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    I'm a retired engineer who is the original owner of an unmodified 69 Mach1 351w, H code with an FMX. It was a daily driver for many years and now that I'm retired I intend to restore the car of my youth.

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  1. An insurance guy was on one of the forums and said stated value was the way to go. I have Hagerty just to protect the parts while its apart.
  2. You want a serpentine because of a high amp alternator? A serpentine really snowballs- you'll have to go to a electric fan system for the radiator too. Those drag around 20 amps, and it doesn't have the classic look anymore- if you're interested in that. You may be better off with a double V belt for the alternator. Just so the guys know and can help-do you have power steering and air conditioning?
  3. Boy, that marker light circuit in the 70 was somebodies wet dream. I admit to some mild curiosity, but since I don't have a car with an alternator warning light, I don't have the interest to wade into this to see whats actually happening. On the surface the light appears to be in a series/parallel circuit with the regulator/alternator. You would have to know all the resistances (even the bulb) and what is going on in both the regulator and alternator.... and I don't wanta . I would rather do something more interesting, like watching season 2 of Unidentified tonight. Mid, I may be oversimplifying this, and I know this is easier said than done, but if it is a problem for his gauges, couldn't he convert his car to the 69 alternator warning light circuit?
  4. Kev, don't forget to look at the dates on the posts- this happened 7 years ago. BTW I had one of those aftermarket bells way back in the late 60s.
  5. Excellent, you'll fit right in with the rest of us.
  6. Mach1 Driver


    So how would this work? You raise money like Limbaugh did with Betsy Ross T-shirts to fund a conservative in some place like Seattle...since only the liberals want to defund the police?
  7. it looks like the kit comes with the movement, some gears and an instructional CD?
  8. If you still have points, see post 2. This is by far the best way to disable the car. It shorts out the points and the only way to circumvent it is to find the wire, and disconnect it. 'The usual method of "adding" a jumper from the battery won't go around it. The thief doesn't usually have the luxury of the time required to figure out what has been done and correct it. If your ignition system isn't stock, well, I haven't investigated Pertronix, but I do know a safe and easy way to disable a MSD ignition system. If I was a thief and wanted to steal a stock old Ford, I would have three things in my pocket: a jumper wire, a screwdriver, and a rotor. That doesn't require much forethought.
  9. Care to give us more details? Like how big an opening and how far does the coat hanger stick below the opening? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  10. Mach1 Driver


    because half the electorate is ignorant
  11. The hood latch for a 1976 era Ford truck bolts right into our Mustangs and has a key lock on the release handle in the passenger compartment. You will need a helper spring to pop the hood up, but a quick trip to the junk yard will get you one. The spring mounts in the center of the hood near the latch. It all looks factory, cause it is, just for another model.
  12. That looks pretty good, but it doesn't appear to be available here in the US
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