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  1. Welcome back prayers! You certainly have one of the better looking 69s. I was happy with 3.50s when I had an aod in it. I currently have a .78 OD and 3.25 which I also like.
  2. Who doesn't like a walk around? Especially of such a cool car as yours. What color red is that? It sure looks good. BTW, you're 75? I guess I expect cats older than me to be old and crabby. :)
  3. I guess my mind doesn't work like an engineer's mind at Ford. Why would they design different horn parts for a two and three spoke wheel? The horn doesn't know how many spokes are on the wheel.
  4. Yes, welcome to the forum. Why don't you start a new thread with info about you, your car, when you bought it, what you've done to it, where y'all live, and of course some pics of your Mustang? We are (or at least me) are curious bunch of friendly guys.
  5. All 69s came with 5 bolt lugs, but ya, the rest of the drive line will need to be stout. Since there's no replacement for displacement, and a 460 is the same size dimensionally as the 429, and you can stroke a 460 to 557... you see where I'm going here.
  6. I usually tighten them until they strip, then back them off a quarter turn. But seriously, I'd just snug them up good. If you really need to torque them, just look up the specs for that particular sized bolt.
  7. RPM

    Scammer alert

    Fingers crossed.
  8. Cleaning the glass bracket and using new 3M adhesive was one of the easier projects I did. IMO swapping to bolt in glass is an 80s thing and archaic since quality adhesives are available. The West Coast Classic Cougar install video is priceless. Just my 2 cents, er... make that 5 cents due to inflation.
  9. Phil might know, but not me. And Ben doesn't visit us, so...
  10. Finally made some progress of getting Christine back on the road.
  11. RPM

    Scammer alert

    I fell for four two fb scammers, but buy thru PayPal and use a credit card to reverse the charges. A$$holes.
  12. RPM

    Scammer alert

    Scum of the earth.
  13. Yup, true story. It's all about ad revenue and selling crap.
  14. Ridge, you do know your internet listens to you and recommends items you're talking about. It sounded to me like you were kidding in your post. They don't just go by your internet searches. Bastards. Thanks, now I've got another tool to buy. Been looking at the Eastwood model for years, but too expensive.
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