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  1. I used to get the whole unit through Napa but is has been several years
  2. Who you gonna call ...bot zappers !
  3. Then the Russian classes i have been taking would be worthless !
  4. Haha ,now i am getting Ads in Russian !
  5. You will be busy this morning it looks like!
  6. Looks like the front bumper and fender eyebrows are no longer available . If i had a front bumper and eyebrows i would make a fiberglass set,i am planning on blacking mine out anyway so fiberglass would be the way to go . Looks like the hood peak molding is gone also but that i could fab up for a mold fairly easily .
  7. Decided to check and it was up again ,that was a good surprise! Spammers are happy too i see ,we need a spammer ZAP button!
  8. I have 9 sets from conversions that didnt need them ,i also have some full sides i took parts from ,they are 67 68 but the rockers are the same 67 70. That i can drill loose
  9. The rockers that come in the conversion kits are actually pretty nice ,i have used a couple and used a couple to splice in and they worked great . The stampings are nice and crisp ,not like those cheaper stampings with rounded corners . These measure 4 1/4 across the top
  10. We used rubber side molding ,an aftermarket side trim we got at our local paint shop ,we glued it in the channel with E6000 ,staples held nicely
  11. I have the unwelded kits ,rockers are loose i could cut the rockers in half . You can message me if you like
  12. It looks like i need both rollers to be flat rollers ,what you are wanting to do is flatten the dented area and not stretch it ,i will chuck up my next flatest roller in the lathe and flatten it out . I need to see if i can buy the harbor freight rollers seperatly then i could make a few custom rollers
  13. The good rockers are sold in the kits ,the rockers sold seperatly are junk . I don't know why you can't get the good ones by them selves . I have several left and right sides from kits that i did not need to do rockers. Problem is the shipping because they are so long .
  14. Pinned the rollers ,clamped it in a vice ad tried it out . Dented a piece of an old mustang hood and took it to the roller ,there is a trick to keeping it where you want it but it pushed the dent right out. I still have to bolt the roller pins in and i cant wait to try the real thing! I changed the lower roller to a more flat roller
  15. Dude! This adjuster works so good i dont believe it ! Pin the rollers and its ready to try out.
  16. Good ole tractor supply ,had just what i needed
  17. I do hate my welder ,but i hate my helmet more !
  18. I still have to pin the roller heads but its together ,it opens up to 17 inches now but soon as i re angle the back end it will open a lot more. Still dont like the turn buckle but i guess i will use it and change it later. The welds may not be the prettiest ,friggen helmet that wont let me see what i am welding,but it is functional !
  19. Seen that movie ,it sucks! Not set on depth yet but looks to be 24 inches ,the farther i go back with the turn buckle the more it takes to ad pressure to the wheels .
  20. I welded up the roller mounts making sure they were centered and square ,i chucked the sleeves in the lathe and made sure they were perfectly square. The pivot in the rear will be next then i can clamp it to a table and make sure the rollers are square an drill the pin holes ,may have to make a small fixture to get those pin holes perfect . The final throat opening will be 21 3/4 so you are looking at about around 10 3/4 each side ,should go over a roof or around the back of a 35 ford pick up cab .
  21. I dragged the pipe bender out ,its one of those tools that you only need when you need it! Converting it to hydraulic was the best thing i ever did! Got both sides bent up ,almost an exact match side for side ,one needs to be closed up just a bit but i ran out of time today. I am not real happy with turn buckle though ,looks cheesy so i will have to figure something else there.i have to shorten the end where the rollers will be so the rollers will fit between .
  22. Still waiting on my metal ,probably be monday before it gets here. I had a couple of 90* bends here ,they come in handy when making cages ,looks like it will be 11 inches to center on both sides ,i was figuring 10 inches so that should work out. I had some tubing that is a snug slip inside fit . This will weld to the bottom of the roller mount and i will index them to work forward or side ways and they will pin on . Just got a call from the metal shop ,my tubing is in so off i go ,may get it made this weekend !
  23. Probably be fairly simple to build square tube dies ,another future project i guess
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