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  1. Still not as fast as the guys on TV, they get'em done in 30 min
  2. They must have some really good stuff over there, LOL
  3. No adjustment on cylinders that I saw, but vert frame can be adjusted where it mounts. When top is all the way down, all both sides at same height?
  4. and the hood opened the next day, and so on, and so, and.......
  5. Are you using the factory type bolt/screw for scoop? Do you have it tightened, scoop should not be moving. The flange on bolt should prevent that from happening? You could always use a stainless steel washer between bolt flange and hood sheet metal to raise the scoop a bit of the hood, but not sure how that will look
  6. Wether it’s a 1 of 1 or 1 of 7000, it’s a 69 Stang. It’s 50 years old!! I can’t count the number of people I’ve sent to the chiropractor due to them snapping their heads around to get a glimpse of my 69 or 70 while out for a cruise. What about that poor guy under his wife’s thumb wishing he could have a older Stang. I hear so many comments about people either not liking the coupes and or the fastbacks. It’s 50 years old, still running, still snapping necks, and you know there’s prob not even a third of them still around. All mine, even the 82, are all 1 of 1 in my book and yours should too. Built not bought!!
  7. You could try buying a cap and rotor for a 82 5.0 Stang. pretty sure rotor will fit on dist, but not sure on cap fitting and clamping
  8. start shuffling back 3 steps, as waltz across is Texas playing in the background
  9. Missing front roof support, anybody have a spare to sell or made one to fit?
  10. CJ's, NPD, .....they all sale the wires/hooks
  11. Cars like this have been going for 4500-5000 around DFW, so start off high....you can always comes down. It will also give you some room to come down when they do make an offer. Even if someone says they are just going to part it out; mtr/trans not running going for 800.00 front fenders 200 each a 69 hood sold for 350 last week on c list if its a 9" rearend, will bring 500 - 800 and that's the big parts
  12. Sounds like you need some Juicy Fruit, Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun or 1 huge bottle of tums
  13. one of my 8" doesn't, fill hole on housing
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