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  1. Looks great Vic. How is the weather down there? It has been snowing here since 7:00am.
  2. How is $30.00 including the shipping?
  3. Happy & Healthy New Year back to you & everyone else here.
  4. I do not need the sender, I have an electric fuel pump & I am going to convert to EFI. If you do not want it I will try to sell it on ConcoursMustang forum.
  5. Josh, I just came across a guy on facebook who has a 69 Coupe that he is selling parts off of. The chrome trim around the front & rear windshilds & the chrome trim around the side windows looks good if you need any of it.(20+) Marketplace - 1969 mustang coupe glass both door glass, quarter glass rear window and windshield 200.00 | Facebook
  6. I tested the sender with an ohm meter & a video I saw says with the sender at empty it should read 60 ohms, & full 8-10 ohms. Mine is reading empty 123 ohms, & full 112 ohms.
  7. Josh, welcome, I am also building a 69 Coupe. I purchased all the front suspension parts from Opentracker Racing. I did the Shelby/Arning front UCA drop, & the Boss 302 chassis mods. I have the roller bearing spring perches, adjustable strut rods, 1" lowering front coil springs & rear leaf springs. I added front power disc brakes & replaced the upper & lower control arms with their blueprinted control arms. I have a mild built 1987 5.0 engine w/aluminum heads & cam from a new Boss 302 crete motor & a 1987 T-5 5spd trans with a 9" Ford rear w/3.50 gears w/trac loc. I am in the process of re-wiring the car with a AAW wiring kit. Other parts have been purchased from NPD, CJ Pony Parts, & Virginia Mustang. As far as chrome trim try to get original Ford trim as it will fit better then the repo stuff. My wife & I just a few months ago moved from southern NJ to southern Virginia so the car is temp on hold. Here is a pic of it as it is today.
  8. Looking good Vic, keep up the good work.
  9. I found the sender, it is an original Ford fuel sender with the Ford logo & part #- C9WF-9275-A stamped in it by the electrical connection. I have to test it to see if it is good or not. I will let you know.
  10. Welcome Marijus, very nice looking Mustang.
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone here.
  12. Do you still need a original fuel sender, I might have one. I would have to look for it since we just moved & it might take a few days. Let me know.
  13. I do not remember which u joint I used, it might have been the larger one. I have a 9" rear in my Coupe.
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