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  1. I did this exact thing. Works great.
  2. I did this exact mod with the same components. Put my trunk release button hidden under the underside of the passenger binnacle. It's so convenient not to have to jack with different keys now.
  3. Ok, the dielectric grease didn't do the trick. Also tried another suggestion to take a very fine sandpaper and go over the surface at 90% to the grain and that didn't help. I guess I'll try the NO-OX-ID grease but I'm loosing hope.
  4. After trying to save it and dropping the column your 100% correct, the slide is connected to the ignition switch via pressed in pin. Too much work to save that little pin so I did exactly what you suggested and just cut the tip off with my Dremel. Thanks
  5. Ok, so I've had my steering wheel off a half-dozen times now trying to locate and silence a relentless squeak when turning it. I finally located where I think it's happening. It's the 2 horn electrical contact pins that run across the bottom of the aftermarket hub (Scott Drake) conductor disk. I've now tried using grease and silicon spray to make it stop but it squeaks just as bad. What would be your next approach?
  6. That's discouraging. Good luck and I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed
  7. I just installed one 3 weeks ago so I can't comment on its durability. The sound improvement over the aftermarket head unit that was there was significant but it's no B&O, but a lot of that is speakers. When I was doing my research on what to put it in the general impression I got was the the units were pretty decent quality. If you decide to go the repair route please post back so we know how reasonably they are.
  8. Well of course the moment I post my question(s) and go back to googling I find some of the answers that I couldn't find for 2 hours before. So I found an installation instruction document on CJP and it appears that every light has a diffuser and that the process to replace or remove those isn't all that big a deal. (correct me if I'm wrong). That said, I'd still prefer to find an LED light bulb that'll just fit in the existing diffusers without having to open up the cluster and remove them.
  9. Resurrecting this from the dead....... I need clarification on whether the diffusers would need to be removed to use these specific bulbs? 194-NWHP5 Bulbs I'd prefer the whiter look for the gauges and was thinking if the these fit with the diffusers then I'd simply install all white bulbs. If the diffusers need to be removed then I guess I'll need to get color specific lights for the high-beam and turn-signals. Is removing the diffusers a big pain that will lead to other things breaking? Are there diffusers for all the lights, or just the turn signal and high beam lights? If the latter I may just change out the dash lights and leave those. Thanks
  10. I found the part I'm referring to Ignition Linkage It appears that I'd need to disconnect the actuator arm and slide the cast piece out the bottom of the slide it's in? Then remove the snap ring and locking pin? Can this be done without removing the steering column?
  11. I have an aftermarket steering wheel and hub. The hub has no provision for the steering lock that is standard on the car. The problem is that the contact plate on the aftermarket hub that contacts the horn pins is too large in diameter and the locking pin from the ignition switch barely contacts the edge of it when the ignition switch is in the lock position. This can create a short on the horn plate and blows the horn fuse. My plan was simply to pull the locking pin, which is spring loaded, completely out and store it with my original wheel. Simple enough. Nope. I have the wheel off and there doesn't seem to be a way to pull the pin. I removed the collar that surrounds it thinking that would release it but it doesn't. I then pulled the ignition switch and the retaining clip and drive gear that move the pin and up and down thinking that would release it. Nope again. Now I'm not sure how to get it out? Or even it this is the best approach? Thoughts?
  12. How awesome to have a classic mustang as a daily driver.
  13. Very nice chassis/suspension setup. Is your car primarily a track car or an occasional track car?
  14. I keep telling my wife if I ever come across a 1 bedroom 6 car garage house I'm just buying, no permission asked. The lift is an Advantage Lift. I think the quality is very good. Lifts can really vary from the bottom to top tier. I consider this a higher middle tier.
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