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  1. I recommend Street or Track! I have this kit on my 69! Shawn is great to work with! the drives like a dream!
  2. I have a stroked 393w with a tko600 with .64 overdrive and a ford 9 with 3:50s, on the freeway, Im at 2k when at 65mph. Its a fun street/spirited car, im putting down 330rwhp/400rwtq. strokers are high revving motors so you'll be fine. Im actually thinking of building another stroker but might go with 408/427 this time.
  3. I know, just wondering if I can squeeze out more power. definitely happy with my torque!
  4. @RPM So this is probably the only thing I dont have info on. I posted my build sheet a couple months back but there was no Cam Specs. I called the shop multiple times but even the tech's that had my build sheet couldn't help me. I know its a somewhat of a mild cam from the sound of it, but I couldn't tell you the specs for it. all I could find was this is a retro fitted-hydraulic roller cam. I think to get more power, I would need to change the heads and cam.
  5. Hello All! So this past Sunday, I dyno'd my mustang so far the numbers are Decent, I was expecting more rwhp but at least I know where I am at. The car was dyno'd on 91 pump gas in 90-95 degree weather. basic engine mods: 351w Stroker to a 393w 195 Avenger Heads stock block w/ Girdle stock oil pump 750 Holley DP Mechanical Secondaries Weiand Stealth Intake Hooker Headers w/ Magnaflow X-pipe tko600 w/ ford 9 3:50's (Trutrac) Summit Ready to Run Distributor with MSD 8 mm wires. I am wondering, is there more room for power to the wheels? with the dyno numbers, looks like I'm making roughly 390hp 410+ tq to the crank
  6. kept thinking my Distributor was dying on me while driving, but realized I was losing all power which included the stereo. after changing fuses, checking my Alternator, finally realized my ignition switch was the culprit!
  7. I have a 351w with long tubes and original PS my clutch uses an external slave from MDL. Im still running my 8" brake booster and long tube headers, no clearance issues
  8. Hey Team, long time no talk! Two part question; 1. I'm wanting to replace my Summit Ready to run Distributor with something a little better and that will last longer. My car would completely die while driving at low and high speed, this is the 2nd circuit board I had to replace so I think I need to go with a different brand and better performing. Any Suggestions? it's mainly for street use I heard Mallory or pertronix would work, but I would like to hear your suggestions. 2. Ever since I had my Holley 750 cfm, the damn thing would always whistle when revving, at times it would be intermittent, usually when cold you would not hear it but when hot you could hear it. I replaced all vacuum hoses and carb gasket but issue persists. I am not running a carb spacer as it will cause hood clearance issues. not sure if the throttle plate bushing is worn or possibly the main body is the culprit. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Current setup 351w/392w stroker Weiand Stealth intake: WND-8023WND 750 carb: HLY-0-76750BK
  9. since I am pretty much done with my car, Im thinking of another project. Possibly a Datsun fairlady z (240z)
  10. nothing here... just waiting for the rain to stop.. I miss throwing gears..... :(
  11. picked up my car from the shop, the car flies with 3:50's lol lovin this ford 9" and also got my stereo installed, I can finally listen to music now and not just the wind blowing in my hair.
  12. mine was born on May 16, 1969 - one day behind schedule
  13. Getting my rear end swap done, going with TruTrac, should be a fun year!
  14. Shifter started to rattle again when in gear, gotta put some blue lock tight on that thing.
  15. Fixed my shifter rattle when in gear in my TKo600, the bolt that held down the shifter was loose, re-tighten the damn thing and now shifts like a dream, no play what so ever.
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