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  1. An end to the story - Holley rebuild Feb 2022 Before and after photos....
  2. Holley will repair it with epoxy for free... Getting an good dated one is strictly and ego issue... No matter what it will NOT be the one that has been on the car since I got it in June 1969. Car will never be concurs candidate - headers shifter, suspension +++ Just annoying as It had some big air bubbles over that area in the box... I was more concerned that the entire box would be lost in transit as it also had a 6V in it. TG they didn't get damaged as at least their is a possibility of finding this correct venturi body.
  3. Need a Holley 4279 venturi body prefer dated 91x; 8Bx. 8Ax for Feb 4 1969 built car. Sent mine to Holley for rebuild and it got damaged in transit.
  4. UPS broke my venturi body in shipment to Holley for rebuild. Need LIST 4279 C9AF-M Date Dec 68 or Jan 69 -- car build date was Feb 4, 1969. I have owned this car since June 1969 and sent the carb to Holley for rebuild because a well known carb cleaner stripped the zinc dichromate gold Holley color off the venturi body. When Holley opened the package this AM they found the secondary vent tube had somehow been hit with enough force to: I guess most here can probably understand what having the RIGHT numbered part on a vehicle you have owned for 50+ years means to me. Holley can "fix it" with some epoxy which would not show until the air cleaner lid is removed BUT.... Car is NO concurs contestant headers, shifter, suspension +++ so its just me.... Help please Susan
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