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  1. Welcome! NIce car. Very early build, as I think '69 Mach 1 production started in late August early September 1968, plus a big block. Is there a hood scoop on the car? Can you take a picture of the underneath of your hood.....
  2. Or find someone with a 3D printer.
  3. My '70 has a weld repair in the same place. Good luck finding that part. I am going to buy a whole extra top mechanism.
  4. I installed the heat and A/C whole unit. If you don't take the dash out, it will be a real pain
  5. MIke, you are a sheet metal wizard..... Looks great!
  6. Good job with the clearance. Those fans you used were perfect to avoid the water pump pulley
  7. Very cool. The Power-Pack was a trademark for rebuilt performance engines from a company in San Mateo, called Automotive Engineering. They offered a $10,000 "guarantee" B Joined: Jan 2010 Posts: 2,295 British Columbia In the times, May 33 1961: New car power is yours with a low cost rebuild from Automotive Engineering. Deluxe Power Pak engines packages are backed with a $10,000 bank written guarantee.
  8. Beautiful! Water jet?
  9. Most people who run those fiberglass springs need to use Cal-Tracs anyway. I use Detroit/Eaton Spring, they are the OEM for the Mustang Springs. 138 # spring rate. NPD catalog Part Number 5560-35
  10. So, where did the brown wire go to on the alternator?
  11. Hopefully a nice "Y" block...
  12. oh, so likely the green wire. The AAW wires are 14 gauge
  13. CVF had the best price by far when I looked. Really high quality hardware, made in Minnesota.
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