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  1. Good looking starter project. Best of luck. Does it have tilt wheel
  2. Anybody interested in the emissions junk for a restore. Have the fill tube and rubber adapted/clamps for tank.
  3. Bob, I used the measurements I found off this site, made a few pencil marks, and ran a string line. I then came back with painters tape to match the string line. The lip of the tape is just enough to catch the stripe once backing is removed. It only takes just a little soap in the bottle to make the stripes workable.
  4. Can I pick one up at an auto parts store or have to order one?
  5. I took the top line off, then got several other lines lose. Decided to take top of valve off, pushed piston down with little force. Decide to tighten everything back up and try it ....bingo, brakes are working and bled. 2 busted knuckles and a choice words. Guess I’ll keep the old calipers for working spares, lol
  6. Can’t get front disc brakes bled, rear brakes bled and shoes engage. Pedal would go to the floor while bleeding. Replaced front rubber hoses due to age. Replaced front calipers thinking they were rusted/frozen up. New mst cyl and booster. Tried heat on proportioning valve thinking maybe it’s frozen up, it is a 70 which is different than the 69 valve. Any help or direction greatly appreciated
  7. I’ve seen red Mach’s with both gold/w and black/g Guess would be what’s suits your liking. I got mine from CJ’s. Right rear had a flaw in reflective composite and they sent me a free replacement for that piece
  8. Hose for the 71 came in today, we have a winner. Threads on block and hose are correct left hose- 69 center hose- new 71 repop right hose- factory 70 part number on bag from oreilys
  9. it is rubber, that is the block that attaches to the rubber hose and 2 metal lines connect to
  10. Having a hard time finding the correct Rear brake hose for my 70 Grande. Old and new hard lines I bought have bigger threaded ends and won’t work on the 2 new hoses I bought. Part number on the brass block off the old hose is DOZA2A4488. 23129Y have read that a 71 mustang hose might be the ticket anyone ran across this issue before, solution??
  11. Caseyrhe


    White cop does that to a white dude, maybe makes the local news Black cop does that to black dude, maybe makes the news Black cop does that to a white dude, maybe makes the news. They should have brought the troops in earlier and nipped this in the butt before all the looting started. Punk ass kids
  12. Dropped the motor in, without pulling the hood. Without the tranny of course.
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