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  1. Hi Byron, I’m in the airport right now so I don’t have access to my drawings. One option is to use the reverse light power source that’s down at the shifter anyway. That should always be hot when the ignition is on. I’m not sure how much power the AOD draws, but the reverse light circuit should be able to handle 5 A, especially if you use LEDs in the reverse lights. I would probably eliminate the in-line fuse, i’ll put it somewhere where you can remember where it is LOL I developed a fuse list, and power distribution diagram, to keep track of all the various fuses and where they’re located, because many of the things I have (EFI, power amp, PWM controller) have their own fuses.
  2. You can see the F and G connectors in the picture. The small connector in the middle is a new one I made for my head unit. It has the power antenna (blue wire) which I ran to my power amp as the "turn on" source. The pink wire is radio key on, the yellow wire doubled up is the radio memory power wire #99.
  3. I found it. If you look below, you will see the AAW wire with the "radio" text on it I ran that to a new connector, and doubled it up on one side, that went to the radio memory. The other side went to the VHX box.
  4. I used one of the AAW double wire connectors and ran wire #99 to both the radio memory and the VHX box memory. I made quite a few intermediate connectors, as I did my wiring in phases. AAW sells a connector kit with a lot of extra connectors. I used a bunch of them. I will see if I can find a picture of how they double up.
  5. Nice color, thinking of that for my body....
  6. I use the SEM plastic painting products, they deliver amazing results. It is a multi step process but if you follow it, the parts come out great.
  7. Oh no.. I do have some Cougar parts I am going to use. I will have to look at the Assembly Manuals to see what these strips are used for and what they look like. Don't recall them in my inventory of convertible top parts.....
  8. Byron, those brown wires made me scratch my head for a couple hours. What I did: The brown wire in Connector F (4E) for ACC power was originally intended to power the dash lights when in parking light or headlight mode. I used that that wire to send to the VHX "DIM(+)" connection. What this does is dim your fancy digital dash when the headlights or parking lights are on. For the VHX box power wire, I used the pink wire (39A) from connector F for the "key switched" power for the VHX box. For the VHX memory power, I used Wire #99 which is the AAW wire used for the Radio Memory.
  9. Yes, on the '69s you will have to crack your windows. My advice is to find an old A/C dash, and put Vintage Air in. I didn't do it on my '68 and I regret it every time I take the car out from June to September in North Carolina.
  10. Can you post a picture of exactly where the tack strip issue is?
  11. This is very cool. Where did you get the scoop set up from?
  12. Dash bracket for sure. jmlay is right. The left end in your picture needs to be bent to a 90 degree angle. Put the small end in a vice and slowly tap with a dead blow hammer until it bends over. Get yourself the Assembly Manuals. Worth their weight in gold. Shows all the details.
  13. So summary: 1. Column connector mates to AAW column connector in AAW circuit branch #3 2. Connector "G" located in harness at AAW circuit branch #5 contains wires 14A,B and 15A,B. Mating connector "G" is intended to be used to connect to stock dash connector. If using VHX/DD box, do not use AAW stock dash connector. Instead, route 14A,B and 15A,B directly to the VHX "left (+)" and "right (+)" connections In my case, I pre-wired my VHX interface box and used a new 2-wire AAW connector for my wire run to the VHX box. I did this because at the time, I did not know where I was going to locate the box, and did not know how long to make my wires. See attached photo of VHX box and my diagram that shows my intermediate connector in-between Connector "G and the VHX box.
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