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  1. End of day 35. Painted the dash in semi-gloss black it it looks pretty good. Did some more tidying up of the engine. I like the wrinkle black rockers. Fitted the steering rack and a 1 1/8 sway bar. Looking good to have it driving on the weekend. Optimistic I know but if I have to do a few all nighters I will.
  2. Thanks for that. I will keep that in mind. I painted it in semi-gloss black today and it looks pretty good. Once everything is back together I will get a better picture of what it will look like.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I went down the wrinkle black path and it looks great.
  4. End of day 34. Painted the dash in wrinkle finish. Didn't turn out very well. Uneven wrinkles. Probably my fault but I don't think it would look that great now I've seen it. Stripped and sanded again. Under primer to paint tomorrow. This time I will try gloss black. Hopefully this will look okay. Started sprucing up the engine and fitted the wiper motor and closed up the cowl.
  5. Thanks Barnett, that's the one I have ordered.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I just ordered one locally. Should be here by Wednesday in time to refit the engine.
  7. Hi Guys, Giving my 351C 4V a bit of a tidy up and notice it has a one piece metal gasket that covers the valley. The new kit comes with two individual gaskets and no cover for the valley. Is the cover needed? Should I be buying a better one piece gasket with cover or are the two individual gaskets OK?
  8. Thanks guys. I quite like the VHT wrinkle finish idea. I have a couple of cans that I bought for the dash. That was a disaster and I'm stripping back today, but that's another story. I will get some thin tape for the fins as well.
  9. Hi Guys, I had a go at polishing my rocker covers and gave up after 1/2 an hour. I am now looking at painting them. I am tossing up between Corporate blue the same as the block or gloss black. I will be polishing the tops of the fins and lettering when I've painted it. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.
  10. End of day 33. Installed the 'Tru-Fit' sound deadener and the final installation of the aircond. Now it's starting to come together! Also started on the front suspension while waiting for paint to dry. These cold mornings are testing me. Trackies, Beeny, jumper and overalls. Still bloody cold.
  11. Ii will try to get the dash painted tomorrow but the wrinkle finish needs 3 days to harden so it will be Sunday or Monday before I put it in. Plenty of other things to keep me occupied.
  12. End of day 32. Painted the interior and began filling the dash panel where I grafted it together.
  13. Looks great. Makes me want to do mine again.
  14. My boy would go crazy to see that diamond python. Would love to pay a visit one day when it's hanging around.