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  1. my 69 coupe had the same thing, did the chassis strengthening kit and welded all the hairline cracks, never had an issue since and I did autocross, which was scary at first but it never cracked again or show signs of stress. if your car is 1 or 500 somethings or going concourse.. then I would go the extra mile and replacing the shock towers and reuse the chassis stiffening kit that is installed now.
  2. Depends on what you plan on doing. if you just want to go with a refresher: upgrading shocks and spring/leafs. Spring/Coil: Eaton Detroit Springs: https://www.eatondetroitspring.com/ Shocks: Bilstien Shocks Tires: BFG, Cobra Coopers or any good summer tire. also, upgrading the sway bar 1" or 1 1/8" should be good, replace all bushings/tierods/strut rods. if you want to go further, i.e roller bearing spring perches and adjustable strut rods, start looking at https://opentrackerracing.com if you want to go with performance and pro-touring: Coil-over setups Street Or Track Front and rear coil overs - I have their front coil overs and love them: https://streetortrack.com/ Maier Racing or Mike Maier Inc (too expensive for my taste): https://mikemaierinc.com/ & https://www.maierracing.com/ Total Control products: http://www.totalcontrolproducts.com/ Global West Suspension: https://www.globalwest.net/ Im sure I am missing a few, but you have loads of options.
  3. in that case, give it to me. Ill take care of it ;)
  4. nice, any more pictures how the exhaust was routed through the panhard bar? Im between using something like or going with SOT's rear coil over kit.
  5. I get what your saying SWpruett but this information in the book is widely known and tons of race shops sell these parts that were taken from the book. i.e Maier, opentracker, Cobranda and few engine builders to name a few. you can type the book name in any search engine and this pdf will appear on multiple free sites. If someone wants to buy a hard copy of the book, then yes, spend the $10... imo information on a car no longer being produced shouldn't gate keep this type of info and should be shared freely and digitally. But I leave this up to the mods, if they feel I broke the rules then I will allow them to remove this post.
  6. Just wanted to share this with you all, if you're looking for the these books in pdf form. BOSS302ChassisMod.pdf BOSS302EngineMod.pdf
  7. just to add to that, you can buy the headlight lense from amazon.com for starting from $21 bucks: https://www.amazon.com/IPCW-CWC-7003-Plain-Conversion-Headlight/dp/B000NZUQ56/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2KR7H9HST5464&keywords=5+3%2F4+headlights&qid=1641315121&sprefix=5+3%2F4+headlights%2Caps%2C127&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Round-Style-Premium-Headlights-Upgrade/dp/B007KB0O12/ref=sr_1_9?crid=WGN3J5XNXP1E&keywords=5+3%2F4+headlight+bulb&qid=1641315265&sprefix=5+3%2F4+headlight+bulb%2Caps%2C129&sr=8-9 https://www.amazon.com/Hella-002850871-HLMP-135MM-12V/dp/B00F3ZTW56/ref=sr_1_2?crid=35LNMOKQLJUTJ&keywords=hella+5+3%2F4+headlight&qid=1641338580&sprefix=hella+5+3%2F4+%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-2 so quite a few options
  8. Thanks Ed, looks like ill be looking for a rubber grommet from the old post. What size did you use? going to buy an assortment kit.
  9. it had a mild cam which produced enough vacuum at idle, not sure on the specs though, I bought this engine through FPS in LA 15 years ago, I say cam lift was probably around 512+ however, Im unsure on the lobe separation. Heads are 195 that was 58cc with 1.6 rockers, Weiand Stealth intake and 750cfm carb and ran 1 5/8 long tube headers I am also running a ford 9 with 3:50 gears, so engine hp was around 430hp 480-500tq = 365rwhp 400rwtq. It had tremendous amount of torque, which I loved! I couldn't shift from 1-2 from a dead stop as 1st gear was pretty much useless, TQ/hp would come in around 3k and drop power would drop around 5800rpm. most newer cars can spin up to 6500-7k. My engine could have done the same, but I suspected the rear end gears, stealth Intake and long tube headers size restricted this. Overall the it was a great engine! what I like about my tko it has 64 OD, so on the freeway at 65 mph, I was at 2k rpm so highway driving was a breeze and more bearable. My car was also a 6cyl and auto car, so it took a lot blood/sweat and tears and I've been modding since I was 16. Im now 36 and still can't get enough of this car, lol. Thanks to this forum and the guys here, they helped me alot.
