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  1. Thanks Randy & Brian. Thanks for the pic Brian, that is what I needed.
  2. Correct, it is the stock 69 Mustang steering column & the steering wheel from a early 80's Bronco IIRC. I purchased the steering wheel from a member here danno & he showed me how to modify it to fit the Mustang steering column.
  3. Now that the engine & trans are in the Coupe it is time to start doing some wiring. I have to run the starter wire from the solenoid to the starter & there is either one or two brackets that hold the starter cable off the engine & the frame. I tried a Google search & came up with nothing, my 69 Coupe has a 302. I think the cable brackets go under one of the oil pan bolts, am I correct? pics would be great.
  4. Hi Vic,

      How is your Mustang running with the FiTech EFI?. Where did you purchase your FiTech unit from?. 


  5. My wife & I will be in the area June of next year & I would like to visit & take the assembly plant tour.
  6. Yesterday I drained what was left of the trans fluid in the T-5 trans. Today before it got to hot I got the trans installed, & installed the shifter.,
  7. Today I installed the T-5 trans & shifter. rmarks, My Coupe was a rolling shell when I got it so I did not need a kit to install the T-5. The trans & the modded 5.0L engine is from a 1987 Mustang GT, I am using a hydraulic clutch kit from Modern Driveline, the trans mount is from a C-4 trans, & the trans crossmember is from Calponycars. https://calponycars.com/1964-1973-classic/784-tra-670-523.html https://www.moderndriveline.com/catalog/hydraulic_masters.htm
  8. I agree, my last Mustang was a 68 GT Coupe with a C4 auto & I installed 3.50 rear gears & I loved it.
  9. Drained out what was left of the trans fluid from the T-5 & the trans is under the car on the jack ready to install tomorrow.
  10. Thanks Vic, I am going to run a serpentine system from CVF Racing. https://www.cvfracing.com/ford-289-302-351w-serpentine-conversion-kit-alternator-only/
  11. When I replaced the quarter skins on my 69 Coupe I came down about 1" from the top body line & cut the quarter off, then once I had the fit I was happy with I cut the top of the quarter 1" higher then needed & then flanged it & slide the flange of the quarter skin under the old quarter panel did one last trial fit & screwed it together. When I was happy with that fit I started welding it on.
  12. Thanks for the info,I should be installing it on Saturday.
  13. I got the Mustang up on ramps in the rear & jack stands in the front to get ready to install the trans on Saturday. It is about 1 1/2 feet off the ground, just enough room for me to slide under it with the T-5 trans on a floor jack.
  14. When I had the rear rebuilt in my 69 Coupe I had 3.50 gears installed along with a trutrac. I had 3.50 gears in a 68 GT Coupe I had back in the 80's & liked it, so I had the same ones installed in the 69.
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