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  1. You hit the nail on the head Jay.
  2. Murphy's Law. Hang in there brother. And you're looking for ANOTHER project Mustang??? :)
  3. Um...oops. I believe I'll use my moderator benefits and delete the last couple of posts :)
  4. I think most guys here have headers. I might be able to get a torque wrench on a couple of the bolts. I use wrenches on mine.
  5. Ya, welcome to the forum. I'm still waiting to see those painted seats :) That's a real nice starting point. Hey @mike69 how'd you know it was a coupe without @Rubrhammer mentioning it? Can you help me with some lotto numbers?
  6. Grabber, I always liked the look of your Mach 1. I've never fit 315/35/17's on my 69, so I lack that fit knowledge. Yes, I believe the correct way to measure axle housing width is outside flange O.D. I'm pretty sure you can shorten the axle at the splines without issue. Why do you need a narrower rear housing and wheel house work done? Is the tire rubbing on the wheel opening lip? Any chance you're using wheel spacers you can eliminate? I pounded out the spare tire indentation on the right rear inner wheel house for more clearance on my 69. I'd think the least expensive option would be to narrow your housing ~1 inch per side and cut the axles.
  7. RPM

    67 fastback

    Those are daddy o!
  8. Good luck getting one to show up.
  9. Anybody think Eddie minds that we hijacked his thread? :)
  10. Interesting indeed. Did you know why the British police officers were called Bobbies? They were named after the first policeman, Sir Robert Peel, who started their department. There will be a test on Friday :)
  11. Yes it is. And as I once heard Jerry Van Dyke say on Carson, pie are round, corn bread are square.
  12. whats the area code so we can ALL call you? 661 Terry. Call away, I ain't scared. I think the guy who made a death threat on me in my copper days is dead by now.
  13. Ya, no kidding. And an R code to boot. I figured Brian was 15-20 years younger than me at 64. Yikes, just looked at his DOB :) You must have a young soul Brian.
  14. Yup. I multiply my estimations by pi.
  15. Well, I couldn't find your phone number anyway. Call me at 380-5964.
  16. Doug, with your info I located a gas station that has pump handles that work. Thanks brother.
  17. For me, that applies to about every job I do.
  18. @stangs-R-me message sent.
  19. An intake install tip: Using 4 pieces all tread, or a ~3-4" bolts with the head removed, install the pieces in the 4 corner bolt holes. Then slide the intake straight down into place. Easy peasy and properly aligned. You can owe me James :) Are you around today? I may drop by.
  20. Nice progress Casey. I'm so lazy I'm lucky to get one small project finished in a day.
  21. I did laugh out loud. Yep. I've got Hamilton Tx in my sights. But I've also got 3 grandkids under 13 I don't care to abandon just yet.
  22. My issue has been an ever changing vision.
  23. Hey Doug @stangs-R-me, do you know if you have any California customers that have completed the mod? I finished mine today, (3 years from purchase?) and can't get the nozzle to either stay hooked in the tube, or keep from clicking off due to back splash. The insert is plug welded in the correct spot as per the instructions. I'm thinking the California nozzle with the retractable seal is keeping it from being inserted deep enough. My BMW has the stock door 1/2" closer to the cap. Thoughts?
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