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  1. Thdy will rust in place ,a slide hammer will pull it out
  2. A friend gave me a frame straightener ,it so big and bulky its hard to move around ,gave me a small portable one also . I have used them a couple of times ,i think the big one is Ranger
  3. We are actually behind the fault line ,so it aint my falt haha ,but i may get the ocean front property yet
  4. Nice ,i have been wanting one for a while ,a muffler tube bender would also be very nice
  5. We did get a little damage ,a couple of doors will not close right and a couple of pretty good cracks in the drywall
  6. It is a raised bezel ,the dash is flat
  7. Must be fairly common ,i have 3 69s and one 70 ,the 70 has it and two of the 69s have it .one 69 i cant get at right now
  8. Sometimes you will see two ,one for seat belt and one for emergency brake . I think my 69 CJ has both
  9. Coupe is different . A coupe can be cut down ,i have done it a few times for coupe to convertible conversions . Cant remember exactly what i did ,its been a while ,the top back is real easy
  10. I had just turned on my critter cam ,i got it ,it spun my camera around and bounced it pretty good . My internet is screwed at the moment ,i will try to load it when i can
  11. Yo @RPM hey Bob ,did you feel that one 6.9 haha ,shook the crap out if us
  12. I am not sure how these cars wound up with the staggered shock mounts ,i have a F code with it ,it also has the big block towers but i have owned it since the early 80s and i know it has never been apart . As far as i know only big block had them . Ford used up left over parts ,i had a F code convert that had one big block tower and one small block tower . Just have to wonder if they were screw ups on the assembly line
  13. When we throw a party in Cali. Everything shakes
  14. Had a 6.6 around 10:30 .took place just out of Ridgecrest in the Mojave desert . No damage here but got a reallt nice shaking out of it . Bet @RPM felt that one in Bakersfield ?
  15. A night with out armor in a savage land ,its Paladin .
  16. Never bought one for convert ,but i wouldnt doubt it
  17. All our rears may be a tad wide ,just have to deal with it
  18. I heard this also but i havnt tried one yet . Nordans used to be a good fit ,but they needed a good buff
  19. That is a picture that should be hanging on your shop wall ,its a perfect father and son image .
  20. Was waiting for that haha ! I was thinking ,eat less donuts haha Tilt stearing
  21. This gasket works great for all years on the trunk lids ,especially fiberglass lids . I buy the gasket for the 69 convert ,its longer so it will fit all the lids . This one is not glued in ,just tacked in place so i can paint
  22. National parts depot for the trunk lid gasket ,the best i have found is the 69 shelby gasket ,it is hollow and form fits easily ,it is not correct for a regular fast bask or coupe or convert ,but it works very well ,and it is soft
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