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  1. They are hard to find ,they were used and abused . I still have 5 of them taken apart
  2. Had the motor in it ,68 4 v 302 Now i has the sellers remorse !
  3. I thought letting go of my 69 was hard ,is it ok if i cry a little? I believe it is sold
  4. Holly cow ,i was sitting in DMV for two hours and my phone never stopped buzzing
  5. I know this is a mustang site so i hope no one minds ,it is built with mostly mustang parts haha. I have to sell it so i am letting it go cheap ,the property i have been wanting just came up for sale . All steel except for the rear fenders ,those are almost impossible to find Original very nice frame blasted epoxied and painted . 302 J code from a 68 mustang . 280 H comp cam with Pete Jackson gear drive ,has about 3,000 miles but hasnt been started in about 3 years 85 T5 from a GT mustang . Scatter shield Narrowed 9 inch 391 track lock N case . New Currie 31 spline axles . 4 wheel disk brakes All new light green tint glass Torque thrust wheels and BFGs Needs interior ,some one finnish this thing ! I hate to let it go but i want this property . I have the title and it is on non op. $10,000. Strathmore California if not allowed please delete
  6. Ridge Runner


    Dont you just love it when karma bites one of these idiots right in the butt ? Haha!https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2326612960966775&id=1992670957694312
  7. The last one i bought was from a brake and wheel shop ,but you could make one i would think
  8. Get a centering tool ,remove the sender again and lock it down and bleed again ,i bet the brakes will be even better . Just did the disks and pads on my 2000 f150 today ,why didnt they make the older cars that easy ?
  9. Take the switch out of the praportioning valve ,with a light look in the hole ,you should be able to see a v in the brass piston if it is centered ,it will be just a smooth look if it is tripped
  10. It may be tripped and frozen ,open the rear brake lines with the front blenders closed and push down hard on the pedal ,that may blow it the opposite direction . Make sore to put long hoses on the bleeders so they do not spray all over the place
  11. Would be lighter than a metal top ,no dents from going under tree limbs
  12. I have seen them in both locations ,top of inner rear fender apron and front of radiator support . California 69s do not have them
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