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  1. Which brake booster is right for me?

    No, the 2 pedals are different. The difference is distance from where the pedal pivots and where the m/c rod connects. Two complete different pedals. Look at unilec's post above to mustang steve's site. He has a picture of 67 power pedal which is similar and also a manual you will see the difference. The 69 power pedal connects in a different hole up further on the pedal support. If you are changing to manual there should be a hole about 2 inches up from the mc/booster rod that the manual pedal mounts in. Same hole with a clutch petal if you were using one.
  2. Which brake booster is right for me?

    yes, there is a difference in the distance from pivot point to booster/mc rod. The distance is 5 inches on a power pedal and 2 inches on a manual pedal.
  3. Which brake booster is right for me?

    while on this subject does anyone know the pedal ratio for the 1969 power pedal. I know from the pivot point to the m/c push rod is 5.0 inches but I don't know the distance from pivot point to center of pedal pad.
  4. 6R80 transmission

    The bronco I purchased to get the 351w to put in my 69 also had an E40D in it and I looked at maybe putting it in the 69 as well but would have required tunnel work.
  5. Which brake booster is right for me?

    Just checked the brake warning light again and it is working it comes on while cranking for indicate it is not burned out. I can also jump the switch wire and light comes on . The light is not on so wouldn't it be safe to say that the switch is centered in it's bore. You are correct on the vacuum, i have a mild cam and vacuum is about 13 in. at idle according to FiTech hand held but I guess I should put a good gauge on it to confirm.
  6. Which brake booster is right for me?

    vicfreg That proportional/distribution valve looks like the one I have except my kit has a corvette m/c, yours looks more like a ford m/c. Do you know a number on it?
  7. Which brake booster is right for me?

    Yes it is a single stage. Yes the kit I purchased had the power brake petal with it. Brake warning light is not on does this mean the piston would still be centered? I am running 8.8 explorer rear with explorer disc and mustang steve adapter for 2005-2014 mustang disc's on front. I believe some of my issue is the ratio of the m/c piston size and caliper piston size ratio. The m/c kit I purchased has a 1-1/8 piston and since I am running late model mustang calipers on the front, I checked to see what the 2005 to 2014 m/c piston size is and I found it to be 1-1/16. I probably should have got a m/c with 1" or 1-1/16". This m/c I purchased is actually for an early model corvette (maybe the problem lol) that has been adapted to the mustang.
  8. Which brake booster is right for me?

    Can't tell you which setup works good but I can tell you what won't work well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-68-69-70-Mustang-Power-brake-booster-master-cylinder-valve-disc-disc-03383/331735871979?fits=Year%3A1969|Model%3AMustang&hash=item4d3cffb1eb:g:jooAAOxyirJSEmhK&vxp=mtr I put this on my 69 and it has a very hard petal, I honestly don't think I could lock it up with both feet. Vintage anti lock brakes LOL My friend put one on his 69 as well, the only difference is he has disc/drums and I have disc/disc. He has the same issue.
  9. Installing new Seat Belts

    My 69 had a smaller dia. shoulder bolt that mounts the bracket at the roof. It has been a while but I seem to recall the floor pan bolts being a size larger than the one at the roof. I too installed the 3 point seat belts and the only problem was the bracket at the roof needs an extension to lower it a bit . The way mine is now the shoulder belt is near the throat area. Not a good position.
  10. Best manufacturer for NEW AOD?

    I actually built an AOD with help and tips from the Silver Fox. I put the gears from a 4R that I had from a 2000 Crown Vic. ( case won't work but internals are the same.) Knowing what I learned from this I would find a 4R from a 3.8 engine and add the extra frictions and steels get an electronic controller. If you are converting to an AOD from scratch you want have that much more money in it to go ahead and convert to a 4R. You will be glad you did.
  11. I have the CPP box which is basically the same as the borgenson one now. As I said it is about 1/8 away from one of the tubes. The CPP box I installed initially developed a squeak when turning the steering shaft. It was last summer when all this took place and my thought was maybe it got too hot but while changing it out with CPP I ask them about the heat near the box and they told me it should not matter. I would have thought that heat would have an effect on the box but fwiw they said no. I installed the replacement about mid summer last year and added a cooler for the power steering fluid. Time will tell.
  12. A/C quick disconnect at dryer 1969

    For anyone that might run into this in the future, from what I understand it is not necessary to replace it, it was only for factory assembly purposes.
  13. Needing to know about the so called quick disconnect on a 1969 with A/C. The one that connects the hose that goes from the dryer to the expansion valve. Is it necessary to have it or can it be eliminated? I understand that it has some internal parts like piston and maybe spring. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  14. Can't comment on the stock ones but my try-y's on the drivers side has only about an 1/8" clearance between the box and one of the pipes. It has never giving me any problems . Drivers side of the engine normally will lift a little when accelerating forward so the clearance should increase.
  15. Don't have any pictures but those doug's D669Y is the same that I have on my 351w with AOD and they clear the AOD fine. I have the CPP steering box and one pipe is really close to it and had to clearance it a little other than that they fit fine. If you have OEM steering box that may not be a problem for you.