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  1. New foam and seat covers. These are the TMI with larger bolsters.
  2. I had an exhaust leak at the manifolds (bad collector connection) so I used the opportunity to add JBA Shorty Headers. I have the original 302W and no drone
  3. I've done one side of my glue-in glass repair and the other side is almost done. I did not get the applicator so I wasted some and had to get a second tube. I had a shop put in all new exhaust front to back with Dynomax Super Turbo 17733, cross pipe and curved turn downs behind the valance. I love the sound.
  4. My interior is dark red. the package tray matched the interior color until it faded. I have a new one and will paint it to match the interior.
  5. Through the firewall. I had the heater box out and that made it relatively easy. I actually installed a heavy gauge amplifier wire to the battery and to a junction box mounted to the right of the glove box. I then used a relay with the original radio wire as the trigger.
  6. Here you can see wher I put it above the original radio and under where the AC vent goes.
  7. It works great. I don't have my car back together because I decided to get it painted while it was already torn apart. I have this radio/amp imstalled and it does what I expected. I mocked up the speakers to test it and it sounds really good. I will probably have my antenna deleted and I already installed the original AM radio in the factory location. I only hooked up the light that comes on when dash lights are on.
  8. Does it matter? At least in my case the front fenders and hood will be painted off the car so doing the engine bay first would not matter.
  9. I was going to post the same stuff the majority already said. Dan at Chockostang.com Stay manual with upgraded parts is the simplest, economical, and happy path If you go power assist Dan can help with that too. He set me up for my factory PS car. I also have the roller idler arm. It drives better than new with the new bushings, UCA drop, roller spring perches and modern alignment for radial tires. Borgeson, Flaming River, Rack and Pinion/Mustang II all add cost and complexity.
  10. I like the idea of using actuators connected to a remote. No need to add a switch inside the car, just want something to make it easier to lock and unlock.
  11. @stangs-R-me thank you for the great pictures. Those are the ones I will probably go with.
  12. That looks really good at the top. the curve looks like the fiberglass is maybe not aligned but it would have to be for the window crank. On my fastback the bottom curves forward towards the aluminum sill.
  13. Nice color, Ridge. I have been thinking of getting an 05 or 06 for another car, I have a teen getting her drivers license soon and she may get my F150 and later she could have the Mustang.
  14. Do you have a picture of the solution? Mine is so bad it is all messed up. I have new door windlace and will be doing the windows in the next year or so.
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