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  1. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Finally got the engine in, and bolted to the trans. Headers clear everything, no other interferences, everything lines up I’m happy Thanks to Mike ( Latoracing) for the justable motor mounts they worked out really great
  2. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    The summer months are slowing me down on the project, but the engine is getting ready to go on the hook and get dropped in. Installed my main ground wire to the chassis, and my flexible dipstick, and my vacuum modulator line. Just things to get out of the way so I can do it without the engine in. The main ground wire is attached to the front frame rail with a 5/16 inch body bolt. I drilled and tapped the hole to make sure I have a really good ground. (0.4 ohms). I insulated it with DEI thermal wrap, as it will be terminated to where the starter is mounted to the block Runs really close to the headers Also got my billet grille and my deep sump C6 transmission pan back from the powder coater. Hope to get the engine in over the long weekend so we’ll see what happens.
  3. Vicfreg

    New guy in Town.

    Awesome! That dog will be a big one...will need his own Mustang, I suppose....
  4. Vicfreg

    More Aussie Falcons

    Nice.... "Purple Haze...."
  5. Vicfreg

    66 Aussie Falcon

    That is just Bad Ass. I guess I wonder how it would be power shifting with the left hand, with the steering wheel on the right. What hand do you hold the beer in...?
  6. Vicfreg

    The Bitch is Back!

    Not mine….
  7. Vicfreg

    The Bitch is Back!

    RPM..what kind of trans.... C6 or C4? I am using a TCI converter. I know this is probably obvious, but make sure you don't have a 50oz imbalance harmonic balancer and a 28 oz imbalance flex plate...or vice versa. Also, I am a believer in the "2 clunk" torque converter install. So when you put the converter on the transmission, I spin it and push it towards the transmission until I hear 2 "clunks"....meaning it is fully inserted. I have destroyed at least one transmission in my younger days by thinking that the converter was fully inserted, and it wasn't. The last thing is that some of the flexplates look very similar, but have slight variations in the depth. This is the case with an AOD and a C6 flexplate. They are not interchangeable. Good luck!
  8. The spindles and the hubs can be interchanged. My '68 has 6 cylinder spindles with a 5 lug SSBC disc brake rotors installed. My '70 had disc brake spindles, and I reverted back to drum brake spindles so I could use late model Cobra brakes with the Mustang Steve bracket kit. I depends on the inner and outer wheel bearing diameter. Many of the old 5 lug hubs will fit on the 6 cylinder spindles. I do agree that there are certain spindles that have a lot more meat to them, that make them more durable. I have an original set of 1970 disc brake spindles for sale if you are interested. Just PM me.
  9. Vicfreg

    AC vent rebuild

  10. Vicfreg

    AC vent rebuild

    I did a adhesive backed felt that I got at a local craft store. Worked great
  11. Vicfreg

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Hey Mike, Carlisle was good. I got there Friday afternoon but hung out with some family and some car folks at the hotel Saturday was really hot, to the point of being very uncomfortable As usual, lots of neat cars there. I think there was only one ‘69 coupe, it was a grande and it was bright orange ....crazy color I’m going to be back in New Jersey mid July, visit my daughter down in South Jersey, then head up north to see family there. I’ll be in touch would be cool to swing by your place and see your car
  12. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    It sounds like that’s where your rockers meet the torque box. You Should not drill through there. That is also where your cowl area is and your air vents are. All the factory wiring runs up and threw those small holes by the door hinges. The dash should fit fine
  13. Vicfreg

    Running a battery cable from the rear

    Can you post a picture of exactly where you’re talking about
  14. Vicfreg

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Oh. Too bad, hope you feel better. Looks like rain but I am headed there tomorrow
  15. Vicfreg

    Convertible Exhaust

    Yeah I’m tired of that classic Flowmaster drone myself. But I bought a set of Flowmaster Supet HP-2 Mufflers, and they are a totally different design. I had them on the engine test stand and they sounded great so I’m gonna put it in my car