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  1. Midlife

    Horn trouble shooting

    Life just got worse. The wife slipped on the RV steps, fell, and broke both right leg bones above the ankle. I'm now going to have to be house/nurse maid for a couple of weeks on top of everything else...*sigh* Will it ever end?
  2. Midlife

    Horn trouble shooting

    Just got Internet service restored after 7 weeks, out, 3 days on, 8 days off. This is getting ridiculous!
  3. Midlife

    Horn trouble shooting

    No fuse. Power to the horn switch comes from the headlight switch. Another test is to apply 12V to the blue/yellow wire on the underdash harness. If your horns blow, then the problem is upstream: turn signal switch, headlight connector, and wiring in-between.
  4. Midlife

    Door Prep

    Bah! I'm the smartest guy in the room. Ask anyone except my wife.
  5. Midlife

    Door Prep

    Cable/Internet/phone service restored, but only for 3 days; now out since Saturday and no service techs available until a week from today! Bastards! This was like a strip tease...
  6. Midlife

    1969 gauge cluster question

    The seat belt light is based upon a timer, and will go out even if you don't start the car. I know of no other proof-out circuit in a 69/70 that runs off of a run-only line except for the alternator indicator lamp.
  7. Midlife

    1969 gauge cluster question

    Nope. In a non-tach cluster, there is an ammeter instead of the alternator indicator lamp.
  8. Midlife

    Solid state regulator for gauges?

    Midlife the Car was sold about 4 years ago when my back gave out. The garage and the house are in similar conditions: no ceilings, but water, power, and Internet exist. Very little damage to tools and equipment, fortunately.
  9. Your tranny is not leaking, it is just trying to mark its territory.
  10. Midlife

    Door Prep

    Said the jail prisoner...
  11. Midlife

    Solid state regulator for gauges?

    I'm not retired, but re-treaded. I am planning on retiring from my day job in May of next year. Then I can spend more time on the forums, answering questions in a cynical and/or humorous tone. Just an update: after 8 weeks, I just now got Internet and phone service restored at the house. Still no cable service, but who wants to watch The Voice?
  12. Midlife

    1969 Dash Grounding

    You should be seeing 1 ohm or less between chassis ground and the battery ground. Anything more than that, and you'll begin to have problems. Ask me how I know... OK...I'll tell you. My wife is trying to put me 6 feet underground so I can test continuity to ground...I'm trying to convince her that a copper or steel red/pipe stuck in the ground is just as good but she's not having any of that...
  13. Midlife

    1969 Dash Grounding

    Dash frame should be electrically tied to the firewall via welds. If no continuity, you'll need to re-weld the dash structure to the frame and/or eliminate paint at the joints.
  14. Midlife

    I Fried the Alternator Wiring Harness

    Wrong alternator harness? (tach dash and standard dash) force a different alternator harness...
  15. Midlife

    Solid state regulator for gauges?

    Almost...still no phone, Internet or cable at home (2 months now since the storm). Can only read the forums at *gasp* work.