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  1. Hey RPM, any chance you can provide photos of how the brake set up is mounted and plumbed? any install issues or modifications?
  2. I currently have front and rear Vintage Venom 13" Cobra drilled/slotted Brakes with a midland vacuum booster. my 408w is currently being built with more power, so I wanted feedback on these kits if it makes sense to upgrade or keep the original front brake setup and change the pads. the car will be street driven and I have taken the car to some auto cross events, but I do see some limitations with the current brakes.
  3. Hey everyone! Happy Easter | Good Friday! anyone have any experience with Wilwood or SOT 4 piston or 6 piston front brakes? how was the install? are you happy with the braking performance? did you stick with the stock wheel studs are went with ARP long wheel studs? Im jumping between both Wilwood and street or track front disc conversation.
  4. Thanks all, I was going to move forward with the the 427w stroker by going with SHP Dart Block but seems Dart discontinued it as they moving forward with a new version called the Iron Eagle but this will take a few months to get due to pre-orders. So I decided to rebuild my current block and go with a 408w w/ AFR 205s
  5. agreed, I tried to base my wheel setup on this chart when I started to pick out wheels and tire combos, but soo many ppl had different set ups, its hard to collect that much data as every year a new kit would appear. Im happy with my setup 18x9/10 245/40 275/40 with SOT Front Coil Overs and Grab-A-Track 4.5 Mid Eye leafs with Vintage Venom's brake kit:
  6. How do you like the nittos? my BFGoodrichs Sport Comp2 need replacing and Im between Falkens Azenis RT615k+, FK510 and Nittos 555 g2 and Invo I was going to get another set of BFGs, but seems they are better options.
  7. I have a TKO600 with a 064 5th gear with 3:50s and my RPMs are around 1900-2k at 65 mph, I dont think 068 5th gear would make a difference.
  8. can you provide photo of the lines and how you are connecting them?
  9. I say TCET18084 would be great for anyone running 3:50+ rear end gears and for TCET17765 would be mainly for daily use
  10. So I decided to build a new Stroker with a Dart SHP Block, potentially converts the block to a 427w setup, Ive read there is no difference between the 408/427 other this the piston design. What would be your recommendations on which heads work best the AFR 205/220 head? Of Course, the car will mainly be street and run on pump gas and would love it to be ready for track use (i.e RR, AutoX) run on pump gas, the initial goal is to be around 480-500hp with 480tq+, I will be reusing the following parts for now: 750 Holley Carb Weind Stealth (probaly the biggest intake restriction) Heddman 1 3/4 ceramic headers longtubes w/ 3" collector (also possible exhaust flow restriction) Stock PS / Steering Box Lakewood bell housing Magnaflow 2.5 exhaust (xpipe) Ext. Clutch Slave from MDL TKO600 w/ 3:55 gears Also, anyone running AFR 205 or 220 Heads with 1 3/4 header in their their 408/427w stroker? I've read that both exhaust ports are slightly raised, (220 being raises slightly higher for better airflow) Wondering if the raised exhaust ports could potentially touch anything or would need to make custom headers or Modify.
  11. can you provide more info about your? what type of suspension, brakes, is your car is lowered? if lowered, yes, it will rub slightly, when I had 17x8s 245/45 they would rub when I would turn or go over a bump but this would depend on the backspacing of the wheels.
  12. though I agree, going larger wheels tends not to help with ride comfort unless you have larger brakes/upgraded suspension like myself, choosing a nice brand, side wall (Series) tire can at least help. Of course, I also recommend upgrading your stock suspension (i.e Shocks, strut rods) Long ago, when I had stock suspension and Granada Disc/drum brakes, I had AR TTs 17x8 on all fours with 245/45 tires. the car wasn't lowered, so drivability was good, but not great. when I lowered the front I began to have crazy bumpsteer and was definitely feeling the road and occasionally have some rubbing when turning. if you are keeping your stock suspension I highly recommend upgrading at least strut rods, shocks and and convert to a spring roller perch. this makes your suspension drive like a dream and some owners on here have this. I high recommend, Street or track strud rods, bilstein street shocks and open tracker suspension. a 15" wheel tire combo on a stock suspension is not bad at all, thats what these cars came with and was meant for. if you are going with the restomod/protouring look, be prepared to go into a deep dive which will teach/show you there are other parts at play when it comes to drivability and comfort.
  13. Here are the photos with the new LED Headlights.
  14. no mods, plug and play. the Kit I have installed are: https://www.octanelighting.com/5-34-crystal-clear-metal-glass-headlight-led-set-033-034-g5-led-2.html
  15. for the ones I have, they do say DOT SAE on the lens, but if its actually approved, Im not sure. However, the ones with the OEM look may be DOT/SAE Approved. I will take pictures at night and share with you all.
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