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  1. Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    A residual pressure valve should exist in the path of the rear breaks, either in the master or inline. This keeps some pressure so the pistons in the rear cylinders do not retract all of the way. Worth checking. Also the shoes need to bee properly adjusted, slight drag. I like adjusting them close the backing up and stopping with steady but agrssive pressure for the final self adjustment. This is assuming the mechanicals inside the drum are in good working condition, make sure the adjuster have plenty of antisense as well as where the shoes and backing plates meet are lubed well.
  2. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    I can’t speak for my 428cj because it is still in pieces.... But all of the above is better that my Lightning @12.5-13 mpg. And I take it easy.
  3. Lights Vs Temp Sensor

    I infer the temp you are seeing is from the aftermarket gauge. Run temp wires from the sender as well as ground directly to the engine block or the battery, bring the engine up to temp, turn the lights on, monitor the temp reading. If this is a ground issue bypassing the car wiring will show it.
  4. MansfieldMustang.com
  5. I believe your index, or rear support bracket, is incorrect. For a R or Q code it should look like the one below. It should also be phosphate and oil finished IF looking for original look.:
  6. Mine had a rubber strip that wrapped around the edge of the glass, no adhesive whatsoever.
  7. Need opinion on brake issues

    That does not look like a hear issue to me. I'm with the statement this blistering is from brake fluid. It may not be leaking, maybe spilled when filling and or bleeding the master.
  8. Need opinion on brake issues

    Does the master have a residual pressure valve for the drum brakes, if not it should or have a valve plumbed in-line.
  9. Need opinion on brake issues

    Not ruling air in the lines or master but the drums had self adjusters. Baskup quickly and apply the breaks with steady pressure until you stop, repeat a couple of times.
  10. Front End Squeak Intermittent

    Glad you found the issue! I have a similar squeak in the front of my Lightning. if you ever put up hay you know the sound of a hay rack.... Searched forever & finally rebuilt the front end, everything but the springs. Long & short the issue is the powder coating has worn off the bottom of the coil springs causing the squeak. Oddly it only occurs when it is hot. HOT ids the season in texas right now but I have not herd the squeak yet this year. Guess I need to look for something wrong. :-)
  11. Door issues

    This is a common problem with new seals. I am sure they will relax some but can not say how much. You say there is some play in the latch, how much is some, video may help. How badly are the strikers worn?
  12. Pinion Support

    That ridge is to support the bearing race. I would be more afraid of the crack spreading from the rough edges, it does not provide allot of support in that area. If you are on a really tight budget I would pull the broken section out, touch up the rough edges & run it. However, these can be bought for less that $100, much less in some cases, so why risk it?
  13. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mof-sw864
  14. Tool of choice: spot weld remover

    I liked the idea of the carbide bit, may give it a try next time. I personally like the Blair spotweld cutter, they cut exceptionally well. Most people spin them too fast and break the teeth. There is no need to spin the fast.