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  1. Framing in process Rear bumper mounts New taillight panel & filler mod Right quarter panel cut out, new outer wheelhouse welded in. Old one trimmed 2 inches otbd of flange & new one mated to it with flange trimmed off. Fabbing right quarter scoop & ducting.
  2. Marti report I modeled the framing and interior layout in SolidWorks several years ago as I was redeveloping my plans for the car. Not 100% accurate but useful nonetheless. The rear frame rails from S&W Racecars tacked up.
  3. I've been on these forums for a long time and have never made a build thread for my car, mostly because of the slow progress. Well I decided to create one to somewhat document the progress such that it is. Some background. This car is the 3rd (of 16)(2nd 69) mustang I've owned. I bought it in December 1983 when stationed at Blytheville AFB Arkansas. It changed hands a couple of times before I got it but had come from Texas with a young airman. It actually got the 351C engine from my 72 Gran Torino sport at one time. It had a 351W 3 spd in it by the time I got it. I drove it for a while even moving it when I transfered to Grissom AFB Indiana. Sometime around late 84/early 85 I traded my frozen 429 SCJ motor I had for the 72 Gran Torino Sport for a 70 351C with completed machine work and ready to build. I built the cleveland and swapped out the windsor replacing the 3 spd and 8 inch rear with a close ratio 4 spd and 9 inch with 3.00-1 gears from a 70 cougar at the same time about March 85. I drove it pretty regularly till mid October 86 when I started to decided to rebuild the car. It's been in various states of dis-assembly ever since. This past fall I contacted a guy on pro-touring forums who does renderings and contracted him to do one for my car as inspiration and to help motivate me to do more. I'm not getting any younger! This represents my vision for at least the exterior of my car. Condition when bought. In Indiana after engine rebuild At parents place spring 85 It's far from being done but I'll be adding more pics in the next few days till I get to present state.
  4. If you've been following things in Virginia over the past week or so like I have, you'll know that tomorrow is going to be sketchy down there. Things could easily go bad escalating in to CW2 by tomorrow night or well on the way. Hope it don't but stay alert.
  5. Not without the SCJ engine.
  6. Is there a Mike Holmes type guy in the auto rebuilding industry? Make it right!
  7. I'm really digging the front engine mounts, nice job. I'm also considering either dry sumping my 351C or a wet sump system with an external oil pump. I have the tank but not the pump for a dry sump system. My sticking points are the amount of oil needed at oil change time, trunk mounted tank and even more oil needed cause the long oil lines to the front, or added weight up front with a front mounted tank. Why I'm leaning towards the external pump wet sump system.
  8. I usually get a box or two of those freedom nuggets for Christmas. The one thing that takes priority over my 69 is ensuring I'm well stocked in each caliber. Went through each gun Saturday making sure they were clean and lubed since I was camping out in the living room with a bad cold and didn't feel like watching all the Christmas movies.
  9. Mine has it also but mine came from a 70 Cougar XR7.
  10. RogerC

    Mustang Mach E

    I guess they learned nothing from the probe fiasco.
  11. Thank you roger for your answer , I am not familiar with how it’s work on forum , do you have a answer for me on this other question : is there a difference between 69 and 70 rear quarter design , did the wheel house are more closed for the 70 and the gap from the Edge of the top of the wheel house to the body line are their different from 69 to 70 ? I mesure 11.25’’ inches on the 70 model compare to 10.25’’ On my 69 ..? I was wondering if it is because I weld the skin wrong !! Thanks 


  12. Normal The axle moves rearward as the suspension compresses. At normal ride height it will still be closer to the front but as the suspension compresses and the shackles rotate rearward with the flattening of the spring leafs, the axle moves closer to center. Because you have stiffer leaf sets, the off-centered condition is more exaggerated without the full weight on the axle.
  13. Painted the other day, Eastwood 2k high temp ceramic engine paint. This stuff flows and has a good smooth finish. Time will tell how well it holds up. Painted my water pump, timing cover plate, timing pointer and distributor clamp also.
  14. Got my intake back a couple of days ago. I'll end up painting it again as the aluminum has corrosion stains around both port flanges. I chased all the holes then threw my carb & spacer on there to see how it looks.
  15. That #5 exhaust valve is open (spring compressed). I turned the engine over by hand a couple of months ago but haven't since tearing into it. I think I will before I tear it down further just to check valve action. I did grab all the rockers to see if any were loose and only #8 intake rocker moved a little. The #8 intake pushrod was the only one I was able to move also.
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