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  1. What is the backspace on this wheels? Pics look like you could've gone deeper.
  2. I'm thinking you ought to paint that scooter red :)
  3. I guess I got lucky installing my fuel sending unit. It went in easy peasy and didn't leak. Yet...
  4. I thought I read that the aftermarket shakers were fiberglass, and I know the factory are metal.
  5. Petroleum products make pretty good weed killer. Or so I've heard.
  6. You'll need to check its fit with your driveshaft once the rear end in installed. At the very least you'll probably need a combo U joint, as I think the 7.25 rear has 1 inch cups and the 8 inch has 1-1/16 inch. Good chance I'm wrong though.
  7. It wouldn't take too many fill ups along with a can of octane booster to pay for a new carburetor.
  8. We wouldn't care if you were Vic. Well, we actually would, we'd hope you were making a $hit ton of cash.
  9. Top of my head without any research I'd say $750.
  10. Nice, and nuttin wrong with red. I've got an 89 bmw 525i, 56 F100, 69 Mustang and 87 Porsche 951, all red. Recently sold 95 Chivy Suburban that was red. Sometimes red is meant to be.
  11. Impressive undertaking CV. You've got a bunch more energy than me. Good to see someone with skills doing this rebuild.
  12. You keeping the spare 69 now that you've bought another? I know I would.
  13. Hmm...I was thinking they are metric. Pretty sure they take a 10 or 11mm wrench.
  14. Thank you Ben. I was seriously worried sumpin bad had happened to you. Why is it I get plenty of messages when the site goes down, but nuttin when it's back up? :) Where has the love gone?
  15. This is so cool. I'm happy for you Bob. Bruce, you are a good man for what you did.
  16. Nice score! I should've painted mine the original silver jade. Mine is also a San Jose build, with vin 133461, what's yours?
  17. I used two deep sockets. Maybe cuz it was 100° in the shop helped soften the epoxy.
  18. Maybe I need to start making them.
  19. Which company were you trying to contact? I think I bought mine off ebay. I just located this company from a search. It looks like an active site. https://www.2040-parts.com/69-70-mustang-headlight-bucket-fender-extension-repair-i175741/
  20. I had your exact symptoms driving across the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien Wisconsin. Turned out to be a less that 6 month old coil. Carrying spare parts pays off.
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