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  1. Caseyrhe

    Happy 50th

    Did you forget to clip the hood in or has its gut grown and they wont fit......kinda like my belt at 50
  2. Caseyrhe


    It keeps getting better and not trying to gloat, but after wading through the squirrel skeletons, rat poop, and getting the trunk open I found-light buckets, shock tower, braces, two grills, sport mirrors, am radio, headliner bows, exterior trim, air cleaner, heat shield, rear int quarter panels, ac controls, side markers,..... Only thing missing besides the little bs- driver side delux door panel, trim rail for 1/2 vinyl top, keys, mtr, and trans. Rails, pans, and torque boxes are rust free Pic #4- What are these for? Gas tank emissions? also, the vin starts with 0R0. Never seen an R, always been a F. Ordered the Marti tonight
  3. Caseyrhe


    You know what they say, where there’s one, there’s always 2. Lol
  4. Caseyrhe


    Picked this up today, 70 Grande, PS, P Disc Brakes, ac, floor boards, and all rails are good. No mtr/Tranny, but have drive shaft and ex manifolds. Int complete less red driver side delux door panel. 24” radiator in the back seat with flywheel and torque converter. Don’t know what’s in the trunk yet, owner didn’t know either, bought the car 15 years ago and didn’t have the key. 302 auto car. Blue Texas Title Besides the norm, only major rust is on top and pillars that were vinyl The digging will start soon All for 400.00
  5. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Maybe I’ll chop one leg off from the knee down too.
  6. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Why do I continue to put myself thru this torment, lol. I got this!! I think I can, I think I can.
  7. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    When I bought the car, The tac strips had been removed, top assembly unbolted, and out of the car. The top is pretty rotten, but intact. I still need to install the frame/top back into the car, bolt up, connect the hoses, and add fluid. I ordered the pads, not sure if webbing comes with it. On the Staples, will look for ss ones, 1/2” long?
  8. Caseyrhe

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Thanks Barnett, should have listened to my gut before ordering. Worse case, I'll call the guy that installed my bro's headliner and see if he will come help.
  9. Ordered my top from WCCC after watching their video, anybody have any tips for me they have missed?
  10. Caseyrhe

    Looking for a scatter shield for 390 -428

  11. Caseyrhe


    Glad to hear your alive, did you get much damage?
  12. Caseyrhe


    If they don't come wired right from the factory, regarding boys and their toys, they constantly short out and ignite fires.....costing you a ton of money
  13. Caseyrhe

    Mtr and Trans mounts

    Bought a set from CJ's
  14. Caseyrhe

    Mtr and Trans mounts

    I located one
  15. Caseyrhe

    CJ parts 10% off

    not sure how long the promotion last, but I spun the wheel and got the 10% discount promo code. its, winspin10