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  1. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Some of the early years used what looks like a thick yellowish grease ,this is some nasty stuff ,it is verry messy and not very fun to clean off,and it stayed slimy ,sort of looks like what a toilet bowl is sealed the the sewage pipe with and just as fun to mess with haha
  2. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    The problem with ureathane is i hardens so if you fill the channel to full you may not be able to get the trim on,and if you set the trim when the urethane is wet you may have just glued it in .
  3. 69 Sportroof fixed rear seat package

    Wasnt able to look for it today ,very buisy ,did everyone wait untill November to order parts or somthing ? I have had more work since the first than most of the year ...looks like i am working thanksgiving day
  4. Black Saturday Sale at Tractor Supply

    They must have wanted you to have it or they wouldnt have loaded it for you
  5. 69 Sportroof fixed rear seat package

    I will look for it ,i should have two of the metal pieces ,i need to make the molds soon for the two fiberglass pieces ,if i can get some time
  6. 69 Sportroof fixed rear seat package

    There is also a long metal piece that runs along the top of the seat ,cant tell if you have on in the pic ,i may have that part
  7. 69 Sportroof fixed rear seat package

    There is a fiberglass top cap for both sides that you are missing ,nothing down the sides . No one reproduces these two pieces ,i have two good pieces that i will be making a mold from soon as i get the time
  8. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    Sealer will go between the glass and the rubber and the rubber and the body channel ,it is in a caulking tube from 3M ,I think RPM may have the part number ? We did his back window not long ago.It will take at least 3 tubes to seal it up good
  9. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    I dont use both ,urethane is in a caulking tube ,it is used to glue the glass in instead of the rope or ribbon .either one is good all by itself.
  10. Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    I have a 8.8 from a Ranger pickup ,has a brand new posi but has somthing like 456 gears ,i will not be using it .I know the posie was the best that could be bought and has only a very few hours on it because the guy used it as a pre runner and is the crew chief for a race team in Vegas .
  11. ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    The ribbon is flat like the original was ,the round is what my local glass shop calles a rope so CJ must have the flat type sealer. I used to buy the flat type from Ford ,i havnt bought one in a while but they probably still have it. The original flat seal had a small cord molded in the sealer
  12. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    Yep a good dry car usually had a good underlay that i would keep and reuse also ,it is like a black tar but it had like a tar paper backing . A good dry car ,jt would come out in about three pieces in the front . Both of my 69 mach 1s had double layer underlay and so did my old spring time yellow mach 1,i think it may have been an extra sound dead package because my 69 302 car only had one layer of underlay. When you do find one with double underlay one layer is usually like brand new
  13. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    Depends on the car ,Most Mach 1s had two layers of underlay for sound deadner ..at least the Cali. Cars ,then the jute backing with the carpet last of all. The jute backing is great for mice and rat nest ,and holds water very well if you have a leak .i have pulled carpets and backing out and found rust free floors ...if the car was not a leaker.
  14. Just a couple of my SEMA deals

    When ever i find somthing on someone front porch ,i get in trouble when i pick it up
  15. Paint on chrome?