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  1. Can you post a picture of the stamped vin?
  2. Yup. Ridge knows his stuff.
  3. Unfortunately moose hasn't been around for five years.
  4. Real nice work there Jesse. Where abouts is home?
  5. Be careful mixing parts, plenty of unsatisfied Mustang guys out there because of it. Probably the nicest and most informed guy out there is Dan at Chockostang, ph # 217-882-2083. He knows Mustangs and will do you right.
  6. Holy crap. Outstanding that they gave you $250 for your troubles.
  7. Looks really nice, kudos!
  8. For those outstanding drivers who use their high beams in the fog.
  9. You'll need to use the appropriate auto or manual transmission and manual brake pedal. 69 & 70 are different.
  10. Ya, experts everywhere. I had an expert tell me the shaker air cleaner on my 69 wasn't stock. Thank you very little.
  11. Cylinder walls look fine, hope the heads ain't beat up.
  12. Weeell...I won't know till it's torn down, but I fly cut the piston for valve clearance and at this point I think the remaining metal wasn't thick enough and failed. Two of the eight are damaged.
  13. Yes, broken piston top. That's the top ring showing.
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