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  1. On my fastback, The weather strip should sit in a channel on the bottom of the door, but they never fit properly, us the 3M weatherstrip adhesive, it’s a horrible job though and I’ve never found a good way to do it yet https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/691436111
  2. Great work and nice to see another mustang in Europe (i’m in the U.K. and restoring a ‘69 fastback chris
  3. For the first time in 3 yrs the car is back in terra firms, slowly putting it back together - just trying to find all those bits you think you saved/took off, but can’t find in the myriad of boxes…
  4. A U.K. supplier as link below, not sure if Nathan still makes them as he was only selling the odd pair http://www.brightlight-customs.co.uk/1969.html
  5. That’s great work on the battery/wiring, I think you’ve sold me on relocating it to the trunk
  6. Sorry it’s been a fair time since I’ve updated progress. Relatively slow progress we work has been so busy, but I’ve started the long refit process: street or track front suspension in rear suspension in with axle fuel tank and lines in Changes to manual steering, quick rack, ready for EPAS later down the line Just trying to work out the brake lines and prop valve (bought a booster via mustang steve, we manual before) rear lights, bumper and new flush lenses with LED’s in just keep working up my new parts list, stuff is so hard to get over to U.K. at the moment, having to work 2 months in advance. 408W engine via Blueprint is on 5 month lead time (ordered 2 months ago) Chris
  7. Great work on the mirrors and air box. That’s one sweet looking ride
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, need that motivation to keep me going in those long cold English winters !
  9. Well I’m pleased to say that the car came back to me 2 weeks ago from the paint shop. I’m so pleased with it, the paint finish from the shop is just sublime. Now for the hard work of putting it call back together. Chris
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