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  1. I wish i still had the pics of the 67 convert that was bought off Ebay a few years back ,they paid somthing like 11,000 for it ,it broke in half setting on my car trailer after the guy gave it to me to haul off.I will have to see if i can find the pics ,it was the same as that red one above
  2. We need a place to post the names of these sellers of rusted crap ,you may find they are the same people
  3. I can tell you ,all of these cars are comming from back east so if you are looking to buy off Ebay ,have it inspected first
  4. A buddy in Fresno bought a 67 fast back on Ebay ,when he pulled out the interior quarter trim panels ,it had quarter windows still in it and rolled down ,it was another coupe someone had welded a fast back roof on . Another friend bought a 67 S code on Ebay ,he wanted me to paint strip it and put it on the rotisserie .when i removed the carper the floor was red in the front and blue in the back trunk area. Some one had taken a rearended s code and spliced the rear half of another s code to make a complete car .Now the work on all three of these Ebay cars apears to bee the same jack ass passing these wrecked and rust buckets off as fast backs and i will find him some day
  5. Well this was bought by a friend of a friend off of ,you guessed it ....Ebay. I wont tell you what he paid for it ,but i could have completly restored a car for the price. It came from back east ,was a coupe and had a very rusty 67 fast back top sort of welded on ...and was sold as a fastback ,i am sure the fast back part came from a river bed.This is not the first one bought off Ebay done this way that i have seen .Some one is slapping together these wrecks ans half ass doing bondo work ,primering them and selling them as fast backs.I would love to turn this idiot in soon as i find out who it i. Any who ,it was taken to a "shop" here in Cali. And instead of making repairs they simply covered it over ,so the guy was double screwed ...just makes me angry when i see somthing like this
  6. Seems lately all i have been doing is repairing crappy repairs ...if you can even call them repairs .now this work was done by a supposed high dollar shop. The door jamb/striker plate area was rotted clear through so it was patched with fiberglass and tiger hair. I saw cracks so i hit it with a rubber hammer and the whole thing broke loose . The rust was never removed ,just puttied over The quarters are about the same ,rotted in the bottoms and patched with fiber glass . I can tell you this will not work ,take the time to remove the rust ,and use metal patches PLEASE! .
  7. Give the motorcyle engine case paint a try ,you will like it .It is made for aluminum and magnesium and it is very tough. I use fine line tape that is the same with as the fins ,after painting just pull off the tape from the fins
  8. Check the valve ,remove it from the booster and hose ,if you do not have a vacuum tester suck on the hose side and it should have very little resistance ,you should not be able to blow through it ,it is a one way valve . If you can blow through it the valve is bad . If you do have a tester test it in the booster to see if it holds vacuum if you cant blow through it .if the valve is good and it still does not hold vacuum the booster diaphram is probably bad
  9. Start the motor and let it run for a minute ,shut the motor off ,pull the valve out of the booster ,if it hisses the booster is good ...unless the valve is bad
  10. Well that would explain a lot ,judging by the last couple of cars i have had to re -restore
  11. The bumper brackets to frame rail are easy to get at so they can be tightened any time ,you may have to lift the bumper up or or push it down to get it to set right with the head light buckets
  12. I am doing the same repair now on a 67 fast back ,only the quarter is good .i had new striker post left over from a coupe to fast back conversion.It is a total pain in the butt to remove them with the quarters on
  13. I usually tighten the front bolt on the fenders and the back bolts on the fenders and leave the rest loose ,you can use plastic washers under the bolt heads to keep from scratching your paint ,i think i saw plastic washers at either home depot or lowes,or make some from an old milk carton . You will be making a lot of adgustments as you go so dont get the bolts real tight. Did you notice the picture above does not show the actual stone deflector or the headlight buckets ?And it is a 68
  14. You really dont want to look up strange rear ends then...or do you ?!?! Haha
  15. Strange and craigs list go hand in hand