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  1. Very nice update, thanks Matt.
  2. Not knowing the history of your car I'll ask, do you have the proper pedals and pushrod for your application?
  3. Oy! Seems like these types of stories are never ending. Buyer beware!
  4. Thanks Brian! That's a rare picture online :)
  5. Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. Except now I gotta get back to work.
  6. Goes like which picture? I have it shown both ways. My bumper is repro, but has the same square holes as the oe.
  7. Does this short S shaped bracket go in front of or behind the valance or "stone guard"? Again my Jim Osbourne manual is of no help. Some of the crappy pics I located in my search look like it is on the front side of the valance. It so, why aren't they painted the body color? If it goes behind, there is no gap between the fender and fender extension/headlight bucket at its location for the bucket and valance to sit flush. I'm so confused!
  8. Ya well, they're probably close enough. And it's mucho better than my Jim Osbourne Assembly Manual which only shows the rear bumper! WTFresno?
  9. So at what point do the bumper and bracket bolts get fully tightened? Can they be accessed once all the pieces of the front are installed?
  10. Looks very nice Max. Pretty cool that Scat is smart enough to offer the material. Every time I read about Scat products it reminds me of when I was building my engine with a Scat stroker crank. I didn't have Scat's link saved so I googled scat, yikes! Then there was the time I needed to look up David Keep toploader transmissions who's name I'd forgotten, so I googled toploader tranny, double yikes! I still learn something ever day.
  11. Thanks Brian. I see they call the stone deflector what we nowadays refer to as the valance. Nomenclature, sheesh.
  12. Sounds good to me John, but based on my prior posts I don't know much :) Hopefully this question will help John, since this is his thread. When installing the bumper and all it's fasteners, in order for proper alignment when do you fully tighten the nuts and bolts. The bolts for the bracket to frame rails are easily accessable, but the nuts on the bumper don't look like they can be accessed after installing. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Still looking for a set of 2.50 gears.