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  1. I got a new brake pedal and clutch pedal.
  2. I went from an auto trans to a T-5 in my 69 Coupe. I also used the hydraulic clutch kit from Modern Driveline.
  3. I converted to a 95A 3G alt on my 69 Coupe without any accessories except for the alt. I am using a single serpentine belt & use the alt to adjust the tension using the stock alt brackets.
  4. I saw a post where there were 2 pics side by side, one of the banjo playing from the movie Deliverance, & one of Joe Biden, very scary how much they look alike.
  5. I also used the Spectra 22 gal tank in my 69 Coupe. I made sure to remove the pump & clean out the inside before installing it after reading others problems with them. I have not yet run the engine.
  6. Looking good Vic. I didn't realize how parts were associated with the convertible top frame.
  7. Modern drive line sells the clutch pedal, but you can get it cheaper from CJ's. https://www.cjponyparts.com/modern-driveline-clutch-pedal-assembly-1969-1970/p/CP3/ Here is the power brake pedal with manual trans. https://www.cjponyparts.com/brake-pedal-assembly-manual-transmission-power-brakes-1967-1969/p/PDS/
  8. Welcome to the forum Ron. Very nice looking Boss 302. I like the 70 Coupe, my first car was a 70 Coupe.
  9. Mach1Rider I am in the same group as you, over 60 white male. I am just hoping that companies do not start requiring their employees to get the vaccine to be able to work in their stores like some stories I am been seeing, especially since I work in retail.
  10. Vic it looks like it is coming along nicely. I like the color choices you are considering, & I think the Cougar Eliminator side stripes will look cool on your Mustang. The color of the 69 in the last pic you posted is almost the color of my 2000 Ranger which is called medium platinum metallic.
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone here.
  12. Hi Vic, the Mustang is at a stand still right now, I still need to purchase the efi unit & install the exhaust before it will run. My wife & I purchased a house in southern Va. just west of Martinsville that we are starting to renovate for when we retire in 2 years & right now the new house is taking up all our time & money.
  13. Looks great, love the grabber green.
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