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  1. Mike65

    69 Vert project

    Try contacting James at www.usedmustangparts.net @ Blue Ridge Mustang Classic Mustang to see if he has a 69 Coupe he could cut it off of. He is in Va. & I have dealt with him for parts for my Coupe before. I have also purchased sheet metal pieces from Troy on VMF, he is usually selling parts in the 69/70 parts for sale section there & goes by the profile title of 4280, he is in Oregon.
  2. Mike65

    1970 Fastback

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Mike65

    1970 Fastback

    Nice, where did you get them from, & which ones did you get?.
  4. Mike65

    Big wanted parts list

    Punisher, I have a set of original factory Ford black seat belts that came out of my 69 Coupe. Make me an offer + shipping. I have a paper template for the rear package tray for the Coupe if you want to make one instead of buying one I could give you the paper template.
  5. I am also blessed that my wife of 30 years was a car girl until she got interested in motorcycles, she has her toy & I have mine.
  6. Mike65

    Fuel line isn’t sealing

    I will be using NiCopp line for my fuel & return lines.
  7. Sven, congrats on getting married. It is important that she is a car girl or as you said at least understands your car life.
  8. Mike65

    1970 Fastback

    Looks good.
  9. IIRC from when I worked at the new car dealers the black stuff is butyl sealer, & the gray stuff is like MTF stated is 3M ribbon caulk.
  10. I ordered new quarter window stainless steel trim weather stripping so I could replaced the cracked ones that are on the trim now & polish the trim before I install them on the glass. I was wondering how the weather strips come out?. Do they just pull out?. Here are the qtr window trim pieces I have, Here are the weather strips I ordered, https://www.cjponyparts.com/cp-cv-rh1-4-window-w-s-ford-tooling-1970-1973/p/WSQW5R/ https://www.cjponyparts.com/cp-cv-lh-1-4-window-w-s-ford-tooling-1970-1973/p/WSQW5L/
  11. Mike65

    Wiring help needed

    Punisher, if the under dash harness is that badly butchered up you might want to think about having midlife re-do the harness or purchase a repo from one of the Mustang parts venders. https://www.cjponyparts.com/cj-classics-underdash-wiring-harness-usa-made-without-tachometer-1969/p/WUD13/ Or you could do like a few of the guys here & myself did & completely re-wire the car & eliminate the 50 year old wiring using an AAW wiring harness kit. https://www.americanautowire.com/view-product/1969-ford-mustang/
  12. Chappy, I researched this when I was thinking about using that bezel & posted it on another forum when one of the members was looking for some gauges with a black face for his 1970 Mach-1 to closely match the clock. I also researched the prices of gauges to install into my stock gauge dash panel & found the Dakota Digital VHX gauges with the black face the closest match to stock style gauges. If you have your stock style gauge dash panel this is the least expensive route, since you do not have to purchase another dash panel. Here are the links to the Autometer gauges to fit the MTF gauge dash panel. https://www.autometer.com/5-tach-10-000-rpm-in-dash-elec-4361.html https://www.autometer.com/5-speedo-160-mph-in-dash-mech-3788.html https://www.autometer.com/2-5-8-water-temp-100-250-f-sse-3903.html https://www.autometer.com/2-5-8-oil-press-0-100-psi-sse-3901.html https://www.autometer.com/2-5-8-voltmeter-8-18v-sse.html https://www.autometer.com/2-5-8-fuel-level-0-e-30-f-gm-sse.html Here is the link to the Dakota Digital gauges at CJPP. https://www.cjponyparts.com/dakota-digital-6-gauge-assembly-vhx-with-black-alloy-style-face-1969-1970/p/VHX69K-V/
  13. Mike65

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Here is a Happy Thanksgiving wish to everyone here.
  14. Mike65

    New welder

    I have the Lincoln Weld Pak 155 that I purchased right after I acquired my 69 Coupe project back in 2001. Shortly after purchasing the welder I converted it to gas. I have been able to do all the welding needed on my 69 Coupe with this machine. I did have to run a 220V line for the welder but my compressor uses the same voltage so it was ok.
  15. Mike65

    Steering wheel alignment

    IIRC my 69 Coupe has the same mark that Midlife speaks of.