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  1. I've been chasing ths problem for years. I first fitted a fuel shutoff valve which is only open with power on. (Also for anti theft). This made no difference. I've now added an electric pump at the tank. Strangely it is still difficult to start after a couple of weeks. Maybe time for EFI :)
  2. I got mine off eBay for $20.89. Came from China of course. Listed as '2PCS Stainless Cup Drinking Holder' I used a fly cutter very carfully and a dramel at the end.
  3. Thats for the electric mirrors. One of the threads on this site showed how to fit the mirror motors from an E95 mustang. A great mod. The swith is from an Australian AU Falcon.
  4. I also added cup holders to my 69 consul. I used the wood insert from a 70 without the seat belt hole
  5. I have a 3/4 rear bar and not really happy with the way it's set up. Instead of loops at the end of the bar that the bolt and rubbers go in to, it has a strait bar that a rubber bush clamps around. You slide the bush further it to make it stiffer. I was reversing around a very uneven driveway and heard a bang. The rubber had come off the end of the bar. A very poor set up. I will take your advice and try with the bar off. I may consider a thinner bar with the loop ends as well. Thanks Bob
  6. Hi all, Happy new year. Hope you all had a great Christmas break. My 69 is basically stock suspension. 1 1/8" and 3/4" sway bars. Better shocks and Shelby drop. I was recently driving pretty quick off the highway exit and noticed the rear wanted to be in the front. Nothing major as I corrected it before it was an issue. It felt a lot like the tires were flexing. BFG 245/60/15 at 30PSI. I am thinking of making/fitting a Panhard rod. Could I have some feeback on individual experince with these. Is there a noticeable difference in handling/cornering? Thanks, Mal.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone, from down under
  8. Great work. You should be very proud
  9. I think we've been focusing on the spare being in the boot. I have the solution!
  10. I just tried my wifes S60 spare and close but noo cigar. Back to the drawing board.
  11. I have a feeling the VColvo is the same pattern. I need to check with my wife's S60. If so, she won't need it!
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