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  1. About to order my radio. Don’t want to cut my doors to put speakers there. Other then the rear deck where have you put speakers, and why ?
  2. What are your intentions with the car ?
  3. They’re a bit farther away then southern Ky .
  4. That’s it ? No where, who, what, when or how ...
  5. Can’t wait. What tires are you using ? What’s their treadwear number ?
  6. Mine was ditched a few decades ago. Doubt the mechanism would work this time.
  7. Is the shroud below it rust free surrounding the exhaust manifold? The valve closes forcing warm air to the engine. Took mine off when the shroud rusted away.
  8. On my shaker flapper plate there are two mounting holes. Second one is about an inch back from the one on yours.
  9. What does a Dynacorn body run these days ? Is it worthwhile ?
  10. Any progress ? Its cool. Thinking about changing my hood for one.
  11. Looking into a Custom Autosound Radio USA-740. Anybody else get one ?
  12. What about the other side ? If that is out push this through and use needle nose pliers to remove
  13. Nice, good luck in finding those parts.
  14. Are you around Owen Sound? I’m nearby in Lucknow frequently.
  15. Could you not measure the existing units ?
  16. Have you looked into a new Body from Dynacorn, etc ?
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