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  1. RPM

    1966 Coupe

    Hey Rich, I looked, but didn't see it, is the splitter on your website? If not, y'all have one for a 69, and the pricing?
  2. RPM

    New Member

    Fresno? I was born and raised there. Your Cobra is bad ass, and must be a handful. but your Sting-Ray is pretty dang cool as well. I used to race karts at Laguna Seca, among other tracks out here.
  3. RPM

    New Member

    Nice place to start on the 69, and welcome to the forum. Since I don't do Instagram, I hope you document the build here also. I for one, would looove to see pics of your Cobra :)
  4. Wow, that is great news. I didn't think you'd be able to find them.
  5. With the current popularity of 69s, and folks complaining about not being able to find a good one, in surprised yours is still available Jim. Anyone who's built one knows $20k is one heck of a deal. Good luck brother.
  6. Yup, 70 filler tube is what I used on my 69.
  7. RPM

    Corona Planning

    Good 'ol Don McLean. Full disclosure, I once owned a 95 Suburban, so...
  8. RPM

    Corona Planning

    Notwithstanding wether it's a hoax, I wouldn't trust Snopes to drive my shivy. If I owned a shivy.
  9. Spraying foot powder on the engine/ trans can help find the source of the leak.
  10. That's about the length of time it took for my 69 project. Sure could have used your small hands to install the front moldings Casey. A royal pita.
  11. I like the 69 Mach hood paint scheme. Never did care for the 70 style.
  12. RPM

    Price of gas?

    Finally dipped below $3 a gallon here. With nowhere to go.
  13. RPM

    Corona Planning

    The over reaction is mind boggling. I truly didn't realize there were this many idiots out there.
  14. Thanks Matt. Is the bolt on zinc bracket attached to the clutch pedal with just one bolt? I've no idea why the guys who make these forums think PMs don't need images.
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