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  1. That could aslo be my problem ,i will have to look for that
  2. Just got back from porterville ,went the back way over lewis hill ,water running over the road across from the old dump . I went that way because orange belt has detour from flooding ,i went the back way yesterday and water wasent close to going across the road but last night's rain did it . They are evacuating homes along the river just after the spill way today .
  3. Having similar problem on my 2005 GT ,i get a noise like disks on a brake machine being turned from the rear brakes . I have checked everything and it all looks good ,calipers do not appear to bind ,no un even wear ,just a bit annoying
  4. They just evacuated the back side of porterville up by the lake ,they are afraid the dam will let go ,water is going over the spill way . Water went down a bit here yesterday and came right back up again last night ,and the idiot next door still hasnt even looked at what he has caused !
  5. Ponderosa lodge burned down ,a propane tank exploded ! Reservation road up to Eagle Mountain cassino is totally washed out so they are shut down for who knows how long . Camp Nelson is totally washed out ,my aunt lives there. The road to Balch park is a total mud slide . The whole back side of Lindsay is flooded and so is a lot of Porterville . Highway 99 has flooding in several areas . We have another big storm tomorrow that is supposed to dump anywhere from 2 -3 inches so that is going to ad to it a bunch ! Our flooding has receded about 10 feet from the marker i hammered in yesterday but with what is coming tomorrow it just may make it in the shop again . Red cross helicopters have been flying over all day taking supplies to the mountain communities that really got hit hard ,going to be an interesting next couple of days .
  6. Water is going over the spill way at lake success
  7. Got us big time this time ,the water made it way into the neighbors on the east side this time ,i built up granite in front of the shop this time so at least that didnt flood . Most roads can't be driven ,either flooded or washed out .
  8. They are fiberglass but made with a two sided mold so they are finished inside and out
  9. I accidentally set off my panic button on the Mustang ,My brothers went off at the same time ,they must both be on the same frequency ! They are both 05s ,my remote turned both of them off ,my brother tried his and it did the same thing .
  10. I have the CD in all my cars ,i am surprised i haven't melted it down by now
  11. We haven't had lights like that since 1969 welcome to the hotel California ,such a lovely place ,such a lovely place haha ! Ah ,you have to be an oldy to get that !
  12. Haha ,i have put about 150 miles on it already . brand new tank purge valve stuck open and threw the engine light ,thank you Auto Zone !pulled the one from the donor car and swapped it and light went out ,cant beat the oem equipment ! Stopped by and picked up a new small vacuume to keep the floors clean , I think its the nicest looking car in the Home Depot parking lot ...but thats just me !
  13. I took it out for a drive around our local lake ,put 93 miles on it to make sure the computer had set everything and it must have because it passed smog inspection . Those little 4.6s can really scoot when you stomp them ,i am really happy with the turn out ! The guy at the smog inspection shop was pretty impressed with it . Spent about an hour sitting in DMV waiting for a moving permit just to drive it so i could get it inspected ,have to go back tomorrow for tags . It looked pretty good setting in front of Js dinner ,even got a couple of thumbs up !
  14. The 67s 8s are bad in this area also ,i clamp the two parts together and i have a 1/2 inch block of steel i set on the inside lip and carefully knock it down
  15. Are you sure the wheel tub isnt a bit to low ,that would set the wheel lip to low ,i have had to fight the tubs on a couple ,they are such thick metal they dont like to give any
  16. This was a 67 conversion i did last year ,that pull ram was a time saver not to mention how tight it pulled those panels together .
  17. Kind of looks like the quarters need to come up at the rear ,that would close the door gap at the top and level it to the rocker . I bought one of those pull hydraulic rams at harbor freight ,hooked to my porta power along with a body clamp at the top of the lower rear window opening on each side it sucks those quarters up tight to that lower panel.
  18. My thoughts are ,when you are good at something you should stick with it . Be the best crotchety bastard you can be, push for greatness !
  19. Why yes ,yes i do ! Does candy apple work ? I just have to put it together .
  20. I have a new red hat ,a red race suit and red race gloves ...would red socks and underwear be pushing it a bit ? Decisions decisions !
  21. Old tranny out and new tranny in, in only 3 hours ,i think i could work on one of these with my eyes closed now ! Runs and shifts like a new car now!
  22. Wasnt planned that way ,but i have been fighting this car for so long that now i have to just to keep from screaming and pulling out my hair !
  23. Old tranny out ,and i had to fight it ,it was stuck on the studs . The new tranny just fell into place . Exhaust system ,set in the battery and adjust the shifter and i just may get to finally drive it!
  24. I have been looking for an automatic for my 2005 Gt for over a year now ,its nearly impossible to find ,it 2005 and 2006 only just like the wiring ...Fords better idea i guess! Just picked up a 2005 GT 30 miles from me for 2000. The kid decided to ad a radio and did his own wiring ,yep ,you guessed it ,he set it on fire! He burned the top off the fuse box ,and the casing off the harness but it didnt burn the wires . Melted a brand new battery ! I gave him 2000 for it ,got it home and replaced all the melted fuses and dropped in a new battery and yee haw the sucker fired right up haha! I drove it around the pasture and it runs great and shifts perfect ,i could have put it back together but the kid started to strip it already . Today i pulled the motor and tranny and found it had a fresh rebuild tranny ,new starter ,new alternator ,front struts ,drilled and slotted rotors that dont even have the machine marks rubbed off ,new joints in the drive shaft and lowering springs . This is all going in my 2005 ,and it all cost me less than having my tranny rebuilt ! The motor has 121000 miles and runs great so it may go in my 56 fairlane . All in all it was a good day for me ,and i should have mine running in a few days .
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