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  1. Hi. I purchased a 1969 Short shelby hood from you eight or so years ago.It fit great. Car got hit. I need another one. Can you help?

    Thanks Steve

  2. I used to get the whole unit through Napa but is has been several years
  3. Who you gonna call ...bot zappers !
  4. Then the Russian classes i have been taking would be worthless !
  5. Haha ,now i am getting Ads in Russian !
  6. You will be busy this morning it looks like!
  7. Looks like the front bumper and fender eyebrows are no longer available . If i had a front bumper and eyebrows i would make a fiberglass set,i am planning on blacking mine out anyway so fiberglass would be the way to go . Looks like the hood peak molding is gone also but that i could fab up for a mold fairly easily .
  8. Decided to check and it was up again ,that was a good surprise! Spammers are happy too i see ,we need a spammer ZAP button!
  9. I have 9 sets from conversions that didnt need them ,i also have some full sides i took parts from ,they are 67 68 but the rockers are the same 67 70. That i can drill loose
  10. The rockers that come in the conversion kits are actually pretty nice ,i have used a couple and used a couple to splice in and they worked great . The stampings are nice and crisp ,not like those cheaper stampings with rounded corners . These measure 4 1/4 across the top
  11. We used rubber side molding ,an aftermarket side trim we got at our local paint shop ,we glued it in the channel with E6000 ,staples held nicely
  12. I have the unwelded kits ,rockers are loose i could cut the rockers in half . You can message me if you like
  13. It looks like i need both rollers to be flat rollers ,what you are wanting to do is flatten the dented area and not stretch it ,i will chuck up my next flatest roller in the lathe and flatten it out . I need to see if i can buy the harbor freight rollers seperatly then i could make a few custom rollers
  14. The good rockers are sold in the kits ,the rockers sold seperatly are junk . I don't know why you can't get the good ones by them selves . I have several left and right sides from kits that i did not need to do rockers. Problem is the shipping because they are so long .
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