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  1. The JW unit looks good but when I went to put it in the cart it asked whether it was for a C4 or C6 transmission. No option for FMX. I'll give them a call
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Flexplate is the same one I've had on the car since purchased and prior to the transmission work there was no vibration at all. Issues were leaking and poor shifting. I'm confident in the motor still being smooth. It was less than a year ago that they did the test with just the bellhousing and there's been less than 800 miles added to the car since then, none of them abusive. It starts easily and idles smoothly. What is the stall speed for a stock torque converter? Everything I find online seems to be higher stall speeds for racing or performance applications.
  3. I asked about bolting the TC to the flex plate and giving it a spin but they said you need something to hold the internals in place from the transmission side as well, otherwise the internals will just flop around. This kinda made sense to me.
  4. Almost 2 years ago I had a reputable shop in Dallas rebuild my FMX transmission. At the time it was leaking badly and shifting was erratic and rough. They did a great job at resolving those two issues however when I drove the car a VERY noticeable vibration had been introduced. After many times going back and forth to the shop and trying to diagnose the problem it is still there and killing my enjoyment of the car. At first they were looking for all kinds of reasons that it was drivetrain related such as the 9" rear-end or the driveshaft being out of balance. I never understood this considering that those items hadn't changed at all during the transmission rebuild. We even replaced the driveshaft and while it seemed to be getting a 'little' better, it was always still there and I kept bring it back and saying there's something wrong with the transmission. So here's were we are now. With the car in neutral I can increase RPM's and at 2150 rpms I get a very obvious vibration. As rpms increases it changes frequency and begins to morph into a increasing and decreasing thrumming. To me this obviously eliminates anything driveline related. So they then took an empty bell-housing with the starter installed and attached it to the motor. The motor ran smooth as silk at all RPM ranges. So motor is eliminated as the source of the issue. To me this almost 100% points to the torque converter being the culprit. What else is spinning when a transmission is in neutral. The shop however tells me they've been rebuilding torque converters for 50 years and have tried 2 in the car and even though they balance-tested both of them the vibration still remains. Question 1: Can it be anything else other than the torque converter? Question 2: Is there such a thing as new remanufactured FMX torque converters that I can buy that aren't hot-rod high stall units?
  5. @dbmac, thanks for the heads up. I'd definitely consider the mid-bolstered seats as the stock provide almost no lateral support.
  6. I hope you've taken the time to copy/paste this post to a Google, Yelp and Facebook review. That's really where it'll help fellow buyers. Once that's done I'd put it to bed unless he reaches back out to you to make amends.
  7. Those seats look like a huge improvement in comfort over the stock seats. Are they? I'd have to come to grips with going away from the original stock look but those look tempting. You know, now that you mention it, I wonder if my original covers are good and just my foam is bad. My biggest issue is that the foam is disintegrating and leaving 'dust' residue on the rear floor board. I need to really go inspect those seats closely and maybe just buy the foam and have an upholstery shop redo the originals.
  8. Yes, I have heard several comments about the hog rings being a real bear. I'll look into the TMI options. Thank you.
  9. Hello All, I just finished installing all new carpet and sound deadening. It made a nice difference and has inspired me to keep going so now it's on to the next project. My seats aren't bad at all but the foam is disintegrating and the covers could stand a refresh. Where have you folks found to be the best place to source new seat covers and foam? There was a gentleman on this forum selling a complete refurbished set that would've been perfect but I wasn't bright enough back then to pull the trigger. I may try installing these myself however I hear it's a real bear to get them on and looking professional. If that's the case I'll take everything to an upholstery shop and have them do it.
  10. wow Wow WOW!!! You're car is spectacular. I can't imagine how excited and proud you must be. Congratulations.
  11. I have a question. I'm cutting in new carpet and need your opinions on how I should cut the carpet up against the kick plates. Should I cut the carpet flush with the edge of the door opening or should I leave it a bit longer to fold over and tuck under the kick plates?
  12. I've installed these as well and had an issue with the wiring of my car. Gary was actually more responsive to the problem than I was! :-) He kept checking back and making suggestions until the issue was resolved, which was not related to his product. Love being able to see now and being seen.
  13. Oh my gosh, I've always had a thing for a red 1959 Cadillac convertible but a very close second was the '60 and years fits the bill. I would LOVE to cruise around in that thing.
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