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  2. I'd hang on to the press. You can do more with it than you think, and not just axle bearings. If you rebuild your own differential, it's needed, manual trans, it's needed, a simple distributor gear change or removal and installation, it's needed. Need to dimple a piece of thin wall tubing or thin sheet metal, the press can do it with a little creative setup. It will also straighten or bend thick steel pieces. Need to modify an air cleaner base so it drops down a little more, you can do that with the hydraulic press. Want to change out some rubber suspension bushings, the press is needed or at least makes the job much easier. So there are many uses for it, not just axle bearings.
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  4. Back in college, I remember the machines that punched the cards collected all the little punch-outs in a waste basket inside the cabinet. We called them "beta particles". If you dumped a bunch of beta particles in somebody's car, there wasn't a vacuum cleaner made that could get them all out. Or so I've heard.
  5. I use to go to the the parts store to press bearing on and off. None of the places I called have presses anymore. A couple of them don’t turn drums/rotors either. My neighbors hf press wasn’t tall enough to press them off. I found a 4x4 shop that would do it. Fortunately it’s not something I will probably ever need again.
  6. I used used punch cards as book marks until the Amazon Kindle came out... They are also quite useful for ad-hoc length markers: mark any appropriate length you want and use it where metal rulers are either too big or aren't allowed. When going out to sea and measuring printed fathometer outputs, we used a ten-spacer to mark up punch cards that could be put onto the electrostatically burned paper and read depths down to 2 fathoms accuracy.
  7. Long cables will add resistance and voltage drop between the battery and the starter. What is the voltage at the solenoid static and while cranking?
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  9. You might need to get away from a stock style starter and move to a permanent magnet gear reduction starter. They're smaller in size so are less prone to heat soak from close proximity to headers. Powermaster usually offers several options.
  10. Great work on the mirrors and air box. That’s one sweet looking ride
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, need that motivation to keep me going in those long cold English winters !
  12. I'm not an engineer but I play one at work. My degree is in Industrial Technology ... the orginal "IT" ... basically a step below an engineer. Or as the engineering students called us in the 80's "IT" stands for "I Tried" (engineering) but flunked out !! Not my case though, I knew up front my abilities and started there. Doug
  13. I found the left one and got it the other day. A buddy of mine got the other one from Facebook, which is still in transit.
  14. We had Fortran and Cobol and big tape drives everywhere. I was the stereotypical nerd with a white shirt, tie, a pocket protector, and a little pocket calculator in there too.
  15. Thanks guys, moving day is just a couple weeks away.
  16. Right. My kids laugh at me when I told them we used punch cards to run computer programs!
  17. Actually, I use both! Now where did I put that pocket protector?
  18. As I modeled it after the original, I ground the swaged end of the stud that attaches the roller and removed the stud (and broken roller) out. Then drilled a hole in the middle of the stud I removed (the swaged end), threaded the hole and used a screw and 2 washers (one with an inside hole bigger than the diameter of stud, one smaller) to attach the stud back to frame with new roller. The screw and washers are where the swage was. I guess you can use a bolt and nut but you have to make sure the bolt head sinks inside the roller and does not scrape on the channel it runs on. You might be able to find a roller in hardware store which can work (or modified to work). I couldn't, so I made my own. I found the model and can print when I get a chance. If you want 3D printed one, PM me how many you want and your need to have date and we can go from there.
  19. I need to raise my slide-rule as well...
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  21. May look at the hardware store, similar rollers used on cabinet drawers and screen doors
  22. aslanefe: Yeah, if you have the file that would be awesome. Whatever is easiest for you. They would then bolt in correct? Appreciate all the help guys. john
  23. Congrats. My first car & first Mustang was a 1970 Coupe.
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