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  1. Barrett, you bring up an excellent point that I hadn't considered. Had I had the center stripe made I would've definitely overlooked the fact that the crown would narrow the outside edges as compared to to the outside narrow stripes. I think at this point I'm going to buy a stencil and have a professional shop spray it.
  2. RR, I've been following the work you do and you're way above my skill level. I don't suppose anyone would recommend using a rattle can for this kind of job?
  3. Thank you Vicfreg! It's funny but in my google searches NPD never came up, and that's after a lot of time searching. I see they have the outer stripe and numbers but don't see the center wide one. I'm going to give them a call and ask about that and whether they're flat or shiny. Fingers crossed!
  4. Ok, thanks everyone. Figured if you guys didn't know of one then it probably doesn't exist.
  5. The factory stripe was 100% painted but I'd like to avoid having to do that. My car has a decal currently so either someone sells them or one of the POs had it made. If they'd done a better job installing it I'd be very happy with it's looks.
  6. Does anyone know of a company that sell a decal for the matt-black hood stripe for a '70 Mach 1 351 with Shaker hood? Mine is shiny black and has a couple of air bubbles that I've tried to eliminate without success. I'd like to replace it with a matt-black one and really don't have the skill, facilities or tools to do a spray on one. I've found a company that does the rear trunk lid graphic but not the hood graphic. They say it won't conform to the hood bulge but that doesn't seem right to me since entire cars with complex surfaces get wrapped all the time. I've found a lot of stencil graphics but obviously that puts me back into the spray painting fix. TIA
  7. YepYep, it certainly seemed a bit peppier than stock
  8. Yeah, that's what I was figuring. Aren't you in Dallas? PM with a quote and how long you'd need the car. Thanks
  9. Funny, I'm thinking of going for 3.5 to 3.0ish to be able to cruise down the highway a bit more comfortably. You can't go anywhere in Texas without having to drive some distance. Would you change the gears out yourself or have a shop do it?
  10. That sounds awesome. How stock is the motor?
  11. Saw that but if I can get a backorder at the price I'm in no hurry
  12. This AOD transmission is on sale and I was wondering if it could be installed in my '70 Mach 1 with 351c and FMX transmission? http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/Mustang/Drivetrain/Transmissions/Automatic/Performance-Automatic-Transmission-Super-Streeter-AOD-1984-1993-5-0L.axd And if so, what's involved on getting it installed?
  13. Can you tell me what you did to clean and prep and what paint you used to paint them? Mine look pretty sketchy.
  14. My power steering is effective when car is cold but after it gets hot it's almost non-existent at low RPM's. I have to raise the RPM's and left-foot brake to get any assist. Is it simply an issue of the hoses being too close to the manifold?
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