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  2. Yes: the 3 pin plug with the arrow pointing to the one wire is the ground wire.
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  4. Thanks Midlife. Since I’m not using the voltage regulator as I’m going with a one wire alternator with it built in do I need to attach that to anything?
  5. Ok that’s what I was thinking on the green wire but was thunking I was missing something. I think what you are thinking of on the red and black wire is the terminal that comes off the alternator harness. This is on the main under hood harness. The black wire is original so that is the correct size wire. The red one was originally black/red stripe of the same gauge but was damaged so I repaired it with red I had. The second picture shows the other end of the red wire at the alternator plug on the main harness where the alternator harness plugs in.
  6. You need to check the voltage drops I discussed with everything on. I would expect zero with it off, which is what you got. The ground wire from the battery typically goes to a mounting bolt of the alternator. If your ground wire goes to the block ( somewhere) and then to the alternator, how does ground get back to the chassis? Typically there is a wire from the back of the engine block to the firewall. Also very typical is that this wire is corroded, weak, dirty, or missing. Do you know of this wire I mention?
  7. Sometimes, Ford used a small gauge (18?) black/red wire doubled up with a black wire as ground at the voltage regulator. The green/red wire at the voltage regulator with a female bullet was used sometimes for electric choke. For those wanting to use a RUN-only wire, here it is!
  8. Nice! What company did you go with and how was the work to fit it up to the steering column?
  9. The green-red wire is for +12 volts when the key is in the start and run position. My car has the same plug on the wire. I have no idea what it was used for in 1969. Maybe fog lights? Rear defogger? It would make sense to plug in an automatic choke, but they did not have that in 69. The black-red strip wire from the alternator is the power out. If that is what you have circled, it looks like a tiny 14 gauge red wire. You need at least a 8 gauge wire from the alternator to the starter terminal.
  10. Can't remember which one goes on which side but if you put them on and the bottom does not sit flush, swap them around.
  11. I’m trying to weed out the last of my engine bay wiring and I have a few left that I don’t know what they go to. I have the ford wiring diagram but it’s not much help on these. So I have a black/red stripe wire that is going to the alternator plug for the alternator harness. It comes out if that plug and is tied to a black wire that has a round terminal on it. The diagram shows the black/red stripe but not the black that’s tied to it but when I look up a picture of an original harness it’s there with the round terminal. My wire was messed up so I had to replace part of the black/red stripe wire with the red and the round terminal as you can see in the picture. Where does this terminal go? The other weird thing I have is on the voltage regulator plug it has an orange, then 2 green/red stripe and 2 yellows wires. The diagram in my manual doesn’t show two green/red stripes. On my green/red stripe wires, one of them has a female bullet connector on it and I can’t find anywhere that shows it’s even supposed to be there or what plugs into it if anything. I know it’s original to the harness but am lost on it. What is it used for? I’m assuming some option my car doesn’t have or something that was removed before I got the car. It’s the plug that circled in the picture.
  12. Check all my voltage drops positive And negative and all were Zero. This was with out the car running. Is the ground wire for the headlights below the solenoid? If so that was Zero as well
  13. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=748583205989364&id=341163402640457
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  15. Mike, looks like a nice spread to retire on, I am sure you will enjoy it. You are only about 2 hours from my house in NC.
  16. Gotta love the green MSD box... Cool!!
  17. I am putting my doors back together, and went to install the window guides. They are stamped "L" or "R" on the bottom. Usually, I interpret that as "R" meaning passenger side, and "L" being drivers side. But, somehow that doesn't look right when installed. I got a re-pro one and noted it was marked "hinge side". They are both a "R" but tilt toward each other. So.... which way do they go? I think the ones that tilt to the right go on the passenger door, and the ones that tilt to the left go on the drivers door...?
  18. Danno- My mistake, ground first to block then alternator. Today I just finished changing the 1-wire to a 4 ga. Old 1-wire was 26”, the new is 19”. I removed the 60 amp fuse because the terminal ends of the 4 ga wouldn’t fit. I’ve replaced it with a 100 amp breaker. taking a break before I test everything in about an hour.
  19. Mach 1 Rider, Hey old friend how have you been. I’ve been thinking of you since those forest fires. Didn’t you move to Oregon? In regards time the Horn. It’s deleted, so no problem!
  20. Well as soon as I get it back on the road the first thing I am going to do besides a Smokey burnout is let my wife Justyna drive it! She deserves it and nothing will give me more joy that to see her behind the wheel.
  21. The V-band on the drivers side pipe is done so I don't have to remove that side at the exhaust manifold. Keep in mind that with a top loader you have to snake the exhaust around the shift linkage and the clutch linkage. the way its set up now I can remove the whole exhaust in 10 minutes. Eventually I will move to long tube headers and install clamps at the header collectors and maybe add electric cut outs while I am at it.
  22. Ridge Runner


    Haha face book actually fact checked this hahaha!
  23. Some great work there. Keep the progress photos coming
  24. if you do not put a dab of grease on your horn ring your next problem will be intermittent horn blowing while turning. the buttons will start dragging along the ring.
  25. Yes you are right. My main concern was no blinkers. I was using the hazards as a way to see if the bulbs work, I accidentally moved the steering column and found that it cancelled the hazards. I didn’t know that happened. I thought the hazards stayed on until You turned them off, as in modern vehicles
  26. Team Work going on, looks awesome to the both of you!! Who gets to drive it first?
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