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  1. According to this article there is. It is online so it must be true lol. http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/interior-electrical/1501-how-to-identify-1970-1973-mustang-turn-signal-switches
  2. Scoop is original nonfunctional with turn signal indicators, I posted for Jerry above he wanted to know what the doug's D669y's sounded like. In his case tho with a stroker and if he adds an H or X pipe the note will probably be a little different.
  3. link dosn't seem to work anymore. oh well i tried i think i have it working now
  4. 351w no x or h plpe Copy of 10000000 2081230068865046 356518078882946726 n.mp4
  5. u need to locate the pin from the top edge down. In most cases it may be sitting on bottom and some cases not. If you get the clip to far down you will not get it to snap in with the window in. If it is to far up the trim will be sticking up past the roof edge and trunk filler and etc. I did know the measurement but so long ago I am not positive but I think it was just under 1/2 inch like maybe .450 thousandth of an inch taken from center of pin to top edge of window opening when using original glass but some repo glass is different thickness. When I put my pins on the quarters I installed the trim with out the glass to make sure it was level with the top of the car. Some cases the rubber gasket will hold the trim up to far to snap in also so be aware of that. If u have an original pin on the car now u can measure from top to center of pin this will give u a starting point.
  6. Terry I know you have been kicking around the EFI kits. We put the Elderbrock Pro Flo 4 on this chevelle and we really like it. It cost a little more than TBI and u have to install their intake but it is multi port injection. Cranking is awesome. Comes with it's own tablet with blue tooth connection.

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    2. det0326


      454   Muncie 4 speed 


    3. Mach1 Driver

      Mach1 Driver

      Well there's no replacement for displacement is there! That's in a late 60s Chevelle isn't it?

    4. det0326


      1970 SS.  I tolled him that 4 speed is a WOW factor now but he will get tired of it, or at least i know I would. Just give me a good strong automatic these days, guess I am getting lazy LOL.

  7. Hey Terry Coming along really well. All under carriage rebuilt, running gear in, body painted. Working on hood and deck strips now. Hope to be done this summer. Have you started on your Mach 1 yet?
  8. no bending, they fit well. Been so long now but I seem to remember 2 studs that I threaded.
  9. I used after market ones and they fit well. They were purchased through dynacorn not sure who made them.
  10. mine was like your's picture with the 70 neck on it. I cut the neck off a little then the flex hose would attach with no problem.
  11. I know the 65 and 66 has to be cut but my 69 fit without cutting . Could be difference in some cars I don't know.
  12. don't have to cut the colum tube but need to collapse the enter shaft back a little.
  13. The tanks inc tank is a larger capacity which will put the filler tube at a different angle. Your remedy of cutting the tube is what I did, and it worked perfect. However there is a after market tube that will work, that was made to correct this issue. I have seen them on ebay before .
  14. Sold my 69 fastback the other day but the set up was 351 Windsor, rpm performer intake, FiTec, 2 inch filter and no spacers. I had 1 inch hood clearance
  15. smh00n i was under the impression that the Sniper was the same as FiTech when it comes to controlling timing. The FiTech does not need any external boxes just a two wire distributor such as the old Ford durospark.
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