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  2. Dash Gauges or A Pillar Pod Ideas

    I am planning on putting an extra couple of gauges in-between the humps of the dash, where an a/c car would have vents, I haven't found anything that would work yet, so i'll prob just fab something up. I figured its good use of a blank space that is within easy eye shot. Anyone else seen or done this?
  3. Which radio do i get

    That was helpful. One more question (maybe!). The depth of the speaker didn't interfere with the window operation? The only think you need to do was increase the hole size, correct?
  4. 69 fastback roof medallions

    After doing this I realized that you probably have your boomerang moulding on.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    It is kind of like a tar / rubber and is sticky on both sides
  7. Buddy Bar C90X Intake & Carb 351W C/L

    I'm interested as well.
  8. Which radio do i get

    They're Hertz DCX 460.3. You'll need more powerful rear speakers as they're not loud but good but for mid / treble.
  9. 69 fastback roof medallions

    Most auto body shops have the screw in rivets. Believe they are the same size rivets the rear fastback trim clip uses
  10. 69 Fastback project

    Made a final decision on the turbos. I don't know if wheel clearance at 1/8" lock to lock is good enough. May need to go narrower on the tires. Gotta find a good air filter that I can hide in the light bucket.
  11. 69 fastback roof medallions

    No dimensions but have a picture, my car, that could help out? Just took a look and appears; 5.5" up and 5" horizontally from the stainless drip rail will get you to center. Brian
  12. 69 fastback roof medallions

    Hey Ridge, do you have any dimensions for the position. I would certainly use the wood screws.
  13. 69 fastback roof medallions

    I have had a couple of fast backs where the pins must have broken off at the factory while putting the medalions on ,they used small wood screws and the medalion worked perfect
  14. Got my new repop roof medallions , the mounting pins were none existent . I am going to glue them on , could someone give me some dimensions to where they sit. Thanks.
  15. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Today I drilled the hole in the custom sail panels I made for the Coupe & installed the 69/70 Fastback sail panel light & did a test fit. Once the black vinyl arrives I will wrap them & reinstall them again to see how they look.
  16. Drilled he hole in the custom sail panels & installed the 69/70 Fastback lights & did a test fit. I am waiting for the black vinyl to arrive so I can wrap them & reinstall them to check the fit.
  17. Which radio do i get

    Do you have specific model number of the Hertz speakers?
  18. Which radio do i get

    Very helpful. Thanks.
  19. Buddy Bar C90X Intake & Carb 351W C/L

    If you want I can have him take some more pics of the passages. He's about 50 miles from me if it looks good to you I could buy it & ship to you. I usually don't trust someone who doesn't take pics of the whole part.
  20. Which radio do i get

    Here are some photos of the 6X4's. Hope this helps.
  21. Thanks Jim. Is it a 2 sided tape that goes between both the gasket and frame and the gasket and glass? Test fitting the 3 pieces reveals there is not much free play in there.
  22. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    It is a tape type sealer ,your local glass shop should have it in the cork type and the black type
  23. Does anyone know what adhesive was used? Looking at the original piece doesn't reveal much evidence of any glue. My 2 windows certainly didn't use the glue in door glass adhesive. Whatever was used hadn't failed in 48 years, as these were in for long haul. As usual, my goggle search turned up everything but an answer.
  24. 69 rocker molding

    Thanks for the help everyone. Got them on and fit decent for repo's, not real thrilled about the finish tho.
  25. RPM, if you have enough slack in your cable, drop it down a little lower than where it passes through the grommets in the fender well. It's a clean install but any water that gets on the cable will tend to run down the cable through the grommets. The grommets should stop it. It's just another precaution, especially where is passes through into the car.
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