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  1. Ridge Runner

    Midlife ,this may interest you

    Your message box may be full ,i tried to leave one but couldnt
  2. Ridge Runner

    Show off your home brew tools!

    I cut a piece of hitch tube today ,it is 3/16 wall 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 and it cut through with ease ,a lot faster than a chop saw blade . Have to start on a cutting table
  3. Ridge Runner

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Just bought it ,but i cut a piece of 2 x 2 1/8 wall square tube and it sliced right through with little effort not sure how long they last
  4. Ridge Runner

    Show off your home brew tools!

    What? We have to find these people ,they may also have my two top loaders haha
  5. Ridge Runner

    Show off your home brew tools!

    I just bought one of the Evo cut off saw blades for my chop saw ,i cant believe how that thing cuts . Now i find my saw is not big enough to handle long pieces of metal and get a straight cut . I have a steel plate ,1/4 thick by 2 foot by four foot so i am going to take the saw off mount it to the plate after i turn it into a table ,then ad extendable side bars that will kick out four feet from both sides with adjustable rollers . You have to get one of these blades ,they cut steel like butter
  6. Ridge Runner

    Found two build sheets. Leave or Remove?

    Do several close up pics just incase they dont survive ,they will be very brittle.i managed to remove a couple but they crunbled . I once found one inside the trink lid ,didnt know it was there untill i blew air inside the lid ...yep confeti
  7. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    Its not the money ,my dad is 80 ,they cannot afford another car ,to have totaled because of a dent is over the line ,once you have filed a claim you are screwed . Now how do they do banking ,keep doctors appointments or do their banking ,this isnt even their insurance ,it is the other guys
  8. Ridge Runner

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    If you are careful a mig will make a clean weld ,screw up and it is hard to hide ,i like to mig it
  9. Ridge Runner

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    And it a pain in the butt if you want to mig weld the area
  10. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    They charged us for the meter . Got a letter in the mail to day ,they totaled the damn thing any . When you file a claim you give up your rights to the vehicle ,they do what they want and nothing you can do about it ...its a deturant to keep you from filing a claim ,but you still have to pay them
  11. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    Since they cant take the Expedition and we have to sign a form giving permission for them to do anything ...we are not going to sign a thing
  12. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    The check was for the water meter not the Expedition ,it was two different claims ,they confised them
  13. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    You have to be a licensed repair shop to have them let you repair it or they will not pay ,my dad was trying to make them pay and they tried to screw him over . I wanted to fix it ,would have cost less than $400 foe me to do it
  14. Ridge Runner

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    Here is you an up date ! Friday the wonan toald my dad and me that it had already been totaled and nothing we could do about it ,we have never seen a paper or signed anything ,she told my dad the check had already been cashed and it is final ...the check was for the water meter ,see where i am headed haha. My dad told her the check was for the water meter ,i took the phone from my dad and jumped her ass up one side and down the other and she told me ,i am a licensed insurance agent sir ,i replied with BIG FRIGEN DEAL ....along with a few other choice words . So monday she calls again and said she was going to send a transcript of the phone call ,that has never shown up ,dumb ass must have figured out her mistake ,i caught it first thing,but i watched Perry Masson alot as a kid haha . She had totaled the Expedition over the cashed check from the water meter . Today we get another phone call and now they say the Expedition has not been totaled and we were mistaken ,i jumped right in and told her to listen to that call she recorded ....long story short ,i know to late , they are not going to repair the Expedition...or so they think but it is no longer totaled and dad still has a car to drive . I am pretty sure this will be continued ,they aint getting away with this crap !!
  15. Ridge Runner

    Show off your home brew tools!

    I always thought it was a mother when you didnt have the correct tool! My dad has made a few wrenches out of my wrenches...not quite as good as yours though I keep waiting to find one of my snap on cut up