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  1. What front suspension setup???

    I upgraded to roller bearing spring perches and the Arning/Shelby drop with parts from Jon at http://opentrackerracing.com/ and steering rebuild components from Dan at http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ I have not been able to drive it yet but all reports are it should be better than new and it was affordable way to get a good driving car.
  2. Free drum brake parts

    A couple of follow uop questions: - What brake kit did you install that required to keep the drum hubs? I'm curious because my install might be a stepping stone to something else later. - Did you replace your original brake distribution box on the inside fender or the passenger side hard brake line? If you still have those I might be able to use them.
  3. Free drum brake parts

    My kit from CSRP came with new rotors, lugs, and bearings that replaced my drum hubs. In the picture you can see the rotor and hub are integrated. I did re-use the spindles but everything was stripped off of them. Yeah, I looked up the price of replacement drum hubs and they are expensive. I've got a messed up hard brake line from years ago to replace so I know the frustration of doing something like that.
  4. Brake problems

    I decided to order a new set of stainless lines for the front of the car. I'm planning on taking off the distribution block and cleaning it. Any tips on this? I'm nervous about what appears to be the brake light warning sensor. Any tips on cleaning out the rear lines, I was not planning to replace those since money is tight.
  5. I need the spring that returns the parking brake handle back under the dash when you release it. Mine stays pulled out and I have to manually return it by pushing it in. I also need one set of the screws that hold a headlight in by the trim ring and the individual screw that holds the outer chrome beauty ring on at the top of the outboard lights on a 69. Thanks
  6. Free drum brake parts

    Yes, I can ship it to you, do you need the rubber boot too? It looks like it is in good shape and the rod looks near perfect. They are still attached to the master cylinder so I'll have to separate them.
  7. Free drum brake parts

    I have one hub loose and the other still inside the drum. I can try to break it loose but it took over an hour on the first one which is why I just unbolted the whole thing from the spindle on the second one. They should be in decent shape but should get new bearings, I think the studs are fine. Send me a PM with your ship to address and we'll figure something out.
  8. Taking off my front drums and replacing everything in the rear drums. If there is anything you need with a early 69 date code it's yours for the price of shipping. I also have a brand new power steering idler arm - $40 Located in the Austin, TX area
  9. Brake problems

    Thanks. I painted it tonight. Got the new brake pedal In and the booster mounted to the firewall. When I get the brake light switch back on I'll be done under the dash. Have one bad hard line nut on front passenger side. I'll look around for how much a replacement is.
  10. I forgot to include in my update that when I was contorting myself to get under the dash and release the brake plunger rod from the pedal that I could not get the passenger door open. I heard some parts fall apart inside the door. Another thing I get to look forward to.
  11. Brake problems

    Yes, they do and yes it is on the wrong side per the box label. When reading the CSRP instructions it said, "Regardless of package markings the preferred orientation for the rotor slots on the outboard sides is to radiate from the hub to the edge in a clockwise fasion for the passenger side, and anti-clockwise for the driver side." So I did it that way on purpose per the instructions. I'm open to comments.
  12. First weekend progress is all new brakes on all four corners. Rear drums rebuilt with all new parts and front corners have the drums gone. Installed are the CSRP 4 caliper disc system with new rotors, bearings, and calipers. Also got the old master cylinder out.
  13. Brake problems

    Weekend is over but this is what I got done. Both rear drums rebuilt with all new shoes, drums, springs, and wheel cylinders. Both fronts have old drums off and new rotors, bearings, and 4 piston calipers installed. Removed the old master cylinder The hardest thing I had to do was clean off the old grime on the front knuckles and attach the cross over tube between the front and rear cylinders on the disc calipers. The CSRP kit is going together really well, the instructions are excellent, and the kit is very complete.
  14. Brake problems

    Thanks! I've got the other rear drum off now and will assemble it and then start the disc installation tomorrow.
  15. Brake problems

    I do have a micrometer but since the area I'm talking about is on the taper I don't know how I would get a reference measurement. If it was on one of the cylindrical areas I could compare the two sides. Remember, this is my first time doing any of these things so I have not idea if this is an issue or not.