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  1. SWPruett

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Very welcome! If you hit any snags just give a shout!
  2. SWPruett

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Machspeed, Although the below links detail a 70 tail light panel replacement, the process is virtually identical. Hope this helps! http://1970boss302.blogspot.com/2011/10/tail-light-panel-and-trunk-floor-part-1.html http://1970boss302.blogspot.com/2012/03/tail-light-panel-and-trunk-floor-part.html Regards,
  3. SWPruett

    T5 shifters

    Sell, sell, sell!!!!!!
  4. SWPruett

    Sanco Industries?

    Forest and Donna Sanco were reported missing and feared lost in what is suspected to have been a private plane crash in the Bahama's last September. The families are still searching for them as neither the plane or either of them have been found. A piece of landing gear was recovered by a Bahamian fisherman and later confirmed to be from Forest's plane. Tragic all the way around.
  5. SWPruett

    Rear Frame Rail

    Honestly, looking at this latest discovery, I think it best to slow down and take a very careful look at everything on the car, starting with structural elements like this and start to carefully assess where you're at. While nothing is generally "unfixable", the structural repairs at the most invasive and often the most difficult to assess as to their true extent. At a glance, it seems the crushed rails are the least of the issues at hand. One rule of thumb that has served our shop extremely well over the years is the "10:1 ratio rule". In simplest terms, for every rust perforation you visually detect on the surface, there is approximately 10 times the rusted area _behind_ the perforation that you can't see and will need repair to get into good metal again. Now, this applies more to exterior body surfaces than structure, but you get the idea. While you have probably already started doing this, now is a good time to start a comprehensive notebook and detailed photo log of every area of concern. This will pay huge dividends in formulating your game plan and allowing you to gain some "altitude" on the project and decide how you want to proceed. Having said all this, I would not recommend a rail patch over a replacement rail. Based on what I see, you will be back into the area for more repair sooner than later and a temporary patch will be.......well........temporary and one more thing to work around later on. Consider buying one of the inexpensive wireless inspection cameras on Amazon. I have had excellent luck with this unit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071XYJM3C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It takes reasonably good pictures and video using your smart phone wireless connection and is nearly priceless as a tool for evaluating projects like yours. The camera is even slim enough to get very close shots of the roof skin/"A" and "C" pillar leaded joints from inside and easily runs nearly the length of the rockers and into the torque boxes. And for less than $40, its darn near a steal. Best of luck! Hope this helps.
  6. SWPruett

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    This is the cleanest setup that Juliano's has recommended for years with their 3-point kits and the C3 Corvette trim piece works really well as your excellent installation shows! One look at this setup shows just how "out of place" the floor mounted reels look.
  7. SWPruett

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    It was me.....too much car porn....
  8. Just can't help yourself..... Sad.
  9. Yep. Same guy. Seems you're the same guy who, in my opinion of course, abuses vendor privilege by turning this board into free advertising space. Lot's of us have stuff to sell, but don't do it in the various tech forums as a courtesy. Information, "how-to" and help should be what's "free" here. Not advertising and promotion. Nobody here fell off a turnip truck....
  10. The helpful thing would be to show the exact differences between the two.
  11. SWPruett

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    ^ What he said.....
  12. SWPruett

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    You wanna open every tech section up to everyone offering something to sell? It's a disservice to the other members of the board, the other "disciplined" suppliers who keep the "selling" where it belongs, and keeps a technical topic well........technical.
  13. SWPruett

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    TomM, Juliano's is very well recognized in the hot rod circles as opposed to the muscle car set. I have used quite a few of their products on a number of pre-war rods and have no complaints. Will be using their 3-pt belts in our Boss project FWIW.
  14. SWPruett

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    Have you looked at Juliano's? http://www.julianos.com/3_point_belt.html