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  1. Best way to measure amperage is with an inductive pickup as an accessory to a digital volt-ohm meter, and not cheap. The pickup is similar in concept to that used by a timing light around a spark plug.
  2. Headlights are not fused through the fuse box at all; they get direct battery power through the headlight switch, which has an internal circuit breaker.
  3. There's something odd about fan and headlights together in drawing down voltage. Either one by itself is not bad. Both are high amperage devices, so I suspect the alternator is running at its limit. That's what Mach1Driver and 1969_Mach1 were hinting at above. I concur.
  4. No body said the cause of these fires was only due to Global warming, but that it is contributing factor.
  5. When welding, please protect the glass from splatter, or you'll have to replace the glass. I agree with Aslanefe.
  6. I've got a great deal for y'all on the Left Coast. Yesterday, we had 3 inches of rain, today so far, 6 inches and tomorrow expecting 6-8 inches. All from Sally. I'll send you all of this rain, you just have to pay the shipping charges. Such a deal!
  7. No, they are all Obama's fault.
  8. Yes, the headlight plugs have their own ground lines, which end up attaching to the frame with a ring connector close to the voltage regulator plug. The ring connector are also grounds for parking lights and side marker lights (69 side marker lights) and the washer plug.
  9. Could it be possible that the bushings for the brake pedal assembly are bad?
  10. Bah. I just suck it up, and then blow it out, not needing any hoses at all. Be a man!
  11. It only pitches up at acceleration, not steady cruising.
  12. If this is an electrical coolant sensor, don't use teflon products on the threads, as the threads are the conductive path to ground.
  13. In fact, distilled water with coolant, 50/50 is the best mixture. That is, unless you go to Evan's cooling systems or other exotic fluids. For track purposes, no coolant is used - only water, as one doesn't run cars in freezing conditions.
  14. That can be read two ways.
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