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  1. Thanks Jim! Throw it away? Na, I learnt my lesson after tossing my oem: radiator, steering box, power steering pump and brackets, front and rear springs, fuel tank, pitted & chipped windshield, radio... DOH! :(
  2. I'm hoping someone might know what plugs into this female two prong plug. It originates at the end of the engine harness and is about 6' long. Since the white/green stripe wire connects to the right turn signal and the green/white stripe wire connects to the left turn signal, I'm thinking the plug has something to do with the turn signals. Ya, I'm a trained observer. Might it be for the turn signals on the hood which I changed to a shaker hood?
  3. Welcome to the forum. You a lucky dog! Seller's remorse is quite popular. Remember now, don't throw away any oe parts as somebody somewhere will want them. I'm pretty good with license plates, except yours. Beautiful area there in SC.
  4. Nooo....it was never a reprimand. I get better and more results when I Google search, 69stang.com or whatever website along with the topic, such as alignment specs. It'll bring up many threads from that forum, whereas searching using the search in the forum search window rarely finds any results. Daze knows his stuff.
  5. Seriously, with no ill will intended, Google is your friend. I start by centering the steering box. Pretty simple, rotate steering wheel fully one way, count the revolutions to full stop there other way, then go back half way. After that I do them in alphabetical order, camber, caster then toe. As I have done the Shelby/Arning 1" upper control arm drop, I'm not sure of the specs I'd advise for a stock suspension. This easy to read article came up when I googled camber caster or toe first: http://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-0910-diy-alignment-guide/ Again, please search and read Huskinhano's alignment threads.
  6. Excellent choice in deciding to diy. You currently probably know more about 69 steering/suspension and alignment than the average guy at an alignment shop. I too do my own alignment with simple tools. I like and have one similar to the one Randy or Richard posted above, but did my last alignment with a 6" digital level. Huskinhano has a few posts on VMF and Mustang Steve .com, look him up. He started out like you with limited knowledge of alignments, and everything I've read by him is right on. Here's one thread by him: http://fyi.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=7714 I figure if I can learn to do it, anyone can. As they say in Vegas, good luck!
  7. Your talent never ceases to amaze me Mike. Kudos!
  8. I'd glue on the medallion before I drilled a hole in the upper quarter panel.
  9. I used a couple of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Windshield-amp-Rear-Window-Trim-Clip-Screw-in-Studs-1964-93-Qty-25-221-/222034086819
  10. Glad somebody did! Now I will :)
  11. Nice score Robert! I wonder what's up with the license plate starting with A, as that would be on a 69 model year. Never the less, that's a heck of a start. As evidenced by Bob, they're still out there. Congrats!
  12. You don't actually expect the newsy's to do a follow up do you? They got their shock value with the original pics.
  13. Beautiful weather and location! Is that a residence in the background?
  14. Nice score on the vert... And wife!