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  1. If you're gonna be acting like that, do I need to change your screen name to Tuner?
  2. Really nice progress Ed. I don't envy you on the shoulder or video editing.
  3. Cool, just what is hoped for. A big thanks to you both.
  4. And no phone call??? WTFresno? You called the last time you bought a car down here. Was it something I said, or that money I owe you? The Mopar looks real nice.
  5. It's not the cable I'm interested in, it's the vacuum actuator. I know there's only one other lever for the actuator to attach to, but I'd like to see a pic of it. I'd like to see what the marked arm in the pic below attaches to.
  6. Thanks for posting this pic Mountaineerfan, you've saved me from some frustration, but not after searching for quite a while. The guy from whom I bought my evaporator box and who rebuilt it, attached the vacuum acuator arm to the switch lever in error. Just to confirm, will you please post a pic showing where the arm from the vacuum actuator in this pic attaches? Thank you.
  7. To me they look like alignment dowels between the rear block and tranny. What size do they measure?
  8. Where do late models with erectric fans mount them?
  9. Fly overs are so cool. Especially when they're fast, and low. I was at the 2015 Naval Academy graduation which had an extremely low fly over by the Blue Angels. Happy 4th of July to all y'all.
  10. Five years ain't so bad, and 60 days for paint seems really quick in today's world.
  11. Great post and memory Dave. IF, I'd have run my exhaust out the back, I would've blended my stock tips to accept 2½ exhaust tubing.
  12. Kinda sounds like me to what some people call a rabbit hole.
  13. Ya, the forum was down for a bit. No advice for your issue.
  14. I don't know what Ford's tolerance was for measurements was, but I'm thinking it wasn't too tight. My 69 left to right measurements are a quarter inch off on some locations, without any front end damage. They certainly weren't building watches. Ya gotta keep that in mind. I've built several engine crossmembers and my car and jig are at 29⅜ center to center for the bolt holes. A lot of our cars have varying measurements from each other. I don't remember what measurement VMF member Zray uses for his engine crossmember, but I've read of several buyers who after buying a Zray crossmember it didn't fit their Mustang. Just something to consider.
  15. Ya, spending some time now checking might save you some trouble later. I'd use a digital level at the rear torque box, Front rails at torque box, and the front of the front rails.
  16. Within an 1/8" on these cars is golden. My C to C between the two inner most holes is 30-9/16", which is close enough for government work.
  17. Huh, learn sumpin ever day. How do you know this stuff Terry?
  18. Two excellent points Jim and Randy. My inner fenders are 40 ¼" apart at the arrow in the pic, which is the front apron surface.
  19. I like that ingenuity Daryll. Any port in a storm.
  20. Looking good Jim. I'm sure glad you're doing the blasting and not me, especially in this heat.
  21. I like that idea, and wouldn't have an issue doing it myself. Seems like the easiest way to me. But I've been seeing before.
  22. You'd love his place. I've been there when he had his 35, and it's a really cool experience.
  23. Dude, you're about 6 months too late. I had a pair that I'd have let you have for my cost, $100. Crap!
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