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  1. Usually what happens is a kid once climbed on the roof ,or someone put something heavy on the roof ,the ones around the edge are probably SOB dents ,thats when the car dies on the free way for no particular reason and you get out and pound your fists on the roof shouting YOU DIRTY SOB!
  2. Hard to explain , but when you have a sharp line of metal showing through it is usually a ring around a dent ,they can be very slight or a big divot . I have been using a slap file on these rings while pushing up on the center of the dent ,you only want to slap the ring and those dents will pop back up,keep the file as flat as possible ,yes a regular file will also work if you can hit flat with it
  3. I dont know it would be needed all that much ,you just cant buy separate from the whole door frame kit
  4. I love to do metal finish on the 30s models ,it is such a heavy gauge you can get it just about bondo free
  5. A member on another forum was needing this part ,it is the inner rear door post for a 67 68 fast back ,they are available only in a full door frame kit . A couple of paper templates ,a little bead rolling and a usable part came to be .they are not exact but if you cant find them you has to make um
  6. Just dont take the free mini cakes ,they dont taste good at all
  7. I have had to do this before ,i had to roll all four wheel openings on a freshly painted car ,a car i had painted! I was lucky and it was hot summer so the paint was heated ,they all rolled with out a crack in the paint but i wouldnt want to try that again
  8. Here is some pics of the trunk lid ,it in very good shape with i think two very light little dings ,almost cant see them . It just had a couple of surface rust spots where it had been sanded through the original paint ,i guess i had already sanded that away ,the dings are circled in red. Problem would be shipping at a reasonable rate
  9. They should have informed you of the price difference ,but an estimate is only an estimate . A shop can run into a lot more work than they bargained for on these old cars ,you would be surprised at what you can find hidden when rebuilding these things
  10. He wants to block the gun safe county from being able to take guns ,we need more like him
  11. Great ideal and craftsmanship!!!!!

    Your obviously gifted!

    Are you going to sell them? If so, how much and do members get a discount. 

    Appreciate your reply

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    2. prayers1


      Sounds good to me!

      i definitely want one. Put me down on the list. Would I need aluminum hood hinges?

      i was thinking getting a set off RingBrothers.

      btw, are you on Instagram. If not I think you should. It would exploded.

      Have a prosperous and Happy New Year!!

    3. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      I have one ready to go . They work with stock hinges and latches . 

      I would need an address to get an exact shipping quote  

    4. prayers1


      Sorry for the delay. Life got in the way as usual. 184 Hidden Lane road. BRANSON Missouri 


  12. I noticed it has the stagger shock mount in the floor as well as the big block towers. I have a F code San jose car with the same set up ,they must have started out as big block cars but maybe they were needed to fill an order
  13. Put that damn top down ,problem solved :)
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