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  1. I used the Hedman 351 swap headers. Think 88660. Power steering requires the steering ram relocation bracket.
  2. Time to kiss this website goodnight ? It was fun ......
  3. Be careful. Do you research before buying parts. Those distributers tend be higher then stock. Might have air cleaner clearance problems.
  4. If you need a mod on the east coast I can help
  5. Have a MSD 6200 from when my car was an automatic. Now that it has a manual thinking of upgrading to a Ultra 6Al (6423) Does any one know if the power output is greater ? Looking for a Rev limiter mostly. Other thoughts ?
  6. Anyone using these units ? Have them on my '70. When new they sequenced with a special flasher that came with them. But now they stopped working altogether. After installing a OEM style flasher unit they work fine but don't sequence.
  7. When was yours build ? Mine is a November build in Metuchen
  8. Used Dynamat on my 65 El Camino. Cut foot squares. Placed one inside the doors. One on either side of the roof. Then all accross the firewall until under the seat. Big difference. Now I hear the other creaks and rattles better ….
  9. For those using the new bolt in style pumps mounted on the top of the tank. What do you do with the existing fuel sender line ? One from the sending unit.
  10. Since you're in the north it's for traction control
  11. Considering the original poster hasn't been on here since 2015. Not likely.
  12. Same here. Any tips to share to prevent them ?
  13. Was going to say its for Nitrous ...
  14. Just cut the one you have. Pedal pad will make it look right.
  15. On mine I had the Performer RPM. Replaced it with the Torker unit which brought it down so the shaker now shakes. Hood closed before its just the shaker was pressing up on it. Almost jamming it.
  16. Looking forward to seeing it finished. You're going great !
  17. Are you going to put a vacuum flapper on the shaker ?
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