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  1. If or when I move, it won't be because of the gays, it'll be because of the quacks. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure I don't know who 99.9% of the gay folk are I come in contact with during a day. Nor do I care. Love your neighbor, pay your bills, obey the laws.
  2. The weatherstrip is glued to the deck lid on the sportsroof. No pic.
  3. If or when I move, it won't be because of the quakes. The quacks, most definately. Ya, that was a real good quake for sure. Had white caps in my pool, which splashed out. The dog knew something was happening.
  4. Your grandpa sold a 34 Ford on eBay without offering it to us here first? That's a felony I'm thinking.
  5. I think I'm the only one who didn't feel the quake, as I was driving at the time.
  6. Just fyi, after failing to locate a used pair a few years, I ended up buying a set from NPD. They look and sound great.
  7. Sell the vert, keep the sportsroof.
  8. RPM

    The Henry Ford Museum

    An employee said that floor cost 20 million dollars in 1929.
  9. Cool! I'm on the road and will hopefully watch it tonight.
  10. RPM

    Best bumpers?

    My NPD's are 3 years old and show no wear or pitting. The rears might be a tad wide but I don't know if they're wider than stock.
  11. RPM

    Best bumpers?

    How do you only have access to Dynacorn? NPD delivers everywhere. I have the newer NPD bumpers where fit great. They went to great lengths to find 2 undamaged front bumpers to use to make the new one. Most original front bumpers have been tapped in the center which makes them wider. Repop bumpers will be wider if the bumper used for measurements was tapped in the middle and wider. Get the NPD bumpers, you won't be sorry. If you wish, I'll send you the email I received from NPD's owner Rick Schmidt describing his efforts to get a perfect bumper.
  12. Been in the Detroit area for a few days and thought I'd check out the place. While it's not an automotive museum, it does have a lot of cool auto stuff. 1966 & 2016 Lemans winners: I forgot about this tid bit until I saw it, these Lemans cars required a spare tire per the rules of the day. Check out the spare tire: 1965 Indy winner Jim Clark: AJ Foyt car: Mustang I concept car:
  13. RPM

    1969 Mustang E'

    Very nice work on the restoration! Since the E stands for economy, what kind of mileage does it get?
  14. There's nothing wrong with your numbers.
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