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  1. bigmal

    Lost in the 50s.

    I wanted to go. I really wanted the Batmobile. Had some very robust discussions with the wife but I came off second best. The cars went for some pretty decent prices though.
  2. About two years ago I bought a rim-blo switch locally for $270 and buggered it putting it in. Realising my mistake I wen and bought another and buggered it as well. $540 later I put in a push button until I am ready to give it another go. Not a good day. The brand I chose was a very tight fit. I have heard that the cheaper ones fit a lot more easily.
  3. Thanks all. I’ve ordered a carby kit as well. The Holley was almost new when I got the car three years ago and has done a lot of sitting around.
  4. I have had a similar problem. For me it was a bad earth at the indicator light. Try a wire with two alligator clips and give your light a direct earth. Go from light to light and see if it cures the problem. Worked for me.
  5. I ran it today and fuel is dribbling out of the secondaries. I have ordered a regulator to drop the pressure and see if that works. Is it best to fit the regulator close to the pump (near the tank) of doesn't it matter?
  6. I have been looking on line and Aeroflow make a smaller bump AF49-1033 rated at 4-7psi and 35gph. Does anyone have any experience with this one. Are they relatively quiet?
  7. My starting issues were after leaving it for more than a week. The engine pump was taking to long to pump and took a lot of cranking. I haven't done any trouble shooting yet. I ran out of time last night and need to take off the shaker to get access. I will do that this weekend. Unfortunately this is an intermittent problem so I hope it will do it on the weekend. I am suspecting a regulator may be needed. Also considering a different fuel pump as this is too noisy. Maybe I need a louder exhaust.
  8. Hi all, A few months ago I fitted an Aeroflow AF49-1008 electric fuel pump to my 351C. I am running a near new Holley 600. The pump, apart from being incredibly noisy made a big difference to my starting issues. I had an issue a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday, that when I started it the car was running very rich and as it warmed up became un-driveable. The pump is rated at 97gph and 7psi. They said a regulator is not needed with the Holley carb. Do I need to add a regulator and lower the pressure or do I have an issue with my carby? Thanks.
  9. It's disappointing that Admin are not responding when it is clear members are willing to contribute to a site upgrade.
  10. Great idea. I will be doing that. thanks
  11. I have an electric fuel shutoff valve that is not easily accessible. This is hooked to my GPS tracker and can be controlled through my IPhone. Works pretty well. The system give me a phone an alert if the ignition is turned on or battery disconnected. Gives me peace of mind especially when at work. I also have a 9mm but in Aus we can't carry them :).
  12. Have been there a few times. First was the gauge post shorting to the metal housing. More recently the after market CVR failed. I refitted the original 50 year old CVR and that fixed it. Good luck mate.
  13. That's about the same clearance I have with weight on the wheels. 351 and FMX.
  14. I was looking at doing LEDs in those lights yesterday. Have replaced the rest of the courtesy lights already.
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