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  1. See ben's post (bswor) between my posts. He's working on it. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/220009-bandwidth-issue/page/3/#comments
  2. Got my polycarbonate quarter windows yesterday. They'll be fixed in place and not moveable. Made by Plastics 4 Performance in the UK. They were pretty pricey to ship to the states but I think they're worth it. I tried making my own with 1/4 inch plexiglass but it didn't turn out well. They look well made and accurate. Image isn't loading. Could be security issue here at work as they really eff'd it up since the cyber attack last summer. Must be the website, can't upload from home pc either.
  3. RogerC

    Bandwidth issue

    Excellent, Thank you Ben. I don't think others have noticed yet.
  4. RogerC

    Bandwidth issue

    What happened? Back up before the first of the month.
  5. RogerC

    Bandwidth issue

    Can the forums, individually or enmasse, be locked, locking all threads and preventing creation of any new threads. I would be ok having everything locked till the issues can be addressed. It might also stop the russian bots completely. I would think the site wouldn't get shutdown but everything would still be viewable. Would that work?
  6. I did some clean up work on my block. hit a couple of areas on the outside with a flap wheel to smooth off casting flash and a couple of sharp corners. Hit the lifter valley with the dremel, chamfered the oil drain holes and cleaned up the hole letting oil onto the distributor gear. I need to go talk to the machinist about prepping the block for the build next.
  7. I'm seeing pics of 70 verts both smooth and with the line behind the wheel opening. The smooth version looks to have a shorter line from the B pillar aft.
  8. I'll just say I had the hood fly up on my 68 once upon a time. It was not a fun time. I will be using Ford torsion clip pins on my 69. I bought them several years ago for just under $50. Pretty sure they're up around $80 now though. The Ford ones have a reinforcing plate for the bottom side. As far as air cleaners go, I can't comment other than I used a velocity stack previously with the short boss cobrajet scoop, all with a cleveland engine.
  9. I've occasionally clicked on my shortcut to the site forgetting it was down. Very frustrating sometimes.
  10. Might as well go to that authentication step, everything else in my life is.
  11. Well, the deal fell through and I'm still employed as before, for the time being anyhow. Still, I'm holding off on spending any money on the car for now or till I get a warm fuzzy feeling on the security of my job.
  12. I have Repops with a date on the box of April 2020. Was trying to figure out what size the bigger bulb is. Aslanefe, what's the size of either bulb?
  13. I was about to take my block to the machine shop this week but got a swift kick in the nuts at work. Seems the company owner thinks its a good idea to sell my division right before Christmas. This week is chaos as we were told to sign on to the new company as contracted (1099) workers or be unemployed. However they've backtracked on that since most of the factory workers walked rather than sign on as contracted workers and they need the workers to fulfill existing orders, has to do with our CAGE code specified as the manufacturer on .gov contracts. Welders can pick up a job with benefits almost anywhere, why would they do 1099 contract work? Anyhow my livelihood is in limbo for the moment till they figure out the terms of the sale.
  14. Can't help you with your question but welcome to the forums. Black Jade?
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