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  1. I love these seats ,black leather with black swade insets but they are a bit hard to get into with the wrap around on the seat backs ,it doesnt give much but feels good when you are setting in them . Back seat has quite a bit of room also ,but those quarter sails are impossible to see around . I like the navigation but most of all i like the fact that it has dials for the radio ,heater and AC instead of the touch screen crap .they had installed Corsa exhaust ,quiet at an idle and normal driving but when you step on it you know it .i looked it up and that cost $2,000. It has factory 3:92 gears as part of the super track pack and it turns around 2200 rpms at 60 mph . it even has one of those new fangled BOOM BOOM radios ,you know the kind ,the kind that rattles your windows when they pull up next to you . On the way home my brother asked what that boom was coming from the trunk area ,i told him it was the sub woofers BOOM BOOM BOOM HAHA!
  2. Last minute decision and had to get there fast ,got home even faster !
  3. Well i was in RPMs neck of the woods today in beautiful down town Bakersfield ,had to buy a new toy ! Now i am in no way a Chrysler guy but what the hell ! 2014 Challenger RT fully loaded ,remote start ,after market exhaust ,Stereo system,black leather with swade inset seats ,sport mode ,paddle shifter ,super track pack and runs like a scalded ape! Had to kick it on the way back just once ,stomped it to the floor as it hit third and roasted the tires.
  4. One end of it should have a slight curl to it ,that end goes up ,the flap goes under the fiberglass
  5. I went on an expedition into the deepest darkest reaches of my shop ...people have been known to dissapear in there ,well not really ,but a lot of parts have mysteriously vanished there ! I found 3 1937 hoods ,2 36 hoods and a bunch of headlights ,some with the stainless trim rings . I had forgotten i made rear fender molds ,and one side running board mold ,probably because right after i made the molds i found steele fenders ,and there is still more to dig out ,the green molds are for a model t go cart i used to build and may make again . I have to find a place to put it and keep it all together .
  6. Haha ,1978 ,that was a great year haha! My first 35 i actually built in high school ,it had a stake bed that i built because i couldnt find a good truck bed ,i later found a good one and painted the whole thing emerald green
  7. This is my old 1923 C cab delivery . The body was fiberglass by AI fiberglass ,a well known shop in the 60s and early 70s .the fenders ,running boards ,fender aprons hood are Rootlieb steel . Had a 289 ,C4 ans a narrowed t bird 9 inch ,the front end was a Heidts model A super ride that i had them narrow 1 inch on each side ,with will wood disk brakes ,it was a kick in the but !
  8. If you ever get a chance to visit Rootlieb in turlock California do it ! These guys can make hoods fenders and somtimes complete cars especially Model T
  9. I like rabbits ,carrots ,onions gravy ...yum yum ! Took the hood panels off the wall ,just like the doors i took them to bare metal but didnt primer them ,that metal prep takes that surface rust right off . Top panels are a bit to dented for me so i will order an new pair from Rootlieb in Turlock ,they make a damn fine hood ,but they dont make the original style side panel . I will also order a new center stainless hinge .
  10. A friend just called me and said his friend has all 4 fenders for a 35 ford pick up ,not sure what he wants for them but if it isnt a million you bet i am interested ! Rear fenders are nearly impossible to find as they were the first thing smashed on these old trucks . What do you want to bet this leads to another truck ? Thats is the way it starts ,thats the way it happens ,one leads to two ,two leads to three and i wants more !
  11. I got the rest of the old cut up dash out ,someone in 1936 welded the crap out of it when the put it in new ,i had a hard removing it ,now the replacement will go right in . I forgot i had bought these doors several years ago ...$75 ,probably the straightes doors i have seen with absolutely no rust ,i had taken them to bare metal and never primed them so they have a little flash rust ,i hit a small spot on driver door with metal prep and it took that right off so i will do both doors . These doors fit even better than my other set .
  12. Measure between the towers ,you shouldnt cut it untill you make sure it will be the right distance between them
  13. So my cab has the dash cut out ,guess some one had a custom dash in mind . I almost cut the dash from one of my cabs when i remembered a friend gave me a cut up cab ,it had the dash in it ,trying to save the cowl top it took me a couple of hours to get the dash out . I will fill all the smaller holes before i weld the dash in my cab
  14. That will have to be done early in the morning or it will curl the metal from heat .
  15. I have a couple of friends with 40 pick ups . I have seen a couple on fomoco parts page on face book ,i bet you could find one there .
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