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  1. If I had over steer, I'd disconnect the rear sway at take it for a spin. I think that would solve your issue. I also have a 1-1/8" front bar and thought I'd need a rear bar, but it handles really nice and neutral with only the front bar. I've driven it hard without any over steer.
  2. Damn, I sure hope there won't be a test later. I'm still working on colors this week, next week is numbers.
  3. Welcome to the forum William. Yep, you'll make some nice walking around money selling those 1969 parts.
  4. Midlife has a Mustang wiring question? Is it April 1st?
  5. Ain't that the truth, thanks Rich.
  6. Full power only in my house. 2 percent has too much sugar added. Although I'll eat a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting.
  7. Because it's a lot of work, and I'm lazy. True story.
  8. I made two out of milk carton plastic. I used a heat gun to form the plastic around shaft.
  9. Not sure if I'd do it again.
  10. And... you said bolts for the torque converter, but you already know they take nuts.
  11. Had some detonation and broke a couple of pistons. Long story, but operator error. Edumication is not free. Cylinder walls were fine, and yes, hit them with the dingo ball hone. No detonation damage to the bearings but replaced them anyway. On a good note, it ran and sounded really well, until it didn't :)
  12. 3/16 inch gap is aok. I've read that anywhere from 1/16 to 3/16 is good. Do you need ARP, no. Plenty on miles on Henry bolts over the years. But you won't beat the quality and piece of mind with ARP. At minimum get the 6 flex plate bolts.
  13. I'll give ya $31 including shipping. :)
  14. Eddie, my Exploder drive shaft is 3.5", so... I'm doing fine. Put new pistons, rings, and bearings in the 393. Awaiting heads to get surfaced from AMS in Fresno. Have the complete dash removed for air conditioning and new lower dash. Pray for me. :)
  15. That's a really good looking undercarriage there Rich.
  16. I think the 4R70W comes with a 1330 yoke, mine did anyway. Have you searched for one? Whether you have 400, 500, or 600 hp/tq, your weak link will be your tires, unless you run slicks with a hard launch.
  17. Glad somebody benefited from it. I'm gonna have my dash out for a couple more weeks Ben, so if ya think of something else let me know.
  18. I've run both 1994-04 17×8 & 2010-14? 18x8 on my 69. When I ran the spacer just thick enough to clear the inner parts, the outer edge of the tire was inset too far for my liking. And especially so on the rear. I think my rear adapters are ~1-3/8", with the 2010 backspace of 6.25", I think. I mistakenly bought a set of 1.25" adapters instead of 1.50".
  19. Welcome Josh. Mach1 Driver gave you spot on info that you can't go wrong with. As far as motors go, I wouldn't go any higher compression than 9.5ish with iron heads or 10.2 with aluminum. Pics! We love to see pics.
  20. Precision wasn't job one at Ford in the sixties. I wouldn't worry as long as your deck lid gaps are good.
  21. Welcome to the forum Tyler. Can you add a seat belt style nut to the correct spot?
  22. The orientation in your pic is upside down. I'm sure if you took that pad off you'd find a bolt hole to bolt up to the lip on the lower inner edge of the lower dash. The top hole bolts to the tab on the cowl area in pic.
  23. Great idea modifying them, great minds...
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