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  1. Caseyrhe


    Man, talk about the elephant in the room, lol. Good luck
  2. Caseyrhe


    I’m in FW, never heard of the guy. Get me an address and I wouldn’t mind going by to ck it out
  3. I don’t think the PS bracket is period correct, which is putting pump/belt to low as well
  4. Well, after cleaning the Holley carb out numerous time, draining tank, cleaning tank, blowing out fuel line, and putting 5 gallons of non ethanol gas, finally had enough!! Pulled the alum intake and put the factory 2 barrel CI intake on and rebuilt the 2100. Runs like a scalded dog now, yahoey. Have an elect choke ordered, that should be here Sat. Bob, replaced the condenser and haven’t had an issue yet. Knock on wood.
  5. They are getting hard to find around here. I paid 200, 3 years ago just for the housing and had to have perches welded on. Paid 500 last year for a complete with brake plates. Just an fyi, 8” plates and axles will work just fine in a 9” housing, 28 spline oh course.
  6. Weren’t you asking me this about 3-5 months ago? you get stuck in the mud or what?
  7. It’s cost more to get those fixed if the gas is bad.
  8. Well, the float needle stuck open now, so fired up and had gas shooting out of overflow. Saw images of jay leno. So now In process of draining tank, disposing of gas is a real pain these days. Taking to deer lease a couple of gallon at a time to dispose. Found a place fairly close with non ethanol gas to put back in.
  9. Got the needle out, all metal, no rubber tip. Cleaned up and reinstalled. Fired it up and took her for a quick spin. Will see what Tues night
  10. Not sure,,might make it out to the shop to ck that out. just remove squirter and washers again and pump accel to remove? Will put rag in Venturi to keep from losing anything
  11. No Don’t have any issues with other 2 stangs, both holley’s but 735’s
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