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  1. What does the guy you paid handsomely for your brakes recommend? :)
  2. Hoe Lee Crap! At first I thought he'd get hit by cross traffic, then thought he'd hit the house. Wonder how long it took before his heart rate dropped below 100.
  3. Is natch the new cool word for naturally? I don't get out much, so...
  4. Nice work Rich. Is there a better car forum screen name that's on your birth certificate than Ackermann? So perfect. I use Evaporust, but how would one use it on vertical surfaces like the engine bay?
  5. Yes you can notch the towers after doing the Shelby drop. There is a limit to how far down and into the tower you can cut, as the upper control arm and spring are in that area.
  6. Congratulations! Not an easy feat I'm sure.
  7. Stellar work, on both cars. As bad ass as the 69 is, that Falcon I'd gonna be a beast. If ya want something done right... Kudos brother.
  8. That doesn't look like a serviceable piece. Looks swedged like Terry said. Second pic is the back side.
  9. Good luck with the move brother.
  10. If you're 70 spindles are disc, what I've read is that 69 70 spindles are the same. The difference in 69 and 70 drum spindles is that the pin on the 70 spindle is larger and sturdier. I've never had a 70 disc spindle in my hands to measure.
  11. Cool track, used to race karts there. Last Historic race I went to there featured the Porsche 917, many moons ago.
  12. Did you find some pics? And are you referring to the rear splash shield when you say splash shields behind?
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