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  1. Vicfreg

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Hey Mike, Carlisle was good. I got there Friday afternoon but hung out with some family and some car folks at the hotel Saturday was really hot, to the point of being very uncomfortable As usual, lots of neat cars there. I think there was only one ‘69 coupe, it was a grande and it was bright orange ....crazy color I’m going to be back in New Jersey mid July, visit my daughter down in South Jersey, then head up north to see family there. I’ll be in touch would be cool to swing by your place and see your car
  2. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    It sounds like that’s where your rockers meet the torque box. You Should not drill through there. That is also where your cowl area is and your air vents are. All the factory wiring runs up and threw those small holes by the door hinges. The dash should fit fine
  3. Vicfreg

    Running a battery cable from the rear

    Can you post a picture of exactly where you’re talking about
  4. Vicfreg

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Oh. Too bad, hope you feel better. Looks like rain but I am headed there tomorrow
  5. Vicfreg

    Convertible Exhaust

    Yeah I’m tired of that classic Flowmaster drone myself. But I bought a set of Flowmaster Supet HP-2 Mufflers, and they are a totally different design. I had them on the engine test stand and they sounded great so I’m gonna put it in my car
  6. Vicfreg

    Heater Hose Routing

    Thanks for all the ideas guys. I will have to find one of those 90 degree fittings, or bent hoses. I have to take a real close look to make sure I can sneak the hose through there
  7. Vicfreg

    Heater Hose Routing

    Thanks, I really like those. How does the temperature sensor work, if the heat is not on My vintage air heater control valve will only open when there’s a demand for heat
  8. I have a 351W based stroker with all Edelbrock (performer RPM) stuff on the top end. I chose the Edlebrock heads with the smaller valves (1.90) due to concerns with valve to piston clearance. I am running a flat tappet cam with less than 0.500 lift. I ran it on the test stand, great sound at idle, I am happy. 0.549 lift sounds like a lot, if it is a car you want to drive around on a regular basis. Not sure what vacuum that combination will make either, so may want to check that. I run a B-303 cam on my roller cam 5.0 in my '68. Old school or not, it has the best idle sound of any small block I have ever owned. Paired with GT-40 heads, a T5Z and 3.73 gears, the car is just wicked fast and fun to drive. Lot smarter people than me on here, but I have taken the easy road in the past, using either proven Ford Racing combinations, or using Edelbrock top end packages. Can't wait to see how it turns out...good luck...
  9. Vicfreg

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    I have a high flow/pressure mechanical holley pump on my '68, and I have old school fuel hose clamps on the bare tubes with no leaks. 7 psi isn't really much, only about 1/2 of what your cooling system runs at....
  10. Planning my exhaust system for my 1970 convertible. Have a Windsor Base stroker with Hedmann shorty headers and a C6 automatic. At the back have a TCP panhard bar suspension with sway bar. I am looking for some pictures, experience, lessons learned for routing the exhaust above the square metal reinforcement plate that is used on the convertibles. I have seen factory exhaust pipes run above that plate, parallel to the driveshaft. I want to run 2-1/2 inch pipes, and will use custom mufflers. I plan to run over the rear axle and out through the valence.
  11. Getting my engine dressed up for my install. I am struggling with the way to route my heater hoses. I also need to find a way to make a 90 degree bend coming off of the water pump lower connection to get around my serpentine belt alternator location. I have nearly everything else routed in my fenderwells, so not looking to add any more stuff there.... I've seem some Boss 302 factory metal tubes that mount to the intake that look pretty cool, thinking about those. Any pictures, suggestions, lessons learned would be appreciated. I am running a 351 Windsor based stroker with Vintage Air
  12. Vicfreg

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    Very cool set up.
  13. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Got my serpentine drive sorted out. I had bypassed the power steering pump while the engine was on the test stand. Now I am trying to figure out how to route my heater hose line from the water pump to get around my alternator.... Any suggestions would be appreciated.... will probably post something on the technical forum. Also got the door braces from Mike (Latoracing) and put them in, as I will be dropping the engine in and don't want anything moving around...
  14. Vicfreg

    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Oh, Mike, what's the status on your engine...thought that was nearing completion...
  15. Vicfreg

    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Looking good and much safer than the torch idea....