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  1. Not strictly related to ‘69 forum , but here is the next project; 1968 fastback. i vowed to myself not to do one major resto, but can’t resist one more fastback project as will take me through to my retirement in circa 2-3 yrs time. Definitely not for purists, ex US West Cost car, has hybrid MII at present, ripping it out, and putting a MTF front end in with a Coyote and supercharger . After that I’ll do one piece floor, cowl, mini tubs, rear 3 links etc but keep the body line of the 68 as I just love it shape. Wish me luck for the next 3-4 yrs.
  2. Thank you and so true on what you say, done 250 miles with another 70 miles today with 30 mins traffic and loved every minute of driving her.
  3. Thanks, it was next to the beach, so not as bad as it looks ! chris
  4. Apologies I’ve not posted any updates recently, but the good news she is finally only the road over here in the U.K.. Had a number of issues such as timing and brakes, so it went way for a few weeks to someone I know to sort it out Still got some seals to fit, miscellaneous jobs to sort out, but it’s first run out was last weekend to a local show. It drove well and I’m so pleased with it. So it is true that good things come to those who wait ! chris
  5. Sorry I’ve not posted in here for ages… Car was more or less ready at end of September and was getting it ready for a large local show over here in England. Basically I never got there because ihas all sorts of issues with my C4, which I bought used and was supposed to have been rebuilt….needless to say it screwed up, so no show… Collected the box and TQ today, so that will be going back in over next 2 weeks or so, when I get a spare moment. In the meanwhile, I’ve been busy tidying up/fitting new interior parts eg one piece headliner, BMW E30 seats, 3 point sets belts, gauge pod etc and tidy up engine bay wiring etc chris
  6. A quick update: 1-the 408 stroker finally arrived in the crate across the pond after 9 month of delays, shipping issues etc 2-taken some times to get the various ancillary parts, shipping to U.K. is a real pain; JBA shorties etc 3-engine fitted and hoping to fire it up in next 3/4 weeks 4-just collecting the other parts to complete the car e.g glass will go in next 2/3 weeks car is booked into a major U.K. classic car show on 10 `July so has to be ready, but not sure if I’m going to make it chris
  7. Thanks for the reply. That sucks with your brakes. I restored a 70 Mach 1 with power brakes circa 3 years ago, didn’t have any issues, so I really hope I don’t get any grief with this power brake conversion. If I do find any issues, I’ll remember your advice and yes they’re w nightmare to take out with engine in, it’s bad enough trying to put it in, with engine out ! Chris
  8. RPM , thanks, I’ll try that chrus
  9. Wow this is some build. Awesome work !
  10. staffy

    Our new garage

    Nice space, I wished in the U.K. we could get that kind of space
  11. Hi All, I just putting my car back together post it’s resto. I have taken off the power steering and put it to a manual box and changed the pitman arm, drag link etc Kept the original column. having out it back together it looks like the internal rotating part of the column is ‘“catching’” the Lowe part of the fixed outer column as it exists the sleeve near to the coupler. This does not seem right to me, am I right to think this and what do you guys think I should do ? (apologies for my tech terms here, not sure I’ve got them all OK (I'm from the U.K. !) Chris
  12. Been making steady but what seems like slow progress over the last 2 months, whilst waiting for some parts to come over via US. New brake lines installed. Had a right game bench bleeding the master cylinder but all done now. Wiring harness is in and connected - thanks to Randy at Midlife for the refurb one, top drawer as usual - all electrics work fine All lights now working including my new sequential LED’s - love them ! Original column refurbed and manual steering all now complete - but I think the internal column is way to close the external housing nr to the coupling - I’ll put a post up in tech parts of forum - any thoughts ? (going to EPAS later down the line) the 408W stroker is about to land via US to Felixstowe U.K. in the next 10 days, been a long time coming, then I’ll fit it and hopefully drive it around the block Chris
  13. On my fastback, The weather strip should sit in a channel on the bottom of the door, but they never fit properly, us the 3M weatherstrip adhesive, it’s a horrible job though and I’ve never found a good way to do it yet https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/691436111
  14. Great work and nice to see another mustang in Europe (i’m in the U.K. and restoring a ‘69 fastback chris
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