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  1. Thanks. looks like it is the dash turn signal indicator as well as a few other applications.
  2. which other places use this bulb on a 69?
  3. If someone needs a new one of the original style I have one for sale.
  4. Thinking one of those sweater fuzzball trimmers or an electric razor might work for this.
  5. Yeah, my question is how much heat does the coolant pick up from the back of the intake/heads to the thermostat? I think Eric69 might be right.
  6. I have this same problem but only in and backing up to the right. I have bent valance support brackets that let it come too far back towards the ties.
  7. It still didn't fit. I had to elongate the holes on the radiator and trim the shroud more and it cracked at the bottom. The crack worked out because I had to slide the bottom of the shroud under the cooling lines because it still rubbed the fan. Got it heated up and drove around the block a few times. It was leaking when I got back but what I first thought was the core leaking I now think was a loose lower radiator hose.
  8. I trimmed the bottom of the shroud to lower it over the lower hose and transmission lines. It looks good so far but I need to reinstall everything.
  9. OK then I have a big block fan but a 24" small block radiator and shroud.
  10. I have the big block fan and shroud. The fan shroud is large enough to for the fan to have .5" clearance all around but the centers are off.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts so far. I have a call into the vendor to hear their thoughts but multiple feasible options are on the table now.
  12. I put in the new 24" radiator and big block fan documented in this post but afraid this problem is lost in the noise. The fan is hitting the bottom of the fan shroud and there is an inch of clearance at the top. There are two approaches I'm considering. Remove the radiator saddles and affix an insulator and some other way to retain the radiator. Try putting in new motor mounts in case the old ones have settled and allowed the motor to sag. How much change have you all seen in engine height at the water pump/fan from old mounts to new ones?
  13. So I installed this over the last 2 weekends (old out last weekend, new in this weekend) and I have a problem. The fan hits the bottom of the fan shroud and the saddles are bottomed out. I have about 1" of clearance at the top so I think I need to lower the radiator or raise the motor by 1/2" I can get about 1/4" from removing the rubber inserts in the saddles under the radiator. I could leave in the side rubber pieces to keep it tight. Neighbor was saying I could put some spacers between my existing mounts and the block to raise it. I also think new mounts might make a difference. Thoughts?
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