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  1. I used the power disc brake kit from Opentracker Racing, & IIRc it was CCRP kit. The disc brakes were a bolt on kit to my drum brake spindles, they are the Kelsey/Hayes style calipers like the 65/66 Mustangs had from the factory. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/ford-kelsey-hayes-type-4-piston-caliper-power-disc-brake-kit-v8-with-manual-transmission-1967-1969-copy/
  2. I have a 69 Coupe & I have the Hedman #-88408 Elite Ultra Duty HTC coated shorty headers on my 1987 5.0 w/T-5 trans.
  3. Yes Vic NJ has gone mad, that is why I looking to get out as soon as I retire in just under 3 years.
  4. Bob, I have a 69/70 Mustang exploded view illustration manual that has a pic of the F/E sheet metal. It is a Jim Osborn manual #MP348 which I purchased from Missouri Mustang when I was re-building my steering column. Here is a link to the manual on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/1969-1970-Mustang-Exploded-Illustration-Manual/dp/B00MQ7QDK6 Or I can take a pic of the page & post it here if you would like, or here is the link to the book. https://missourimustang.com/1969-70-exploded-view-illustration-manual/
  5. I am getting ready to install the spark plugs & make the spark plug wires for the 5.0 for my 69 Coupe & was wondering what everyone else has done to keep the spark plug wires neat & off the engine & the exhaust. Pictures & product info and/or a link to said part would be a great help.
  6. Nice work on the column RobotMan. I rebuilt the column in my Coupe when I had it out a couple years ago.
  7. Mike thanks for the pic of the fuel lines.
  8. Mike, nice work on the fuel lines. Can you post a pic of the lines back at the fuel tank please?.
  9. Sam, welcome back good to hear from you again. The radio comes out as was described above. I recommend contacting member danno on the forum, he did a mp-3 conversion on a factory am/fm radio for me. It looks stock on the front & the extra wiring comes out the back. I drilled a small hole in the plastic glove box liner & put the input wire for the conversion in the glove box so when I get around to using it I will plug the mp-3 player in & leave it in the glove box & it looks stock from the front.
  10. When I replaced the l/s & r/s quarter panel skins on my 69 Coupe I had to replace both sides outer wheel houses also. I thought they were a good match to the quarter panel skins.
  11. When I had my collection of MM magazines the last time we moved I only kept the ones that had articles that pertained to 69 or 65 Mustangs.
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