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  1. I had to rebuild my carb because of the accelerator pump membrane leak mentioned above.
  2. Do you have a spacer?
  3. I have them but different stock numbers.
  4. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/strut-rod-bushings-washers-1967-1973/ I think this is what you need.
  5. I got my Coker Magnum 500s (15x7 and 15x8) from Summit Racing without tires. I put on Cooper Cobras and love the look and grip. Seem like great quality only had one out of 4 with a little black overspray I just ignored. Have been on the car for 1 year and 1,000 miles on a garage kept car, no rain. Apparently one of my wheel tire combos needed extra weight to balance. I wish I had had the wheel balance checked without tires before they were mounted.
  6. congratulations. I know it is a good feeling.
  7. Never noticed those folding seat trunk trim pieces. Do they block off the trunk well in the quarter panels? Would it make a good trim piece for a non-folding seat car to dress up the trunk?
  8. It wasn't today but last thing I worked on was replacing the fuel pump. The old one thought it was a water sprinkler. Was the first time I had done this and I had to remove the AC compressor and take off the oil filter to get the old one off.
  9. I've heard and seen great things from Classic Collision and Restoration in Bryan.
  10. Has anyone modified an original AM radio with Bluetooth and digital guts?
  11. Me too, R= metal and L = Fiberglass. the fiberglass one cracked and I sourced a metal one from this forum to replace it next time I paint the car.
  12. x2 on west coast classic cougar. They have a video on this and suggest just breaking it since you are replacing. It is held on with four dabs of silicon
  13. I went with a stock style with mild upgrades and could not be happier. Talk to John at OpenTracker. I did roller spring perches, roller idler arm, lowered upper control arms and put 620# springs in front and mid-eye leafs in rear. It drives better than when it was new. I keep stock appearance, get better performance, and saved a lot of money. I also did a CSRP Disc brake upgrade on my original spindles. https://opentrackerracing.com/ http://www.discbrakeswap.com/
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