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  1. Some of those girls are hawt ,i would go for it !
  2. Mid life may be on to somthing here ,check to see if the pins on the wrag joint are deep enough into the steering shaft ,if they do not mesh together the wrag joint is taking all the force and will feel sloppy . The steering shaft slides in the column and can be pulled out or pushed in.
  3. 8 inch 28 spline and 9 inch 28 spline axles are the same 67 -70 .there is two different axles though a small shaft and larger shaft ,you do not want the smaller shaft,they are both 28 spline
  4. I found a close up ,the pin bail holds the cable down ,the crimp never touches the paint
  5. Had a couple in Mustang monthly with Jim Smart ,lots of fun !
  6. Everything is illegal in California ,i broke 3 laws just waking up this morning ...waiting for swat to show up ,they will never take me alive !
  7. The twist in the cable also stops it from bouncing on the hood when driving
  8. There is a way to turn the cable when you clamp the pin that will keep them from scratchinh the paint ,if i can find a pic i will post it
  9. The FM and DM are nice ,i have several of them but there is some modles you cant get ,i have a few no longer made .i have so many boxed and stored away i am not sure what is there . Wix has some nice ones also ,i have the 66 ford pick up with the boss 302 on the car trailer ,probably a couple of those ,the gt40 is a real nice one
  10. I have a Erthl in blue ,and it looks pretty good ,i think i used to get them at Toys are us . I have a large collection of just about any classic .
  11. I once took 3 5 gallon buckets of parts in to be plated ,two were 65 -70 mustang parts ,one was 68 -69 torino cobra jet parts ,i got all the mustang parts back but someone got my Torino parts ,and they are much harder to find
  12. It looks like a frame bracket from a newer car ,F150 uses somthing like that for the tranny mount
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