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  1. WTB: 1969 Tail Light Buckets

    I have atleast 3 sets left
  2. New 69-70 Mustangs

    It wouldnt hurt to ask them though ...please post their reply
  3. Where can I find these rubber plugs?

    They look like the same plug ,but they are just the slightest bit smaller and fit loose in the door
  4. Where can I find these rubber plugs?

    Here is a better pic ,look familiar? And they are very flexable
  5. Where can I find these rubber plugs?

    I found somthing that is almost a dead ringer for the main door wiring plug . It is the tail light groment for a 2001 Expedition tail light wire and it slides right off the wires ,it is behind the tail light ,hit those wrecking yards.
  6. New 69-70 Mustangs

    I would build my own ,all the metal is available
  7. 69 -Shelby style

    Probably be better in the long run ,no one else would have their hands on it so it would be safe ...unless it gets lost during delivery and knowing my luck that is what would happen. Haha
  8. 69 -Shelby style

    Well,i may have a line on another top loader ,but i am not holding my breath . If i do wind up getting it it will never leave my sight i WILL rebuild it my self this time . Its sad to think i have been working on this thing since 2009 and the only thing holding me up is people keep walking off with my top loaders
  9. Jim got ...another ...new ...toy

    The pink slip came in today in my name ,i non oped it also ,there is no telling how long it will take doing other work at the same time so i will not have to fight with DMV later on
  10. Any1 Using Chrome Got Sudden Reply Issues?

    Internet gremlins
  11. Dont ,just dont ,that is all

    Kraco was the way to go
  12. 69 -Shelby style

    More excuses ,i believe he sold it ,a few months ago he was asking where he could get one for a customer . Probably never find another one ,and after loosing two already i dont even care any more . Going to go with an FMX or a small case C6 ,just have to find one
  13. Any1 Using Chrome Got Sudden Reply Issues?

    I have this problem on occasion ,but it usually heals on its own in a day or two ,never can figure out why . Clear the cashe and your search history and it may clear . I have also had to delete from my book marks and reopen and resave in book marks to clear it
  14. Winter Needs to be done already

    Now see what happened ? All your complaining has made it rain here .where is my 70 * ,warm weather ? I want it back ! This doesnt seem to bother Suzy
  15. Dont ,just dont ,that is all

    Yes ,but since the traction bars are backwards ,it would be hard reverse launches . Hsrd to see in the pic ,but the exhaust is like a stinger for a dune buggy . Really funny thing was how many people ...kids ,stopped to look at it haha