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  1. Caseyrhe

    My website's new banner art

  2. Caseyrhe

    CJ Heads

    Picked up the heads for 500, several new valves, new inner/outer springs, new seals. Say it was a great deal.
  3. Caseyrhe

    Aquarius is on the way!

    Looks awesome brother!!!
  4. Caseyrhe

    CJ Heads

    Guy has the block and crank but no rods. Block bored 40 over and crank machined, has receipts for work. Believe he wants 2k for both. Maybe Bob could could bring them back in the trunk when he’s in Texas in 2 weeks
  5. Caseyrhe

    CJ Heads

    C8AE 6090-H 14 bolts listing I have shows 390 GT or 428CJ heads
  6. Caseyrhe

    CJ Heads

    What is a set completely rebuilt, with receipts to back it up, going for these days
  7. Caseyrhe

    New face book page for us Ford guys

    Did you try the search bar on FB, typed in just like on the pic Ridge posted. Can yall please control the smoke out there, its severely effecting my sinus here in Texas
  8. Caseyrhe

    Summer (of 69) Project

    Looks good, progress always takes some sting out of the pocket book
  9. Caseyrhe

    Car Trailer

    thanks, metal deck it is
  10. Caseyrhe

    Car Trailer

    Seriously thinking of buying a car trailer. Wood or steel bed, what’s the pros and cons
  11. Caseyrhe

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    The felt goes all the way around to keep diffuser in positioned placed
  12. Caseyrhe

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    they also sale the Velcro needed for the felt ribbon
  13. Caseyrhe

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    Most Craft stores sale these paint pens, multitude of colors available
  14. Caseyrhe

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    Black Jade
  15. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Fixed!! All made changes in the right direction- replaced turn signal switch replaced both front side marker sockets that were corroded replaced signal flasher But left turn signal indicator still lite up with head light switch on and both front and rear side markers were dim and had power to both sides, replaced front left turn signal...Bam!! Problem solved