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    Here is the mod i did for the door handles. i made a replacement for the latch out of ⅛ stock/ the original part is cast aluminum? that would probably break if you tap the 8-32 thread into it.
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    I have a 1970 convertible with a 351W (393 stroker). I have an C-6 automatic. I chose Heddman Shorty Headers, which are powdercoated. This was to avoid interference under the car. It was a tight squeeze. I used adjustable motor mounts, which helped clear the steering box on the drivers side. I have custom exhaust that was fabricated by Latoracing (on the fourm). Mike can pipe in with details if you need them. The challenge with convertibles is to get the crossover pipe in, and then get the exhaust pipes routed in the space above the convertible re-inforcing plate under the car. We also decided to run the exhaust out through the rear valence, where Mike did his wizardry with sheet metal and exhaust routing. Came out cool. I used Magnaflow mufflers. I actually have not heard the car run with the Magnaflows, but it will be louder than most people like. I am sure you will get a lot of suggestions on the mufflers, there are so many choices available. The headers are really high quality and fit without any denting/hammering. I also used stage 8 locking bolts. The bolt locations are a bitch to get to, so be patient.
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    Part Time

    GT500 Restomod

    I was surfing the web, came across this site and it looks like a lot of nice projects. I will try to post a few pictures of my project. It's a 70 Mach 1 setting on a 09 Shelby gt500. I've got most of the exterior fabrication completed and started making the interior. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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    Dakota Digital Discount

    Following https://autoworksparts.com/ Instagram, they announced they have a deal with all dakota digital products. Definitely give autoworks a call if you dont have instagram and they can give you a price, I've been told by others its a $335 discount (friend got quoted for 67-68 rtx gauges), tax & shipping is not included. Will post on here with what I get with the RTX 69 mustang gauges,
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    AC Condenser Question

    I think that is probably ok then. I will have to go back and look at my gap, but appears to be the same.
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    69 SuperCoupe

    I've been on these forums for a long time and have never made a build thread for my car, mostly because of the slow progress. Well I decided to create one to somewhat document the progress such that it is. Some background. This car is the 3rd (of 16)(2nd 69) mustang I've owned. I bought it in December 1983 when stationed at Blytheville AFB Arkansas. It changed hands a couple of times before I got it but had come from Texas with a young airman. It actually got the 351C engine from my 72 Gran Torino sport at one time. It had a 351W 3 spd in it by the time I got it. I drove it for a while even moving it when I transfered to Grissom AFB Indiana. Sometime around late 84/early 85 I traded my frozen 429 SCJ motor I had for the 72 Gran Torino Sport for a 70 351C with completed machine work and ready to build. I built the cleveland and swapped out the windsor replacing the 3 spd and 8 inch rear with a close ratio 4 spd and 9 inch with 3.00-1 gears from a 70 cougar at the same time about March 85. I drove it pretty regularly till mid October 86 when I started to decided to rebuild the car. It's been in various states of dis-assembly ever since. This past fall I contacted a guy on pro-touring forums who does renderings and contracted him to do one for my car as inspiration and to help motivate me to do more. I'm not getting any younger! This represents my vision for at least the exterior of my car. Condition when bought. In Indiana after engine rebuild At parents place spring 85 It's far from being done but I'll be adding more pics in the next few days till I get to present state.
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    With the original Bendix booster on my 69 Mach 1 the master cylinder can be removed without having to remove the brake booster. I guess I got lucky. From what I understand, the clutch rod from the Z-bar to the pedal might interfere with a 9" diameter booster. I don't know how true that is. If that rod clears a 9" diameter booster, that would solve some issues with stock clutch linkage and a Borgeson power steering box.
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    69 power brake conversion

    I think Topher just wants to go from manual to power brakes? Master Power brakes makes high quality stuff, they are located close to me in Mooresville, NC. I have their power brake master cylinder in my 1970 convertible. You should call them directly to make sure you get exactly what you need for your car. I also think you can order direct from them. You will need to change your brake pedal. This is one of those Mustang curses. Lot's of variations and the brake pedals look very similar. Master Power Brakes sells them, and they are really nice and very competitive in pricing, I have one of theirs in my car. Good info from Mustang Steve on this topic here: https://www.mustangsteve.com/msfaqbrakepedals.html If you want to go to disc brakes, OpenTracker is high quality outfit. Lots and lots of other options. Good luck. Feel free to fire away any questions you may have.
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    I have a 69 Coupe & I have the Hedman #-88408 Elite Ultra Duty HTC coated shorty headers on my 1987 5.0 w/T-5 trans.
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    Mike and I finished restoring the 2 outer AC vents today. Turned out nice. Drilled out the stakes and replaced with small machine screws. Will be able to service in the future. Was able to refresh the felt inside and the louvres now hold and turn nicely.
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Installing the upper collar that contains the turn signal switch is tricky, as the "t-bolts" can move around and make it hard to capture the 'slots" in the top of the steering column tube. I used some blue painters tape to hold the bolts in place while slowly pushing the top collar down. If you've done this, you know what I mean. I also use a bottom bushing when I rebuild them, as there is not one with the stock setup. The steering shaft "floats" in the inner tube. This is what eventually kill your bearing. I drilled out the ID of the Delrin bushing to 1", then hand filed it to a point where I had a slight interference fit, and the shaft rotated freely.
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    Are your Koni shocks old and worn out? If not, it seems like a downgrade to KYB Gas-A-Just shocks. If you have stronger than stock springs, the KYB shocks will make the ride more harsh.
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    I have 2 videos on how to properly in the windshield and backglass.
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    Kindig is way to heavy and over priced.
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    i agree about the kindig, aside from that they are played out.
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    Friends Down Under - Australian Fires

