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  1. yep, I have this in my TKO600 aswell. np, happy to share the info! aint no way Im paying $40 dollars more, plus ship/tax for a shifter that's being resold. no offense to MDL, but the price gouging is insane.
  2. Started looking around for an offset shifter and prep for the TKX swap later in the year, I liked the MDL Qwik Shifter however, knowing from past experience, MDL tends to sell at a higher price so I started some googling and found the company that makes them: https://redrobertsinc.com/?page_id=178 I went to their site and emailed them and got an immediate response. I got quoted for a TKX Shifter with 1" back for $304 + Tax/ship in stock, compared to MDLs price $340 + Tax/Ship. just posting if anyone was interested in purchasing the correct offset shifter for a better price. Contact Number: 714-651-0829
  3. Looking good so far @lalojamesliz Those Contour fans are a great mod, especially with the DD Controller, its so helpful that you can set the control temps via phone.
  4. Im Slightly confused here, so they did or did they not Internally balanced the motor? you're previous posts mentions it was externally balanced and now you're saying here, its internally balanced, which is it? if internally balanced both Harmonic Balancer and Flexplate should be 0, not 28oz. I have a 427w that is internally balanced, and both balancer and fly wheel are neutral, no weights needed. If your engine is really internally balanced, replace the balancer/flywheel with neutral balance, summitracing sells the replacement parts and no weights attached. no need to tear the motor apart unless the crank shaft is out of wack now since you installed the 28oz and that is the source of your vibration. I would re-verify with your engine builder and have him show you documentation on what they exactly did with your engine. Engine builders should have and share all documentation about your motor. at this point, it could be that crankshaft is too twisted no matter what you do to try to resolve it and the vibration will not go away with just replacing parts.
  5. @bigmal Im sorting something similar with my SOT 3 link, but I have a TKO. I have yet to try it, but since I dont have a garage, the rain is keeping me at bay. but to piggy back of of Det, and Im sure you have done this, put the car on an even surface with jacks, so it can mimic the car is on full weight on tires, measure the transmission tailend with an inclinometer or app on your phone, measure how many degrees the transmission tail is, measure the drive shaft angle and finally pinion angle. at least for my set up, SOT recommended my car to be around, 3-4 degrees Transmission down and 3-4 degrees pinion up. of course have the transmission and pinion be centered at 0 degrees should cause no vibration.
  6. Note: Located in the Bay Area, CA (San Francisco) - Local Pickup Only Selling my used Ford 9" 28 spline TruTrac w/ 3:50 gears + Axle housing, Bilstein sport shocks and Axle Mounts and Grab-a-track 4.5 mideye leafs springs. this was in my 69 mustang coupe. (note: Axles, brakes and brake lines are not included), was built by Mustang Fever in Santa Clara. I was putting down 460rwhp and 475rwtq, truetrac is the next big thing, not like the clutch type/LSD out there. No issues at all, the reason for selling is I went with a SOT 3 link/31 spline for autocross, has 30k miles. Most new complete rear kits cost 3K+ recommend a new axle/gasket seals, plum or reuse your 3/16 brake lines and you can reuse your existing ford 8/9 inch 28 spline axles. This is a great affordable swap for someone wanting to upgrade and drive on the street. this will fit any 67-70 Mustang | Cougar, trying to sell as a swap/kit, Local pick up only, asking for 2200 Firm, local pick up only. if you are serious, please message me.
  7. @TexasEd too bad you are not in SF, California, Im selling my old mustang 67-70 rear end with ford 9 28 spline, truetrac since I converted to a 3link and upgraded to Strange's ford 9 31 TT spline. Good luck with your search!
  8. They should have been the same color, not sure where you ordered it from, but I would reach out and see if they can exchange it for the correct color.
  9. ah I see, I bought my TKX through Tremec/summitracing, so I dont have that feature and have the Basic Tremec Shifter.
  10. Good to know, I have their MDL shifter on my current TKO600, it moves the shifter 1" back, its not bad, never had an issue with it, but thats alot of money to fork out. I was thinking of making an 1" adapter plate or bracket to move the shifter back like MDL and utlizie the stock TKX shifter or purchase something like this from ebay:https://www.ebay.com/itm/225285115663 looks like Lokar is jumping on this aswell: https://inthegaragemedia.com/lokar-performance-axishift/ Let us know how the rubber trans mount mod works, definitely following your thread.
  11. Thanks for info and pics, this helps alot, I will eventually swap out my TKO600 to a TKX in the coming months, so I'm wondering if my old MDL TKO mount will be the same or if I should buy the mount you have. ill need to give them a call later on to confirm. As for the shifter location, mine slightly does this with the TKO, I think the only way to correct this is to either modify the transmission hole and relocate slightly, or like you mentioned drill holes in the mount for side way adaptability and possibly get some custom motor mounts that are adjustable aswell, maybe someone will chime in that has the same issue.
  12. hard to tell, but I would look at various photos of side photos of 69 Gt350 verts to get an idea, maybe 1 1/2 - 2" from the B pillar and start from there.
  13. Odd, the TKO600 and TKX should be the exactly the same other than a few take aways. Maybe this Low Profile mount requires you to modify the tunnel and you need the standard version? Hopefully MDL sends you another mount
  14. Any scoop will not match the holes, they prolly ment the bolts will match to the original Gt350 vert holes. you can also use a dremel too to open the mouth more, I also recommend getting a screen made so rocks or debris wont get lodged in there. Also, cobranda has the ducts to make the scoops functional, Cobranda I bought a set, it was the only place that had it in stock (kinda pricey) but worth it. if those scoops give you trouble, @Ridge Runner can possibly make one for ya, he did a set for me, its the closest you'll ever get to actual side scoops that shelby offered to the gt350s verts, and they are not fiberglass. Im learning Cad and 3d Printing, my first challenge is to create & 3D print some side scoops which would be the better quality. eventually make a 3d fish tail like the shelby de mexico and/or camaro wing that will bolt on or add double sided tape the trunk panel.
  15. @Flanders Thanks for the comparison, I gotta see if mine is the standard or low profile one when i did the TKO install a few years back. Im running the stock rubber mount that MDL sent me, it should clear your exhaust unless you have it riding up against the floor boards.
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