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  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Other than the pick with the GB attire, the rest are cruelty to animals Casey :)
  4. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    I can’t speak for my 428cj because it is still in pieces.... But all of the above is better that my Lightning @12.5-13 mpg. And I take it easy.
  5. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Here's my two.
  6. Are these heads any good?

    Well it looks like a done deal on the heads & the cam. I should be picking them up next week. Next question for me to ponder is the engine needs a refresh, new rings, bearings, & seals. Do I leave the bottom end stock, or stroke it?. The car is only going to be used as a weekend cruiser.
  7. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    This was our Mustang guard dog "Rosie", but unfortunately she passed away in June of this year. Now we have a guard cat.
  8. Yesterday
  9. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    I'm also in California. I mix Torco Accelerator with the 91 octane pump gas from Union 76. The pump gas in my area has 15% ethanol. At 15% I haven't noticed any issues. The Torco Accelerator raised octane but is advertised as concentrated race fuel and not an octane booster. It has a long shelf life as long as it's not exposed to sunlight (UV light). The mixture seems to work as well as when I mixed 110 octane race gas with the same 91 octane pump gas.
  10. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Once had a 74 Ford 4x4 Ranger that got 6 mpg freeway. No reason to think the 69 428 does any better. Never checked and don't really care. I would like to get a better grade of gas without breaking the bank. Right now in California 91 octane w/ethanol is about $3.35 and the racing 100 octane is $8.00. Brian
  11. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    If I remember back that far to when mine was running, it got about 9
  12. They are simply 1/4"-20 UNC machine screws or hex head bolts. They get covered so don't worry much about being "correct". I will add, if the boot has the square opening for the Hurst shifter, it's a poor reproduction. They are very rigid and tear after very little use. If they don't tear, being so rigid, makes the shifter difficult to pull into 4th gear or reverse.
  13. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    I see this was an older thread. But I cannot wrap my mind around why gas millage would be a concern on one of these cars? With the little I use my car, I can still almost see my gas gauge needle move down while driving. Spark plugs look good so fuel economy doesn't concern me.
  14. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Loafer? Hey, I resemble that. They are slippers, Craftsmen slippers. A Christmas gift last year from my first ex wife. And they frequent the shop often thank you.
  15. Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    The only true way u can center the explorer pinion is cut 2' off the long side and add 2" to the short side. Even if u cut the long side down to use another short side axle it will still be out of center 1" to the driver's side. Some folks don't mind tho and cut the short side down or just use as is. I centered my 8.8 by cutting 7" off long side and 5" off short side then reversed them and welded back on. Of course had to have custom axles made. I thought of Rsanter Idea later and if I were to do it again is what I would do.
  16. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Some of the early years used what looks like a thick yellowish grease ,this is some nasty stuff ,it is verry messy and not very fun to clean off,and it stayed slimy ,sort of looks like what a toilet bowl is sealed the the sewage pipe with and just as fun to mess with haha
  17. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    The problem with ureathane is i hardens so if you fill the channel to full you may not be able to get the trim on,and if you set the trim when the urethane is wet you may have just glued it in .
  18. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    nice loafers, looks like first trip into the shop as well
  19. Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    JayEstes I ordered the distributor block tool so I can bleed my brakes properly without the piston moving. I’m going to do it this weekend so I will keep you posted. cheers Mark.
  20. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Thanks. The tubes show up on Saturday. Rear window install doesn’t sound too difficult. I hope
  21. Voodoo 268 Flat Tappet Camshaft

    Well, Lunati says it is "most awesome" so it must be good :-) I would think it would have a nice docile "chop" at idle and idle speed would be 800 or so. Just guessing from the specs but looks like a good choice for your 351W to me. No personal experience with this one though.
  22. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    just as a note for anyone doing this in the future... i used the butyl style. i then also used urethane in the corners and possibly a few more spots (to simply to hold the glass in more permanent position). i was concerned with the butyl allowing the glass to sink with the heat from the sun as it stays soft. the urethane hardens up a lot. one thing i hate with the butyl is the fact that it does stay soft and sticky. so bugs, dirt, etc can get stuck in the butyl
  23. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    to me, gas mileage is highly dependent on the environment and the way a person drives (driving style, type of roads, duration, climate) which is probably the reason numbers vary so much on the internet. also, it's hard to say how a lot of people check their mileage too (did they have their car warmed up, jump on the highway, drive for a tank at a good speed, then check? or do they drive short durations, on roads with lots of stop signs with every stop includes a drag launch?). I seem to drive more conservatively when I actively monitor mileage on my truck, it's almost like a game. I believe the 1995 Mustang Cobra R (351W, 5 speed) was rated at 12 to 20 (15 average). So if you were rating your car in the same way as they do on production cars, then it would seem you are doing unbelievably good. In my opinion, if your plugs look good after a normal drive, then likely you are close enough, changes won't make much of a noticeable change in mileage.
  24. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Heck the 428 runs on smiles per gallon
  25. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    We laid this down in the channel 3 wide before putting the glass w/weatherstrip in.
  26. I didn't know the steering wheel placement would change until I struggled a bit to climb out of the car for the first time after finishing the installation. I'm not too big, 185 lb. 5'-10" tall. Then I remembered having to move the column upward at the firewall to align it with the steering box, and realized doing so moved the steering wheel down. You should be fine with a smaller diameter steering wheel. I didn't try mine with a Ford power steering pump. Borgeson told me their steering box needs 1500 psi. My Ford service manual for the car specifies test pressures of 800 psi for the Ford power steering pump. For that reason I installed the Saginaw power steering box Borgeson sells. With the car parked I can turn the steering wheel lock to lock with one finger. Extremely easy to turn and no power steering pump noise.
  27. The Borgeson has already been ordered so I'm kinda stuck going that direction. A friend of mine has a identical '70 Mach 1 351C w/FMX that he upgraded with the Borgeson. He hasn't experienced any issues with the stock pump. I wonder if there are differences between the 69 and 70? Didn't know about the steering wheel placement change. I have a smaller steering wheel so hopefully that helps a bit.
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