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  1. Midlife

    Drag Week 2023

    I wonder why that white drag car has a hitch on the rear; kinda overkill of an engine to haul around a utility trailer, don't you think?
  2. oh! I mistyped when I entered 9/11; I meant to pick 9/21! Tee Hee!
  3. The prize will be a free month's subscription to the forum!
  4. AS to when this forum will go down in September due to bandwidth issues. My prediction: Sept. 11.
  5. The more I think about the issue, I believe the ammeter gauges were designed to let one know when either the battery or the alternator completely fails, and not for use during normal driving conditions. It's intent was to act as a gauge equivalent to the alternator indicator lamp: if it deflects, it means something is dreadfully wrong.
  6. I don't know the length off the top of my head. Each year seems to be different as well. This whole problem does not seem to have an easy solution at all. Basically, one is measuring the difference in voltage across an approximately 2-3 foot section of #12 or #10 gauge wire, whose resistance is on the order of 0.05 ohms or so. Corrosion at contact points are well above this level. Unfortunately, this is not a precision system. Attempts to make the ammeter respond in a more aggressive manner by adding extra length wires between alternator and battery (starter solenoid) is asking for reliability degradation as well.
  7. Midlife

    Bandwidth issue

    I just contributed!
  8. Sounds very much like a vacuum leak to me!
  9. Midlife

    Bandwidth issue

    Apparently, a BOT was using enough bandwidth that the system ran out of allotted bandwidth. The service provider has apparently blocked that from happening again. But yes, more money paid to the provider would allow more bandwidth to be used per month.
  10. I'd recommend staying away from anything Scott Drake, as they now have a reputation of putting their name on the cheapest part available.
  11. I know my 2006 seats wouldn't work as one set of screws/bolts are horizontal, going into a cross-brace which the first generation Mustangs don't have.
  12. Due to the rising costs of shipping, I am planning on raising rates in August. First raise in rates since 2008.
  13. Something is obviously miswired or you have a shorted wire somewhere that's cross-feeding from turn signal to Neutral Safety Switch wiring. Nothing obvious comes to my mind as to why that is. The started is controlled by red/blue wires; dash lamps are blue/red wires, but still, no obvious connection. Left turn signal is green/white.
  14. Well, this isn't the first time I would be wrong...
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