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  1. Rpm…thanks… I want to be fair
  2. Hello all, my wife says time for front seats sitting in cellar to go. these seats are in great shape and have the tracks attached. I know pix would help but I am trying to figure a FAIR price to sell them for. they are high back black with red stripes…no rips or holes. what would be a fair price? I will add pixs in a day or two but these seats look good, I had them in my Mach for about 30 years.they are original ford seats just wondering ….sam
  3. Well fixed perfect. I had the shop install another master cylinder and rod, the result is perfect pedal height great brakes. so now she is home and probably will hibernate for winter. the shop only charged about 1/3 oforiginal cost . he thinks it was the wrong rod supplied with the master. I will never really know.. but it is done. I wanted to thank all the took time to offer ideas and help thank..,sam thanks
  4. hello Brian yes that looks like my pedal. I am 100% certain I ordered the right master. It came with push rod not attached, not sure if the rod was the right one. a bit discouraged……. Thanks. Sam s
  5. Hello thanks for helping. I should have explained better… if I loosened the master without disconnecting the rod from the pedal,,,. do you think I could wiggle the rod and make it sit in the center of the master piston? I think your right ..the rod is not seated. The best solution would be remove the rod.. but I am trying to avoid that thanks… sam
  6. Det0326: thanks for the thoughts the rod was included with the master but not attached. I agree with your thinking. do you think I can seat the rod by loosening the master from the firewall? the whole difficulty in this job for me is the brake switch, that is why I was thinking maybe I could create some play by just loosening the master thanks. Sam i am waiting for a new master but will have to pay $$$$ for install. I should just try doing it again. I did it about 10 years ago and the switch was hard for me. I would rather replace a cam than that switch lololol thanks again.. sam
  7. Hello, I have a couple additional questions. 1. why do they sell master cylinders with no push rod if you can’t get old oushrod out.. my master included the rod 2. any thoughts of me trying to loosen the master to get the rod seated? thanks. Sam
  8. Hello 69 RAven, thanks for taking time to respond. i hAve checked and double checked the Master I had installed itis AcDelco. 18 M1020…..and should fit manual drums all around. for me this should be simple but I don’t think I can do the brake switch…hardto get under dash. why did I go with deacons. It was the most expensive rock auto had and I have used rock auto for years ipaid $400. To have the master installed and will have to pay again thanks. Sam
  9. Hello all… sorry to be a pain but I need follow up thoughts on my issue. the car is 70 Mach with manual drum brakes all around so last week I had a very reputable shop install a new master cylinder. everything went well but when I picked the car up the brake pedal is about 3 inches higher than nornal i Supplied the master and rod. I am thinking it is either the wrong rod or the master rod is not seated in the master. this would make sense because the rod is suppose to go into the master about an Inch now the important questions 1. do you think I could just lose the master cy,under from the firewall and perhaps the rod would seat the reason I took it to a brake shop is I don’t think I can get under dash to hookup the brake light switch (age is getting up on me). ant ideas how I could get the rod seatedwithout removing it from pedal I paid good money to have this done.. but he is swamped with work and shows around the corner I fear. I would like to put the car up for winter. I know this is not a huge deal But I can’t and won’t drive the car withe pedal so high about 1.5 to 2 in head higher than the c,urchin pedal I appreciate your ti e, thought and suggestions Sam
  10. Seems to me that the push rod is not seated correct or it is the wrong master and the rod is too long. as a point of info..l the brake pedal is now about 2 inches higher than the clutch pedal this is unacceptable..gonna talk to the shop on Monday. Maybe I need a different master and rod
  11. Hello, I will look up my old records to check the size of the previous master. I have had this car 46 years and over the years have replaced a lot items thanks sam
  12. I think both are 1MM. I had installed the last master about 10 years ago - and I THINK I got the same one Thanks - Sam
  13. Mach1Driver Thanks for the videos - - I should have been more clear on my original post This car has no booster - just manual drum brakes all around. Thanks - Sam
  14. Hello all,,, once again I am looking for thoughts, opinions, ideas etc, so here is the car specs… our 70 Mach 1 351c drum brakes all around. Man steering today I picked up our car after having a new master cylinder installed by a very reputable shop. the brakes are amazing but the pedal is a little too high for me. I would say the pedal is about and inch and a half higher than what is was before. I purchased the master with a new rod no adjustment onthe rod. so whAt should I do… get used to new pedal height or is there a way to adjust it? I don’t think there is an adjustment unless it was on the pedal to mater rod which there isn’t. I appreciate you thoughts and opinions thanks. Sam.
  15. Hello Mach 1 Driver, thanks for the thoughts and advice,… I will replace the gaskets but I don’t ever see or feel gas on the outside of the carb. I may also try putting fuel in the vent tube. just so you know when I crank the motor I only crank for about 5-6 seconds, the wait a few seconds then repeat. I never continue to crank long thanks for the help… best of luck with your dream car sam
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