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  1. Yes, that’s true. My eyes saw radiator
  2. I'd pick the 17765. First and second are closer together not allowing much of a bog when shifting. Better Overdrive ratio as well.
  3. Some of us are already there ...
  4. Can you modify the old headers ? There was a video online of someone squeezing the tubes not affecting the hp.
  5. When I put a Versailles rear end in mine I just hooked the factory cables of each together.
  6. Thanks. From the picture above they look normal. Where did you get them ? Perhaps the vendor will explain ?
  7. Please show us the reverse lights in use ?
  8. Now you tell me. It’s already in the car .....
  9. NPD sells this unit 15525-5B Connects the terminals on the T5 to the harness. I've got one just waiting for warmer weather to install it.
  10. Spectre has one that fits a stock tank. SP169C1H Is the one.
  11. I went to a T5 from a C4. Used Moderns clutch cable along with their crossmember
  12. You can use a CPP 45111 for your return. It’s universal.
  13. Thought this was something about people not using them.
  14. nice video, but its too short
  15. What color is Barbara Edens Mach 1 ?
  16. Any results ? Did it all go to good home ?
  17. Put a price and pictures here so we can make up our mind ahead of time.
  18. Needs the wheels blackened out as well.
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