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  1. Floor pans on both sides are now in and just doing some prep work on seat risers and the Global West subframe connectors, before welding them in. I have a few days off next week, so hoping to get the welding finished, save for the front rad support.
  2. Thanks and it has A/c and Tilt Column, hence 2 canisters
  3. Aslanefe, yes spot on, mine has both canisters for A/C and tilt
  4. Many thanks for the pics and yes I did Get the 2 plates chris
  5. Has anyone fitted the Global West sub frame connectors that can share some pics of the install for me please.? I’m Trial fitting them but the gap on the rear sub frame bracket to rear chassis leaves a fair gap. I know it’s never going to be completely flush as rear frame rail is arched. How far back did you fit the bracket on the front rail ? (global west appear to suggest you move them to the end of the front frame rail and in any case the e brake cable bracket on pass side restricts where you can put it) thanks in advance Chris.
  6. Great colour, looks a good base
  7. Update, started to take a closer look at Sheet metal. In summary 3 main points; 1-inner fender pieces, LHD and RHS to replace as hood hinge fixings missing on both sides 2-LHS frame rail, firewall and floor, find the odd pickle point, so cutting out floor. less on RHS but going to cut that out when LHS done. 3-front rad core support piece, nr RHS top bit crusty And looks like a small fender bender in past so replacing whole unit with RHS inner fender panel as battery tray is rotten from below aside form that the car is solid. getting parts in U.K. proving really difficult, having to order via and circa 6 week delay and driving me mad eg global west subframe connectors ... joys of owning a US car over here in U.K.
  8. Yes it does, not sure if going to keep it on
  9. Just read your Whole thread, some serious fab work going on here
  10. She is now on the rollover jig and strateed stripping the factory underseal off. I’m quite surprised how solid it is, she’s had 2 No. rear 1/4 with outer wheel well and LHS torque box at some point, quite good work carried out. more pics to follow chris
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, yes it’s hard to believe we do get sun in the U.K. on occasions.! i live as far as south as you can get in U.K. literally as close to `France as you can get across the English channel, and we do get more sun here then rest of The U.K., which is saying a lot, lol.
  12. Here’s my other mustang, 70 Mach 1 which I’ve restored over an 8 yr period
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