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  1. Started stripping the engine. I'm at the point where I need to take it apart get it cleaned up and inspected and see what I need to rebuild. It hasn't run for about 25 years but only has 3-3.5k miles on it. I have new water pump, thermostat, ignition system, carb, timing gear set, valve covers, hardware and a few other odds-&-ends. Anyone remember these plug wires?
  2. Modified clutch & brake pedals. Have to trim the screws yet.
  3. I used the kit from mustangsteve. You shouldn't have to grind on your bracket at all. https://www.mustangsteve.com/product/bbk/ https://www.mustangsteve.com/ms-bbk-instructions.html
  4. IIRC, I think its by the entrance to Greenfield Village.
  5. Glad you had a good time. I was there back around 06 or 07 as I was in dearborn for training. I spent some time in the research library. Got a lot of info on the 62 prototype mustang and the GT40. Had some copies made. They were very accomodating. I asked for info on the 62 prototype and they brought out a large folder with drawings, articles and inter-office correspondence. Had to wear white cotton gloves to handle the paperwork.
  6. RogerC

    1969 Mustang E'

    Yup, same here. Sharp looking stang though.
  7. Rear tire/wheelwells - what you see is how they are from the factory. I've always heard that as the leaf spring compresses the axle moves rearward slightly with the flattening of the springs and rearward pivot of the shackle.
  8. There's lots of info on these forums. I have saved several threads from them into pdfs. I don't recall what vacuum should be at. For the oil, if your checking oil level right after shutdown, wait a couple of minutes and recheck. You may not be getting good drainage from the heads. Clevelands tend to send more oil to the top end and it may not be draining back to the pan fast enough. http://351c.net/board/ https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/clevelands/ (old archives) The Pantera forums have good info also https://pantera.infopop.cc/
  9. Thanks for your comments. I've always known it was a low optioned car and wasn't worth squat restored so I never gave it a second thought to do whatever I desired with it. Just good to have confirmation and know exactly what I have. I've been watching many builds on here including yours, Mike. The progress on mine is so slow that I've never created a build thread myself, I just post when I've done something significant. I'm currently bogged down at work due to management firing my bosses back in late February and not replacing them resulting in less time to spend on the mustang.
  10. So I've owned the car for more than 35 years and I ordered a Deluxe Marti Report earlier this week. Built Friday December 6th 1968. A nothing special mustang and why I've had no reservation whatsoever of modifying this car.
  11. Nice! 2 thumbs up (emojis not working) Tunes are definitely a requirement.
  12. Do you know the cam specs? I've been buying engine parts for about a year but haven't yet settled on a cam. Mine from the early 80s is 290 duration .509 lift advertised. Supposedly a NAPA brand version of a OEM hi-performance cam. I really liked how it idled and ran but I also want to go complete roller valvetrain now. About 2 weeks ago I dropped in on a local engine builder. I don't know yet if I'll just have them do the machine work and I'll build it or let them do the whole thing. I'm very impressed with their set-up though.
  13. Be sure you buy 351C specific lifters and not 351W/351C lifters. The relief on thee body of 351W lifters extends higher on the lifter body. While they will physically fit that extended relief will internally leak oil as the edge of that relief will pop up above the edge of the lifter bore every cycle. Excerpt from "351C Lubrication System Issues" on the 351C forums by George Pence I believe: "As is the case with most OHV V8s, oil is routed to the 351C valve train via the lifters and push rods. With a Cleveland the flow of oil to the valve train must be limited because everything sent to the valve train impacts the oil supply for the reciprocating assembly. Today’s manufacturers supply lifters designed for 351W applications to their 351C customers. But a 351W has a main priority lubrication system and the 351W oil passages intersect the lifter bores differently; whereas 351C lifters work just fine in Windsor V8s, lifters designed for a Windsor V8 will not necessarily meter oil in a manner compatible with a 351C. Some roller lifters do not operate within the dimensions of the 351C lifter bore properly, the reduced OD band in the middle of the lifter will often become exposed above the top of the lifter bore at peak valve lift, thus dumping oil pressure. Solid flat tappet lifters with edge orifice metering will flow excessive amounts of oil to the valve train each time the orifice aligns with the large oil gallery port on the side of the lifter bore. Other types of lifters, solid and hydraulic, flat and roller, have proven to allow too much oil to flow to the valve gear. A great deal of 351C lubrication system problems experienced today are the result of aftermarket manufacturers and speed shops selling lifters with an incompatible oil metering system for 351C applications. This issue will manifest itself in the same way lubrication system problems did in 1972, by failure of the connecting rod bearings on the second or third connecting rod journals (the rods for cylinders #2 or #7). But there is a secondary problem arising from use of the wrong lifters, oil is pumped to the valve train faster than it can drain back to the oil pan. In extreme cases the oil can collect quickly enough in the rocker covers that the oil pan is pumped dry."
  14. Thanks Jay. Yes, they replace the lights which get replaced with small rectangular lights and moved just inboard of the bumper brackets.
  15. More work on front brake ducts making molds. Started like this, 4 pieces of 2X4 glued together. Rough cut to shape. Then sanded to final shape and smoothed. Still needs finish then glass work. Then do otherside.
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