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  1. Welcome! Slick Cobra for sure and congrats on what looks like a solid Mustang rescue! Interesting that your Mach has full front shock tower bracing. Does it have staggered rear shocks and a rear anti-roll bar as well?
  2. Thanks very much! Always appreciate the feedback on this never-ending project! LOL!
  3. Thank you! And honestly, if it weren't for encouragement and help from my kids, I wouldn't have any use for the social media platforms either!
  4. Getting the blog caught up on lots of goings on in the shop. http://1970boss302.blogspot.com/2020/03/catching-up-2019-into-2020.html
  5. I would consider using All Metal by U.S. Chemical. It is a metal-fortified filler often used as a lead filler replacement. Hope this helps!
  6. Ray, Received my column collar clip in fine order. Wanted to thank you for making the effort to reproduce this hard-to-find part. While I am a bit away from fitting the column trim, the out-of-the-box quality is truly outstanding and compared next to my remaining original, it looks to be a significant step up in material (stainless is always good!) and design. Hat's off to you sir and that you again! Got me thinking I might need to stash a few more away in inventory! Best, Sven Pruett
  7. Well.....given that "Bilstein" is carved all over many of the shocks in his kits, and the fact that they are considered one of the "premium" shocks available, I doubt he'd have any issue discussing anything in the Bilstein inventory. But......that's why I suggest calling. Takes away the guesswork.
  8. Give a call to Shaun at Street or Track. He is a Bilstein master distributor and specializes in the Mustang applications and build "real" suspension solutions.
  9. I've always preferred the look of an upholstered panel with an array of material and color choices (at least it has the "look" of an upgrade) or a nicely installed conventional headliner over the "cheap" look of grained, shiny plastic.
  10. Street or Track has a well engineered suspension solution for just about any reasonable budget or plan. And Shaun is a class act all around. Support before, during and after the sale is extremely valuable and he has genuine expertise and proven results to back it up.
  11. Lots of neat stuff going on in the shop lately! Doing some 3D scanning of our custom bumper, gapping doors, filling antenna hole and finally got the Harley headlight conversion worked out! http://1970boss302.blogspot.com/2019/04/rear-bumper-scanning-door-gapping.html
  12. Motive Gear (Italian sourced). These are typically the higher end of the Motives gear lines. They are lapped on both drive and coast sides and are perfect when set up exactly per specs.
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