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  1. Be good if you could make a lower replacement panel skin for the inner door panel.
  2. Is the radio bezel for a non ac car? If so do you still have it?
  3. If you look the sharp bends at the door and rear quarter of the old original quarter panel then look at the replacement panel bends there is no comparison and you will notice it when the door is in place and the rear extension is fitted, so like I said try to retain as much of the original panel as possible.
  4. I'm not an engine guy, but I thought you could get thicker inlet gasket up to 0.120".
  5. I would try to retain as much of the original panel as you can, also you need to fit the door on to retain the correct body line. Do you have a pic of the original panel?
  6. I have just done my 65FB, so what I do is put a line of masking tape just outside the area that is the gasket line before the glue is applied, this prevents you getting glue marks on your paint outside the gasket line.
  7. i think it was this one from stangs-R-me, maybe send him a message to see if he is still doing the mod.
  8. Maybe measure the rear leaf springs if the diff perch is to far back it will cause this, who knows if someone fitted the wrong springs on at some time in its life.
  9. fvike, interesting rotisserie you have there, how do you get it in and out of your workshop?
  10. There is a video on this thread that will help answer all your questions.
  11. When i did my 65FB I used pillow flange bearings similar to this one, long time ago now so just cannot remember the size. https://www.vxb.com/12mm-Flange-KFL001-Miniature-Pillow-Block-Mounted-p/kfl001.htm
  12. I tried to look up on google where the term buck tags came from and just got a lot of sites advertising for hunting licenses. :-(
  13. Do you still have the pink resistor wire or full 12v, also attach a multimeter to the coil positive and see what the voltage is while cranking.
  14. I see you have a shaker hood, just bare in mind that the Edelbrock Performer RPM intake is nearly an inch taller than the standard performer, so may or maybe not be a height issue.
  15. The only way to get some degree of accuracy is to have separate adjustable cvr's for both fuel and temp, fill the tank half full and adjust to half way on the gauge. On a side note if you are running at 180 deg, I feel that you are running a bit cold, as regards to engine wear.
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