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  1. How do some people sleep at night doing this to other people.
  2. Bad switch is what I had
  3. Tape on the fins or paint the use a sanding block and fine sand paper
  4. I would paint the engine compartment, wire the engine compartment, build motor and install. They mask my engine compartment and front on both my 69 and 70 before painting. Once it's painted, it takes twice as long to get anything done, due to being oh so very careful around the paint
  5. The parts car I bought, actually had push in neo inserts, a lot like on a licensed plate, with fine thread bolts with 7/16 head. I used the 2 small chrome bolts that came with the bumper bolt kit from CJs
  6. It is exposed. I cut a piece of old bike tube to go in between bracket and valence as to not scratch paint.
  7. Bet the car isn't the only thing he like pink
  8. Yep, that's it, also called gravel shield. It goes on before the bumper.
  9. Yes, leaving bottom nuts at gravel pan loose. gravel pan trim goes underneath light bucket trim pieces
  10. The man I met last Saturday (Jeff) with the sports roof S code came over tonight to see my Mach and brought along the quarter window I need for my brothers car. After a hour of chatting, I found out his wife is battling cancer. Please keep Jeff and Jamie in your prayers so the chemo will work and defeat the colon and brain cancer.
  11. Bob, Bob, Bob, nothing has changed,,,,bumper first, then valence
  12. Well at least you know how that comes apart, or did you use gorilla glue. Ur doing my Texas 5 step now.
  13. Dang, where do u live?
  14. Well I did get a few leads today, won't know on the one I really want..till end of month- 67 235 six, with a powerglide, and rear end. Came out of an apache. The conv kit would be fairly cheap. Going to a V8 requires changing out the front suspension and steering. I don't have the room in my garage for that. My Mach needs her space!! my hands get blistered too, working on orange things