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  1. Damn, forgot you were on Pacific time now. You still work, Terry is retired, was trying to give you a break. That's my story, and in sticking to it
  2. I'm sure Mach 1 Driver, one of our electrical gurus will chime in when he awakens tomorrow, as he's on eastern time.
  3. I picked up one on Ebay years ago. Member @Stills might have something available soon.
  4. Really good info Buening, thanks for sharing it.
  5. When I went to the 13 inch Cobras my home fabbed brackets were modeled after Mustang Steve's. When my brother sent me pics of 14.2" front rotors I lost my mind and bought thr Brembos. I reused the bracket that bolts to the spindle, and made the caliper bracket from half inch thick 6061-T6 aluminium, after making a template from MDF.
  6. You've got your work cut out for you brother. Welcome to the circus.
  7. I'm using 2014 Brembo Mustang 4 piston take offs and love them. The calipers were only $350 on Ebay. Mustang Steve has brackets for Brembos.
  8. What's the story with the headers?
  9. Ya, what Cavboy said. That way you're dealing with oem stuff.
  10. Gotta get your full monies worth from those tars.
  11. Welcome to the forum. With enough mods just about anything can be made to fit. But you're gonna wanna use the 69 pedals cuz you need the pivots and master cylinder push rod to be at the correct ratio. Just some fyi, manual and power brake pedals and hangers are different. I would recommexnd doing the Mustang Steve hanger bearing mod.
  12. RPM

    I blame RPM

    I'm pretty sure Midlife was behind this outage. He told me yesterday he thought it'd be up today. The last one lasted what felt like forever. If he wasn't involved, how'd he know? Hmm?
  13. Who are you guys? One time when doing electrical work on my 69 I used a horizontal screwinator where a Hensley was needed.
  14. Is that the complete kit RetroStang? Let me look around later today, I may have those.
  15. Casey it looks like your coupe score is leading the pack.
  16. Hmm...I don't recall getting any of those parts.
  17. Tom Monroe has a really good book on rebuilding the Windsor.
  18. That's gorgeous Mike. Being a city boy from Cali, what is that ground cover? Planted grass, native grasses, weeds? And how often does it need mowed?
  19. Ok, I changed my mind, latoracing is the smartest guy here.
  20. I've never take apart a vr, but is it possible to remove the cover and install it onto a new one?
  21. You just might be the smartest guy here.
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