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  1. This has got me thinking about building a 1940 Ford pickup. Orange with a red interior. As a kid I built a model of one that I've always liked. Think it was a Monogram unit
  2. Took a Heinz tomato juice can myself. Popped two small holes in it. Used it for years until I got rid of the A/c units. Left the labels on it.
  3. Anyone have concerns with their injection units lately ?
  4. Taken in small steps with a clear plan it will be done in due course.
  5. Drove my car last night for the first time in a while. Now that I've got a tach installed I found out my car runs like crap after about 3800 rpm. Ordered a new distributer #8578 so my shaker will clear. But I'm wondering if MSD boxes degrade with age ?
  6. Thanks. Tapped into the red/green wire for power and lights. Connected to the terminal on the MSD box. Works great !
  7. Installing an Autometer tach on the column. Need a wire to tap into for switched power. Another for lights. thanks
  8. So you don’t need a carburetor after all. Nice !
  9. Does the battery have to be enclosed if its in the trunk ? Want to put mine just behind the seat above the axle.
  10. Want to put the battery in the trunk. I want to put it between the wheels above the axle. Doing so means I cant enclose it with a battery box due to accessibility issues. Don't have a fold down seat so it will fit nicely. What are the pros and cons of not enclosing it within the trunk area ?
  11. Just things to work on while you're riding in comfort with that Thunderbird.
  12. Whats is wrong with the T bird ? I'd be more inclined to get that mobile.
  13. I have heard that about Fox body convertibles. Nothing about our years. Nor have I seen any different part numbers for each model...
  14. Sounds interesting. Always wondered why when Chevy used the 350 Lt-1 in 1970 Ford stayed with the 302.
  15. Read all about wiring in a new generation starter using the existing solenoid. But has any one gotten rid of that and used just the terminals on the new starter. I'm using one out of an 1995 5.0L That way the fenderwell will be cleaner.
  16. Want to remove the whole assembly. Dont need the heat.
  17. What is involved in removing the heater / AC box assembly under the dash on my 1970? Core was leaking years ago so I unhooked it. Thinking I will just remove the whole assembly and be done with it.
  18. Pulled this carb from the garage hoping it install it on an engine I have been working on. But the throttle plates are seized stuck. Any ideas on what I can do ?
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