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  1. Hi @barnett468, I tired sending you a message seems you cannot receive messages. if you hear or anyone hears of anything feel free to email me ashcazzalli@gmail.com
  2. feel free to message me with some photos, I might be interested.
  3. tried sending you a message, ur inbox was full.
  4. totally agree, and I did my homework learned on how to ID a mach 1 or FB in general, Brian hit the nail on the head. when I texted him the first time, he didn't want to give up any information other than ppl were asking about the listing and someone offered 20k which he offered a viewing today at 4-5pm (pst). I told him I was not interested in a bidding war. luckily someone saw the car and called him out.
  5. yeah, he called me back asking if I was still interested in the car I, told him I saw his updated listing and I wasn't interested as it wasn't a real FB/Mach 1. The car is pretty much worthless and should just be a parts car. Im still looking around for a 69 FB, I would love to pick one up locally in CA, budget is between 15-25k. I know FB prices are going up, so decided to look for one this year, since Im done with my coupe. if I dont find one, Im just probably going to buy a used s550 mustang.
  6. you are right. he reposted the listing with more information looks like someone checked it out and realized it wasn't a FB or Mach1: "69 Mustang Fastback. Certified 351 Cleveland rebuilt engine n 3 speed transmission. Dangerously powerful! Originally a convertible. $13999 OBO. Cash only." He was trying to have a bidding war he listed it for 12k, then 16k then finally 20k, he then re-edited his posting to 13k obo. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/san-mateo-69-mustang-fastback/7147890181.html
  7. Hi Everyone, So I have found a 69 Mustang Fastback "Mach 1"for sale, owner claims its a True Mach 1 the seller doesnt want to share the vin afraid of someone might steal it.. (red flag) anyways, from the pictures the car looks like a 351w with an auto transmission, I dont think its an original motor/transmission, car looks to be 95% percent complete, claims rebuilt. I know the typical stuff to look for, as for rust in the floor pans, shock tower holes, qtr panels, torque boxes and b pillars. Also, Im going to ask for any documentation in regards to any repairs and see if he can provide DMV report to see if there is anything hidden. car has old paint but not original, clear is peeling off, looks like someone hasn't driven it in years, I know in CA ppl tend to be high off their minds and asking 35k for a rust bucket. I was wondering how much 69 fastbacks run for in the current market and what to look out/ask for. Best,
  8. what model pump do you have is it an early model or late model power steering pump? also can you share a video? that might help.
  9. I think 2nd looks nice, but lighter in color, the 3rd looks close but needs more flake but need to see it under more light, you can buy flake powder and they have different grains of flake, but it can cost a pretty penny. I would reach out to another paint distributor company that sells the top tier brands like PPG/Spies/Dupont to see if they can scan your fender or have them call their rep to see if they can can you an updated formula/code looking on the internet, I see there are some brands that sells the color. https://shop.thecoatingstore.com/1969-Ford-Mustang-Lime-Gold-I-Car-Kit-1969-FORD-MUSTANG-I-CKIT.htm
  10. the picture you posted was that under direct sunlight or a light that body shops use to dry the clear/paint? I'm with DreamCar, I worked for a distributor that sold Paint to body shops in the bay area in my early 20's and the major problem with these shops working on old cars was trying to figure out how to blend old paint(lacquer) with new (waterbourne). you can be the best painter in the world and have a paint scanner, BUT even the machine/painters experience wont be 100% accurate. which is why some ppl have the whole car re-painted or paint the one area that needs work and deal with it, not saying you won't be able to do it, just it wont be 100% paint match. most of the older paint codes are usually not updated but if you call the paint the distributor near you (to scan your fender) or call the manufacturer, possibly Dupont/PPG they may have it on file or could possibly see if they can give you an updated formula/code but that's a gamble and not sure if they would help out unless the painter/shop is a top earner in the area. also, paint brands play a huge part on how rich the color is: Spies Hecker (top tier) which i have on my car and love, PPG (top tier) and Dupont & Nason (medium to low tier). Also, my car is silver and had it painted 3 times because of this issue, I had to choose a color from a modern car as the painters could not match the silver, I also didn't have a paint code so that didn't help, on my 3rd paint job.. I chose ford's Ingot Silver (UX) and never looked back.
  11. does your valve covers have baffles and what type of PCV/breather system do you have push in/Screw in?
  12. they are still in business, but they were bought out by an equity firm. https://thebrakereport.com/stainless-steel-brakes-reborn-in-western-new-york/
  13. Definitely worth it. Only thing I wish it had was the running horse when the high beam goes on
  14. Replaced my old gauges with Dakota Digital RTX Vintage Series. Definitely and awesome product, super easy to calibrate on your phone.
  15. a friend of mine, who loves photography took pictures of my car. looks pretty good!
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