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  1. bigmal

    Suspension for the every day driver

    The biggest single improvement I've made to reduce the squirrelling was fitting a rear sway bar. Made a huge difference even after I'd replaces all bushings, springs, ball joints and shocks.
  2. Me too, but sometimes on the longer trips it's nice to have a radio. Also like the hands free. Not sure if I will be able to hear it though. Haven't driven it yet. Just used it in the garage.
  3. bigmal

    Huge loss for the family

    So sorry to hear that mate. My girl is getting on and I'm dreading this day.
  4. Bought a Retrosound Long Beach while in the US a couple of weeks ago. I've fitted lots of radios over the years and they have all been pretty simple. Not the Mustang. The mounting bracket for the mustang is designed for the different lengths of the from of the original radio and the spindles on the Retrosound are not long enough. I had to weld new brackets to the old one before cutting of the parts that did not work. I know this does not make sense. So hopefully the picture show what I mean. After a lot of fiddling around it's fitted and works great. I can even use the phone hands free.
  5. I ended up fitting them in the side panels. Pretty happy with how they turned out. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. bigmal

    Leak from power steering?

    Looks like the hose is leaking through the crimp. Time for a replacement. I would definitely do something about the hoses hanging does before they get caught on something.
  7. bigmal

    I'm getting good at this

    Planning on going as well if the stars align. See you there
  8. bigmal

    Summer (of 69) Project

    These are a great improvement. Have them on mine.
  9. bigmal

    Printed circuit board

    Yep, exactly the issue you helped me with.
  10. bigmal

    Printed circuit board

    I replaced mine with an aftermarket one and still had problems. Ended up with a replacement from Midlife. It really is a big improvement and with the length of the harness it's easy to troubleshoot instrument panel issues as you can pull the panel out a considerable way while it is still connected. http://midlife66.com/harnesses/products.html
  11. bigmal

    I'm getting good at this

    I think that ceiling needs some gyprock and some nice downlights to finish it off.
  12. bigmal

    69 at Bathurst

    That was a great start to the day. Thanks.
  13. bigmal

    The Bitch is Back!

    Very nice work
  14. bigmal

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    I do avoid the Knob Creek.
  15. bigmal

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    He's a good friend!