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  1. Ridge Runner

    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    The first 69 full glass top Mustang !
  2. Ridge Runner

    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Wow ,you guys are coming along very nice . I love that pic with the roof removed
  3. Ridge Runner

    Hood Hinge Mounting Nuts

    Actually not much holding one of these nuts in place ,they are just swedged in . If you have ever had a hood blow off you will know why they need to be welded ,its a real thrill
  4. Ridge Runner

    Hood Hinge Mounting Nuts

    That is normal ,weld the nut back in place ,if it is a real loose fit you can somtimes knock the open back in place good enough to weld the nut in
  5. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    So on face book ...i know its face book . Someone is asking about the dynacorn bodies ,i chime in and tell him if you want a fast back why not build your own from a coupe and save your self some money and extra work straightening up a dynacorn body . This guy jumps in and tells me i am going to kill someone building these conversions welding them to gether with a mig instead of pinch welding ,he is a metalergist and he knows better. Well i do a search for BAR OF CALIFORNIA and find one of the guys from BAR has written a book on the subject of welding automitive bodys ,here is a small screen shot from a long page
  6. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    Since i have been in body repair for 40 years and worked at several repair shops when they need work done on a mustang ,i approved this conversion . Piss ant still wont admit he is building the new bodies ,also will not deny . Build your own conversion ,they cant sell you a body as cheap and maybe not as good as you can build. And you have a vin and a title so no dmv problems
  7. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    So ,this piss ant said he is going to report me to dmv and the..... FBI ....i spaced it for effect haha. I saved him the trouble and contacted dmv ,gave my name and asked if i was breaking any law here is their reply
  8. Ridge Runner

    Craig from New Zealand

    Nah ,its winking at ya
  9. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    Um i would take a 71 Baracuda ...and runs and hides !
  10. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    Just had it out with this friggen idiot on facebook ,probably get baned but ass holes like this really piss me off. Seems i am a back yard mechanic and have no business building cars and i am a danger to anyone buying a car i have worked on ...he better hope i never see him face to face
  11. Ridge Runner

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    This friggen idiot is still at it ,trolls every post i make ,i am positive he has somthing to do with these new repop bodies . I used Dynacorn hood hinges on a buddies 67 and posted how well the fit and worked ad that set him off on factory parts for concourse cars ...i am not building a friggen concourse car and neither is my friend . By the way ,these hinges are tight.
  12. Ridge Runner

    WTB Trap Door Upper Trim Brackets & Clips

    I think dynacorn makes the brackets but you have to buy the whole kit
  13. Ridge Runner

    WTB Trap Door Upper Trim Brackets & Clips

    Virginia mustang lists tje clips but they are expensive. I am pretty sure National parts shows the clips by them selves
  14. Ridge Runner

    Flooding in Strathmore

    Last night the canal broke in town and flooded most of the town ,the town is under evacuation this morning . We are lucky and live on the other side of the canal so it didnt get to us . However ,the neighbors built up their property and flooded us out pretty bad any way ,county said there is nothing we can do about it but sue them
  15. Ridge Runner

    69 Fastback medallions

    I found several cars that have never been apart that had screws instead of the pins ,dont know if they broke off at the factory or what ,i figure this was fords quick fix ,it works just as well as the pins did
  16. Ridge Runner

    69 Fastback medallions

    It somtimes takes a block of wood and hit upward on the rim to get them off . They lock on the same way as the window molding clips do and they lock on very well
  17. I have a passenger side ,should have had the other one also but i cant find it
  18. I have one ,not sure what side ,i would have to look
  19. Ridge Runner

    Flooding in Strathmore

    This is what our neighbors did to us
  20. Ridge Runner

    Seam Sealer

    The big gaps were just dum dum putty . I use 3M tan seam sealer ,it looks just like the factory sealer and works very well on bare metal or primer,i use it on bare metal then epoxy prime everything
  21. Ridge Runner

    ‘69 Folddown Deck Chrome Strip Wanted

    Yep ,for some reason Ford did not use this piece of trim on the 69 70 ,but the 65 -68 does fit ,they are the same back seats 65 -70 with only slight differences inthe trim
  22. Ridge Runner

    Hood Hinge Captive Nuts

    Weld it ,i weld them all with a good tack weld or tbey will loosen up . Keep the hinges lubed and it will not be a problem ,this is a weak point on all mustangs
  23. Ridge Runner

    Windlace Caps - Were they used on 69 Mach1's

    Yes all fast backs had them
  24. Ridge Runner

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    I am exhausted just looking at this great work ! Will we see some cool fancy stainless exhaust openings in the future?
  25. Ridge Runner

    Transmission coolers

    They are mounted low in the f150 and expedition so you may have to look to find it