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  1. Soaked the lifters, pumped them up, used whole tube of cam lube on cam and each lifter, and purple break in oil. Weird it’s just on left side and only on the exhaust. Brother is pretty upset, but as I reminded him, should have gone thru the whole motor before putting it back in after sitting 17 plus years with heads and pan off attached to a stand.
  2. Got his car back out to my house 2 weeks ago was able to spend an hour on it today. Found the problem, exhaust lifters 5, 7, and 8
  3. Yes, happy tears First round of chemo went ok. Changed the caps out 18 times over 9 hours, with one of them being on the side of the highway on the way home. She hasn't lost any of her hair yet, so well worth it. The first 5 days after chemo were as to be expected I guess from what I'd read, but one hell of an emotional roller coaster with it changing from a laugh, to her curled up in a ball on the floor crying she cant do it anymore. We go back next week for the second of the 4 treatments and plan on kicking this one too. My wife is such the warrior!! Thanks guys for all your support and prayers
  4. lol, the blue cool pack cap made me look old and fat in the face, just 55
  5. First round of chemo happens today. Sue has had a roller coaster of emotions the last 2 weeks. Had a trial run last night with the cool caps last night at -10c, today will be a -30c rotating them every 25 min for 6 1/2 hours, just trying to keep her hair. Took one for the team to keep her spirits up.
  6. Just a suggestion, I tested everything even the ign before putting it all back together on my last build, saved me a couple steps back
  7. Did what Mach1Rider suggested, she started crying!!
  8. Will do, that’s awesome!!
  9. Surgery went well, margins clear and lymph nodes negitive!! 12 weeks of chemo starts in 3 weeks and she has a positive outlook on it. Thanks again guys for all your prayers and support.
  10. Team Work going on, looks awesome to the both of you!! Who gets to drive it first?
  11. Took her out for a spin today with no major issues!! A couple of rattles need to be located/fixed, get the front end aligned, new exhaust, and she’ll be good to go.
  12. Got to work on the car last Sat am, installed the new proportioning valve, bled brakes. Took new proportioning valve off, filed top of block, installed new cooper washer, bled brakes and FINALLY all looks good. Good pedal and brakes stop rear brakes. First test drive coming soon!!
  13. Last Thursday we hit another hurdle, last results came in from biopsy and cancer appears to be more aggressive than orig thought. Chemo will be required to lower her chance of it reoccurring. Sue had the surgery today, lumpectomy, all went well and we are back at home. We go back next week to meet with the chemo dr and then thurs for post op with surgeon. Thanks guys and girls for all your thoughts and prayers
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