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  1. Dropped off the flywheel today for the 5.0 to be resurfaced.
  2. Caseyrhe, here they are, Front, Center, Rear,
  3. On my 69 Coupe the jacking instructions was on the l./s lower part of the trunk lid where you see the clean spot in the pic. The tie down instructions sticker was on the rear valance behind where the license plate would go.
  4. Today was a nice day so I rolled the engine out of the garage & installed the valve covers & the headers. The bottom end is stock, the heads are Ford Racing M-6049-X306 w/Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers, cam is Ford Racing M-6250-B303, & the headers are Hedman 88408 Shorties.
  5. The interior on my 69 Coupe is apart would that work for you?.
  6. I had factory disc brakes on a 68 GT Coupe I had back in the 80's that had a modified 302 & they seemed fine for me.
  7. In the process of putting my 69 Coupe back together I converted to a hydraulic clutch system which I purchased from Modern Driveline.
  8. On my 69 Coupe I am running 14" GT wheels & have 4.5 mid eye rear leaf springs that I purchased from Opentracker Racing & here is a pic of how it sits now. Here is a link to the rear leaf springs I am using. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/4-5-mid-eye-leaf-spring-1964-1973/ The measurement from the center of the rear wheel opening to the garage floor is 27" with out the engine & trans in the car.
  9. Those wheels look like the ones on 69 & 70 Shelby's.
  10. Yes, one for each side. You should get a set of these assembly manuals. https://www.cjponyparts.com/1969-assembly-manual-kit-1969/p/BKAM6/
  11. I have 215/70R-14 Cooper Cobra Radial GT's on the front of my 69 Coupe & I could almost slip one of my fingers between the end of the UCA & the inside of the front tire, all though it might sit differently once the engine is installed.
  12. Took a ride up to a local metal supplier & purchased a couple 2x2x6' steel square tube to build a pair of sub frame connectors.
  13. RobotMan, The rust inhibitor you used is the the Master Series Silver?. I used that on my 69 Coupe to coat the interior side of the floor pans & the firewall, & the whole engine bay inside & out like you did. Then I covered silver inside & out of the engine bay with chassis black from Master Series.
  14. CV from everything I have seen after 24 years in the auto business that milky gunk in the radiator & the inside of the valve cover sounds to me like you got coolant in the oil.
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