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  1. Also got my passenger side dash panel attached, final item was to install the screws to attach the panel to the map light assembly. Used 1-1/2" #6 SS Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws with #6 SS washers, so it would not damage the paint. Came out good. Installed my "Mustang" emblem on the dash.
  2. Installed my black door locks. Originally tried some knock-off locks to see if they fit. Then sourced some Ford Service Parts from '80s Vintage Mustang. Really high quality parts. The Ford parts are really solid.
  3. Dearborn car, built November 17, 1969 0F03F133077_dlxrpt.pdf
  4. I was incorrect about the wiring support. The small clip below the pencil point is used to mount a wiring connector for the ignition. The connector has a slot on it that slides over the clip. I will see if I can get a few pictures
  5. These are off of my '70 convertible with a build date in November, 1969.
  6. Selling these, they are really nice, media blasted and coated in black satin epoxy. Date codes are easily visible. Message me if interested. Vic
  7. Have one of these for sale if anyone is interested. These are pretty rare, most people got the clock option. Message me if interested.
  8. The one from Summit Racing works pretty well. Link below: https://www.summitracing.com/popup/calcsandtools/compression-calculator
  9. That looks like a '69 bracket in your picture. The '70 version of that bracket is in the diagram below, with my pencil pointing at it. They serve the same purpose, which is to tie the forward facing part of the under column bracket to the clutch/brake pedal support bracket. This is only on the drivers side of the column. The diagram is from the Orange "Chassis" Assembly Manual. The '69 column also has an upper column bracket. The '70 column doesn't have that, instead uses threaded bosses on the column that attach the column to the lower column support. For some reason, on the '70, Ford decided to change the design to anchor the column differently. In the assembly drawings, the '70 small bracket (3B139) has a small diamond next to it, which means that it had to be installed per some specific instructions to meet government safety standards. This is because it is tied into the function of the collapsing steering column, which has to be anchored inside the car to prevent rearward movement into the passenger compartment. This started in 1968, which also delivered such goodies as padded dashes, shoulder belts, padded steering wheel centers, side marker lights, etc, etc... Anyway, the 2 pictures you posted yesterday are the '70 bracket.
  10. I don't have one of those on my '70. The steering column hardware is different between the years. The '70 has the ignition key/lock on the column, and the ignition switch is mounted underneath, along with the wiring. All that stuff is inside the dash on a '69. I will go and look at the Assembly manual, as I am in my shop, and send some drawings/pics along.
  11. Got the Fox Body door locks, and they are great OEM quality parts. Just had to install the lock rod retainer on the other side of the lever, and they went right in. The new style plastic retainers are really heavy duty, more so than the original plastic insert with the little metal clips. Tip is to install that on door lock before putting the lock in the car. Less busted knuckles that way....
  12. Used #6 SS Pan Head Sheet Metal screws 1-1/2" long, with #6 SS washers. From local ACE Hardware.
  13. That post came out weird.. I used #6 SS Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws, 1-1/2" long. Used #6 SS washers.
  14. #6 SS pan head sheet metal screws, 1-1/2" long, from Ace Hardware. Used #6 SS washers. Worked well, looks good.
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