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  1. Ridge Runner


    Do we really need to worry about these jug heads ,seems to me like they are going to take them selves out https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=136368928178534&id=105039654644795
  2. Bop him smokey ,bop him good!
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/nPmLeBVCCb8i7PNq9
  4. And were we supposed to be in a deep freeze by now Al Gore? What happened to that ? Global warming ,biggest scam ever !
  5. Oh gubner newsom ,yes , dry pine trees will explode in a ball of fire with the slightest flame ,try it on your Christmas tree this year please ! can i still say Christmas? On another note ,the lady i bought the property next door from ,her brand new house burned last month up north in Cali. Last night her cabin 20 miles frome me ,burned last night . If ...these morons running this government ..and the tree huggers ,would have allowed the dead trees removal it is very likely these fires would not have happened or al least not been so bad . Doesnt it just make sense that dry brush and dead trees is simply fuel for fires ???$#@%&
  6. Grinding will also ruin glass as will welding spatters like midlife said
  7. Fiber glass and metal really do not mix well ,it will peel after time ,patching would be the best bet ,that really doesnt look all that bad
  8. Yep ,they just busted one for setting fires this morning
  9. A friend of mine lives in Oregon ,they were told Antifa just set two fires ,time to start shooting . Fires every where here in California ,balch park is 20 miles above us and burning down ,my aunt lives there and has been evacuated . She will probably be staying in the house on the property next door i just bought before i get to .,i have 8 acres and i may allow a couple of travel trailers in if needed
  10. If it has the factory type single piston caliper they are disk brake spindles ,unless they are Granada . Drum brake spindles require an adapter to adapt the disks
  11. Just make sure that spring compressor is seated in the spring properly
  12. Tried Lowes and home depot ,the depot hoses last a bit longer but neither last long with out blowing right at the couplers ,i dont mind if its the far end but when they blow right in your hand thats when the crap hits the fan ...and a few other places
  13. Already have ,aint no dummy ....well.
  14. Ours is not to reason why ,because there is only one reason why its to take control of us and everything around us . You think it is bad now ,wait until November and Trump wins ! Better lock and load ,i have !
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