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  1. det0326

    1969 Dash Grounding

    1 is not sufficient . Not sure what the assembled state of your interior is but if it's not in yet then you can do as I did. I ran a #8 wire from neg battery post connection at the block all way to the rear of car grounding things along the way. I ran it in a way that it was hide and could not seen.
  2. det0326

    1969 Dash Grounding

    I was thinking that too Bob to start with but instead I think that wire coming from the harness being a ground for the dash I think it is actually the other way, it picks up a ground from the dash and goes to the plug at the instrument cluster and grounds it.
  3. det0326

    1969 Dash Grounding

    after thinking about the ground wire from under dash harness connecting to the dash panel maybe ground to instrument cluster
  4. det0326

    1969 Dash Grounding

    It's been a long time but I seem to remember a ground coming from the under dash harness on the drivers side that connected to the dash panel.
  5. I first ran my hoses up and over the headers also but didn't take long to figure out something needs to be changed. I plumbed hard lines from the steering box through the rear fender apron up to and under the apron and shock tower lip to the front apron and back through. From there I incorporated a cooler and of course had high pressure hose made. I did not care about originality as much as i did the quality of performance. I have been running this set up for a couple of years now and am pleased with it.
  6. It's like the Borgeson . When I upgraded mine Borgeson only had the 16:1 ratio , the one everyone was having a lot of trouble with. I think it is Classic Power Products (CPP)
  7. I used the CPP upgrade kit. It is a 13.8:1 ratio and i love it. I have been running it now for about 2 years. Seems that it was around 500 and something. It came with steering box,Pittman arm and rag joint. I am running a serpentine set up from a bronco and the bronco pump, works great. The first one I received developed a squeak so I returned it for a replacement. Everything has been working good so for. I have never had a problem with return to center with this box.
  8. det0326

    Passenger door glass issue

    Yes I did replace the felts outside. My originals were trash, it's been a long time but I think I got the felts from Kentucky mustang. Most of the distributors are the same tho I would imagine.
  9. det0326

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    If you decide to try this route there maybe a combination of water pump and serpentine pulley that may work for you I don't know. Like maybe a 90's mustang water pump and pulley. Whatever tho if you find a shorter pump shaft the pulley would have to be offset to accommodate it to keep the belt alignment .
  10. det0326

    Quarter Window Drip Edge

    https://www.cjponyparts.com/drip-rail-channel-pair-fastback-1969-1970/p/DRC4/ Expensive just to get the piece you need.
  11. det0326

    Quarter Window Drip Edge

    Those are available only as a kit that i have seen. They come with the complete under roof structure pieces and I think you have to purchase both sides. Best bet is the fabricate one. I will see if I can find the link again and post.
  12. det0326

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Terry, I am getting about 6" from the end of the water pump shaft to the radiator support, where the radiator mounts. My radiator takes up about 3" of that space which only leaves 3" for fan. That's tight.
  13. det0326

    Passenger door glass issue

    I have the bolt in 70 glass in my 69 and the passenger side doing the same thing and had to cut the top bracket loose from the rod and then re weld it in a position to move the glass outward. I never really understood why but never the less it worked.
  14. det0326

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Terry I am running electric fans with the truck set up that I have, so the old mechanical fan set up is long gone. If it helps I can get a measurement from the water pump mounting hub to the radiator support panel later today. I know you can get different size spacers that go between the fan blade and water pump or even make your own if necessary . I know on mine the water pump pulley is very close to the electric fan motors. Mine are dual and the water pump pulley is between the motors, if it was a single it would have probably hit. I am not saying it is not doable because with some modification you could make it work but it may not be a plug and play.
  15. det0326

    Rear wheel spacing

    Leaf springs with a lot of arch will be closer to the front of wheel well. As the spring is compressed it will get closer to the rear of the wheel well. That is the design of the leaf spring .