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  1. Now I know why I don't like Pumpkin Spice.
  2. Someone has to do the dirty job, and it might as well be you. You'll be making money and keeping the local folks employed for another 6 months or so.
  3. I'd name it "Edgar" if male, "Florence" if female or "Pat" if unknown.
  4. Midlife

    Mach 1 video.

    Not a bad video/song for a country/western singer.
  5. Are you missing a bolt for the hole on the lower right of the part that sits on (what I think is) the frame?
  6. There is no fuse. What is wrong is that by replacing the circuit cards, you have to remove the retaining nut on the gauges. Underneath the circuit card is a cardboard insulator that slips over the two posts. There's enough slop in the gauge fitment into the cluster itself that it is EXTREMELY easy to have one of the posts contact the metal housing, particularly since you cannot see what is going on beneath the insulating pads, the circuit cards, and the retaining nuts. Once one of the posts contacts metal, all three gauges are essentially short-circuited. How to test? Measure the resistance from each post to ground: you should see kilo-ohms at worst. If you see 1 ohm or 13-14 ohms, then that post is grounded (1 ohm) or the other post is grounded (13-14 ohms). The input power to each of the gauges (oil, water, fuel) is common to all 3 gauges. This test is also essential for the ammeter; if any of the ammeter posts are grounded, you will quickly have a dead short to battery and a fire and smoke will result in seconds. If you see low resistance, loosen the retaining nuts and wiggle the gauge such that the posts are not contacting the side of the slot allowing the posts to stick through.
  7. Dang...we lost our chance...not enough time!
  8. Midlife

    SNOW !!

    Just wait until the Santa Anna winds start up in a week or so, immediately followed by "Da Big 'Un" earthquake.
  9. Midlife

    SNOW !!

    Oh man, send some of it down my way to Florida. We've had 37 of the last 38 days with no rain, all high temps in the 90's.
  10. Well, that diagram is wrong, as the 20 amp fuse isn't hot at all times (only when key is in ACC or RUN). It is located on the top left of the fuse box, and powers the radio, part of the wiper assembly, and backup lights. Your top picture of a fuse box is incorrect for 59.70's, but is correct for 65-68's. There is a plug past the firewall grommet that is a four pin square affair: two wires are red/blue (for the neutral safety switch), and two wires are black/red (backup lights). These wires go down to the NSS/BU switch, which must be adjusted correctly for both cranking the engine and for backup lamps.
  11. If your speedo is still making noise, why not use briefs or boxers? SOMEONE had to say it...
  12. So that's where that e-mailed video of you masturbating came from! I'll be damned...
  13. Oops. I meant his better/worse half... same difference.
  14. I wonder if there is too much slop in the rag joint in the steering column...
  15. Something to do with his parole, I'll bet... How's the ankle bracelet fitting these days?
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