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  1. RPM

    69 Vert project

    So your carrier doesn't have a fill plug?
  2. RPM

    Ignition key light bulb

    Dave that bulb part number should be 1895. Dude! It's your 69's birthday today!
  3. RPM

    Ignition kill switch with key

    This ^^^^^ Easy peasy.
  4. RPM

    Gauges not working...

    There is a better way. Midlife saved me mucho agony. Thanks Randy.
  5. RPM

    Craig from New Zealand

    Oh...I get it now.
  6. RPM

    Ignition kill switch with key

    It's nice to see the old Midlife back at it.
  7. RPM

    Craig from New Zealand

    Whaaat? You can stay, but the BS has got to go.
  8. RPM

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I've heard that some like to use a switch to disable the coil. But 9mm works too.
  9. RPM

    Flooding in Strathmore

    That ain't right. If you build on or change the terrain of your property, water flow is the number one concern. Depending on how much damages you suffered, filing a claim against their homeowners policy might be warranted. I thought of you today Jim. I drove up the 65 to Fomosa and was amazed at the beauty of the Spring time conditions. Good luck with the flooding.
  10. RPM

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Nice work boss. I do like the look of the double wall tip with 1/4" rod.
  11. RPM

    I got another project car

    Post that link Russ. Nobody with any real power checks on this site.
  12. RPM

    Seam Sealer

    Apparently you don't know me too well :)
  13. RPM

    69 coupe from SVK

    I thought all 69's came with front torque boxes, where are yours? :)
  14. RPM

    Seam Sealer

    I forgot that the shop that did my body work and paint used the 3M sausage packs. I had to remove some when I did the inner rockers, and boy does that stuff have some adhesion to it.
  15. RPM

    Seam Sealer

    I like 3M products, but for some reason used the Eastwood sealer.