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  1. So Kris, after checking out your pics including your garage, I take it your favorite color is green.
  2. Fixed it for you Rick, Rob, Rich...whoever.
  3. Glue has come a long way in the last 50 years, so don't be afraid to use it. I'd use whatever style is currently in car. No need to buy more stuff than you need to. I used a Spal conversion kit, and put the switches in the center console.
  4. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ Chockostang is a trusted and well respected rebuilder of Mustang steering boxes. If yours has play that can't be adjusted out, he's your guy.
  5. I'm pretty sure my rear end guy measured that with dial calipers.
  6. Things I'd recommend if you don't already have them: -Subframe connectors -Export brace -Monte Carlo bar -Arning/Shelby upper control arm drop
  7. Holy crap! You boys down under have no fear. Looks real nice.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Since I'm a guy, I sure would like to look at some pics of your Mach 1. This is what I installed to get tighter steering. It's a manual steering center link. I'm an overweight, 63 yo out of shape guy with manual brakes and steering on my Mach 1. Who needs power anything on a classic Mustang? As the guys have said, check all the connector joints in the steering. It usually takes two people, one turning the steering wheel, the other under the car observing and shaking joints for tightness. Pics brother, I gots to see some pics. Oh, and which part of the world do you call home?
  9. I'll buy one of those caps from you Mike. All my contact info is the same.
  10. I'd absolutely re ring it. So what explains the milky oil? That's not the result of any wiped can I've heard of.
  11. If I can't get Motorcraft ignition parts, I use Standard Motor Products.
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