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  1. I got a 95 amp Ford alternator.
  2. Bob, the title of the thread says 1970 Coupe. No I can not help you with lotto numbers unless you want the loosing numbers I have been playing, LOL.
  3. Very nice looking 70 Coupe, love the color.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Any pics of the Coupe?. My first car & first Mustang was a 1970 Coupe.
  5. With my 69 Coupe I am going the restomod route. I have performed the Arning/Shelby UCA drop, rebuilt the complete front suspension using period correct looking parts that have been modified including a roller idler arm for the manual steering, 1" lowering front coil springs, 1" lowering 4.5 mid eye rear leaf springs, adjustable strut rods, 68/69 Mustang GT wheels, Mach-1 hood scoop, front & rear spoilers, & Shelby convertible lower side scoops. It has a modified 5.0 roller motor, T-5 5 speed, hydraulic clutch, dual electric cooling fans, front disc brake conversion a period correct looking AM/FM stereo with modified internals to be able to play my MP-3 player through it, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, sub frame connectors, Monte Carlo bar, export brace, rear seat to trunk divider panel, & a complete rewire using AAW wiring kit. My Coupe was originally painted meadowlark yellow, I will have it painted chrome yellow still keeping it in the yellow family, & still trying to decide if I want to go EFI or just put a carb on it.
  6. I have them installed on a 24" radiator in my 69 Coupe. Going to the bigger radiator you have to use the top clamp. https://www.cjponyparts.com/radiator-bracket-upper-mustang-1969-1970/p/RADB4/
  7. I am running only an alternator on my 1987 5.0 in my 69 Coupe. I am using the Ford Contour electric cooling fans on a 24" radiator w/twin relays & circuit breakers. I am using a standard rotation water pump from a 1987 C/V, the alternator brackets I used were, cylinder head bracket # - DOOE-10A336-A2, alternator bracket # - DOOE-10156-A, alternator offset adjuster bracket # - D3AE-10145-DA with a Dayco 40" serpentine belt # - 5060410. I had to add a 3/4" spacer to the bottom bolt of the larger main alternator bracket. I used the 1987 C/V crank pulley & water pump pulley & a small case 95A 3G alternator from a 92-94 Ford Aerostar & it bolted right up. Ford Contour electric cooling fans installed, 3G alternator setup,
  8. The 1987 5.0 in my Coupe has the 351 firing order. I have #-1 wire at the 10:00 position looking down at the distributor. Here is a pic.
  9. Chris, welcome to the forum. Nice looking 70 Mach you have. Good luck with the 69 Fastback.
  10. On my 69 Coupe that was built in Metuchen, NJ 11/68 it is attached to the top of the r/s rear inner fender apron back by the hood hinge.
  11. I would just replace the u joints with two new ones & call it a day.
  12. That is what I used to do back in the 80's when I had a modified 68 GT Coupe. I would even put the dist cap back on & pop the retainer clips back on to make it look like I did not fool with it. No one would ever think to remove the dist cap to look for a missing rotor.
  13. Welcome to the forum Bruce. I started rebuilding a 69 Coupe 10 years ago that I also acquired as a shell.
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