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  1. Ok... I'm finally in a better place.. more or less.. I've never really repaired any serious rust issues before... I inherited my son's old XJ Cherokee for a daily driver... I really didn't know it was in such bad shape or I would have got him out of it sooner.. But here's a before and after shot.. so I'm not afraid of doing this to the Mach now if it really needs it... it's not hard.. just takes a long time.. I will be retiring in hopefully 3 years and would like the Mach to be a solid driver at that point.. so that means it would have to lose the "survivor" status... Want to do things like maybe the Power Tour.. don't want to do racing... I don't want to be afraid to drive it in the rain (only if caught out in it).. I don't really know what kind of shape the floor pan is in, but repair panels are dirt cheap from what I've seen so far.. and there is body panel rust that needs to be done.. bottoms of both quarters, rear wheel arches, door skin, etc.. Freshen up the Windsor. Ever since I was 17, I wanted a stick in this car.. so maybe get rid of the FMX.. I've always wanted a blue one.. but that might be going too far.. Not 100% sure.. just pricing stuff at this point.. where do most folks score interior items? I welcome any thoughts.. even if its to tell me I'm nuts :)
  2. Going through rough times, but I couldn't get myself to sell the Mach... She's parked.. still insured and licensed.. but parked... Might get her out next year, we'll see.. I pulled the gas tank 5 years ago and the gas was still somewhat wet.. so I put it in the shed with the intent of doing something with it some day.. today was the day... here's what a full tank of leaded gas looks like after 38 years... it's dry, but still stinks to high heaven..
  3. Wow. Yes it is a small world!
  4. Mr. RPM.. I really don't know what I want yet... she's still covered up in the garage... :(
  5. Things in life are changing. Considering selling the Mach. Do you think it could get close to $20k? If not, not sure it's worth selling.
  6. My old girl made Ford Muscle Magazine! Story is pretty close, about 80%... but overall I'm pretty proud!! https://www.fordmuscle.com/features/a-51-year-survivors-tale-rob-simons-1969-mach-i-mustang/
  7. That was kinda cool. I realize my Mach is pretty beat up, but you don't see many originals...
  8. Looks real. Shoot is this weekend. :)
  9. Having some health issues so not too many miles on the 'ol Girl this year. I have pulled her out maybe 1/2 dozen times. Had her out yesterday, but just put her to bed as it's raining here. Was at a car show and a guy put a card on the window saying he wanted to do a shoot for Muscle Mustang. We've had a couple back and forths. Not sure it's going to happen, but when I googled his name, he did show up as a contributing author. If it happens, that's pretty cool.
  10. Got a buddy with a 2 post that's going on vacation on September. Mach is going under the knife during this week! All new front suspension. motor mounts, starter and anything else I can think of!
  11. Mustang II was my guess. I remember when they came out. Ford made a big deal about the horse "slowing down" and not at full gallop. Notice legs are not at full gallop.
  12. *poo* Done my 3rd Blackstone report. Lead has been super high, assumed from the leaded fuel of years gone by. This time Copper popped up. Anyone else with a survivor engine? What does your analysis look like?
  13. Years. They move so fast. This girl has been in my life 41 years now. So hard to believe. I just drive her. Really need to do suspension work, but I'd just rather drive. This year has been tough. It rains every weekend, so she hasn't seen many road miles. Of the 41 years owned, the open diff has grabbed both tires less times than I can count on one hand. Another finger happened this weekend! Once I am too old to giggle at stuff like this, it's time to take a dirt nap! So special when she goes sideways!
  14. Biggest issue with a switch is you have to hide it. That's tough. Usually people put it somewhere you can access from the driver seat. If they're gonna steal it, they'll probably find it. Things I've done in the past... Replace dash board switch with kill switch. In my Jeeps i used to use the fog light switch for the kill switch. I've linked several toggles together to make a combination. So many have to be "up" and so many have to be "down" in a pattern. If someone wants it they'll figure it out. I've put them in the trunk, where you have to open the trunk to enable, disable. If fuel injected, i like to do the fuel pump. Likely it will fire, but not for long. No real danger of hurting a computer either. YMMV
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