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  1. That will not happen, my wife likes the green. We searched all over NJ when we lived there to find one in that color.
  2. Thank you, the extra space is great. It is nice to finally be getting the shop organized the way I want so I can get back working on the Mustang again.
  3. I have not posted here in a couple years, & the Mustang took a back seat to home renovation. Now that the house is where we want it & we got the garage/shop built the work will continue on the Mustang. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. New garage/shop with our spare truck 99 Explorer Sport, my newest DD 2005 F150 regular cab 2WD, & my wife's DD 2021 Bronco Sport. We did not plan to have them all red it just worked out that way. The Mustang & my wife's Kawasaki Motorcycle in their new home. Inside complete interior spray foam insulated & the lower area is painted the brightest whit we could find to help with lighting. We have 4 LED lights in the ceiling fixtures, & 4 (2each side) LED light fixtures.
  4. IIRC, insert the pump into the washer bottle & install the retainer ring.
  5. Good luck with the new project.
  6. WOW, great work so far Viperpete. That is a lot of sheet metal work, & I thought I did a lot on my 69 Coupe. Keep up the great work, & keep posting progress pics.
  7. Nice work Ridge, can't wait to see more of this project. I love these old trucks.
  8. Contact the seller from the link I posted & ask him to get you measurements of the radio. I put an AM/FM stereo from IIRC a 71 TB in my 69 Coupe & it fit fine, so I would think it should fit your 70.
  9. I say no also. This is something like what you would need. This one in the link happens to be a AM/FM 8 track player. 1973-73 Ford Lincoln Mercury AM FM 8 Track Radio WORKS! | eBay
  10. Vic I am planning on using the 70 Mach-1 hood stripe w/o the shaker on my 69 Coupe. Graphic Express - 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Dearborn Hood Paint Stencil – Graphic Express Automotive Graphics (graphic-express.com) 1970 Mach 1 Stencil & Decal Kit (phoenixgraphix.com)
  11. Welcome. Nice to have someone else save another 69 Coupe.
  12. Vic I know this is an old thread but I finally got the garage set up & I am ready to get back to work on the Mustang looking at your pics you stated you used a 2 1/2" header back system from Pypes. I have a system I purchased to put on the Mustang that includes tail pipes, turbo mufflers, & intermediate pipes, I just need an h pipe.
  13. Congrats Vic, that is a huge step forward.
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