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  1. Getting ready to do the bodywork on the car. Going to strip it to bare metal. What’s everyone’s opinion on the best self etching primer & high build primer with no shrink back? The easiest to sand would be great. Thanks for the help.
  2. I’m looking at putting a 1 wire alternator in the car. Who makes the best one? Looking for 100 to 130 amp
  3. It’s a new starter. From ORiellys . That’s why I was thinking there might be two starts & I didn’t get the right one.
  4. Is there different starters for a 302? The flywheel is 164 tooth. It starts but makes a grinding noise. Once it’s running there’s no noise. It a c5 transmission
  5. If it has drum brakes . Take the drum put it on backwards. Put some lug nuts on & use the drum as a slide hammer
  6. I’m going to put a Borgeson power steering on the stang. It has a 302 in it. The belt will go around the water pump & crank pulleys. What size belt will I need? If anyone has a part # that would be great.
  7. The cars my wife’s. So taking thing off won’t work. I’m going to go with the toggle switch. Then the car won’t have firer to start.
  8. Thanks for all the great ideas. They all will work great to keep a honest man honest.
  9. I’m looking for something that can be hidden. That looks kind of big
  10. Thanks I’ll go this weekend & get me a toggle switch.
  11. Thanks for all the help. Sorry for the late reply. Been getting some overtime at work. I was looking at using ether a 30amp or a 50amp toggling switch what would you recommend? Is there a good brand of toggle switch’s you might recommend?
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