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  1. Agreed with Det0326, try the manual brakes and go for the 6 piston wilwood offers. a friend has it on his 69 vert/manual brake setup and stops really well.
  2. Anyone running SOT 3 link? just pulled the trigger on it for my coupe to complete the suspension package, and had some questions. Seems Shauns on Vacay but will call Monday, hoping to get an answer from yall over the weekend. Im using his new rear end housing witch requires big bearings, wondering if my ford 9, 28 spline axles will fit in the housing, if so what bearing size/brand should I go with? Ill be posting an install/pics, this is the first time I'm eliminating the rear leafs/shocks so should be fun.
  3. GT or Cobra? I think they are 3/8 in.-24 Thread,
  4. Thank you, all, I started tearing the front part of the interior. Ill take pics of the progress. So far I removed the following: Upper Dash (looks it was an AC on a non AC car) Clock/Gauges/cluser removed, unfortunately, clusters are brittle the moment I touched it just snapped off. :( seems this car was out in the sun to long. Unplugged most of the wiring Removed headliner/visors/ring going to start tearing the lower/mid dash that bolted to the a pillars next weekend, however I want to remove the main harness from the firewall once I remove the lower dash, whats the best way to tackle that? is it simply a plug that clipped on or a rubber grommet? want to save as much as possible so I can send it to midlife for restoration later. also see some surface rust in some areas, going to clean that and use ospho and spray it with a rust inhibitor.
  5. 106148 placed an order with NPD, the cowl hood, both front DR/PS floor pans/and toe board need replacement, a pillar on the passenger had weird rust with silicone (most likely someone tried to coat this with silicone as undercoating... which traps moisture (ironic). I used a borescope to look into the inner pillar saw nothing damaged or rust. area of concern right now, is the rear tail panel, looks like there was a minor accident which bent the tail panel and rear trunk brace slightly inward and passenger qtr had some work done but going to cut it open and replace but phase one is to replace and treat the front cowl and floor pans, I also looked under the front and rear frame rails look great and see no warpage or buckling, but going to take measurements using the dimensions I found here. I wanted to paint it Silver Jade, but google pics dont do it justice, so I between Iconic Silver, Magnetic Grey or Rapid Red. Question for those out there, is there a schematic on how to remove the rear flip seat and side panel trim? my coupe was so easy, assuming they are on tabs aswell. also, for these type of FBs, was there rear speakers or only in the front? trying to save everything as much as I can but alot of the plastic has been baked and brittle so trying to remove this carefully.
  6. We'll I got a new project, purchased a 1969 Mach 1. got alot of work to do, but priority is gotta replace the cowl/floor boards first and finally rear trunk brace/tail panel/qtr panel. car been through hell, but 90% of the car is there. will post pics of the progress. had a 351w w/ fmx, all drums, definitely needs alot of TLC, this will be a long project, but the goal is to slightly bring it back to its former glory and go with a original look. paint is super last thing on my mind, so may paint it primer or use a matte color. Original color was Silver Jade, San Jose car and was in LA most of its life.
  7. Selling a brand new hydra tech brake kit. I was going to use this for a project but decided to go back to Bendix booster. the kit has been coated by hydra tech to eliminate any surface rust or fluids. Hydratech Braking Systems :: 1967-1970 Ford Mustang / Mercury Cougar Hydraulic Brake Assist System Listings Hydratech Braking Systems :: 1967-1970 Ford Mustang / Mercury Cougar Hydraulic Brake Assist System Listings www.hydratechbraking.com The kit comes with the following: hydro boost unit, coated. 1" OEM Master Cylinder, Coated Steel braided PTFE Brakes lines, fitted to use modern 79-93 5.0l pump. 1 x Hydratech proportioning valve I paid $1338 in total, Asking $900 or OBO, will ship anywhere in the US, however, let me know the zip code and I can get you rates. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.
  8. hahha I knew a few shops like this.. lol definitely not fun! No, they never responded, going to call tomorrow.
  9. Thanks Raven! I emailed the account, looks like its still valid, but hoping that person responds. @rpm please! I would buy a few sets. I just picked up a 69 Mach 1 project and tabs are missing.
  10. same but it rejects the bid/purchase as its out of date. I looked for sanco specialities (the original site) but domain is down. I then tried to look for the other person who took over, Dana but I couldnt find any contact info.
  11. Anyone have a link or where I could buy replacement 69 head light bucket replacement lower tabs? it seems the old site is down. which Im afraid they went out of business.
  12. yes, the roll pin may have sheared off. I had this happen to me before, I was able to limp it home as it will misfire/stumble, I was nervous the metal pieces would mess up the engine, luckily it do not as it broke into two and didnt fall into the oil gallery or pump. I wouldn't drive the car or turn it on just yet, take off the distributor to inspect it and use a magnetic pick up for metal debris in the oil pump shaft/gallery, also I recommend testing each spark plug and plug wire to isolate if its a spark issue. Timing chain is also another possibility, but rare, unless that timing chain hasn't been changed in over a 100k miles as they will stretch overtime. Check the distributer/sparkplug/wire first. I would also check your coil or any wiring related to ignition that may be damaged or worn.
  13. went to a local meet with some friends, found this really nice looking 69 gt350, I looked at the side scoops and did not know they were actually functional, gave me an idea to mod a extra set of side scoops I have (Thanks to Ridge Runner)
  14. I went with Undercover innovations, Big noticeable difference in cooling. The temps dropped faster as it directs all air to the radiator instead of having the air hit all sides and try to lift the hood. you could make your own, I've seen some 69-70 trans am mustang with this setup.
  15. ordered a set of low profile caltracs after noticing wheel hop with the 200 tread tires after a few mid rev launches.. definitely not fun lol.
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