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  1. Just a thought, as I have never heard of any adapters, maybe you could measure the inside of the female plugs and buy some brass rod and make your own.
  2. unilec

    Lost in the 50s.

    Its a pity someone did not make a doco of the museum and the auction, would have been good to see.
  3. unilec

    Lost in the 50s.

    Sad to see another Aussie icon go down, did any one on this site manage to get there for the auction? https://www.lostinthe50s.com.au/auction-preview
  4. Is there any reason you want to stay with the external regulator, if not just get a one wire alternator 100amp (you never know what upgrades you want in the future) with the built in voltage regulator.
  5. If you are doing voltage checks do not leave the ignition on for too long without the engine running, its the easiest way to burn out the coil.
  6. If it cranks over i doubt its the ignition switch, first check for fuel and spark.
  7. I always use velcro tape to do wiring looms, easy to remove and add new wires and does not create hot spots like cable ties, insulation tape just makes a sticky mess. Just a thought. https://turbox.com.au/product/10m-roll-velcro-cable-tie/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7tiRrI_54AIVhR2PCh2HfACsEAQYAiABEgIKCPD_BwE
  8. Car is looking awesome and well done for bringing this car back from the dead. Is the header going to interfere with the steering shaft, looks like it could be close.
  9. I would be worried with too much flexing with that Bronco bracket, let us know if you do fit one.
  10. Measuring the required travel and making another switch mounting bracket (plate) with an offset may be another way to go, it looks like its just a piece of 1/8" plate.
  11. You could go with Cherry bombs " Disturbing the peace since 1968" , the 11 inch, wow that would be loud. ;-) https://cherrybomb.com/project/turbo/
  12. Looking into courier costs for a door shell, does anyone know the weight of a bare shell? Thanks.
  13. unilec

    Question for RPM

    Just maybe another option, this guy seems to be the Marti of mopars, (broadcast sheet, thats a new one). http://galengovier.com/ Bit more info on your car. https://www.oldride.com/library/1970_dodge_charger.html
  14. Looking at the back of the pinion, it looks like it has been rubbing against the flex plate, maybe try a space and see if it makes any difference.
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