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  1. I read somewhere that a really high percentage (80%?) of electrical problems were ground related.
  2. Rotten, I recommend you read Huskinhano's how to thread. https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/vintage-mustang-forum/885066-setting-caster-camber.html
  3. Ditto what barnett said. The computer doesn't adjust the specs, a person with hand tools does. It doesn't matter the car in the software. They can adjust the steering and suspension until it matches the Daze or Opentracker specs.
  4. Either one is fine, as they are pretty darn close. I don't think anyone here could feel any difference between the two. I went from 4° caster and .25° neg camber to 8° caster and 1.5° neg camber and could not feel any difference with normal street driving.
  5. If he didn't, at least you won't see any unpainted edges :) Education (on his part) Is not free.
  6. All the info from the replies are good. But there's lots of info needed from the OP. After we get the alignment specs, and we get specific symptoms on what and when the steering is doing its scary feeling, we can give you more accurate fixes.
  7. Shut up Randy! You said you wouldn't tell anybody.
  8. Hmm... not good. If all your parts are new and in good condition, and your alignment is done to dazecars.com specs, it should ride like it's on rails. https://dazecars.com/dazed/suspension101.html#3 If the shop didn't keep the alignment specs for you, I'd have another shop that knows early Mustang suspensions, and will align it to Daze's specs.
  9. What are your alignment specs? The shop should've given them to you.
  10. Welcome back brother! Hope all is well in your world.
  11. Well some bish! I never thought to run the holes in the pins in that direction. How simple is that now that I see it. You be a genius Jim!
  12. Yes it is looking good! Casey are you leaving off the hood pin cables? I kinda like it that way.
  13. Will Shaun divulge that info? I once asked him what brand rod ends he uses, he said he couldn't say because it was proprietary. Hmm...
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