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  1. The Bitch is Back!

    I'd put the camera on a switch, you could see the Chevys behind ya a lot easier, lol
  2. Getting Ya Stripes On

    Awesome Car, Congrats on a job well done!!!
  3. But!! Don't steer away without looking to the left, then right, and then back to the left....you could make the accident even bigger pedals in bracket, bracket, brake booster rod, brake light switch, steering column, instrument cluster, dash, then wheel
  4. Struggle Town

    did you hold them up to the door itself, usually long? not sure if stripes are supposed to wrap around door edges or trimmed. mine were trimmed. I did have a right rear tail light stripe that had a blemish in the reflective film and "G" on trunk, called MM and they sent the replacements at no charge. Received replacements in less than 5 days
  5. Brake problems

    Rear rubber hose will prob need to be replaced too. Autozone and oreillys both sale it, way cheaper than cjs
  6. Carpet

    Mach 1 carpet has the plastic insert, sports roof does not have the inserts. the m Mach carpet also adds 15 hp to the car
  7. Trunk Letters

    Just use the bit by twisting with index finger and thumb, don't put the bit in the drill. Be careful when pulling bit out. Needs to be spinning also. Barrel nuts need to be tight before installing the letters or letters will be come loose over a short period of time
  8. Christmas greetings

    X 2 Dilly Dilly
  9. Mean Machine Award!

    Very Nice!!!
  10. You could install them where the horse medallions go and call it a 67
  11. Motor art work

    Several of the big car shows around here started handing this kind of art work out as the awards. Shared the pic with some of my car friends around here and they said they'd pay 100 to 150 for something like that. Who knew.....one mans junk another mans treasure
  12. Motor art work

    So had some parts left over from the old truck engine and picked up speedometer from the old barn. Made this as a gift for the man that sold me my Mach. What y'all think? RMC are his initials
  13. 69 Fastback Headliner Bows needed

    Update, they bought a set off ebay
  14. New fastback

    You'll have to start a build thread.