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  1. One more question, the balance weight does not restrict anything there does it?
  2. Thanks, the wheels I have that barely rub are 13.5". You can see the dark rub line under 13.5" in this photo. Can't drive my car like this. :(
  3. I read somewhere that the inner diameter of some Magnum 500 were the same for 14" and 15" wheels. I've got original 14" steel wheels with hubcaps I'm going to replace and they rub my new CSRP disc brake upgrade hard line. I'm looking at the Coker tire Specialty wheels in 15x8 all around. Thanks
  4. this is also one of the sites that I disable my ad blocker for to help with expenses.
  5. I agree that the ones lost by people who did complete restos are a bigger loss than mine would have been.
  6. mine are still there because I hosted on 3rd party site and hotlinked them to this site. I used Photobucket but even that site is bad for reliability and cutting features. I think a lot of people use imagur or other sites now.
  7. Thanks for input. I have not installed the pertronix gear yet. Engine is mostly stock. Orginal carb was replaced with Holley. I'll look up the model but its posted on here somewhere. I rebuilt it myself with a Holley kit and adjusted for a 302. Using a standard coil with pink resistor wire and standard points. New plugs, dist cap but old coil, points and plug wires. IIRC, Choke is connected to the solenoid ignition terminal. Choke does not have a spot for vacuum. Holley carb came with electric choke but I had to replace the broken housing. A friend said to set it with a credit card gap when closed. I'll read more. I have the manuals but they don't always.make sense especially when so many things are interrelated.
  8. It has a Holley Carb with an electric choke I currently have hooked on the back side of the solenoid. I am not proficient at setting a choke but the initial setting is where my driver's license will fit in the gap. I have a very old coil and points on it now. I don't know how old the plug wires are. I tuned it with timing light and vacuum. Warm idle is 660 RPM and 10* pulling around 18". Symptoms are that I need to hold the accelerator in when warming up for a few minutes or it dies. I'm not good at this, just learning. If there are other numbers I need to know or should tune to let me know and I'll do it.
  9. TexasEd

    How did you decide what to insure for?

    I never see any that are in my car's condition for sale. They are either coupes and are customized or they look like everything is done on them. I'm thinking of going with $24K agreed value.
  10. I'm finally to the point of thinking about Insurance and registration. :D My car is not a 302 Fastback with bad paint but is pretty much stock. When I look around I see prices all over the place and don't know what to insure for. Cars with nice paint and a pristine interior seem to be running 25-30K. Does that sound right? I guess I'd knock off for my car's condition but don't want to pay too high of premiums or under insure. Thoughts?
  11. You hear of guys buying stuff in advance and it sitting on a shelf until they get to it. I intended to install this years ago and I know it may have been passed up in technology, but it's what I've got and at least it's not a set of tires that sat in my garage dry rotting. :( What do I need to do to use these? I read about the coil needs 12V so I probably need a relay from the ignition line to get full battery 12V to the coil and I also heard about this version of the Ignitor burning up if the key is left in the run position and the guy I had helping my earlier kept doing that so I wanted to wait until I was ready to drive the car. I guess I'm just a little nervous about installing this but the car is running rough at cold idle and I hope this might help. Thanks
  12. TexasEd

    69 coupe from SVK

    If you want my old bit I have it and it was only used for 4 holes. I don't know how long it would take to get to Slovakia but I could look into it. I live in an area of Texas that had a lot of Czech and Slovak immigration. My Grandfather's family came from Trnava, Slovakia
  13. TexasEd

    69 coupe from SVK

    Yeah, It is an uncommon bit size. Having recently done this I recommend drilling a pilot hole and then widening it with a stepped bit. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about: Then finish with the specialty size bit that is specified.
  14. TexasEd

    69 coupe from SVK

    Great fabrication. I am enjoying your progress.