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  1. 69 fastback roof medallions

    Most auto body shops have the screw in rivets. Believe they are the same size rivets the rear fastback trim clip uses
  2. The Bitch is Back!

    The moldings are different, and neither are repopped yet. The coupe will work but has to be notched out for the top of the quart window bracket, so I've read. I have seen some fastback moldings on flea bay, but beware of sticker shock
  3. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    10 min install?
  4. 69 rocker molding

    Hole to the back. Repops don't match up to the front fender flare
  5. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    X3, no bolts like that in my spare bolts tray, nor any removed or installed on 2 builds and 1 parts car disassembly
  6. Didn't they use the same glue as the glue in glass? Maybe some paint thinner on the glue to loosen it up?
  7. Aquarius is on the way!

    You are one brave man Dave!!!!!!!!!
  8. My Brothers 69 Mach

    Door panels installed today. Then jumped to the brake booster install to get the pedal hooked up so I can install D seat and S wheel. Guess I installed the wrong brake pedal of the 2 he had. Pedal would be 2" off the floor if it was hooked up. Included pic of the back from progress installed last week
  9. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    They ain't for your car, Ridge nailed it.
  10. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    Just guessing now due to size.....Fuel line frame clips? maybe post another pic of mystery bolt beside a splash guard bolt
  11. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    Front fender splash guards, volt reg, rain guard above volt reg, or blower mtr guard
  12. Front Fender Extension seals

    Here's a good video
  13. Front Fender Extension seals

    You need to install the trim on the buckets first before installing bucket on the fender. It's also easier to install the headlight cups too with the buckets off.
  14. Front Fender Extension seals

    Seals are U shaped and they fit on the 1/4" wide rail below the edge of the light bucket where it meets the fender