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  1. Need the LH and RH front side fender markers lenses, with good sockets. I know you can get from CJ's, but going back as is and new ones would stand out to much. Also looking for a blinker switch lever
  2. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    The 70 I bought, partially disassembled, had similar bolts like the ones pictured. The prior owner had tagged and bagged them....lower radiator brackets and then several for the fuel line clips
  3. 69-70 Parts in ky

    What's the trans cross member fit? 69-70 C-6? I'd be interested in that
  4. Dont ,just dont ,that is all

    Maybe, just maybe, he thinks those are a new form of wheelie bars
  5. Mach 1 hood paint BLACK ?

    Here is the recipe they used on my Mach
  6. I'm getting good at this

    Oil is cheap
  7. 70 ign issues

    Success, thanks guys
  8. 70 ign issues

    Will give it a shot and get back to y’all. I may want to cancel the “Christine” license plates, lol
  9. 70 ign issues

    So brown to I and Red to S?
  10. 70 ign issues

    Wire going to fuse panel (69 has the fusible link wire) does it hook up directly to pos side of solinoid or does it go to relay? that power to vert hooks up to?
  11. 70 ign issues

    Working on starting the 70 vert, non tach dash, wiring all hooked up (brown wire on S) ign switch on column turned to “on” using test light to ck power to “S” on solenoid and she starts turning over. Yanked bat cable off to stop. Replaced solenoid and does the same thing. When turning key to “on” you can hear solinoid clicking. Also, this happening- when hooking pos cable to battery up, turn key to “on” she starts turning over trying to fire. Switch in column? Possesed?
  12. Put a piece of tin on the inside and use the same screw holes, but from the inside
  13. Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    To much golf can cause that too
  14. Grandpa's Mustang

    I will use an old dist shaft, with gear removed attached to a drill, running it in reverse to flush out and prime the oil channels, turn over by hand several times, then install dist right before starting