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  1. You are correct I look for a rocker with a good fit but never found it either. I had to cut off what I needed from an after market one and reshape it. Friend of mine also searched for one with a good fit and never found it either. I guess there was never a big demand for rockers so they never corrected there tooling.
  2. If no wiring has been modified in any way my guess would be a stuck starter solenoid.
  3. Yes that is a dynacorn one you can tell by the DII after the manufactures ref number
  4. Not sure if you had to do any patch work on that part of the fender or not but it is very easily distorted. You will have to manipulate the edge of the fender to align it with the door and if there is a space left there fill it with a spacer. a 3/8 to 1/2 inch is not uncommon.
  5. I-85 Exit 21. Where I-85 and 178(Liberty Hwy) intersect. is the area where I live now. Northern Hartwell lake in that area is called North Lake. I am still only about 8 or 10 miles from Jockey lot but haven't been in over 20 years or so. Your right it is not as good as it use to be.
  6. I was born and raised about 3 miles from Anderson Jockey Lot, I now live in the North Lake area.
  7. yes I will. I wish they would have in Spring or Fall it sure is hot in June.
  8. Mine was doing the same a while back but cleared up on its own I guess. Not sure what the reason was.
  9. We have a car show in Anderson that you may already be familiar with. It is in June the weekend of Fathers Day. you should try to make it sometime. It is usually a pretty big turn out. There's not but one sometimes two 69 Mach 1 there, would be nice to have yours there
  10. I use to own this car and sold to a guy that I stay in touch with. He wants to change to 4R for a couple of reasons. First and foremost the 4R has stronger input shaft ( in stock form anyway ) than the AOD and with the electronic shifter will be able to change shift points to anything he wants.
  11. Not sure what u are asking . The 4R swap will cost more and the one I know of that may be available is an AOD because he is changing to a 4R
  12. It will cost u more money, but have you considered a 4R70W instead? Not trying to sway u one way or another but I have been through the AOD swap and later wish I had went with the 4R. Where are You located? I may know where one is coming available. It has very little miles on it and has the 4R wide ratio gear set in it along with the Silver Fox goodies to make it shift correctly.
  13. Hope everyone has a very good New Year
  14. Nice car Weekend Cruiser, noticed you are in western NC. I am in SC and I have a Mustang enthusiast thats a friend of mine in Murphy NC. Wounding how close you are to him.
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