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  1. First set is for TexasEd. They already have the proper curve and moon skin grain ,i made the light holes a bit small just incase you use the new lights ,they are a bit smaller than the originals ,a wood dowl and 80 grit paper will open them up if you need to . A strip of foam on the back side at the bottom may be needed to keep them against the hockey stick just like the card board ones have but other than that they slip in under the back window rubber and 1 screw in the front where the small molding is and paint your interior color the pinch on wind lace covers the front just like the card board ones do and thats all thats need to install .
  2. Scuff with a green scotch brite then either sems satin black or a good quality spray can . You can primer but very lightly or it will fill in the grain
  3. The new gas will eat aluminum ,i put 3 fuel pumps on my sand blaster ,it is sitting now because it ate the last one also . It eats the diaphragm ,or dries it out ,if is sits a while it will eat up the aluminum. For the hollies i always kit them with the alcahol kits or the excelerator pumps dry out and crack and will no longer pump . The green alcahol pumps stop that . Not sure why the float needle would stick unless it is a rubber tip needle ,if it is try a metal tip needle
  4. I only made one mold so it will take me a bit
  5. I only make the panels no insulation ,i only have white gel coat so must be painted
  6. I can make them with light holes or not . I only have white gelcoat so must be painted
  7. That would be me ! I still make them .
  8. I bet it happened when someone said ,here ,hold my beer!
  9. Thank you sir! I was beginning to get the shakes!
  10. Main harness is bolt together, plug on the inside and plug on the out side with bolt through the two .
  11. Interior panels are easy ,all bolts and screws ,nothing hidden ,except the panel above the trap door ,it has clips ,you will need to drill all the pop rivets holding the fiberglass panels around the trap door opening with a 3/16 drill bit ,try not to wobble them out . The trap door bolts in
  12. Still no finished on car pics ,sold several . There is a problem fitting on a coyote conversion ,i believe it hits the throttle body ?
  13. This will take me a while ,just to much work to get much time in on my projects
  14. Got a little bit of me time this morning ,pulled the driver side door off and took a little metal prep to it . Took two shots to get it this clean ,the trick is keeping it wet . While it did remove some fairly heavy surface i still want to lightly hit it with my smaller blasting pot just to get anything out of any crevices or light pits . All in all this would have been a perfect door if someone hadent drilled 4 holes for mounting big mirrors ,a hit with the Miller and they should disappear. These doors have been sitting bare metal for at least 15 years inside my shop.
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