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  1. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    It is kind of like a tar / rubber and is sticky on both sides
  2. 69 fastback roof medallions

    I have had a couple of fast backs where the pins must have broken off at the factory while putting the medalions on ,they used small wood screws and the medalion worked perfect
  3. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    It is a tape type sealer ,your local glass shop should have it in the cork type and the black type
  4. 69 Mach 1 Quarter Glass Frame R&R

    I would use a heat gun before i wluld put a flafe to it ,mine always came off with a block of wood and a mallet
  5. The Bitch is Back!

    You may be able to splice one of the coupe back pieces in
  6. Wood carving at its best

    Yeah but i love that Ford truck
  7. The Bitch is Back!

    I have a couple of coupe pieces ,if it is just part missing a piece from one of them ma work
  8. The Bitch is Back!

    Havnt checked the for sale section in quite a while
  9. The Bitch is Back!

    I should have a spare set of quarter windows here ,i parted out several rotted out fast backs ,i know where one side is
  10. Fastback rear windscreen rubber

    Just beotched and moaned
  11. Fastback rear windscreen rubber

    I know a couple of people that realised they could not wash the car after they didnt seal the rear and front windows
  12. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

  13. Fastback rear windscreen rubber

    I believe the small strip is to seal water out from between the rubber gasket and the trim ,my original gasket has the strip and it is hiden under the stainless trim
  14. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    Not really ,you would be surprised at some of the things i have seen on these cars . Someone just found some GM bolts and used them because it was easier than finding the correct bolts