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  1. I’m looking to put flush mount glass in the 69. What’s everyone’s opinion on how fesler USA glass fits? I like the way the flush mount looks. Is there a lot of fabrication to do it? Thanks for the help
  2. I’m moving the battery to the trunk of the car. I have searched the great web there’s a ton of them. Wanting to find out what kit is the best. One that comes with cables & everything todo the job. Thanks for the help
  3. I’m looking for the engine compartment wire loom locators. I’m not finding a lot when I search tbe web. Where is everyone getting there’s?
  4. I called summit, jegs & speedway. No one has them. There on back order. There all saying the earliest to ship will be October 15.
  5. I can get them for a Cleveland. Summit & speedway didn’t have a part # for them. This is why I’m trying to figure out if the Cleveland bolts will work
  6. I have called summit & speedway with no luck. I’m looking for arp water pump bolts in black for a 302. Summit & Speedway only show then for Cleveland motor not a Windsor are they the same? If anyone has a part # that would help.
  7. I’m going to do all the body & paint when I retire? That’s why I’m asking if I buy everything now will it still be good to use? The rubbers will be stored in the original packaging.
  8. I’m looking at buying all the rubber seals for the car now. I’m looking at retiring in 3 years. I want to buy everything I can now while I’m still working. I’m looking at NPD products. The seals will be stored in a dry heated & cooled place. Is this a good idea or not?
  9. Think I’m going to go with the 2 row 24in radiator with fans & shroud. Also going to do the CVFracing Serpention set up with there high flow water pump to.
  10. My car came with a factory 20in radiator in it. How hard is it to put a 24in radiator in this car. It’s a 302 car. I’m thinking bigger radiator now so when I decide to build the motor. The cooling will be done. I read what rwcstang posted. I’m still a little confused. So is a 2 row with 1inch core radiator cool better then a 3 row radiator?
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