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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was told they were aluminum. A shop removed the anodize for me. I could make it shinier but not great. I was told I could spray it with some clear paint when done.
  2. Anyone have experience with the repo rocker molding? Mine are in really rough shape.. After a few hours on the buffer, i got about 1/2 of one worked on. pits, scratches and such are still showing significantly. I can send it out for a professional at about $60 a foot, say $720(ouch), or but repos $160 a pair at NPD. This is not a show car. Opinions??
  3. I got mine from Johns Mustang in Houston, no shipping charges because I'm in Houston. You might need to call NPD to find out who makes their better one.
  4. I got the dynacorn. Happy with it. NPD doesn’t label them though.
  5. Looks right to me, thanks
  6. Just wanted to confirm the caliper is on the right side. This was according to the part number. Thanks
  7. My 69 didn’t have the riveted one. Sorry I’m no help
  8. They haven’t been on this site since 2014??
  9. I don’t know if it’s still holds true but for some reason the button itself isn’t compatible with the 69. That’s what it said in the catalog. Had to reuse mine.
  10. I did the Ididit tilt . fits fine and fits my rimblow
  11. My 69 has the curved one. But that’s no help for a 70.
  12. I have the afr heads and unisteer rack. I used the Herman’s that is marketed for engine swaps. It bends tighter to the block.
  13. I’m running afr heads, unisteer pump/rack and classic air a/c pump. Hedman has a set labeled for engine conversion. They are tighter to the heads. Cleared everything else. Putting in a 4r70w , none right now, but my fmx looks like it would fit.
  14. You're probably on the right track but its going to need much more beefing up.
  15. Thanks for the reply. That is what I kinda assumed looking at my old harness. I been putting an effort to eliminating wires under the hood so finding something inconspicuous is a goal. Thinking under a water bottle fastener against the apron.
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