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  1. 30K and another 60K and you would have a nice ride.
  2. I am a bit away from the install on that, and when I purchased my car, it came in pieces - about 5 one gallon coffee cans of bolts/nuts/etc. So I have the cover, but have no idea whether I have those clips. Exactly what do those clips do?
  3. My 1970 was built in August 69 and has glued in glass. Still trying to figure out if I want to upgrade or not. The glass is good, but one has already separated, I figure the other probably isn't far behind.
  4. Probably not exactly what you want, but Kentucky Mustang has the Lower Steering Column Cover and the photo includes the two clips you need. ($44.95) https://www.kentuckymustang.com/interior/steering-column-related-parts/lower-steering-column-cover-w-tilt-1970-dynacorn.html If you go that way, I would probably call them to make sure the clips come with the cover.
  5. I bought a T5Z from them along with a hydraulic clutch setup, but after seeing the clearance issues with the power cylinder and the brake booster, decided to go with the Malwood setup. I am about halfway installed with everything, but I agree, a different system can be problematic.
  6. I installed a Classic Auto Air system with a Sanden Compressor on my 66 / 289 and it came with brackets that mounted it on the head and water pump bolts. On my 70 that has a Cleveland, the top of the compressor sits about the height of the distributor. I would have to believe you need a different bracket than what you have. You may check with CAA and see if they might have something for you.
  7. More than likely you could get the glass installed at your place, a lot of the glass guys will come to you. When your finishing up interior, etc. it is nice to have the glass out, especially in the back if your doing a folding rear seat.
  8. That is nice! What does the knob above the cup holders do?
  9. On my 70, I ended up adding cup holders to my stock console using some magnets and cup holders that were purchased on Amazon. I have the TMI console for my 66, and it is good, but not great.
  10. I would of taken the gauge cluster and console if I hadn't already gone in a different direction. The Tach gauge cluster is worth a ton, and the console is not far behind.
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