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  1. Her69fastback

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I’m looking for something that can be hidden. That looks kind of big
  2. Her69fastback

    Ignition kill switch with key

    Thanks I’ll go this weekend & get me a toggle switch.
  3. Her69fastback

    Ignition kill switch with key

    Thanks for all the help. Sorry for the late reply. Been getting some overtime at work. I was looking at using ether a 30amp or a 50amp toggling switch what would you recommend? Is there a good brand of toggle switch’s you might recommend?
  4. Her69fastback

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I just found something on that. What I read was to slice into the - side of the coil. Run wires to a toggle switch. At will crank put won’t start because it’s not firing. Any suggestions on what kind of toggle switch would be best for this?
  5. Her69fastback

    Ignition kill switch with key

    It’s my wife’s car . She wants to drive it to get nails & hair done to show it off.
  6. I’m wanting to put a kill switch with a key on the stang to make it harder to steal. I have looked it up & not finding a lot with a key. I want to stay away from a toggle switch if I can. The car has the mechanical fuel pump on it. I don’t want to put a electric fuel pump on it. Had a car in high school that had a electric fuel pump on it on a toggle switch. Didn’t turn it on & car ran for about two blocks before it died. What’s everyone using
  7. Her69fastback

    Seam Sealer

    If you have a automotive supply store around you one that sales car paint go to them . They should have everything you need. Most body shops get there supplies from a store like that
  8. Her69fastback

    69 throttle cable bracket

    I put a Holley & edelbrock intake on the wife’s 69. I had to madify the bracket because of the vacuum hose coming out the back of the card. Cut it & put a small peice of a tube cut in half in it
  9. Her69fastback

    Fuel line isn’t sealing

    If I’m not mistaken AN fittings take a 37 degree flare . That maybe why it’s not sealing
  10. Her69fastback

    Borgeson Power Steering Upgrade Kit

    I don’t know about the headers. But get the Saginaw pump. I tried using the ford pump & it doesn’t work as well. Going to order the Saginaw pump
  11. Her69fastback

    Ground straps

    I figured out the more grounds you have the better.
  12. Her69fastback


    Why didn’t you like the auto meter gauges RPM.
  13. Her69fastback


    What gauges is everyone using? I’ve been all over the web. There are loads of them out there. Just wanting to know what working the best. I haven’t decided if I want to go with a stock look or go with the 6 gauges look.
  14. Her69fastback


    I’m going to change it out when I put new gauges in it. Thanks again for all the help
  15. Her69fastback


    Thanks again for all the help.