  10. nice, another coupe coming back to life! show us pictures! I attached a pic of mine, you can mods the coupe in different ways. from stock, old school muscle or the very popular protouring look. Ideally, I would like to have a fun street cruiser. I like manual transmissions, but would settle for an automatic. I'd love to have a 351, but would settle for a 302. I live in fayetteville Arkansas, in the ozarks, so there are a lot of hills here, torque is king.. I will probably end up running holley sniper efi and timing control, but would settle for a carb, as I am familiar with them. Id like to run on regular gas, 87 would be awesome, but any pump gas is good. any stock roller 302/351w with AOD would be best cruiser and to run 87 pump gas if your worried about the gas price. I'd like 400+ hp/torque. Enough to show the college kids that old muscle is the best muscle. I recommend going the stroker route, 302 - 331/347 or 351w 393/408/427, on my old 393 stroker, I was pushing 365 rwhp/400rwtq after a dyno tune. Great street manners and idle however I had cheap heads which caused valve guides/rockers to fail, so Im now my old 393w is getting converted to a 408w with more power and have reliable street manners to run on pump 91 gas. I would like to update the suspension for a daily driver on curvy back roads. If you have some cash to burn, start with suspension/brakes/subframe connectors; front suspension: you have tons of options to go with, but everyone here goes with open tracker or if you want to really upgrade, go with street or track coil over conversion, I have their front sport coilover kit installed in my coupe and its awesome to drive. Rear Suspension: I have 4.5 mid eye leafs, but may go with a rear coil over set up later... Transmission - I dont really want to spend big money on tko And I feel like a t5 is just too small. So, I'll probably find a toploader. I'll run close to stock height tires(25-27 inches), but make them a little fat, for a more aggressive look. I have a TKO600, its a good transmission but still notchy when shifting. The new TKX resolves this as it uses some t56 parts. T5z would be fine, but Tq capacity is 330-400hp with a good clutch and if you are not using sticky tires. if you can find a cheap top loader, go that route, otherwise TKX is what I would go with, but fyi, there is a huge backlog to get these.
  11. @TexasEd no, doesn't have to be correct, just need something to compress the spring, anything you recommend?
  12. Update - replaced toeboard, inner torque box, flr pan and seat riser. need a couple of measurements, need to drill two holes for the highbeam switch, can anyone take any measurements from the ecable hole for me? Also, I noticed my ebrake return spring clip is broken, and need a replacement, anyone know the part number or where I can find this? I've looked at NPD/CJPP and WCC but maybe Im not looking hard enough.
  13. @Berto77 this post is from 2015, it would be best to start a new thread. I have 18x9/10 fr500s on my 69 coupe, but you will need to run a wheel adapter/spacer. If you buy those type of wheels, buy from 94-04 mustang wheel. you may need a 1" spacer in front and 1/2 in the back, but that depends on your brake setup. Assuming if you are on a disc/drum setup.
  14. gotta search which ford 8 rears had 3:25'/3:50s, I think they are full size fords like LTD/fairlane/galaxie/ possibly mavericks and cougars. Im not sure which junk yards would have them since at least for me, junkyards near me do not carry old classic cars/parts anymore, just car from 80s - 90's + era vehicles. I would contact West Coast Cougar as they have a yard with old parts, maybe you can barter or buy a 3rd member from them. you are correct that ford 8/9 had different axle widths, I think what @Rsanter is saying is find a complete used rearend with 3:25 and just simply swap out the complete 3rd member (pumpkin) and install it into your current rear end housing since its a direct swap and sell your old one in the other rear end housing since it is not a direct fit, or keep for storage if you have the space.
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