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  1. And all this time I thought the C4 originated in 1964, the C6 in 1966...
  2. Hell, I'll spend anyone else's money on something like that!
  3. You're probably not going to see a whole lot of difference going from 3.25 to 3.5:1. I'd spend your money elsewhere.
  4. I dunno...it's beginning to look like Darth Vader right now. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. *G*
  5. Blasphemy to drop a Dr. Pepper! How could you??? You are hereby sentenced to another couple of days of wet-sanding.
  6. RR: Now's the time to rob a bank, as you won't be leaving any fingerprints!
  7. Damn OEM parts just don't fit the aftermarket stuff.
  8. Surely you mean Rich...
  9. I have two landlines in the house (house is undergoing repairs) along with a cell phone. Lots of spam calls from: Republican National Committee, Police and Firemen's fraternal organizations, Microsoft, Apple (I have no Apple products), Alexis wanting to advertise my business, etc., etc., etc. Almost all are robocalls with no actual person on the line. I start by saying "This is Randy" rather than hello, or yes...seems to upset their rhythms. Two days ago, I get this call starting with a short pause after "This is Randy", saying "This is Bob". "Bob who? Do I know you?" With over 700 customers, I have numerous Bobs. "Yes, you do, and I want to BS with you." Hmm...phone number from Bakersfield, CA. Could it be? "Is this RPM? I know lots of Bobs, though..." "Yes. Am I interrupting something?" Well, of course...all these calls are during dinner, so I beg off saying call me back in a bit. After dinner (belch), I call Bob, and say what's up? 30 minutes of mostly BS, we say goodbye. Yup, spam calls. What a pain.
  10. If you believe the dash gauge is bad, you can swap your gas gauge with another gauge (oil pressure, water temperature) by swapping wires at the dash cluster connector. The guts of the gauges themselves are identical. Of course, the ammeter gauge is a completely different animal and uses non-fused battery powered lines.
  11. Indeed it is, at least the cluster housing itself.
  12. So is most of the chassis!
  13. That's not rust; that's Patina.
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