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  1. The only thing I could add is if your car's engine is pretty much stock making lot of vacuum, power assist will work fine. If not tho and making low vacuum in my opinion u would be better off with manual discs. This is me been there done that thing
  2. Hmm good point, don't know but will have to check that out. Thanks Bob
  3. Let me approach this with another question, are the after market and OEM shakers identical? If they are identical how can u tell them apart, numbers? If they are not identical what is different?
  4. Thanks Terry, that helps a lot. There's more pieces to it than I realized.
  5. I have been debating about starting another project. Not far from me is a 70 Mach 1 351C tach car with a factory shaker. The car is pretty much a basket case with most all the components disassembled and put inside the car. as for as I know all the parts are there which I will be unloading everything and sorting it out to see, which brings me to my question. All you guys that are familiar with the shaker I need to know all the parts so I can tell if it is all there or not. Also how could I tell if it is truly a factory shaker and not aftermarket? This is a roller the engine and transmission are long gone which brings me to my second question. If I can't find a 351C to go in it and have to replace with 351W I understand the shaker base may be different is that correct? I know the Marti report will tell me if the car came with shaker but I need to know if the one he has with it is factory .Thanks for any and all help.
  6. I do understand what you are saying but 3 inches is a lot. I don't see how it could be out of seat that far and still function. I wish I could help you Print Dad but without knowing what the repair shop did to it, it would be hard to say what the problem is. I think u are going to have to do what you don't won't to do and take it apart. I'm old too and hard for me to get under the dash of these old classics but I have found that taking the drivers seat out makes it easier.
  7. No, don't think just loosening it will fix your issue. Just reread your first post, didn't really catch the part that you stated 3 inches to high. I think that is going to be a push rod too long or wrong M/C, petal 3 inches to high is a lot.
  8. Just curious, was the push rod already attached to M/C when u received? My thoughts are if it wasn't they may have assembled it with push rod sitting on top of pushrod retainer ring. That could be reason for petal being higher.
  9. from your video u posted that sure sounds like a timing/firing order issue. It seems to retarded, have u tried advancing it a little?
  10. If u ground paint off behind it then thats probably not your problem as long as the ground between motor and chassis is good as stevewr54 mentioned. If all that is good then the next time it does it u will have to start trouble shooting using Terry's dia's above. The reason I mentioned the solenoid ground because when u jumped it u could have jarred it just enough to make connection until it happens again. U certainly could put a temporary ground there to eliminate that as being a problem .
  11. Make sure your solenoid is grounded good where it mounts to fender apron, it relies on this ground to complete circuit. If not that you could have an ignition switch going bad.
  12. Did a quick search, man those things seems like they are nowhere to be had. Few years ago they were all over eBay and other places but not now. There's a guy on facebook name Scotty Strickland I'm sure he has some but don't know if he will part with one. He is in NC just north of Charlotte
  13. Should work fine. Radiator support is the same hood is basically the same. the only difference I know is the hole in the understructure on a 70 is oval and 69 is round but that should not matter. All the 69 and 70 replacement hoods have oval holes .
  14. Terry, U could also get a boat motor gas tank bulb to pump it up. LOL
  15. No drop base. Can't remember now but seems like something on back of FiTech was in the way for a drop base.
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