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  1. Front end alignment shims ,although a 69 70 should not need them ,they are sometimes used to align body panels ,about the only place i have ever found them for body panel alignment is at the bottom rear of the front fenders to the rocker .
  2. You will also need the harness if yours didnt have AC originally
  3. Nope busted up ,if you can find one for a cougar they are the same
  4. Let me look ,i have one for sure but i need it ,i may have another
  5. Tried them both before ,fastenal will only ship in a crate ,nearest grey hound is 40 miles away
  6. I have seen this done in a 66 coupe ,but it took a bit of modifying ,it used the upper and lower seat foam and also the fast back inner quarter fiberglass
  7. I have a lid from a 70 ,it has 1 tiny ding i believe
  8. Colar epoxy inside and out after sealing all gaps and over lap panels
  9. Being lazy ,keeps me from going crazy !
  10. Ok ,so i am getting lazy !
  11. No carb ,hit the key and drive ,no shifting ...yes i am getting old !
  12. Just heard back from Ron Frances ,they do have a harness to drop the 2007 3 v 4.6 with the 5 speed automatic into my 56 fairlane ,$1049 but i think it would be worth it
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