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  1. I am not saying that you cant make it work but the end caps and trunk lid are made to work with the shelby over lay tail panel . The shelby over lay is close to flat while the 69 tail panel is dished so that will have to be glassed in . Without the overlay panel there is also a gap at the top of the end caps and the trunk lid ,with out the over lay the trunk lid over hangs the 69 tail panel by at least 1 3/8 inch ,it also overhangs on the shelby overlay but parts fit up a bit different so it isnt quite as noticable. If you can work with fiberglass it would not be a big deal but not much you can do with the trunk lid over hanging the metal panel .
  2. Now are you talking about the stock mustang deck lid or the fiberglass Shelby 350 deck lid ? They will still bolt on but you will also have to do the shelby tail panel . The metal tail panel has to be cut out to use the fiberglass over lay panel . But like i said , factory 69 coupe and convertible deck lid and end caps are the same ...70 however has a mid year change to the end caps only that will not work on a 69 ,the deck lid is the same as a 69
  3. From what i have seen there is all types of girdles ,some for women and some for men . Skimpy and full body ! The full body is nice but could be a bear to get off !
  4. The flapper plate looks like it simply sat on top of the air cleaner ,it had a locater tab on the bottom to keep it pointing forward . The rubber seal locked over the air cleaner and the flapper plate . There was a small lid inside the air cleaner with a small air filter just like a normal air cleaner . When the hood was closed the rubber seal touched the bottom of the hood venting air into the flapper plate through the pie cut holes in the hood under the air cleaner . The mach 1 type hood scoop simply had the rubber block of behind the scoop grill removed ,other than that it is the typical mach 1 hood scoop .i made a mold from the flapper plate ,sold several many years ago ,i still have the mold around here some where.
  5. I have actually had two with this set up ,my other was also a gulf stream aqua mach 1 428 automatic i will get you some pics of the hood and flapper plate ,i am not sure where i put the air cleaner but i willl try to find it . It is simple to convert from standard
  6. Dont have any pics anymore but i do have the hood and the under hood ram air air cleaner here some where . It was basically the pie cut hood ,cougar style air cleaner and seal with a flapper lid under the Mach 1 style hood scoop . Torinos also used the same set up as my 69 had
  7. Just plain ole work ,but i plan on working on my last 69 or my 56 fairlane if i ever get a break in work
  8. LALALALA ,Can you hear me now ? Can you hear me now ? LALALALALA WOOP WOOP WOOP !!
  9. I have a couple of 67 68 ,not sure witch ,i havent looked at them in a long time .pretty sure atleast 1 is a Gt harness . No 69 70s though
  10. Threw that one away ,nothing but trouble ,now i use the blue with white wire.....i like blue with white!
  11. Swapped an 86 thunderbird 5.0 and aod into a 78 ford pick up in 1987 ,i used Fords wire diagram ,if i remember right 4 wires runs the whole thing from the original wiring harness from the thunder bird . I had to look at it a couple of days when i finally figured out only a few wires ran the motor
  12. Very possible it is the pvc valve ,it helps evacuate pressure in the crank case ,it will also cause oil leaks
  13. You should be able to clamp it up tight to the tower and at the top
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