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  1. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Other than the pick with the GB attire, the rest are cruelty to animals Casey :)
  2. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Loafer? Hey, I resemble that. They are slippers, Craftsmen slippers. A Christmas gift last year from my first ex wife. And they frequent the shop often thank you.
  3. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    We laid this down in the channel 3 wide before putting the glass w/weatherstrip in.
  4. Let's See Those Mustang Guard Dogs .

    Damn Phil, I'm sorry bud :(
  5. I decided to quit rebuilding my 1985 Sears 24 gal 5hp 220v compressor and buy another. After searching online I decided to buy an Ingersoll Rand 60 gal 5hp 220v unit. Pay for it, they load one which is covered with a big plastic bag from the back off the store with a forklift and I'm gone. Two of my old codger neighbors are admiring the compressor after I unload it and they mention the size of it. I say it's only a 60 gal then show them the info tag still on the compressor. Wtfresno? Looked up the specs, that dude is $350 more than I paid. Merry Christmas to me.
  6. Electric/Electronic E-Brake

    Yep, very nice. Swell, another project :)
  7. I've got a set of 1994-2004 17x8 with 245/45-17 which I used to roll around my 69, & a set of oem 14" styled steel wheels with good tires. I'm down in Bako, but make it up to Fresno occasionally. I will be in Fresno the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully you'll find someone closer.
  8. I feel your pain. Any project a dread doing ends up better and easier than I thought. But i continue to dread them... You're doing a great job!
  9. Is this raceway still going

    Good luck with that cavboy. I've got kids and grandkids sucking up for mine.
  10. Is this raceway still going

    60? In a couple of months I'll be signing up for SS payback.
  11. Is this raceway still going

    40? You ARE young. Hell, I've got shoes older than you.
  12. seat belt buckles

    Great, guess I'll have to turn up the stereo as I do like the looks.
  13. Good stuff! I like the welded panels, and are probably the same amount of work as getting the gap right on a bolted valance. Folks talk about the issues if it's rear ended, but I don't buy it.