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  1. Yes the 1653 is for automatic or z-bar. I got the 1655 which is for cable clutch.
  2. We have really hard water here so I use distilled water. The coolant type depends on your parts, any plastic in the system, aluminum or copper radiator, etc. Check your radiator manufacturer to see if they have a recommendation.
  3. W00T I made an offer on eBay for a new set of JBA 1655 Ceramic coated and it was accepted. Mid Length/Shorty style that accommodates the cable clutch and should not require ram bracket relocation.
  4. Thanks, I'll look into these. How do the fit for ground clearance. I'm leery of long tubs and was thinking Tri-Y or Mid/Short Also, I really appreciate that you are responding with 351W applications, on another site and in Facebook everyone keeps telling me about their 302 headers.
  5. Hit me up with what works. I had the JBA shorties for my 302 but JBA says they won't fit on a 351 because the angle of the heads puts them into the inner fender. I'll consider the JBA 1655 shorties designed for a cable clutch but they are $$$$. If I can get something a little less expensive that would be better.
  6. I have something like that. Crutchfield does not have this model anymore but they have some others. I hid it inside my dash above the old AM radio. The AM Radio is just a prop. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_104MC900B/Boss-MC900B.html I like the way it works.
  7. Seriously. I would love to take care of this place.
  8. Look locally for used parts. I found original parts for my door and fender and used them but the amount of work it took to get them ready made me think I would have been better with reproduction or at least even. It's ugly but not terrible. Fender looks good in that photo.
  9. Do you meant the stainless single strip of trim? I’ve been doing my stainless and it does take hours. I also did not have any major pits. I would just get it shiny. It is close to the ground and not easily seen and the tires will throw more debris at it.
  10. I plan to do electronic ignition but no box just everything inside the distributor. probably Pertronix maybe MSD or Progression
  11. I love this idea of putting the tweeters in the dash. I wanted to add some but could not figure out an inconspicuous location.
  12. Russia isn't good for anything except bots, senseless killing and wars. We make better vodka in Texas (Tito's) and even Stoli is an American brand
  13. I trimmed too early and it settled and won’t stay under the door sills soldering iron is money for holes
  14. I used to drive from Austin to just North of Jackson MS when my dad lived there. It’s 500 miles and took 9-11 hours. It’s about as long as I care to drive alone. Took a family Road trip last summer to KC, St Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, DC then back through Sw Virginia and Memphis. Those shorter than 8 hour days were more enjoyable
  15. Bob how many days did you take to make the drive to Texas, 2 or 3, more?
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