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  1. You may be fine using the stock timing cover but they are different from the timing covers with rev rotation pumps. the ports in the timing cover is machined at a different angle. May be worth checking out would be ashame for that nice looking engine to have a cooling problem.
  2. Vic You are running a rev rotation water pump with your stock 69 timing chain cover. Is that correct?
  3. det0326

    Taillight Panel Question

    I used Dynacorn tail panel as well with no problems. Worked great. The only dynacorn exterior panels I have found a problem with is some of their doors.
  4. unless you are after the custom look of the aluminum pulleys and all, this may not be for you but the F150 and bronco 351w late 80's and early 90's brackets and serpentine set up works good and fits under the hood. You may have to get an aftermarket timing chain cover tho that has the manual fuel pump mount. Seems I remember that some of the earlier covers may have the boss for the fuel pump but are not machined. You will have to change radiators to with the drivers side lower hose because I don't think you will find a rev rotation water pump with passenger side lower hose.
  5. det0326

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    The FiTech seems to be handling the timing OK. The only problem I am having is what i described and not sure if it is timing related or not.
  6. det0326

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    MikeStang On the one you installed on the mustang did you have any RPM surging. If you look at the RPM display on the hand held the RPM's surges a couple hundred RPM's up and down but listening to the engine you can't really tell. The only thing i have noticed is when I come to a stop, sometimes it will surge like when driving a manual shift and you delay pushing the clutch in. I am running AOD and it seems to be related to it being a little lazy dropping out of OD, which a lot of them are. I initially blamed it on using the FiTech to control the timing but not so sure now. I can run in reg drive which holds it in 3rd or direct drive and it will never do it. I have adjusted some of the parameters in the control and as helped a lot but occasionally will still do it. Just wondering since the one u installed wasn't controlling timing if you had this problem?
  7. det0326

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    Let me clarify my statement (better than a carburetor} nothing wrong with a carburetor that is set up right. The TBI is probable just a better solution for the younger generation that is not familiar with a carb.
  8. det0326

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    FiTech the one that controls timing,2 cooling fans and bumps idle when a/c is turned on. Can't remember the number without going to look. The reason why I used it because it was the only TBI available at the time. I can't really compare it to others because I have never used the others. I can say it is better than a carburetor but not as good as milti port injection.
  9. det0326

    Driveline Angles

    yep that is the way I see it too. That should solve your vibration.
  10. det0326

    Rusty crank

    I don't know that journal where the rear seal rides looks pretty toasted. Depends to on the engine if you got a lot tied up in it and polishing or turning to .02 doesn't clean up I would replace. I sure would not put it back in in that condition.
  11. det0326

    Driveline Angles

    If i following correctly the pinon angle and trans angle are within 1.5 degrees being the same, both being down, that pinon needs to come up to at least 4 degrees in the opposite direction, unless you can get the trans up some more.
  12. det0326

    Driveline Angles

    some say that the drive shaft angle matters but for the life of me I don't know why. Rule of thumb is what ever degree your trans shaft is down you want you rear end yolk opposite minus 1 degree for spring wrap if you have leaf springs.
  13. det0326

    1969 Mach 1 Air Conditioning Stopped

    If you can get to and remove plug from blower switch (I can on mine) then remove it, turn ignition switch to acc and check yellow wire on plug for 12 volts. if you have voltage on yellow wire problem will be switch or associated wires going to resistors on heater box beside blower motor. Could be blower motor itself. If you don't have voltage on yellow wire problem will be from plug back to fuse block itself. I have know problems with the fuse not making good connection in the fuse block also. To check that you can check voltage on the fuse it self. With acc on should be 12 volts on both sides of the fuse to ground.
  14. Bob i think you meant my drive shaft travels up hill to the pinion yoke or at least thats the way u have it drawn. It does not take very much lowering on these cars to get the results on your drawing. My suspension is bone stock and with it sitting on tires the drive shaft is very close to being parallel with the car. Only a slight downhill to the pinon.
  15. det0326

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    If it was mine I would replace starter pinion. You sure don't need to screw up a new flex plate. What transmission do you have ? Most of the time a situation as this may be forgivable but the gears in the pump I believe are cast and can crack if distorted enough. Did you start the engine before you realigned the converter?