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  1. RPM

    NYS does it again

    Cool, I'll put in my Christmas order now for some Montcristo #2 cigars. Thanks buddy.
  2. Welcome to the forum Debbie and Jack! When looking for needed parts, I've found that good 'ol Henry Ford are the best. Sometimes you can find a new unused part, but a good used part is also a good find. For aftermarket parts, I've had very good luck with NPD parts and service. Many folks on different Mustang forums still have issues buying from CJ Pony Parts. Others and I have found parts here on the forum by just asking. Having a helper is a lifesaver working on these cars, go easy on the wife Jack :) Where abouts do you guys call home? And pics. We (I) need (would enjoy) you to post pics of your car, and a bit of its history in order for you to receive your club membership card, and secret handshake instructions :) Again, welcome and hope y'all have as much fun with your 69 as I've had. Bob
  3. RPM

    NYS does it again

    My brother who lives in Austin says none of the 10 city council members are from Texas. "Beto" is a white guy named Robert, playing to the Hispanics.
  4. I think most guys use 4-1/2" backspace on the front.
  5. Nice work. Looks like the headers will be snug in there.
  6. Welcome to the site Part Time! Details, we need details brother. How did you get around the 1 inch wheelbase and 4 & 5 inch tread width differences? The photos make me think the doors have been shortened. I was under the impression impression the wheelbase on the late models was much less than the early model 108 inch. Shows you what I know.
  7. Thanks Mike, that's the first I've heard of that book. Will you please snap a pic and post it here? I'm gonna order the manual, but it'll take a week for delivery. Thanks again.
  8. Ok guys, for full disclosure, I'm an idiot. I've looked thru my Osborne manuals and searched online but can't find an exploded view and the specific fastener locations. Does anyone know where I can find such a beast. I haven't messed with these parts in twenty years so that memory thing applies. Help Mr Wizard...
  9. I use and like these, they use the valve cover bolt holes to mount. I paid much more for mine years ago.
  10. Really good stuff Mike, thanks.
  11. SCJ R Code by far is worth more.
  12. Since you have power at the battery, follow it thru the connections and components and check where you no longer get power.
  13. From my measurements l think he'll be fine.
  14. Call your state insurance dept.
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