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  1. Her69fastback

    Fuel line isn’t sealing

    If I’m not mistaken AN fittings take a 37 degree flare . That maybe why it’s not sealing
  2. Her69fastback

    Borgeson Power Steering Upgrade Kit

    I don’t know about the headers. But get the Saginaw pump. I tried using the ford pump & it doesn’t work as well. Going to order the Saginaw pump
  3. Her69fastback

    Ground straps

    I figured out the more grounds you have the better.
  4. Her69fastback


    Why didn’t you like the auto meter gauges RPM.
  5. Her69fastback


    What gauges is everyone using? I’ve been all over the web. There are loads of them out there. Just wanting to know what working the best. I haven’t decided if I want to go with a stock look or go with the 6 gauges look.
  6. Her69fastback


    I’m going to change it out when I put new gauges in it. Thanks again for all the help
  7. Her69fastback


    Thanks again for all the help.
  8. Her69fastback


    I don’t know exactly what the temp was or is. The car has the factory gauges. So the gauge was setting in the middle of the gauge & never moved from there when it got up to temp. I took the radiator cap off & waited the the thermostat opened to see where the gauge was setting at. It stayed right there. The timing was around 12 I set it to 10. The fan was one I had. I put one that pulls 3000 cfm. I don’t know the cfm of the old fan. Both are 16inch fans. It’s from American volts
  9. Her69fastback


    I think I mite have it fixed. I put a new electric fan that pulls 3000 cfm. I also adjusted the air fuel mixture. Set the timing at 10. Let it run in the garage for about 15 mins & the headers never got red & it never dieseled your ran on. Should I change the thermostat to a 180 degree? I’m wanting to replace the gauges to ones that will fit in the stock cluster any suggestions. Thanks again for all the help everyone gave me. Couldn’t have done it without all your guys help. Going to take it out for a drive next weekend.
  10. Her69fastback


    Yes it is was. Have to have idle up so it will stay running in gear. The backfiring is coming out the exhaust
  11. Her69fastback


  12. Her69fastback


    I checked the vacuum today. At vacuum at crank was almost nothing. Started it it was just below 15 when it warmed up it went to between 15&20. Vacuum advance is working. When I sucked on the hose the arm moved. I rechecked timing with hose unhooked from card & pinched off. Still at around 12. Still backfiring when you turn it off. I’ll get a video of it when I turn it off.
  13. Her69fastback


    I thought if the headers are turning red at idle wouldn’t that mean it’s running lean?
  14. Her69fastback


    I pulled the front bowl on the carburetor. It has 66s for the jets. Should I go up to 68s? I’m thinking my kickdown linkage mite be making rumble back through the carb. When I took it loose it popped back . I was going to get the new jets tomorrow after work & see if that helps the running lean. Thanks again for everyone’s help.
  15. Her69fastback


    I checked the floats this weekend. If you bump the side of the car with it idling gas comes out the site hole. I check the time by pulling the hose from the distributor. I will recheck it this weekend by unhooking the vacuum line at the carburetor & pinch it off. How many vacuum lines should I have hooked up on the carburetor? I have the big vacuum line from the back of the carburetor hooked up to the valve cover on the passenger side. The other one is hooked up to the carburetor for the distributor.i have one more & that’s for the transmission that’s hooked up to the back of the intake. I’m going the buy a vacuum gauge this weekend. Where’s the best place to check vacuum? Car is no power brakes .