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  2. What about a single offset stripe ? Thinking about doing it if I get rid of my shaker.
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  4. IMO I think they work well with early model fastbacks/coupes, but never liked them on 69-70 mustangs as I was used to seeing the matte hood and trunk ( i.e Mach 1/Boss). I like that style even more as it had a purpose of blocking the sun hitting the hood and potentially distracting the drivers eyesight.
  5. I am interested in a set of high back front seats (OEM) to replace my low backs.
  6. Are you looking for a new set? I have a set of original Mach 1 seats that are in excellent shape. I’m 6’ and I have about 4 “ head clearance. I’m in Branson Missouri. I’m looking for a more modern version I’m going to be doing the pro touring look. What do you want for yours?
  7. I don't know, those measurements are not near accurate enough to determine what's going on. I don't think I'd stack 1/2" of shims between the upper control arm and the shock tower. At least from the pictures there are no signs of damage. Something might be out of sorts with those upper control arms. Then the alignment shop probably made things worse. Think about it, the alignment shop is not going to spend the time needed to tweak with adjustable control arms. Are both upper control arms adjusted the same? It should at least start there. You might have to get one of those DIY caster/camber and toe alignment kits from some place like Summit Racing and get this setup yourself.
  8. Mike gives you good advice Spider. After I drove my brother's 69 428scj with a Chocko rebuilt box, I bought one from Chocko to replace my Flaming River box. Night and day difference.
  9. I didn't even realize the gold car was a 70 style. I thought it was a more modern design. I showed it to the wife and got a mixed response though. I think it looks pretty good and will still consider that design. rmarks, your search skills are definitely better than mine. I found everything but the pics I was looking for, lol. Those are some great examples. I can see where the stripes on the crown of the hood kinda looks weird looking from the side on the 69. Overall I like the look though. Thanks for your thoughts fellas. My painter (son) did this to his Mustang a few years back. Unfortunately he lost it shortly after. He added twin turbos and was out testing them and it caught fire. He thinks it was an injector, but was never really sure. He had forgotten his fire extinguisher and still kicks himself over that.
  10. What mufflers are those? Exhaust certainly looks awesome. Great job. John
  11. Over the last few days I’ve got the radiator installed and hooked up, finished installing and wiring the ac system, hooked up the transmission cooling lines, cleaned and repainted my seat frames, disassembled the convertible frame and completely rebuilt and painted it, and installed the carpet. I also got all the electrical issues sorted out and everything works properly now.
  12. Where did you get those polished exhaust hangers? I bought the over the axle exhaust from you just have not installed it yet. Was quite the job polishing it. Lol
  13. I'm more of a fan of the black out hood treatment, but here's some other examples of Lemans stripes:
  14. What TMI seats do you have? I have a set of Mach 1 seats that have been reupholstered with TMI 'sport' foam with the extra bolstering. I would prefer a lower back for my convertible.
  15. This clutch setup was only mocked up and not used as we had to replace the 10 spline disc with a 23 spline. This is the 10 spline / 1.063 11 inch. Long style. $404 at Summit. $300US shipped anywhere in the lower US states and Canada.. Any questions please feel free to PM me..thanks...John
  16. Yes thanks, but it has what I consider the "pixelated" look I'm trying to avoid. I'm curious what the three bulb Scott Drake approach would look like, and so far I've seen no examples.
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  18. Contact Chockostang, he can either supply a rebuilt box or rebuild yours. I got a rebuilt one from him for my 69 Coupe but I have not driven the car yet since it is not running yet. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
  19. I am thinking about doing the hood stripe from a 1970 Mach-1 with the non functioning hood scoop. https://www.graphic-express.com/ford-motor-co/1964-78-mustang-restoration/1970-mustang-mach-1-dearborn-hood-paint-stencil-choose-4-styles.html
  20. I just went this route and everything worked out great https://youtu.be/JMnQRlPQsSs
  21. It is odd to see the stripes carry over the top and on the trunk on a coupe. My 2 cent opinion is to either just do the hood, or nothing at all. The Gold hood pictured looks fine.
  22. Now if real-estate would go down, combined with all the free stuff I might move there:)
  23. Stripes are a personal taste kinda thing. They look fine on 69s just not my taste. That gold car looks pretty sharp, more of a 70 style stripe. I say if you're considering stripes look at as many online as you can. If you see something that talks to you, duplicate it, if not don't do them. I didn't like the rocker stripes on my 06 so I took them off, however, I created rocker stripes for my 69 I will have done.
  24. Progress has been slow lately. But I have much of the electrical wiring done. I now have my exterior lighting mods installed and tested, including the led switchbacks in the front fender extensions and the sequential arrows in the power side view mirrors. I also used red led bulbs in the taillights. I used red instead of clear led bulbs to avoid the orange color effect in the lens, as a result of the brighter led bulbs. See the video link below. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuF11H1Kul6fwG98iUZuD52EK00T?e=X2qLZq
  25. RPM


    Common procedure for most corporate run stores in Cali is to do nothing. Kinda like what many police departments did during the recent riots, and we know how well that turned out.
  26. So I'm at the stage of deciding on stripes or not. Car will be same color as before (burnt orange/copper) and I bought white paint initially to do Le Mans stripes. Now after more research I've read Le Mans stripe don't look that great on 69's though. I think they look good on the blue car posted, but it's not a good pic looking down the hood. I do not have a hood scoop like the blue car. I've also thought of these larger stripes like on the gold car. I have no idea on the dimensions for those though. It had these ridiculous stripes on it when I bought it. Don't know what the PO was thinking. Anyone have good pics of a coupe with Lemans stripes? Opinion's on Lemans on 69's?
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