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  1. If your upper hose location is still on the passengers side IIRC you can use a upper hose from a Fox body Mustang like a 1987 w/the 5.0 as they had the 90° water neck. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=2556&cc=1133895&jsn=586
  2. In the top of the lower dash right above the radio there are two holes IIRC one is for the conv top switch & one was for the cruise control switch. Here is a pic showing two switches I have installed in the places I described.
  3. would it be better to use the specs from Dazecars or from Opentracker Racing?. https://opentrackerracing.com/technical/
  4. Tom, Yes there is a gasket between the filler neck & the tail light panel. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-filler-pipe-to-body-gasket-cork-1965-1973/p/HW438/ Here is a link to the hardware to attach the filler neck to the tail light panel. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-filler-screw-set-1965-1969/p/HW242/ I am sorry I do not know what the thread size is for the bolt on the fuel cap retainer wire. I can not take a picture of the cap from my 69 Coupe since mine was missing when I acquired the car & I am installing a pop open cap when mine goes back together. On the filler neck flange that goes up against the tail light panel there are 4 slotted holes that the attaching hardware go through to attach the filler neck to the body, & one round hole, the gas cap retaining wire stud goes through the round hole. I hope that helps you out. Here is a link to a filler neck that shows what I was explaining about the holes in the filler neck flange. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-filler-pipe-1969/p/FFP3/
  5. Looks awesome. X2 on loving the color.
  6. Thanks Randy & Brian. Thanks for the pic Brian, that is what I needed.
  7. Correct, it is the stock 69 Mustang steering column & the steering wheel from a early 80's Bronco IIRC. I purchased the steering wheel from a member here danno & he showed me how to modify it to fit the Mustang steering column.
  8. Now that the engine & trans are in the Coupe it is time to start doing some wiring. I have to run the starter wire from the solenoid to the starter & there is either one or two brackets that hold the starter cable off the engine & the frame. I tried a Google search & came up with nothing, my 69 Coupe has a 302. I think the cable brackets go under one of the oil pan bolts, am I correct? pics would be great.
  9. Hi Vic,

      How is your Mustang running with the FiTech EFI?. Where did you purchase your FiTech unit from?. 


  10. My wife & I will be in the area June of next year & I would like to visit & take the assembly plant tour.
  11. Yesterday I drained what was left of the trans fluid in the T-5 trans. Today before it got to hot I got the trans installed, & installed the shifter.,
  12. Today I installed the T-5 trans & shifter. rmarks, My Coupe was a rolling shell when I got it so I did not need a kit to install the T-5. The trans & the modded 5.0L engine is from a 1987 Mustang GT, I am using a hydraulic clutch kit from Modern Driveline, the trans mount is from a C-4 trans, & the trans crossmember is from Calponycars. https://calponycars.com/1964-1973-classic/784-tra-670-523.html https://www.moderndriveline.com/catalog/hydraulic_masters.htm
  13. I agree, my last Mustang was a 68 GT Coupe with a C4 auto & I installed 3.50 rear gears & I loved it.
  14. Drained out what was left of the trans fluid from the T-5 & the trans is under the car on the jack ready to install tomorrow.
  15. Thanks Vic, I am going to run a serpentine system from CVF Racing. https://www.cvfracing.com/ford-289-302-351w-serpentine-conversion-kit-alternator-only/
  16. When I replaced the quarter skins on my 69 Coupe I came down about 1" from the top body line & cut the quarter off, then once I had the fit I was happy with I cut the top of the quarter 1" higher then needed & then flanged it & slide the flange of the quarter skin under the old quarter panel did one last trial fit & screwed it together. When I was happy with that fit I started welding it on.
  17. Thanks for the info,I should be installing it on Saturday.
  18. I got the Mustang up on ramps in the rear & jack stands in the front to get ready to install the trans on Saturday. It is about 1 1/2 feet off the ground, just enough room for me to slide under it with the T-5 trans on a floor jack.
  19. When I had the rear rebuilt in my 69 Coupe I had 3.50 gears installed along with a trutrac. I had 3.50 gears in a 68 GT Coupe I had back in the 80's & liked it, so I had the same ones installed in the 69.
  20. I am getting ready to install the T-5 trans into my 69 Coupe hopefully tomorrow & I was wondering if I should leave the trans in neutral or should I have it in gear when trying to install it, or does it even matter.
  21. Dave, looking in my Osborn manual it shows with a 3 spd std trans or the FMX up to a 351 engine the speedo cable is routed from the l/s of the trans at an angle under the drivers side floor pan up to the hole in the floor pan to the left of the steering column through the floor up to the gauge cluster. On the outside of the l/.s toe board there is a clip that holds the speedo cable to the frame rail. If you have a 4 spd & any V-8 Mustang the speedo is shown coming out on the passengers side of the trans & running under the passengers side floor by or in the trans tunnel through a retainer clip up the toe board to the lower part of the firewall & across trans through another retainer clip to the hole in the floor up to the gauge cluster.
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