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  1. It keeps shutting down & all the post with the foreign language. I really like this site put its down more then its up. I’m will to donate if that would help
  2. Have you had a chance to figure how much you need to upgrade & keep the site up? This is my favorite site for information
  3. I’ve been looking at Bilstein shocks. The suspension is stuck on the car. Just looking for better shocks. The shocks on the car are ok just looking for better ones.
  4. There’s a lot of kits out there. Is there one better than the other one? Thanks for the help.
  5. Who’s making the best stater solenoid? I see rock auto had a motorcraft one.
  6. It’s a new block. Has never been assembled
  7. I found a speedmaster 351w block stroked to 427. Is speedmaster blocks any good? It’s a new block only.
  8. I’m going to replace the brakes on the 69. The car has manual brakes. This is my wife’s car. She doesn’t like driving it because of the brakes. I have talked to wilwood they said go with 7/8 bore master cylinder. Or should I just do power brake booster? Does anyone’s wife drive a car with a 7/8 bore master cylinder and think it stops great or would rather have power brakes?
  9. Dose anyone know a aftermarket tilt column that will work with a Borgeson power steering set up? Ididit said they don’t make one for the 69. I called & talked to them. Flaming river said they can make one if I get all the measurement
  10. I’ll check that. Never thought of that. thanks for the help
  11. I ground down the paint behind the solenoid & bolted it using nut & bolt. Should I run a ground wire to the - side of the battery? Thanks for the help
  12. I put a new neutral safety switch when I put in the transmission. I have tried moving the shifter. I even put it in gear & in neutral. With no change. I can get out & put it across the solenoid & it will start ever time. It doesn’t happen all the time. That’s what’s driving me crazy. thanks for the help
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