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  1. Found the missing bolts in a clearly marked zip log bag that was in with my window hardware.... anyway... Got the top together, like a big erector set. Finally managed to get it pretty straight, hooked up the new hydraulic pump, lines and cylinders, and it actually worked. Video attached. IMG_7401.MOV
  2. You live on the West Coast correct? if so, not practical to ship to North Carolina
  3. Dude, what a great project. You all will never forget this. Nothing like a test drive with uncapped headers and a mis-aligned front end. That's the way I drove all my cars back in the day...lol The color is stunning. Great job Vic
  4. Need a trunk lid for my '70 Vert. I had 2 that were in not so good shape, and scrapped them. Little did I know that there are no re-pros available. Will pay shipping to Charlotte NC area or pick up. Thanks Vic
  5. Hey Rich. Sorry I have not replied sooner. Thanks for the detailed explanation. It looks like you made spacers that the screws go through to mount the black tinted plastic to the headlight housing. I am not clear on how you mounted the wood and ABS backing to the headlight bucket. Just with those 2 screws?
  6. I have a '70 Convertible with a 351W and Borgeson Power Steering. Have Hedman Shorty headers. (Elite Ultra Duty HTC Coated #88658). They fit fine. To ensure a good fit, I did use adjustable motor mounts. I installed the headers with the engine out of the car, so this allowed me to move the engine to the passenger side a little during the install. I highly recommend this, as I also moved the engine slight back to give me some more room up front with my cooling fan to pulley clearance. I also had to keep the exhaust very tight to the floor pan and get it routed on top of the convertible cross brace/plate. So the shorty headers did the trick. I used stage 8 locking bolts and no leaks so far. Credit to the beautiful exhaust fabrication to Mike (Latoracing), who is on the forum.
  7. Oh, I have a Convertible, so the floor pan is different and I also have sub-frame connectors, that is what you see in some of the pictures. I really like the brakes. I sourced a NOS caliper set for front and rear, and some drilled slotted rotors from Ford Motorsport and Baer. Used Mustang Steve brackets on my 9" rear.
  8. I used late model (2003) Cobra brakes on my '70. The SN95 rear brakes do not have an internal drum brake like the Explorer's do. (I have an Explorer rear end in my '68, and my emergency brake stinks). I will send a few pics. But the stock foot operated parking brake works great. I used the late model brake cables and spliced them to fit in the '70 configuration.
  9. Hey John, appreciate the offer. I know that I have the bolts somewhere, I actually found pictures of the top with the bolts attached...so I need to dig through my boxes first...So, let me look for them first. Vic
  10. Excessive blow by on a normally aspirated engine is commonly caused by bad piston compression rings. If you get a chance pull your plugs and check the compression on your cylinders When you pull the plugs out take a look at which ones may have excessive oil on them
  11. Now Barbara Eden in a Mach 1....that's hot. Farah with the Mustang II is not bad either....
  12. Rich, beautiful build. I am very interested in your LED light installation in the headlight buckets. I have been looking high and low for some LEDs that will fit in there and look good. I tried some Raptor LEDs....it was way over the top.(see picture). Also, what flasher did you use to make the LEDs work? I have LED taillights also. Thanks. Looking great! Vic
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