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  2. Ya, the 5 mounting holes look the same. In thinking those outer holes are for looks.
  3. Looks like 5 holes. Not sure if this is the same brand, but definitely same style... 71-73 mach1
  4. I think you can probably make anything fit. It looks like that one will need a lot of extra holes drilled.
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  6. Since a lot of the various gas caps say they are for 65-73 mustangs, does that mean that this one will work on a 70 convertible, even though it specifically says it's for 71-73 mach1? https://www.kentuckymustang.com/gas-cap-pop-open-1971-1973-acp.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjww4-hBhCtARIsAC9gR3au-2AADqUEM4hRygpqT-K7GZPRh7HQyYavkQA6O_7jVxCIh4aPStAaAqhUEALw_wcB
  7. Thanks Texas Ed, that helps a lot. The factory harness was shot, bought alloy metal products, didnt think to take pics before I took old one off. Ed.
  8. Here are some before I took it apart. I don’t know if it’s perfect
  9. Last week
  10. Looking for a LH (driver) outer rocker for patching back 30" of 69 fastback I am restoring. Aftermarket parts are not a close match to the 69. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I got the repaired tailshaft back and went to fit it. The new yoke is longer than the old yoke so it wouldn't fit. I took it back to them yesterday to have it shortened 3/4". Starting to lose confidence with this company. Next will be the argument of paying for all of this. Fingers crossed the vibration is gone at the end.
  12. Working on tidying up engine compartment, need pictures of hood scoop turn signal wiring. More specifically from front harness plug around master cylinder to where the wiring runs and fastened to underside of hood to where the bulb sockets plug into scoop turn signal housings. Ed
  13. If you have fuel injection, you could use a second relay to cut voltage to the fuel pump while in Neutral and you are not priming the pump.
  14. I have been using one over 3 years on one of my cars. It works, but the pump itself is a little noisy especially when the fuel level is low. It should be easy to install a better pump on the pick up assembly when/if the pump part fails. It also reads the fuel level decently.
  15. Good intel. I will look at doing the NSS. Along with the fact it's a stick, that might confuse the kids who might attempt to boost it when I'm parked on the street.
  16. That is the one I used with my TKO, but I cut the loop and connected to the TKO's NSS harness. You can use it to by pass the NSS or use it to make the NNS work.
  17. Has anyone used this pump when converted to EFI ? No need to run a return line.
  18. Do you still have access to the headliner bows?
  19. ....Or, you could just buy one of these. Amazing what you find when you search 1970 Mustang back up switch harness. This looks like it is made/supplied by Scott Drake, it is a 4 speed harness and has the correct plug. $40US is a bargain I reckon. One supplier told me it had been discontinued so lucky another one had stock. The manufacture date is 2016 so it may well be obsolete. Looks good, it has the NSS loop
  20. You can edit your title to include SOLD in it by editing your first post. Edit title will be shown.
  21. I read somewhere else the 6 cylinder radiators had smaller radiator outlets. If it is the radiator you are having issues with, perhaps that's the reason?
  22. I'll echo what others have said, junk that bracket and find the correct setup.
  23. Some places are listing the diameter for that as 44mm, which is about 1.75" on both ends. I wonder if these guys make one with a smaller end, too.
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