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  1. Nice ! What fuel fittings are you using with the shaker ?
  2. Has anyone put in a relay in their ‘70 for the horn ? On mine I blow fuses. I’m running a Grant steering wheel which I think is the reason.
  3. Thanks. I have relays in place. Also upgraded to a modern 3G alternator. I'll look into that.
  4. Where on my '70 can I take 12v power that's switched on/off with the ignition switch ? I have fans powered directly off my solenoid.
  5. When using the new alternator how does it affect the dipstick?
  6. Any pictures ? The first ones don't show up anymore.
  7. Why not a stock one from a 94 Mustang ?
  8. Nice truck. Curious why you're going with Fitech ? I'm undecided but want to EFI my cars.
  9. Thinking about going with modern EFI. Started looking into it and found there are lots of choices. What are you using and why ?
  10. I think your best deal is to start a new post as this will be buried and you won't get the answers you need.
  11. No. All you need is a clutch pedal for your year. Cut down the brake pedal to match. http://transmission.moderndriveline.com/speed/pc/Clutch-pedal-69-70-Mustang-Cougar-45p198.htm
  12. No. All you need is a clutch pedal for your year. Cut down the brake pedal to match.
  13. The clutch pedal slides into the existing bulkhead. Get new bushings. Get a brake pedal pad for a manual trans car. Cut down the brake pedal you have.
  14. I'm running a 255-45-17 on a magnum. With the Versailles rear end it pulls the tire inboard making it look small. Thinking about going to a larger tire as well.
  15. Thought about putting one into my '70 but the overall cost drives me away. Is it cheaper using an earlier year ?
  16. Thanks for the insight. That’s what I did. Two jugs of coolant later I’m good to -37c. Which is what it should be mid January.
  17. Have to store my SporstsRoof outside this winter. Normally I run straight water with a quart of Water Wetter. Checked it today it's not going be ok for winter. Got to thinking instead of draining and refilling with antifreeze what if I just drain it completely of all existing liquid ? Leave it sealed but empty.
  18. I'm rebuilding the front end of my '65 El Camino with all Moog parts. What are their two lines known as ?
  19. The hurst shifter on my T5 is too close to the dash on the 1,3,5 position. I'm thinking about cutting it and rewelding it so it sits better. Never welded one before so want know if it's feasible. Prefer to modify this one rather then just buying another.
  20. Looks cool. Can't find it on their web page.
  21. After taking the drivers side apart I’ve found that the bump stops are two different heights. Drivers side is easily double the pass side. The bracket in the picture/ video is only in the ‘69s.
  22. What glue on brackets are you talking about ? My glass hits the rubber directly.
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