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  1. Craig from New Zealand

    Beautiful color, definitely will pop in the sun. The rear spoiler you fitted a light into, is that for this car or another project?
  2. Removing Speedo Needle

    Some times you can get the decal on without removing the needle, but if you do, the two pieces of soft wood and two small screwdrivers either side and it should pries off.
  3. A/C Compressor Fitment

    I think the one in bigmal's photo is this one, not cheap here, so I have made my own from a piece of 1/4" plate. http://speedyairspares.com.au/products/Ford_289_302_351_Windsor_V8_Air_Conditioning_Bracket_to_suit_Sanden_SD7H15_SD5H14_Compressor-32-9.html
  4. Need help with my Kick Down

    You may need to have an elongated slot, so the accelerator linkage only comes in contact with the rod towards the end of its travel to operate the rod, my vette is like that.
  5. Ash's 69 R-code

    Looks like a bit of massaging is needed, it may damage the coating though. Engine is coming along beautifully, it will be a beast when you start her up.
  6. 1970 Mustang Exterior Lights (turn signals)

    Good to know all this, so thanks for taking the time and posting. :-)
  7. if you have converted to a pertronix ignition , I always suggest to carry the old points and condenser in your glove box, you never know when it will fail you.
  8. If the paint on the dash doesn't work out you can recover with textured vinyl over the dash not to hard to do if you have a heat gun.
  9. Damage Instrument Panel Circuit

    You can buy the printed circuit locally here. Mustang Auto parts have them. http://www.mustangautoparts.com.au/electrical.html
  10. Hi Mal, you have probably seen this post, but just in case you missed it, here is a link. Top of page. https://www.mustang.org.au/forum/index.php/topic,24077.msg303494.html#msg303494
  11. I bought another one!

    $800? Wow, here in Australia you would pay maybe $8000 for a car like that.
  12. Coming along nicely, good to see the firewall fits. I have been considering fitting a centre console handbrake when I do mine, seems a lot of work to make the 69 one operate correctly, maybe something from a Falcon, just a thought.
  13. Mach 1 resto in Australia

    car is coming along beautifully, with the mat paint on the hood, do you seal it with a matt 2 pack clear to stop it marking up or leave it as is?
  14. I know the feeling, when you remove the firewall its like the point of no return. i made my own from sheet metal otherwise you can end up with a patch work quilt. I believe from what I have read that the 69/70 year is a lot easier that other years because the dash parts are removable. ;-)
  15. yeah, thats probably the best way, getting the steering geometry lined up correctly is the main issue. Where did you buy the rack from?