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  1. unilec

    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Yeah, was just wondering if you still had a bit of air in the master cylinder, always a good idea to bench bleed masters. The push rod between the booster and master is also adjustable.
  2. unilec

    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Does it still feel like you have air in the system?
  3. unilec

    Caster Issue ?

    I don't see any pics showing up on the VMF site, just interested to see what he did.
  4. unilec

    Power Steering Blow Outs

    I remember reading somewhere, that the pump rotation is important, maybe the wrong turning direction.
  5. unilec


    I bought a rebuild manual by George Reid C4 and C6, mainly because I want to keep my car as original as possible when it goes through the testing grounds and once registered it's out with the auto an in with my 5 speed. He mentions in the trouble shooting section with early or late shifting between 2 to 3, that it can be the vacuum modulator or rod malfunction, also valve body malfunction or governor malfunction or loose tubes on the governor distributor. Makes no sense to me but maybe to you. I have a damaged parking pawl on my C4 and that why I bought the book.
  6. unilec

    Lost in the 50s.

    Sad to see one of our motoring museums closing down, hopefully I can get over there before the auction or for the auction. https://www.lostinthe50s.com.au/
  7. unilec

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    Ok, awesome like to see that.
  8. unilec

    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    newstang, I like your tail lights, did you make the panel yourself?
  9. unilec

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    How about coming out at the tunnel behind the brace?
  10. unilec

    Need Bushing - Wiper Arm Linkage to Motor

    Not sure if these guys sell the bush you are after, but worth a try contacting them, Or they may know where to buy. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/14490-Windshield-Wiper-Motor-Transmission-Arm-Used-1969-1970-Mercury-Cougar-/-1969-1970-Ford-Mustang.html?attribs=88
  11. unilec

    Mystery Part?

    It looks like it could be an exhaust hanger bracket, or part of one. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/hangersx4.html
  12. unilec

    70 Mach 1 resto - looking for advice

    I know you say you want to keep it stock, but I would definitely change out the steering ram and valve system for a borgeson power steering box.
  13. Would it not be easier in the long run to just have the driveshaft shortened by 1" to resolve this issue.
  14. unilec

    Which brake booster is right for me?

    Looking at this website, it looks like the distance is the same for manual and power brakes. 13in is a bit low. https://www.mustangsteve.com/msfaqbrakepedals.html