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  1. I am thinking that a wall may not work either ,just get a squirt bottle ,or a fly swater
  2. You will be spending to much time fighting off gators and snakes !
  3. I would love to build one but the time just isnt there ,if i did ,it would be a delivery ,no rear side windows . Perfect for a shop truck
  4. Look close and you will see a fold down back seat
  5. Dont really like the 67-8 style ,but i like the 65 -6 shelby version
  6. Carlite windshields are still made ,but they are thinner than the original ,they look and fit well but you have to be carefull setting them
  7. Guess i should say this is in California
  8. It is an M code 69 mach1 ,i have aeroform suspension with Wilwood disk brake set up . Motor is a 69 351 4v with edlebrok heads and intake ,fully built and ready to drop in . Brand new top loader ,wide ratio. It has a 9 inch but the third member is out ,it is a N case with aluminum pinnion support .all interior is here and new ,ford dash pad ,deluxe door panels ,head liner but i forgot to order the carpet . Tach dash ,am fm radio but i dont know if it works ,never tried it . I have all the Shelby fiberglass ,and trim including the Shelby exhaust collector ,i think the only thing i dont have is new door handles and rear bumper .all original glass I have 5 Branda 69 Shelby wheels and caps . Pro car leather front seats . I really dont want to sell but i have a shot at some property i want to buy $22,000. BUYER MUST ARANGE PICK UP .
  9. I dropped a bottle of polishing compound while i was buffing out my nephews 67 ,the bottle splattered ,and it was plastic ,and sprayed compound everywhere ,even under the car . I was not happy
  10. Passenger side ,in great shape but needs paint removed. It does not have the trim piece ...$25 plus shipping I have two really nice 70 caps
  11. I have one good one ,i would have to see what side it is
  12. I am leaving on foot right now ...about 6 months?
  13. Clevelands are bad about lifter clatter ,crane lifters seem to be the best i have found . If i remember right you can check oil pressure in two places on a Cleveland ,down by the oil filter and at the back of the intake in the block . I had two 4V's that no matter what i tried the lifter clatter would not go away ,i was td to check both locations for oil pressure ,the back of the motor almost had no pressure ,i was also told it is probably an internal oil leak . These motors clatterd like solid lifters
  14. Sealer ,set it in the sun ,cut the tip small on the end and force it between the rubber and glass and squeeze ,squeeze squeeze
  15. Could be between the glass and the rubber ,that needs to be sealed well also. If you instal the window on a warm day they seam to seal a lot better as the rubber is warmed up and so is the sealer
  16. Two screws at the bottom ,remove the bottom pad first ,lift up and you got it
  17. Believe me ,trial and error can teach you a lot ...and i have errored a few pieces ,like the time i was told to knock that trim on with a rubber hammer ,dont try this at home kids
  18. It would not remove crank pressure ,it would be working backwards,un less you mean it will be going into the crank case ?
  19. It has to go under the rubber chanel ,if i remember right it goes in before the window
  20. Made up a quicky instal tool ,just has masking tape on the back but fuzzy velcro would work best to keep away scratches ,but this works great . Still have a removal tool
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