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  1. Those MTF tubs look like something you'd see in a Pro-Street car from the 90's. I was under the impression that any mini tubs would require interior mods. Check out Detroit Speeds wheel tubs.
  2. Hey Mark, Congrats on the purchase. I was watching that on BAT. I recently switched my car from a 4spd to a T5 with the Modern Driveline hydraulic conversion and it required zero cutting of the floor. You can buy everything needed from MDL, one thing of note is the clutch master bulkhead needed some radius done to make it sit flush on the firewall. Also sometimes Summit has 10% off you can get the T5z from them or another option is Dale at Schwartz performance is almost always willing to cut a deal.
  3. Whats your intended use and budget? When I was looking I wanted sport feel, comfortable ride, and wider tires. I didn't want race car stuff I.E. Johnny Joints, solid type mounts and 4k worth of adjustable shocks. I went with Detroit Speed, it's a bit more labor intensive on the install but sill doable for a novice.
  4. Stay away from Cold Case Radiators mine leaked right out the box. "Designed" in America and of course made..........NOT IN AMERICA. Also took them 5! YES 5 months to get my replacement! I bought a Griffen and didn't look back.
  5. Thanks guys..... Its Detroit Speeds Aluma Frame.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and order the mass back style, ugh...... $120ish out the window on the carpet I ordered from Summit.
  7. Gotcha, Have you bought anything else from Ecklers?
  8. Hey guys I finally got my car moving under it’s own power and now it’s gotta few miles on it I need to address some interior issues. I order carpet from Summit, ACC brand and it’s horrendous, almost see through thin, can cut with a dull razor blade. Im thinking I wanna go ahead and order a better one, I also need some interior screws, door lock knobs, sound/heat insulation of some sort and maybe replace the dash pad. Also need some rubber bumpers for under the hood. Who makes the best Reproduction stuff? thanks
  9. I recently seen John’s stuff at the NorCal Shelby track event. Check his site!
  10. I’d KISS. Check out https://opentrackerracing.com/ he’s got a lot of “problem solver” OE parts. Definitely brakes (front disk upgrade), steering & suspension. If you don’t have the skills and or space shop around. I’d list it in priority order and go as far as the budget allows. Coming from a guy that is dealing with the “Snow Ball” of building a car....... Good Luck!
  11. On my 69 the pedal assembly came out with ease this morning and now I can't get the thing back in its place, Am I missing something? A trick to reinstalling? Thanks
  12. Please email me with questions at jeff70bb@sbcglobal.net Located in Vacaville, CA. Can ship at buyers expense. 1969 Mustang Sportsroof takeoff parts I have some recently removed items from my Mustang all in working condition unless otherwise noted. Complete 4spd swap minus pedal assembly. Sold *T10 Tag #’s HEK-M, T10H-1 W.G., DIV W-1, T10-148B W.G. DIV. *Bell housing 302ci *Shift fork *Pilot bearing *Starter *Block plate *Pressure plate (resurfaced less than 20 miles ago) *Fly wheel (new less than 20 miles ago) *Clutch *Z-bar *Hurst shifter *Manual steering column with stock steering wheel $100 *Manual steering box, centerlink, inner/outer tie rods Sold *New lower control arms with new ball joints/bushings (less than 20 miles) $40 *Factory upper control arms $25 *7/8†Factory sway bar with new bushings & end links $40 *Factory strut rods with new bushings $40 *Drum spindles $150 *Front drum brake assembly $50 *Rear drum brake assembly Sold *KYB shocks front/rear with less than 20 miles $60 *Factory leafs $60 *14x7 aluminum mag wheels w/265/50/14 BFG’s rear, 235/50/14 front Dunlop front, 25 lug nuts. (Tires are old) Sold *Factory bucket seats passenger side almost perfect, drivers side shows wear Sold I can email or text pictures. Thanks
  13. Detroit Speed sells a nice wiper setup. http://www.detroitspeed.com/1964-1970-mustang-products/121650-selecta-speed-wiper-kit.html
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