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  1. The engine compartment is painted. Can I run a ground to the starter solenoid?
  2. Looking to replace the ignition switch in the 69. Doesn’t want to start sometimes. Starter in new & starter solenoid is new. You have to turn the key a few times then it starts. What a good ignition switch?
  3. If your drag racing it does. Street car no
  4. To all the wiring gurus. I have everything wired & to car runs. I’m trying to figure out the double fan wiring. I have 2 relays on the way. I have 2 electric fans. The Holley snipe will control the fans. What’s confusing me is they say the Light blue & light green wires are output connect to relay ground trigger. I’m a dummy when it comes to wiring. I have searched the wed & it’s more confusing. I found this pic & I think this is how I need to do it. I want someone that’s knows a lot more then me to look at it.
  5. I was told by the guy that rebuilt my transmission. That the c4& c5 look a lot alike. So make sure if you have a C5 rebuilt they know it’s a C5 not a c4. If they us C4 parts it will burn up
  6. I put a C5 in the wife’s 69 bolted right up. I had to get a 164 tooth flex plate.
  7. I’ll try to find one. Thank you
  8. Have a base model 69 fastback. Needs a new grill. Who makes a good one ? There all over the place on price.
  9. Almost done with the Holley sniper set up. What’s the base timing? I have read anywhere from 6 to 15. I usual do 12. What’s the best for this set up? The distributor is a Holley made for the sniper. I also have the Holley box to
  10. I’m putting a Holley sniper on the 302. The edelbrock intake only have 2 coolant port. One is for the heater hose & one for the sensor for the sniper. I’m going to use auto meter temp gauge. Where is everyone putting that sensor?
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