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  1. And make sure you have a decent internal spring compressor, I have been thinking about making my own, lot of rubbish out there now.
  2. Mal, do you have any wiggle room to place a shim at the transmission cross member?
  3. Swop the rear wheels over and see if its the wheel or not.
  4. Paint and colour look amazing and your painter looks happy too, always a good sign.:-)
  5. unilec


    We don't bitch about usa prices it the shipping cost that is over the top.
  6. unilec


    For a while now I have noticed nos parts in Aussie going through the roof, such as these: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/edgewater/other-parts-accessories/mustang-1969-70-boss-429-autolite-spark-plug-wire-leads-3q-nos/1253200910 And this. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/reservoir/auto-body-parts/falcon-xr-xt-gt-genuine-nos-steering-wheel/1253417837 Question is are nos parts being priced way to high.
  7. Open tracker reinforcement plates are an excellent upgrade to make and not too expensive either. The 140 may be a bit light, but still worth a try, i have a lincoln 180 and no problems welding in the plates. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/shock-tower-repair-reinforcement-kit-1967-1970/
  8. For some reason your pics are not showing for me.
  9. If you measure from the car body windscreen opening to the windscreen then that will tell you the depth that the glass need to settle to into the opening, then measure to the depth minus the thickness of the windscreen and that will tell you the thickness of the spacers you need.
  10. Your paint job looks awesome and it's also a good Idea to install jute or felt on top of the foil as well, for heat and sound.
  11. Also need to check the length of the shackles, you can reduce the ride height by replacing with shorter shackles.
  12. I have used intergard 269 and painted the entire car with it, a lot of guys here in Aussie swear by it and a lot cheaper than most of the other brands.
  13. I think this is the way I will be going on my 65FB, no need to cut up the inner sill. Not sure if the 69FB will have the same option, will look at that once I get to restoration stage.
  14. Good idea to switch to the pertronix system, just put the old points and condenser in a plastic bag and chuck them in the glovebox, nothing worse than being far from home and you have ignition porblems.
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