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  1. A well built fmx is a good transmission. The extra weight in a normal use car won't be noticed.
  2. Crap. Did you use plenty of ZDDP?
  3. Yep, spot on. Anytime both parties are against the president, as they were during his first two years in office, you know he's the right guy for the job. He's the only president in a long time who has fought for America, and backed the armed services including the police.
  4. Most guys who are against it say it doesn't provide as stiff a pedal as dot 3, 4.
  5. RPM


    Pole barns like that are popular here.
  6. Gun deaths per capita are low compared to other deaths in the US. As far as related to other countries, somebody's gonna be at the top and bottom of the list. Being worst on the list doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. The most gun restrictive cities in the US have the highest murders. Being on top of that list is a bad thing. Hell, living in those cities is a bad thing.
  7. Dang Terry, you get bored? Thank God for engineers. Thanks.
  8. We all do staffy. Mike has tremendous talent, is kind enough to share his talent, and is truly a good and humble man. We are blessed to have him here. Happy Veteran's Day Mike, and all you other Vets, and thanks for your service.
  9. I bought a used Duraspark set up years ago. Looked at it recently to find broken and worn out parts, so I bought new parts. I know nearly nuttin about Duraspark, but the Duralast Gold distributor at Autozone is a good deal at under $100. I've used one in my points set up, and have one awaiting my Duraspark conversion.
  10. Up front around the windshield and kick panels the paint shows around the trim panels, so color is important there also. The Osborne manual shows the locations.
  11. Opentracker is hard to beat, quality parts with mach levels fin which to chose, and a nice guy. No matter whose parts you buy, do the one inch upper control arm drop, called the Shelby drop.
  12. And you won't in the main stream press. If you get one of the monthly NRA magazines there are always reports in it of armed citizens stopping a bad guy with a gun because the good guy was armed.
  13. Welcome to the forum Sal. Word of advice, I've found it difficult to locate a quality solenoid these days. Stay far away from anything made in Red China. IMO, Motorcraft and Standard Motor Products Blue Streak seem like the only ones to buy.
  14. I've seen it in person, and yes it is.
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