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  1. Caseyrhe

    Funny, but not really...

    Buy a mouse, train the mouse, and then send him in to finish the job.
  2. Caseyrhe

    Craig from New Zealand

    that dash looks familiar, lol
  3. Caseyrhe

    Rear drum lockout system?

    Maybe check out some You Tube videos of guys leaving car shows and the results that followed. seen many a car tore up. Although it is fun to feel the power and smokem up, I save it for the parking lot some where and just keep the fans wondering what kind of power does it have.
  4. Caseyrhe

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Where at in Texas
  5. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    There's nothing to the pump, so if the motor works, might be at least worth opening up vs spending the 200+ for a new one
  6. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Now that Christmas is over and hunting season ends next week, I spent a little time in the shop. Got the templates made, large hole goes over a cap nut, small hole for coat hanger screw. Rebuilt the pump, which now works. Balls were corroded up along with tension see-saw clip froze up. Top works!! Now just a few hot days to install the top. Heres the kit I used, sure beats the cost of a new pump.
  7. Caseyrhe

    Santa Came Early

    I have never met a stranger and trust is only lost, not earned.
  8. Caseyrhe

    Santa Came Early

    Yes Sir, as a gift....with a signed title
  9. Caseyrhe

    Santa Came Early

    Pretty much, came with shop manuals, factory air cleaner, intake, carb, and valve covers
  10. Caseyrhe

    Santa Came Early

    Received a gift today that totally blew me away. A friend that I have helped over the years with various projects from autos to construction , which I never charged, delivered this last night. 82 Fox body, 5.0. The stable is full.
  11. Caseyrhe

    Mach 1 clock

    Ha ha ha, you did fix it for me several times. Weird, don’t think so. Your a man were most men don’t survive when it come to finding and then fixing an electrical issue.
  12. Caseyrhe

    Mach 1 clock

    You know though, he is always wired
  13. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Pump started leaking fluid at seal when top was completely down also
  14. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Yes, with the new lines, could clearly see air in the lines, but after several attempts, lines were completely full.