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  1. RPM

    Happy 50th

    Lots of 69's were built in 1968.
  2. RPM

    Happy 50th

    So...you like those younger fillies eh Mike?
  3. RPM

    Stripped sheet metal holes

    I did this fix with the cowl vent front edge screws. Easy peasy. As b468 says, the thread portion is larger, but the head remains the same size. On the cowl vent, the holes were big enough that they didn't need to be enlarged. Seems like a pretty simple fix to me.
  4. RPM

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Pretty sure the top tube is a brace.
  5. RPM

    Happy 50th

    Hard to believe I'm 13 years older that my damn car!
  6. Those look real nice, and comfortable! Hmm... Just what I need, another project changing something that doesn't need fixed.
  7. RPM

    Happy 50th

    Happy Happy Birthday! Are donuts appropriate on birthdays?
  8. RPM

    1970 Fastback

    Your welds are better than the Ford yahoos did on mine in Milpitas Ca back in 69. And none of them have failed, so...
  9. RPM

    Show off your home brew tools!

    I'm sure those tweekers sold my stuff for scrap.
  10. RPM

    Sub-frame connectors

    Like your one piece headliners Rich, I can't give enough praise to the conv inner rockers I installed on my 69. They really tighten up these old creak boxes. I can't see not adding them to any future Mustang I build. Ymmv.
  11. RPM

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Nice work CV. For mounting the brake I made 20 years ago, I clamped the angle iron bed into a vise. I'd have posted pics of it for you, but it along with a couple of transmissions, 2 welding tables and other stuff "walked away" from my garage.
  12. RPM

    Sub-frame connectors

    I too believe you'll be happy with any of those 3, or any out there including home made.
  13. RPM

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Necessity is the mother of invention. I was shocked when I was a youngster and saw my dad had cut one end off an end wrench. I thought tools were gold, and shouldn't me messed with.
  14. I can't imagine TCP hasn't had a customer with this issue before. I'm thinking keeping a 9 inch spring, but with lighter weight rating might work. Looking at the TCP website, maybe a 1 or 2" offset adapter would fix the ride height. Or maybe if they made a shorter top shock mounting stud.
  15. RPM

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Just a few of many.
  16. The few I've changed had a small screw at the lower end to locate its position.
  17. RPM

    The cars together outside the house

    A whole lotta envy going on here. Great combo on the 63 1/2, and such cool body lines. "They" say the 292 is the way to go to build 312, as it has a stronger block. I'm sure the trans I have is the same, but looking at either a toploader or OD auto for it.
  18. RPM

    Midlife ,this may interest you

    Jim, I sent Randy an email and he replied that he's interested, but can't do anything until he gets the internet back. Do you have a way to contact Gary Wright and let him know?
  19. RPM

    The cars together outside the house

    Hot damn Mac! All cool cars. I picked up a 312 for my 56.
  20. Oops. I have this bad habit of skimming when I read. I was thinking you had the tubular TCP coil over system. 500# front springs should be fine with stock control arms. Did you tighten the lower control arms pivot bolt with the front end raised, or the correct way of the weight of the car on the wheels? The LCA bushing will keep the arm in the position it's in when the bolt is tightened. My front wheel opening is at 25" and the rear is 25-3/4".
  21. RPM

    The cars together outside the house

    Just three? Real nice line up Mac!
  22. Does anyone have a milestone birthday coming up, or already pass on their 69's? Since mine was born in January, I've no idea when the first ones rolled off the lines, but it had to be in 1968, right? Maybe we can post on their birthday's with a bit of info about your pride and joy. Ya, I know it's a dorky idea.
  23. I'm using 12" 350# coil over springs on the front of mine, which is plenty for my 393w stroker, alum heads and intake, AOD, and 12" 120# rear springs. Have you tried softer springs?
  24. RPM

    Mustang Golden 50th Birthdays

    Well... happy belated birthday! I was thinking folks would post on the actual birthday.
  25. RPM

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    Jail? There will no jail. We're much smarter than them. But I've got your back :)