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  1. Just to update this thread, Pressure plate on the MDL Clutch Failed, clutch looked fine after digging, the pressure plate is made by Seco (korean Company)http://www.secoautomotive.com/eng/products/clutch-cover.php. Im sure their clutch is made by them aswell, though MDL's site clutch is made in-house & inspected. there is a possibility this was outsourced to this company in korea to keep cost down. also, my external slave was leaking, looked like black grease and pieces of the seal was deteriorating. also, had the transmission shop reach out to them asking if there was an upgrade to the external slave cylinder, says this is the best one. is there any other slave cylinders that have a 2 1/8 mounting hole? all other ext. slave cylinder looks to have the 2 3/8 mounting hole. Any suggestions would be great, as Im currently out of $100 bucks from MDL on getting a replacement. not to bash on MDL, but they could be a little more affordable and provide better warranty on their products.
  2. stock rods are adjustable, but if you looking for performance, they won't hold poly's, I would toss the stock strut rods and go with Street or Track; https://www.streetortrack.com/Street-or-Track-Adjustable-Strut-Rods-pr-16135.html if you are staying with the stock suspension.
  3. @JET 445 feels great! soft pedal, but still breaking in the clutch. I've also noticed the external clutch slave is leaking aswell, after trying to find feedback about MDL external slave, I did some digging and it looks like the slaves they provide is a $12.00 part https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bck-072-9514 I am currently looking to upgrade, any recommendations would be great if anyone has any ideas.
  4. Update: Swapped out my clutch, the transmission shop said my original clutch was fine, but my pressure plate failed which caused it to slip. @barnett468 your right, the pressure plate and possibly the clutch are made over seas, made in Korea (not china) not that Im saying its bad but definitely called it.
  5. I have a 393w with 195 avenger heads, weiand, stealth intake, holley 750 dp, march serp pulleys, longs tubes with magnaflow xpipe with a tko600 a ford 9, 3:50 gears I had a MDL kevlar, steel organic clutch, but clutch went out after a year, so im going with a mcleod super street pro clutch. hopefully this one will last longer. 330rwhp 390+rwtq untuned dynojet dyno 365rwhp 400rwtq tuned on a dynapack dyno
  6. i'd cancel and make a case with paypayl asap if you have not received anything or a response from the owner.
  7. Do you have a pair of the Boomerang Molding Quarter chrome clips?
  8. Final Update 3; Sale ends mid-afternoon (pst) tomorrow. just saw this on their Instagram account page. Just purchased my rtx set.
  9. Update 2: I spoke with autoworks, the offer is only today and tomorrow, so I recommend giving them a call asap if you are wanting to buy dakota digital, I believe this deal is happening because they buy their stuff from them in bulk and are placing their order EOD tomorrow. for the RTX gauges, it is $950 (-$345 discount), plus $30 shipping (not sure if shipping price varies depending on state) but give them a call.
  10. Following https://autoworksparts.com/ Instagram, they announced they have a deal with all dakota digital products. Definitely give autoworks a call if you dont have instagram and they can give you a price, I've been told by others its a $335 discount (friend got quoted for 67-68 rtx gauges), tax & shipping is not included. Will post on here with what I get with the RTX 69 mustang gauges,
  11. I do not recommend the granada disc brake (no offense to those who have it but thats a very old conversion kit/mod from back n the day. I had it and its a 1 piston caliper and did not like the stopping power. $700+ for a granada swap is pretty steep, you can get a 4 piston wilwood kit $643.00 maybe even cheaper if you buy them through summitracing.com this will accommodate the 15" wheel i believe. for the rear you can go with wilwood rear disc brake aswell other options is use the brakes from a 99-04 cobra or 2013-19 mustang GT, you can buy the adapters from mustang steve but you will need to farm out the parts from ebay, craigslist or junk yard. Also, streetortrack.com is has great option for brakes but they are a little pricey, so wilwood or mustang steve will be your best bet.
  12. I almost did a core exchange for a duralast booster, looks exactly like my midland minus a few things, but I got my old one rebuilt it was actually cheaper than the repop. I found this video in regards to knowing if you should stick with rebuilding your booster or purchase a new one. 60's-70's Midland / Bendix Brake Booster Knowledge
  13. Thanks everyone, @barnett468 - I dont drag race it, I do some spirited driving but nothing too extreme. the idea with this car, is to keep it street but ready for track and autocross (haven't done this yet) But I gave Mcleod a call the other day and they recommended to go with a super street pro clutch. the other option was their RST/RXT, but the price is a little steep, so I went with their Super Street pro Clutch kit.
  14. Hi All, Bought a TKO600 Conversion kit from MDL back in May '18. Everything was great except until a few days ago, The Clutch (Kevlar/Steel Organic) is burning up after a 1yr use and the clutch doesn't grab in 4th or 5th anymore when the car is warmed up. I did adjust the clutch (External Slave Cylinder/fork), but no change, most likely the clutch is going to need replacement. Did anyone ever experience these types of issues with MDL's kevlar/steel organic Clutch? the clutch I have was advertised to handle 450hp+ and since it was kevlar/Steel Organic I expected this clutch to last longer than usual as the material can take a beating. to note, Recently I did a dyno/tune and now putting out more power than I originally thought (330rwhp/400tq) this is probably what caused the clutch to burn. I'm am now putting down 365rwhp 400rwtq. Does anyone have any clutch recommendations? I've been told McCleod Super Street Pro or RST are great, but would like your feedback. The car is meant for street/spirited driving and maybe some autocross. The engine is a 393w Stroker (Carb'd), TKO600 with ford 9 w/ 3:50's Best,
  15. what I would do, is probably donate them to the local library or give them out for next years car show if no one buys them.
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