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  1. Gauge cluster done. I have mobile headliner installer setup, to be done in 2 weeks. Will have lots to install when that's complete. Until then will just keep cleaning, sorting, and hunting for parts
  2. Have seen post for someone looking for a pedal with SS trim. One local for 20.00. Any takers? I'll pick up tomorrow and send ur way
  3. Yes, for 100 plus. I can make something that will work much cheaper
  4. Anybody got a spare set of these brackets and clips for sale? 69 or 70 fastback
  5. Anybody have the 6 rear brackets and clips for f/glass piece. CJs has brackets listed, even on sale right now, but they have been discontinued and not having any luck anywhere else.
  6. Paint shop had the new glass installed for me,
  7. Harbor Freight sales a kit, think its 20.00 I wasn't saving mine, so I used a sledge.....JK. Piano wire and to wooden handles, just worked back and forth all the way around.
  8. I spied this sports roof, in Keller. Hadn't seen it before, couldn't read the badges on the scoop, but riding and sounded like a big block
  9. Would these work for the roof/side Horse medallion that's slides on as well. Body shop ground my brothers off on 1 side
  10. What if you made the handle end into a small rubber mallet, all in one tool.......or at least that's how I sent off for patient ap today.....JK
  11. video opened, Nice Tool!!
  12. It bet it was a sting operation
  13. is the shop aligning to the dropped suspension specs
  14. Here you go
  15. I've never seen a gasket, but only disassembled a dozen or so. I put a small bead of black silicone on mine when reinstalling, being a plumber, a little wtr can do a lot of damage