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  1. Well, got new body gaskets, this time Dynacorn brand off Ebay. They fit correctly but the quality is much less than the Daniel Carpenter chinese ones. Pits all over them, poor molding process. I'll probably hit it with some silicone when I install them.
  2. So, went to put the body gaskets on the taillights. Notice the offset of the upper right lens screw and housing clearance bump out. Notice the body gasket has symmetrical bumps. Called NPD to return them. These are Daniel Carpenter brand (made in china). Anyone know who has good correct fitting gaskets?
  3. I assembled the taillights after painting the trim. Letting the paint fully cure before adding the body gasket. Primed and painted the underside of the door panel top trim. Not sure what color I want to paint the top side, probably black.
  4. People rework the bumpers to achieve that tight fit and its been a trend throughout the car community for a few years cause its a cleaner, better look . What you see in the pictures above are normal rear bumper gaps.
  5. RogerC


    I cc to work everyday and the rest are loaded and ready if needed. I live on a dark street (no street lights) just off a main drag a couple blocks off a major intersection so its a concern. Actually in the process of installing security cameras I bought in November. Neighbor across the street is armed also. My wife saw on community fb page some (armed) residents are trying to get those interested in protecting the community connected in case people get really stupid and destructive.
  6. Excellent, go for it. Beware though when welding, the housings galvanized.
  7. RogerC


    Dayton cops blocked them from getting on the interstate saturday. One of the organizers claimed on camera with a reporter they weren't going to go on the interstate, total BS. I live about 5 miles south of downtown in the suburbs. Protest going on right now at Lincoln Park about a mile away, bunch of white 20 somethings.
  8. Woohoo! Missed you all!
  9. As mentioned above, depends on what you'll do with the car. Are you going to drive it regularly or enter it in concours events? Do you have a Marti Report? Is it something special? Or do you want to correct all those things just to be factory correct for your own reasons? I have a friend that builds mopars for the last reason but he does drive his roadrunner to shows regularly. Most of us on here aren't so concerned with factory correct but we're fine to help no matter if you are as others on here are. We all just enjoy these cars in our own way.
  10. Thanks guys I didn't plan to modify the light housings but when I bought the lights it occurred to me that all that space in the housing wouldn't be used and I remember knocking the light socket occasionally. So I took a little diversion from working on engine work. Moving the socket hole to the lower left puts it down and out of the way and without modifying the harness.
  11. Received my LED taillights this week. Sandblasted the bottom flanges and found a bunch of pinholes in one. Started to weld them closed and shortly after decided it was a lost cause. Also decided to modify the housings by hacking off the back and moving the socket to the left side. Don't need that space anyhow with the LEDs in the lens. Plus gain back some trunk space. I need to do a little more cleanup, POR15, then paint. I'll do the other one after I finish cleaning this one. I have new gaskets and hardware also. I started working on the door caps for standard door panels. Removed the interior window weatherstrip, straightened the flange afterwards. Ordered new weatherstrip and lock knob grommets. Have to finish cleaning then paint them. I hadn't taken any pics of them.
  12. Or KBS Rust Seal. I like KBS products more but use both.
  13. Got my replacement grille.
  14. Local newspaper website https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/local/legendary-tipp-city-designer-iconic-ford-mustang-dies/0OuXoHTQ2nYZvRJnQ1qYzI/
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