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  2. Thanks. From the picture above they look normal. Where did you get them ? Perhaps the vendor will explain ?
  3. Here are the photos with the new LED Headlights.
  4. Just spent the last 2 hours reading this thread. What an uplifting story and re-news my interest in getting my car back on the road.
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  6. Something else to check for oil consumption is no baffle in the rocker cover where the pcv valve is installed. If there is no baffle the oil splash from the rockers will get sucked into the intake and burned. The blue cloud will follow you.
  7. Hi mike, Sorry for the delay, here is the paint code , it is a standox paint code Platinum silber 865608 formula id 4821643 it is a Porsche colour hope this helps, it is a very nice color that has depth, mine has been flow coated which makes it look much better
  8. Hi, I will post when I have it wired, at present they are only fitted in place, if I get some time I’ll try a dummy wire up to show
  9. Still have lots of parts if anyone is needing any of these.
  10. Please show us the reverse lights in use ?
  11. Last week
  12. no mods, plug and play. the Kit I have installed are: https://www.octanelighting.com/5-34-crystal-clear-metal-glass-headlight-led-set-033-034-g5-led-2.html
  13. Looks great! harnesses hook to original? No mods anywhere to put them in?
  14. Hey Bob, I'm considering a roll bar as well. I removed my front suspension to be able to clean everything up and reinforce the shock towers. I'll call you later if your not busy man....
  15. Oh, there are so many differences. 70 has different ignition switch, and different breakout position of turn signal switch. It has a massive section going out to the starter solenoid, so many wires are eliminated from the fuse box junction for the headlight harness. The 70 also has RUN-only fused lines running through the harness. Rear tail light harness connectors are different as well. The only good thing about 70's is that the headlight harness is identical for tach and non-tach dashes, but there is a variant for the Mach 1 for the sportslamps.
  16. I dont think so ,you may be able to from the bottom one layer at a time ,the floor pan overlaps it on the top
  17. If you have a test light ($10 from Autozone) https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/test-light/innova-test-light/186543_0_0 I kinda think its the voltage regulator or alternator, and you can do some basic tests to help figure that out. Most of this is from Woodchuck, who did a pretty good write-up: Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery and place a test light between the post and cable. You can hold the test light "probe" to the post with a hose clamp, and clip the alligator clip to the end of the battery ground cable. Make sure the doors are shut and the key is "off". If you have a glowing test light you have a drain somewhere. Start by disconnecting the voltage regulator. If the light goes off you have either a shorted alternator brush or bad regulator. If the alternator warning lamp goes off the minute the engine starts it's probably NOT the alternator but the regulator. Test light still on? Reach in the other side through the window with the door closed and pull up on the brake pedal. If the test light goes off, adjust or replace the brake light switch.
  18. Ignition switch connector for 69 and 70 are different.
  19. OK, so Bob says to do it like the article, and he has good results, but no doubt your roll cage helps with overall rigidity. Jim, is there anyway to replace the rear torque box without removing the floor, or alternately the rear frame rail? Some of Jim's pictures below:
  20. Randy, is there any difference between the underdash harness of 69 to 70? Do they use different connectors for the ignition switch? I thought there was a difference in under hood harness, but I am not sure about that either. I know the side lights and headlights are different, which is why maybe the underhood is different. Robster, can you describe the problem you are trying to solve.
  21. for the ones I have, they do say DOT SAE on the lens, but if its actually approved, Im not sure. However, the ones with the OEM look may be DOT/SAE Approved. I will take pictures at night and share with you all.
  22. I think it is marginally with respect to talent, certainly cannot be the looks.
  23. Do one side at a time so it doesnt sag on you
  24. https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/68-coupe-going-topless.874681/
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