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  1. Team Work going on, looks awesome to the both of you!! Who gets to drive it first?
  2. Took her out for a spin today with no major issues!! A couple of rattles need to be located/fixed, get the front end aligned, new exhaust, and she’ll be good to go.
  3. Got to work on the car last Sat am, installed the new proportioning valve, bled brakes. Took new proportioning valve off, filed top of block, installed new cooper washer, bled brakes and FINALLY all looks good. Good pedal and brakes stop rear brakes. First test drive coming soon!!
  4. Last Thursday we hit another hurdle, last results came in from biopsy and cancer appears to be more aggressive than orig thought. Chemo will be required to lower her chance of it reoccurring. Sue had the surgery today, lumpectomy, all went well and we are back at home. We go back next week to meet with the chemo dr and then thurs for post op with surgeon. Thanks guys and girls for all your thoughts and prayers
  5. I'm going to name this car Christine, its definitely trying my patience and my pocket book. Factory 302 car, 390 with CJ heads, C6, and put a 9" posi. Beefed up the towers, took out the PS, factory front disc
  6. Thanks Mike. 69/70 are different. I was able to pick up a new one at Summit and will install maybe this week. I like the rag joint bolt screwed in where the switch goes. I did the same when after the first attempt when it was bleeding thru.
  7. Rebuild kit, 25.00 time spent, 4 hours time for it to leak, first pump Y’all Ausi’s better watch out, I threw that MF so far once I got it back off it might land down there tonight bore was pretty eaten/rotted but gave it a shot 3 giant steps back, ha ha ha
  8. WOW!!!! What a beautiful car, awesome job
  9. I found this kit on NPD and was able to print the pictured instructions. Got it ordered last night Proportioning valve.pdf
  10. 2 O-rings and one seal screwed a bolt into the warning light sensor, pedal acts if it were manual brakes when started
  11. Fluid shooting thru warning light sensor. So guess it’s bleeding by top seal replaced o rings on inner shaft and still does it another 3 steps back
  12. New mst cylinder, new brake booster, rebuilt pro valve. I bled brakes and had a good hard pedal. Now that engine is running and pulling a vacuum to booster, pro valve is leaking and pedal is mush. I’m a little premature posting due to not knowing where exactly valve is leaking due to lack of having someone to hit brakes while I watch. Fluid level was low in reservoir for the front disc.
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