heard running so the asshole is not aware of what is happening, All it needs is a 'Release Trunk Monkey' function. The map also shows the cars route. This is an Australian service with an annual subscription (Mustrack) which is quite cheap. Not sure what's available in the US.
  10. bigmal


    This is all we see on the news in Australia. Now they are protesting here in support and trying to say our cops are killing the locals as well. When a cop kills someone in Australia it's so rare it's on every news channel. But they still try top make it about race without looking at what the person did that led to being killed. What gets me is the pollies are too gutless to address issues because it may upset a minority group. We all feel for you guys and what you are going through. Hopefully there will be a return to normality soon. And back to worrying about COVID 19.
  11. Great idea modifying the light housing like that. I'll add it to my list of 'to does'. thanks
  12. Too scary! I realised how much i need this forum. Now that's sad.
  13. Hi mate, its a bit hard under the car but the travel appears to be 6 1/8" or 16.5cm. It is definitely reduced circle from the original mustang power steering.
  14. Wow, they are some serious gaps. Very interested to see how you will sort them.
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