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  1. Nice work Vic. That is one serious rivnut tool. I have a smaller rivnut tool that looks like a pop rivet gun & it works for what I need it for.
  2. Thanks Vic, no tax for us. According to our lawyer since I am over 62 I do not have to pay. So far so good with the house, we are about 15 minutes from the North Carolina boarder, & about 1 hour north of Greensboro, NC.
  3. Here is a better picture to show where I mounted the relay block & the electric fuel pump inertia cutoff switch. I am using a trans tunnel mounted parking brake so I made a bracket & mounted the relays & the cutoff switch where the foot brake originally mounted.
  4. Today after replacing the serpentine belt on my 00 Ranger we put my Mustang & my wife's motorcycle in the carport & called it quits for the day.
  5. Yes, we are planning on having a 2 car garage put up to the left of the carport.
  6. We arrived here on the 8/15 & the movers arrived on the 17th with the rest of our stuff. After unpacking a lot of boxes for almost two weeks, all the boxes on the first floor are unpacked, not counting the boxes in the basement. Now the house feels like our home now with all of our stuff here.
  7. I routed my AAW wiring harness in the factory location, here are a couple pics.
  8. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. We made it safely & we are enjoying our new to us home. Pics to follow in a couple days.
  9. That is good to know since those are the ones I want to install in my Coupe.
  10. OK everyone I will be absent for about 1 week. Cable & internet are getting turned off tomorrow & we will not be back up until next Sunday. I temp installed the f/e sheet metal on the Coupe for the ride to Virginia. I had to roll it out of the garage to get some of our stuff out of the attic so I snapped a couple pics.
  11. Thanks guys, moving day is just a couple weeks away.
  12. Congrats. My first car & first Mustang was a 1970 Coupe.
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