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  1. Wilwood has brake kits of various sizes for 69 & 70 oem disk spindles. https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1969&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Disc+Brake+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1970&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Disc+Brake+Front+Except+GT350+%26+500&axle=Front+Kit For oem drum spindles https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1969&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Drum+Brake+Front+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1970&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Drum+Brake+Front+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit
  2. Pics of what you're talking about? I don't know of any brackets welded on. There is a flange on each end at the wheel well where it attaches to the fender. There is also a small bracket that bolts to the pan and bumper.
  3. Wet sanded with 320 grit & primed. Will wet sand this with 400 grit. If its smooth and flawless I'll shoot it with POR15 or KBS rust seal to give the fiberglass some additional protection from chips then final prime.
  4. Thanks but not back surgery, it was actually bladder & prostate. My urologist said if I let it go I would be stuck with a catheter the rest of my life. You don't realize what muscles help with bladder control and what happens when you strain too much and don't have the control you once had. It's a slow road to get that control back but its coming back a little at a time. Sorry if that's TMI for any of you.
  5. Started back on wet sanding the lower nose. First time this year I've been able to do anything on the car. Had minor surgery back in March, still recovering but able to do more now. Also tied up with having the kitchen completely remodeled, plumbing reworked under the slab, electrical rework, new cabinetry, the works. There probably won't be much progress on the car for a while on anything that will take money to accomplish. I will continue on the things that I can though.
  6. Actual mustang II? At least the crossmember looks to be a factory piece. Hubs are 5 lug though.
  7. Still looking good! I would love to vacation in France. My paternal ancestors immigrated from northeastern France (Zittersheim) in the 1700s
  8. RogerC

    Postimage down?

    Its working now. ????
  9. Had just referred a friend to my build thread and discovered a lot of my pics not showing up. Tried going to postimage site and its not loading. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  10. I have the DS502 for the rear, same as 501s but poly bushing mounts. 501s are bearing mounts.
  11. Probably this bracket which has threaded holes through the rod above the column.
  12. I have 2 of his books, Lives of the Signers of the Constitution and Original Intent. Both good reads and highly recommended.
  13. Westinghouse Marketeer 531 electric mini cart The company was cleaning out some storage in one of our buildings and also closed a division of the company due to loss of a contract with Navistar. I asked the company president if it was something I could buy off the company. He said he'd be happy if I'd just take it.
  14. Just the sportsroofs due to limited trunk space
  15. This is exactly my thinking. Painted the backside of the lower dash white for the same reasons.
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