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  1. unilec

    69 Vert project

    Is it this panel your looking for, for a fastback though. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/Mustang/Body/Taillight-Panels-Braces/Taillight-Mounting-Panel-Driver-Side-1969-1970-Mustang-Fastback.axd
  2. unilec

    Craig from New Zealand

    Beautiful job on the painting, I would have thought the 427 would be the silver grey in the side stripe, but black would look good too.
  3. unilec

    I Fried the Alternator Wiring Harness

    Couple of thing we need to know, there could be an internal issue with your alternator, maybe the diode pack, what size is your alternator( suggest you have it check by an auto spark), what size gauge wire is the wire that burnt out and have you any idea what you current draw is, bearing in mind that upgrading to electric fans can cause a large large increase in current draw.
  4. unilec

    Craig from New Zealand

    Thats an awesome colour, It will really pop in the sun, how many coats of clear do you lay down? So your not going to roll the fender lips?
  5. unilec

    Happy 50th

    Wow, your car looks beautiful mate, did it come with tinted windows?
  6. unilec

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Yeah, make it narrower so the bend piece is closer to the bending radias. You could also just keep the one you have and make another for bends such as in the pic I posted
  7. unilec

    Show off your home brew tools!

    i have also seen many that have support bars to reduce flexing, such as this one.
  8. unilec

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Your bending 90deg angles but if you were say making a radiator shroud and wanted an edge to fix to the radiator and the depth of the shroud was 25mm, you would need to be closer to the bending radias to bend.
  9. unilec

    Show off your home brew tools!

    Nice work on the bender, one thing I would do is cut the front moving piece closer to the clamping angle that way you can make more usable bends, just a suggestion.
  10. unilec

    Taillight Panel Replacement

    Get yourself a decent spot weld remover tool, similar to this one. The center pin is spring loaded, but i still prefer to drill a small hole to stop it slipping. https://www.totaltools.com.au/99174-Toledo-Spot-Weld-Remover-10mm-313301?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8caLmYXC3gIVjYuPCh3OmwHTEAQYAiABEgK6lvD_BwE
  11. unilec

    1970 Fastback

    So just measure the diameter of the copper ( not including the insulation) 4 gauge should be about 5.1 to 5.5mm and 6 gauge 4.1 to 4.5mm.
  12. unilec

    69 Vert project

    Yeah, its certainly coming together fast, starting to look like a car again, the times i have seen this done on a rotisserie or jack stands and you just know its not going to turn out good, well done.
  13. unilec

    How is this for a line up

    Yeah, thats because most of them are in Australia now. ;--)
  14. unilec

    A Southeast road trip in 2019

    I remember a mate of mine bought a 1970s Plymouth station wagon and chucked a foam mattress in the back and covered most of american and Canada, when he was finished, he just left the car in the car park at the airport. i doubt your wife would be game enough (just saying) for the same experience. ;-)
  15. unilec

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    So it seems you are determined to go with a serpentine belt, although I cannot see why, the main problem people come across with alternator upgrades is the belt wrap, if you look at the picture that Vicfreg posted you can see that he has at least 50 percent belt wrap, i have seen others that have Less than 20 and complain of issues like squeaking and belt slippage. So I would suggest you purchase a 130A alternator and just try it first and as you are looking for more of an original look it would be my first option. If you want to determine you total current draw, I would suggest you either buy or borrow a digital DC amp clamp meter or find some one who has one you can borrow, you then need to up the engine revs to about 2000 rpm and switch on one circuit at a time and note the results after you allow that battery, which hopefully is in good condition to recover, a decent battery will "float" at the optimal voltage and really not have a great impact on the alternator output.