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  1. I would contribute also.
  2. Mike65

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Awesome work on the exhaust Mike.
  3. Mike65

    Colorado Mustang

    That is why I like to deal with CJPP or NPD because before I place an order I check to see if it is in stock.
  4. My build thread lost all my pics except for a few that I linked to photobucket.
  5. Mike65

    69 throttle cable bracket

    I am going to be using the factory 4bbl accelerator cable bracket.
  6. Mike65

    Rust Repair, Lower Rear QTR Panel?

    Thanks Machspeed, I had to rework the lower front section of the quarter skin where it meets the rocker panel because it was a little longer then the stock skin making the line on the quarter to not line up with the door line. Yes my Coupe was a vinyl top car & at this point I am still debating whether or not to put the vinyl top back on. The front part of the roof right above the front windshield has some dents in it like the hood flew up at one point & hit the roof. It had a lot of filler on it when I stripped the paint off, & if I can get it smooth I will leave the vinyl top off, if I can not get it to how I want it the vinyl top will go back on.
  7. Mike65

    Rust Repair, Lower Rear QTR Panel?

    I had rust outs in front & in the rear of both rear wheels & some hidden damage (covered by bondo) on the l/s quarter. I used 2 quarter panel skins & I am happy with the results, the lines are a very good match to the doors one which is a new shell & one has a new skin. I also had to replace both sides outer wheel houses before replacing the quarter skins.
  8. Mike65

    Taillight Panel Question

    I am doing some small stuff to keep the project going forward so when I get to the point of needing the small stuff it will be ready to install.
  9. Mike65

    Taillight Panel Question

    When I replaced the tail light panel on my 69 Coupe I had to replace the panel behind it (which is the rear gas tank brace) because it got damaged while removing the tail light panel
  10. I am using a similar front disc brake kit that uses 65/66 K/H style calipers with the transfer tube. I am using 68 GT styled steel wheels that came off of a 68 GT that I had back in the 80's that had factory disc brakes & the wheels clear the calipers. Here is a link to the style wheel I am using. https://www.cjponyparts.com/wheel-vintiques-styled-steel-wheel-14-x6-original-style-1968-1969/p/W100-V/
  11. Mike65

    Gas Tank Pressure

    1969_Mach1, I have an original "driver quality" pop open gas cap for my 69 Coupe that I want to modify to be able to use the small twist on gas cap inside the pop open cap. Does the small twist on gas cap have any manufacturer name or part number on it?.
  12. Mike65

    Headlamp adjusters

    A couple of the adjusters are riveted in & the rest are screwed in. In the pic below one was screwed in & the other one had one rivet & one screw on the same adjuster.
  13. During this cold stretch of weather I am trying to stay busy & fell like I am accomplishing something on the Mustang I took both of the front fender extensions out of the trunk & was removing the old mostly seized headlamp adjusters. Both of the front fender extensions I purchased used Ford pieces & I found on one of the extensions both of the adjusters were screwed in, & on the other one adjuster is screwed in & one is riveted in. I am thinking (which I know could be dangerous) that originally they were riveted in & the replacements were screwed in. I checked on the CJPP web site for replacements & the replacements are shown with screws to secure them to the extension housing, am I correct?. https://www.cjponyparts.com/69-headlamp-adjusters-28-hardware-only-1969/p/F3990/
  14. Mike65

    69 coupe from SVK

    mikee, if the floor needs a lot of work I would go with the one piece floor pan. https://www.cjponyparts.com/cj-classics-full-floor-1-piece-coupe-fastback-1969-1970/p/3648D/ The one piece floor pan was not being reproduced when I purchased the sheet metal floor pieces to fix the floor in my 69 Coupe