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  1. Ya, run more caster if you can, and with those parts you should be able to. I run 7° caster with manual steering without issue. "They" say return to center is lacking with Borgeson PS, and more caster helps its return.
  2. Nice. It's shining like a new penny.
  3. Coming along nicely. Ya, anything OE shaker related is stupid money. My shaker hood trim ring which came on my $25 shaker hood circa 1995 had a crack on the rear center. Around 5 years ago a fellow Mustanger had a pristine ring for sale at $200. I couldn't see spending that much as I had one that could be repaired. I'm afraid to check out prices today.
  4. OE clips, or your custom made, clips are the way to go. The clip set I bought from NPD were crap, as they spun in the molding. Double checked the part number to make sure they weren't for the C shaped headlight molding, nope. Ended up using my filthy OE clips I saved.
  5. I'd uncork the headers and drive up and down the street.
  6. That's certainly outstanding news. I ain't going back to check, but was rotating tires never mentioned? Cuz it's one of the first things that should be done when a vibration is found.
  7. I love my 16:1 Chocko rebuilt manual steer box.
  8. Ya, I know a couple of guys who are going. I don't really care for the big events, crowds and heavy traffic ain't my thing. It's only about a 3 hour drive, and I've got a buddy who would put me up for the weekend, but that ain't enough to sway me.
  9. Absolutely. That's his car you got your butt parked on.
  10. "You know Gill Gonzales?"
  11. Yup, my pitman arm is flat without any offset.
  12. Clean? Right. If you only knew Terry.
  13. No clue on your headers... but on my cheapo Hedmans I cut the thin flange between the ports to get each port to seal.
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