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  1. Only issue I’ve had out of the 4-5 I’ve installed is the dimmer portion not being all that secure to where I jacked the alignment up and had to pull it back out so I could install the shaft.
  2. Oreilys sales the switch with the angled cup attached. Around 20.00 if I remember correctly.
  3. Looks to good to be true on pricing, but dammmmmmm. Glad I live 30 min away and have a trailer
  4. That makes perfect since, specially with the curvature of the hood, touching in back and 1/2” high in front. Thanks Ridge!!
  5. I'm not planning on it, the cables that came with the kit are covered, but have the alum cable crimps and those will scratch the paint
  6. Yes, tee for the oil Wtr, can use one of the threaded intake holes, but will lose the heater
  7. Rear seat recovered and installedHoles for the letter M found and installed, holes for side markers located and installed, hood pins installed, and driver’s seat.
  8. Gotta at least give him credit for thinking out side the box. Prob needs to invest in ladders with the appropriate load/weight rating next time
  9. It’s been put in the f.... bucket along with some other misc parts that don’t go to the car. Sure there is another guy out there that had his car started by that shop that has a bucket I need
  10. make sure that little spring steel piece isn't stuck that the ball bearings touch. if its stuck, will either only go up or down. Ask me how I know that, 1step forward, 3 steps back
  11. 2 screws all my switches purchased came with the plug, except the tilt wheel blinker switch.
  12. Take it apart, hook up to 12 volts and see if the gear is spinning
  13. I’ve bought several from CJs and also from NPD with no issues
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