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  1. Just offering an opinion. Personally, if you are doing the work yourself, ANY intact 69 fastback is worth 5K in ANY condition. But, if you are paying other people to do the work, I would keep walking. By kit car, I assume you mean a fastback conversion? I really don’t know why someone would go to all that trouble if they could spend a little more money for the real McCoy.
  2. Good timing on my question and your advice. Coincidently, a local guy was selling a pristine center A/C vent so I ran out and bought it from him last night. Hopefully, now I won’t have to cut or modify or put filler panels in my new dash.
  3. It took a month and a half. I ordered October 31 and got it mid December. https://www.cjponyparts.com/classic-auto-air-perfect-fit-elite-air-conditioning-system-r-134a-1969-1970/p/CAA20185/
  4. I bought an A/C kit from CJ pony parts to add A/C to my 1970 Mach 1. Do I need to have an lower A/C Mach 1 Dash to make it work? Or can I simply cut the holes in the dash for the vents? I bought an A/C upper dash pad, so I am good there. https://www.cjponyparts.com/classic-auto-air-perfect-fit-elite-air-conditioning-system-r-134a-1969-1970/p/CAA20185/
  5. I don’t have TMI covers so I am no expert. Just throwing this out there, but could it be that they were designed that way? Those TMI covers and foam really stick out on the sides. That gives a really snug fit, but would make it just a little more difficult to slide in and out of the seat. Maybe they designed them to allow easier access when getting in and out. I would put them in the car and see if it feels off when you sit in the seat. If it feels right, I would just leave it. Because I have to be honest, I would not notice they were off kilter unless you pointed it out to me.
  6. I have tucked mine also. The only reason I have not cut mine out is I’m afraid to cut the wrong wire or something. I’m no electrical expert and don’t want to take a chance on screwing something up. Does any one have a diagram of step by step in what wires to cut and what can be removed? How did you guys do it? Any pictures of what you cut?
  7. I say this with all due respect. LOL! When someone says that, you can always expect it to be followed by something disrespectful! Just kidding! I’m a 70-71 Torino guy who just recently got into the Mustang game when I bought a 70 Mach 1 Basket case. I have two Torinos and have bought and sold a bunch of them over the last decade. I have to laugh when I see someone complaining about availability and prices of Mustang parts. Mustang people, myself included, have it made. Virtually every part of the Mustang is reproduced. We can get any part we want. Not only that, the prices are pretty reasonable. There are many Mustang vendors competing for your business which keeps prices reasonable. Moreover, the sheer volume of Mustang cars produced and their popularity ensures they will keep on making Mustang parts. I compare that to my Torino experience. Parts are scarce. Most parts are not reproduced. The cars were not nearly as popular, and less were produced, resulting in much less NOS or junkyard parts. This results in the parts prices much higher than a Mustang. Just last year, for the very first time, they started to reproduce quarter panels. We could not have been more excited. This is just one example. MACs auto parts has a set of louvers complete with hardware for a 1970 Mustang Fastback for less than $500. They don’t reproduce Torino Louvers and if you ever found one you would pay up to $4000.00 for an unrestored set not including the hardware. Then there is the cost of restoring them. A complete unrestored Torino console will run anywhere from $1000-$1500. Again, that is unrestored. When I first took inventory of my Mustang, I was really depressed because of my past Torino experience. I knew I had to restore or find a lot of parts and was expecting it to be expensive and time consuming. Once I started researching and shopping, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was able to get every part I needed online at prices I thought was pretty reasonable compare to my Torino experience. There are plenty of other cool cars out there that have even less available repro parts and had even smaller production numbers. Those guys have it really tough. In the end, if you have a Mustang, consider yourself lucky. It could be worse. Much worse.
  8. The harbor freight threaded insert tool is an excellent value. It contains everything you will need to put the proper Rivnuts in your door. It even has the exact sized nuts for the stock screws used by ford. It is only $25. An excellent value and great investment for such a cheap tool. I have used it many times. https://www.harborfreight.com/45-piece-threaded-insert-riveter-kit-1210.html?_br_psugg_q=riveter
  9. I live in Ridgefield WA. Just north of Portland OR. I bought the car as a "drove when parked" situation near San Francisco. Had no idea if I could get it running. 351 cleveland 2V. not original engine. After entirely new fuel system from gas tank to carburetor, and a fixing a massive leak at the shifter on the FMX, I have it running and driving. I've spent about $8,000 at CJ Pony parts already just on the interior parts (interior was completely trashed.) Still thinking about how I want to attack the restoration. 20211106_170749.mp4
  10. If you enjoy driving it, I would hold off on the paint job. So many horror stories about car being caught in paint jail. Sometimes for years. If you had the time to do it yourself, I would say go for it.
  11. LindenBruce. I tried to message you via 1969stang.com, but message won’t go through. I am interested. Bob Welch 360-901-3962.
  12. Yes. Thanks. I have always bought my Torino interior parts from Mustangmarket.com. You can even call them or email them and deal with a real human being who actually knows what they are talking about.
  13. New to the Mustang world. I have been looking at the CJPony web site. I see that some parts are TMI brand parts. many times they will have the same part, but one is regular and the other is TMI. I notice on the door panels the TMI is more expensive and does not look completely stock. Other times I notice the same part will be a regular part and there will be a corresponding "CJPony" part with a different price. Is there a noticeable difference in quality? Is there a reason to pay more?
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