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  1. Another question is when u still had the fenders on, how did the fender to hood gaps look?
  2. I think maybe your frame rail maybe twisted also. You probably need to try to determine if it is or not and if it is you may have to weld the tower to the frame rail with it sitting flush like it is suppose to be and then put a comealong winch on it some how and pull it back where it belongs.
  3. yes u maybe right I remember hooking mine up from a dia. I found but that has been several years ago. My memory doesn't serve me as well anymore. I was thinking tho that the door u speak of is operated at the same time but happens before the water coolant switch. The coolant switch is a branch off the line that operates the door.
  4. That vacuum switch operates the heater coolant control valve in the engine bay on passenger side. Its job is to cut off coolant going to heater when in A/C mode.
  5. Yep go to keep SWMBO happy for sure.
  6. Terry have u started your restoration?
  7. I saw a three point installation one time where the guy mounted the retractor inside the interior quarter panel. made a slot in the panel with a grommet installed, the modification looked like it belonged there.
  8. I seem to remember, that on the Power assist brakes anyway, there is a slight amount of travel on the petal before the pushrod that goes through the firewall ever moves. That is the actual movement that activates the switch, if that movement is not there on yours that may be your problem.
  9. Lot of people that own sportsroof cars may not ever sat in the back seat. I know when the guy came to look at mine that bought it, I sat in the back because he and his son were up front, I had to almost lay down to ride back there. The roof comes down back there and head room disappears.
  10. While doing my upholstery it wasn't the ring pliers as much as the constant pulling, stretching and tucking that played havoc on my arthritis.
  11. sounds like a good planand yes show us pictures, I would like to see finished product
  12. I can't find that thread now I think it was a link that carried me to another thread now I can't get back to it. If I am not mistaken tho he mentioned something about putting spacers under the tracks to to raise the seat up enough to keep them from rubbing the carpet. I think you are on the right track.
  13. One of the threads I read on VMF the guy said that he used the 69 tracks with spacers. I'll see if I can find it and post
  14. I did some searches on this topic and found a few articles and some VMF threads. Most say yes they will work but don't give any how to do. That's the way it was back when I was thinking about doing this too. I would try to mock it up by putting the seats in there where they are comfortable to you and try to calculate where the tracks need to be to accomplish that position. also when you find your comfortable position try to locate the tracks to where they will have movement forward and backwards. If your handle won't allow you to mount tracks in that position then you may have to modify the positioning handle. I know this can be a challenge but you can do it. The seat needs to be in a comfortable position and the tracks need to be bolted to the seats in a position that they will be in line with original holes in seat riser or you will have to drill new access holes too.
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