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  1. At 8 bucks each for those dual tubing clamps, I'm in the wrong business.
  2. Nice progress. It sounds like you are having the typical rebuild issues. Nuttin ever goes easy.
  3. That's a nice looking Monte Carlo bar. Where did ya get it, and what's something like that cost?
  4. Too late to turn back now :) Heck, from what I can see your quarters are in better shape than mine that were repaired. I hope you're quicker than me after I took mine down to bare metal, 17 years for me before I drove it again :(
  5. Keep checking ebay for your plate frame. I had to in order to find one at a reasonable price. I bought mine years ago for $50, and when checking after you started this thread I saw where a guy is making aftermarket frames for half what I paid.
  6. Sure sounds like you have air in the lines. Gravity feed works well for a one man job. I like and use a Motive pressure bleeder.
  7. Nice pics. Looks like you might know what you're doing. You must be a dinosaur, who checks for the actual top dead center anymore? :)
  8. Did mine around 8 years ago too. One of the best changes I did to Christine, the other was manual brakes.
  9. What's a dealer sticker? Is it something they put on one of the windows? I picked up an original dealer license plate frame for mine.
  10. Bout a year ago I was following an auction of a 69 fastback still sitting in a shed that needed, well... everything. When it sold for $14.5k I just shook my head.
  11. I'd flip the driveshaft 180°. The last vibration thread I read that had a fix, the axle flanges were bent and wobbled some. Might throw a dial indicator on them.
  12. No info on the epas either. But I know a few guys who swear by the Borgeson power steering box.
  13. I feel your pain bro. As you've checked and changed everything I would, I have no advice for you. Stepping away for a bit helps the mind. I've got a buddy with a 66 who has changed everything but the body shell, and still has a vibration.
  14. Welp, looks like you'll be running the 2v for a while. I almost called yesterday to check up on ya. Good to hear about the condenser.
  15. I had a motor balanced where they added weight to the flex plate. When I swapped to a 4 speed, the machine shop said they could balance the flywheel to the flex plate. It sounds like you need the new FP matched to the old one.
  16. I have a sqeak coming from somewhere behind the front seats. After much investigation I found if I turn up the stereo real load the sqeak goes away.
  17. RPM


    30 miles north of me, and west of Ridge a bit. Taken a couple of days ago.
  18. Just for info, internal parts have weight removed and added to them on an external balanced motor.
  19. I'm happy as a clam with my manual rebuilt Chocko box.
  20. That's good to hear Phil. I emailed him, but didn't hear back. It's probably my bad breath, or attitude. Maybe both. Another one who's mia is Bob and Sue. I've emailed him a couple of times without a reply.
  21. Midlife fixed mine for me.
  22. RPM


    Thankfully nothing major down here in Bako.
  23. Wake up fellers! Just a bit slow on here eh? Finally got my Quick Fuel 680cfm vacuum secondaries (Holley based) carb dialed in real nice. Was having a stumbling issue at WOT, not that I do that even close to a regular basis. But it bugged me never the less. Started by increasing the jet sizes on the secondaries without any effect. Then increased the primaries without any effect. After doing some reading and calling a few guys, I increased the the power valve from 6.5, which Holley says is correct from their math, to a 9.5. The motor never performed better. Butt, the afr at highway cruise was way low at 12.5. Swapped in an 8.5 and all is well. Great afr numbers at idle, acceleration, and, WOT. Know how my Mustang likes to change on its own, so knows how long this will last.
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