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  1. Summer (of 69) Project

    Still trying for February????
  2. Door Alignment Issues

    Thanks. I thought that might be too obvious. Will give it a go.
  3. Door Alignment Issues

    Thanks Barnett. How did you thin the rubber?
  4. Makes you wonder about all grinding wheels. I would think most come from China where asbestos is still the norm.
  5. Very sad to here. Sorry mate. I wish I'd known about the heater box. I did substantial cutting and grinding when converting mine for the other side. If I recall corrctly I used a mask as I would with any fibreglass although I did not take the same precautions I would have if I new of the asbestos risk. Had I realiased I would haqve just replaced it with an aftermarket unit.
  6. Head Liner and window install

    Love the colour . What is it?
  7. Door Alignment Issues

    Thnaks for that. I will order a strip when I get a moment.
  8. Door Alignment Issues

    The seal on the metal strip at the back of the window is coming adrift. Is this difficult to change? I asume you have to take the metal strip off and replace it? Thanks
  9. Got started on some rust

    Great work. I'd be happy with that welding.
  10. There are some very sad stories here. My heart brakes for everyone who has lost loved ones. It's made even worse that this was known about and they continued to use it and some countries still do. If any good comes from this it will raise a little awareness of the prolific use of asbestos and the care needed when working around it.
  11. 1970 Grabber Green Project

    You are a craftsman. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  12. I see that is Plaintiff's exhibit BX3. A pretty damming letter......and wow!
  13. Dogs and Mustangs

    Very sad. Sorry mate. That must leave a big hole.
  14. That's aweful. It's unbeleiveable how long they kept using asbestos after they found out how bad it is. In Australia they were spraying loose asbestos into house ceilings about 6" thick. It was called 'Mr Fluffy'. It was so dangerous the houses were bought back by the givernment and demolished.