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  1. I would give one of the cam makers a call with your drive train info. They'll let you know what works best. You can use that info to buy from whomever you want.
  2. Outstanding! Hopefully you'll stick around and enjoy our misery...I mean fun.
  3. Did ya check with Daniel Carpenter to see where they sourced them when they were supplying them?
  4. You are a man of many talents Jim. Outstanding work.
  5. I agree with this. However, if you don't have any damages, you don't have a claim. When I got my contractor license, the most important thing to consider was water flow. And if you did something to divert it and cause damages, you were liable. You might want to talk to a lawyer, not the county.
  6. Thanks Terry. Ya, that price is killer, and the reason I was thinking of just getting two. Very true Brian. I do at least one long distance trip a year where I drive at night. Lots of deer out at night in Colorado, the plains, Texas etc. I did the headlight relay mod a couple of years ago, which greatly improved them.
  7. I know really nothing about Granada brakes. I don't care for the one piece hub and rotors, even though I've had misalignment issues with some of the 2 piece rotor and hubs that have the flange offset by I think ~3/16". I've read conflicting info that the Granada hub is offset by that same ~3/16". With no manufacturing number on the hub, I have no idea. I guess what I'm saying is it might be possible to get a one piece Granada hub/disc that would be offset when mounted to your Mustang spindle. If you don't have Dan Chocko's number, 217-882-2083.
  8. I'm curious if you've seen these 5.75" LED headlights from Holley, and what you think of them. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hly-lfrb145
  9. I think I see D0ZA on your spindle. D0=1970, I'm pretty sure the Z is Mustang. I struggle with these numbers like a lot of guys. One of the most knowledgeable Mustang guys is Dan "Chocko" who owns Chockostang.com. He usually closes shop for a couple of winter months, but does sometimes reply on VMF, Vintage Mustang Forums. I'd post a question there and tag Chocko.
  10. Holy crap, that looks great. Thanks Jim.
  11. You referring to my spindles? Yes, they are 1970. But I was merely showing where they are located and what they look like. My 69 disc spindles have the same numbers as Brian's.
  12. Well that sucks. I can't help you, but I'd check with Paul at Mustang MD 818-367-0055 or West Coast Classic Cougar 503-463-1130.
  13. Welp, I wish. I had them zinc coated as my brother in Fresno has done it several times with great results. I had mine done locally, and they peeled the zinc when hot. After doing some research, it turns out zinc plating can done two completely different ways, with different results. Who knew? Nice work mate.
  14. Welcome to the forum Peter. On the inner side of the spindle upright is a part number, which on mine are upside down, and read D00A. That part or manufacturing number will tell us which vehicle it was made for. How about a little info on you? Where you're from, pics of your 69, and a little info on your Mustang please.
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