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  1. I've been hesitating spending money on my mustang lately. Don't know if I might need it for more necessity items with all the instability across the country and what will probably happen in November and beyond. Though I'm pretty well set, I might have to increase my family's security provisions.
  2. I'll be using a Mallory pump & regulator combo. I already have it but can't say about the noise level as its not installed yet.
  3. I use Cooper CS5 Grand Touring all season tires on my wife's car and Zeon RS3-GI all season high performance tires on my 11 mustang. I've never bought any Goodyear's in my life.
  4. That sucks. I'm pretty paranoid about hitting a deer or coyotes on the way to work as I'm on the road so early.
  5. Thanks, I do the best I can with what I have.
  6. Back on the lower nose. I think I'm done with getting the shape right on the airdam part. Primed it to get a good look at the shape and think I'm there. Need to sand it down with finer grits and skim coat to get a smoother finish.
  7. I'm really liking that front lower pan and spoiler/splitter.
  8. Well, got new body gaskets, this time Dynacorn brand off Ebay. They fit correctly but the quality is much less than the Daniel Carpenter chinese ones. Pits all over them, poor molding process. I'll probably hit it with some silicone when I install them.
  9. So, went to put the body gaskets on the taillights. Notice the offset of the upper right lens screw and housing clearance bump out. Notice the body gasket has symmetrical bumps. Called NPD to return them. These are Daniel Carpenter brand (made in china). Anyone know who has good correct fitting gaskets?
  10. I assembled the taillights after painting the trim. Letting the paint fully cure before adding the body gasket. Primed and painted the underside of the door panel top trim. Not sure what color I want to paint the top side, probably black.
  11. People rework the bumpers to achieve that tight fit and its been a trend throughout the car community for a few years cause its a cleaner, better look . What you see in the pictures above are normal rear bumper gaps.
  12. RogerC


    I cc to work everyday and the rest are loaded and ready if needed. I live on a dark street (no street lights) just off a main drag a couple blocks off a major intersection so its a concern. Actually in the process of installing security cameras I bought in November. Neighbor across the street is armed also. My wife saw on community fb page some (armed) residents are trying to get those interested in protecting the community connected in case people get really stupid and destructive.
  13. Excellent, go for it. Beware though when welding, the housings galvanized.
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