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  1. We are all winners since the site is still up.
  2. I have one of those too, I was wondering what they are for. Couldn't you use the hook end of the drum brake spring install tool? Amazon.com: ABN Drum Brake Shoe Return Spring Install & Remove Dual-End Pliers Installer & Remover Tool for Removal and Installation : Automotive
  3. WOW! Vic the Mustang looks awesome.
  4. I am looking at getting the Summit M2008 carb. I am still undecided whether to get the 500 or 600 cfm carb for my 5.0, but I want to use the Trans Dapt 1" phenolic spacer with the rear pcv port also. Trans Dapt 2584: 1" 4-bbl Carburetor Spacer Ported With PCV - JEGS
  5. Congrats on the good runs. Your Falcon looks way cool.
  6. Congrats on getting the engine in, it is a good feeling.
  7. Vic, it is getting close to paint. Can't wait to see it in paint.
  8. No they will not, I forgot yours is a 70 & this wass done on your 68.
  9. Vic, I am planning on using LED's for the tail lights, back up lights, & the parking lights.
  10. Terry, it might take a while before it is running since I am still doing the wiring, then I have to run fuel lines & decide EFI or carb.
  11. Terry I am going to use a dual exhaust system with dual mufflers in front of the rear axle that I bought from Virginia Mustang that has turbo mufflers & has the mounting brackets welded in the proper place for stock hangers. Here is the link to the system I have. It says on the muffler Xcelerator turbo muffler & the body of the muffler is 14" long. 67-69 2 1/2" TURBO DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEM WORKS WITH ORIGINAL STYLE 67-69 HANGER KIT TRIM TAIL PIPES OR USE OUR TURNDOWNS (virginiaclassicmustang.com)
  12. What was the problem my post helped you with? The zip ties are temp until I am done. They are there to hold the harness in place.
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