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  1. Fibreglass does not adhere well to pot metal or any metal for that matter. You can make a cut along the top outer edge and use a block to clamp it where it lines up with the fender lower down and carefully heat it with a map gas torch, bend it out to where it lines up and fill in the cut with muggyweld. Just be very careful when heating pot metal if you decide this is an option.
  2. unilec

    Christmas Joy

    Just finished my tree decoration.
  3. Awesome, cars going to be a weapon when you finish. If you have not already thought of it now would be a good time to weld in reinforcement plates on the shock towers, as well as the "dog bone" on the outside.
  4. This is one that does just that i have never seen before, would wonder at the legality of it though. http://68vert.blogspot.com/2013/05/safety-first-shoulder-belts.html Also maybe a thought to contact wesco. https://www.wescoperformance.com/i-3207-retractable-install.html
  5. Yes your right, got them around the wrong way. ;-)
  6. Mark I see you have a Tefba filter, mine came with a fine filter and a coarse one, did you change to the course filter, also it may be blocked as well restricting flow.
  7. Have you measured the inlet to the radiator and the outlet, should drop about 10-15 deg F
  8. Nice work. With all the fiberglass work you do, have you ever thought about buying a chopper gun?
  9. Contact WCC. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/Search.aspx?SearchTerms=D0Z cigar lighter
  10. And thats why I have an answering machine, most of the time they hang up before the voice message has finished. Must say it's getting a lot fewer now than before.
  11. Not sure if this is of any use to you, but it has a section on the C6 and mentions the 390, so maybe the linkage images will give you some idea of what to look for. https://www.mustang.org.au/technicals/66/7 - automatic transmission.pdf
  12. It may be optical, but the cylinder #5 push rod looks bent.
  13. Mal, sounds like you have exhaust drone issues. You can fit "J" pipes to your exhaust to help eliminate this problem, unfortunately you need to know where to fit them and the correct length, but worth doing some research into.Do you have a "X" or "H" pipe joining both exhausts together?
  14. Try these guys they may have what you are looking for. http://mustangpanels.com.au/
  15. Be good if you could make a lower replacement panel skin for the inner door panel.
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