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  2. Ok, so there's a million posts/youtubes on how to install seat belts, and how to put in headliners - but they all say: "after you've removed your...." My seat belt plastic covers are pretty tight and I don't want to break them taking them off. Is there a trick to removing seat belts? Also - the little hanger hooks. How do they come off? Thanks in advance!
  3. Mach1 Driver

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Does anyone know if the new serpentine systems, or even the 90s truck versions can be used on our cars and still have enough room for stock type fans? I feel electrics are too big a departure from stock. I've been looking at this thing for 49 years and changes don't come easy.
  4. Mach1 Driver

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    I'm not dissing your choice, it just doesn't appeal to me. I would keep mine stock if it still did the things I want it to, but it won't so I'll have to make changes and hopefully they can be subtle (or hidden). Thanks again.
  5. 69RavenConv

    Passenger door glass issue

    By loosening the bolt on the bottom of the door, the guide rods can be adjusted inboard and outboard. But it sounds like you've tried that and it doesn't do it for you. Another possibility is that the glass was glued at an incorrect angle. The glass should be parallel to the bracket sides.
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  7. I have bought Repops brand outside beltlines for a coupe and for a fastback. When I installed the coupe one, I noticed that it is not as thick as the originals and this leaves a gap between the glass and the beltline. Looked at the one for the fastback and saw that it is thicker than the coupe one. Would have thought coupe and fastback would use the same beltline on the door. Does anyone know of a supplier that has the coupe beltline as thick as the originals?
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  9. aslanefe

    Passenger door glass issue

    Looks like no one encountered this issue. I pushed the top mounting points of the glass run outboard a little. But glass still does not touch the aftermarket belt line which is an other topic.
  10. 69Stanger408

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Mach1 Driver - The AC compressor (peanut style) located on the passenger side top, alternator (Power Master) drivers side top, power steering pump (GM Type II) drivers side lower. To each his own on the "Bling", I'm building my dream car, for show and go. Couldn't beat the price from CVF Racing.
  11. 1969_Mach1

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    Yeah, I've got the OEM style rubber bonded steel core gaskets. Also, the steel core replacement type from Fel-Pro and a set of Moroso steel core silicone gaskets. They are all a little too large to fit the Scott Drake valve covers. The only type that fits Scott Drake valve covers are stock cork or stock rubber type without a steel core. My last try is I ordered Cometic valve cover gaskets. Not their steel core type but their Aramid Fiber type. From the description they look rigid and might fit. Those will be my last try. If they don't work I am trashing the Scott Drake valve covers.
  12. Cantedvalve

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Okay, so got that is done last night. Welded up the FU hole, drilled new hole about 1/2” away (cutting away most of what I just welded in), and ground down the welds. Found some screw homes I had previously missed as well. Welded those up. Now need to paint it again. Also fixed the sender wire (added ring terminal since I ripped the boot off), so that is ready to go. This morning I ran the amp turn on wire and solenoid wire back to the back for length, cut them off, soldered them to the existing wires, put them in braided sleeve, and ran them back through. Forgot the heat gun, so they aren’t quite done, but headed back over there soon to finish that up. I have 1 last battery tray mount hole to drill, then I can mount the battery tray and install the battery, which leads me to all kinds of new things! Probably going to install the fuel tank next, so I can put the taillights back in, so I can put the bumper back on... then finish the radiator cooling fan wiring so I can finally put the dash back together. New carpet has been sitting in a box... need to get that out and let it breath. But first, a nap.
  13. Ridge Runner

    69 Vert project

    No ,no ,noooooo! No i will have bad dreams !
  14. Vicfreg

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    I haven’t tried to take the valve covers off yet but my strut tower braces come off with one bolt as you can see they are tubular, got them from street or track I use the late-model 5.0 blue rubber valve cover gasket’s. You can remove the valve cover and replace it many times without having to tear the gasket up. I have also tried those new thermal hose clamps that are sold by gates. They’re kind of like heat shrink for hoses, and you install them and then use a heat gun to seal up the joint. I ran them on my engine test stand and they did not leak
  15. gordonr

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    I measured the current draw off my systems with a power supply that maintains exactly 14vdc . My 69 has stock factory wiring in very nice condition.Only mods are that I changed out the head lights for Wagner halogens and replaced the rear tail light bulbs with plasma leds. Park lights and dash illumination on max bright (all bulbs in dash illum operate) 5.82 amps Head lights on low 5.3 amps Head lights on Hi 12 amps Brake lights (plasma led) .5 amps Factory A/C Blower motor 15 amps Factory A/C compressor clutch 3 amps As far as how long it takes for a battery to recover from a starting sequence I would say a few minutes. The largest current eaters that I come across are cooling fans. For some reason they are set to come on at a low temps and basically never shut off which does lower alternator life. Also I would wire A high pressure switch for the a/c fan actuation as it doesnt need to run at at speed. In general I will always recommend the largest capacity alternator that fits and looks good. Going larger is a good thing.
  16. mustangstofear

