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  1. Nope, you done good son. Thanks again.
  2. Hey Rich, any chance my right side glass mirror piece is laying around the shop somewhere? It failed to make the trip to Cali. If not, no worries, I'll just bad mouth you. :)
  3. RPM

    Smoke and Fire

    Yep. Bingo! Another view "they" have is that climate change is man's fault. Man from the United States specifically.
  4. I'm not a fan of any 3rd brake light.
  5. RPM

    Smoke and Fire

    Global warming huh...
  6. Disclaimer: I'm not a body man. Since the lower cowl is not visible, couldn't it be repaired with fiberglass?
  7. Nice work Bigmal. Ya, as we all know the 69 sportsroof is fun to back up. I'm not as smart as you Mal, so I just installed a back up camera that shows on the receiver screen.
  8. Hard to believe Ronny was once governor of California. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFA31rDgbM6/?igshid=1349kad9i1flc
  9. Hey Rich, I'm only buying them for the right side mount. If you haven't shipped them, you can send aslanefe the 69 pair, and I'll take the 70, as long as the mounts are the same.
  10. What is the email to your PayPal account?
  11. Hey Vic, car sure looks bad a$$ in the last pic! Don at WCCC says that the repop glass guides are looser than most worn originals. He swaps them front to back on the brackets, as the vertical tube doesn't ride in the center of the plastic guides, allowing them to be reused for a tight fit. I found Don is spot on when I replaced mine. I recently bought a rivnut kit for the mirror mounts also, should've bought it years ago.
  12. Thanks Rich. PayPal, Venmo, pesos?
  13. I'm interested Rich. Is the $150 pr written on the tape your price? They look nice, any damage to them?
  14. Ditto. You got skills brother.
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