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  1. This weekend I added some 351 numbers to the hood, from NPD, very nice quality, just a PITA to get centered. Also added the Procomp Hood Scoop PCE106.1007. Iam still using the bottom part of the old air cleaner, the PO hacked it up to fit the Jegs brand distributor. I added a second set of threaded inserts that line up with new Procomp scoop's holes. I still think it's too tall, but it does not bind, so I guess I'll just go with it for now. I have a Holley Sniper with a 1/4 spacer, and planning to run a Hyperspark Distributor. Hopefully the Procomp air clearer assembly will fit.
  2. I had to use a 13 inch filter. The normal 14 inch won't work.
  3. Interesting - the Cobra Jet has the scoop grill printed chrome... I kind of like that detail. I've never seen this. -Mark
  4. Hi Vic, Happy new year back at ya! It does seem like the height of these shakers are all over the place. Mine sits about like yours. The SpeedMaster Cobra Jet Shaker arrived. Speedmaster79.com Part number PCE106.1007 Summit carries it, as well as a few others. All metal, and great quality. It is shorter, 1/2 shorter? Maybe?? From the pictures you posted, maybe I have a 351C shaker? The also PO hacked it up to make the Dizzy fit. I did not want to hack up this new base until I replace that dizzy, so I drilled holes in the old base that matched the new top.
  5. I was able to remove the old switch, it actually fell apart in pieces! While I wait for parts to arrive, I've rigged up a stop light switch I had laying around, and used a band clamp around the steering column. It's actually working great! Maybe I'll just leave it this way? :)
  6. Vic, Did you ever find a solution to lowing your shaker? Iam having the same issue and would like my scoop lower. My engine is a 351C, with RPM performer and Holley sniper. I read that the base for the 429 cobra is 1/2 shorter, I have one inbound. -Mark
  7. Iam battling this issue - any udate on this from @demon69
  8. I need to do this! can you post the link of the bulb... Iam lazy.. thank you!
  9. What about a 1970? I guess it would work, but the key is on the column of the 1970, I guess I could move it to the dash?
  10. This is on my list of things to do - what USB plug did you buy, can you post a link?
  11. AusTex70


    Here is the final product.. the top pannels are held on with magnets, so I can easily reconfigure it.
  12. AusTex70


    Here is the finished product, I ended up using his dimensions, but went in a different direction.
  13. AusTex70


    Due to the fact that he drew the directions on one side, and template on the other, it was a challenge using it.
  14. What aftermarket Shaker did you go with???
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