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  1. IIRC there was a cardboard panel, some of the Mustang parts suppliers sell a metal one. I purchased the metal one & installed it in my 69 Coupe. It came with sheet metal screws, but I bolted mine in.
  2. I installed the same kit as TexasEd from CSRP, the 4 piston K/H type calipers mounted on the stock drum brake spindles with brake booster. I installed mine with the engine out.
  3. I am going to be using the Pertronix II Flamethrower distributor, Flamethrower coil, & the Digital HP ignition box. With that ignition box you have programming functions, cylinder selection, trigger type, & fatal rev limiter to prevent catastrophic engine failure.
  4. Jay, your Coupe looks great with the other Mustangs.
  5. IIRC BuckeyeDemon's pics are hosted on Photobucket where I have mine. All the pics I posted in my build where on photobucket & alot of them still went away.
  6. The sub frame connectors are they ones you made or did you buy them?.
  7. Jack, if you move your computers cursor over the members screen name a box will appear & in the lower left corner it says message. Or you could click on the members screen name & then to the right of their screen name it says message. Click on that & then you can type out your message & send it to them. Hope that helps. Mike.
  8. Two were missing on my Coupe & I ordered new ones & welded them in like Ridge said.
  9. Thanks mikee. What units of measurement did you use?.
  10. My 69 Coupe has the visibility group. When I re-assembled the dash there was a metal bracket that goes around the ignition lock cylinder & screws to the dash that the bulb & socket plug into. If you have the Osborn electrical assembly manual it shows a picture of it on page 19 under instrument panel cluster & controls. It is part #- C9ZB-11A596-B retainer. Here is a link to a used one at WCCC. WCCC also has a picture in that link that shows it installed looking at the back of the dash. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/c9zb-11a596-b.html
  11. mikee, I am interested in seeing your drawings of the sub frame connectors. I am thinking of making some for my 69 Coupe, & I like the way yours look.
  12. I have been using the tech flex braided sleeving to wrap the harness. https://www.amazon.com/Braided-Sleeving-0-500-10-Black/dp/B004UHQMYW/ref=pd_yo_rr_rp_6/134-6223686-2375155?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B004UHQMYW&pd_rd_r=3dbbe53b-74dd-42f5-83a4-69d9b0baf024&pd_rd_w=aAN3p&pd_rd_wg=rQiXp&pf_rd_p=8d661bcd-e088-478d-a296-0f0c547bdf7e&pf_rd_r=9JYWVFJKWS8AMJGD9WBG&psc=1&refRID=9JYWVFJKWS8AMJGD9WBG
  13. Nice work, looking good.
  14. I am going to be running an alternator only using the stock serpentine alternator pulley on a 1 wire alternator, stock water pump pulley, & crank pulley from a 1987 C/V 5.0
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