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  1. He is probably talking about the dealer name sticker alot of dealers put on the cars to advertise where you purchased the car. Dealer Name Decals Brushed Chrome Polyester (impactdealersolutions.com)
  2. Midlife just to let you & everyone else know the wiring pigtails for the oil pressure & coolant temp sending units #-14489-12A was a perfect fit. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Installed the oil pressure & coolant temp sending units along with the proper fitting harness ends. Now I just have to hook it to the wiring harness.
  4. The ones I purchased are to tight, they will not go over the threaded stud. jmlay I will give that a try tomorrow & report back. 70 Boss351 if the idea jmlay gave me doesn't work I found the ones you stated at Summit.
  5. When I installed them on my 69 Coupe I have them 1 3/4" back from the door opening front edge of the quarter panel to the center ridge of the scoop. Just like in the pic above I set the scoop so the top was level with the body line. Here is a pic of mine.
  6. After almost 2 years of concentrating on the "new to us house" I have finally started back working on the Mustang. I want to finish the wiring under the hood first before I move to the trunk area & that has to do with the oil pressure & water temp senders. I have the new senders but since I have an AAW wiring harness I do not have the "L" shaped ends that slip over the threaded studs on the senders. I purchased a couple from CJ Pony Parts a year or so IIRC & they do not fit the stud on the senders. Anyone have a line on some that will work?
  7. Thanks Vic we are well, hope you & yours are too. You could come up here or I could drive to Charlotte.
  8. I am in the process of completely rewiring my 69 Coupe with an AAW wire harness. Some of the wiring was cut & the insulation was cracked & since it was almost a bare shell it was a little easier since I stripped off what was left on the shell.
  9. Now that our new garage/shop is set up I lifted the hood & uncoiled the remaining wires under the hood that need to be hooked up. I had them coiled up & zip tied to various items under the hood when we moved it from NJ to Virginia.
  10. Nice work there Vic. Now that you are semi-retired & I am also as of Jan 1st maybe we could get together some weekend.
  11. The postal service is so messed up I have order stuff coming from further south then I am (south west Virginia) & it will come in to Greensboro, NC which is about 1 hr south of me, then it goes to Roanoke, Va about 1 hr north of me then come to the local Martinsville, Va post office then get delivered.
  12. Cool pics, thanks for sharing.
  13. Nice work. I remember the engine build phase of my 69 Coupe build & dealing with shops. Keep up the good work & post more pics.
  14. Looks awesome, nice work.
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