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  1. That Falcon is so cool I could cry. But I'm not crying. Honest, I got something in my eye...
  2. Spiffy. Very spiffy! Looks like it was dipped in candy.
  3. Thanks for the update. Are you saying the Falcons are a dime a dozen or the tractors are a dime a dozen? That tractor looks pretty spiffy as it is.
  4. Wow, the aluminum on that bike looks better than new. And I'm old enough to remember when those were new. The door gaps on the Falcon are TIGHT. Looks amazing, but I assume those doors don't open and close?
  5. I can see everything with the exception of the pictures from February. I'm using Chrome. Wonder what's going on? Maybe I can resurrect my build thread on another forum. I was so disgusted with the Photobucket Block, I simply stopped updating it. The Falcon is looking good. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing it in fresh paint.
  6. Thanks for the update. This race car has some serious attention to detail.
  7. Are you planning to use the Falcon for serious drag racing while driving the Mach 1 as a street car? Or, maybe the Mach 1 will see open track/road racing? I don't understand why the Falcons don't have a stronger following. They're very cool cars and share a lot of components with the Mustang. I suppose the good side is you can still pick up Falcons pretty cheap compared to Mustangs.
  8. Interesting. Batman has nothing on you.
  9. That's a cool Hurst shifter. I've seen similar shifters only in old Mopars. What's the cable on the front of the differential?
  10. And to think the people who built that car and drove it all those years had no idea it was destined for such a glorious rebirth.
  11. Looks like it was built by NASA/JPL.
  12. Good stuff, Mr. Buckeye. Very good stuff!
  13. It will definitely be a "Street Terror".
  14. Very nice! Since you're going with a T-56, I assume this will be more than a drag car? Thanks for sharing your progress.
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