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  1. What do the people from Eddie motorsports say ?
  2. Thanks for posting these. Saw them online but never read until now.
  3. Thanks for posting these ! Charlie put a smile on my face.
  4. Is the flasher just for LEDs or is it specific to sequential units ? My flasher from when I installed my sequential ones blew. They still work like taillights just don’t sequence any more.
  5. Yes. It’s equivalent to DOT in the US. Much higher standard.
  6. I've got both. Thinking of pushing them out a slight amount to fill the openings more. But I will wait until the spring and properly measure them.
  7. Nice car. What does the Marti report say about it ?
  8. Thinking about going to an 18' 2014 Mustang wheel. What adapters/spacers will I need. Right now I have 17x8 ones with a one inch spacer in the back because of me Versailles axle. Currently I have 235/45 and 255/45 on 8 inch 17 rims with no problems.
  9. these ones KaTur H4 9003 HB2 Led Headlight Bulbs Hi/Lo Mini Design Upgraded CREE Chips Extremely Bright 12000 Lumens Waterproof All-in-One LED Headlight Conversion Kit 55W 6500K Xenon W
  10. I'm using Bosch E code headlights with H4 leds from Amazon. Think Katur brand
  11. starting a new thread or searching on for other would be you best bet. But, I'm using 235/45 and 255/45 on 8 inch 17 rims with no problems. Thinking about going to an 18' 2014 Mustang wheel though.
  12. which 8.8 did you use ? Is there a chart showing the widths ?
  13. Modern Mustangs have the same bolt pattern. At least up to my 2002. Never taken it out of the 2002 though But I keep a can of sealant and an auto club membership as my spare.
  14. Frames yes. All high backs in 70 were the same. Just the outer material and design were different.
  15. Thank goodness replacements are easy to come by.
  16. Isnt that the way things work out. Take something apart. Put it back together. Still have parts in your hand wondering ?
  17. Look forward to seeing more progress.
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