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  1. Parts for Sale - Multiple Listings

    Funny ,i always wondered what vacation was !
  2. Parts for Sale - Multiple Listings

    I would really like to have the sport lamps if you decide to sell seperate
  3. Door Alignment Issues

    Some times it is ...sometimes ,not verry
  4. Door Alignment Issues

    I think what may be happening is the door glass and end seal is hitting to tight to the quarter vent window making the door close hard
  5. Door Alignment Issues

    Pretty simple ,it is the bolt under the door ,loosen it and with the glass about half way up it should move when loosened . Some times the cage nut hangs up in the bracket and you may need to loosen the top bolt also
  6. Door Alignment Issues

    Wondering if the door glass may be tilted in to far at the top ,does the door close easier if the glass is rolled down?
  7. What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    I emailed the guy that has my 4 speed ,couldnt get him on the phone . This crap is getting old .
  8. Door seal on A Pillar - What is this part?

    Double sided tape ,may as well be glue ,it is nust a tough
  9. Door seal on A Pillar - What is this part?

    Glued and screwed ,remove the screws and run a putty knife between it and the body and it will come off
  10. Door Alignment Issues

    Not sure why Ford bolted the door here ,may have been hard to spot weld or somthing . I have 2 early 69s that have bolts ,my CJ is spot welded here and so are the doors i picked from a 70 coupe .the spot welded ones are tough to twist ,but the bolted together ones are simple just by loosening the bolt and tightening it back once you have twisted it
  11. Dogs and Mustangs

    Mine would probably be driving ,or at least trying to sit in my lap as i drive
  12. Door Alignment Issues

    It will take a bit more force to twist if it doesnt have the bolt but i think you will be able to do it,you may need a little help though
  13. Door Alignment Issues

    Yep ,only the early 69s have the bolt in the end of the door like my 69
  14. Door Alignment Issues

    I was going to take a picture of the bolt in the end of the doors but it looks like the later 69 and 70 does not have it .the early doors have the bolt but the newer doors are just spot welded. I have the later 69 doors and 70 doors.it is usually were the picture shows you can see the spot weld where the bolt usually in this 70 door
  15. Door Alignment Issues

    Yes i twist them on the car . It is best to remove the door panel ,although i have tristed them with it on . Inside the door at the topback you will see a bolt ,looks like it does nothing ,loosen it first ,sometimes they will twist just by grabbing the top at the end and pull out while pushing in at the bottom . Once you get a good fit ,tighten the bolt back again.you may need to readjust the window at that end after