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  1. RPM

    50th birthday thread

    Happy 50th darlin! Born on January 22, 1969 in Milpitas Ca. A pic of her as I'm trying to figure out why she keeps destroying rear main seals.
  2. Welcome back! Cool truck. And, well, Mustang also :)
  3. Kudos! Looks like a fun time was had by all.
  4. RPM

    Modified stock UCA for more caster

    Smart mod, and not too terribly difficult. Real nice fab work. On my tube arms I moved upper bj back 1/2 inch, and the lower bj forward 1/2 inch. Did you ever give it a thought to install screw in ball joint sleeves? With them you're able to run the wheel closer to the ball joint. On a related note, the closer you get the caster angle to the SAI (steering axis inclination) the flatter your tire patch is during turning. Our Mustangs have 8° SAI.
  5. RPM

    Driveline Angles

    My thoughts are it wouldn't have bothered me a bit.
  6. RPM

    Rusty crank

    Have the shop look at it and make a recommendation. Sometimes polishing can clean up surfaces mere mortals like us think is toast.
  7. RPM

    Photo needed of installed 69 Fender Extension

    Every original paint mustang headlight bucket I've seen had the high beam housing painted black. But it's your car, do what you want. Unless you're a concours snob :)
  8. RPM

    Modifying Harbor Freight's 20 gal. Parts Washer

    Thanks Terry! That took some time, I take it you're retired.
  9. Man, if that was a quick sketch I'd love to see you take your time!
  10. RPM

    69-70 Hood catch

    Or worse. In my defense, at the time I couldn't get the pic to enlarge on my phone.
  11. RPM

    Photo needed of installed 69 Fender Extension

    Can ya post a pic of your fender extension/ headlight bucket? The inner light mounting area behind the light on mine was painted black, not the body color.
  12. I'm starting my own thread as I've hijacked bigmal's enough. A bit of history on my 69 Mach One equipped with a 351W stroked to 393, AOD, 9 inch with 3.70 Ford gears and traction lok, triangulated 4 bar coil over rear suspension. I lowered the motor one inch to fit the shaker air cleaner to the hood. The car sits maybe 3-4 inches lower than stock. I didn't really lower the car per se, I built the suspension to the height I wanted. My bad memory says the bottom of the rockers are 5-6 inches above the road. Since I've had the car on the road, it's had a very slight cyclical vibration once it gets up to 55 mph or so. I can feel the vibration in the steering wheel and on the seat. The steering wheel doesn't visibly vibrate and parts don't rattle. But it bothers me, as I know it shouldn't vibrate. While setting up the drive train, the only angles I ever checked were the crankshaft and 3rd member. I never checked the driveshaft. Until now. These are the angles of my drive train obtained by a digital level: Engine, 3° down on the back side. Drive shaft, .3° down on the back side. 3rd member, 2.75° up on the front. If my math is right, the drive shaft to 3rd member angle is ass backwards. This angle has the U joint above a centerline drawn thru the ds and pinion. Not good. Do y'all think I can fix this by putting the pinion angle at <1° up in front and raising the trans mount to match the 3rd member? Or is my thinking out to lunch? With the rear U joint that far out of spec, how did it not shake all the parts off my car?
  13. RPM

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain it. :)
  14. RPM

    Fastback inner rockers

    Hey Terry, I can't remember if you were considering doing the convertible seat riser or not, and I'm too lazy to read the thread again. Here's a tip of you are going to add the one piece seat riser. All of the one piece risers are 1" taller than the individual seat risers, which limits the head room for some folks. This is why I spliced in the one piece hump onto my stock st risers. It's kind of a pain as the inner seat rails are fighting for the same space, which makes the inner seat belt bolt a tight fit.
  15. RPM

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    220...221, whatever it takes.
  16. I always thought the carb plate was supposed to be horizontal.
  17. RPM

    69 Vert project

    Sure makes it look nice. And that's good added weight. I've got well over 100 lbs of sound deadening on my 69.
  18. RPM

    Question for RPM

    Hey Mac, I received this info today from my dealer bud. The information is interesting as they did a search for terminated dealers for me. The earliest year on record had an appointment date of 1971 which was Irvin E Fike in Shafter with a term date in 1975. Then there was Bakersfield Chrysler Plymouth in 1972 which termed in 1980 and reopened in 1983 as Van Wyk's. Followed by Haddad Dodge in 1973. If you dig further you can find Google records of Irvin Fike which take you to newspaper articles the are into the 60s... When going back that far and with all the corporate ownership changes you've seen over the decades... not sure what has been kept or purged or lost with system upgrades over the years??? That's what I was able to dig up with a couple of phone calls and e-mails..
  19. RPM

    69-70 Hood catch

    Ok, I see it now.
  20. How do you get enough leverage for the psi required with the 5 inch pivot point as opposed to the stock 2" fulcrum?
  21. RPM

    69-70 Hood catch

    What welding is involved? Pic doesn't show any.
  22. RPM

    Fastback inner rockers

    I think we're right on topic of chassis strength. Good stuff.
  23. RPM

    Fastback inner rockers

    I understand the energy absorption thing, but wouldn't you want the cabin to stay intact, and let the front and rear structures absorb the impact? Seems to me the early Mustang was deigned with the cabin as the crumple zone. I've been wrong before.