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  1. My baby turned 50 on 2nd June. And I missed it. I don't think she's talking to me now. Maybe flowers will help.
  2. I would confirm the temp is actually high first. Use a secondary gauge to check the temp. As you mentioned oil press is high as well it may be pointing to the constant voltage regulator for your instrument cluster.
  3. Thanks for the info. Saved for a conversion down the track.
  4. I remember seeing a post with someone fitting early 80's RX-7 electric mirrors. I haven't been able to find it again but it's something I have been considering. I have been keeping my eye out at the wreckers but no good yet.
  5. I cut a piece of cardboard so I had the profile of my spoiler and took it to a wrecking yard and looked for a spoiler with a similar profile. There were plenty of options and even if the profile isn’t exact it doesn’t matter too much as you can just cut out a smaller section. Mine was off a 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer and was $20 for the whole spoiler. And they are the crappy Australian dollars.
  6. I used an Aussie product called Plasti-Bond. It is an epoxy filler/glue. The section of spoiler I used was plastic and the fibreglass reson doesn’t bond too well to this.
  7. I just changed from 4V open chamber to 2V closed chamber Aussie heads and had a noticeable improvement off the mark. 351C . I used Aussie heads because that’s the easiest to find down here.
  8. Attached. I'm really happy with how it turned out and is not really visible until the brake is on.
  9. You nailed it. So grateful I thought I was up for another rebuild. I took the old fuel pump off and blanked the hole. Quiet as a mouse. Thanks.
  10. That will make a nice donor car for the rebuild. :)
  11. I had a similar problem with petrol fumes in my car recently. It was a hot day and turned out to be the fuel cap not venting properly and pressurising the tank. I never got to the bottom of why there were fumes in the cabin but replacing the fuel cap seal fixed the problem.
  12. I am just about jumping in the air. I recently bypassed the engine driven pump as I fitted an electric pump. I have left the pump hoses off and this is probably what I can hear. No time left this weekend but I can't wait until I get into it next weekend. Thankyou!
  13. Hi guys, I rebuilt my 351C around 500 miles ago and it has been running great. Specs; .020, 10:1, mild cam, 600 Holley. Nothing spectacular. The noise sounded initially like a water pump but putting my head near the engine it appeared to be coming from the power steering pump. I bought a second hand pump and put it on and the noise is still there. I have now taken the belt for power steering and water pumps off and the noise is still there. It only makes the noise once the engine has warmed up. Disappears again when cold. Any ideas where to start? Thinking a rocker near #5 of timing gear but the noise doesn't quite fit that. IMG_2271.MOV IMG_2271.MOV IMG_2272.MOV
  14. Looks great. How about some full pictures so we can see the stripes. I like what I see.
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