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  1. I was supposed to start making them but the price for an original ,making the molds and the very big increase in fiberglass supplies and lack of time to do everything made me change my mind
  2. Jim: Are you still making and selling the 69/70 SS drip rail trim removal and installation tools? I would like to buy a set from you if you still have them available.



    1. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      I dont have any more

    2. Boss5Oh


      Jim: Myself and one other looking to buy, interested in making a few?

    3. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      I will have to see ,i dont have much free time lately 

  3. If my door is a jar ,i hope it is filled with jalapino stuffed olives ,i like jars of olives !
  4. If you shift it over to match sides it will throw off the tail lights ,i would make sure the lights are same side to side and not worry about that
  5. I am not sure about the inners but i would think the would be different also ,i have never had to replace that piece
  6. Beware of the cheaper version of the rockers ,they do not fit ,the corners are rounder and the bends are not correct
  7. There is no fit all for 65 70 . The 65 66 rockers are longer than 67 70 by about 3/4 of an inch . If you are working on a 69 you will need 67 70 rockers
  8. Hi Ridge Runner, are you still making fiberglass sail panels and how do I reach you.  MOCA1

  9. @Drew no way to post in messages but here is the tracking
  10. It went out ,but ups charged another 20 more than the quoted price ,why does the shipping never match the quoted price
  11. Anyone else having trouble with paypal lately ?
  12. There is also a place on the bottom of the frame rail where the tower over laps the frame ,there is a hole that centers over the spreader bar bolt hole
  13. Some pics of the alignment holes on the original towers ,upside down because the car is on my rotisserie . Pardon my pointer haha
  14. Oh ,that may be a job! I believe there is plates welded over the frame rails you will have to remove . Under those plates on the frame rail you will find alignment holes ,the new towers from Dynacorn also have these holes ,a bolt or dowl through the holes and that is where it goes . You will need the measurement between the upper control arm bolt holes but we can get that to you soon as you are ready for it
  15. @Her69fastback wouldnt let me post a pic in messages
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