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  1. Midlife

    Postimage down?

    DooDooDoDooo (think the Twilight Zone theme here...)
  2. In the center console cup holders, of course! Oh, and under the seat when the car with the flashing blue lights follows you.
  3. The only way to repair a bad pin at the ignition switch connector itself is to replace the connector with pigtails. You can't just remove the pins (bad design for sure!).
  4. Violet wire ends up either at the ignition switch connector or at an OEM splice just above the ignition switch plug. On almost all harnesses that I refurbish, I find higher resistance at the dash cluster connector, and 90% of the time, resistance drops to 9.5 ohms or so after recrimping the pin. The other 10% are resolved by tugging on the violet wire at the OEM splice or the ignition switch connector (69's can be recrimped; 70's cannot).
  5. +1. Violet wire will be 12V if dash cluster connector disconnected from dash.
  6. Don't you think those poor folks in TX need a heater right now more than you do?
  7. Fake news! I said it as fake news, folks! Nothing to see here...move along...
  8. Hell, he can't even remember his name or when he's supposed to see his Parole Officer...
  9. Never dealt with March. April, however, was quite a performer! Oh my, yes she was...
  10. Fixed your typo for you.
  11. I sourced a close duplicate to the factory e-clip. I have about a 100 of 'em. And every cannibalized 69-73 harness has them as well.
  12. There was no e-clip holding the bolt in place, only the wing-nut. You can't mate the receiving plug with the wing-nut in place, nor with the green box as shown floating, as it is next to impossible to mate it with the headlight harness.
  13. I had a core turned in as a concours-level restoration by someone else: a 1969 underdash tach-compatible harness. with no AC. Not only was it not concours-level (wrong wire colors used, etc.), it was a converted standard AC harness. Well, I do the conversions all the time, and I had to almost completely redo the alternator indicator lamp wiring. Anyway, when I opened the bag to start a check-out, I immediately noticed this, and need your advice as to whether this will work or not. Please opinionate!
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