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  1. I’m going to replace the brakes on the 69. The car has manual brakes. This is my wife’s car. She doesn’t like driving it because of the brakes. I have talked to wilwood they said go with 7/8 bore master cylinder. Or should I just do power brake booster? Does anyone’s wife drive a car with a 7/8 bore master cylinder and think it stops great or would rather have power brakes?
  2. Dose anyone know a aftermarket tilt column that will work with a Borgeson power steering set up? Ididit said they don’t make one for the 69. I called & talked to them. Flaming river said they can make one if I get all the measurement
  3. I’ll check that. Never thought of that. thanks for the help
  4. I ground down the paint behind the solenoid & bolted it using nut & bolt. Should I run a ground wire to the - side of the battery? Thanks for the help
  5. I put a new neutral safety switch when I put in the transmission. I have tried moving the shifter. I even put it in gear & in neutral. With no change. I can get out & put it across the solenoid & it will start ever time. It doesn’t happen all the time. That’s what’s driving me crazy. thanks for the help
  6. I replaced the starter, starter solenoid & the ignition switch. You turn the key & you don’t get anything. Then other times it will start. This car used to be 3speed car. I put a automatic in it . I left the stock pedals in the car. Is there a switch I need to take out or something else I’m missing? Thanks for the help
  7. Who makes the best ignition switch for a 69 fastback? Need to replace the old one.
  8. The engine compartment is painted. Can I run a ground to the starter solenoid?
  9. Looking to replace the ignition switch in the 69. Doesn’t want to start sometimes. Starter in new & starter solenoid is new. You have to turn the key a few times then it starts. What a good ignition switch?
  10. To all the wiring gurus. I have everything wired & to car runs. I’m trying to figure out the double fan wiring. I have 2 relays on the way. I have 2 electric fans. The Holley snipe will control the fans. What’s confusing me is they say the Light blue & light green wires are output connect to relay ground trigger. I’m a dummy when it comes to wiring. I have searched the wed & it’s more confusing. I found this pic & I think this is how I need to do it. I want someone that’s knows a lot more then me to look at it.
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