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  1. det0326


    My cross member would not work and was really easier to start from scratch which i did. seem to remember that maybe one (FMX) will work and the (C4) wouldn't or vice verse you may be right Bob because the one i had may be for a C4 not sure. Anyway on the drive shaft I didn't have one anyway so i found that the explorer would fit. I should have been more clear but I was stating what I did add to the upgrade and also a new 2600 stall converter that I forgot to mention and was still under $1000 just to give the OP another option compared to the kit the he posted a link to
  2. det0326


    If you are mechanically inclined you can do the upgrade with an AOD or 4R a lot cheaper than the price of that kit. You can pick up an AOD in the States for around 100 to 200 dollars working, not sure about Australia tho. I already had an AOD that was free to me and rebuilt it with the extra frictions and steels and did all the updates to it. Fab up my own cross member and shorten a 1995 mustang TV cable to fit the 69. Used an aluminum drive shaft from a 2 door 2 wheel drive explorer. I have less than a $1000 in the upgrade. I know your problem tho would be finding the bits and pieces and getting them shipped. Good luck with your upgrade I hope it goes well for you.
  3. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Thanks Raven Thanks Doug, I am an old retired man now and had more time to devote to it than most. I restored a 1956 Buick Roadmaster when I was younger and still working, took me many years. Thanks 1969_Mach1 No solid lifters. Lunati hydraulic roller link lifters and roller rockers. I don't hear as well as I use to but I don.t hear any clatter but I will pay closer attention or get my wife to listen she can hear a fly lite on a utility pole.
  4. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Wouldn't have a clue Terry as actual time. I've worked on it off an on since the Spring of 2014. I bought the car in Pennsylvania October 2013. It was a rusted out mess.
  5. det0326

    Sagging Rockers anyone?

    Hey Terry Don't really have any experience on this subject, never did it or researched it. I am pretty sure Bob (RPM) on this forum did this an I think he has mentioned this offset you speak of. I bet he could help.
  6. det0326

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Not sure about all FMX's . I have AOD and the converter will not slide back but about 1/4 inch and will not clear the studs. However a friend of mine has an FMX that has bolts so in that case it would be doable but safest way would be as Barnett said remove transmission with converter then bolt transmission (without converter) then mount starter back. Bigmal If you have bolts in yours and try this just make sure the converter spins freely and the converter snout is away from the crankshaft.
  7. det0326

    Seat riser repositioning?

    The only thing that comes to mind is where the seat belts mount. If using OEM belts probably want matter but some of the aftermarket 3 point belts that stock hole right behind the seat is where the retract mechanism mounts. My seat riser is in the stock position and with the seat all way back is against the retracter.
  8. det0326

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Not sure if he has ever changed the flex plate or not. Barnett maybe right an internal engine problem and when it comes to engines he usually is. That is a nasty vibration tho and one would think if an internal problem the engine would have come from together by now.
  9. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Thanks again Guys and yes fvike it is trilling to drive it for the first time. Then put it back in the garage and start fixing problems. Been driving it now for about 2 years and fixing a few problems along the way. Just finished up the A/C a few weeks ago. Waited a little over 2 months for delivery on the console. All and all tho it hasn't been to bad. Time to enjoy now.
  10. det0326

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Time to inspect that flexplate. You mentioned it was marked with felt pin which probably means not original to the car and it was purchased at a bone yard and could have been marked wrong.
  11. det0326

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Mal In this video I assume you have the rear axle on jack stands and the whole drive train is turning. Is this correct? Also is the vibration as noticeable with just the engine running? That's a pretty big vibration the way the steering wheel is vibrating or is that just a nervous camera .
  12. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Thanks guys. bob that guy in a couple of pictures is my son, I am the old fart with the camera. My son was actually working on a 454BBC to put in a Chevelle. I just can't seem to convert him.
  13. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Hi Shep The rear bumper came fro NPD, I was amazed how well it fit. One of the only things that fit right out of the box.
  14. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Thanks Guys for all the compliments . Much appreciated.
  15. det0326

    Finally completed I think

    Video 1969 mustang video.mp4