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  1. I was never in lockdown. Went where I wanted, when I wanted.
  2. Hahaha! Ya, siblings, kids, grandkids, and the weather keep me here. I'd have already moved to Hamilton TX if not for that. I was looking at background in your pics and was wondering where abouts you live. Looks real nice there.
  3. Welcome to the forum. That's a real nice 69 GT350! Believe me when I say I'm not a concours kinda guy, but with the value of yours I'd be afraid to modify too much. When you said: " I installed a NARDI steering wheel, & 18” Halibrand wheels from the 427 Cobra" does that mean you've got a 427 Cobra? I gots to know. :)
  4. Chockostang is the go to guy. I've used 2 of his rebuilt boxes, and my brother has 1. Is yours a 14:1 ratio box? n any car of value like yours, I'd have him rebuild your box, assuming it's original, rather than exchanging yours for a rebuild. But use the sector and worm gear from a power steering box that gets little wear. Dan and Carol are great people, who only work on Ford stuff. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
  5. Who's roller bearing design is this, and who is the manufacturer of the hanger?
  6. Ah nice, I've golfed at Sherwood CC. I'm up in Bakersfield. Got a brother in law who lives in Wood Ranch, and an ex who lives below the Reagan Library.
  7. Nice looking background, where abouts you live?
  8. Welcome to the forum. Where's the pics of the rest of your Mustang? We...ok, I like pics :) As mentioned, we don't get worked up too much on non concours stuff, or concours stuff for that matter. Your 70 may be a 1 of 1, but it doesn't have the right options to make a difference. Ford made some pretty cool bolts with captured washers that work really well. Glad you're gonna put them back on.
  9. Ya, doesn't look good. A straight edge on both surfaces would make it easier to see the difference, and take 3 hands:)
  10. On the center link, the idler arm mount and the pitman arm mount should be on the same plane. It might not be possible to view those two points with the center link in there. If not, remove the center link and check those two areas to confirm they're on the same plane.
  11. Some of us poe boys still use jack stands :)
  12. Just saw this and thought I'd share: https://www.thedrive.com/news/33572/harbor-freight-recalls-jack-stands-that-could-suddenly-collapse
  13. So now you've got me interested. Are the complete pedals sn95, or did you just R&R the metal pads?
  14. Dang, forgot about this build. You do outstanding work, I love the pedals and hanger work. Are there pads made for the shape of the pedal, or are you leaving then as is, or something else?
  15. Atta boy! Nothing like the first fire up.
  16. I know you said restoration, but they do make repops now.
  17. Looks like a frame shop visit is in your future. Easy fix for a quality frame guy.
  18. Nice "shed" he's got there, and 67.
  19. Sounds like utopia. 1500 sf is plenty for 2 adults. 2400 sf might be a little small though :) Good luck, and keep us posted.
  20. Niiice! So I take it you're building new??? Same area Mike?
  21. Insane regulations. Do they have a problem with the "wonderful" welds done by Ford? Most on my 69 looked like crap.
  22. I carry a spare ignition set up for this reason.
  23. Great stance. Car looks bad ass!
  24. Nice work on your end Terry for being a big part in finding an answer to our fuel gauge fiasco. Bravo!
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