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  1. Midlife

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I've never understood the fascination for large rims and low profile tires. It makes the ride harsh, it increases the unsprung weight, and looks unsightly when overdone. Have you ever seen race cars with low profile tires? There's a reason for that... I've not seen any major advantages to go this route other than availability of tires. Stick with 65 series tires and you're ride will be much improved.
  2. Midlife

    Midlife Crisis!

    I got a job (two, actually!), I got a life, I got a wife...enough said.
  3. Midlife

    Midlife Crisis!

    As of a few days ago, I lost my lead in the Leaderboard. Help! I need y'all to post some softball statements that I can easily take out of context and crack jokes about so you can "like" my responses. It's been rather dull and boring along those lines in the past couple of weeks. How's that for a Midlife Crisis?
  4. Midlife

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Gordon is right on here.
  5. Midlife

    Identifying (possibly) mis-matching heads

    Cheapest solution is simply to keep running this engine until it no longer runs well or you have sufficient money to replace it.
  6. Midlife

    Printed circuit board

    No. Dash lamps on completely different circuit than gauges other than sharing a ground.
  7. Midlife

    Opentracker's Roller Idler Arm

    Return to center is more likely a function of having enough caster in your wheel alignment.
  8. Ahhh...but if you use racing fuel (110 octane), the smell will be much better! I used gasoline dipped in a rag to remove aftermarket undercoating on my car, along with a small flat screwdriver to get into nooks and crannies. Of all of the solvents available, gasoline is the cheapest and very effective. Just work in a reasonably well-ventilated area and keep the gas in a metal oil catch pan outside.
  9. Midlife

    Leak from power steering?

    Bah! The car is simply marking its territory, warning GM, Mopar, and ricers to stay away, far away.
  10. If your dash or turn signal lights work on your dash cluster, and at least one of the oil, water, or fuel gauges work, then the problem is not the ground.
  11. Your test indicates that the wiring and the gauge work correctly, but please do not ground the sending unit line more than just a couple of seconds, as it will burn up the gauge.
  12. Midlife

    70 Conv wiring issues

    I honestly don't know. You first said it came from the signal harness, which I interpreted to mean the dash cluster. You later clarified it was the turn signal switch connector. Now you're showing a picture of a ground wire, possibly associated with the ignition switch. I don't know what I am seeing here...Sorry. The picture is part of the circuitry I rarely if ever see in my shop.
  13. Midlife

    Running a battery cable from the rear

    Ahhh! Me, being a blind squirrel, occasionally gets an acorn!
  14. Midlife

    70 Conv wiring issues

    That is the wiring for the warning lamp for door ajar. That black line goes to a relay on the passenger side.
  15. Midlife

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Was this black wire coming out of the dash cluster connector? It is not to be connected, as it helps strengthen the crimp of a single strand resistor wire. DO NOT ground this wire!