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  1. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Fixed!! All made changes in the right direction- replaced turn signal switch replaced both front side marker sockets that were corroded replaced signal flasher But left turn signal indicator still lite up with head light switch on and both front and rear side markers were dim and had power to both sides, replaced front left turn signal...Bam!! Problem solved
  2. Caseyrhe

    Car gender?

    Could it be because they are like a woman, always requiring/needing attention or something...usually costing a lot? I know one of the members calls his Bitch, lol
  3. Caseyrhe

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there, hope it was relaxing as mine!!
  4. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Thanks Gordon, will give that a shot when the opportunity arises......moving and garage is riddled with boxes
  5. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Yes, with only parking lights on, left blinker indicator stays on
  6. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    New blinker arrived and is in. Brake light switch is in- Brake lights work Right turn signal blinks, indicator blinks also Left signal does not blink, indicator comes on also tail lights work, but left side markers are still dim and left turn indicator lights up hazards worked for a minute or so, both sides blinked faster than right turn signal did, indicators blinked, then all quit. Anybody have any suggestions on where to start next
  7. Caseyrhe

    Leak from power steering?

    I thought the leaking was normal
  8. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Clarification-right rear brake light comes on when jumped and brake applied new turn signal switch ordered
  9. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Update, brake switch replaced and right rear brake light comes on using jumper on green and orange/blue Have a new switch ordered checking continuity from 1/2 moon plug and contacts on blinker switch, all were good. Pulling hazard switch, front turn signals blink along with both rear side marker lights....but no taillights. Wth? Not freaking out just yet knowing switch is bad. Mid, the black wire that u said not to hook up goes to ign switch- pictured. Will I need to cut it loose when I get the blinker switch assembly?
  10. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Rodger That
  11. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    It was still connected on the dash harness half moon clip, but cut just above the clip on the harness going to the turn signal switch. Non-tach dash
  12. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    1) did as you said, rear brake light came on. So connected the brake switch up, shorted wires, and no brake light...so switch prob bad to. 2) found ground wire up front, connected, and bingo lights came on 3) dimmer indicator works now 4) replaced light switch, dash lights work along with dimmer 5) with headlights on, left dash turn indicator glows, when you flip it up (as taking right turn) left tail light comes on but doesn’t blink. Side marker lights burn bright. Did also find the black wire at the signal harness plug was cut, found end tucked up in sleeve, connected, but no change in out come So will need to get a new turn signal switch. Thanks Danno for your response, will update after new switch installed Just an FYI- CJ sales the side marker light holder/socket for around 9 bucks, found the same at A Zone for 3 bucks. Fit great!!
  13. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Danny, thanks for the response, I will try to dig back into this tomorrow. In the process of selling my house, which went on the mls Thursday, and having to make sudden departures with 2 dogs is about to do me in.
  14. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    not seeing a ground either
  15. Caseyrhe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    I have looked at those, what are the chances of the getting the wire color descriptions listed