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  1. The difference here is when you internally balance the entire rotating assembly, it includes the flex plate too. If you replace the flex plate you’ll probably have to disassemble and start over. That’s why I went external. Internal stuff can still be pseudo balanced (think blue printed). That’s the way it was explained to me.
  2. When my engine was rebuilt, I elected to keep external balance. (They still did some balancing on inside parts but I don't know how that works) I should be able to change out the flywheel/flex plate & harmonic balancer to my hearts content and as long as they are the proper balance weight (and assuming they were made correctly) it should not be a problem. I assume your flex plate or harmonic could be defective?
  3. Is it internal or external balanced?
  4. Thought I'd have some fun and install power windows. Looking at the Nu-relic and electric life. My search turned up nothing current, so I'd like to get some opinions between them?? Did other versions of mustangs (grande?) or other cars (cougar?) have factory power windows that would bolt right in? TIA
  5. It’s a skill I have to learn too. I got some quotes to polish the trim, $65 a foot! I paid them to repair some dents. He said to fasten the trim with a board to prevent warping. Hadn’t thought of that.
  6. I think I asked that. It's different to what I have received previously.
  7. I’d be interested. Messing with the TMI now, not happy……
  8. Playing with my new TMI sail panels. On the back are strips of vinyl glued under a piece of cardboard. Looks like your supposed to "tie" the panel to the body??? Ya right. Getting in there to tie it seems impossible. There doesn't appear to be a place to attach the retainer clip unless your suppose to "tie" the retainer clip on?? Anyone know? TIA
  9. From experience can tell they can be messed up really easy. Your best hope it’s a tumbler is sticking. Spraying some lock lube and jiggling or around may fix it.
  10. I think I know how most of it goes but the fuel sender wire has me perplexed. There is a hole on the passenger side. Does the fuel sender wire cross all the way over to the passenger side to get under the car to the sender? TIA
  11. When ever I start getting pissy about all the new body parts I had to replace on my so called "rust free" car, I just look at some of the projects y'all take on.. Just wow.
  12. Hi, I've been entertaining the idea of converting my 69 with lanyards to the 70 style. Are the holes in the hood in the same location? TIA
  13. I don’t know if this is an issue for you but the 69 and 70 are different Length. There is a bracket behind the panel that the cup screws into. I think the brackets are different too.
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