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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. Thanks Dave, do you remember if the air cleaner had a drop base?
  2. What part number manifold is that for? I don't have a shaker, but my completely stock 351w 2V manifold has a 1" spacer under the carb (actually 1.025"). Are you accounting for that? The manifold is 3", the spacer is 1", the carb is 3.25", and whatever room is left is for the air cleaner under the hood or shaker assembly that goes through the hood. I can't argue what the shaker does- I just don't know. My effort was to see what manifold would fit under the hood for a 4v carb or EFI without modifying the hood, engine mounts, etc. 69Mach1 M code has stated the carb pad height for a stock 4v manifold is 3.0", and unless someone can show me other front and rear numbers for a stock manifold, I'm going with that. I don't believe what Edelbrock is saying because the numbers change depending on who you talk to. They don't seem to really know what the stock manifold height is, and without that you have no basis for comparison. Edit: Here is an example of more double talk from Edelbrock- I received this email from their tech department only moments ago: Hello Terry, our Website changed so we are now able to Sell Consumer Direct and our Merger with the Comp Cams Group, we are not The Edelbrock Group, our Performer Intake Manifold # 2181 for your application is the same height as Factory OE 4-bbl Intake Manifolds, and it is 4.07” Tall, The PRM Intake Manifold # 7181 is 4.80” tall so right at 3/4" Taller, hope this helps you.
  3. FYI, the Edelbrock Torker II #5081 has a pad height of 4.150, which is 1.015" higher than stock. No web hits on just a "Torker". Edelbrock has given me multiple numbers which were ALL erroneous for the stock carb pad height. Since we now know that the stock height is 3.0" (thanks to 69Mach1 M code), its easy to make a round chunk of plywood of the proper thickness and stick it on top of your air cleaner and see how close it gets to the hood before investing in a new intake that may not fit. If you've got a shaker, you can make a plywood spacer and stick it under the carb to check the height.
  4. Hi Ray, long time no see. So you fashioned a switch out of the center medallion? I can see the terminal. After replacing several rim blow switches I put a switch under the center and rigged up a way to let the medallion pivot slightly to press the switch- way back in the 70s or 80s, and still working which is more than I can say for rim blow switches.
  5. It could be the valve, but one of a few problems with Holleys is that the fuel bowls are hanging out there on the ends and use gaskets to seal them up to the metering blocks. Some guys say they have to replace the blasted things yearly or they leak, especially since the addition of alcohol to the fuel. It sounds like its time to change the gaskets Sam. First I would replace the gaskets, but Instead of cranking for a long time it would be better to use one of those oil squirt cans filled with gasoline and pump it down the bowl vents till working the throttle gets the boosters to squirt. The wiring to the solenoid is actually under size and if you crank it for a long time it has been known to smoke the wire, according to Midlife, who is our premier harness fixer-upper.
  6. Jeez, there is always conflicting information. This is from the Edelbrock website for the 7181, and (4.3 + 5.3 = 9.6)/2 = 4.8" I hope their information is right. And it is a dual plane.
  7. Excellent information. I zeroed in on the intake. That would be an Edelbrock 7181 which has a carb pad height of 4.8", stock being 3.0" As you went EFI and the manifold can be either single or dual plane, can we assume that you chose the dual plane intake?
  8. Yes thanks, I was thinking the same thing
  9. Thank you very much! Wow the carb pad height is only 3". No wonder we have hood clearance issues with most aftermarket intakes on a 351w. What are you running on there now?
  10. According to a post on the Edelbrock forum, the Pro-Flo 4 is too tall and no one has recommended any air cleaner combinations that can make it fit under the hood of a 69 351w. He had to cut a hole in the hood under the scoop. He also responded here on this forum and his handle is "ClubSport":
  11. Does anyone happen to know the height for a stock 69 351w 4V intake manifold? I have a 2V now, but it would help knowing what fits for future considerations like EFI or even various manifolds for carbs. The parts numbers are: C90E-9425-B, C90E-9425-D, or C90E-9425-E Thanks
  12. No, the 70s have several changes to wiring. Midlife would know all of them, but perhaps most notable is that the 70s only had two headlights, the ignition switch was moved to the column, the turn signals and side markers had an odd flashing arrangement, and a fuse link was added at the starter solenoid for the main harness I believe.
  13. There is a "pinned" post at the top of the Technical Forum that has wheel and tire sizes
  14. NPD sells Alloy Metal Products harnesses which are just like the original. BTW, fusiible links weren't used until 1970.
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