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  1. Thanks Jay. Yes, they replace the lights which get replaced with small rectangular lights and moved just inboard of the bumper brackets.
  2. More work on front brake ducts making molds. Started like this, 4 pieces of 2X4 glued together. Rough cut to shape. Then sanded to final shape and smoothed. Still needs finish then glass work. Then do otherside.
  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
  4. Apparently July 2020 the front plate goes away. https://www.wdtn.com/news/local-news/ohio-drops-front-license-plate-requirement/1898881387
  5. Got back to working on the front bumper/airdam. Set in place to get an idea how it will fit and match up with the fenders. It's just laying there. Also bolted the bumper brackets in place. Working on fog light brackets and brake ducts. I was happy when Anvil came out with theirs so I wouldn't have to make some only to be disappointed when they decided not to market them.
  6. Recommended Required reading, 351C Performance Tuning and Re-Building.pdf
  7. X2, they are distinctly different due to the bigger column with the ignition switch on 70s.
  8. The modeling wouldn’t be so easy but the FEA wouldn’t be that difficult either and the results would easily show the differences. Was meaning to post later but my oldest daughter went into labor with our 2nd grandchild. Bored and posting from the waiting room.
  9. SFCs only provide minimal improvement to torsional stiffness but will not eliminate it. By virtue of adding 2 more longitudinal structural members between rocker rails reduces the span of the floor laterally which reduces flexing slightly. Where those members are attached determines the degree to which improvement is seen. I'm currently going through Ansys FEA training at work and could illustrate this if I had the time to set it up but I have a more pressing company project, the reason for training. Having dabbled in FEA with a few different CAD programs it would be easy to see the difference.
  10. You've got that reversed. 1st pic - My rebuilt oem manual brake pedal, clutch pedal and bracket. Hole to right of red clip in pic is where power brake pedals mount. 2nd pic - A 70 setup on right with power brake pedal.
  11. There are 4 brake pedals manual brakes & manual transmission manual brakes & automatic transmission power brakes & manual transmission power brakes & automatic transmission Manual brake pedals ride on the clutch pedal shaft on a manual transmission car and on a dummy shaft on an automatic transmission car. Power brake pedals ride on a dummy shaft high up on the pedal bracket for both transmissions however the foot pad is different for each. There may also be differences in master cylinders between each of the 4 combinations. Completely doable, just make sure you have the right combination. And yes, you can cut down the foot pad on an automatic pedal for a manual application.
  12. I ran 2x3 tube the full length of the rocker and even with the bottom of the pinch weld on mine much like the vert inside rockers. The seat pans and torque boxes were notched out to fit. It started out that way and escalated into more as I wanted more structure in the car. The car has no flex at all now. Only pic I have is poor and blurry.
  13. Welcome to mustangs. It looks like you're coming along pretty good. The paint looks great!
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