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  1. @larryc94 very nice, do you happen to know if you bought the 80/20 loop or Nylon loop carpet?
  2. Has anyone had any experience in using this kit? Trunk Mat Set
  3. If you have Instagram or Facebook, look up peninsula mustangs, its mainly new mustangs but once a month, they meet at at fashion island (Foster City) but I hang with a small group of classics mustang owners, we are ages between 20-35. We try to do a cruise or meet 1-2 times a month. feel free to add me in IG @datwild69 and ill send you an invite to the next meet.
  4. I have a tko600 MDL Kit installed on my 69 coupe. No cutting from what I remember. Im using an external clutch slave which helps with pedal effort, Im located in the in the bay area aswell, dont mind meeting you at a cars and coffee to show you.
  5. maybe incorrect seals? Disc Brake Distribution Block and Proportioning Valve Rebuild - How To
  6. agreed, Im going this route once I go EFI, the stealth tank can handle both EFI and Carb Set ups. its matter of getting a fuel regulator and correct hose.
  7. is this motor full EFI engine or Carb setup with a late model 302? though it probably is a 89's best to confirm by looking at the block casting: https://www.enginelabs.com/engine-tech/a-guide-to-ford-v8-engine-block-casting-numbers-1952-1996/ ether timing is off, of who ever installed the distributor did not match it with cyl 1 TDC. If they messed it up, call them and let them know you'll be taking it else where and send them the bill. but if you have the time and space, you can do this your self.
  8. to answer your first question: my current 392w stroker had a "street fighter" c4 from performance automatic with a 2500 stall convertor and I had stock open 3:00 diff, it was a good platform and nothing ever broke as I was on street tires. I would definitely look into performance automatic if you decided to stay with the c4 or you can buy their 4spd auto. I decided to go manual as that was the original goal, so I went with a TKO0600 and went with a trutrac ford 9 w/3:50 gears. I was able to put down 360rwhp and 400rwtq after dyno and tune. if there was a 5-6 speed auto that could fit with no cutting/mods I would have gone this route. For the 302/351w: both 302//351w are great platforms, though the power you are wanting to make, I think the 331 should be easy build, but the 302 block has limitations if you are trying to achieve max power, thats when the 351w comes in to play, they can take up to 600hp no problem. price is roughly the same with both engines, with a 351w you are limited to intake options, if you stay with the stock hood, I wanted the edelbrock airgap but I read there was clearance issues with the stock hood and some ppl recommended going with a cowl hood. I went with the weiand stealth intake instead, to keep my stock hood and I make good power overall. the 302's are easier to work on, they are smaller and no clearance issues, 351w are somewhat wider and taller and can get tight under the hood if you go with big heads and headers, servicing the 351w can be tiresome, which is why some ppl tend to stay with a 302 but 351w can take more power. of course, these opinions can be eliminated if you went with a dart block, then I suggest going with the 331.
  9. @danno curious would this fit a 69 if I were to change the push rod?
  10. Pro touring is the look I'm going for. 69-70 coupes always go to the poormans 302/429 boss look. I wanted to be different, wanted to add a bit of mordern ford OE Parts and color. Inspiration came from the cali special, new edge fr500 concept and the termy 03-04 cobra. Silver and Black wheels look so good! just a summary of what I went with: 393w stroker (dyno 360 RWHP, 400RWTQ) TKO600 kit from MDL Street or Track Front Coil over suspension w/ Bilstein Sport Shocks 4.5 Mid eye Grab-a-Track Leaf springs w/Bilstein Sport shocks Vintage Venom (RIP) 03-04 Cobra front and rear brake kit Ford 9 TruTrac w/3:50's Dakota RTX Gauges (still getting used to this, but so far its great!) Vintage Venom front and rear 03-04 cobra brake kit 18x9/10 FR500's from americanmuscle.com 245/275x40x18 BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 Summer Tires Ford Ingot Silver, Paint Code UX
  11. i thought about this kit aswell, can I also use my OE power steering linkage or is that the take away when using this setup that it only connects for the brakes only and end up with manual steering?
  12. I saw this PCV in VMF, but no one updated the thread if it actually works, can you describe what what it made it better, smoother idle/take off?
  13. Hi @barnett468, I tired sending you a message seems you cannot receive messages. if you hear or anyone hears of anything feel free to email me ashcazzalli@gmail.com
  14. feel free to message me with some photos, I might be interested.
  15. tried sending you a message, ur inbox was full.
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