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  1. Vicfreg

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    I haven’t tried to take the valve covers off yet but my strut tower braces come off with one bolt as you can see they are tubular, got them from street or track I use the late-model 5.0 blue rubber valve cover gasket’s. You can remove the valve cover and replace it many times without having to tear the gasket up. I have also tried those new thermal hose clamps that are sold by gates. They’re kind of like heat shrink for hoses, and you install them and then use a heat gun to seal up the joint. I ran them on my engine test stand and they did not leak
  2. Vicfreg

    Car gender?

    I always name my cars, and the "she" thing is just what was carried over from the elders of the family, who always referred to the cars.... "she is running great...." "Just tuned her up" ...."That bitch really shines when you wax her" If you ask the new generation, things have changed.... I googled this just for fun.. I saw this article, and was ready to bang my head against the wall. Thank god I am old....help…. http://thenewswheel.com/womens-equality-day-why-cars-are-referred-to-as-she-and-why-it-has-to-stop/
  3. Vicfreg

    Radio bracket wanted

    Send me a picture of the bracket you are looking for. I think I have a couple.
  4. How much to ship to ZIP 28673? I am interested. Thanks Vic
  5. Vicfreg

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    Just another option to offer.....I used a late model 5.0 style thermostat housing on my 351W that has a temperature port in it. I needed this for one of my temperature sensors (I have 3). This requires a custom upper hose, as the 5.0 style is a 90 degree housing. But, the overall look is good, and very functional. You can see it in the picture I have attached. Don't buy the o-ring ones, or the cheap Chinese imitations...they leak.... I have an original 1969 vintage housing, but it is pretty pitted, original condition... IM if you are interested.
  6. I have the Borgeson on my 1970 convertible with a 351 W (393 Stroker) and a C6. I used Hedmann Headers with adjustable motor mounts. The headers are close to the Borgeson Box, but do not hit. I also am using a Saginaw pump. I have the same setup on my 1968, I am happy with it. On my 1970, I installed (+) 3 Upper Control Arms, as the Borgeson with big front tires will work much better with a lot of Caster, more than you can get with the stock suspension. Get the 6 cylinder hoses, as they are longer, and you will need the extra length to avoid interference with you headers. On my 1970, I ran the power steering lines in the front fenderwells. On my 1968, I had to wrap the lines with heat shield. That car has a 302 with Tri-Ys.
  7. Vicfreg

    Welding a Hurst shifter handle

    Oh, this is a picture of one I cut and modified. Installed on my '68 coupe.
  8. Vicfreg

    Welding a Hurst shifter handle

    I bought a few vintage, used Hurst Shifters on Ebay. I cut the ends off to the length I wanted, and then drilled the 2 holes in the bottom to mate up with the T-5. You can actually try this with a 1/2" piece of plywood, and make a template that fits the way you like. Then find a shifter to match....
  9. Vicfreg

    Tail light tinting?

    I am also considering tinting my red plastic taillight lenses. My car will have no chrome or stainless trim anywhere. It has all been powdercoated. I took my taillight metal bezels and media blasted and powder coated them. I have some VHT tint, I have not tried it yet.... https://www.ebay.com/p/VHT-NiteShade-Black-out-Tail-Light-Smoke-Tint-Spray/509265290?iid=390874511448&chn=ps
  10. I have finished my AAW install. Have lots of pictures, and a very detailed spreadsheet that shows every wire I ran. I also had a lot of accessories, so my spreadsheet has connector pin-outs and block diagrams for the stuff I added. Would be happy to share that and walk through an explanation of how I built it and what my codes mean. I didn't splice any wires where possible. I got an AAW connector kit and use connectors where possible to share wires and interfaces between my accessories. Vintage Air FiTech Fuel Injection Pertronix Digital Ignition Box VHX dash Trunk mounted battery PWM fan controller Rockford Fosgate power amp/sound system Derale transmission cooler Twin 12" Maradyne radiator cooling fans 140 amp single wire alternator
  11. Vicfreg

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    I have a 140 amp alternator and a CVF pulley system. Made in US, great quality, great price. It is installed on my Windsor Based 393 Stroker. More details on my 1970 Convertible Restoration thread...lots of electrical stuff in my car, trunk mounted battery, etc.... I this pic, I have the power steering pump bypassed so I could run it on the engine test stand. https://www.cvfracing.com/black-ford-5-0l-5-8l-serpentine-conversion-kit-ac-alternator-power-steering/
  12. Vicfreg

    69 Vert project

    I used the Mustang Steve conversion kit on my 1970, and used 1970 drum spindles, which are heavier duty than the earlier ones. I installed late mode Cobra brakes on all 4 wheels, you can see the info on my 1970 convertible restoration thread. I have a set of original 1970 disc brake spindles if you are interested in going back to stock hardware. Be happy to sell them, but they are heavy, and will cost to ship. You also need the 5 lug hubs if the spindles don't come with them. I used one Mustang one, and one off of a Fairlane. There is a small spacer ring that needs to be used to center the hub, also available from Mustang Steve. Some pics below. Hope that helps. Oh. last thing is that I needed to use a thin spacer to clear my Foose wheels on the front. The inside of the Foose wheel interfered with the Cobra front caliper. The spacer also needed to use the centering ring. I had to sand a few thousandths off of the ring to get it into the spacer plate.
  13. Vicfreg

    The Bitch is Back!

    Oh, right. I will need one of those 1350 to 1310 or 1330 to 1310 combination joints. Yeah, I am running a C-6 and my yoke has plenty of slack I have an original 2-piece driveshaft and I will be ditching that in favor of a new one.
  14. Vicfreg

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Thanks. As I get closer to being done, I am finding myself taking shortcuts...but trying not to do that if I can help it. I am very close to getting the car on the ground again. Just have a small punch list of items that I gotta get done before I do that.
  15. Vicfreg

    The Bitch is Back!

    Nice detail job. I have a N case with Daytona pinion. What rear U-Joint do you like to use. I need to get some here pretty soon.