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  1. Your paint job looks awesome and it's also a good Idea to install jute or felt on top of the foil as well, for heat and sound.
  2. Also need to check the length of the shackles, you can reduce the ride height by replacing with shorter shackles.
  3. I have used intergard 269 and painted the entire car with it, a lot of guys here in Aussie swear by it and a lot cheaper than most of the other brands.
  4. I think this is the way I will be going on my 65FB, no need to cut up the inner sill. Not sure if the 69FB will have the same option, will look at that once I get to restoration stage.
  5. Good idea to switch to the pertronix system, just put the old points and condenser in a plastic bag and chuck them in the glovebox, nothing worse than being far from home and you have ignition porblems.
  6. A lot of electronic stores have guys working as sales staff who know a lot about electronics as well, maybe an idea to visit one or two to find out if they can have a look at it for you.Worth a try before shelling out for a new one.
  7. I am assuming your new alternator has an internal regulator, so you do not need the external regulator any more. The red warning light or idiot light is there to provide excitation to the regulator circuit, most alternators require the globe in question (bosch comes to mind) to not exceed 2 watts, but you should be ok with the Ford original light. And yes the wire you mentioned is the one to go to the light.
  8. Also a good idea to get the piston locking device you see in this short youtube clip.
  9. Vicfreg, do you still have pedestal mounts in your GT40 heads?
  10. Q: Why are people hoarding all the toilet paper? A: Every time a person sneezes, 10 people around them shit themselves.
  11. Your to late for that, they just changed their name.
  12. Great find and really cheap, I am a big fan of the 60 and 70,s cars and not just Mustangs, I have a Corvette stingray parked next to my 65 Mustang fastback and love them both, but that's just me. Would love to get an early Pontiac firebird, but the Aussie dollar has fallen on its arse. Beautiful car by the why and looks like it has all the fruit
  13. Yeah, you would think that, but any time electronics is exposed to moisture, either from washing the engine and bay or just driving in the wet, it quite easy for the ingress of water to affect the electronic components. Encasing these components in some type of housing is always a good idea.
  14. Apart from heat off the headers, I would also be worried about water or moisture getting into the electronic components. Can you find an aluminum or plastic box with a decent seal to mount it in?
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