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  1. Contact Chockostang, he can either supply a rebuilt box or rebuild yours. I got a rebuilt one from him for my 69 Coupe but I have not driven the car yet since it is not running yet. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
  2. I am thinking about doing the hood stripe from a 1970 Mach-1 with the non functioning hood scoop. https://www.graphic-express.com/ford-motor-co/1964-78-mustang-restoration/1970-mustang-mach-1-dearborn-hood-paint-stencil-choose-4-styles.html
  3. The link says page not found.
  4. Yes it would, but you know that will NEVER happen.
  5. Mike65

    58 Tbird

    I like it. The body & most of the interior look to be in good condition.
  6. Here are 2 pics of the terminal blocks I used. The smaller one in the bottom pic I used to supply power to the circuit breakers for the cooling fan relays, & the larger one in the first pic I used for the ground wires from the AAW wiring harness. I ran the ground wire from the battery to the terminal block & then from the terminal block to the frame.
  7. I used 2 similar to the one in the link, one for the power distribution, & one for the ground wires. https://www.amazon.com/Terminal-Bus-Power-Ground-Distribution/dp/B07DFXTLSX/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&keywords=Power+Distribution+Blocks&qid=1601334940&sr=8-19
  8. My 69 Coupe has a built 1987 5.0 (302), it was originally a 302. The 351 was an optional engine in 1969 so the 351 will fit just fine, a stroked 351 is a good choice.
  9. My 69 Coupe is going to be used as a weekend cruiser. I used Opentracker Racing's street performance upper & lower control arms, 1 1/8" front sway bar, performance coil springs, Shelby/Arning UCA drop, manual steering w/ roller idler arm, & adjustable strut rods. I also had the steering box rebuilt by Chockostang, & added front power disc brakes.
  10. Very nice work Casey, looks great.
  11. Unfortunately it is more gloss then semi gloss.
  12. I used the Master Series Silver as a primer on the inside & outside of the engine compartment inner fender panels & then top coated it with their chassis black. I also coated the interior side of the firewall & floors, & then applied sound deadner material on top of it. http://masterseriesct.com/page4.html http://masterseriesct.com/page7.html
  13. Vic, the car looks great, did you get the Fi tech running right?.
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