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  1. Converted my headlights to LED, The lens housing are crystal clear (not bad looking) for a good price too. $199.00 best conversation imo, really bright at night! if you want the OEM look I recommend buying these: https://www.octanelighting.com/5-3-4-stock-glass-metal-headlight-18-24w-6k-led-h4-lamp-light-bulb-headlamp-set.html
  2. ^^^ Thank you! Also, looks like he is based in the bay area, I might need give him a call to get an estimate.
  3. This is where I found the part numbers: http://averagejoerestoration.com/1969-mustang-light-bulb-replacement-chart/
  4. Hi everyone, how hard is it to change the rear window seal in my 69 coupe? any tips or tricks on how to make this a smooth process?
  5. I believe there are a few owners here with t5 swaps, but its a not really popular swap anymore unless you tend to keep the engine stock or have around 300-400hp. TKO600s and TKX's are the new thing to swap in a 67-70 mustang. you might get a quicker responses in https://www.vintage-mustang.com/
  6. I'm looking forward to see what ppl have to say about them IF it really solved the high RPM Shift/Notch shift issue and hopefully no sluggish shifting as some parts are shared with the t56. if I dont see any feedback soon, ill be purchasing one in March as a bday gift for myself and be the guinea pig! I have yet to see any reviews or technical feedback since release, I have only seen 1 channel that did a TKX Break Down but no reviews as of yet. TKO will be phased out as the TKX will be replacing it. I'm curious now if Tremec is doing the same with the T56 and making it slimmer to fit custom applications as well, but who knows. Even though I have a tko600 with carbon lined blocker rings from MDL, I still get notchy/sluggish shifts even with their quick shifter installed. 2-3 shifts are good, but 1-2 shifts are a hit or miss for me.
  7. yes, I have a 69 mustang with a hood scoop, the cables for the hood scoop are after market, Im thinking the socket its self is too large and may need to be slightly crimped.
  8. any one have have a p/n for LED Bulbs that will fit on the hood scoop turn signals, is 1895 the correct bulb? Bought a pair that was equivalent to 1895, but its too loose in the socket. the ones I bought are: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089KC4TCV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I would look into Tremec's TKX transmission as this is the route im going with after 2+ years with my TKO, its slimmer version from the TKO and I've read its fixes alot of the high RPM/notchy Shifting issues. My current TKO600 Conversion kit is from ModernDriveline, I had the syncro's carbon lined but it didn't really fix the notch/shifts at high RPM. 1-2 shifts tend to be a hit or miss, but it definitely resolves 2-3 shift. MDL is a good company, as it came with everything for plug and play. Only thing, I did not like was their ext. clutch Slave cylinder, which kept failing after few 1k miles, they said they make them in house and sell for $100 dollars, but the truth is after heavy researching on the net, the clutch slave is from a nissan truck and sell for $10-20 at orielly's. Only their bracket is made in house. Also their clutch kits are made in Korea which is not bad, but their pressure plate failed after 3k miles, so I would recommend Advance clutch or McCleod Clutch. The only thing I would purchase from them is their trans mount and brace and purchase everything else from summit, happy to share the part numbers with you but there are other companies that sell better kits. Also, I recommend this clutch pedal MC instead of MDL's kit: https://www.malwoodusa.com/hydraulic-under-dash/malwood-usa-1969-70-ford-mustang-hydraulic-master-cylinder-clutch-pedal-kit-billet-reservoir/
  10. I have this one: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/e5h21.html IMO a much better quality than the JBA bracket.
  11. Hi all, hope you had a great holiday weekend! Need some recommendations in oil catch can brands/sizes and what is recommended for my engine (if that matters) also, I'm curious to where you have yours mounted since there isn't that much room. Engine: 351/393w stroker
  12. new site, new prices, looks like the prices change when you select your correct year.
  13. Im thinking of going with lojack myself, I know RING is coming out with their own version but not sure if its compatible with classic cars: https://blog.ring.com/2020/09/24/a-new-ring-of-security-introducing-ring-security-for-cars/
  14. saw their ig post, Im very interested that you can fit a 17x10.5 with a 315 tire with this spindle. Very interesting and I also want a set, but are there any pro's and cons to having a dropped spindle?
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