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  1. Ridge Runner, do you have a facebook page or website you sell your pieces on? Do your rear side panels work on a 70 Mach 1? Have you determined pricing?
  2. Add me to the list of those who are interested
  3. Can you guys post the specific Bilstein shocks you went with please?
  4. My 70 came with vinyl stripes on the hood in a shiny black finish. There were also some imperfections from the installation. I want to strip it off and paint on proper matt black stripes. Is there any good online videos to watch of the process using the stencils? Also, can a rattle can provide a high enough quality of paint to do this job, or would I need to take it to a professional shop to have it sprayed?
  5. Agree. I've had mine 3 years and they have been flawless.
  6. Wheels are a huge improvement. Congrats on the new ride. It's been too long since I've had that new (to me) car feeling.
  7. I would love to walk around your place and take in everything you have. I have no idea how you tell the tiny difference of parts from piles of what looks like the exact same thing.
  8. Thanks for the insight. Where would you take the temperature reading from?
  9. I want to set the temperatures at which point my 2 Spal fans come on. First question. What would you folks think is the ideal temperatures to set for the 1st and then 2nd fan to come on? Second question. I bought an infrared thermometer to read the engine temps as the dash temp gauge doesn't have any markings for actual temps. Where should I aim this device on the motor to get the most accurate reading? Thanks
  10. When I bought my car it had stock exhaust manifolds and magnaflow mufflers. The whole system was in poor repair. The drone around 2000 rpms was horrible. I took it to a muffler shop and they cleaned everything up and added resonators after the mufflers. The drone is better now for sure, but not gone. My real issue is the sound out the back is so benign now that I feel the car has lost a lot of character. The setup you described sounds great. Do you have any drone? Are you using headers or stock manifolds? Is your car a Windsor or a Cleveland?
  11. Thanks. So pricing is somewhat inline with Monster.
  12. It seems Lentech is a much smaller company out of Canada. What is it about them that you prefer? They don't show pricing so I don't know whether they're cheaper, similar or more expensive that Monster.
  13. Thanks guys. I followed the 4R70W thread. I'd worry buying a used transmission off of ebay that I'd get all the work done and then find the transmission had issues. I found this company selling rebuilt with warranty 4R70W transmissions: Monster Transmission 4R70W (don't worry, you don't have to get green) The price seems very reasonable and seems to include much of the big ticket items needed. I see an optional transmission controller is available but it's $1700!! Is that necessary for a transmission that won't be custom tuned for performance?
  14. My car currently has an FMX 3-speed transmission with a 3.50 rear-end. It's 'snappy' off the line but not a great highway cruiser. I'm wanting to make the car better at traveling some distances without beating it to death and I don't want it to be a dog off the line or have to drive 60-65 mph when traveling. There seems to be 3 options. 1) change my rear gearset and lose off the line punch, 2) replace the FMX with an AOD which seem to always take more work and tuning than everyone thinks, or 3) add a Gear Vendor overdrive unit to my existing setup. The gear vendor unit is expensive at $3K plus the labor to install it, although I'd probably do that myself. I also think it's a little kludgy with it's overdrive button, although there is an automatic mode. The AOD sounds awesome but I'd want a qualified shop to just do it and make it work, but the $$$ may be getting pretty high. Changing the rear-set is the cheapest but also has the biggest compromise on performance. So let me hear your opinions. And I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's gone the Gear Vendor route. Are there alternatives to GVs that are more reasonable?
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