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  1. I like to seal any joint or lap ,keeps rust out
  2. Well it is sad but it looks like Biden will be president ! But wait ,Pelosi brings in the 25 ammendment ole Joe is found incompetent ,kamaramalima ding dong is now your new president ! But wait again ,she needs a vice president ! Enter Killery Hillery ! Kamalamarima ding dond mysteriously falls out the window of a very tall high rise and Bobs your uncle and Killery is now your president ! Now the really scary part ,killery now needs a vice president ...i will end it right here ,you are probably scared enough already ! My internet dropped the very second i tried to post this ,so go ahead and tell me i am wrong
  3. Well the employees do kind of walk around like night of the living dead ! I was shocked when i went to lows and found a worker in the electrical section that actually helped me find what i was looking for, but kobalt tools are junk ! The screw drivers with the soft rubber handles melt in your tool box ,really nice reaching in and coming up with and hand full of slimy sticky blue goo!
  4. Oh oh! I bought one of those 2 x4s ,it is great for going around corners . I like the ply wood that separates about a year after you install it !
  5. If i remember right ,these bolts have a shorter head than a regular bolt of the same size ,also the holes in the inside of the rocker are actually slots ,make sure the molding is pushed all the way down
  6. Could also be the fender bolts causing it ,loosen the bolt closest to the dent and see if it goes away ,a shim under the fender lip may fix it ,i have seen this before .
  7. Ridge Runner

    58 Tbird

    If it had the right mods it would make a hot hot rod
  8. I still have a couple 69s ,5 35 -37 ford pick ups and 3 56 ford fairlanes...oh and a 68 mustang convert
  9. Well ,the old cabinet is also from the 40s ,cant wait to dig through this old barn
  10. The old table i am guessing around late 40 or early 50s ,they dont make stuff this solid anymore . The band in the middle of the top side bolts in ,i want that chrome along with the legs and the same color as the retro fridge,and there is not a dent in it ,it did have a center leaf at one time may have to make one . I forgot to get a pic of the old washing machine .
  11. Found a box full of cups and bowls all marked Nippon ,this stuff can sell for crazy prices . There must be at least 10 of these old wash tubs ,the only thing i couldnt find,yet ,it the wash boards for them . I found one old washing machine in blue porcylin ,it is a kick start motorized machine but it is missing the motor but guess what ,my grandfather left me a kick start motor for one of these machines ,i will have to get a pic of the washing machine . There is a pile of old irons ,the type that had to be heated ,i may make my money back yet ,lots to go through. My sister found a hand full of sterling silver ware !
  12. So ,i sold off my car collection to buy 8 acres next door . The old house needs work but for me that is the fun part . The old guy that owned it was a ...collector ,junk haha! He collected rocks and there is just about anything you can think of . Inside of the old barn ,just fool of crap , there are a few antiques . A set of very old school lockers that are in pretty good shape ,an old metal cabinet ,and a old metal top table with double bowed metal legs . I think i want to restore the cabinet ,paint it like the retro mini fridge from home depot ,paint the lockers the same along with the old table and put a locker on either side of the cabinet . Get a whole theme going in this color . I still havent dug through everything so there is no telling what is in there .i will have to get pics of the lockers and the table soon as i dig them out .
  13. What do they think is going to happen in this time frame that will not make them look like the dumb asses that we all know they actually are . According to Al Gore we should all be frozen by now ...how is that going for you Al!?
  14. Haha ,i was thinking the same thing ,that would sure show Newsom!
  15. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=748583205989364&id=341163402640457
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