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  1. None of the above it will crack or show lines sooner or later .You could weld the rocker joint
  2. You can unplug that wire and remove it ,it is a jumper between the turn signal and the hood scoop ,just plug in the turn signal after the wire is removed ....dont throw it away ....
  3. Sounds like the hood scoop plug in ,it goes all the way to the front and plugs into the turn signals ,the hood scoop plug in is by the master cylinder
  4. Window sealer on the leather couch ...thats a paddlin
  5. You should be able to get the tool at any automotive paint supply ,but if the glass is glued in with uratane it will not be easy what ever you use ,especially if the glass was set to close to thae channel and there is not enough room to get between the channel and the glass
  6. I think they are listed through Dynacorn but you have to buy the whole kit ...and that isnt cheap
  7. I had one in my 66 GT
  8. He builds transmissions and third members for racing so no problems ,the last one he built for me was the best one i ever had
  9. I sure hope they didnt skimp ,i just bought his road race kit .I didnt open it i just took it to a buddy to rebuild ....still waiting as usual
  10. I have a few that have original paint and they have a wear mark where the big panel overlapped them
  11. They go under the panel
  12. Another one this morning
  13. It hasnt been driven in 8 years ,not even started so it is safe for now. I have to find a form fit hose ,no way am i using one of those rubber flex hoses
  14. I built a 66 fast back road racer on the rotisserie ,cage and all ,two casters folded under the extra weight and it was not fun turning it
  15. I seem to be a spammer magnet, now if their screen name was somthing like Donna Hot redhead it wouldnt bother me a bit ...especially if she was ....but Dennisfag ,hells no!!