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  1. what color/brand of paint is that
  2. CJ's shows the small block and big block are different, so buy accordingly.
  3. My springs are meas Big block 15 1/16” small block 16 1/8”
  4. Maybe someone could measure the height of their springs standing upright, total length to top of coil. big block and small block
  5. See pics, just pulled the taller(rusty with pink stripe) of the two out of a 70, 302, auto, ps car. The shorter (black) spring came out of a 69 390 auto ps car. The shorter is also 1/8” bigger in diameter Putting a 428 in the 70, already beefed up the shock towers and lowered upper control arm 1” for doing Shelby drop. Should the black 390 be shorter, or did someone already cut the spring in lieu of dropping upper control arm?
  6. 69 has a smaller opening for steering wheel shaft, 70 is larger for the column due to ign switch on column I believe the number on the back will be the same, The Facing is what's different- wood grain on the Mach's and Grande's, there is a dark and lite wood finish Black for the base models and on the Boss's
  7. its on the drivers side, need it to connect to door jam so courtesy lights come on when opening d side door. 70 Grande
  8. Reason I was asking, my roof is very flimsy, thinking there should be one between roof light support and windshield. Flimsy being when sanding roof, its popping in
  9. That’s what I needed, Thank you
  10. If the head liner is out, yes
  11. Not bows, roof support braces
  12. Picture needed of interior roof supports on a 70 coupe to make sure I have them in the correct spots.
  13. Blue wire travels to d side from pass side. I believe it then plugs into a small wire adapter harness that plugs into the 3 prong male? Only 2 wires coming thru door, ground and a single green male end plug.
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