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    Mach 1, you maybe right, I thought he was talking about the brake booster - which I highly recommend sending it in for a rebuild and not replacing. however, I've seen some rebuilders do both MC and booster so that still could be a thing. in regards to the MC, its probably cheaper to get a replacement online, like summitracing, napa, oreilly auto and getting shipped if none are local, he just needs to know his bore size and swap over the pushrod before he tosses the old MC. I do recall some stores use to sell rebuild kits for MCs back in the day, but I think its just cheaper to replace now. My other suggestion is for op try http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ and see what he recommends he knows his OE brake/steering stuff.
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    just rebuild your unit, send it to that company in the video or the one I linked, or find someone local. not hard to look up in google search engine, plenty of vendors that can rebuild your unit.
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    Wow, that was Soooo informative. Definitely going to go this route instead. Thank you very much.
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    Coolant recommendations

    gonna be tough with the brand, I bought it years ago but its a 24" 2 or 3 row I believe. for now, ill just do a prestone 50/50 since its already premixed and ill add a additive to help with cooling/lubricate the water pump. my go was driven CSP, but going to try VP Racing Cool Down Additive. VMF woodchuck helped I will also add a Sacrificial anode to help with electrosys.
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    Bluetooth radio only

    happy I can actually access the site today. I've searched and seen various topics on the matter, but wondering any long-term reports or suggestions on car radio's. I have very little interest in an actual am/fm radio in my mustang. The exhaust is too loud :D and I really don't mind cruising with engine noise only, it's part of the appeal! However, I have another classic (Fairlane) which is much quieter but has no stereo whatsoever. I'm looking at adding speakers and turning them into a big "bluetooth speaker" so it would only work with a phone. Anyone have experience with a product like the Velex VX508? It was recommended by some folks with UTV's. Basically you pair your phone with it, and it provides an amp so you can hook some car speakers up to it. I don't want a regular am/fm radio, I just want the ability to get my spotify (or whatever) on my phone going right to my car's speakers. Seems to be a lot of junk products on amazon, so was hoping for recommendation.
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    Bluetooth radio only

    I have something like that. Crutchfield does not have this model anymore but they have some others. I hid it inside my dash above the old AM radio. The AM Radio is just a prop. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_104MC900B/Boss-MC900B.html I like the way it works.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Bluetooth radio only

    If you want to use the original radio and upgrade it to todays wiz-bang stuff (you can even give it voice commands), you may want to try this: https://www.tech-retro.com/aurora-design/home.html
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    Bluetooth radio only

    I haven't used this personally yet, but am considering it. It has pretty positive reviews around the interwebs. https://outofsightaudio.com/ There are also some dedicated bluetooth amps that can do it as well. I found the Out of Sight interesting because it's small and offers flexibility.
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    1970 Mach 1 - Texas Car

    This weekend I added some 351 numbers to the hood, from NPD, very nice quality, just a PITA to get centered. Also added the Procomp Hood Scoop PCE106.1007. Iam still using the bottom part of the old air cleaner, the PO hacked it up to fit the Jegs brand distributor. I added a second set of threaded inserts that line up with new Procomp scoop's holes. I still think it's too tall, but it does not bind, so I guess I'll just go with it for now. I have a Holley Sniper with a 1/4 spacer, and planning to run a Hyperspark Distributor. Hopefully the Procomp air clearer assembly will fit.
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    Vintage Air A/C duct routing

    I finally did get back there. Thanks for the hand on starting from the firewall side connections. I have them staged in an area where I can move them around, so I’ll probably put the dash in and see what happens, let the fun begin….
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    1970 Mach 1 - Texas Car

    Yes - is that your kid!!! ;)
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    1970 Mach 1 - Texas Car

    The new T5Z has been grinding, so I called Modern Drive Line, and they had Tremec warranty it! Only 500 miles on this T5Z. Tremec, sent me a box, and return label.. all I needed to do was remove it, and drop off at Fed-Ex.
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    Well, turns out both units that fit my car seem to be on the 'out of stock' and no know future availability. I've left them a message, so we'll see if there is any alternatives.

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