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  1. I purchased a year or so ago a Spectra Premium 22 gallon fuel tank to use with my EFI setup that has an electric fuel pump in the tank. I have read several posts from people that have had problems with the supplied electric fuel pump & gunk in the tank. I took the tank out of the car today & cleaned off the outside of the tank & I want to clean the inside also before putting any gas in it. Does any one know how to get the sender with the electric fuel pump out of the tank? I have tried for almost 1/2 hr with no luck.
  2. Thanks Vic. Today was a rainy day & I could not work outside so I was in the garage & started wrapping the engine bay harness & where the harness runs in front of the radiator.
  3. Morgan, welcome to the forum. Very nice looking Cobra. I love the rims on your Mach-1, I had a set on a 68 GT Coupe I had back in the 80;s.
  4. Stangman69 I have a 69 Coupe I am also doing a resatomod to which was originally a 302 2bbl C-4 auto "plain jane" Coupe. I am using the same hydraulic clutch setup as you & I am in the finishing stages of my AAW harness install. If you want to check out my build here is the link to it here. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47206-mike65s-69-coupe-build/#comments
  5. Alex, I saw your post about the trunk hinges & trunk support rods, here are a couple pics of my 69 Coupe. Contact Joe Hank in Florida he sells Mustang parts. I have purchased a lot of stuff from him since my 69 Coupe was almost a bare shell when I acquired it. He is great to deal with. His E mail is paparet2@juno.com you could also try Blue Ridge Classic Mustang at www.usedmustangparts.net I have purchased stuff from him also his name is James.
  6. Today I installed the radiator, hooked up the cooling fans, & started to install the hoses. With the radiator installed I have about 1" clearance between the water pump pulley bolts & the cooling fan shroud.
  7. Roger, that is a nice looking setup. I am also only running an alternator on my 5.0 & to make the manual steering easier I installed a roller idler arm from Opentracker racing. Even with the weight of the drivetrain in the car & the car not moving I can turn the steering wheel with one hand. Here is a link to the idler arm I have which fits 67-70. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/roller-idler-arm-manual-steer-1967-1970/ Here is a pic of the setup on my 1987 5.0 in my 69 Coupe.
  8. Nice work, WOW is that a tight fit between the shock towers.
  9. Casey, love the color on the 70 Coupe.
  10. Her are some pics of the install on my 69 Coupe. Clutch master cylinder. Linkage from clutch master cylinder to the clutch pedal. Clutch slave cylinder on the T-5 trans. Remote mount reservoir.
  11. $2.17 for regular here in southern NJ, Ocean County.
  12. There are 3 wires that come out of the plug on the regulator on the alternator marked A,S, & I. A plugs goes to the power stud on the alternator, S plugs in to the alternator, & I goes to ignition, that is where the brown wire in the AAW harness goes to.
  13. I got an e mail back from AAW with the info I needed so I did the wiring hookup on the new 3G alternator & did the final install.
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