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  1. Be mindful, if going back all original, which your car appears to be....a drive way find, the 70 hood is different than a 69
  2. Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have a solid car to start with.
  3. so the clips I sent worked?
  4. Just a few more hours of little things and she’ll be ready to fire up after being taken apart 18 years ago.
  5. Good news today, next project, 70 Coupe with Landau top, got painted today. They still need to install top/trim, front/rear glass, and headliner, should be coming home in 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to dropping in the FE and installing the headers, just shoot me now
  6. Drivers side accomplished in 3.5 hours Tuesday night Learned something very important today, for next time. On a FE with headers and manual transmission- Install the Z-bar bracket on the block first. Good lord willing.....miraculously got both bolts started, now to tighten them with a short box end wrench with 2" of movement per repositioning.
  7. I edited and deleted.
  8. Passenger side Header bolted in, mtr mount in. Drivers side looks to be more challenging, pray for me.
  9. 4-5 hours later, a lot of cussing, mtr mounts pulled, clutch fork removed, dropped idler arm and presto....headers are in. Now to put all the removed stuff back on and install gaskets and bolts. My brother called earlier and ask why his were burning.
  10. Motor and trans are in. Dang arm wasn’t long enough to get it all the way in, so floor jack under trans, hoist connected to front of motor, and then pushed the car. Would not go in with headers attached, hooker comps
  11. Did a search with no luck, anyone have pics of the factory shifter linkage installed.
  12. It just might become mine?? But if it doesn’t, that’s ok too, I’ve enjoyed putting it together.
  13. Well, I caved.... went and picked up the mtr from my brothers last weekend and started putting it back together. All down hill from here. Figure I’ll go get the bell housing, trans, and rest of the stuff this weekend. Hope to have it in by end of next weekend.
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