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  1. Nice article, well done! One comment on the oscilloscope section. Yours has a "mean" value. On some scopes, the mean is calculated based on the cycles (average value of the number of points displayed) that are displayed on the screen. You have about 2-1/2 cycles shown on the screen. Some scopes have what is called a "cycle mean" which give you the true value for one cycle. Would be interesting to see if your scope has that, and if so, how the mean and cycle mean compare.
  2. Wow what a monster. Where do you get the abrasive wheels for that thing?
  3. Like RPM suggested, make sure you have a good PCV path. The PCV hose connection on a basic Holley is under the rear float bowl.
  4. RPM has good advice, imperative you use anti-seize on the stainless threads on the bolts if they are going into aluminum. (timing cover, aluminum heads, intake manifold, etc) Just a little. Wear gloves, it gets everywhere. I use either a QTip or a solder flux brush to apply.
  5. Hey John, I looked for the Bilstein's and you are right, very expensive. I have the KYBs on my '68, I am happy with them. The KONIs are also nice. See below KONI 8250 1030/1031 Mustang Shock Kit STR.T 1965-1970 (cjponyparts.com) KYB Mustang Shock Kit Excel-G 1965-1970 | CJ Pony Parts
  6. Yeah, that's them. My part # is is not right. Brian has the right series, the RCD. That is what SOT has, and what I have on the car. Street or Track LLC > Shock Absorbers > Bilstein front shock for 67-70 Mustang, 69-77 Maverick - Street valving Street or Track LLC > Shock Absorbers > Bilstein rear shock for 65-73 Mustang, 60-65 Falcon, 67-70 Cougar & 62-65 Fairlane Hope things up there in Calgary are good. Ice finally melting here in Port Huron......
  7. 2006 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 3V Engine Computer Module ECM ECU / 6R3A-12A650-XB | eBay 2006 FORD MUSTANG GT COMPUTER & KEY 4.6 3v AUTOMATIC ECU ECM 6R3A-12A650-XB | eBay
  8. Try this.... Ford 4.6L ITB Intake – ShiftKits Australia
  9. If you assume the O2 sensors are working correctly, then you may have a bad fuel pressure regulator causing you to run rich. Or, one of the engine temperature sensors is not working and is failed low, telling the EFI to run rich.
  10. Vicfreg

    Our new garage

    Nice. What did you decide on the floor coating...?
  11. I have 2 1970 fenders if you are interested IM me.
  12. Hey Bob, mine is already mounted to the side, along with all my fuses, solenoid, and master disconnect. I think I am going to build a box of some sort that I can remove and get access to that stuff. Still pondering that, thanks for your pics.
  13. Mine is going to paint with the entire power train in, dash out, and doors, fenders, and hood off. My body guy will then install all the body panel and line them up, then shoot the clear coat. after that, install weather stripping, and back to me . My engine compartment and undercarriage are already painted. Also, if you do this, make sure you run the engine and test for leaks. All I will do when I get the car back is bolt on trim, bumpers, lights, windows etc. No matter how careful you are, it is too easy to scratch/dent/scrape new paint when trying to install the engine. Plus the hood has to be off.
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