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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. Mach1 Driver

    Rim Blow horns and tilt columns

    Ididit is no help- they don't even know where the spring contact is positioned and won't take the time to measure it. Flaming River has been the most help, but their spring contact does not line-up with either slip ring on the stock Mach1 wheel. They sell a horn kit that repositions the contact for a 65-66 wheel but it doesn't appear to work for a 69 and the dimensions are not provided. I'm falling back to plan C, and getting a refurbished stock tilt column that will bolt in with no modifications. Apparently Lincolns and T-Birds used the same column and pretty much all had tilt columns so they aren't too difficult to find.
  2. Mach1 Driver

    Rim Blow horns and tilt columns

    The latest: now Ididit says it should work. I sent them a drawing showing the position of the two slip rings on the back of the wheel. Upon further questing, their tech support said they didn't know where their slip ring was positioned but he had never had a Ford wheel that hadn't worked. Gives you a bunch of confidence doesn't it? Only 25% of any profession is competent at what they do. This guy is in the 75% group. Apparently he doesn't know how to pick up a column and measure it. I should be used to it by now- three out of four times people are going to irritate the crap out of you.
  3. Mach1 Driver

    Reversing Sensors

    This is radar (some say lidar) using an aluminum foil antenna .393" x 39.37" long. It is adhered to the inside of a plastic bumper and radiates EM waves outward. I think it would have to hang below the bumper of a classic Mustang and be visible to work as advertised. Metal would reflect the wave so I'm not sure how close to the bumper it could be.
  4. Mach1 Driver

    Reversing Sensors

    those are pretty impressive
  5. Mach1 Driver

    Reversing Sensors

    I would take it to the next level- I plan on a backup camera and mirror from Rearview Safety for my Stang. I've got two cameras on my Vette and its the best thing I ever did to the car. The dang things are much longer in front that you think and so low that parking curbs are a problem without a front camera, and the back camera makes its easy to back into a parking spot. The mirror shows a grid with green yellow and red zones. For some reason everyone in my club feels the need to always back in to a parking stall. Show-offs (or maybe they don't want to show the ugly-ass rear end?). I've got an old C5 and last week on a club cruise down to Florida a fellow C5er buried the butt of his car in a bush when he backed in. Without a camera you just can't see.
  6. I called Ididit and they do not offer a tilt column for a Mach1 rim blow wheel. Flaming River says they do, but the instructions say there may need to be some modifications to the wheel, and the directions are sketchy at best. Has anyone done this? The stock horn has two wires that are +12v going to two slip rings. I can see that it needs to be converted to a one wire negative ground for the horn. Adding a relay is not a big deal, BUT can the new Flaming River slip ring system be made to contact one side of the rim blow switch and can the other side of the switch be connected to ground?
  7. Mach1 Driver

    MSD ignition box placement

    Some people complain that the box makes buzzing noises- has he noticed that?
  8. Mach1 Driver


    I like Dakota's backlighting much better than New Vintage's perimeter lighting, so I asked Dakota if they could add spun center caps. Here is the reply: Thank you for the email, unfortunately there isn’t clearance to add that accent to the VHX line. The Retrotech (RTX) series will be available around the beginning of 2019 if that is an option for you. That will mimic the stock look.
  9. For those of you that have installed an MSD ignition, where did you position the box? I would like to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.
  10. Mach1 Driver

    1970 FB Electronic Spark Control

    there were also some mandated add-on smog control boxes in the 70s (in some states) that had vacuum and ignition wires going to them
  11. Mach1 Driver

    All Drive all the time

    you call that a fingernail?
  12. Mach1 Driver

    Prostate Cancer - My experience

    thanks for the reminder
  13. Mach1 Driver

    69 mach 408w build

    Thanks for being patient, my post clearly shows my ignorance. Locking the front brakes negates the need for a third foot- one for all three pedals. So I take it that you press the brakes, flip the line lock switch, and hold the Rim Blow to keep the solenoid engaged. Then you can smoke the tires while in the box. However, I’m intrigued by your statement on pg22 which seems to indicate that you also use line lock to launch the car: “the one switch in the console selects the function of the Rim Blow switch. In one position it will function normally to to allow the Rim Blow switch to control the horns. In the other position it will function to allow the Rim Blow switch to control the line lock and two step rev limiter (if enabled by the other switch in the console). If the console switch is in the position to select the line lock function, an LED will light in the switch itself. Thus during normal driving i don't want to see the LED on. Very small current will pass through the small switches and the horn switch. I have two relays to pass the higher currents.” Could you show me this circuit, and whose two step did you use? I'm guessing there is a clutch switch somewhere in the circuit, and since you are carbureted, it works by retarding the timing. FYI, when making my full car schematic I measured the amperage with both horns sounding at 13.9A, so the Rim Blow switch was clearly intended to flow some current. However, I never had good luck with them. Both of mine spontaneously shorted while sitting in the parking lot and left the horns constantly blaring, so I finally gave up and used the center medallion to press a switch that I located behind it. Using a relay was a good move and should extend the life of the Rim Blow considerably.
  14. Mach1 Driver

    69 mach 408w build

    I agree, but alas, the lad has no interest, even though its for the betterment of all mankind :p
  15. Mach1 Driver

    The Bitch is Back!

    Bob, you wouldn't have any pics of the mods to the plastic on the console wouldcha?