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  1. @RPM For what I need it for it will be OK. If I have to get my 05 F150 in the garage we can move my wife's motorcycle in front of the Mustang & then there is plenty of room for it. I should have made it a 3 car garage but the cost of the concrete was expensive for the 2 car garage.
  2. It was not today but this past weekend my 69 Coupe got moved to its new home.
  3. Mike65

    New Ride/Project

    Nice score Bob. I would love one of those.
  4. Nice looking Mustang.
  5. I have been looking for a newer truck since my 2000 Ranger died. I have looked at a few Rangers & they were way overpriced beat up trucks, then this truck came up on my wife's phone for sale. It is a 2005 F-150 2WD Regular Cab, bright red, with med gray cloth interior. It has the 5.4L V-8, Auto Trans, PS, PB, A/C, PL, PW, PM, AM/FM single CD radio, side steps, spray on bed liner, hard shell tonneau cover, & only 80,500 miles. I am the 3rd owner & it has a clean Carfax report, & I got all the maintenance records.
  6. Welcome. Nice looking 69 Vert, love the color.
  7. Mike65

    Our new garage

    Update; The electrician is all done wiring up the garage. Now it is on to insulation & wall covering.
  8. Mike65

    Our new garage

    I want to put a coating on the floor & I was looking at Daich TracSafe anti slip sealer, or Rustoleum Epoxyshield. Anti-Slip 1 Gal. Clear Multi-Surface Sealer Water Repellent and Chemical Resistant TSASU-37 (homedepot.com) Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield 2-part Tan Gloss Garage Floor Epoxy Kit (2-Gallon) in the Garage Floor Paint department at Lowes.com
  9. Rich, I used the Ford Contour dual cooling fans on a 24" radiator, & a serpentine drive for just an alternator. Here is a pic of the clearance I have between the pulley & the radiator.
  10. I used the dual cooling fans from a Ford Contour. I used a 24" radiator & I am running manual steering with a stock water pump. Here is a pic that shows how much clearance I have.
  11. I purchased a rebuilt box from Chock & with the roller idler arm that I got from Opentracker Racing it steers easy. They are great to deal with. Roller Idler Arm, Manual Steering (1967-1970) Mustang Cougar - Opentracker Racing Products I also have roller spring perches. Opentracker Roller Spring Perches (opentrackerracing.com)
  12. I am 64 years old & have manual steering in my 69 Coupe with a roller idler arm & it steers like it had PS.
  13. WOW! looks great, nice progress.
  14. Mike65

    Our new garage

    Doug, quite alright. Once the inside is finished my Mustang & my wife's motorcycle are going in the garage then her Bronco Sport can have the carport. I would have built it longer but the property starts to slope away a little & would have needed foundation work, the concrete was expensive enough for a 24 x 25.
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