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  1. Caseyrhe

    Craig from New Zealand

    Sounds like you need some Juicy Fruit, Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun or 1 huge bottle of tums
  2. Caseyrhe

    69 Vert project

    one of my 8" doesn't, fill hole on housing
  3. Caseyrhe

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Installed the console gauges, cleaned her, took her for a cruise
  4. Caseyrhe

    Ignition kill switch with key

    She never leaves my sight when she's out, but I carry a 9mm
  5. Caseyrhe

    ‘69 Folddown Deck Chrome Strip Wanted

    My 69 did not have it, the 67 I restored did though
  6. go to search bar, "fiberglass hood scoop repair"
  7. Looking for; -rear window aluminum with black center trim, non vinyl top -vinyl top drip rail molding
  8. I too lost many pictures, but feel that we all have the knowledge and willingness to share if someone was to post a question. Our smart phones all have cameras too, that I will gladly go out and snap pictures to share if I cant provide positive input This site is by far the best that is out there, in regards to Mustangs, usually getting multiple responses to any type of questions in a few hours. the guys on the forum aren't smart asses or make crude comments on someone's lack of knowledge. I posted many questions on other sites/forums regarding the 82 Stang and truck projects I've had, with nothing for days, weeks, or none at all This site is also free To post pictures on this site, they had to be downloaded from your personal files. So I would assume, if you don't have the pictures you posted, then I would also assume that person didn't take the steps to protect their own files. You Tube, the best place to save pictures and videos and someone else's servers expense. all you need to do is share the link Hats off and many thanks to the guys who have created, tweaked, managed, and maintained this site. No complaints here!!
  9. Caseyrhe

    How did you decide what to insure for?

    65k on my Mach 20k on the vert, in progress 5k on the non running project car 15k on the 82
  10. Caseyrhe

    S*it happens! :(

  11. Caseyrhe

    Funny, but not really...

    Buy a mouse, train the mouse, and then send him in to finish the job.
  12. Caseyrhe

    Craig from New Zealand

    that dash looks familiar, lol
  13. Caseyrhe

    Rear drum lockout system?

    Maybe check out some You Tube videos of guys leaving car shows and the results that followed. seen many a car tore up. Although it is fun to feel the power and smokem up, I save it for the parking lot some where and just keep the fans wondering what kind of power does it have.
  14. Caseyrhe

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Where at in Texas