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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. Help piecing together Sniper EFI

    Thanks, I've not heard that before. Does anyone know if a 4R70W has a similar kick down? I assume it does. I would think the manufacturers would have some work-around for this or they are removing a chunk of their market. det0326 (Dave), was there any problem with your AOD?
  2. Help piecing together Sniper EFI

    det0326 above has a noisy Tanks Inc in-tank Walbro pump- right Dave? The fuel line I recommended is not stainless, this material is much more ductile making it far easier to bend and flare, and even though there is some iron in it (fe), the nickle (ni) and copper (cu) make it rust and corrosion proof.
  3. Help piecing together Sniper EFI

    I think the Holly tank is actually made by Tanks Inc, and is their EFI tank for a 69/70. It sure looks the same to me, with the Tanks Inc (Walbro) GPA-4 pump. I have seen some of these "Holly" tanks that are only 16 gallons, instead of the larger 22 gallon Tanks Inc. size. By the way some people have complained about noise using the Walbro pump. As far as fuel line, I intend to use a hard line, but something that is easy to bend, like CNC-625 cu/ni/fe 3/8 fuel line from agscompany. Hydraulics Direct sells most of the AN fittings. You will need a good flaring tool like TGR professional-flaring-degree-bending from TGR or Eastwood. You'll also need 3480-06-FOOT stainless steel braid ptfe hose from Pegasus Auto Racing for up at the throttle body. They also sell the fittings for this. Get a good vent valve for the tank like the TPV6 from Newton. Don't forget an inertia switch like Ford XF3Z9341-AA, and run it with a relay like Novita RL44 40A from Auto Zone. Since the pump puts out 40psi (some are 60psi) you can get into trouble REAL quick if in an accident or rollover, so the inertia switch is cheap insurance. I was going to go with FiTech, and they make a good and inexpensive product, but I've seen some complaints about noisy injectors and I don't always get the same answer from different techs at FiTech. Holly has a good bulletin board with a huge following and their techs have answered every question I threw at them. They do seem to have the advantage of the larger well established company with a deep knowledge base.
  4. Removing the shock tower braces

    mine are original and the semi-flat/satin black you mention
  5. December Snow in NC

    Very cool shot of your Stang- no pun intended. We had record snowfall here near Atlanta. We've had multiple tree limbs come down all around our property, and lost three trees; one in the front yard, one blocking the driveway, and another completely blocking the road in the HOA. One of the few things I miss about SoCal is the weather.
  6. Stinky gas smell

    Thanks for the info Dave, I see the Aeromotive pump puts out 340 lph, vrs. only 255 for Tank Inc's Walbro. Looks like a good choice.
  7. Stinky gas smell

    Everyone knows that's just the dog
  8. Stinky gas smell

    Well I'm glad to hear that EFI solves another problem. My car will be very similar to yours- same tank and vent valve. How is the FiTech working out? After some people complained of loud injectors I started investigating the Holly Sniper. I haven't decided yet, but they have a good bulletin board with good tech support that answered all the questions I threw at them. I got different answers from different techs at Fitech on one occasion and that annoyed me.
  9. Long Tube Headers?

    2-1/4 from the frame rail is good, thanks. I plan on AFR heads with the wide spacing
  10. Motor art work

    That's nice and would probably go for more than mentioned above.
  11. Long Tube Headers?

    Just to be clear here, the 2-1/4 is that from the frame rails to the bottom clamp or to the ground? Just checking.
  12. Long Tube Headers?

    Yep, ya need a good plumber to route all those pipes.
  13. No Bueno!! I don't care for the louvers and especially the screws.
  14. Long Tube Headers?

    Thanks, that's exactly the kind of information I'm after. I see your point about the flow master kit. It looks like it angles down slightly behind the collector. Do you have a picture of the entire cars stance? Your avatar picture doesn't show much.
  15. Stinky gas smell

    Dave, did your car run before your restoration? When it still had a carburetor I mean, and if so do you remember any smell then? I'm just going for a comparison. Buckeye, I see your point about the return line and that the fuel will have been heated by its proximity to the engine. I got the impression from one post that this particular guy didn't get a lot of return fuel. He hadn't run a return, just a dump line, and discovered it was dumping some amount of fuel, so then he decided to get a command center. I know- most of us wouldn't have gone down that path to begin with (I had visions of a flaming wreck). So I assume you still get some smell or you wouldn't go to the trouble of shutting the pump off before you get home. How long does it usually last?