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  1. Midlife

    Bandwidth issue

    OMG! The number of spam posts is getting waaaaay out of hand. Someone really needs to do a good deletion of these posts....
  2. Misalignment with the lock-out rod on a 70-73 is a common problem. Installation of the ignition switch must follow the factory manual.
  3. Monte, I'll take door #3, please!
  4. red/blue are NSS; black/red are backup lights.
  5. 9840 is a speed control harness. Good luck finding one of those!
  6. In that last photo, all three plugs are not familiar to me at all.
  7. That doesn't sound familiar. Can you post a picture?
  8. Aha! All of you are having insecurity problems. I recommend a psychoanalyst to help with your anxieties and insecurities!
  9. I suspect the problems are related to your browser. I have no problems using FireFox.
  10. Where did you find black door handles? Or did you simply paint them?
  11. The one just below the large power pin. It's color is blue/red. That wire comes from the neutral safety switch/backup harness, which in turn comes from the ignition switch.
  12. Magnum 500 wheels need to be lug-centric balanced, nut hub centered. Very few tire places have that capability. Bad u-joint, incorrect driveshaft to tranny/rear end angles can also cause vibrations.
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