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  1. That is strange ,the last conversion i did ,the front of the roof ,the lip ,was 1/4 inch short . The roof fit but the front lip didnt reach all the way to the front of the front roof brace ,usually dont have this problem . Just got all the mrtal for a nother conversion ,i will have to check it
  2. I still have the underbrace mold to make ,after i finish straightening the under brace
  3. No ,never met them ,did some work for Jim Smart mustangs monthly and did a few articles. Mostly worked with Scott Douglas and Chuck Johnson off road racing and Precision 4 wheel drive working on off road race trucks
  4. All 6 layers on ,it was 80 * here today so thing set up very fast . I have to build the box and in a couple of days i can remove the hood from the mold and trim out the mold ...then the polishing !
  5. That is what is supposed to happen . I havnt had one stick yet ,but i have had new parts stick in the mold ...lots of cussing and they usually let go .
  6. One layer and 5 more to go ,this one has to set up first . The scoops were not as hard to do as i thought they would be.
  7. Made my flange so it will have a finished edge ,sprayed 3 coats of liquid mold release and 2 coats of dark grey tooling gel coat ,and yes ,i waxed those scoops one more time for luck . Now we wait !
  8. I got a bit worried about those deep scoops and sticking to the hood when i pull it from the mold ,so i waxed them one more time ,dont stick ,dont stick ,dont stick ,that should do it !
  9. And yes ,that is resin and fiberglass build up on the floor haha ,about 1 inch thick
  10. Wet sanded and two coats of mold wax ,i forgot how much i hate wet sanding . A little prep work in the morning and i will be ready for liquid mold release and then gel coat ,since i normally use white on my parts ,and somtimes black ,this mold will be grey .
  11. Maybe ball milled ,black and the ribs polished or brush finish?
  12. I am thinking ...some sort of milled tail panel since the 70 panel is flat !?!?
  13. What is the price on this sealer ? I used to use E6000. ,it is self leveling also but i cant get it here anymore . We rolled the race truck one season and i had to relpace the back of the cab ,at the bottom there was no way to weld because of the cage work so i flooded it with E6000,very next race it rolled again ,i like to never got the back of the cab off ,had to burn it off
  14. I ordered the ram air chamber ,i dont know if it is fiberglass or plastic ,i may have to make a mold from the factory type chamber so i can make a fiberglass one so i can modify it. View from what could be the cock pit
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