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  1. Dealt with a company that made the wedges out of Sandy Utah. Think, Pro-Motorsports. Used them with my b joints in doing a 2 inch drop.
  2. Didn’t the 68-69 Torino’s have a similar set up ?
  3. Thanks, did almost that. Ran some 18 gauge wire through them. Then the pump stopped working.
  4. Very interesting. I’d call and inquire
  5. Wise choice. Used that same combo from Strange in mine as well.
  6. Very cool. Ever thought of getting the dash and console wrapped with red leather ?
  7. These are what I have on mine. But the collectors are a ball type seal.
  8. What do these limit, the up or down movement ? My 70 has rubber blocks the stop the downward motion
  9. How did you wire in the intank pump ?
  10. Is that the pump where you cut the hole in the top ? Or ?
  11. Me too. But only if they come with a mute button.
  12. I’ll go with the blue white wire then.
  13. Found out my nozzles are plugged. Put them in CLR for now What have you done to unplug them ?
  14. What websites, etc have you turned to when doing your swap ? Just picked up an 89 EFI'D 5.0 AOD on the weekend.
  15. Give AAW a call. They are very helpful and friendly. Just emailed them myself about another issue on another brand car I own.
  16. Go ahead and check with the manufacturer. Let us know here.
  17. Upgraded to Bosch H4 glass headlights a while ago. Noticed they have a whitish haze inside them. Similar to what happens to modern plastic headlights. Happen to anyone else ? Any tips on how get rid of the haze ? Thanks !
  18. Why would they make you change it ? Is Florida tourism paying you ?
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