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  1. It's been a shade over a month and the car is not finished? How are you ever going to get the Reality TV gig? I mean, really...
  2. Ummm....a straightjacket, perhaps?
  3. Your picture is too small for me to make out details. What I see is a tail-light socket, and the only wire that comes close to red is orange/blue.
  4. It should be an orange/blue wire, and is your right side turn signal line.
  5. The third wire on the passenger side switch is tied to a relay that has another wire going to the turn signal switch. I believe this is the key-on relay, which is valid if key in run and door is open.
  6. D goes before F. Don't you know your A B C's?
  7. Another possibility is a ballooning brake line, which meets all of the symptoms described.
  8. No such thing. Best thing to do is to get a molex multi-pin quick disconnect and use wires instead of the circuit card.
  9. That plug is not reproduced. I have been after NPD for many years to get someone to make it. Maybe 2% have both locking tabs intact. This plug is my pet part peeve for not being reproduced. I could provide a plug and pigtail, but my business is down due to Hurricane Michael repairs until late this year...*sigh* The red wire is for the door ajar relay, found only in 70 and up.
  10. I'd fire that mechanic after getting your money back.
  11. Aw, C'mon CV...let us know how you really think.
  12. At least you guys have euro's, pounds, and AD's to throw around. Right now, I'm trying to find another penny so I can rub the two of them together...
  13. For 1970, the ignition switch is the same regardless of tach or non-tach dash.
  14. My nose runs a bit more than that one, I'm afraid...
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