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  1. I need to get them shortened so they pull in tight when not in use. Easilly done. I ave a friend who repairs seatbelts. Just another job on the list.
  2. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    My girl (Bimbo) is getting on. Not looking forward to that day.
  3. Did a few more things on the weekend before I take it to the Engineer on Friday for final sign off. The steering universal was touching the exhaust when under heavy acceleration. Had to drop the rack and grind a little of the manifold. Now it has good clearence. Fitted new headlights with parkers incorporated. Fitted sound proofing (Resomat) under the rear seat. It was a bit drummy with the new exhaust. Made a big difference. Finished the installation of the inertia reel belts in the rear (Retro Belt USA). They work very well and managed to get the positioning right first time.
  4. Normal for seat hinge?

    I just love how many people work on their cars inside the house.
  5. Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    That's great. Really love the cup holders. For a moment I thought you were working on the bed. That would cause some serious problems at my house.
  6. My good friend in our media department put my photos together in a time lapse. (sound on) It's amazing how quick you forget the amount of work done once you're back on the road. MUSTANG_6.m4v
  7. 1970 Fastback

    I like that black metalic. Looks great.
  8. Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    This looks great. Can't wait to see it finished.
  9. Automotive passion

    What a great video. And a beautiful car.
  10. 69 Fastback project

    That’s some real artistry. Wish I had those skills.
  11. I would have guessed way more than that. Maybe when I look at how long something takes to do I think of how slow I am.
  12. This is one spectacular car. Can't imagine what he would have paid.
  13. I really like these mirrors. I am going to have to look at a pair of electric mirrors for mine. It's a real pain when they move each time you slam the door.
  14. Small emblem or Mustang script

    They look really good
  15. Hi, this is how mine was located. The drain was cracked and leaked out the side onto the floor. As I was disassembling the unit to modify I drilled out the old drain and glassed in a new metal drain tube. I am not aware of a separate plug so possibly your drain is blocked.