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  1. RPM

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Real nice work there Vic!
  2. 69 has the weatherstrip on the door glass, 70 has it on the 1/4 glass. But, there are exceptions. Check out the WCCC you tube video on this for proper explanation. It starts around 42:00
  3. RPM

    Need help: wonky brakes

    Looks like they might bite when applied.
  4. RPM

    My website's new banner art

    While I appreciate the humility, you may not need to know how to write code, but I'm pretty sure it takes more talent than a cut and paste guy like me has. Heck, I can't even find an Inkscape for Android. Is one available? Nice work btw!
  5. RPM

    Steering wheel recommendations

    No clue on the brand as it's from red china. By searching for Moto Lita, or goggle search for similar image you'll find something close. The adapter is needed to attach the 9 hole wheel to the Ford column splines. The turn signals and horn need nothing done to function properly. You'll also need to buy the horn button. Many logo buttons from which to choose, including a blank one.
  6. RPM

    Steering wheel recommendations

    I too wanted to get one close to the original size as I have manual steering which is easier on the arms with more leverage. You don't mention the style of wheel you're after, but my aftermarket Chicom Moto-Lita knock off ($165 + a $95 adapter) is 1" smaller diameter than my rim blow, and is liveable with the effort needed to turn it. I'd like to get the deeper spacer to make up for the flat spokes vs the dished in the rim blow. The VMF site had a group buy on my wheel years ago, and I jumped in a couple of years after the original sale. I've seen my wheel on ebay recently.
  7. So are the 302 and 351W mounts the same?
  8. RPM


    Because of their lack of choices, i.e. no dual or quad function gauges, not many tachs with 8k or lower max reading.
  9. That bending over the fender sounds like "fun" Ed. Don't think I've ever installed a part on my 69 just once.
  10. RPM


    I've got Auto Meter Ultra Lite, but regret buying them. Too few choices, but I liked the look. I'm liking those Dakotas.
  11. RPM

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    I love my backup camera. Thought it might be too hi tech for me, but it's worked out well.
  12. RPM

    CJ Heads

    Here's a current ad for comparison. I'm pretty sure his are complete. $850 obo. Oops...here's the link: https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/engine-drivetrain-parts-sale/1143362-428-cobra-jet-super-cobra-jet-cylinder-heads.html
  13. RPM

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    At least the Commies are concentrated in LA, SF, and along the coast. The weather and my family are the only things keeping me here.
  14. RPM

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    Everything? Seems I'm always waiting on stuff from East of the Mississippi :) But ya, lots of car part businesses are out here. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. Thanks brother for the link. I was finding a lot of nothing searching on line.
  15. Nobody has one? I ran custom lines so I never had to look into it. Somebody has to have some info.