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  1. Late model Mustang seat swap

    69Stanger408- at 6'7" I'm thinking you need one of these for your roof :)
  2. 70' Mach 1 351c

    Welcome Rob. Quite a few Mustangers in Texas. Good luck on your build.
  3. The Bitch is Back!

    There are some nice rear view mirrors with screens available that I concidered, but I already had my one piece headliner installed and didn't want to mess with it.
  4. The Bitch is Back!

    Initially thought of the glove box and that's where it was going till the reach to get there nixed that idea. And a switch to operate it was on the list for a while also.
  5. The Bitch is Back!

    Installed a backup camera as the view out the back of these cars is less than stellar. I'm not sure where the final resting place will be for the screen, but I do know I'm not too keen on looking at the obnoxious screen when I'm not backing up. EZ PZ to install and the screen turns on when the trans is put into reverse. The camera lens is above the O of California on the license plate.
  6. 69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    I love that car TinMan!
  7. Upgrading old 8 track player

    Said every Mustang owner ever.
  8. I'll take the lower radiator brackets thank you.
  9. Head Liner and window install

    Ya, forgot to mention, very nice ride. That looks like silver jade to me. Sexy.
  10. That is pretty much the route I took Bob. In the video he explains the the repop plastic inserts are smaller and looser than original worn inserts. He explains to change them side to side for each bracket. That places the unworn side back in use. I agree also with tightening up the regulator pivot pin. With that 3M glue you don't have much time if working in warm weather.
  11. Head Liner and window install

    The headliner goes in before the front and rear glass.
  12. Got started on some rust

    I've seen worse welds...on my car...done at the factory when assembled :) Just make sure your gaps aren't too wide and those welds will be just fine.