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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. Front parking lamps

    For a 69 see page 3 of "A Real Schematic" in "How to's". The parking lights are only on in the park position. For a 70 see 1970 Mustang Exterior Lights (turn signals). The parking lights are on in the park and on positions.
  2. Headlights powered on only when car is started?

    Correct, if the system hasn't been modified, then there is no connection to the ignition switch (as you'll see on the schematic). Since you said "Both have original wiring system" I have to assume its a high resistance connection somewhere in the headlight circuit that is overcome when the alternator starts charging at a higher voltage than the battery. The battery is around 12v and the alternator should kick out around 14v. The higher voltage will push more electrons through the high resistance connection and your wayward headlight shines. Remember, the schematic is intended to show you how it works, and a wire diagram will show you how its wired with all the plugs and connections, etc.
  3. Headlights powered on only when car is started?

    Go to "How to's", "A Real Schematic", and see the headlight circuit at the top middle of page 3. It sounds like a loose connection somewhere.
  4. Headlight/Electrical Problem

    Does it have voltage (probably not)? Show us a diagram for the Painless wiring kit/relay and we can help you diagnose the problem. Painless has lots of kits but there isn't anything specific to a 69 Mustang headlight relay kit that I can find. Its probably a bad relay or a loose connection somewhere.
  5. 69 Coupe headlight harness fried!

    Well that lesson was learned the hard way. I'd like to reassure you, but when things start to melt it can cause anywhere from slight to complete failure, including a fire. The 69s only have 6 fuses, two breakers in the headlight switch, and one in the wiper switch, with NO fusible links. If the car tried to start itself I believe that involves the main harness, and I assume you can physically see the damage also done to the headlight harness. Lets wait for Midlife to chime in with his expertise. Just so you know, the new ignition switch is probably toast now.
  6. 1969 A/C hose routing

    Here ya go- this is stock, old and dirty
  7. 1969 A/C hose routing

    Hi Dave, tomorrow I should be able to post some pictures
  8. Mirror cables

    Thanks, my mirror didn't come with the chrome nut to attach the controller. I found one that included the controller with the cables cut off just below the base. It has just arrived, and is the version that gives access to the cables via the sides. So between the two controllers I hope to make something that works. Did you actually attach the mirror to the car? I was hoping to find someone who could share with me where they had drilled the A pillar and door.
  9. Mirror cables

    That's pretty close to what I expect will need to be done. This is a excellent reason to buy the mini-mill I always wanted!! After all, ya gotta have the right tool for the job ;)
  10. Mirror cables

  11. Mirror cables

    Yes I have thought about it, but decided to give this a try first.
  12. Mirror cables

    I know that some do but this one does not
  13. Mirror cables

    not without a slot in the side of the housing- the cable can not be made to come out the top of the housing
  14. Mirror cables

    I get your first sentence. There is no way the cable ends can extend past the top end of the housing. Even if loose, the connectors can't get past the ball in any event
  15. Mirror cables

    Yeah, that could be the case. I was thinking that the distance from the end of the cable to the connector is probably different on the two versions. Either way it presents problems. The mounts look very similar, but until I get all the stuff out of the way so It can be measured I can't be certain if my old mirror body can be used or not. The good news is that they look so similar that there is probably no point in using my old mirror body, just the pedestal.