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    Mach1 Driver

    Battery Drain, What am I missing?

    Excellent, you'll fit right in with the rest of us.
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    Here's how Ford should have made their body lines look.
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    Battery Drain, What am I missing?

    I’ll check all grounds again, thank you! And thanks for the “cheese grater” reference.. with this BT-100 I knew exactly what you were talking about! 6, last week, and I want my lawyer
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    Location for visor mounts?

    I use a needle to find the holes, that way the tiny hole won't show up on the headliner if you mis the hole locations.
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    Happy Independence Day

    From my cheerleaders the Hubbell Bubbles & my GT350
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    I think you made the right decision. Concourse trailered/street driven levels are over rated. Its just more trouble than its worth and you will not drive the car as much for fear of cleaning it endlessly or something doing damage to all your work. Restore just the things that you want to and you will enjoy your car more. Good Luck!
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    Mocking up the A/C, need to find out what holes we don't need and weld them up. We decided to hide the A/C lines similar like we do the Mustangs.
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    Ridge Runner

    1935 Ford Pick Up

    I thought letting go of my 69 was hard ,is it ok if i cry a little? I believe it is sold
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    70 Cali emmisions

    The concours crowd might be interested: www.concoursmustang.com West Coast Cougars might be interested in it as a core as well.
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    You can't fix stupid! But a nice 170 grain to the head will open its mind to new thoughts.
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    Power steering pump noise

    Well...the noise has gone away for the most part. Guess it needed to break in a bit. So happy :)
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    Fixed 69 mach1 clock

    yes but instructions are on paper. The site has a video that helped with all but the set knob removal.
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    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Nice tip Casey, I was thinking of using a laser level. Tell ya what, next time I'm in Texas I'll drop by and you can show me your magic on my 69.
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    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Outstanding job Shep!
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    Mach1 Driver

    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Dang that looks good!!
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    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Bob, I used the measurements I found off this site, made a few pencil marks, and ran a string line. I then came back with painters tape to match the string line. The lip of the tape is just enough to catch the stripe once backing is removed. It only takes just a little soap in the bottle to make the stripes workable.
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    I did replace the unit with a Custom Autosound radio that has a ISO plug, so it basically just plugged in with no rewiring. I got the model that doesn't have bluetooth but it has an aux cord witch I ran into the glove box so I can plug in my phone and leave it in there when I play Pandora. I can live without taking calls in the car. If I needed that option I would have payed another $100 and got the upgrade. It looks as close to stock as the retrosound and at this point I'm not going for 'original' look anyway. It's funny how your goals change as your project progresses.
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    69 Convertible build

    Over this last weekend I installed the Eastwood version of dynamat. Also installed the firewall insulation, and rebuilt my steering column.
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    69 Restomod (UK)

    She is now on the rollover jig and strateed stripping the factory underseal off. I’m quite surprised how solid it is, she’s had 2 No. rear 1/4 with outer wheel well and LHS torque box at some point, quite good work carried out. more pics to follow chris
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    OK, I am going to go throw a weird one at you. Maybe your problem is related to mine, but probably not. your problem is more likely a connection problem. However, I had a similar radio cutting out problem with my retrosound, except mine would cut out when I revved the engine from low speed to high, but it only seemed to happen when the car was fresh out of the garage. Also, if the car was brought back to dead idle, radio would play again -even fresh out of the garage. weird thing was, drive it a few miles, and this cut-out would go away. So, after me living with this for a long while, and pondering it, but not coming up with anything, a friend rides with me and sees this weird behavior and has a genius insight - he says "do you have an original voltage regulator?" yes. "well then, I think maybe your radio is seeing unacceptable voltages when the alternator is kicked in at higher RPMS. The alternator kicks in much more often immediately after the car has started after it's been sitting in garage. After you drive the car a bit, the battery gets charged up - so alternator not kicking in - and symptom stops. Maybe you should try a new solid-state VR." Freaking genius insight. Sure enough, a new solid state VR solved my radio cutting out problem completely. Now, in your case, the radio cuts out at low speed - when another electrical system is engaged. So perhaps the current draw of the blinker system causes the voltage the radio is getting to somehow change to a temporarily unacceptable amount. Car equilibrates voltages are a few moments and radio comes back on. At high RPMs voltage is sufficiently regulated to not cause a problem in the circuit. Do you have an old-style VR with resistors on the back? is a good question to ask if you can't trace it to bad ground or bad connection. Above image is what the back of my old VR looked like (I believe it is original with the car). The new Solid State versions don't look like this. Most likely, this is not your problem, but at least I stuck to the "radio cuts out" theme. Hope this wasn't too much of a thread high-jack! Jay
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    67 fastback

    It going together:) Thinking about taking it to the Good Guy's show in Columbus on July 10th.
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Added the E-Stopp electric parking brake today. I like the easy install and extra room in the foot well without the parking brake pedal.

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