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  1. So that's the upper mold you're making? And it releases due to the wax being applied to the original?
  2. RPM

    Mustang Mach E

    Sorry, it ain't a Mustang. This seems impossible after watching the video "A Faster Horse" where much time is spent making sure the Mustang name wasn't tarnished with the 2015 restyle of the Mustang. They also point out that everyone at Ford wants to work on the Mustang. Now this.
  3. Mike, are you familiar with his product?
  4. Not a convertible, and certainly not stock, but when my boy wanted to do the stereo in my Mach 1 I gave him free reign. I did have the final say on each product and location. As my car has several welded on chassis mods, I wasn't scared to cut a hole into the metal. I know my way of doing things doesn't jive with others, but the stereo sounds great. Although on a recent 3,000 mile trip to Waco I didn't listen to the stereo once. But the side exit exhaust sure sounded great. Might have $1,500 into it with 2,500 watts, Pioneer, Cerwin Vega, MB Quart products. It's your car, modify it to your liking. The last pic is the best part of the sound system :)
  5. Sounds like you shoulda hired RR years ago as an hourly employee :)
  6. Ya gotta make sure the butterflies are adjusted so the slotted port forms a square. Carb needs to be off to check under there. Then adjust your idle with the idle jets. If you use the butterfly screw to set idle, it allows too much fuel in after the engine is shut off, causing run on, or dieseling. If you're running an auto trans, you can turn of the ignition while in gear to keep it from running on.
  7. Step drills work great for this mod. I glued in some crescent washers to get a flat surface, then used a heavy washer. Most folks just leave the upper holes open.
  8. Roller perches won't help a bit for wandering. My opinion is any shade tree mechanic with half a brain can do a better job on their own car than most shops. Stick with it and do your own work. You haven't mentioned your steering box. A 50 year old box has caused many a Mustang to wander. I recently tore down 2 stock boxes and found no useable grease in them. What grease was in there, was hard and brittle. The bearings were toast, and one box had mucho rust damage. I don't know how the ball bearings circulated without grease. I will never run a stock unrebuilt box. Chockostang has quality rebuilt boxes ready to ship. Or you can rebuild your own with his kit. Front tire toe in also causes a car to wander. I played around with my toe setting from toe in to toe out. Toe in is much more stable. Toe out gives the spindles more Ackerman and allows the car to turn in better. This gives you better handling on turns, but the front will move around more when braking and on uneven roads. I'd check your steering box for worn parts. And get that thing rebuilt!
  9. Real nice work there Jim. Many a body mod made from using wooden buck forms. Most excellent.
  10. RPM

    67 fastback

    Pretty much have to in order to make money. Too many unknowns with these old cars.
  11. I'd figure the yellow wire is listed as the horn in the schematic/drawing from Ford. You'd need to research that. But since it's the only big yellow wire in the steering column it isn't hard to find.
  12. Can't remember when my brother did his, but the snout needs turned down for the balancer to fit. 393 was the biggest crack offered when he built his, And he wanted to go bigger.
  13. When I installed a 1970 22 gal tank, I used a 70 filler tube. Don't know the difference of the 70 tank and yours though.
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