    Welding a Hurst shifter handle

    The way we designed our shifter, it eliminates the problem you have. Your shoulder should still be against the seat in 1 3 and 5.
  17. Mach1 Driver

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Thanks Vicfreg, I like the black much better than billet bling. It looks like the system relies on turnbuckles instead of a tensioner. I wonder if this will require periodic adjustment? The old v-belt systems don't but they don't have belts this long. I wonder if they make a version for my old York compressor. I went to your build thread and got interested in the spreadsheet that you used for wiring on page 11 (I'm an engineer too), but I couldn't view it. Could you post it here? Maybe it'll spark some ideas for me. Thanks
  18. bryonbush

    Borgeson Power Steering Upgrade Kit

    A quick search here will show you my experience with them. The Saginaw pump leaks like a sieve now. Dont waste your time with their hoses. Get some custom ones made that will allow them to go under the car, then up to the box or through the fender area. You'll fry the hoses they provide quickly if you drive a lot. The money I have into the box, hoses (few custom sets) and pump, I'd go rack. I was in your spot where every place an original PS could leak did and was in dire need of rebuilding. CJ had a sale and it was slightly cheaper than having everything rebuilt or replaced. That quickly became very expensive. Some people have been very happy and trouble free, but not for me.
  19. Ridge Runner

    69 -Shelby style

    This one is a done deal ,this is one guy i can trust ,he wants my 428 top loader for his Cobra ,the one he wants to trade me is also a 428 trany with the front shaft already changed out ,the whole thing has been rebuilt already so all i have to do is bolt it up
  20. 1969_Mach1

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    Thanks for the idea. For now I installed the Dorman aluminum thermostat housing. The bypass hose fitting is a little short. After searching for an appropriate clamp I ended up with one of Comp Cams Gator grand hose clamps. It just fits and it has rolled outer edges so it won't cut into the hose. I like your valve covers. I keep looking at them to replace my Scott Drake brand valve covers + spacer setup. I like the look of the Scott Drake valve covers but I cannot find a good rigid or steel core gasket to fit them. Right now I have stock Fel-Pro rubber gaskets glued to the valve covers with Gaskacinch. It seems to work but I don't like gluing gaskets to hold them in place. Do you know if your valve covers can be installed and removed with the shock tower braces installed?
  21. Vicfreg

    Car gender?

    I always name my cars, and the "she" thing is just what was carried over from the elders of the family, who always referred to the cars.... "she is running great...." "Just tuned her up" ...."That bitch really shines when you wax her" If you ask the new generation, things have changed.... I googled this just for fun.. I saw this article, and was ready to bang my head against the wall. Thank god I am old....help…. http://thenewswheel.com/womens-equality-day-why-cars-are-referred-to-as-she-and-why-it-has-to-stop/
  22. Vicfreg

    Radio bracket wanted

    Send me a picture of the bracket you are looking for. I think I have a couple.
  23. How much to ship to ZIP 28673? I am interested. Thanks Vic
  24. Vicfreg

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    Just another option to offer.....I used a late model 5.0 style thermostat housing on my 351W that has a temperature port in it. I needed this for one of my temperature sensors (I have 3). This requires a custom upper hose, as the 5.0 style is a 90 degree housing. But, the overall look is good, and very functional. You can see it in the picture I have attached. Don't buy the o-ring ones, or the cheap Chinese imitations...they leak.... I have an original 1969 vintage housing, but it is pretty pitted, original condition... IM if you are interested.
  25. JET 445

    Wanna buy Buzz Aldrin's car?

    Was it found in the desert where they filmed the moon landings?, I'm joking of course.....
  26. I have the Borgeson on my 1970 convertible with a 351 W (393 Stroker) and a C6. I used Hedmann Headers with adjustable motor mounts. The headers are close to the Borgeson Box, but do not hit. I also am using a Saginaw pump. I have the same setup on my 1968, I am happy with it. On my 1970, I installed (+) 3 Upper Control Arms, as the Borgeson with big front tires will work much better with a lot of Caster, more than you can get with the stock suspension. Get the 6 cylinder hoses, as they are longer, and you will need the extra length to avoid interference with you headers. On my 1970, I ran the power steering lines in the front fenderwells. On my 1968, I had to wrap the lines with heat shield. That car has a 302 with Tri-Ys.
  27. Vicfreg

    Welding a Hurst shifter handle

    Oh, this is a picture of one I cut and modified. Installed on my '68 coupe.
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