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  1. I assume either the grande or cougar had a power Window option?? it would seem a natural to transplant some from those cars? oh you said locks. I had windows on the brain…..
  2. Ah, the mother of all invention....... good job
  3. Well it sounds like there is hope. I was talking to a guy today, indicated it might not solve my problem. With the battery in the trunk I was trying to fit a spare. Are the space saver smaller in overall diameter?
  4. I'm reviving this post because Aslanefe didn't get an answer to his question. Is there a doughnut spare that will fit our cars? Thanks
  5. We’ll fortunately I live in Houston. Never use the parking brake. Not a hill to be seen for a hundred miles ……
  6. I don’t have the hole by the ignition switch or dimples. Curious, where does the other end of the park brake light wire go to? I don’t seem to have any stray wires under the dash. The AAW harness instructions says for use only with the Dakota aftermarket gauges. ??? Is it going to be hot all the time?
  7. Ok, here's my stupid question for the day..... My AAW update harness has a wire labeled "park brake light" I've seen other sites eluded to the park brake light. For the life of me, I can't find a park brake light on the dash/instruments panel. I have a brake warning light which I assumed goes to the connection on the brake distribution block. Is there one?? This is a 69 mach1. non-tach thanks john
  8. The only party on this transaction that did nothing wrong was you. And you’re the one getting screwed?? I hope this seller makes good. We all should take note and remember this seller.
  9. 30g that's small. The smallest wire I have isn't labeled, dam. What do you think the wires on a 9v battery connector are. Kinda irks me to buy a whole spool that I will never use again. I already have a bunch of those...... Thanks for the info. john
  10. I did go to that site at first, but I didn't know what I was looking for. Now that I have put some effort into this.... I see that theirs is a T10. Thanks I do have some of the replacement 9v battery connections in the drawer. The wires appear very thin. How much current do these need to handle? Will they handle it as is? I know that's probably a trade secret...... Thanks
  11. I figured someone must make those. I just enjoy fabricating solutions, it's a hobby, right. Finding the parts has been problematic, the actual size specs are elusive. Like, I see those T10 sockets but will they fit the hole correctly? The CVR does have 9v battery connects, and those are plentiful, but I haven't checked if the wires need to be resized to match the needed current. It would be simpler just to buy it......
  12. Y'all have been a great help, now another question. Rewiring with the AAW harness. I want to eliminate the printed circuit board behind the dash, too many people complaining about the repos. So how did you make the connections to lights. Since I plan to use the stock gauges (converting the alt gauge) I'll need to make a connection to the resistor/regulator doodad (forget what is called) too. Thanks john
  13. Oh man. That would have been too easy. Good idea
  14. Ahh. Figured it out. TIED them back.
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