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  1. Had the rear glass and quarter windows tinted 30%. Had them done off the car. Held off on getting the door glass done until after I get the car thru DMV inspection to avoid failing. Installed my Nu Relic power window regulators and door glass. Also installed the tinted quarter glass, rear glass and my motorized side-view mirrors. Also inserted my custom made set of Tri-Bar Pony center caps on my new US Mags Bandit wheels, they fit like they were made for them. Happy to get the manufacturers name off them. Next up installing the Vintage Air air-box and work on the dash wiring.
  2. Well, I really don't know. I have never had window tinting done before. I know its not the metallic kind. I am not getting the door glass done until after I take the car thru DMV inspection.
  3. My New Relics power window kit came today... cant wait to get that installed and wired up.
  4. I have started on the moonskin headliner... I have to say installing it is not fun! I have it smoothed out but for the corners. The original Carlite rear and quarter clear glass is being tinted. Should have back on Wednesday. Still need to buy a windshield. I am happy with how the overhead console turned out. I have worked out all but the corner stretch marks since I took these pics. I added the red accent strip to the console and wired it so it lights up when the dash lights are on, or with the dome lights when the door opens.
  5. Yep, I found it 1970-72 Ford 302/351C crank pulley 3 groove. You are about an hour and a half from me. If you had a few of the other parts I need, it would worth a special trip to your place.
  6. Thanks! I am going to check out the Sniper EFI Hyperspark dizzy and coil. Sounds like a better option. Does it fit under the air cleaner base without modification to the base?
  7. Chris, Really nice work! I was planing to go with a Holley Sniper EFI on my 351C 4v with the Holley sniper dual sync distributor - part# 565-210BK. I am also going with the Holley Silver Sniper EFI 22-Gallon Fuel Tank Kit with 255LPH Fuel Pump and running a 3/8" stock gas line on the drivers side. Questions, I understand a minimum of a 1/4" return line is needed. Looks like you ran the same size hard line for the return as you did for the supply....correct? Was the same size required or was that your preference? Why did you choose the HyperSpark Distributor over the Holley sniper dual sync distributor? Thanks much! Rich
  8. John, I have a pair of new 69 Raybestos/Professionals Choice one piece stock OEM type rotors. I bought them 15 years ago for a 428 CJ Mach 1mustang I once owned, but I never used them. They have been sitting in their box in my basement since. Nothing fancy, just pure stock. They are is perfect condition, no surface rust. I have no use for them. PM me if you want them.
  9. I am very sorry to hear this and feel your pain. It turns my stomach to think that this could happen. I also, can identify with your over 60 thoughts... well put. In my case i am 62 and dealing with a progressive medical issue and wonder every day if I will remain healthy enough over the next few years to finish my car and drive it. It may be a little too late, but I strongly suggest... You should check the storage facility and your local police and find out if there were any other reported thefts at that facility during that period. If not then, your unit was potentially targeted and not just picked at a random. That might help you narrow down who the perpetrator might be. Keep an eye out locally on facebook for someone posting about the "new" TKO trans and suspension parts, or on craiglist for sale. Call your insurance company and ask if your policy would cover your belongings if you stored them outside the home and inside a storage unit. Ask to be directed to that part of your policy and read it in detail. See if there are any items the current policy won’t cover. typically cash and jewelry are not covered by tenant insurance, for instance. Find out if you need to take out a separate rider on your current policy and what that will cost you per month to cover your unit. Finally, change units. The thief now knows where to find your stuff and add the rest of you valuable stuff to you homeowners or tenant insurance policy.
  10. Anyone have and willing to sell any of the following for a 1970 Fastback... prefer nice original parts but would consider repro for some of these parts. Thanks all. Interior windshield passenger side (RH) pillar trim - C9ZB-6303598-xx Drivers side front fender extension headlight trim, also called - Outer Grille Molding Original OEM drivers side (LH) drip rail 351C three groove crank pulley - any year (for AC car) 24 inch big block/extra cooling (A/C) Radiator Shroud - I think the part number is: DOOZ-8146-x Passenger side taillight bezel - D0ZB-13348-A Rear License plate light fixture (no glass lens is okay)
  11. Thanks for your email and encouraging words. Next I be installing some electrical wiring to the roof and tail end, then the headliner and glass.
  12. Mike, Been quietly following your build over the past year or so. Nice work! I always learn something new. I was born and raised in NJ, move out to DE in 2013. Big difference in cost. The high property taxes in NJ is like having a second mortgage. Good luck with your search and eventual move. I hope to get to see the stang, maybe at a south jersey car show before you leave the state.
  13. Oh nice!. Got it. I wish I had known about your product before I bought what I did. I just checked out your website. The overhead console wiring is very nice and I thought I was being creative with mine. Lots of nice stuff. Thanks
  14. Morgan, I bought the kits from CPP. The kit came with the calipers and brackets, and rotors (I upgraded to slotted), and flex hose with mounting brackets. It also comes with a generic e-brake cable kit, similar to a Lokar kit used by Wilwood. The e-brake kit was a straight forward install using the original front cable to pedal, tensioner location and hook, and rear mounting bracket locations. The stock cable connector is a bit short for the kit cable terminators but works. I may buy a stock cougar cable connector which is a few inches longer and will accommodate the terminators better. The kit comes with a nice cable conduit whihc you only need about two feet of it on the left and right for the rear section after to bracket to the calipers. I decide to put the rest to good use over the cable as it runs under the floor pan. See pic below.... Yes, out of the box the overhead console has two on/off map light buttons on it and is designed to only work with constant unswitched 12 volt power just like the hood and trunk lights (using the stock green / yellow line wire). I rewired the console to also work with the interior courtesy lights when using the door jamb and headlight switches, like the stock sail panel lights (uses the stock blue / black line wire). This required adding a couple of one-way diodes to prevent the constant unswitched circuit from back-feeding 12v to the interior switched light circuit. Now the lights work from the on/off buttons or when opening the door or turning the headlight switch. After all that, I decide to go a step further and replace the brushed aluminum with wood grain to match the rest of the 70 deluxe interior wood grain AND then I added a red accent strip around it to match the vermilion headliner and interior color. The accent strip also illuminates red when the interior courtesy lights are on. I thought about making it light with the dash lights but that would require more wiring... maybe I do it not sure yet.
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