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  1. I installed that exact Alternator and haven't had any issues with my 70 Mach 1. I installed it as per the manufacturer's instructions but did it with an American Autowire harness. I don't have the car here at the moment, but to my recollection, you just install one wire from the starter solenoid to the alternator. I just use one v-belt and have had no issues on very limited usage of it.
  2. There was someone that did it here: https://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48446-stealth-speaker-install-in-fresh-air-vents/ I looked at it, but decided against it, but if you can guarantee a water tight seal there, I think it would be great. Since all of the water that goes in the cowl will be landing on your speaker enclosure, it needs to be very waterproof.
  3. The TMI deluxe panels I bought have predrilled holes, but what is odd, is the driver side is higher up (+/- 1 inch) than the predrilled holes on the passenger side. The video on the TMI deluxe panels that CJPP made shows the holes further up, closer to my driver side. Also, they have 6 holes, not 5. I plan on doing something similar to @ThePoose but use 6 screws.
  4. Back when I was working, I had a home server setup at home with the ability to log in from work. Since I had an open connection, i had 100's of attempts to hack in to my server every day. I eventually set it up so only certain IP addresses (i.e. I blocked all Russian and Romanian IP addresses) and it slowed down to almost nothing. Yes, they could have a VPN to bypass their location data, but from what I saw, just that change helped a ton. I am not sure where this is hosted or whether that could be done, but if it could, it would definitely help. If there are Russians and Romanians driving 69/70 mustangs, they will have to go somewhere else.
  5. I purchased the ACC mass backed carpet a couple of years ago and just installed it last month. Maybe it was Covid, but very disappointed with the fit. They shorted me on both sections. I made it work, but had to piece together carpet for the kick panel area as it wasn't wide enough there. Then, ff I pulled the rear back far enough to cover the quarter trim, it moved the front part lower than I wanted (i.e. plastic foot panel was essentially 5 inches to far back). I made it work, but my advice is to get the rear installed first, then install the front. Before you cut anything, make sure it fits where you need it.
  6. Well I think I figured out my own question. I went and dug out the rear seat that was in the back of a closet (waiting to be installed for a long time), and I saw where those brackets are at the very top of the seat bottom, so guess I have two more brackets to weld on.
  7. I am installing a fold down seat into a 1970 Mach 1 that had fixed seats before. I shamelessly stole a photo I found on here that shows bracket locations for the fold down seats. I have already learned I need both #1 brackets, and one of the #2 brackets. Then I noticed that I don't have either of the #3 brackets. I guess the previous owner took them out when replacing the floor pan and never re-installed. Are the #3 brackets needed for a fold down seat car? I can't see where they would be as I assume they are for the rear seat back, but maybe I am wrong.
  8. same problem here as well, it's been on and off (mostly off) for several months.
  9. Thanks! I finally got the boomerang trim and saw how they are exposed. I have painted them already, but haven't installed, just test fit with screws. Plan on going with screws, they seem quite secure that way, plus with the sealer, I think they will be fine. I will have to figure out how I want to handle the final paint on it once installed, and may leave that one for the body shop who is going to do one final touchup and buff for me. Thanks again for the replies! Blake
  10. I had an issue with the Pertronix III and the rev limiter - Once I turned it off, everything worked fine.
  11. As I continue to install my quarter windows on my 70, I found the two quarter window drip rails were loose and didn't get painted with the car. Are these typically painted? I found a photo on here showing where they are installed and are painted, but it looks like they be covered by the boomerang trim molding. (I am still waiting on those so can't verify if they do cover it). The two channels I have: Here is the example I am using as a "go-by".
  12. Well after perusing the internet and numerous photos, this is the way I think they go. The photo below is a mock-up on the passenger side. The one shown in red is a clip that is riveted to the channel and supports the outside of the glass. The two shown in green are screwed in with the channel and they have a notch in the channel to indicate the location. They would support the inside of the glass. The red clip points in the opposite direction of the two green clips. I am not sure this is right, but I know the riveted clip was on my car before the disassembly in that location, and looking at the clip, it would have to support the outside of the glass.
  13. I posted this over on VMF, but probably should of posted it here, since it is 69-70 specific. I am in the process of re-installing the roof rail weatherstrip channels on my 1970, and they are in good shape with the exception of the riveted guide clip on the driver side channel. The passenger side has this clip (red arrow). I have new window guide clips for the ones that are attached with the channels (green arrows). The one that is missing (driver side) is attached by a rivet that probably broke off at some point in time. My questions are - Is that guide necessary? Are there any after market replacements (I couldn't find any)? Since the channels are in good shape, I don't want to purchase these just for that guide. I think I can fabricate one if these are necessary. It looks like the riveted clip slides on the outside of the window, and the two that are screwed in hold it from the inside, but wasn't sure.
  14. On my Classic Auto Air install with Dakota Digital gauges I put them in front of the column support and did not have any issues getting the instrument panels or dash pad installed.
  15. Sounds like the brake booster has failed, but I am no expert. You could put a wheel (or multiple wheels) up on a jack and with the car running, have someone spin the wheel while in neutral and see if they stop when you press on the brakes.
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