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  2. Thanks. I will have to check with the engine builder on the stroker kit. I don't see a brand name on my receipt. Mark
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  4. Something doesn't make sense, your before spec's don't relate to your tire wear. Those before spec's are in spec for '69 back in '69 for bias ply tires and wouldn't result in the tire wear you have. Even the toe is not really off except the steering wheel is off center. The spec's for radial tires are much different as recommended as stated by prior posters in this thread. If he aligned it to the modern radial tire alignment of -0.5* camber you wouldn't need shims. You have virtually no caster, on a '69 or '70 shorten those strut bar's and get a min 2* of caster if not more. The guy that did your alignment did a great job if you had bias ply tires and and we were back in 1969. I use custom spec's or just adjust to the number's I want not paying attention to if it's red or green. BTW that Hunter machine he used is a great machine and extremely accurate $40-50K with the rack There's something else wrong. I suspect your idler arm is flexing allowing toe out, or the offset of those wheels are positive and causing a problem. Not sure what type of wheel that is. Would be good to know the offset, width and backspace and if they require spacers Not trying to "rain on your parade" but telling you like it is. I'm speaking from 47 yrs as a automotive professional and have done 100's of alignments Larry
  5. No, I think your right. I just remember the 35 spline axle kit and truetrac 3rm member being like $2100 ish
  6. None of the above it will crack or show lines sooner or later .You could weld the rocker joint
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  8. What's the take on permanently attaching the qtr panel extensions? Fiberglass the seam and sand smooth, same with the rocker/qtr seam. Provide feedback.
  9. Thanks Jim! Throw it away? Na, I learnt my lesson after tossing my oem: radiator, steering box, power steering pump and brackets, front and rear springs, fuel tank, pitted & chipped windshield, radio... DOH! :(
  10. You can unplug that wire and remove it ,it is a jumper between the turn signal and the hood scoop ,just plug in the turn signal after the wire is removed ....dont throw it away ....
  11. Sounds like the hood scoop plug in ,it goes all the way to the front and plugs into the turn signals ,the hood scoop plug in is by the master cylinder
  12. 28? looks like a 35 spline truetrac is $200 more than the 31 spline truetrac? i'm probably just not understanding something.
  13. I'm hoping someone might know what plugs into this female two prong plug. It originates at the end of the engine harness and is about 6' long. Since the white/green stripe wire connects to the right turn signal and the green/white stripe wire connects to the left turn signal, I'm thinking the plug has something to do with the turn signals. Ya, I'm a trained observer. Might it be for the turn signals on the hood which I changed to a shaker hood?
  14. I need to buy the oil pan and pickup for my 408w. I already ordered the blueprinted oil pump and billet drive Should I look for anything specific with the pan? The crank is 4.00 stroke and a 6.200 rod
  15. I remember the axles being the same price, it's the 3rd member and truetrac that I want that adds $$$$ for the 35 spline. What spline count is the one on the left?
  16. Hot oil from the transmission goes through the radiator, then the cooler, then returns. This is the standard method used by every OEM on vehicles with an extra cooler and also how the instructions say to do on all the aftermarket add-on coolers. (That have instructions.) Since most guys as a matter of course don't need no steenking instructions this isn't commonly known.
  17. Gauge cluster done. I have mobile headliner installer setup, to be done in 2 weeks. Will have lots to install when that's complete. Until then will just keep cleaning, sorting, and hunting for parts
  18. Nice paint on the car. I think it took some time for the alignment because they had to shim the upper control arms. It's a fix. But typically not an adjustment method if the suspension parts and shock towers are okay, and the car hasn't been lowered too much.
  19. Agree. Beautiful coupe BTW- that's some awesome paint
  20. Today I installed the hydraulic clutch system master cylinder & the linkage under the dash from the clutch master cylinder to the pedal. I had to remove the brake master cylinder & the booster to get access, & after reinstalling the brake master & booster there is about 1/4-1/2" clearance from the clutch master cyl to the brake proportion valve & from the clutch master cyl to the brake power booster.
  21. Bill, so glad to hear you got this problem figured out. BTW your Mustang looks awesome.
  22. Afternoon Folks. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I was able to have my front end aligned this morning at a Ford Dealership. The fellah that does the alignments comes with high regards so I thought that I would try him. We spent 3 hours on her and worked at getting it right. In the end she needed shims added to the Upper Control Arms. I measured them to be .110" thick. I had no idea how involved aligning this car was. Next up is to buy new tires and keep an eye on the wear on the tires. I look forward to having this issue behind me. No worn, loose or broken parts.
  23. First off nice set up. I have a very similar set up. 445/TKO600 with Quicktime bellhousing with long tubes. I am also using the MDL hydraulic set up with the hydraulic Throw out bearing. I really like the set up and has worked great for my set up. When I first put mine together, I did not secure one of the lines correctly and it caught on the pressure plate. Had to drop the transmission and replace that line. NOT fun, so I get the price of tuition for sure. Did you use the Survival Motorsport Stroker kit?
  24. center section: price difference is anywhere from $35 cheaper to $310 more (i believe you get a lot better differential). 31 spline axle package: $421 35 spline axle package: $421 i think it seems crazy not to go 35 if building all new (unless you don't want a few extra pounds of weight). here is a 35 spline
  25. Great looking car, tough but with style all its own.
  26. Great looking car, tough but with style all its own.
  27. I love this picture. It captures the essence of the '69 Mustangs. It just looks like it was built for speed, and it looks hungry with that open-mouth sharknose design. Keep them pictures coming, watching them gives me inspiration to get my car back on the road!
  28. Hi Kaspar; seeing that you are situated in Denmark, you might want to look into Madness Power in Norway. Owner Karl Ness has a solid reputation here in Norway. It would take you less than a day to go visit him.
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