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  1. I’d prime the metal again and add more high fill. Looks like it’s getting close
  2. What sort of weight is the Tank Armor? Looks pretty heavy
  3. Thanks for that. As they are very stiff to push on I was worried about having to push too hard and damaging the motor.
  4. I have question re the SN95 motors. The base that the mirror is bonded to clips onto the motor assembly. I am nervous about pushing it too hard. Is there a trick to it, or does it just push on? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the thoughts. As far as Australia goes with the drought at the moment there certainly are large areas of Australia that barren wasteland sounds about right. Although typically in spring most of the areas green up and only dry out towards the end of summer. The last couple of years has been really tough for all those in the land. While this drought is extreme Australia typically has periods of drought and then rain. One of the big issues apart from the fires is that a lot of country towns are running out of water. Sydney has severe restrictions on water use as well. Can only hope that the drought breaks soon.
  6. Thanks mate. We are okay. Had one a couple of miles away but the wind was taking it away from us. We have had constant smoke for weeks. Dozens of lives, hundreds of houses and millions of acers have been lost and they are still going. I lost two relatives trying to protect their house. While they were cousins I hadn't met, it makes it all the more real. At this stage there is no significant rain forecast so the fires will continue for some time. I am a wildlife rescuer (snakes and lizards) and the toll is unbelievable. Nothing survives and will take decades to recover.
  7. Still doing a bit of finishing off with the conversion. The original plastic cover that goes around the steering column no longer fits so I had to make one. I chose steel because it’s easiest to work with. I’d hate to be paying me by the hour. Probably 40 hours in this. I’m a bit slow and drink too much. Pretty happy with how it turned out
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but how noticeable will the change be having installed connectors?
  9. On the other forum they said a BA Falcon would fit perfectly so I bought a pair. They overhang the radiator an wont clear the battery and aircond pipes so I bought the same one as you which fitted perfectly. Unfortunately just doesn’t have the flow. I may do a bit more work trying to fit the BA fans down the track but for now I’ll just stick with the flex fan.
  10. Hi mate, I just saw the picture of your thermos fan setup. I recently installed the same fans and had an immediate rise in temps although not over the top. I also found that on the highway the temps would creep up. I had to go back to the original 6 blade flex fan and shroud. Temps back to normal.
  11. So, an update. New plugs and main jets and back to 98 fuel. No longer pinging and running on is gone. Dyno showed an extra 4 hp (202) which is not a lot but it is up to 9 higher at lower RPM. There is a noticeable increase in acceleration, so I'm pretty happy. While not conclusive, it looks like the running on was the old plugs. I'm not across power outputs and what is normal. Is 202hp reasonable for a 351C 2V, 9.1:1, iron manifolds, 600 Holley and mild cam?
  12. Have been doing a bit of trouble shooting and chatting to a friend who builds hi perf engines. I have gone back to 98 petrol from 95 and it does not appear to run on, but as it doesn't do it every time it's not conclusive. It can't be the electric fans providing current while running down as the relay isolates the circuit. A box was put on the engine that calculates compression ratio and it is not the 10:1 that the engine guy calculated, it's 9.1:1. The good thing is my issues are not related to compression ratio. When the plug was pulled the engine guy asked why it fitted these triple electrode fancy plugs. They were on it when I got the car and as they looked expensive I didn't change them. They also have some carbon build up. This may be the cause of the run on. When he put it on the dyno the engine was breaking down around 4500 rpm. May be dizzy issues or maybe the plugs. New plugs going in on the weekend. Would be great if that is all it is. Main jets are a little on the lean side so also changing those. As the electric fans are not adequately cooling I have put the flex fan back on. Will report back after plugs and jets. Hopefully with good news.
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