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  2. Thanks but need to know where what each wire does? I’m replacing a gm style switch with the original one
  3. Heck it isn't even the crack of dawn yet and I'm up already, see below Mustang Wire Diagram.pdf
  4. Damn, forgot you were on Pacific time now. You still work, Terry is retired, was trying to give you a break. That's my story, and in sticking to it
  5. What about me? I'm putting your name in my little black book...
  6. Bottom row (with pins almost in a straight line), front facing you: right: black/blue, center: green/yellow, left: yellow (horn) and green/red Center row: right: red/orange left: black/yellow Top row: left: black/orange (main power), center: brown and sometimes blue/red, right: blue/red
  7. I'm sure Mach 1 Driver, one of our electrical gurus will chime in when he awakens tomorrow, as he's on eastern time.
  8. Hi all, would someone have the wiring diagram for the headlight switch please or point me in the right direction thanks paul
  9. Yesterday
  10. Brakes from the company Street or Track. https://streetortrack.com/
  11. 2013-2018 ATS. Rock Auto doesn't have a core charge for those and they are brand new, whereas other more popular ones like Mustang require cores. The CTS has a different caliper for a larger rotor and won't work well with the smaller 13" rotors. I got my brackets roughed in yesterday and am making adjustments to my CAD file. I'll start a new post on this once I get things wrapped up.
  12. I've had my eye out for a 6R80 for my 47 Merc coupe preferably from a 2015 and up Mustang or F150 2WD .I'm thinking it has to do with obtaining the proper stand alone to control that trans. I could really use the shifter from a mustang or F150 as i certainly modify it to fit. I have an open chassis and floor with basically no interference and can build around it. So if anyone has any connections i'd certainly be interested and i can't wait to follow your posts Thanks..John
  13. Last week
  14. Did some interior work today. Touch up on original parts. I have new seat covers and door panels on the way.
  15. I have a stock 302 now. I may go to a 331 in the next year with an AOD. These will work with that. Don't see the need for long tube and clearance issues. I know these have worked in many applications and I did not want a hassle. Wheels and tires are: Coker Magnum 500 15x7 front, 15x8 rear Cooper Cobra P235/60 R15 in front, P245/60 R15 in rear You can see it here:
  16. I picked up one on Ebay years ago. Member @Stills might have something available soon.
  17. Welcome to the site! Exact placement depends upon where your car was built (Dearborn) and when. There's a lot of discussion on this subject over at concoursmustang.com - give those guys your build date and they can probably post some pics close to the way yours looked from the factory. There's probably somebody here with a nice '70 Dearborn build that could post up some pics to get you started.
  18. Sounds great. Makes me want to get mine out of the garage. Just have to put the seats and interior back in my ‘65 El Camino.
  19. It is correct ,all the bubbles is probably where it has lifted and may have rust started under them . Scrap it back and wire wheel the rust away but dont heat up the metal or it will warp ,you could also use a flap wheel on a die grinder . Primer and spray new sound deadner over the area
  20. Looks nice. Always loved that year over the 70s
  21. Curious why you chose the shorties ? What tire size are the new ones ?
  22. I’ve used them on my 440 1969 Road Runner. Never had a problem.
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