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  1. I bought 4 Nitto 555 G2s cuz I liked the look. I don't think they grip in corners as well as the Michelins I had previously.
  2. Welp, it shouldn't be too hard to find. Look behind the lower dash to the left of the steering column. It goes thru the firewall as shown in my pic. If it's been pulled thru the firewall look in the engine bay below the master cylinder.
  3. Congrats on the purchase and good luck on your build. It's a labor of love.
  4. I tried on some 17x9 Halibrand Cobra III front wheels with 275/40 tars.
  5. Excellent info Rob, mucho thanks.
  6. Hi Laurie, welcome to the forum. Give Paul at Mustang MD a call, I'm pretty sure he'll have your part. He's located in Castaic Ca, and a great guy. How bout a little about you and your 69? Pics, where y'all from, how long you've had it etc.
  7. Rob, I'm more and more wanting original Henry parts. Do they mate up in the same manner? Original holes and vents? And how about the controls? I do like the original manual cable controls.
  8. They have heaters, they need erectricity
  9. Title pretty much says it all. However not loooking for a broken case that needs repairs. I'm in Bakersfield Ca 93311
  10. Wait, what? You gots to tell us all about your 69 SCJ. And pics, we need pics!
  11. 40 miles from a Greyhound station? Good golly Ridge Runner where do you live, the boonies?
  12. I got the small block measurement I needed Casey, thanks.
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