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  1. I’ve had good luck with mine, but thanks for the feedback I’ll keep an eye on that seal Here is timing chain cover I used
  2. You are correct. This is why I did not use the Ford motor sport water pump, and went to an Edelbrock high flow pump. I ran the engine on the test stand in North Carolina in the summer and I appear to have plenty of cooling with 2-12” Maradyne NASCAR fans, PWM controller, and aluminum radiator
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  12. As many of you have probably realized, the pictures I have posted, and many of you have posted over the years have been deleted. I have appealed to the site administrator for a resolution to this, with no real solution proposed. I ask you to check your own build/technical/other threads and see if you have suffered the same issue. I have spent countless hours posting pictures with my notes and ideas for other forum members to share. Now, all the words without the pictures are pretty much useless. Perhaps some of our members who are IT/computer/server/webpage savvy can help keep this forum alive. You can reply to me, but I can't fix the technology issues. Thanks Vic
  13. Vicfreg

    Brake warning switch trivia

    For those running a non-stock brake system, my 2 cents worth... I installed a jumper and disabled the switch. Not recommending that for everyone, as it is supposed to be a "safety" feature. Reason is that many of the aftermarket or late model master cylinders and proportioning valve setups don't have the switch. I am using a late model stock Ford Ranger/Explorer master cylinder with Wilwood proportioning valve, and 2004 Mustang Cobra front and rear disc brakes. The Cobra rear brakes have an integral parking brake feature which uses the hydraulics. The car will not move with the parking brake installed.
  14. Yes, that's correct. I wanted to use the mechanical fuel pump, so I have the original timing chain cover installed. I have attached pics of my original set up, which was a standard rotation water pump with the stock thermostat housing. Kept the same timing cover when I switched to the reverse rotation pump.