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  1. Im wanting to get an export brace for my 69 the factory one piece Shelby type. The ones I see listed are for 1965-1970. Seems to me there would at least be a difference in the 69/70 models. Anyone have any input on this?
  2. Does anyone know what the bolt torque is for the 7/16ths bolts that connect the rag joint to the steering shaft?
  3. Anyone using the solid billet tie rod adjusting sleeves? Do they work well? Any favorite brand?
  4. Has anyone powder coated there spindles to resemble the phosphate coating? What color did you go with?
  5. Has anyone heard of the bushings made from synthetic elastomer. Suppose to be softer than the poly and stiffer than the rubber?
  6. Need advice on strut rod bushings for my 69. Should I go with the poly or stock rubber type? What brand should I go with?I don't care about high speed cornering just a nice ride. Im more of a straight line performance guy. Are the strut rods adjustable in a 69?
  7. I once took the axles out of an 8 inch rear end from my 70 mustang and compared them to the axles from a known 9 inch rear end from a 1970 Mach 1 and they were exactly the same. You may want to verify this but it could help you narrow down your search.
  8. Ive been looking at this system. Seems like a good set up. Im not to crazy about drilling more holes in my shock towers thou.
  9. Not looking to cut up my front end. Just looking for some bolt in upper and lower arms.
  10. Ive had to put my project on hold for several years and now I'm back on it thankfully. What type of front suspension systems or upgrades are the popular one out there? Whats the going thing now?
  11. I have a rear seat for a 1969 coupe for $150. Black in color and good shape. Im located in Pleasant Garden NC.
  12. I have factory manual front drum brakes on my 69. I want to convert them to disc. I have a set of disc brake spindles from a 70 mustang that Ive kept for years. The car has 15 inch Shelby wheels that I want to keep on it. Any suggestions on what I need to do...
  13. I got my 390/445 kit from Barry at Survival. I went with the H beam rods. There only a hundred dollars more. The fit and finish is a little better. They are also a few grams lighter. If your looking for a Fe block most people like to get the truck blocks because the have extra webbing in the mains. Kinda like a 428cj block. Casting numbers will be either D3TA or D4TA. If my memory is right. Usualy find them in 73-79 Ford trucks. The 360 is the same block as the 390 if you didnt know. Look on Barrys you tube channel. He has several dyno videos with different engine builds. There a a few new heads out for the Fe engine. Like the Survival heads and the BBM heads. These heads are pricey but there making real power. I have the edelbrock heads. Im happy with 450 horsepower. You dont want to push it above 500hp on a two bolt main block. imo..
  14. Hi. New guy here. I also got my hands on a set of 70 disc brake spindles for my 69. Like to know what your doing to put them on. What rotors are you going to use?
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