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  1. copb8

    A Southeast road trip in 2019

    Buying a car and selling it within 3 weeks would be a huge hassle. We had some South African friends do it a few years back but they were here for months. So if you go the purchase route you'll probably have to donate the car at the end of the trip as a 100% right off. That means you'll need to spend $2000 or less on your clunker and that's not going to get you something you'll want to hang in during the heat of Southern US. And if it breaks down during that time it'll ruin your trip. Also, I think $3K for 3 weeks estimate is a pretty high estimate. I'll bet you'll get that down to around $1-1.2K
  2. copb8

    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    That's what everybody did. There was a lead truck setting the pace and another following up in the rear. We would fall back as much as they'd let you (I was the last car in the chains) and then hit it through the corners but you'd catch up to the other cars pretty quickly and wouldn't come close to speeds that would really thrill you.
  3. copb8

    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    Pic of the parade laps. I've driven this track in true high-speed events a few times but never been on it with the Mustang. It was still fun for me but my friend, who was in the car with me, had never put a foot on any kind of track was over the moon. Watching him was more fun than the drive itself . Funny thing was I offered to let him drive and he declined saying he'd never been in a race before! LOL!
  4. copb8

    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    Not factory air, just Vintage Air. And no intermittent wipers.
  5. I attended Good Guys this weekend, albeit only on Sunday because I got rained out on Saturday. It was a good time even with so few cars compared to Saturdays. At least the lines and crowds were down. Even did a few parade laps on the track. When I got back to my car I actually ended up getting the 'Mighty Mustang' award for the show. I guess the judges troll around the cars looking for candidates. No big award or anything but I got a plaque and did a drive by in front of the little stage. Fun twist.
  6. If you're saying that the fitting that's installed on the radiator itself is leaking then good luck. I battled and battled to get mine to stop leaking and finally just replaced the radiator. If it's a new radiator I'd immediately look for a refund or exchange.
  7. I'll take it and the chrome switch. PM me your email for paypal.
  8. Thanks for all the comments and links guys. I will definitely research those. I sure wish I could hear from a couple of Cleveland guys as I'd guess the attach points will be different. I should've also mentioned I have aftermarket air on the car and it's mounted in tandem with the existing power steering pump bracket.
  9. Was you Saginaw pump a bolt-in replacement, or did you have to fabricate something to make it work? Is your '69 a 351 Windsor?
  10. I purchased and installed a Borgeson power steering box for my 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with 351 Cleveland & FMX transmission. My issue is that there is very little power steering assist at low RPMs and the feel is 'grainy' when turning the wheel under pessure. I have bled the system several times and the fluid is correct and new. I contacted Borgeson to get their recommendation and received the following response: Have any of you experienced the same issues and installed a circa 1970 truck power steering pump? Was it a direct bolt-in fit? What other alternatives would you suggest? TIA
  11. copb8

    Anyone used this radiator?

    Thanks. I kind of wonder if my car was switched over since it's an aftermarket larger radiator.
  12. copb8

    Anyone used this radiator?

    Thanks for the heads up. Not sure how this one never came up on my searches. And you're right, they're right down the road from me. I do notice that the output hose is on the opposite side of where mine is for some reason. However, at this point the 'Buy it Now' button has already been pressed so I'm at least going to check out the Auto City unit.
  13. copb8

    Anyone used this radiator?

    Guys, thanks for the input but I'm going to give the 'value' unit a try. It's coming from a company that's been around 30 years with a good reputation and for $200 the price is right. Worse case scenario I get it and don't like the quality and return it for some lost shipping costs. I'll let y'all know how it goes so future searchers have a reference.
  14. copb8

    Anyone used this radiator?

    Send me a link to what you have. I'll just say that I don't want one that's got a flat square top. I want one that has the OEM look and uses the stock brackets. Thank you
  15. My over-sized Griffin radiator has leaked from the transmission connections since the day I bought the car. I've had 3 people try and fix it and as of yesterday it's completely unusable so I'm looking for a replacement. I'd prefer something that'll bolt straight in using the factory bracket and can support my electric fans. My car isn't that tuned. It's a 351C with a mild cam and bigger carb, nothing special. I don't feel like I need to spend $800 on another Griffin. I have 2 x 12" Spal fans so I need the new radiator to be wide like the old. I'm looking at this one on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/291620347931?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Anyone used this one or know anything about it? BTW, as an option it comes painted black to more match the original. Thoughts on that?