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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. I couldn't give you a number but your results don't seem shocking. The brake light circuit starts at the headlight switch, goes through the brake switch, through the turn signal switch, through a plug and to the brake light filament which is more than four times the load of the tail light filament. I expect less voltage there. The tail lights start at the headlight switch, and only go through one plug and as I said the filament draws less than 1/4 the amps.
  2. Yeah, looks like they want to pay off the R&D all at once. Well, its a start, and eventually they will come down...some.
  3. I just saw this and haven't tried them, and they are exceedingly expensive, but get this: Compliant - No-glare beam pattern meets or exceeds SAE and DOT Requirements https://www.holley.com/products/exterior/lighting/headlight/round_headlights/parts/LFRB125
  4. this is from a post by Woodchuck;
  5. Well lookie there! We haven't seen Mike around in a while. What's new barnett?
  6. Don't mix songs...have Sympathy for the Devil.
  7. Buckeye, two awesome builds! On the Mach, page 23 you mention the weather pack firewall connector. Do you know the manufacturer and or part number? None of my searches have turned up that connector as seen on page 22. All I've seen are round and awkward looking. Thanks in advance, this build has a reputation as the bible for 69s ;)
  8. I suggest you read this for a better understanding of the circuit:
  9. Past Time, just out of curiosity have you modified your ignition system so the coil is running at 12v instead of through the pink resistor wire? That will cause the tach to read high.
  10. the search function isn't the best so use this link: http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53388-mach-1-upholstery/?hl=upholstery
  11. I did an "Aurora conversion" to make my original AM/8 track into AM/FM/8 track/ Blue tooth, have an AUX input, and USB input, you can talk to it and it talks back, and some other things I'm missing...like power antenna output, more power etc. Just Google "Aurora conversion" and you'll find lots of places that do it. Shop around and get references. I sent mine to a place in Prescott AZ that had it for over a year. The work was OK, but I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.
  12. At what location is the last picture, and what are we looking at? Nicely done by the way- I like your organization.
  13. Impressive Ridge, and here is an Ebay pic for #6
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