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  1. Thanks ,I’m aware of the fe oddities, had a few over the years.
  2. Would probably have to take out a second mortgage for that lol.
  3. It certainly lightened my wallet lol. The price of parts up here is getting stupid, that’s almost 6500.00 sitting on the floor.
  4. Well, I personally don’t do repetition very well. So I’m going to build this engine with a little modern touch. Still collecting pieces .what I have so far.
  5. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since I last posted. Life took a u- turn and my hobbies got put on the back burner. Hopefully this year will be better. Leaking rear engine oil seal turned into complete removal and disassemble. I managed to save the block , just got back from the machine shop 0.040 over. The rest was garbage. So I guess I should have found engine parts and built my own engine in the beginning instead of buying a “built “ engine from a supposedly fe builder. Expensive lesson learned.
  6. Thanks. Hopefully she will be ready for the road by the end of may if the snow is all gone by then.
  7. Sanderson headers. They make headers for pretty much any engine if I remember correctly. They are pretty tight. I had to tweak them a bit to clear the steering box and the back of the right side shock tower. Also had to make a custom Z bar for the clutch linkage.
  8. Something else to check for oil consumption is no baffle in the rocker cover where the pcv valve is installed. If there is no baffle the oil splash from the rockers will get sucked into the intake and burned. The blue cloud will follow you.
  9. Thanks Doug, things are going pretty slow at the moment with Christmas coming and winter here. Temperature here a few mornings ago was -30 Fahrenheit.
  10. Would anyone know where I could get an a/c cover for late 69. I bought a late 69 a/c evaporator by mistake so my cover doesn’t fit. Here is a picture of my cover. I’d be willing to swap mine for the late one or buy outright. Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for the welcome. Been so busy trying to gather and post pics I neglected to respond to your comments. We loved Vernal as well RPM, beautiful place and friendly people. I promised the seller I would bring the car back to vernal for him to see when I get her finished. I hope this virus won’t interfere when it is time to go. The Year I bought the car we toured through 8 states on vacation visiting small town USA and loved every minute of it. To tour all the states and Canada in the mustang would be a dream come true. Thanks for the inspiration to finish “Roxy”.
  12. Also I built a custom fuel inlet tube for the carb.
  13. New wires and shocks.headliner.carpet.lower dash and wiring.
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