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  1. Copb8, They will fit any version of fastback 69-70. There are very slight differences between 69-70 versions but they are easily accommodated. The graining is different than the originals but that was no big deal for me as they look outstanding and a matte interior finish color makes that hard to detect as well. The quality of these parts in comparison to even pristine original panels is night and day! I simply could not be happier with the purchase!
  2. Hey Folks! Just jumping on this thread before the next bandwidth collapse to show my appreciation and HUGE tip-of-the-hat to Jim and these astounding quality interior panels he's made! My set showed up in perfect order with a new set a hockey stick trim and they all fit perfectly! SO much better quality than the old factory parts! Thanks for (another) awesome set of parts Jim!
  3. Looks great! Steady progress and……….it’s in! One word of caution however: carb rebuilds should really be done with creamy peanut butter. The crunchy causes misfires…..
  4. So, just to be clear, the original "backer" support is riveted to the car and these simply replace the wire clips?
  5. Very cool! Did you do bonded/laminated metal bulkhead plates where all of the tapped holes are required?
  6. Two thumbs up for following up your thread with what you've found!
  7. That looks incredible! Any idea on cost yet? I expect shipping will be murder......
  8. Man, that’s about as cool as it gets! Niiiiiice!
  9. Have you considered one of the chemical release agents instead of wax? I use that in my resin transfer mold and it works great with no build up or potential damage to the mold surface. Just thinking out loud….. Otherwise………….DANG those look good (Mr. Picky Pants!). LOL!
  10. Are you planning to create the back side detail bits as well or leaving those to the end-user?
  11. Dang that’s cool! What weight mat do you prefer for such delicate detail items? Also, are you using a veil fabric under the mat or the matt straight on the gel coat?
  12. I'd like to raise my hand for a pair once they are ready! They will go great with the sail panels you made up a few years back!
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