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  1. What tilt column Is everyone using? I have a borgeson power steering on the car if that makes a difference. I have need searching there’s a lot out there. I have been looking at Ididit columns. I want a column I can paint & hopefully one that is plug & play. I’m not the best at wiring. Thanks for the help
  2. They are 4 bolt spindles. So drum. Thanks again for all the help
  3. That’s what I was thinking to. Will I have to change them to put wilwood brakes on it? I have been searching but not finding what I need.
  4. Thanks. This is a winter project so I’ll have to wait till we stop driving it. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. Thanks Brian. Do I need to pull the rotors off to see the numbers?
  6. There are bolt on brackets on the spindles.
  7. I have a base model fastback 302 non power brakes. When I bought the car it had front disc brakes. I’m looking to upgrade to wilwood brakes. I’m assuming it had drums up front & the guy put disc on it. Is there a way I can tell if the spindles are drum or disc? I don’t want to order the wrong stuff & have to ship them back. Thanks for all the help
  8. Yes they are. Thanks again for all the help
  9. That makes sense. Stop abusing my stuff lol. Will theses hoses work on a retractable hose reel?
  10. Thanks for all the help . I’ll look into the harbor freight red & black hoses mustangstofear.
  11. I have a few harbor freight hose reels. The reels there self are good. It’s the hoses on them that are junk. I just want replace the hoses on the reels. What are good hoses to use for this?
  12. We like ours so far. Did a 80 mile poker run didn’t have any problems.
  13. Your telling me. It’s crazy. I’m looking at this one now. Going to have to do some measuring. Engineered cooling products. I can’t figure how to get the web site to load on here
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