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  1. Nice tip Casey, I was thinking of using a laser level. Tell ya what, next time I'm in Texas I'll drop by and you can show me your magic on my 69.
  2. I think mine is ~6"x11". I know I need to clean off the insects :) It usually runs around 185° in warm/ hot weather when the engine oil is 195-200°.
  3. I've heard of some guys doing both.
  4. Quit stealing all our damn cars! :) Just pulling your chain. Welcome to the forum Chris. Nice work on the 70. But I'm with the others on the blue sky.
  5. I wouldn't touch that one. Brian's sniffer test worked just fine. FYI for those who don't know, ideally Mach 1s are identified by 63C on the driver's door warranty/data plate in the Body section.
  6. ~.210" o.d. on the threads. Same screw as the cable.
  7. Black it is. Now to finger out the seller. Thanks guys, I think :)
  8. Black huh? Well screw you, now you've got me thinking, which ain't good. Black kinda goes with the hood. Crap... I'm not a fan of CJ's. Got NPD down the road a piece. Looks real good for 51 years old Brian. I wouldn't mention it again. Thanks guys.
  9. Anybody have a hot tip on which ones to use? Any input on the NPD stripes?
  10. I'd check Ebay for oem. Aftermarket is crap.
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