    Bad news on the fires here. A Canadian C130 Hercules with a USA crew crashed on Thursday 23 with no survivors in the 3 man crew. Pretty shocking, we've had helicopters and fixed wings crash but nothing this size. At this stage nothing is known why it went down. I am part of fire aviation and the flight trace looked normal until it went down. It dropped retardant for 2 seconds just before we lost sight of it. We have had a lot of US and Canadian aviation people over this year and they have been some of the best people we work with. Their level of expertise is very high and they all hit the ground running. They found that the word 'mate' has many variations from positive to negative but can be used in every social situation. It's bad enough to loose people in fires, worse still when they are miles from home and away from family helping out strangers. RIP B134 and thanks.
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    NYS does it again

    Problem is this is going to follow us anywhere we go. Look at FL and TX and VA. they are all getting overrun by leftists. Seriously, do you think a guy like Beto would have survived living in TX 10 years ago? I don't understand how the wealthy are into this too. How does any of this help them? There will be an uprising im sure. right now we are being quiet, but i cant imagine for much longer. I think our generation will just need to die off and let the shit hit the fan for the future generations of eunichs
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    Another Mach1 Coyote restomod Basket case.

    Thanks! you motivated me to buy a shrink disk. it tried it on my fender that i welded a patch on, it works amazing!
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    Tank Armor

    The "exploding" gas tanks were an issue with gas tank venting. Not sure the tank armor is going to help that. There are numerous articles about how to properly vent the fuel tank on vintage mustangs. Installing a plate between the rear seat and trunk compartment would be much more effective. The Pinto gas tank crisis proved that. The "fires" were only really seen on a very limited number of rare cars....the Shelby GT 500. The Shelby's in 1969 and 1970 had a center exhaust outlet in the rear valence, which was directly below the fuel tank filler cap. From an early Ford article: Under certain running conditions, when the carburetor was set just right and there was a rapid backing off of the throttle, the engine could backfire. It was known as “pop back” and it was unique to the GT500’s 428 powerplants. On a couple of occasions, this pop back ignited the fuel vapor cloud and actually set the tail end of the car on fire! It was incredibly ironic that one advertising tag line for the 1969 Shelby was “fire, and refinement” but that was not the kind of fire either Ford or Shelby Automotive had in mind. The fix was to install nonvented fuel caps and replumb the fuel tanks so that they were vented via a hose that exited at the bottom of the rear quarter panel, away from the exhaust exit.
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    NYS does it again

    All crazy stuff. I survived the '70s by keeping my head under the hood of a car, making a lot of friends. The friendship stopped when you dropped the clutch, and started again at the finish line.. No one checked your political affiliation, or social status. My former home state of NJ has gone mad. That's why I moved to North Carolina, it is like a return to simpler days. It's a shame. but a reality we all need to deal with. That's what is great about this forum. Car guys doing car guy stuff. Thank God for that.
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    Ridge Runner

    67 fast back unavailable part

    A member on another forum was needing this part ,it is the inner rear door post for a 67 68 fast back ,they are available only in a full door frame kit . A couple of paper templates ,a little bead rolling and a usable part came to be .they are not exact but if you cant find them you has to make um
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    SCJ question

    To answer your question, the body is exactly the same for the CJ and SCJ. I think there is probably an incremental increase in price for a SCJ, but there are many other factors that come into play. The bottom line is that if you have an original CJ or SCJ car, consider yourself lucky. Preserve it, love it, and drive the shit out of it.... If you need more info: https://www.428cobrajet.org/
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    Thanks for the info
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    i dont, it was years ago on ebay, i think i still have a set around.
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    tie down a car on a trailer

    I'm not Rich and I didn't sleep at a Holiday End Express last night. But I'd assume from here might be a good guess. https://usaratchet.com/USA-R5027FSH.html
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    bought them in germany
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    Part Time

    GT500 Restomod

    Thanks for the welcome. Looks like a lot of cool projects...not sure why I never came across your site before?? You are correct, the wheel base is a little different and the body is wider. I widened the quarters and front fenders then split the inner door and widened them. The doors are stock '70 length but are taller than stock. I can post specific pictures of them latter today or you could see the entire project on Mustangs to Fear Forum page. I'm building this car because I prefer the old school look but like the modern conveniences that come with the 09 (drive train, suspension, brakes, lighting, A/C, etc). I love the challenges that go with it and am doing it for fun. After completing the body, I decided not to go with the stock 09 dash and wanted to build the interior from scratch except I'm using a headliner from Mustangs to Fear. My dash is basically done and now I'm working on the rear seat area. My plan will be to wrap a lot of it with leather. I've included a couple more recent pictures of it.
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    NASCAR engine 69 Fastback

    A bit of a break over Christmas and back into it, gearbox crossmember done and master cylinders mounted up. We are going to need to make new pedals to move them to the right to allow heel toe gear changes. Until I get down to the shop to sit in the car and measure them up that's as far as we can go there. There's still plenty to do - Fuel tank, dry sump mounting, make new dry sump pan for the engine and sorting total engine height and bonnet clearance (or lack thereof).
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    NYS does it again

    unfortunately i did see that. Why are these mutts not being shot during a robbery
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    It’s from a fiat barchetta
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    NYS does it again

    i dont know if anyone watched that golden glob crap, but Ricky Gervais is the man, watch as every hollywwod ahole crawls out of their skin in outrage. They dont like when they are the ones being mocked.
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    Friends Down Under - Australian Fires

    Yes, sad indeed. I am working in Canada right now, this was heavily covered in the news. The plane was operated by Coulson Aviation a well known worldwide aircraft firefighting business. They had loaned the plane to the RFS for these fires.

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