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  1. Mike65

    Good quality grill moldings?

    Try James at Blue Ridge Classic Mustang @ usedmustangparts.net I have purchased parts from him before.
  2. Mike65

    Good quality grill moldings?

    I purchased all the grille moldings good used & will polish them before I install them.
  3. Mike65

    Anyone used this radiator?

    I am using a stock Radiator for a 69 Mustang w/a/c & bolted my Ford Contour dual electric fans to it & used the stock mounts. I purchased the radiator from a member here.
  4. Mike65

    coil spring saddle comparison

    Alex, what year is your Mustang?. When I rebuilt the front suspension on my 69 Coupe I installed the roller spring perch from Opentracker Racing Products. http://opentrackerracing.com/product/roller-spring-perches/
  5. Mike65

    Finally completed I think

    det0326, it looks amazing, love the color.
  6. That would be very interesting since I need a new tank, & with it not available until the fall would be right at the time I will need it.
  7. Mike65

    Replacement gauge options? Stock dash

    I am going to use the New Vintage USA gauges for 69/70 with the black face (see link) in a stock gauge cluster. http://newvintageusallc.mybigcommerce.com/69-70/
  8. Mike65

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    Check out Blue Ridge Classic Mustang Parts @ www.usedmustangparts.net. I have purchased parts from him several times before & he is great to deal with. His name is James Van Buren Jr, & he is located in Grottoes, Va. & his phone # is (540) 578-4954.
  9. Mike65

    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    I got some parts in the mail today. I got the Pertronix flame thrower coil & dist, also got the water pump pulley, & roller pilot bearing.
  10. fvike, I can not help you with the door panel lights my Coupe has the standard interior. As far as the ignition switch light I used one of the spare gray wires (8B thru 8F) from the AAW dash lamp feeds that I did not use that I plugged in to for power for the ignition switch light. It is on page #-5, 4th line down of the installation instructions. I hope that helps you out. Mike.
  11. Mike65

    New guy in Town.

    MAC390, congrats on the new pup.
  12. Mike65

    69 Mach 1 or 69 GT

    Welcome. Pics please.
  13. Mike65

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Hey Vic, how did Carlisle go?. BTW your 68 Coupe looks GREAT. Are you going to visit the Jersey shore area?
  14. Mike65

    Project Mayhem (aka Serenity)

    Welcome, nice work on the 69.
  15. Mike65

    Rear Axle Question

    If you do not mind the drive there is a guy in south western NJ near the I-95 bridge to Delaware that did the rear in my 69 Coupe. If you pre-arrange it like I did he might let you wait while he does the work so you do not have to make 2 trips. Their name is 8and9inchfordrears, & he is located in Pennsville, NJ phone #-609-420-7113, Alan VonAhnen. Tell him you were refered by Mike Grentus from VMF.