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  1. Oh yes, Dot3 brake fluid is an excellent paint stripper. Dot5 won't harm paint at all.
  2. Show us the actual chats, not second or third hand reports.
  3. I'll take a slightly softer pedal over brake fluid leaking a ruining paint any day. Been there, done that.
  4. Trump early on stated he bore no responsibility for the virus or the US' reaction to it. Trump blames all the Democrats and some Republicans for his failure to win the election outright. Please provide a single (any!) example where Trump admits a failure or fault made by him.
  5. Yeah, that is sure true for our current president, isn't it?
  6. Midlife


    Don't you need a mountain of rocks to demonstrate the rock-climbing ability of your Broncos outside the building? Just plain dirt outside could use some sprucing up. Although...wait a couple of months and it'll all be covered in snow and ice!
  7. Damper Dudes and Damper Doctor, both out of Northern California have good reputations over the years. https://www.damperdudes.net/ https://www.damperdoctor.com/
  8. You can always consider switching engines to an inliner 6 cylinder...
  9. Replace your starter solenoid. To test your existing one, when the starter doesn't disengage, whack the starter solenoid. If the starter stops, the solenoid is the problem.
  10. The Trumpers claim the main stream media is all fake news. Say the fake news enough, many people believe it (whether true or not). The anti-Trumpers claim that much of what Trump says/tweets is mostly lies. Say the purported lies enough, many people believe it (whether true or not). All I am trying to point out that the two sides say pretty much the same thing about the other side (albeit somewhat differently) and do not try to parse truth from fiction or try to find common ground.
  11. Fixed it for you. Not a lot, but this is what most Democrats believe. The street runs both ways, my friend.
  12. " The District of Columbia is the only non-state to be enfranchised for presidential elections, gaining electoral votes through the ratification of the 23rd Amendment in 1961. That amendment gave residents of the nation's capital a share of electors proportional to its population (like the states), but limited it to no more electors than the least populous state. This meant three electoral votes in 1964, and that number has not changed. " https://www.270towin.com/states/District_of_Columbia Know your Constitution and Bill of Rights and the amendments thereof.
  13. Please provide the information on that specific county (name, state).
  14. Midlife

    The Real Truth

    Personally, I like mom/pop hardware stores, but they are getting rarer and rarer. Ace, believe it or not, has good selection of fasteners and other stuff, but perhaps not the widest range of selection. Helpful staff, though.
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