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    Happy 50th

    Celebrating the 50th birthday of my mustang today. I purchased it over 10 years ago from Oregon and shipped it to Australia where it’s had a well deserved restoration. I hope I look this good when I turn 50 in a couple of years lol.
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    2013 Mustang seats in a 69 Sportroof

    Those look real nice, and comfortable! Hmm... Just what I need, another project changing something that doesn't need fixed.
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    Happy 50th

    Did you forget to clip the hood in or has its gut grown and they wont fit......kinda like my belt at 50
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    Stripped sheet metal holes

    I can't remember if those are small slotted holes, but if not, consider putting in a rivut nut (or equivalent) and a matching fastener.
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    Stripped sheet metal holes

    I'm right there with you Len. I think this is Wurth: https://www.wurthusa.com/
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    Stripped sheet metal holes

    All you need to do is buy the next size larger screw. WURTH sells them. I have done this over 100 times. Bear in mind that they sell them with two different size head choices.
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    I got another project car

    Boy, things have changed. I've pretty much gone into the "I'm going to do this the best I can" mode. This could be the last major project car I can do, I am not getting any younger or in better health. I really wanted to do this with a 69 Mustang Coupe, but odds are that will never happen. I ended up scrapping the 89 Mustang. Decided that since ultimately I want a big V8 I might as well just do it now. So I bought an 89 5.8/351W from a Ford Van. Seller had already stripped the van, was going to use the engine in a project but is moving and can't store it right now. Came with a C6 that I was going to use, but after hearing about how bad it would fit and again realizing it wasn't what I wanted, I am going to sell it, along with the EFI (including the computer and harness) and am looking at a T5. I figure that an 89 shouldn't be too hard on a T5. Eventually I will need to go with a TKO of some sort, but I'll wait until I really get into the engine. I have bought a Quicktime Mustang II bellhousing that will fit the T5 and a TKO down the road. For now I am just going to use a used 4bbl Edelbrock carb I have for the Ranchero. Bought an Weiand Stealth intake already. Also a Summit HEI distributor for it. I wanted to avoid having to use a box with the ignition, hence the HEI for now, but here I had to compromise on cost. We'll see if that comes back to bite me later. Got the largest aluminum radiator that Speedway makes. Might have overdone that, bought it without measuring, but since I don't have to worry about fitting it into the radiator support it won't be a big deal. Oh, I bought rear 5x4.5 rear axles from a place called Dutchman Axles. These are made for the Mustang II rear end. Speedway still has the front brake kit on back order. But I went ahead and got a new master cylinder for 4 wheel disk brakes, and two proportioning valves. One that has the distribution block, brake light switch, etc, and one that is just a valve that can be turned to zero if needed, as I have heard that sometimes the other prop valves don't have enough adjustment. Going to be using 2002 Crown Vic rear disk brakes. Was for the Ranchero, but I can always get another set later. Oh, I did something I thought I would never do. I bought a 21 ckt Painless universal wiring kit. Decided that it would be easier to start with that than to try to piece together something, especially at the price of just the fuse boxes. I will be heavily modifying it though. The fuse box is NOT going under the dash! But it is a good starting point. And I won't have to worry about 40 year old wiring. And it was on sale. Summit and Speedway must be loving me right now. I've spent like $3500 in the last month and a half. Need to get a trans so I can get the engine mounted properly. Need to get the rear axles bushings pressed on, but I need to dig out the instructions for the CV brakes to see what else needs to be done at a machine shop. Taking today (thursday) and tomorrow off from work, was hoping to work on the Pinto, but I have to work on our Subaru instead. So if nothing else, I am taking Jan 4 thru 11 (I think) off to concentrate on the Pinto. Still facing the March deadline. But if I get real progress made, I think we can renegotiate that a bit. Ok, probably way more than anyone here cares about. So I will stop here for now. Thanks, Russ
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    Happy 50th

    happy birthday, great looking 50 yo.
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    Happy 50th

    Hard to believe I'm 13 years older that my damn car!
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    Happy 50th

    Happy birthday! Hard to believe these cars are half a century old!
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    Happy 50th

    Happy Birthday.
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    Happy 50th

    Happy birthday 1DMN-412. Carful of that wax.
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    Happy 50th

    Happy Happy Birthday! Are donuts appropriate on birthdays?
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    2013 Mustang seats in a 69 Sportroof

    I unbolted the 14 stock seat rails. It looks like I am going to be able to just put square metal across the bottom and bolt the stock rails on to it...the seats are actually lower than stock...
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    Midlife ,this may interest you

    I'm expecting Internet back by thanksgiving. I have at least six folks on hold until I get the 'net back. I'd appreciate a Private Message about how to reach Gary Wright.
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    69-70 Hood catch

    The new Stainless Steel catches are in stock.
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    Carefully removed, fully intact. Tucked away in a plastic sleeve with the rest of the paperwork for the car. Thanks for the advice. Fyi to anybody else trying to read a tarred up sheet. A strong light from behind shines through the tar, but not the printing. Great way to read the hidden text.
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    I cut a piece of hitch tube today ,it is 3/16 wall 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 and it cut through with ease ,a lot faster than a chop saw blade . Have to start on a cutting table
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    Thanks Ridge, as you use it let us know if you think about it
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    Sub-frame connectors

    I have the Global West subframe connectors. I trial fit them and they fit just fine. I haven't installed them because I cringe at the thought of welding to the bottom of my car that is still all original sheetmetal. Here is another brand to consider, Maier Racing. https://www.maierracing.com/product/mustang-sub-frame-connectors/ The Tinman connectors look most like they would have been original. The method of attaching them doesn't look very well engineered.
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    Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    I would like to give a big shout out to RPM ,not many people would take the time out to go look at a vehicle for some one ,Thanks again Bob
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    Picked this up today, 70 Grande, PS, P Disc Brakes, ac, floor boards, and all rails are good. No mtr/Tranny, but have drive shaft and ex manifolds. Int complete less red driver side delux door panel. 24” radiator in the back seat with flywheel and torque converter. Don’t know what’s in the trunk yet, owner didn’t know either, bought the car 15 years ago and didn’t have the key. 302 auto car. Blue Texas Title Besides the norm, only major rust is on top and pillars that were vinyl The digging will start soon All for 400.00
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    I do not like rap ,country is what i am
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    Hey Ridge, these are for you

    These were at the show also, absolutely beautiful.What do you think.
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    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    To add to the mix, I chose the Scott Drake belts due to the similarity with the factory deluxe belt buckles. However, I really did not like the idea of having the exposed retractor reel on the floor behind the seat. I ended up fabricating a bracket for the rear bulkhead inside the fiberglass rear quarter trim panels. From there I had to cut a slot in the rear armrest area for the belt to pass into the interior. I finished off the slot with a trim piece off of a Corvette. Looks like a factory stock installation to the casual observer and no retractor on the floor.