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  1. Buy or make one: https://www.musclecarresearch.com/brake-valve-tool
  2. jmlay


    Go with the wood top for style points!
  3. In my opinion, at a minimum it is vandalisum.
  4. Headers and heat was exactly the reason I was enquiring. After i get it off the rack and by before sending it out for body and paint i guess i better mock it up with drivetrain.
  5. Thanks. I see you have 2 holes. One factory and the other for the aftermarket ac?
  6. Look at the face of the fill tube. Typically there will be an indention on the face that serves as the vent.
  7. 69/70 does not utilize a seal.
  8. I just found a good picture ref for the bracket. No need for more measurement. Thanks for the drain hose measurements!
  9. I believe I can figure the hole location from that. The bracket is attached to the firewall to cowl seam on the driver's side above and to the left of the brake master cylinder.
  10. While I am begging, may I ask for another measurement? How far from the drivers apron is the center of this bracket?
  11. Can't ask more than that. Thank you.
  12. My car is not an original ac car but I will be installing aftermarket ac before it hits the road. I'm curious as to where the original drain hole is compared to where caa or vintage suggest. Anyone have ac ac car apart that is willing to take a couple of measurements and maybe a picture or two? Thanks,Mike
  13. Sounds like they are not parallel when in the car. Might mount one side and get a helper to move the tracks while ensuring it slides as expected.
  14. Here are a coup,e of links: https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/moving-seats-back-1965-1966-mustang.650340/ https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/best-seat-track-extenders.1089786/page-2 https://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/classic-talk/438530-66-mustang-seat-extender.html
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