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  1. 70 vert, 302 C4, power steering, hooker long tube. Did not have to use the adapter for slave cylinder....had plenty of clearance
  2. Not having the knowledge of what originals looked or felt like, MM ones are vinyl with a slight grain in them.
  3. The repops I bought from CJ didn’t have the right curvature for the front fender, so ended up putting on slightly scratched originals I found at a swap meet.
  4. One screw is correct, at the rear. Front is held on with molding clip. will post front clip shortly. plastic pieces spaced out in between from front to rear that molding snaps onto. So one has to believe the molding usually got knocked off plastic pieces and screw was added to hold in place
  5. I got my door panels from mustang market, back of panels where white, good fitment on reinstalling chrome trim, wood panel insert, and cup handles. dido I’m removing radio
  6. I was questioning the over all length from end to end. Does anyone know that length
  7. Thought so but just wanted confirmation
  8. Is the crank on a 69 390 mustang the same length as a crank from a 1970 truck 390?
  9. Isn't that what its mea Isn' that what it meant by "all hands on deck"
  10. Caseyrhe

    Mustang Mach E

    This is what an Mustang E should be
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