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  1. Id want a booster with a big horsepower application- no doubt. My car has manual brakes now- which is fine for around town- but I wouldn't want my wife to drive the car and have to worry that there could ever be an issue stopping in time.
  2. Cool project. Looking forward to seeing you build it. Here's mine that I affectionately refer to as "The gray Turd"
  3. Beautiful car. Nice to know that a 10" wheel fits fine.
  4. wow awesome. would you please post some pics?? thanks
  5. Has anyone ever installed the radiator on the front of the core support? I am going to go with a custom size when the project is at that point- but i was wondering if anyone has done it. Might free up some space in the engine bay is why im asking. Planning on going with electric fans too with a home made aluminum shroud.
  6. Man that gap is totally unacceptable.
  7. Im planning on replacing my entire floor pan from the firewall to the tail lights. I am glad i won't have to do all that extra work. Still your work is amazing. Keep it up.
  8. So whats that yellow stuff all over the underside of the car. It looks like you painted it gray but then there is all this yellow stuff. I don't get it? Shouldn't the paint fill in any scars or pits?
  9. oh, and what i'm doing... Boss 429 clone. 460 block, stoked to 600. Jon Kasse heads. T56 Magnum, fuel injected.
  10. 1k hp. Not going to drag race it a lot. But some.
  11. Look at this badboy! Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Looks great. I am still deciding what rear suspension i want to run on the car and need something that can handle serious power. Obviously this will add a lot of weight, but id rather have something heavy and strong. Price seems really reasonable too. https://totalcostinvolved.com/products/1964-5-1970-mustang-torque-arm/#prettyPhoto
  12. Yeah it does that without the kickdown. Downshifts when I give it gas. Surprised actually how crisp and fast the shifts are.
  13. Tranny is a C4. It downshifts like a normal car without the kickdown. Don't know how though if you are saying that is a required part. Id say that it needs to see 1/2+ throttle to downshift. I'll try fiddling with the bracket first then.
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