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  1. It is my understanding that the FiTech will cut spark and fuel about 200 rpm's over set point using timing control or not. Maybe the Sniper doesn't I'm not sure about it.
  2. FiTech has rev limiter and I thought the Sniper did too. The old durospark ford distributor will work with FiTch too and assume will work with Sniper also.
  3. Yes from center to center. If u use an explorer DS it has a companion flange that will need to be removed.
  4. I don't know about the 4x4 either but I'm thinking the 4x4 rear drive shaft is a little shorter.
  5. water is 8..34 pounds per gallon, I have used five gallon pails filled with water to distribute the weight around. Maybe a couple in the rear seat area and some in the trunk
  6. I used an aluminum drive shaft from a 1998 2 door 2 wheel drive V8 explorer. As RPM said the rear end yoke makes a difference. Can't remember the length I am thinking around 51 inches
  7. are u changing the rear from a 4 lug to 5 lug or has it already been changed?
  8. About 1 " as you have is golden. Depending on the condition of leaf springs matters too. The more the arch in the spring is compressed the more the drive shaft will be pulled back. Get a 200 pound buddy to sit on the back and see where the drive shaft ends up. Unless u have a lot of arch in your springs I would say u are good
  9. Is that measurement taken with the weight on the leaf springs ? If so you are good
  10. You may be fine using the stock timing cover but they are different from the timing covers with rev rotation pumps. the ports in the timing cover is machined at a different angle. May be worth checking out would be ashame for that nice looking engine to have a cooling problem.
  11. Vic You are running a rev rotation water pump with your stock 69 timing chain cover. Is that correct?
  12. I used Dynacorn tail panel as well with no problems. Worked great. The only dynacorn exterior panels I have found a problem with is some of their doors.
  13. unless you are after the custom look of the aluminum pulleys and all, this may not be for you but the F150 and bronco 351w late 80's and early 90's brackets and serpentine set up works good and fits under the hood. You may have to get an aftermarket timing chain cover tho that has the manual fuel pump mount. Seems I remember that some of the earlier covers may have the boss for the fuel pump but are not machined. You will have to change radiators to with the drivers side lower hose because I don't think you will find a rev rotation water pump with passenger side lower hose.
  14. The FiTech seems to be handling the timing OK. The only problem I am having is what i described and not sure if it is timing related or not.
  15. MikeStang On the one you installed on the mustang did you have any RPM surging. If you look at the RPM display on the hand held the RPM's surges a couple hundred RPM's up and down but listening to the engine you can't really tell. The only thing i have noticed is when I come to a stop, sometimes it will surge like when driving a manual shift and you delay pushing the clutch in. I am running AOD and it seems to be related to it being a little lazy dropping out of OD, which a lot of them are. I initially blamed it on using the FiTech to control the timing but not so sure now. I can run in reg drive which holds it in 3rd or direct drive and it will never do it. I have adjusted some of the parameters in the control and as helped a lot but occasionally will still do it. Just wondering since the one u installed wasn't controlling timing if you had this problem?
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