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  1. Classic car auction.

    The white 1965 with the drag pack, at the top of the page I believe was passed in at $500K
  2. Classic car auction.

    Yeah, those original plates sell for big bucks here, i have seem plates go for a lot more than those.
  3. Classic car auction.

    Just thought i would post this link to an auction here in Australia posted on another web site, just to give you guys and dolls an idea of what cars go for here. https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2017-shannons-melbourne-summer-classic-auction-featuring-the-ian-cummins-collect/
  4. Horn Stopped Working

    I would suggest you start at the horns themselves, put 12v+ direct to each horn and work back from there, could just be a ground issue, its strange that the 69's never had a horn relay.
  5. 69 Fastback project

    Awesome, would look good in a Mad MAX movie. How about some metal fab work and join the lower valance and the top stone guard together so it looks like one panel, then fab up a grill to fit in the opening.
  6. Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    OK, just make sure you have the correct pedal, should be 4-1 ratio, similar to this one.Master should be 1" as well. https://www.cjponyparts.com/brake-pedal-assembly-manual-transmission-power-brakes-1967-1969/p/PDS/
  7. Ash's 69 R-code

    Awesome work so far, I love build threads and will enjoy watching this one as well, also like the patina look on these old trucks. Are you going to paint it a matt clear or just leave as is?
  8. Wow, thats a nice find, it comes from an early LaSalle and would be worth its weight in gold to a collector or restorer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaSalle_(automobile)
  9. Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Are you using a booster, if so you may be using the wrong brake pedal.
  10. Battery Maintenance

    These CTEK chargers are very popular here in Aus. You can just hook them up and leave them plugged into the mains. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-CTEK-MXS5-0-12-VOLT-5-AMP-5A-BATTERY-CHARGER-DEEP-CYCLE-AGM-CALCIUM-MXS5-0/161161856867?hash=item2585fec763:g:8gwAAMXQWzNSlrrn
  11. Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    Really beautiful job, love the drink holders too. So the center bracket you installed is that all you need to hold the console in place?
  12. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Is this the same as the one listed here, just thinking it would be good to upgrade my 65 to see what I need to change for my 69. http://www.capsnecks.com/j1114_solutions.htm
  13. My Brothers 69 Mach

    The car is coming along very well. If you are installing power brakes then you need the longer brake pedal to get the correct ratio.
  14. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Looks like your making steady progress, well done.
  15. Automotive passion

    Wow, that's awesome and a bit emotional, can't be too many of those around. Thanks for sharing.