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  1. I actually had to take the last 3 days off ,i havent had a day off in three weeks . Having a bit of trouble getting materials or i would be working 12 hour days just to keep up ...is there still that many Mustangs out there ?
  2. This is usually etched into the paint ,if not to deep do as Rich said and cut and polish with ultra fine grit
  3. Did the same thing on a 66 GT fast back ,i didnt want to ruin the original primer . It looked freshly primed when i was finished ...it is very messy !
  4. If you smell maple it probably isnt anything good
  5. Ha ,we live in the country with lots of trees with big ole leaves ,we are set for life !
  6. You would be surprised at some of the jokers i have dealt with . ,the motor alone has around 7000 in it . The wheels are close to 2000 ,the centercaps are 80 each then there is the rear exhaust collector and all the shelby trim and bumpers .what do you think it would cost just to blast paint strip and epoxy prime ? A Dynacorn body is 18000 now and you dont have a vin or registration
  7. There is a new ford tooling dash pad and both new deluxe door panels also ,i may have pics if i can find them
  8. Been trying to up load more pics ,looks like this is all i have that i can find
  9. Could you mean tilt front end ? Nasty big block ,tubs ?
  10. Ok ,cleaned the tag a bit ,it says rebuilt engine
  11. I was told the motor has been changed to a 292 ,it has a tag on the head i have never seen before
  12. It was a factory padded dash ,the stainless trim is still there . Some of the original black is showing through
  13. Welcome my precious ,i have been expecting you ! Is it just me or does anyone else enjoy the smell of old cars ? 272 with automatic ,was factory black and white ,interior was also black and white ooooh baby !
  14. We will all be eating beans soon ,nobody light a match
  15. Saw this this morning ,kind of makes sense ,just dont use a accetalyn torch https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218332790566053&id=1080605656 ok !
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